Winter Discoveries 2012



Winter Discoveries 2012
Respecting Abilities. Reaching for Opportunities. Realizing Dreams.
Removing Barriers with Smart Living Technologies
Hammer and AbleLink Partner for the Future
For many of us, technology is part of our lifestyle. Keeping up with the
constant flow of communication is a natural part of our day. But for others,
technology serves as a lifeline that removes barriers, promotes independent
living and enhances an individual’s overall quality of life.
“In 2010, we identified some technology needs that would really advance
our services at Hammer. After a
series of discussions, we moved
forward with a partnership with
AbleLink and our use of their
software has been growing ever
since,” says Dan Bottiger, Director
of Information Systems. “In the
beginning of 2012, we launched
a Smart Living Technology pilot
AbleLink facilitated a smart technology training
program at Hammer.”
session with Hammer managers and directors.
Tools such as tablet computers,
smart phones, Skype and the AbleLink Endeavor Desktop – an audio and readaloud operating system – are at the forefront of technology breakthroughs now
being implemented in Hammer homes. The Smart Living program is designed
to be easily managed and tailored for diverse abilities.
The partnership
continues to make
In early 2012, Lisbeth
Armstrong, Interim
recently invited Hammer
CEO, and Thomas
to share in a grant
Gillespie, Program
where Hammer would
Director, were invited to
have the opportunity
speak at ARRM’s 2012
to provide significant
Technology Showcase.
direction to the way
Tom’s session focused
the software develops.
on person-centered
technologies and
“We believe having this
Lisbeth presented on
kind of direct input will
integrated software
allow people to live with
greater independence
as well as automate
The dynamic digital duo: Founder and President of AbleLink Technologies, Dan Davies, and
Hammer’s Director of Information Systems, Dan Bottiger.
some tasks such as tabulating and interpreting
data currently being done manually by program
managers,” says Dan.
“Per the state’s requirements, we [as
a provider] need to ensure the tracking
and reporting of these individuals’ progress,”
says Lisbeth Armstrong, Director of Program
Services. “For example, when an individual
uses an interface that walks them through
every step of their morning routine, a report
is automatically generated which quantifies
Program Manager Melissa
Hutchings giving things a whirl as
how many of these steps were achieved.”
Dan Davies looks on.
As Dan puts it, “This innovative
partnership will lead to even more possibilities down the road. An individual will
have the ability to live more independently as opposed to having to conform to
a staff schedule resulting in more privacy for the individual.” Hammer’s mission
in action: providing the opportunity to live life to its fullest, one life-changing
innovation at a time.
When Research and Technology Converge
By Dan Davies
ur partnership with Hammer Residences,
Inc. provides an excellent example of what is
Daniel K. Davies, Founder and President of
Ablelink Technologies, is a national leader
in technology innovation for individuals with
intellectual and developmental disabilities.
He has directed over 70 federally funded
research and development projects in that
area over the past 20 years. Dan’s work was
inspired by his brother, John, who lived with
severe intellectual and physical disabilities.
Dan also worked as a counselor/case
manager serving individuals with intellectual
and developmental disabilities. Since 2001,
he has held a research appointment with
the University of Kansas’ Beach Center
on Disability. His educational background
includes a Bachelor’s in Psychology from
Bethel University and a Master’s in Clinical/
Applied Experimental Psychology from the
University of Colorado.
possible when evidence-based research and
technological innovation converge within
an organization that is both creative in their
approach and committed to improving the
lives of the people they serve.
Hammer is the first adult services agency
in Minnesota to embark upon a Smart Living
Technology Program. This program provides
Hammer access to the wide array of cognitive
support technologies we have developed for
individuals with disabilities to achieve greater
independence and a higher quality of life. These
technologies are the result of over 70 research
and development projects focused on technology
access and innovation for individuals with cognitive
disabilities funded by the U.S. Department of
Education, the National Institute of Health and the
Joseph P. Kennedy, Jr. Foundation.
Like it or not, technology continues to encroach
upon more and more aspects of life. Smartphones
and social networking are increasingly woven into
the fabric of everyday life for us all, yet people with
disabilities are often left behind. This is due to the
complexity of these new devices and their user
interfaces such as Facebook that rely heavily on
individuals: 1) being able to read and 2) being able
to ignore distracting screen clutter such as ads.
This digital divide between people who can and
those that cannot use these new technologies to
stay connected with friends and family threatens
to bring further isolation to a population already
faced with challenges in living an integrated and
socially vibrant life. AbleLink uses the power of
technology to empower people with cognitive
disabilities by helping make life simpler, not more
complex. Hammer is not only implementing these
state-of-the-art technologies, but also providing
direction for improving them in ways that will
benefit many other individuals and organizations
throughout the country.
