VOL. 273
Boone Time Capsule
Committed to your Success
There’s no time like the present!
As Boone strives to support our clients in upgrading their
skills in various areas of their business, our 2016 training
calendar was off to a good start in January with three
free training sessions: Gastite Training and Certification,
Baxi Duo-Tec Installation and Service and the Service Call
Success System, all at full capacity and greatly received.
Let’s fast forward to August 2037, where Boone will
surely be in full swing of centennial activities to honour
its 100 years of serving the Ottawa/Gatineau region.
How many of today’s Booners will still be around? How
much will the next generation of Booners know or
remember of all the initiatives and cast of characters
that have graced the floors and worked with many of
you today, shaping the Boone of tomorrow? And what
better way to capture this than through a time capsule!
In early January 2016, a few Booners got together to
gather memorabilia from the past and present, meant
only to be opened on our 100th anniversary. Items
such as old cell phones, photos, business cards, supplier
brochures and clothing, to name a few, are now lining
the time capsule, awaiting to tell a story to the next
generation. And last but not least, a happy anniversary
card. After all, 100 years will definitely be a milestone
worth celebrating!
Re-Charge for No Charge!
While you are here to place or
pick up your order, we have a
new Milwaukee rapid charging
station situated at the Algoma
front counter to re-charge
your Milwaukee M12 and M18
Service is our #1 priority!
To find out more about our upcoming training sessions,
please subscribe on our training page at boone.ca.
Model KT-200 Pipe Thawer
Models KT-190 and KT-200 Pipe Thawing units provide
continuous heating for fast thawing of frozen metal pipes
from 1/2” through 1-1/2” (12-36mm). With these lightweight and versatile units, there is no need to dig or tear
apart walls. Simply attach the clamps to the metal pipe
on each side of the frozen section and the pipe is thawed
within minutes.
VOL. 273 FEBRUARY 2016
Upcoming Courses in Ottawa - 2016 Schedule
Through SkillTech Academy training programs, participants acquire the technical competence to design and install HVAC
systems for residential and small commercial applications.
Mechanical Ventilation Design
Radiant Hydronics Design
Air System Design
Integrated Combo Systems
- February 16, 17 & 18
February 23, 24, 25 & 26
April 5, 6, 7 & 8
April 28 & 29
May 17 & 18
For more information regarding these courses, please call toll free 1-800-267-2231, e-mail [email protected] or visit the
website at www.hrai.ca.
Simplify your Boiler Wiring!
Whether you’re looking for switching relays, zone valve
controls, priority zoning circulators, or fan controls,
Taco has everything you need. Together with Taco zone
valves, thermostats, the 00® family of circulators, and
a host of add-on controls, we offer the highest quality and
broadest selection of zoning products.
Zone Valve Controls...
Taco Zone Valve
Controls work with
two-, three-, or fourwire zone valves. All
are fuse protected,
it also includes
two isolated end
switches and a built
in priority switch.
The contractor
friendly PC board
layout eliminates
incorrect wiring and
the “unfinished”
look of conventional
zone valve installations. The sturdy screw connections add
even more reliability, while the external indicator lights
provide instant diagnostic feedback to reduce installation
time and troubleshooting. For those larger jobs, the EXP
controls can be expanded up to 120 zones with priority. All
Taco Zone Valve Controls are UL listed and are available in
three, four, five, and six zones.
Hydronic Air Handler
Viessmann Airflow Plus
Ideal cooling and
dehumidification when
combined with an evaporator
coil and air-conditioning unit.
Quiet performance as a result
of a fully insulated cabinet.
High-efficiency ECM blower
fan designed for improved air
circulation, humidity control
and consistent temperatures
for maximum comfort.
Pre-configured for additional
components such as central
air, humidifiers, electronic air
cleaners and alarms.
Durable composite circulator pump which is less
susceptible to water quality issues.
Visually appealing with rear terminating water
connections keeping all piping hidden behind the unit.
Easy service and maintenance access with all
components on slide out rails.
Versatile installation options with built-in filter rack for
upflow, downflow, and horizontal installations.
Integrated safety sensors provide constant monitoring
of your home in case of thermostat failure.
Adjustable feet allow the unit to remain stable on
uneven surfaces.
Trouble-free transportation
into utility room with built-in
carrying handles.
