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seth dashe
Respecting Abilities. Reaching for Opportunities. Realizing Dreams.
Exercise Each Day Keeps
the Doctor Away
URRL Foundation Grant Helps Hammer Purchase Exercise Equipment
It is widely acknowledged that
regular exercise is necessary
for good health. Many experts
now believe it’s the closest thing
we have to a “silver bullet,”
potentially combatting chronic
disease and improving our mood
and self-esteem.
Hammer has always placed
The ULLR Foundation presents Hammer individual, Joe S., with their grant
a high priority on exercise for
the individuals we serve. Sally Chevalier was aware of Hammer’s
The following groups at
reputation. As a Board Member of the ULLR Foundation, she thought
Hammer benefited from
we would be a perfect match for their mission: to provide equipment
The ULLR Foundation’s
and opportunities in skiing, biking and other activities for physically and
mentally challenged individuals.
Exercise Partners
Sally contacted Ellen Timmerman-Borer, Director of Development,
• small handheld weight who
invited her to tour Hammer’s central offices in Wayzata. As part of
• 5 exercise bands
her tour, Sally viewed our multi-purpose training room where exercise
• 5 yoga mats classes take place. Sally was impressed; she encouraged Hammer to
Iron Team
submit a grant proposal for any needed exercise equipment.
• 5 equipment mats
“Our mission, stories and needs moved Sally to become a powerful
• weight bench
ambassador on our behalf. She engaged her fellow board members to
• barbell set choose Hammer as a grant recipient,” said Ellen.
• weight rack Hammer’s partnership with URRL Foundation has already made
• 8 lb. medicine ball
its mark on the individuals we serve. They are reaping the benefits of
• 2 dumbbell sets
equipment purchased for our Exercise Partners Program, the Iron Team
• 5 exercise bands
(our weight lifting group), our bowling league and other regular exercise
Bowling Leagues
• 1 bowling ramp
The individuals we serve are the beneficiaries of this shared mission
• 2 bowling pushers
vision. A new community partnership has been formed!
Exercise Classes
Top: Volunteers
help out during
bowling league
Bottom: Jim
shows off his
excellent form
as he lets go of a
potential strike
Jim Still Loves
to Bowl at 81!
Jim loves to bowl and he’s really good at
it! At 81, he’s still a fierce competitor on
Hammer’s bowling league with the aid of a
specialized piece of equipment, a bowling
ramp. The ramp allows him to set up his
ball precisely – using his expert eye – and
helps him to avoid injury. A bowling ramp
is one of the many pieces of equipment
purchased with a recent grant from The
URRL Foundation. Jim would say this was
money well spent!
• 20 yoga mats
What I See:
More Meaning, More Connection
By Lori Jacobwith
As a speaker, trainer and coach supporting the nonprofit community, I see many
organizations who struggle in their fundraising efforts. My goal is to help
them create an environment where there can be ease and joy in raising the dollars
needed. I’ve had the privilege of connecting with the Hammer (Development and
Communication) Team over the past few years and, from what I’ve observed, the
staff, board, families and friends within the community truly live the principles I teach.
I often remind people that our job as fundraisers and board ambassadors of an organization is to allow OTHERS to feel great about how they are able to provide support.
Over the past year, Hammer has had some incredible challenges with funding cuts
and the too soon loss of beloved CEO, Tim Nelson. But what most impresses me is the
team has continually asked “what is possible?” rather than assuming “this is impossible.”
A quick recap of last year will show you what I mean:
• 1,406 donors supported the Hammer mission financially including 100% of the board
• 66 staff members provided a total of more than $20,000 of support
• 56% increase in online gifts (comparing 2010 to 2011)
• 300+ people connected with Hammer via Twitter
• 721 fans connected with Hammer via Facebook hearing stories of hope and sharing their own
These are just a few of the many ways Hammer warmly invites our community to
connect, feel generous and allow meaningful engagement with real people, real stories
and real impact. The Hammer Team sets the bar high for keeping things personal and
what I call “donor-centric.” I’m proud to be a tiny player in such a heart-centered organization.
Communication and
Fundraising Strategist
and Trainer Lori L.
Jacobwith brings
nearly 25 years of
professional speaking,
coaching and training
to her work with social
profit organizations. In addition to working as
a Development Director, Executive Director
and President/CEO for various organizations,
Lori has provided training and coaching for
thousands of organizations and their boards
nationwide. Her strategies and tools have
helped organizations to collectively raise
more than $150 million from individuals.
Connect with Lori via Twitter: @LJacobwith
or visit her website
Lori Jacobwith will be the keynote
speaker at Hammer’s Annual Meeting.
Saturday, April 14
8:45 am to 11:30 am
Breakfast will be served at 8:45 am and the
meeting will begin at 9:30 am.