We are thrilled to participate in this growing
partnership with Hammer which also now
includes a new two-year project funded by the
U.S. Department of Education’s National Institute
on Disability and Rehabilitation Research. Our
goal is to expand the capabilities of our stepby-step prompting technologies to meet the
specific needs of agencies and the individuals
they serve. Hammer is leading the way in
Minnesota through their well-planned and wellexecuted technology program that is truly making
a difference in the lives of people with intellectual
and developmental disabilities.
The Department of Opportunity Creation
“…it’s a little like
magic… they push a
button and a whole
world opens up.”
–Melissa Hutchins,
Hammer Program
Not Paperwork
This edition of Discoveries shines a laser focus on our current technology trends. Our
History Flashcard (see below) offers some perspective from 1995 when Hammer staff, board
members and local business leaders came together to implement an innovative idea for that time:
purchasing computers for each of our Hammer Homes.
Smart technologies have the potential to
impact us in profound and life-changing ways.
support professionals more time to do what they love: care for those we serve.
Melissa’s statement above captures the
enthusiastic response of the individuals we
support to these technologies. Melissa has
contributed an article on page 6 highlighting
many examples of how technologies are
literally opening magical doors in our
Hammer Homes.
You may wonder how gifts toward technology have an impact on those we serve. Our visionary
leaders – past and present – have understood that efficiency through technology gives our direct
Recently, I had a chance to visit with Todd and Don, two “old friends” with Down syndrome
who I first met in 1982. Brad, their direct support professional, carefully guided both men in their
wheelchairs into the lobby of our main building and offered them a choice of beverage. Don
chose cider; Todd chose hot cocoa, Brad served them both with utmost care. During our visit, Brad
commented, “I would much rather be with the guys than do paperwork.”
Don and Todd require more of Brad’s attention as they age and dementia takes hold.
Technology helps Brad to manage his paperwork more efficiently so he can spend more precious
time with Don and Todd, taking them to visit “old friends” like me. For that, I am grateful.
All of us move forward in life
because we have opportunity.
Many of the people pictured in the History Flashcard (below) continue to give generously to
Hammer. Many of you have given generously as well, helping to keep Hammer on the cutting edge
of innovation with those we serve as the focal point of our mission.
We continue to reach out to you, our contributors, promoters, champions and believers, with
deep appreciation for your support of those who cannot fully support themselves.
I have always believed imbalance is
inherent in our culture. No matter what
We celebrate each and every one of your gifts. They are love in action. We truly could not do
this work without you. Thank you.
problem I am attempting to solve, I look to
Ellen Timmerman-Borer
how these inequities can be addressed and
Director of Development and Communication
turned in the direction of opportunity. All of
us move forward in life because we have
opportunity. Yet opportunity is often not
automatically available. It must be created.
2012 Fundraising Goal
How does Hammer move from challenge to
opportunity as often as possible so we can
get to that magic Melissa has written about?
There are so many chances at Hammer to
experience these opportunities.
Raised through October 15, 2012
It is crystal clear that technology creates
opportunities for the people we support,
as this heartwarming story illustrates:
when Hammer’s Endeavor Desktop Skype
experience became available this summer,
Robin W. was ready and raring to go. She
It is crystal clear that technology
creates opportunities for the
people we support...
knew it would give her an opportunity
to interact with her brother who lives in
Germany. An added bonus for Robin was the
chance to finally be introduced to her sisterin-law. We have posted a short video of Robin
using Skype to meet her sister-in-law for the
first time – a truly magical moment – on our
Hammer History Flashcard
Dawning of the Information Age for Hammer
In the early 1990s, Hammer programs
expanded as regional treatment centers
in Minnesota downsized. Adoption of
technologies for communication and
management became a necessity in the
disability services community. Generous
contributions of $20,000 from Norwest
Banks-Wayzata and $15,000 from the
Cargill Foundation enabled Hammer
to purchase computer hardware and
software as well as the necessary
training to implement a computer-based
program management system.
The Department of Opportunity Creation
is open for business at Hammer. We all have
the chance, and the obligation, to create
opportunity every day for those that we serve.
—John Estrem, CEO
From left are: Jon Thompson
(former Hammer Residences CEO),
Alan Johnson (former President of
Norwest Banks-Wayzata), Lew Mithun (former
Hammer Board of Directors member), Bill Bieber (former
Hammer Fund President) and Jeanne Sornsky (former
Hammer Computer Task Force Member)
Lives enriched through the civic engagement of Hammer friends
News for Hammer’s Volunteer Department
With over 630 active volunteers to-date, and another 1,200 volunteers
We send them a link after
they have applied and
been interviewed. This
process allows volunteers to
complete the orientation on
their own time and saves the
staff time as well.
I appreciated being able to do the
If you have any
training at home so that I could get
questions about these
started almost as soon as I arrived!
changes or anything
-Taylor Fay, new volunteer
volunteer-related, please feel
free to contact Terriann or
Thank you, volunteers,
for making a difference at Hammer. We could not do it without you!
dedicated to one-time activities, we are reminded time and time again
that Hammer is a great place to volunteer. We’ve been working hard to
better match supply with demand by making it easier for potential volunteers
to get involved with our organization. We have created two applications
which are available on our website: a volunteer application and a one-time
volunteer application.