VOL. 273 FEBRUARY 2016
Newest Offerings to the Delta
Commercial Lineup
Daniel Beauvais
Introducing the Next Generation of Proximity®
Sensing Technology.
In addition to offering hands-free convenience, durability and
reliability, all of the Delta Proximity faucets now include these great
NEW features:
• Programmable Metering Mode allows you to adjust run time
to conserve water
• Line Rinse Function automatically flushes the lines in
intervals set by you
• Snap-On Sensor clips to the faucet shank for quick and easy
• Recessed-Mount Rough-Ins provide more flexibility in
installation sites
• Optional Three-Position Switch makes cleaning and flushing
the faucet easier
New Gooseneck Faucet with Proximity Sensing Technology
The newest addition to their Proximity lineup,
the 620TP Series gooseneck faucet is ideal for
healthcare, hospitality, public facilities - and
anywhere that requires hands-free operation in a
sleek, minimalistic design.
620TP (hardwire) and 621TP (battery-operated)
models are available in both Polished Chrome and
Brilliance® Stainless finishes, as well as a choice of
surface-mount control box or recessed control boxes.
The recessed options allow you to install Proximity faucets in
more application areas than ever before. You can combine the
620TP and 621TP models with the existing ELAVT0001RI and
ELAVT0008RI pre-plumbed rough-ins to make a complete,
finished model.
H2Optics Electronic Faucets - Now with New Sensor
and Controller
It is with heavy hearts that we announce the loss
of a colleague and friend Dan Beauvais, from our
commercial department, who passed away peacefully
on January 26th at age 43 after a 21-month battle
with ALS. Our thoughts and prayers are with his wife
Nathalie and all his family and friends.
Ciena Buildings
All of the 590T, 591T and 1500T Series faucets now include a new
controller and H2Optics sensor package.
New features and benefits include:
• New 3 digit LED display and buttons to easily scroll through
options and change settings
• New Metering Mode with duration programmable from 7 seconds
to 4 minutes (or off)
• New Rinse Feature with programmable line flush intervals of 6
to 48 hours (or off), options for short or long line
flush of 10 seconds to 3 minutes
Boone is proud to be supplying drains and fixtures
to S & R Mechanical Plumbing Service for the Ciena
VOL. 273 FEBRUARY 2016
Traditional Floor-Mount Tub Filler
Trim - Less Handle
On display at our Gatineau location
H2Okinetic hand shower includes double
check valves for backflow prevention
Must purchase handle separately to
complete the unit
Handle options - H795, H797, or H798
Trim kit only, must purchase rough-in
R4700-FL or R4700-FLWS separately to
complete the unit
Matching hand shower flows at 2.0 GPM
Pause feature reduces the water to a
trickle, allowing you to conserve water
while doing tasks such as lathering up or
shaving your legs
Single function non-pressure balance
cartridge flows up to 10 GPM @ 60 PSI
Spray settings include: H2OKinetic,
Includes 60-82 in. stretchable metal hose
40 in. from deck to outlet
Meets standards set by Americans with
Disabilities Act (ADA)
Assembled dimensions: 42-1/2 in. H x
12-7/8 in. D x 9-1/4 in. W
Lifetime Faucet and Finish Warranty
New Tilt™ Kitchen Faucet
The thoughtfully
designed faucet
combines the
best of style and
functionality with
its innovative
pullout design and
integrated swivel
ball joint to make it
easier for consumers
to maneuver the wand
in and around the
sink. The two-function pullout wand allows users
to switch the water flow from aerated stream to
spray with the push of a button, providing added
convenience. The single-hole installation fits cleanly
against today’s popular solid-surface and natural
material countertops, and the
slim, tubular spray wand creates
a streamlined appearance.
On display at our Algoma location
The Marlborough is a large luxurious double ended
slipper bath. For those wanting to make the ultimate
statement in their bathroom, be it modern or classic.
Euro Collection - 30” Sink
On display at our Algoma location
Unik Stone introduces a new
collection with products made of
cement, marble or solid surface.
Available with left or right
wooden counter
Exclusive to Mondeau
Check out the other showroom
locations for the Euro collection on
At Victoria + Albert, they are passionate about
their unique QUARRYCAST® which is made from
finely ground Volcanic Limestone™ mixed with
resin. As the stone-rich alternative to both cast
iron and acrylic it is 100% one piece, hand finished
and packed with naturally
desirable properties.

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