To provide adults and
children with developmental
disabilities the opportunity to
experience life to its fullest.
I first read Hammer’s
mission statement last
August after learning
about the death of
former CEO, Tim
Nelson. I had met Tim once
or twice and was familiar with his outstanding
work and Hammer’s strong reputation. I went to
their website and found it compelling, especially
the mission statement.
Mission statements are often deceptively
simple in concept. I want to understand – one
person at a time – how these words live at
I have barely arrived; I’m still unpacking
my few boxes and I’m immersed in “learning
the ropes.” Part of what I’ve learned in this very
short time is that Hammer’s mission statement
comes alive in the hearts and minds of an
incredibly committed staff. This is especially true
of the direct care staff members. I’m humbled
and encouraged in their presence and amazed
at their creativity and devotion to the individuals
Part of what I’ve learned in this very
short time is that Hammer’s mission
statement comes alive in the
hearts and minds of an incredibly
committed staff.
we serve. Equally impressive are the committed
staff members who support those who provide
direct care.
I’ve also been honored to meet a few
Hammer volunteers. They spoke of a variety
of reasons for giving their time. The common
denominator is their passion to help provide the
best possible experience for those we serve.
My favorite word in the mission statement
is opportunity. It’s really what Hammer is all
about: providing opportunity for those who may
not otherwise experience complete participation
in life and in the community. It’s about creating
an atmosphere, a sense of possibility, making
opportunity an everyday reality.
I have so much to learn. I am anxious to
get to know the people we serve, their family
members, our staff members, volunteers,
donors and friends in the community.
I am humbled and very grateful for this
opportunity to be part of Hammer and its
—John Estrem, CEO
Editor’s note: After a lengthy and deliberate
search process, John Estrem was chosen
as Hammer’s new CEO. He has 24 years
of committed service with local nonprofits,
most recently, as Executive Director of
Episcopal Community Services. Prior to that,
John served as CEO of Catholic Charities of
Minneapolis and St. Paul.
To learn more about John, please visit www. Click on News & Events.
A Friend in Need
Recently I received a group e-mail informing me that St. Vincent DePaul’s Thrift Store had
been robbed. It hit me on a personal level: Ed Koerner, their Executive Director, is a friend of mine.
I was inspired to respond and asked others to rally on Ed’s behalf. I replied to ‘all’ with this
message: “I guess it’s time to send a donation to St. Vincent’s. What if Ed’s pals came up with
$3,000 to pay for the robbery and damage? I will start with $100; times 30 friends and we are done.”
Many folks responded generously to help St. Vincent’s in their hour of need.
Like the friends who responded to help St. Vincent’s, many of you are friends of Hammer.
You have recognized the needs of those we serve and responded generously over the years.
Thank you.
You have helped us provide medical care, accessible equipment like grab bars, wheelchairs
and safety straps, personal items, household furnishings, even staff education grants. Your
commitment and generosity ensures each individual we serve will have a home that’s safe
and comfortable. They will be cared for by well-trained staff and receive the support required
to be part of the community.
This year we will continue our excellent services with your help. Some of our 2012
needs include:
• $400,000 - Capital Improvements funds for 37 home programs including
lift vans, elevators, paint, windows, landscaping, siding and more
• $100,000 - Quality of Life funds for more than 240 individuals including medical care, activities, personal needs and more
• $10,000 – Education grants for more than 430 staff members
We will likely see cuts in government funding this year. We will be asked to do more with less
as we address the increasing needs of those we serve. We look to you with hope and ask that
you continue to recognize the important work we do. Your support is essential and greatly
Ellen Timmerman-Borer
Director of Development and Communication
2012 Fundraising Goal
1, 31,
Hammer History Flashcard
Winter Activities:
A Longtime Tradition
We have always encouraged the
people we serve to be active no matter
what the weather! Winter activities like
sledding, skating and skiing were popular
traditions at the original Hammer School
in Wayzata. As soon as it was cold
enough, volunteers would create a large
skating rink in the front yard. Wendy
Paulson, current Hammer employee,
was a young volunteer in 1969 and
remembers lacing and re-lacing ice
skates. “There was a collection of
hockey skates that everyone shared,”
said Wendy. “No one paid much
attention to size; we just added socks
Ralph Rosenvold (who was the inspiration for naming
until they fit!”
our beloved “Ralph” statues) Joe Harrington,
The marshland behind the school
Michael Barrow, Mark Jensen
provided a gently rolling landscape
for beginning skiers. Everyone was encouraged to go at their own pace, but friendly racing
competitions soon began. Then there was a race back to the dining room for mugs of hot cocoa!
—Memories from: Wendy P.