Once the application is completed, it is automatically enrolled into our
new volunteer management system, Volgistics.
Volgistics is very new to Hammer. We are still working on setting up
systems and transferring all the data from our old database to Volgistics.
When everything is done, volunteers will be able to log into their records
to change contact information, check messages from us and log volunteer
hours. Later, staff will be able to log into Volgistics as well and submit
volunteer hours. From there it will roll right into the volunteer’s record.
Pretty slick!
In addition, we have created an online orientation for our volunteers.
Terriann & Katie
Thanks to our Volunteers
Mary E. Abbott
Julie S. Akindemowu
Claire Alber
Robert A. Alber
Joel D. Amundson
Mary H. Amundson
David Anderson
Dru Anderson
Janet H. Anderson
Lisa M. Anderson
Lisa Anderson
Marshall Anderson
Steve Anderson
Margaret Argall
Mark Armstrong
Amy K. Arnold
Neil A. Bacon
Jane Balster
Chhavi Bang
Sandeep Bang
David Banks
Mark Banks
Samantha A. Banks
Adam Barbetta
Kallie Barrett
Katie A. Barrett
Anna Beddor
Alicia Bell
Elijah Berg
Nancy Berg
Darlene J. Bergerson
LeRoy R. Bergerson
Kristin J. Bergeson
Steve Berglund
Linda Bergsma
Jenn Berkopec
Jessica Berns
Kirsten Bethune
Bill Bieber
Barbara Bies
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Dennis G. Bilski
Londa G. Bilski
Amy Binning
Catherine C. Binning
Doug Binning
JoJo Binning
Mattie Binning
Peter Birgersson
Adam A. Bisek
Margaret M. Bloomer
Allison K. Bolgrean
Matt Bollis
Jerome Bolte
Brynn Borer
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Kelly Bosch
Katie Bottiger
Pat Bottiger
Amanda Brandon
Nicole M. Bredow
Wendy Brom
Russel Bruner
Maurice Bryan
Yvonne Bryan
Rachel Buckner
Lucille A. Buehler
Nancy U. Buehler
Patrick G. Buehler
Robert G. Buehler
Cara R. Buettner
Meredith B. Bundul
Courtney Burgess
Jessica M. Burns
Katherine Busch
Angie Butterbrodt
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Nancy Cahn
Rich Camp
Angela Carlson
Heidi Carlson
Andrea Carroll-Glover
Katherine F. Caspers
Marie Cassidy
Becky Chepokas
Kay Christianson
Jan Cincoski
Mackenzie Clark
Karen Conavatti
Patrick Conry
Pam Corwin
Joan Cox
Janey Creps
Peggy Crolick
Michael A. Cuellar
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Sondra J. Dahmer
Cristine Daley
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Linda and Kenneth Holmen
Imaging Path
Julie Jurrjens
Knights of Columbus #13359
Jo Ann Koltes
James and Gayle Landt
LarsonAllen LLP
Barbara Lebowitz
Steve and Katie LeVoir
Deane and Nancy Manolis
Dennis and Beverly Meyer
Patty and Mike Molden
Minnesota Gold Meats Inc
Matthew and Marty Mueller
National Christian Foundation
Northwestern Mutual Wealth
Mgmt Co.
Kathy O’Connor
Susan and Michael Oreck
Lillian Orenstein
Dan and Linda Pelak
Jamie Peters
Heather Reinert
Joseph and Kathleen Reis
Rita Schofield
Roger Fazendin Realtors
The Shared Fund
Cari and Jeff Sheley
Joni Slack
Loretta Solinger
Renee E. Solinger-Audette
Marjorie and Bob Spanjers
* TCF Foundation
Toast Wine Bar & Cafe
Barb Tuckner
UBS Financial Services, Inc
David and Jan Usset
Sue Walker
Carla Warner
Margaret Warner
John and Kathryn Wesley
John Wetterlund and Laurel
Whitney Foundation
Alan and Connie Wilensky
Pamela Wright
$100 - $499
Anonymous (2)
Tim and Wanda Aaser
* Ameriprise Financial
Margaret Argall
John and Sheila Barbetta
Lawrence and Jo Ann Barbetta
Jake Bauer
Dianne Berg
Josephine Berge
Irv and Kay Bergsagel
Chris Biehle
Big Top Liquors
Mary and Jaye Blanshan
Sally and Gary Bluem
Bob’s Shoe Repair, Inc.
Dan and Katie Bottiger
Elizabeth Anne Boyer
Dave Brand
Barbara L. Brauch
Buehler Family
Business Choice, Inc.
