Dumex Code violations (Danone)


Dumex Code violations (Danone)
An IBFAN-ICDC report on baby food
marketing practices
This page forms part of the global monitoring report – Breaking the Rules, Stretching the Rules 2010. Companies’ marketing
behaviour is measured against the International Code of Marketing of Breastmilk Substitutes and WHA resolutions.
Code violations
The Executive Summary to Breaking the Rules, Stretching the Rules 2010 is available at www.ibfan.org
DUMEX stands for Danish United Medical Export but only the
acronym is used. Dumex began life in 1946 as a pharmaceutical unit
of the East Asiatic Company (EAC) of Denmark. Its products span
baby formula, formula for mothers and growing up-milks. Its market
has traditionally been in Southeast Asia. Key markets are China
(which Dumex entered in the late 1990s), Thailand and Malaysia.
It also has a significant market share in Brunei, Vietnam, Cambodia
and Singapore. The Malaysian manufacturing branch which has been
in operation since 1958 exports to 20 countries in Asia, the MiddleEast and Europe.
In 2006, Dumex was acquired by Dutch company NUMICO. When
NUMICO was in turn bought over by French group Danone in
2007, Dumex became known Danone-Dumex.
Mamex Gold
Mamil Gold
Building better people
Promotion to the public
n􀂄 Article 5.1 of the Code prohibits advertising or other forms of promotion of products under the scope of the Code.
n􀂄 Article 5.2 and 5.4 prohibit samples and gifts to mothers.
n􀂄 Article 5.3 bans promotional devices at the retail level.
n􀂄 Article 5.5 prohibits direct or indirect contact with mothers.
v In Singapore:
- Free follow-on formula in cyberspace. The Code as implemented
in Singapore covers only infant formula. Taking advantage of the
narrow scope, the Singapore Dumex website (www.dumex.com.
sg) offers members a free sample of Mamil 2. One Singaporean
mother reports that she was asked to accept Mamil 2 samples in
order to receive a ‘goodie bag’, with the purchase of non-related
products like parenting books. Also on the Dumex website,
a contest
worth of
(See 1 & 2)
(Website accessed 19 March 2010)
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