William Penn Leisure Centre Gym Refurbishment Winter 2014


William Penn Leisure Centre Gym Refurbishment Winter 2014
William Penn Leisure Centre
Gym Refurbishment
Winter 2014
All you need to know about it…
When is the gym closing?
The gym will be closed from 8:30pm on Sunday 23rd November and is
planned to open on Wednesday 3rd December. The official opening day will
be Saturday 6th December.
Is there an alternative gym I can use?
As a Beaumont’s member at William Penn, you are able to use The Centre
in South Oxhey.
Address Information:
The Centre, Gosforth Lane, South Oxhey, Herts, WD19 7AX
Tel: 020 8428 4954
Am I still able to use the other facilities at William Penn?
Absolutely, yes. We will open for business as usual for all fitness classes,
swimming pool, sauna and steam room, as well as the other centre
facilities, it’s just the gym that will be closed. Please see our website for
full details of classes and public swim times.
We will also be providing additional classes during the gym closure.
Details of these extra classes for you to use will be available nearer the
Please be aware that we expect to be busy for classes during this period,
so please ensure you book your place in advance.
Will I get any refund or compensation whilst the gym is closed?
We will not be offering any form of refund as we have deliberately chosen
one of the quietest times of the year to carry out the work. We are
investing in the new equipment without increasing prices too and have
made available alternative facilities during the 9 days that the gym will be
What equipment will be going in to the new gym?
We will be installing equipment from the Matrix 7xi range. Please see our
website for the latest information on the range of equipment or the
display on reception.
I have heard there will be some new equipment called Boditrax –
what is this?
The Boditrax system is a cloud hosted digital health platform that
measures and tracks your fitness journey. The system analyses your body
composition, it tracks your activity levels, sets goals and measures and
compares your results. The system is accessible on any internet enabled
device, so you have constant access to your account. When you start out
on Boditrax one of the fitness team will give you a Boditrax assessment,
this involves nothing more than standing on a set of scales and having
your height measured. The Boditrax analysis will then give you the
following information:
Body weight (kg)
Body Mass Index
Your ideal body weight (kg)
Body fat (kg)
Muscle (kg)
Water (kg)
Bone (kg)
Basic metabolic rate
Visceral fat rating (the internal fat around your organs)
Degree of obesity
Your metabolic body age
Will I be required to undertake another induction?
No you don’t have to, but we do advise you to so you get the most out of
the new equipment. Our instructors will be here to help with any
questions you may have.
Do I have to wait until the new gym is opened to have an
Yes. As the equipment we are getting is not available at any other sites,
we can only offer inductions once it is installed at William Penn.
How do I book this and when are they?
We will be offering group inductions to existing members. These can be
booked directly with our gym team, or by calling our gym team on 01923
771050 ext 2361. We will be taking bookings from 1st November.
Will I be able to use FitLinxx® in the new gym?
Yes. If you would like more information on FitLinxx® please ask one of
our instructors and they will be happy to show you the benefits of this
system and how it can help and support your training goals.
These benefits include:
· A customised exercise programme created by an instructor based
on your specific health and wellness goals, abilities and interests.
· Interactive coaching on strength equipment, including immediate
feedback to ensure safety, correct form and motivation.
· Automatically recording cardio workouts on connected machines.
· Logging any activity in or out of the facility via a central kiosk or
· Viewing your entire workout history in the facility or online.
· Receiving an Email Progress Report sent directly to your email with
your workout history and more.
· Having access to online tools to connect with other FitLinxx®
Members in the facility and around the world.