Business & Estate Advisers
Sharing Foundation
Charles and Mary Carlsen
Chanhassen Dinner Theatres
Brian Clark
Cliff Foundation
Alfred Colling
Community Shares of Minnesota
Glenda Condon
Continental Property Group
Gary and Susan Cramer
Crowne Plaza
Jim Damiani
Judith and Kent Davidson
Loretta Docken
Peggy Douglas
Eclipse Global Transportation
Randy and Sheila Edin
Helen Evans
Steve Feldman
Marvin and Rosemary Fish
Beth Fondell
Food Perspectives, Inc.
David Fox
Jaime Frischmann
Marilyn Fryer
James and Diane Gardner
Judy Gelina
Bruce and Kimberly Gillespie
Samuel Goad
Andrea M. Gronberg
Martha Gschneider
Leota Hales
Sharon and Jack Hammang
Kim Hansen
Ronald and Janet Haskvitz
Annie Heggernes
Kay Hempel
Cheryl Holds
Jane M. Hollis
Hopkins Center for the Arts
Jan Hopper
Kent and Marilyn Howe
Pam Howe
Richard and Meredith Howell
Robert and Janet Huddleston
Kelly Jacobson
Wojciech and Katie Jedynak
Amy and Craig Jensen
Kip Johansen
Denise Johnson
Heidi and Jeff Jopps
Kimberly Julen
Winifred Jurrjens
Brian Kelly
Dorothy Keprios
Kim Keprios
Hugh and Julie Kirsch
Dan H. Klein
Barbara and David Kleist
Vicki Klima
Knights of Columbus #13096
Knights of Columbus #13506
Bruce and Terry Knutson
Millie Kosiek
Erika and Jesse LaDousa
Lakeside Fine Wines & Spirits
Susan and Jeffrey Lambert
Deb Larsen
Joshua Chuong Lee
Mike Lee
Kathleen and Kevin Leighton
Sher and Roger Leksen
Herbert and Kathie Levy
Patsy Lillehei
Ardell Mack
Barbra Ann and Christopher Mack
Elizabeth Mansfield
Robyn Mariska
Marriott City Center
Josh Martin
Massage Energy Therapy Inc.
Jon P. Matejcek
Pat and Victoria McConnell
Terry and Mark McFarland
Michael and Julie McGlynn
Jo Mendoza
Taya Mergott
Midwest Financial Search
Ross and Darcy Miller
The Minneapolis Foundation
Minnehaha Liquors
Minnesota Twins
Minnesota Vikings
Solveig Misner and Leigh Wold
Daniel and Carol Mulheran
Colleen Nelson
Paul Nelson
Frank and Marcia Nemeth
Sylvia Nudler
Elizabeth O’Connor
Mary and Michael Ongstad
Parasole Restaurant Holdings, Inc
Doug and Marilyn Paul
Peter and Mary Ann Pearson
Mary Kaye Pfau
Heather and Richard Pfeiffer
Susan and Greg Pfeiffer
Peggy and Aaron Pouliot
Kristin and Duane Pyka
James and Elizabeth Ramsland
Rose M. Rizzi
Bradley and Kelly Roles
Stanley Rosaves
Julane Rose
Jeanne and William Rouch
Mindy Rudd and John Craynock
Mary Rutkowski
Greg and Lisa Rye
Lindsay Schmitt
Audrey and George Schultz
Josh Senso
SuAnn Senso
Merton and Leslee Shapiro
Brianna Shelstad
Tom and LeeAnn Silver
Mike Sivanich
Skin Therapease
Gary and Gwen Solseth
Lloyd Sorensen
Carrie Sporer
St. Paul Hotel
Mark and Gayle Stage
Anne and Brian Stanchfield
Starbucks Coffee Company
Ben and Mary Stephens
DeeAnn and Michael Stinebaugh
Karl Stoltenberg
Christine and Allen Strande
Target Center
Robert and Peggy Terhune
Texa Tonka Lanes
Art and Mary Thole
Mr. Fred Tigas and Ms. Paula
Ellen Timmerman-Borer
Nancy and Richard Timp
Toro Company
Richard and Lynn Voelbel
Suzanne Wanous
Wayzata Wines & Spirits
James and Joan Welters
Julia Wesley
Michael and Mackie Wesley
Bill and Doreen West
Judith and David Willits
Zealand Apartments
Zerorez Carpet Cleaning
Under $100
Anonymous (2)
Aaron and Roxane Abbott
Administrative Sunshine Fund
Moses Agbonkhese
Michael and Phyllis Aho
Al Vento
Laura Kay Allen
Marie A. Altman
Dr. J. David Amlicke