In this issue enjoy news from:
1st Avenue, 13th Avenue, 14th Avenue, Arkansas, Arrowood, Black Oaks, Broadmoor, Broadway, Carlson,
Cedarwood, Eden Place, Emery, Garland, Gardner, and Holdridge
House Highlights:
1st Ave: We had a great time going
to Timberwolves’ games this winter.
13th Ave: Andy had a wonderful time
visiting family in Chicago over the
14th Ave: Brian celebrated his 50th
birthday in February!
Arkansas: We love our remodeled
kitchen and have enjoyed cooking
meals in it.
Arrowood: Aaron went to see his
favorite movie, The Lion King, live at
The Orpheum Theatre!
Black Oaks: In January, State
Representative, Sarah Anderson,
joined us for dinner.
Eden Place: We just opened in
October and we’re having fun getting
to know new friends.
wish lists:
Broadway: More volunteers to
donate their time
1st Ave: Tupperware sets and 2012
Carlson: Wii games, exercise
equipment and DVD’s
Broadmoor: We had a great holiday
party complete with a visit from Santa.
Emery: Gina had a great time on her
first date. She went to her school’s
homecoming dance!
Broadway: We had a fantastic
time with family and friends at our
Christmas party.
Garland: We welcomed a new
housemate, Ed, and are excited he is
a fellow Twins’ fan.
Carlson: We had a blast participating
in Hammer’s American Idol Nights.
Gardner: We have been busy going
to the YMCA, going to craft classes
and cooking!
Arrowood: No needs at this time.
Holdridge: We welcomed a new
housemate, Christopher, who is very
involved in the Special Olympics.
Broadmoor: Kitchen items, office
chair, DVD’s, Wii games, floor lamp
and small table
Cedarwood: The men all enjoy cooking
dinner and watching movies in the
13th Ave: Dishes and pots/pans
Cedarwood: Wii
14th Ave: Travel funds, radio/cd player
and umbrella for patio set
Eden Place: Wii/Wii games, art
supplies, GPS, stereo and tickets to
sporting events
Arkansas: VCR, toaster, screens for
the porch, recliner and gas grill
Black Oaks: Wii Game
Emery: DVD’s, Wii games and
musical toys/instruments
Garland: Corelle dishes, bowls and
Gardner: Wii, music CD’s, exercise
DVD’s and tickets to plays
Holdridge: Grill
New Volunteers:
Lives enriched through the civic engagement of Hammer friends
The ENGAGE portion of our newsletter focuses on our volunteers and the important work they do every day.
Take Action! Advocate!
By Katie Bottiger
Take Action! Advocate! That’s the mantra of Hammer’s
Public Affairs Committee. We are an action-oriented group
with many fun ways to help you be involved!
We particularly need more family members to sign up as
House Captains. This is a fun and collaborative way to make
a difference and get your story heard at the State Capitol.
Please read (and be inspired by!) the stories in this issue from
two advocacy volunteers who have participated this year.
And remember, our advocacy work goes on year round!
Contact [email protected] or 952-277-2427 to Take Action!
A Hammer House Captain
Goes to the Capitol
Senator Al Franken was asked to be
a “champion” for individuals with
disabilities in June 2011 and visited
Hammer. A relationship was forged
with Nate Bauer and he was able to
visit Franken in Washington DC.
By Peggy Crolick
Becoming a Hammer House Captain was the beginning of a
new and exciting chapter for me. I attended trainings offered
by Hammer on pending legislation and received valuable support
about advocating for my son, Rob. I stepped out of my comfort
zone by picking up the phone and scheduling appointments to
meet with my state representatives in both the House and Senate.
The next step was to actually meet with those elected officials
to advocate on behalf of all individuals with developmental
disabilities. Arriving at the Capitol, I was filled with a great deal
of nervous tension. Navigating the capitol was a challenge but
very exciting. Once we got our bearings and found our legislator’s
office, the receptionist checked us in and asked us to take a seat.
It was a welcome chance to take a few deep breaths, calm our
nerves and review our talking points.
When we met them, the legislators were very cordial and
welcoming. Because they were not on the Health and Human
Services Committee, they knew very little about the proposed
legislation related to our specific issues but we were able to have
some dialogue about them. I read what I had prepared, thanked
them for their time and gave them a copy of my story.
I left feeling like I had experienced a great opportunity to
potentially affect outcomes at the Capitol by telling my story. It is
a simple act that can make a difference. Because of Hammer’s
excellent training, it is easy and satisfying. In these trying
budgetary times, government officials are looking for change. It is
imperative that we engage them to help secure services for our
family members.
Diana Thompson with Rep. Sarah
Anderson at Black Oaks. Rep. Sarah
Anderson was invited over for dinner
by the ladies on January 9, 2012.
