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advertising specifications
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advertising specifications
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What an exciting whirlwind this has been.
Who would have thought that 16 years after
buying a newspaper with my husband and
watching it grow to five editions covering nine
communities I would be here, welcoming you to
our first magazine.
In all my dreams I would not have thought this
Leaving the weekly news and local events to
the Acorn Newspapers, Beyond the Acorn will
take readers a step further and into the realm
of lifestyle, trends and personalities.
In this new magazine format, we’ll have the luxury to delve deeper into the
stories that tickle our fancy and to cover even more of our favorite subjects.
Beyond offers more in-depth information about ideas and local people in a
fun publication you’ll want to keep on your coffee table to enjoy again and again.
We also wanted to create a different type of platform for our faithful
advertisers to showcase what they have to offer our readers.
I hope you enjoy reading this as much as we have enjoyed creating it. Please
contact us with any feedback or suggestions. We are here for you.
I am delighted to introduce myself as the
editor of Beyond, a new magazine designed to
give readers a taste of the many good things our
communities have to offer.
In this first publication we’re taking a look at
smart living and home enhancement. We touch
on energy efficiency, water-wise gardening and
home media systems. Feature stories highlight
an exceptional home remodel that aspires to
“refinish, repurpose and renew.” We also visit a
whimsical and water-wise garden and a gorgeous
multi-functional outdoor entertaining area. And we tell the story of an avid
collector whose home is a backdrop for the possessions she holds dear.
Be on the lookout for our fall issue where we will focus on home enhancement
from the point of view of entertaining and holiday dining. Following that, future
issues of Beyond the Acorn will explore health and wellness, travel, wedding
planning and much more.
To new readers who are looking to explore this special community we call
home, we say “welcome.” And to the faithful friends of the Acorn Newspapers
who want even more than the weekly news, we invite you to join us as we go
Beyond the Acorn.
Lisa Rule, Publisher
[email protected]
Leslie Gregory Haukoos, Editor-in-Chief
[email protected]
Every home
small space for big living
a beautiful
Work of Art
A modesT bAckyArd is TrAnsformed
inTo An enTerTAiner’s pArAdise
Written by ELa LiNDsay photography by iris sMOOT
hen Paul and Kathy Bauducco set out to redo their backyard, they
wanted to start with a clean slate. “Rather than update the existing
landscape, we decided to start over, maximizing the space,” says Paul
Bauducco, a shareholder in the business litigation practice group at Encino’s
Lewitt Hackman law firm. The result is an expansive outdoor entertaining area
with several destinations, all designed to fit into a relatively small yard.
Strong family ties are reflected throughout the yard, which was completed in
August 2009 and has been the center of family life ever since.
The outdoor kitchen and pizza oven—“Mom’s idea,” Paul says—get lots of use.
The golden-hued Brazilian granite slab on the generous wraparound kitchen
counter has seating for five. It’s where family enjoys freshly baked pizza straight
out of the wood-fired oven.
“Once the oven gets to 600 or 700 degrees, pizzas can be done in two-and-a-half
to three minutes,” he says.
The family enjoys dining al fresco in the spacious cabana, complete with a large
fireplace, comfortable seating and a dining table overlooked by a massive TV. Two
ceiling fans are mounted on the tongue-and-groove beamed ceiling, which was
sand-blasted and distressed to bring out the wood grain.
It’s not unusual to find the Bauducco kids and their friends in the mini pebble
bottom Jacuzzi, or the “poolcuzzi” as they call it, playing Xbox games on the
cabana’s swivel-mounted TV.
The far side of the yard reveals another roomy composite stone dining table
circled by a balustrade. It’s one of the only features in the backyard that remained
relatively intact during the six-month renovation.
License #740853/741388
We are competitive with
the big box stores and provide
superior service and selection!
Doors | Windows | Hardware
Moulding | Design Center
“Roman columns support the tiled cabana roof, while stacked stone is used
throughout the project,” says Paul. The stone is from Sidney Peak in the desert
behind Valencia, Calif.
Landscape contractor and architect Marsh Sanders of Design Concepts Inc., with
offices in Camarillo and Simi Valley, was hired to finalize the designs and build the
project. Sanders said the Bauduccos wanted an entertainer’s backyard with lots of
features for the family to enjoy with “refined materials rather than just stucco walls,
so we went with stone.” The concrete was stained a tan color—“mesa buff with
color nutmeg release,” explains Sanders, who also helped the Bauduccos select the
stone, precast columns, fireplace mantels and other materials.
The outdoor American dream—Old World-style—is in full force here. It’s grand,
yet not overstated, beautiful in the most organic way, and utterly inviting for
family-friendly outdoor living.
22 beyond The
PHONE: 805•527•3716
Kitchen Remodeling
We have been providing
exceptional door and window
design, sales and installation
services for twenty-five years.
There’s an organic flow to the whole space, the brainchild of Monika Valtchev,
who was contracted to design the project using classical elements mixed with
natural materials. An Old World feeling is reflected throughout.
because there is a
community pool in
the neighborhood,
the bauducco family
decided not to
have one in their
own backyard.
instead they built an
oversized Jacuzzi
with a dramatic
water feature.
Bathroom Remodeling
When the Bauduccos moved into their Moorpark home in 1992, their name was
already well-known in the area: Paul’s parents, Frank and Paola Bauducco, had
owned and operated popular Italian restaurants in Westlake and Moorpark for
many years. Paul says he was baking pizzas when he was just 14 years old.
Upcoming Issues:
October, 2013: Home & Hearth
January, 2014: Health & Wellness
April, 2014:
Outdoor Living
July, 2014:

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