Thomas and Susan Amlicke
Jody L. Anderson
Ronald and Glorian Anderson
Shelby Andress
Greg Andrews
Jean Aslakson
B Original Custom Made Jewelry
Mary Bachman
Jane Balster
John and Kandi Banasiak
Janet Bast
Margaret Bauman
William Beattie
Virginia Beckett
Dennis and Marty Berry
The Binning Family
Joan Boerschinger
Linda A. Borrell
Kim Bossmann
Steve and Tracy Boylan
Aaron Briggs
Beth Brink
Kristina Bruggeman-Maag
Michael Bryant and Phelomina
Silva- Bryant
Kathy and Timothy Buggy
Bukhara Indian Bistro
Paul and Mayone Byron
Brian Campbell
Catherine and C. Owen Carlson
Jean C. Carlson
Sarah Caruso
Tomeko Champion
Nancy Cherry
Chicago Lake Liquor
Kristine Cinealis
Mike Clark
Susan Colstrup
Holly and David Colwell
Helen Conroy
Tom Cook
Chris Coughlin
Edward Cracraft
Margaret Cronin
Deb Cunningham
Candy and David Davis
Audrey Dehn
Dennis Deppa
Jerry and Irene Diedrich
Lou Doez
Tiffany Dreher
In Honor of
Beth Amlicke
Joel and Mary Levin
Michael Anderson and staff at
Buehler Family
Bill Bieber
Charles and Mary Carlsen
David Fox
Bruce and Terry Knutson
Michael and Julie McGlynn
Daniel and Carol Mulheran
James and Elizabeth Ramsland
Jim Bieber
Ben and Mary Stephens
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Jim Damiani
Sue Gregor
Jean and Bill Gjetson
Betty Gillum
Liesel Werch
Dr. Robert Goad
Samuel Goad
Julie Jurrjens
Winifred Jurrjens
Andy LeVoir
Victor Glantz
Sue Oreck
Gena Janetka
Diane Orenstein
Adam and Carrie
Carlyn and Paul Blum
Sandie and Mark Kaster
Marshall and Julie Oreck
Karen Sigal
Diana and Chuck Webster
Susan and Michael Oreck
Jerry Ann Applebaum
Mr. and Mrs. Herb Levy
Allison Oreck
Stephanie Oreck
Carolyn Siegel
Lillian Orenstein
Molly and Sid Bader’s great grandchild
Marcia Pinski
Melissa Siegel
Burt Sheck
Harold Rubin
Mack Rutman
Scott and Kerry Bader
Kristi and Gary Swartz
Tammy Birnberg
Norman Goldetsky
Paul Siegel
Mariam and Leroy Kieffer
Rhonda Engleson
Willard Weisberg
Elaine Siegel
In Memory of
Lynn Aase
Karole Whipps
Mable Aaser
Mable Aaser Estate
Michael and Susan Oreck
Merton and Leslee Shapiro
Michael and Josephine Barrow
Elizabeth Anne Boyer
Toni and Mike Rosen
Marshall and Dru Anderson
Merl Berge
Robert and Beth Vorpahl
Elaine Siegel
Merton and Leslee Shapiro
Larry Bergman
Joshua Maki
Nancy and John Sullivan
Marjorie and John Vigoren
Beth Siewert
Audrae Rosenzweig
Todd Solseth
Gary and Gwen Solseth
Barb Tenney
Michael W. Tenney
Suzanne Wanous
Marilyn Fryer
Brenda Damiani
Romona and Gina Damiani
Patti Jo and Mike McClellan
Josephine Berge
Kelly Bonk
Linda Hanner
Orval Cawelti
Deb Larsen
Tricia Frederickson
Barry and Mary Jo Miller
Ted Freeman
Dave and Patricia O’Rourke
Joyce Gephard
Judi and Jerry Andresen
Dr. Robert Goad
Samuel Goad
John Hasenbank
Deanna Edeh
Bill Hempel
Kay Hempel
Constance Swenson
Mrs. Hazel Hook
Jean and Bill Gjetson
Jack and Mary Ann Huddleston
James Houston
Peter and Mary Ann Pearson
Donna Johnson
Renee Mueller
Robert and Beth Vorpahl
Steve Keprios
Candy and David Davis
Dorothy Keprios
Bob Koltes
Becky and Don Gromek
Christine and Allen Strande
Joan Krippner
Anonymous (2)
Administrative Sunshine Fund
Laura Kay Allen
Ronald and Glorian Anderson
Jean Aslakson
Margaret Bauman
Kim Bossmann
Steve and Tracy Boylan
Nancy Cherry
Kristine Cinealis
Holly and David Colwell
Tom Cook
Chris Coughlin
