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Suzhou Hydal Biotech Company Advertisement
Joint Venture Hydal Biotech was founded in February in Suzhou and it is
a re-sult of Czech-Chinese cooperation in the area of biotechnologies. Its
founders are Nafigate China and Jiangsu Clean Environmental Technology
Co., Ltd.
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Czech company Nafigate Corporation a.s. that specializes in transfer of
high-tech technologies has brought unique Hydal biotechnology to Chinese
market. Hydal has been developed by team of Associated Professor Ivana
Marova at Brno University of Technology. It is a revolutionary biotechnology
which can transform waste used cooking oil to biopolymer PHA. Nafigate
and Cleanet are currently in a phase of pilot plant construction and parallel
construction of a first big plant.
Cleanet specializes in collecting and processing of waste used cooking oil in
several places in China and it is also preparing an expansion. China has an
enormous interest in this technology because we offer a solution to one of
the biggest Chinese problems – great surplus of used cooking oil.
Used cooking oil is a waste substance, therefore we can achieve very
econom-ical operation. Its biggest advantage is, in comparison to competi
tion, that it doesn’t need inputs from food chain such as corn and sugar. All
these factors make price of our PHA products very competitive.