File - Ms. Kelly`s Kindergarten Class - Home


File - Ms. Kelly`s Kindergarten Class - Home
March 4, 2016
Special’s Schedule
Monday – Spanish
Tuesday – Library, return your book
Mass join us
Wednesday –Computers and Gym
your child needs to wear their gym shoes to
Thursday – Art
Friday – Music
March is reading month; don’t forget to
have your child record the books on
their reading log.
Stop by the classroom and sign-up to be
a special reader this month.
We are back in the church for mass
starting next week, please join us!
What we will be working
on this coming week
Up Coming Events
We will read about different types of weather through
stories A Rainy Day and The Wind.
Sight word: this, do
Review: of, for, you, are, said, play, is, do, have, to,
so, go, my, me, it, see, my, like, we, am, the, I, a, God,
Writing: We continue to practice stretching out
our words in writing to accompany our projects!
This week’s homework is letter E and
subtraction. HW is due on Thursday,
remember write in pencil, fill in every
section, and color front and back.
If your child is absent, work will be in his/her
folder to complete and returned the next
day they are back in school.
Practicing rhyming with your child and put the
words in a sentence like Dr. Suess.
Ex. The fish is on the dish.
Religion “Jesus Feeds Many People”
Jesus feeding the people with bread and fish is a
sign of God’s love.
Math: subtraction
Social Studies:
March Reading with our Buddies
Fun reinforcements to do with your child
When reading to your child stop at sight words we have
worked on and have your child read it.
Practice counting up to 100 by 1’s, 2’s, 5’s and 10’s
with your child before bed, at the dinner table, and
in the car.
Just a reminder, your child should be reading to three people at home with the books they
bring home. They need to read it to themselves, and two other people at home; of course
reading to more than two people would be awesome!
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learners and leaders through an outstanding academic curriculum anchored in our Catholic
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