Deb Cunningham
Dennis Deppa
Jerry and Irene Diedrich
Tiffany Dreher
Lori and Randy Dukek
Chris and Kevin Dunning
Julie Emery
Paula Engstrom
Karen and Curtis Farmer
Janet Fimmen
Deborah and Gary Finn
Cynthia and Thomas Forster
Joel and Nancy Franz
Michelle and Greg Friess
LeRoy and Darlene Gilbert
Theresa Graham
Sally Grundman
Thomas Halter
Donald and Ida Hanna
Susan and Dan Hartman
Carol Hauschild
Ruth Lange Hoffman
Erin James
Gailend Drew
Lori and Randy Dukek
Chris and Kevin Dunning
Mary Dymond
Deanna Edeh
Dan and Jessica Egan
Julie Emery
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Paula Engstrom
James Erickson
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AnnMarie Eustice
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Chris Faris
Karen and Curtis Farmer
Dr. Elizabeth Fazendin
David Feiler
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Jessica Florek
Cynthia and Thomas Forster
Dana Fox
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Joel and Nancy Franz
Bruce and Paula Freidson
Mark Freidson
Michelle and Greg Friess
Gyslyaire Ganga
Joan Gecik
LeRoy and Darlene Gilbert
Kim, Bruce, and Kevin Gillespie
Tom and Susie Gillespie
Sara Givand
John Givogre
Victor Glantz
Shelly Golden
Theresa Graham
Shirley and Lowen Grodnick
Lindsay Grome
Debby Grote
Sally Grundman
Guthrie Theater
Gary Haberman
Thomas Halter
Donald and Ida Hanna
Linda Hanner
Susan and Dan Hartman
Patricia and Ben Hastings
Carol Hauschild
Bob Hebrink
Mark and Molly Himmer
Ruth Lange Hoffman
Nancy and Charles Holden
Colleen Holm
Paul Hook
Terry and Roger Hork
Dave Hornung
Doug and Maureen Hovda
John Hovren
Jack and Mary Ann Huddleston
Melissa Hutchins
Jennifer Iverson
Judith Jacobson
Erin James
Gena Janetka
Katie and Wojciech Jedynak
Constance S. Jennison
Jimmy John’s Gourmet Sandwiches
Amy Johnson
Melissa Johnson
Momo J. Johnson
Paul and Kimberly Johnson
Mary Kaasa
Tina Kaehn
Nancy and Richard Kaner
Jeff and Raleigh Karatz
Deb Kelly
Nancy Kin
Liz Krauter
Mary and Mark Kreger
Ron and Gina Krippner
Mark and Sharon Kurtz
Liz Langley
Kelly Larmon
Javan and Larry Larson
Steve Larson and Joan
Breslin Larson
Candace Lawton
David and Karen Leverentz
Paul and Karen Leverentz
Joel and Mary Levin
Anne Liebeck
Phil and Barb Lindblad
Cherryl Lofgren
Richard C. Longhway
Dr. Antonio Lopez
Travis Lorge
James Madich
Mark and Lynne Mahowald
Kat Maidi
Kathi Malone
Gloria March
Terriann Matejcek
Barb Matter
Peter and Janelle Mattson
Maynard’s Restaurant
Darlene and Thomas McCarthy
Jeanette McChesney
Jennifer McDonald
Larry and Barbara McDonald
Mike and Jennifer McDonald
Kevin McLaughlin
Arlou McPherson
Kristin Meehan
Pete and Renee Merges
Sheila Merzer
Danforth Messerly
Gary and Marilyn Messner
Jan Miesen
Barry and Mary Jo Miller
Emily Miller
Rebecca Miller
Richard and Nancy Miller
Stefanie Miller
Minnesota Swarm Lacrosse
Minnetonka Family Chiropractic
Beryl Moenga and Wicliffe Ongige
Anne and Derrick Monroe
Alissa and Matthew Movern
Joe Mueller
Renee Mueller
Andy and Karen Nelson
Jean Nelson
Neh Ngosong
Robin and Greg Niemann
Elaine Niman
Joanne Nolan
Rukayat Oba
Darcy Olson
Dr. Susan Olson
Valerie Olson
Donald and Virginia Olstad
Florence Olund
Diane Orenstein
Otten Bros. Nursery
Clifford Otten
Debra Page
Sylvia Pannkuk
Paradise Charter Cruises of Lake Mtka.