Congressman Erik Paulsen visits with
Lisa Poppe at Sumac in June 2011
in support of services for those with
Alice Hulbert
Andrea Carroll-Glover
Andrea M. Puckett
Andrew Hughes
Audrey E. Vaughn
Chhavi Bang
Christopher D. Wipson
Cindy Feldmeier
Cole Norell
Elizabeth M. Fluegel
Erika G. LaDousa
Gloria J. D’Heilly
Heather Nelson
Jean E. Nelson
Jeff J. McClure
Jennifer Fox
Jessica M. Burns
Jessica Varnado
Joel Sands
John Traul
Jonathan N. Parke
Joshua Maki
Julie S. Akindemowu
Justin D. Puckett
Karen Conavatti
Karen J. Cwayna
Katherine Hutter
Kelly M. Sinton
Kristie L. Yoder
Laura D. Rahm
Lisa M. Payne
Maria L. Whitlinger
Mark Dooley
Nicole J. Stanaway
Paige E. McAuliffe
Pam Corwin
Peggy A. Markee
Rachel Buckner
Randi G. Pool
Renee J. Falkum-
Riley S. Lange
Rona G. Pool
Ruth Joss
Sally Sladek
Sandeep Bang
Taylor D. Ronchetti
Teresa K. Richardson
Tu Phan
Wendy Brom
Hammer’s Public
Affairs Committee:
A Member’s Perspective
By Kathy Lund
In this time of government budget shortfalls,
strong voices advocating for disability
services are essential. Hammer’s Public
Affairs Committee was formed to lead and
provide support for these advocacy efforts.
Committee members were recruited from the
Hammer Board, staff and families of those
we serve. The committee cooperates with
other organizations such as the Association of
Residential Resources in Minnesota (ARRM),
the Consortium of Citizens with Disabilities
(CCD-MN) and the Arc of Minnesota.
Here’s a brief summary of what we’ve
been working on:
• Charted Hammer house locations and family members’ homes in relation to public officials
• Recruited and trained House Captains for many homes/apartments
• Organized buses to the Capitol for self-
advocates and family members to go and tell their stories
• Encouraged all to write/mail stories about what publicly-funded services have meant to them
• Arranged legislative visits to some of the homes and apartments
Everyone’s advocacy efforts are critical.
Together, we continue to bring Hammer and
the disability community into much clearer
focus for our state’s decision-makers. I believe
everyone who cares about the quality of
Hammer’s services needs to raise their voice
in this essential process.
We gratefully acknowledge contributers who have given to Hammer November 1, 2011 through January 31, 2012
$25,000 or Greater
$10,000 - $24,999
Bruce and Celeste Amlicke
Argall/Hibbs Foundation
The Steven Argall Trust
John and Nancy Berg
Mr. Bob Cummins
Drs. Mary and Jan Tanghe
$5,000 - $9,999
Elaine and Robert Bache
The Caridad Corporation
Coldwell Banker Burnet
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Freeman
Lurie Besikof Lapidus & Company, LLP
Mike and Pam Sime
Sit Investment Associates Foundation
Karl Stoltenberg
The Tuckner Family
Village Gives Back Foundation
$1,000 - $4,999
Anonymous (3)
Joel and Mary Amundson
Marshall and Dru Anderson
Lisbeth and Mark Armstrong
Leigh Bailey
Tom and Angela Blanchette
Ms. Sandra C. Carlson
John and Andrea Casey
City Club Foundation
Flaherty Family Foundation
Patricia and Dennis Fleming
John and Deborah Fox
Debra and Jake Gjoraas
Don and Heidi Haberman
The Harrington Family
Paula Hirschoff and Chuck Ludlam
Patricia and Michael Houston
Bill and Joan Krippner
Virgil and Patricia Leih
LeJeune Family Foundation
* Lexus Pursuit of Potential
Lions Club of Plymouth
Jeanette and Larry Liukonen
Jon P. Matejcek
Taya Mergott
Ms. Mary Metzler
Solveig Misner and Leigh Wold
National Christian Foundation
Jean Nelson
Kate and Richard Olson
Lillian Orenstein
E.B. Osborn Charitable Trust
+Ralph Pettyjohn
Ruth Pope and Arnold Johnsen
Dan and Katherine Poppe
Susan and Andrew Rein
Joseph and Kathleen Reis
Ms. Carla Rose
Rotary Club of Wayzata
Hugh and Margaret Schilling
William and Joyce Sexton
Family Foundation
Julia and Bill Sorenson
St. Philip the Deacon Lutheran Church
Charles and Ellen Swanson
* TCF Foundation
Alan and Barbara Tennessen
Mr. Michael W. Tenney
* Thrivent Financial for Lutherans
Ullr Foundation
Ron and Michele Wald
Mrs. Mary Wesley
Wright-Hennepin Cooperative
Elec. Assoc.
$500 - $999
ACI Asphalt Contractors, Inc.
