Horizons Fiche d`inscription 2015 ENG.pages


Horizons Fiche d`inscription 2015 ENG.pages
 N° d’adhérent : ......................... (ne pas remplir) REGISTRATION FORM Mrs Miss Mister Last name: First name : Matricule : Site : Date of birth : Company: Service : CDI CDD Recipient Trainee Office phone number : Mobile : Email : Medical cer7ficate, date of issue : Subscrip7on : 1 Year 6 Months 3 Months Date : Date of expiry : RULES « GYM HORIZONS » Registration
To register, you must provide a medical certificate of fitness, less than 3 months, complete a form and be current on your
Registration is personal and not transferable. You waive the 7 day cancellation period (consumer code).
Subscription to the Gym entails membership implies respect of the rules.
Subscription to the Gym area is personal and is not transferable throughout its validity.
The subscription can not be suspended or terminated prior to maturity except for the following reasons:
-Company’s departure (except resignation)
-Mobility in another geographic site does not have fitness area
-Long-term injury
The termination of the subscription must be notified by mail to [email protected] and before 15th of the
month to be taken into account from the current month and must be proof (HR for confirmation mobility or departure
medical certificate for pregnancy or long term injury). If the request is sent after 15, termination will end next month.
Fitness Corporate will proceed to a prorated refund of months of use.
You must put your access badge on the desk to get access to the gym.
To be eligible, members must be current on their dues.
During his registration, member will connect to the site www.eforme-horizons.com A username and password is
automatically generated by our system and will be sent by email to the participant. This ID number and password are
strictly personal and not transferable. Thus, the participant is solely responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of the
password and ID. If the password is forgotten, an email referral process allows the participant to regain the use of his
password. This procedure assumes the reference to login and use the email address provided by the participant upon
registration. To attend the course the member must first reserve a place online. In accordance with Article 27 of the Law
"Information and Freedom" of 6 January 1978 you have a right to access, modify, rectify and delete all data concerning
you CNIL N ° 1537728v0. You can do these procedures by mail: www.eforme-horizons.com.
The opening of the Gym is linked to the presence of an animator (see schedule display).
Classes are taught at fixed times indicated on the time schedule. To attend classes the member must first reserve a place
on www.eforme-horizons.com interface.
Members go to the Gym outside their working hours.
No casualty in the Gym will not wear the accident of labor.
The Gym is subject to regular monitoring by the occupational physician.
Fitness Corporate disclaim all responsibility for accidents due to non-observance of safety rules.
For security reasons, closing hours must be respected.
Clothing and personal items should be left in the lockers locking. The user keeps the key for the duration of the session
and release the locker at the end thereof.
The lockers will be systematically opened after the meetings of the afternoon and evening to the closing of the Gym.
Hidden objects will be deposited to the site's security service.
Fitness Corporate disclaim liability for loss and theft.
Recommendations for use and instructions for the various equipment and facilities available, must be respected.
Each user must store his equipment after use.
Sports bags, glass bottles, glass and cans are prohibited in the rooms. Liabilities and damages: Each member retains its
liability to others. It is up to members to ensure individually if desired. The participant is personally responsible for any
damages, loss or damage to the facilities committed by himself.
Each workout towel will be given to the participant. Failure to return result in the payment of this one (5 €)
For hygiene reasons, it is compulsory to wear a shirt and bring a towel to have the devices on the ground. Bare feet and
torso are not allowed. Wear clean athletic shoes is mandatory even in the locker room.
Fitness Corporate reserves the right to deny access to anyone whose behavior or poor performance could be contrary to
the safety, health, or create a nuisance for members. Fitness Corporate reserves the right to change without notice
thereof, which shall be notified to all members.
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