Joe Parker
Maima Parker
Bill G. Perrine
Rondi Persaud
Julie Peters
Donna and Leo Petroske
Mary Jo Pickering
Mary Plant
Patricia Pocrnich
Katy Polski
Phillip Poppler
Lisa Ragozzino
Randy’s Environmental Services
Rebecca Reber
Nancy Recibe
Russ Reinbold
Jennifer and John Repella
Rachel Revels
William Reynolds
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Linda and Michael Richardson
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Carolyn Riley
Ellen Riley
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Sally Ritchey
Angela Rodgers
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Georgann Rumsey
Thomas L. Russeth
Marvin and Judy Saarela
Nathaniel Sand
Cate Saracen-Peters and Gordon Peters
Catherine Schulz
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Ina Shaughnessy
Lori and Ron Shelby
Wayne H. Shroyer
Mr. and Mrs. Lex Silbernagel
Heidi Sill
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Betty L. Snyder
Nancy Sousa
Jayne Spain
Margaret Starr-Knox
Christa Steiner
Beverly and Roger Stenson
Katherine Steward
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Peggy Swanson
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Esther Swen
Constance Swenson
Julia and Bruce Taber
Kay A. Tart
Mr. and Mrs. E. Thode
Beth Thompson
Dewey and Dorothy Thompson
Trader Joe’s
Becky Treb
Sandee Turner
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Vicksburg Liquor
Vic’s Restaurant
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Wildfire Restaurant
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Perry Wolff
Claire Wolters
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Xcel Energy Foundation
Kelly Yrjana
Kate Zehren
Dennis Zelee
* Matching Gift Company
+ Deceased
in memory
Tim Nelson
William Beattie
Renee Mueller
Sylvia Nudler
Jennifer and John Repella
Sally Ritchey
Rose Rizzi
Robert and Peggy Terhune
Paul and Kimberly Johnson
Mary Kaasa
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Deb Kelly
Nancy Kin
Mary and Mark Kreger
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Liz Langley
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Kathi Malone
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Jan Miesen
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Florence Olund
Donna and Leo Petroske
Mary Jo Pickering
Phillip Poppler
Rebecca Reber
Nancy Recibe
Nandi Rieck
Georgann Rumsey
Mr. and Mrs. Lex Silbernagel
Loretta Solinger
Jayne Spain
Beverly and Roger Stenson
Greg Stone
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Taber
Dewey and Dorothy Thompson
Beth Thompson
Sandee Turner
Karrie Van Zielen
Linda Waltenberg
David Waterhouse
John and Gina Waterhouse
James and Joan Welters
Barbara and Todd Wermerson
Elaine Wiener
Jean and David Wikoff
Deb Williams
Kelly Bonk
12/18/1958 – 02/28/2012
Kathleen “Kit” Porter
Renee Mueller
Patty Rogers
Elaine Niman
Buddy Riley, Service Dog
Ellen Riley
Mr. and Mrs. Francis Ryan
Frank and Marcia Nemeth
Francis Ryan
Peggy and George Crolick
Wayne Schuck
Art and Mary Thole
Florence Sivanich
Mike Sivanich
James Solinger
Loretta Solinger
Steven J. Tart
Kay A. Tart
Dee Wolff
Perry Wolff
Ray Bentdahl
Andrea Casey
Dr. Stacy Roback
Marvin and Rosemary Fish
Al Gleekel
Dick Joy
Steven Stillman
Shirley and Lowen Grodnick
Bob Koltes
Brenda Krogstad
Rita Tonn
Jo Ann Koltes
Phyllis Lambert
Margaret Cronin
Ted Corens
Mary Erickson
Lou Forsberg
Terry and Mark McFarland
Pat Lindgren
Jean C. Carlson
Sylvia Pannkuk
Betty V. Rudquist
While every effort is made
to ensure the accuracy of
our donor records, errors
occasionally occur. If your
name has been omitted,
misspelled or misplaced,
please accept our apologies
and contact Cari at
John Lindstrom
Mike and Jennifer McDonald
Anne Maltrud
Peggy Swanson
Peter Moreno
Barry and Mary Jo Miller
John Hasenbank
08/20/1941 – 01/20/2012
Reach For Ralph 2012
n August 2, Reach for Ralph, an evening of mystery benefitting Hammer Residences,
Inc., took place at the Nicollet Island Pavilion where more than 400 guests relived the
intrigue of the classic board game, Clue. Hosted by KARE 11’s Rena Sarigianopoulos,
the evening included live entertainment, silent and live auctions, mystery concoctions, and more.
Supporters of Reach for Ralph helped to raise more than $130,000 for people
with developmental disabilities.
1.Tina Kaehn (past
Reach for Ralph
committee member),
John Estrem (Hammer
CEO) and Lisa Anderson
(Hammer Past Board
2.Hammer friend, Cindy
Lea, aka Mrs. Peacock in
the Billiard Room right on cue
3.Stacey’s words had the power to silence
hundreds of people during our fund-a-need
portion of the live auction (here with
“Ms. Scarlet”)
4.Rena played the role of CLUE character
Ms. Scarlet flawlessly in her 5th year hosting
Hammer’s Reach for Ralph
5.See the Kare11 coverage of our CLUE
characters at Hammer’s YouTube site: http://
6.Glen Fladeboe, auctioneer extraordinaire,
worked with Rena and Stacey to raise over
7.Trevor Studanski (aka Colonel Mustard)
Co-Chair of the Reach for Ralph Event Committee
enjoying the festivities with his wife, Traci
Family Members:
Your Personal Stories Count!
There is no better way to influence your elected officials than by telling
them your personal, heartfelt stories. The political landscape for people living
with disabilities will be difficult in 2013 with priorities on the state and federal
levels focused on the economic deficit. Any reduction of government programs
will likely impact adults and children with disabilities. If we want a say in how
this process is shaped, we must make our elected officials aware of the real and
lasting benefits these programs provide to their constituents –YOU and YOUR
LOVED ONES. If you want some ideas about writing a letter to your legislators,
there are tips and examples posted on Hammer’s website/family area. You can
also learn how to write an effective story by using a Google search on the phrase:
“writing a personal story to your legislator.”
