Connecting Cultures: A World of Inspiration



Connecting Cultures: A World of Inspiration
528 Annual
“ART MOVES . . .”
Performances inspired by Visual Art & Artists
Connecting Cultures: A World of Inspiration The United Palace Theater
June 11, 2015
9:30 am
Artistic Director’s Note: This year’s performance theme, “Art MOVES . . . ”, asked the students to investigate visual artists and their art work. As our audience, we ask that you watch each performance and develop your own interpretations and reflections. What connections can you make between the artist/art work and the choreography? What type of relationship is there between dance and visual art? How is history represented in art work? To all of the Dancers and Choreographers: I encourage you all to continue exploring what makes you “unique” and to share that with others as much as possible. It has been a pleasure to watch you “dig deeper” as dancers and choreographers, investigating how your investigation of each visual artist may be connected to your dance study. Enjoy your shining moments on stage and always know that you are an artist of self-­‐
expression and you must dance from your heart and soul! To my 8th Graders: May you continue to explore your creativity in high school and reflect on your artistic development and growth at I.S. 528! Peace in your Thoughts, Peace in your Words, Peace in your Hearts! Ms. Brown -­‐ I.S. 528 Dance Educator/Spring Arts Performance Artistic Director Art Featured on this page-­‐Keith Haring’s “Retrospect”/Jigsaw Puzzle (Class 603) For more information about the I.S. 528 Dance Program, please go to Also, please visit to learn how you can support DANCE EDUCATION in our Public Schools! #danceforeverychild-­‐ Join the movement!!! 23. Guest Performance*-­‐Alumni 7. Move for Me -­‐ Alvin Ailey Residency/6th Grade Ballet* Choreography: Hosbel Hernandez (Alumni 2008) Choreography: Natasha DeVaughn Rigby Music: Carousel (Melanie Martinez) Music: Move for Me Extended Mix (Kaskade & deadmau5) 24. Security-­‐ Alumni Dance Company* 8. When You Look At Me . . .-­‐702 Small Group* Choreography: Denise Brown and Dancers Choreography: M s. Brown and Dancers Music: November (Max Richter), To Build a Home (The Cinematic Orchestra), Cosmic Love (Florence and The Machine) Music: Recomposed by Max Richter: Vivaldi, The Four Seasons: Spring One (Max Richter Remix) th
25. ह म नृत्य प्यार हम नृत्य प्यार Hama nrtya pyāra-­‐ 8 Grade Select Dance Company*
Choreography: Denise Brown and Dancers Music: Bombay Theme Music (A.R. Rahman), Kata Kata Bechara Baka (Ila Arun & Kunal Ganjawala) 26. Arts MOVE Finale-­‐ Guest Performance* *Inspiration from various artwork including Banky’s “Girl with Red Balloon”, Various Peace Murals of Northern Ireland, and Norman Rockwell’s “Rosie the Riveter”. Choreography: Ms. Brown and Staff Music: 99 Luft Balloons (Nena), The Streets Have No Name (U2), Run the World-­‐Dave Aude Club Remix (Beyonce). Final Closing Remarks & Thank You’s *=Performances that are part of the Extended Day School Dance Program or performing as a Special Guest. 9. Young and Powerful-­‐Fusion I.S 528 Student Dance Company* Choreography: Amanda Batista and Company M embers Music: We Are Young Speed Up Remix (ITSDJSmallz), Flawless Remix (DJTaj), Where are U Now (Skrillex and Diplo w/ Justin Bieber) 10. Scream/Edvard Munch – 703 Dance Choreography: Denise Brown and Dancers Music: American Horror Story Theme (Cesar Davila Irizarry & Charlie Clouser), Scream (Michael Jackson & Janet Jackson) 11. Retrospect-­‐Jigsaw Puzzle/Keith Haring – 603 Dance Choreography: Denise Brown and Dancers Music: Jump-­‐Axwell Remix Edit (Madonna), Pop Muzik-­‐
Devo Remix (M), Dirty Pop 2011 DJ Favorite and DJ Mart Remix (NSYNC) 12. There!!!-­‐Alvin Ailey Residency/7th Grade Modern* Choreography: Noibis Licea Music: Jessy Cook 13. Tune Out, Tune In– 8th Grade Select Dance Company (2014 Repertoire)* 18. Love Me, Love me Not . . . -­‐ 8th Grade Select Dance Company* Choreography: Denise Brown and Dancers Choreography: Denise Brown and Dancers Music: Sweet Disposition (The Temper Trap) Previously performed at Ladies Got Talent, The UFT /NYCDEA Dance Festival, and the Manhattan Borough Arts F estival 14. The Dance Class, The Rehearsal/Edward Degas -­‐701 Dance Music: Fly Me to the M oon (Frank Sinatra), Love is Blindness (Jack White), I Put a Spell On You (Annie Lennox) 19. Mandiania-­‐Alvin Ailey