James and Patricia Amlicke
Margaret and Thomas Barrett
Peter and Julie Birgersson
John Meridith and Maryann
Mr. and Mrs. Neil Brown
Kate Budd
Rae Carlson Trust
Richard and Judith Corson
Gary and Susan Cramer
David and Debra Czech
Eric and Paula Dahmer
The Flannery Family
Marilyn Fryer
Keith Gasner and Janet Benway
Ms. Kathryn H. Glen
Susan Argall Haas and Brian Haas
LH Hendrickson Company
John and Terry Kruse
Gregg and Stephanie Larsen
Michele and Bob Luke
Brian Lund
Philip and Barbara MacNeill
Michael and Julie McGlynn
Fredrick and Christine Meyer
Gary and Linda Nelson
Otten Bros. Nursery
John and Gigi Ossanna
Mary Patterson
Doug and Marilyn Paul
Dan and Linda Pelak
David and Sharon Petterson
Ms. Chris Poppe
Ms. Rita Schofield
Jane and Don Shaffer
Mrs. Loretta Solinger
Thomas and Jeanne Sween
Mrs. Marie Tuckner
The Vala Family
Gary and Vicki Wyard
Wayzata American Legion Post 118
$100 - $499
Anonymous (2)
Tim and Wanda Aaser
Accessories to Go...LLC
Allegra Print & Imaging
Janet and David Anderson
Lisa Anderson
Ms. Patty Anderson
Mr. Robert Anderson
Roy and Donice Applequist
Mrs. Dorothy A. Bailey
John and Patricia Bailey
Ms. Susan Baker
John and Sheila Barbetta
Lawrence and Jo Ann Barbetta
Cheryl Barnes
Katie and Richard Barrett
Lester and Barbara Bauer
Josephine Berge
David and Ann Marie Berner
Paul and Terri Bester
Barbara and Edward Bies
The Binning Family
Bob’s Shoe Repair, Inc.
Patty Bohline
Mark and Sara Bonk
Dan and Katie Bottiger
Peter and Cindy Boynton
Mr. and Mrs. R.W. Brust
Business Choice, Inc.
Al and Toni Cady
Charles and Deb Carlson
Dr. Gerald Cavanaugh
Cliff Foundation
John and Pauline Coleman
Community Involvement Programs
Jerry and John Craig
Peggy and George Crolick
Michael and Michelle Cuppy
Lynne Dablow and Connie Schultz
Richard and Tammy Dahl
Kathleen Riley and David Daniels
Ms. Carla Danielson
Judith and Kent Davidson
Kevin and Kimberly Dickison
Loretta Docken
Lisa and Scott Dongoske
Marjorie and Charles Elliott
Mrs. Helen Evans
G. Everett Enterprises, Inc.
Maureen and Todd Faulkner
Beth Fondell
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Freeman
Shirley Freeman
Gadge USA
Michael and Sue Gardner
Kim and Pat Gharrity
Bruce and Kimberly Gillespie
Rosemary and Lawrence Gleason
Michael and Cindy Gleysteen
Robert and Patti Glumack
Mr. Samuel Goad
Stanley and Luella Goldberg
Family Foundation
Mr. David J. Golden
Becky and Don Gromek
Gary and Kathleen Hadley
Mrs. Leota Hales
Sharon and Jack Hammang
Donald and Ida Hanna
Dr. Daniel Hartnett
Ronald and Janet Haskvitz
Melvin Heckt
William and Elizabeth Heegaard
Robert and Kathy Hendrickson
Mr. Robert A. Hensel
Mary Hill
Mr. Robert B. Hill
Jon and Mary-Michelle Hirschoff
Linda and Kenneth Holmen
John and Colleen Hooley
J. Jerome and Ruth Hopperstad
Richard and Julie Horberg
Alan and Diane Horner
James and Ann Howard Family
Fund of The Mpls. Foundation
Ms. Pam Howe
Imaging Path
Robert and Ann Jackson
Ms. Kathleen Jacobson
Ms. Amy Jensen
Mark and Laurie Jeter
Franz and Cynthia Jevne
Seth and Melissa Johnson
Sherri and Steve Johnson
Theresa and Timothy Johnston
Dorothy Keprios