Left: L-R Lisa, Hammer selfadvocate, John Estrem (Hammer
CEO) and Katie Bottiger (Public
Affairs Committee Chair) at
ARRM’s Day at the Capitol
L-R Bruce Nelson (ARRM CEO),
John Estrem (Hammer CEO),
Senator David Hann and Lisbeth
Armstrong (Director of Program
Services) at Hammer’s Eden
Place apartment
Bottom Left:
Representative Jenifer
Loon meets with
Hammer self-advocate
Right: L-R Lisa, Jackie,
Senator Terri Bonoff,
Sarah Casey, Nathan,
and Leslie
Record-breaking Attendance at
Annual Family Day Picnic
Thanks to over 500
attendees–including Hammer
families, staff and volunteers
alike–our annual Family Day
Picnic on September 15th
was a resounding success!
The warm weather set the tone
for a feel-good event, where
everyone gathered under blue
skies to enjoy a delicious
al fresco spread, cakewalk,
yard games, specialty booths
and a fun dance-worthy
playlist, compliments of DJ
Donny G. We rolled out our
Healthy Living Initiative Fair to
promote good nutrition, fitness
and personal wellness. Many
gathered for a highlight of the
day, remembering our beloved,
Tim Nelson, former CEO, at
a tree dedication ceremony in
his honor. We appreciate those
who put in their time, treasures
and talents to make the event
so special – here’s to many
more to come!
(Top) Hammer employees
Angela Rodgers and Brian
Kelly are healthy and they
know it!
(Below) Rebecca Furnival
and Susie Saarela share
some quality sister
bonding time
Magical Moments with
Assistive Technology
As a direct support professional, I get to be part of many magical moments.
The individuals I work with are delighted with the new Smart Technologies
now available. Here are a few of their stories.
Mary is joyful while on the
computer. She sings, laughs, even
dances! She checks out where Tom
Jones is performing and sends him
fan mail. She likes playing games
like Angry Birds and socializing while
waiting her turn for computer time.
Carol uses headphones and sings
along as she watches music videos.
She likes to check out the weather
and movie times and add movies to
her Netflix queue. She goes to the
Hammer Travel site to dream about
vacations she might like to go on
Kris loves to watch old TV shows on
Hulu and check the Special Olympics
website. She also likes to “window
shop” at websites like Dress Barn
and Target.
Joe loves watching the 3 Stooges.
His laughter is so contagious; people
congregate around to see what is
so funny! He also loves following his
favorite sports teams: Penn State, the
Steelers and the Vikings.
Barb loves the online games
and Disney sites, especially the
Harry Potter site. She plays games
frequently after her work day as a way
to wind down.
Robin’s mother, Judi, spent last
winter in Arizona. Before leaving, she
gave Robin a USB containing almost
700 family photos. When Robin was
missing her mom, she would page
through the photos and tell stories
about her family and childhood. It
was a wonderful way for Robin to feel
Everyone enjoys gathering like a
family to browse through the apartment
photo galleries. The pictures are so
large it’s as if we’re watching an old
slide show without the whirring of the
projector and clicking and dropping
of slides.
Carol using AbleLink’s Endeavor Desktop to search for her
favorite artist, Michael Jackson
— Melissa Hutchins is a Program Manager at one of Hammer’s apartment programs
Barb listening to her favorite music while surfing for Dollywood
pictures via Endeavor Desktop
Jon Matejcek, President
Dashe and Thomson
Day James
Mytech Partners, Inc.
Barbara Tuckner, Vice President
Tuckner Consulting, Inc.
Affiliation: Family Member
Steve LeVoir
General Mills
Affiliation: Family Member
Joseph Reis, Treasurer
Coldwell Banker Burnet
Michelle Lureen
The Business Bank
William R. Young, Secretary
Bring Me The News
Jane E. Shaffer
Hennepin County Government
Affiliation: Family Member
Sondra J. Dahmer
Affiliation: Family Member
Lisa Dongoske
Cushman and Wakefield
Beth E. Fondell
U of Mn Institute on Community
Thomas Silver
Hawkins & Jahnke Associates
Donald Smithmier
Rumble, LLC and GoKart Labs
Managing Editor
Lynne Dablow
Jamie Christianson, Julane Rose
Lisa M. Anderson, Immediate
Past President
University of St. Thomas
Hammer Residences, Inc. provides
adults and children with developmental
disabilities the opportunity to experience
life to its fullest.
Guest Writers
Dan Davies, Melissa Hutchins
Alan Wilensky
Attorney, self-employed
Staff Contributors
Katie Bottiger, Jamie Christianson, Lynne Dablow,
John Estrem, Julane Rose, Cari Sheley,
Ellen Timmerman-Borer
Lisa Poppe
Resident Board Advisor
Discoveries Graphic Design
Karen Lafferty Design
Bruce Volkart
Volkart May & Associates, Inc.
Linda M. Holmen
Teacher, self-employed
Affiliation: Family Member

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