Residency/6th Grade West African* Choreography: Denise Brown and Dancers Note: Mandiania celebrates the rites of passage &-­‐promotes sisterhood. Music: Choreography: La Toya Wigfall The Class: Plie-­‐Somebody that I Used to Know, Battement Jete-­‐Firework (Modern Ballet Class Series) Accompaniment: Sean Clements The Rehearsal and Dream Sequence: Swan Lake Suite 1: Scene (Royal Philharmonic Orchestra & Yuri Simonov), Slave to the Rhythm-­‐Audien Remix Radio Edit (Michael Jackson) 15. Dominican Art/Clara Ledesma (Unknown Title) & Jamie Colson (Merengue)– 802 Dance Choreography: Denise Brown and Dancers Music: Musica de Palos Dominicanos (Unknown Artist), Que No Se Acabe el Mambo (La Banda Gorda) 16. White Trumpet Flower, Red Canna/Georgia O’Keefe -­‐ 702 Small Group Dance Choreography: Denise Brown and Dancers Music: Flowers (India Arie), La Bohemia (Electro Dub Tango) 17. Guest Performance-­‐PA Association* Choreography: K imani Fowlin & Additional Guest Teacher Music: River (Ibeyi-­‐mixed by Marc Boone) 20. The Problem We All Live With/Norman Rockwell-­‐801 Dance Choreography: Denise Brown and Dancers Music: Take My Hand, Precious Lord (Ledisi), They Don’t Really Care About Us-­‐Immortal Version (Michael Jackson), Glory (Common & John Legend) 21. Starry Night/Vincent Van Gogh-­‐702 Small Group Dance Choreography: Denise Brown and Dancers Music: A Sky Full of Stars-­‐Hardwell Remix (Coldplay) 22. Guest Performance*-­‐Alumni Choreography: Jose Baez (Alumni 2012) Music: Shake It Out (Florence & The Machine) Program 701 602 Welcome & Introduction 1. Cold War-­‐Urban Arts Partnership-­‐Student Chorus* Director: Bradley Valentin 802 2. Gratitude-­‐Alvin Ailey Residency/8th Grade Ballet & Modern Choreography: Noibis Licea Music: Alberto Iglesias 3. Guernica/Pablo Picasso-­‐702 Dance Choreography: Denise Brown and Dancers 702 Small Group 703 Music: Noche Flamenca (Roger Scannura & Ritmo Flamenco), War (Edwin Starr), Guernica75 (Baila Sergio Aranda) 4. Number 1/Jackson Pollack – 602 Dance 801 Choreography: Denise Brown and Dancers Music: Phunkstein (Disco Splatters) 5. Looking Over-­‐Alvin Ailey Residency/7th Grade Ballet* Choreography: Noibis Licea Music: La Camerata Romeu 803 702 Small Group 6. Jammin’ at the Savoy/Romare Beardon-­‐803 Dance Choreography: Denise Brown and Dancers Music: Stomping at the Savoy (Chick Webb), Manteca (Dizzy Gillespie), Uptown Funk (Mark Ronson featuring Bruno Mars) 702 We would like to thank . . . Ana Nery Fragoso-­‐Director of Dance Programs, NYC D.O.E. DEDICATION Joan Finkelstein – Previous Director of Dance Programs, NYC D.O.E., Executive Director of the H arkness Foundation for Dance Ms. Carmen Fariña Mr. Manuel Ramirez -­‐District 6 Superintendent Chancellor of NYC Public Schools Ms. Kristy De la Cruz-­‐Principal Ms. Annette Rufino-­‐Asst. Principal Ms. Noemi Brito-­‐Parent Coordinator Ms. Denise Brown – Artistic Director & Dance Educator, Costume Coordinator, Sound Editor, Program Design, Stage Manager, Video Design Ms. Luz Minaya – Technology Supervisor & Assistant Stage Manager Ms. Kelly Finlaw – Visual Arts Educator, Prop/Visual Art Supervisor I.S. 528 Staff, Students, Friends, Colleagues & Alumni The I.S. 528 Parents’ Association Ms. Belkis Poche-­‐Flower Bouquet Design and Head Pieces The Alvin Ailey Dance Foundation and Teaching Artists The Urban Arts P rogram and Teaching Artists The Urban Arts Partnership is a not-­‐for profit organization that provides vital arts education programs in NYC public schools to improve academic achievement, community outreach and youth development ( Yesenia Crespo, Grants Manager for District 3, 5, & 6 David Anderson, Director of School & CBO Partnerships Regina Trigg & The United Palace Theatre and Staff Keith Brown – Videographer Mariana Lopez-­‐ Program Cover Design Backstage Crew-­‐I.S. 528 Alumni: Annabell Marcelino, Janelys Pichardo, Tiffany Arnoat “The arts teach our students the importance of revising, editing, rehearsing and joy in the pursuit of mastery—a lesson critical in the classroom and beyond.” ~ Ms. Carmen Fariña * The I.S. 528 School Community and the Arts programs would like to dedicate this year’s performance to our NYC Chancellor, Ms. Carmen Fariña. Thank you Ms. Fariña and Mayor Bill de Blasio for valuing the Arts within education and bringing funds into our city schools to support our programs! *­‐of-­‐the-­‐mayor/news/322-­‐14/mayor-­‐de-­‐blasio-­‐