Ms. Kim Keprios
Barbara and David Kleist
Knights of Columbus #3949
Ann Koerner
Jo Ann Koltes
Vera Kopp
Karen Lafferty
James and Gayle Landt
Stephen and Susan Lang
Mark and Joni Lauffenburger
Bridget and Rob Layne
Herbert and Kathie Levy
Paul and Janice Lindbloom
Lions Club of NE Minneapolis
Joseph Lund
Mrs. Mary K. Lund
Timothy Lund
Michelle and Jimmy Lureen
Deane and Nancy Manolis
Joe and Pricilla McCarty
Victoria McConnell
Terry and Mark McFarland
David and Shirley Mellen
MNC Stribbons
Robert and Taylor Moor
Matthew and Marty Mueller
Renee Mueller
Nasim and Mark Namy
Ms. Jennifer Nelson
Christine and Thomas Nickels
Ms. Carol M. Nikolai
Nadim and Souha Nimeh
Olseth Foundation
Al and Vicki Olson
Mary and Michael Ongstad
Moyosola Osire
Betsy and Bruce Pankonin
Carol R. Patterson
Mary Kaye Pfau
* Pohlad Family Foundation
Christine and Joseph Porcelli
James and Elizabeth Ramsland
Edwin and Christina Ritchie
Stanley Rosaves
Jeanne and William Rouch
Mindy Rudd and John Craynock
Greg and Lisa Rye
Robert and Bonnie Scheer
Mr. Donald C. Schroden
Audrey and George Schultz
David and Joan Schultz
Semmer Group
Bill and Diedre Shinn
Betty Smith
Ms. Renee E. Solinger-Audette
Dean and Ruth Spatz
Harriet and Edson Spencer Foundation
Mrs. Nancy Stone
Mr. and Mrs. John Sweeney
Jon and Marcee Thompson
Nancy and Richard Timp
Ellen Timmerman-Borer
Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Traff
Barb Tuckner
John, Cheryl and Cory Tuckner
Mrs. Sherry Underdahl
Mark and Kathy Wallraff
Julia Wesley
Michael and Mackie Wesley
Tracy Wessel Johnson and David
Bill and Doreen West
John Wetterlund and Laurel Feddema
Mary Ann and John Wolters
Pamela and Tom Wright
Under $100
Robert and Claire Alber
Ms. Marie A. Altman
Dr. J. David Amlicke
Chace and Barbara Anderson
Ms. Gervae Anderson
Joan Anderson
Anderson Race Management
Mr. Calvin W. Aurand, Jr.
John and Kandi Banasiak
Ann Barnes
Ms. Janet Bast
Jim and Sandy Beckman
Darrell and Kenwyn Beckstrom
Mr. Thomas P. Bedard
Kerman and Ardyce Benson
Mrs. Dianne Berg
Mr. Elijah Berg
Steve and Lynn Berglund
Timothy Beversdorf
Richard and Lin Bleck
Donald and Trish Boegel
Ms. Joan Boerschinger
Donna Bonello
Robert and Linda Borovansky
Mr. Dave Brand
Steve and JoAnn Brandt
Mr. Aaron Briggs
Joan and Quincy Brown
Ms. Kristina Bruggeman-Maag
Maurice and Yvonne Bryan
Michael Bryant and Phelomina
Silva- Bryant
Wes Bue and Denise Eng
K.R. and Audrey Burglund
Ms. Shirley Bury
Paul and Mayone Byron
Scott and Sharyn Calton
Ann Campbell
John and Evelyn Carlson
Judy Carlson
Marlan and Patricia Carlson
Ms. Tomeko Champion
Cornell and Liz Chun
Clare ‘N Al Enterprises, Inc
David and Mary Kay Clark
Susan and Denny Cota
Mr. Desmond Courtney
David and Candy Davis
Patty & Dave Dittrich
John and Judi Dodds
Ms. Gailend Drew
Betty Durenberger
Jack and Bernice Engdahl
John and Virginia Engfer
Allen Erickson
Daniel and Joan Erickson
Jerry and Pat Erickson
Theodore and Marilyn Erickson
Todd and Leslie Erickson
Mr. Tim Eshelman
Gary and Cindy Fehrman
Marvin and Rosemary Fish
Mike and Linda Fiterman Foundation
Ms. Karen Flippo
Food Perspectives, Inc.
