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The Newsletter of Abbotsford Apartments
Container Gardening Season!
When it comes to gardening, whether it be a plot of land or a small container, a successful harvest
depends on the type of soil you use, moisture and sunlight.
The days are getting longer and warmer, time to
enjoy your outdoors space! For everyone’s safety
and enjoyment, please remember our apartment
→ Do not feed wild birds.
→ Nothing is to be hung on a patio railing.
→ Do not sweep anything off a patio deck.
→ No storage or garbage can be left on a balcony.
→ No bird feeders can be hung or placed on a patio or a
→ To operate a gas or electric barbeque, on your patio
or balcony, you must have the appropriate insurance
coverage. NOTE: Please provide your building
manager with a copy of your insurance.
For the avid horticulturists planning a container garden, we
recommend these few adjustments so you, too, can yield
the same satisfaction that gardeners share alike. Given the
space of your patio or balcony, consider:
Plant Type
Choose your seeds (or plants – if using nursery stock)
wisely for type, exposure (sunlight or shade), size and if
there is a container designation located on the seed packet.
When your seeds start to sprout, they are difficult to tell
apart. Twigs or Popsicle sticks and a permanent marker
make labels that will withstand the elements.
Group Wisely
Your seeds need to be compatible with the exposure your
balcony receives.
Take Notes
Keep your seed packets for the valuable plant and growing
information contained on them. You can even create a
spreadsheet and keep track of your seedlings over the
years such as, when sowed, where and when.
Synthetic soils, commonly made of wood chips, peat moss
and sawdust, are best suited for container plants.
Plants in containers are susceptible to drying out. Don’t
forget to water your plants. But, please ensure you have a
tray under the pot to catch any excess water.
Living Well:
Apartment living means there are people all around us. You
never have to be lonely, but we all share in the responsibility
of not creating unwanted or excessive noise.
“We all share the
responsibility of not creating
unwanted noise.”
What is an acceptable amount of noise? Being in such close
quarters, we do hear each other’s voices in the hallway,
footsteps, the elevator, the laundry machines, music and
the sound of a phone ringing as we go about our day.
At Abbotsford Apartments, we ask that everyone keep their
conversation, radio and stereo system volume down in their
suite, when windows are open. Please be courteous
throughout the day and be quiet between 11 pm and 9 am.
Air Purifier.
Unless it is an unacceptable amount of noise that you
need to involve your building manager, we suggest
these self-help measures:
White noise.
You can create your own white noise to cancel out offending
sounds by turning on a fan or playing a CD of ambient sound
effects. There are white noise machines which emit a
continuous, gentle sound of rushing air. The air masks the
sound of stray noises so you can concentrate or relax.
Consider wearing earplugs to get a good night’s sleep, to
enjoy a good book or to get some work done.
These machines will not only make the air you breathe
cleaner and healthier for you, but many models can mask
cooking odors that may waft in from a neighbor's apartment.
In the event of a noise complaint, or if you have any
questions, please speak directly with your building
manager. Thank you for your continued cooperation.
"Where flowers bloom, so does hope."
- Lady Bird Johnson
Spring Cleaning
No-Rub Tarnish Remover
What’s On In
Think back to high school Chemistry and you may remember
the power of simple chemical reactions. Here is one to get rid
of tarnish from your silverware.
Please check dates, times and venue before
attending events.
1. Put an aluminum pan in a sink. (It must be aluminum.)
2. Place your sterling or plated silver inside the pan.
3. Sprinkle 1/2 to 1 cup baking soda over the silverware.
4. Pour enough boiling water into pan to cover the utensils.
5. Tarnish will naturally disappear.
6. Simply remove the silverware, and buff with a soft cotton
Bradner Flower Show
April 10, 11, 12 @ Bradner Hall
@ 5305 Bradner Rd.
Flea Market
@ Abbotsford Exhibition Grounds
32470 Haida Dr.
Board Games Nights: Drop-In
Tuesdays 6:30-9pm
@ Clearbrook Library
Enjoy Abbotsford!
Know someone looking for a better place to live? Have them contact us today!
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Renting …
Why Do I Need Insurance?
Submitted by: Fraser from Lyle Insurance (
Renter’s insurance, tenant insurance, content insurance, whatever term you
use, insuring yourself and your contents from a major financial loss is very
The evening news is regularly filled with reports of apartment fires that force
dozens of people into the street with little else but the clothes they‘re wearing.
They are often left to rely on community services or the goodwill of others to try
to get their lives back together. I am amazed at the number of people who don’t
understand the affordability and availability of insurance that would cover most, if
not all of their losses.
The loss of your or your family’s worldly possessions is a major financial setback
for most people. Often the value of a person’s contents is undervalued. Trying to
put together a basic wardrobe could cost upwards a $1,000. Don’t forget your
furnishings, food, personal items and other incidentals on top of that. Rental
insurance not only includes contents. Additional living expenses that are
incurred due to a loss are also included. These expenses are the normal costs of
living elsewhere while your residence is being repaired. Additionally, legal liability
coverage is included to protect you against any lawsuits brought against you for
which you are legally liable. This applies to you on a worldwide basis.
The cost of insurance can be as low as $1 per day and often can be put into
effect on the same day an application is made.
Shop Smart
Food is often the second highest monthly expense we have after paying the mortgage or our rent. To help
trim the cost of food, have you tried using coupons?
Here are some websites suggested by Canadian Living to locate online coupons, printable coupons and
even some freebies. Enjoy checking them out. (Abbotsford Apartments does not endorse these websites
and provides these links for your information only.)