CIT Workbook - Rhythmic Gymnastics Alberta


CIT Workbook - Rhythmic Gymnastics Alberta
Emergency Response
Sometimes, despite our best efforts, an emergency occurs. When this happens, you
must be able to react quickly, calmly and appropriately. While a CIT will almost certainly
not be responsible for emergency response, you are still part of the team and may be
called upon to assist in an emergency.
Emergencies can take several forms including:
• Injuries or illnesses to gymnasts or other people in the club (this includes coaches!)
• Anaphylactic allergic reactions (e.g. to food, insect stings)
• Mechanical failures (e.g. power outages, gas leaks)
• Fires, storms, earthquakes, etc.
The good news is that by having some basic information at your fingertips, you can be
prepared to deal with these emergencies. So let’s get prepared…..
1. What is the address of the gym?
2. What is the phone number of the gym?
3. Where are the phones located in the gym?
4. Who carries a cell phone, and is it always charged up?
5. Which children have anaphylactic allergies and do they carry an epi-pen?
Why is this information important?

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