Ms. Phyllis Genest
Ms. Phyllis Genest-Stein
Olga Ginzburg
Ms. Sara Givand
Jean and Bill Gjetson
Victor Glantz
Dan Gokey
Esther Goldberg
Ben Goldish
Donna Gorski
Sue and Ilja Gregor
Shirley and Lowen Grodnick
Florence Gronberg
Susan Hageman
David Hagen and Patricia O’Brien
Shirley Hammes
Ms. Kim Hansen
Mark and Libby Hansen
Patricia and Ben Hastings
Chuck and Sandy Hatfield
Judi and Jim Hathaway
Pamela Hawthorne
Kay Hempel
Katherine Hickman
Dick Hill
Dick and Phyllis Hoffman
Virgil and Marlys Hoffman
Erik and Mary Holleque
J. M. Holmes
Ms. Jan Hopper
Kerry Houston
Ms. Melissa Hutchins
Carl and Martha Jacobson
Noel and Ruth Jagolino
Tim Janssen
Ms. Amy Johnson
Denise Johnson
Donald and Louise Johnson
Mr. Momo J. Johnson
Heidi and Jeff Jopps
Winifred Jurrjens
Jill and Michael Kelly
Cheryl Kinney
Hugh and Julie Kirsch
Terry and Nancy Kirsch
Mr. Dan H. Klein
Elizabeth Klein
Debby Kniebel
Jordan Kortmansky and Sarah Barthel
Jamie Korzan
Kay Krafka
The Kroschels
Larry and Susan Kugler
John and Marcia Lally
Susan and Jeffrey Lambert
Jane Lansing
Philip and Betty Lansing
Barbara Lebowitz
Kathleen and Kevin Leighton
Gary and Mary Lessard
Liberty Diversified International
Li’l Buddies
Joann Linblad
Phil and Barb Lindblad
Dr. and Mrs. John Linner
Ms. Mary Lou Loacker
Jean London
Wayne and Karen Lundgaard
Harvey and Phyllis Lundin
Ardell Mack
Barbara Anne Mack
Dick and Sally Mackie
Joan Mc Ardle
John and Barbara McCartan
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Janet Molda
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E.J. Nelson
Ina Nesmoe
Neh Ngosong
Ms. Joanne Nolan
Ms. Rukayat Oba
Colleen O’Brien
Richard and Jeanne O’Keefe
Curtis and Karen Okeson
Debbie Olson
Donald and Virginia Olstad
Susan and Michael Oreck
Ms. Maima Parker
Shala Paske
Thomas and Susan Paske
Ellen, Jeff and Abby Pearson
Susan Pedrelli
Mr. and Mrs. John Peterson
Gordan and Shirley Peterson
Mr. Stephen D. Peterson
Barry and Kathleen Petit
Bruce Pettyjohn
Sara Pettyjohn
Mr. and Mrs. John Pierson
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Patricia Pocrnich
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Ms. Rachel Revels
Charlotte Rice
Janene Riedeman
Sue Ring
Ms. Rose M. Rizzi
Mary Jane Rogers
Mr. Wallace Roles
Jean and Frits Roozendaal
Julane Rose
Reye Royse and Kasey Wright
Matthew Sanders
Robert and Ann Schenkel
DeVon and Mary Schmidt
Fran Schmidt
Tom and Kathy Schoeberl
Ms. Nancy Schwalen
Marianne Self
Ms. Elizabeth Senne
Mr. Josh Senso
Paul Serber
Mr. and Mrs. Shaw
Ron and Veronica Sheldon
Cari and Jeff Sheley
Gabriel Skelly
Catherine Smith
Douglas and Kathryn Smith
Jeffrey and Kathryn Smith
Gary and Gwen Solseth
Mr. Lloyd Sorensen
Jane Soshnick
Marjorie and Bob Spanjers
Mr. Warren Spannaus
Beverly Speikers
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Charles Stanley
Ms. Margaret Starr-Knox
Philip and Arvida Steen
Donald and Barbara Steinkamp
Tony and Sandy Stevens
Christine and Allen Strande
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Judith and David Willits
Mr. Jon Woidylla
Ms. Kelly Yrjana
Mr. Dennis Zelee
Ed and Labelle Zeller
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Anders Olness
Jamie Korzan
Marshall and Dru Anderson
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Carolyn Stevenson
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Herbert and Kathy Levy
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Josephine Barrow
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While every effort is made
to ensure the accuracy of
our donor records, errors
occasionally occur. If your
name has been omitted,
misspelled or misplaced,
please accept our apologies
and contact Julane at
Save the Date
Hammer Named
a National
Top 50 Best
in 2012
Mark your
for our
Thursday evening,
August 2, 2012
of Kare 11 News
Nicollet Island
Pavilion, Minneapolis
Live entertainment,
silent/live auction, food,
cash bar, wall of wine and more
Support our mission of
providing adults and children with
developmental disabilities the
opportunity to experience life to its fullest.
Recently, our 448 employees learned exciting news! Hammer was
named one of the Top 50 Best Nonprofit Organizations to Work for in 2012. This
is the second time we received this honor from The Nonprofit Times (a national
publication for nonprofit executives) and Best Companies Group.
Hammer CEO, John Estrem, had this to say about the honor, “This national
acknowledgement is a testament to the quality of service Hammer has come
to be known for in the wider community. The heart of Hammer is our ability
to retain a team of dedicated professionals who have kept a clear focus on
our mission to help individuals have the opportunity to experience life to
its fullest.”
The specific rankings on the winners were announced early April which
coincides with when this newsletter went to press. For an update on where
Hammer ranked and more information, visit and click on
News & Events.
Ralph Goes Back
to School
This year’s Ralph in the School’s Curriculum was supported in part
by a grant from The Kopp Family Foundation. Their generosity allowed
us to accept Plymouth Creek Elementary/Wayzata School District’s invitation
to present the curriculum, Unexpected Friendships: Finding the Lands of
Courage and Kindness for the second consecutive year. This curriculum gives
students and Hammer self-advocates the chance to get to know one another
by participating in three different workshop activities in October, November
and January.
Through the Ralph in the School’s Curriculum, students participate in
activities that build awareness of bullying behaviors and learn how to combat
these behaviors with courage and kindness. In addition, the students learn
how to form friendships with people of all abilities.
Hammer is looking forward to continuing this successful partnership
with the Wayzata Public Schools and will work to improve the first grade
curriculum with Plymouth Creek Elementary educators. Stay tuned for more
exciting news about this great outreach and collaboration.
Stacey (far right), a self-advocate, shares her story with the
assistance of her direct support staff, Naterre.
(Left) Volunteers, Dru Anderson
and Brian Kelley, help with the
(Far left) Sue Gregor, Hammer
Board Member and Ralph in the
Schools Committee Member,
supports the first graders as they
play Finding the Lands of Courage
and Kindness.
Did you know that Hammer’s
Ralph in the School Curriculum
has been featured by KARE-11
News, Plymouth Magazine and
Lakeshore Weekly News?
To view these features, go to
the News and Events section
of our website.
Swimming in Joy
“This is awesome!” shouted Troy in a burst of joy.
He was swimming in the warm waters off the coast of
Hawaii – a place any of us can imagine as joyful. But
Troy, 40, uses an electric wheelchair, making it a huge
challenge to swim anywhere, especially in the ocean.
Troy realized his dream in January with the help of Hammer
Travel and another mission-focused organization, AccesSurf
of Hawaii.
When he booked his trip, Troy let Hammer Travel know
his wishes. They started searching immediately for some
additional expertise and found the perfect fit in AccesSurf. Their
mission is to empower people with disabilities by providing
therapeutic educational programs on water recreation.
Shortly afterTroy and his HammerTravelTrip Leader, Brian Kelly,
arrived in Hawaii, they met with Mark Marble, Founder ofAccesSurf.
Mark’s immediate response was, “Let’s make this happen today!”
Make it happen they did! After meeting at a nearby beach, Mark
and Brian transferred Troy from his wheelchair into a special beach
chair. They were then able to move the beach chair through the
sand and immerse it in the ocean. With the help of a life jacket, Troy
could then float right into the ocean! “It was an amazing moment!
We all had goose bumps,” said Brian. “Troy could not stop grinning.”
“Troy is the kind of guy who sees the obstacles but finds a way
around them,” said Brian. “Troy’s dad told him at a young age that
just because he was in a wheelchair it did not mean he could not
achieve anything he wants. Troy really took that advice to heart.”
Troy is still gleeful from his Hawaii experience but
already planning more travel adventures. When asked
what’s next, he happily gave us his travel
“bucket list” including Germany, France,
Spain, Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon.
Go, Troy!
Watch Troy Swim
in the Ocean!
Day James
Mytech Partners, Inc.
Barbara Tuckner, Vice President
Tuckner Consulting, Inc.
Affiliation: Family Member
John A. Johnson
ING (retired)
Affiliation: Family Member
Joseph Reis, Treasurer
Coldwell Banker Burnet
Steve LeVoir
General Mills
Affiliation: Family Member
William R. Young, Secretary
Herzing University Online
Lisa M. Anderson, Immediate
Past President
University of St. Thomas
Sondra J. Dahmer
Affiliation: Family Member
Beth E. Fondell
U of Mn Institute on Community
Susan D. Gregor
Wayzata Public Schools (retired)
Linda M. Holmen
Teacher, self-employed
Affiliation: Family Member
Michelle Lureen
The Business Bank
Mary E. Patterson
Bloomington School District (retired)
Affiliation: Family Member
Jane E. Shaffer
Hennepin County Government
Affiliation: Family Member
Thomas Silver
Hawkins & Jahnke Associates
Hammer Residences, Inc. provides
adults and children with developmental
disabilities the opportunity to experience
life to its fullest.
Managing Editor
Lynne Dablow
Julane Rose, Bridget Ulrich
Guest Writers
Peggy Crolick , Lori Jacobwith, Kathy Lund
Staff Contributors
Katie Bottiger, Lynne Dablow, John Estrem,
Wendy Paulson, Cari Sheley,
Ellen Timmerman-Borer, Bridget Ulrich
Donald Smithmier
Rumble, LLC and GoKart Labs
Reach for Ralph Save the Date
Julie Jurrjens Design
Alan Wilensky
Attorney, self-employed
Discoveries Graphic Design
Karen Lafferty Design
Lisa Poppe
Resident Board Advisor
Jon Matejcek, President
Dashe and Thompson

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