Annual Report 2011-2012 - Hopkins Education Foundation



Annual Report 2011-2012 - Hopkins Education Foundation
2011|2012 Annual Report
Investing in our CHILDREN. . . Investing in our FUTURE.
2011-2012 Highlights
• $2 million total grant milestone was achieved thanks to
wonderful community support.
• A successful Royal Bash 2011 was held at the Golden Valley
Country Club. The sold out crowd generously supported the
special appeal—expansion of the iPad pilot for all schools.
A special thank you to co-chairs Jelan Heidelberg, Betty
Johnson and Kate Lang.
• HEF hosted the first annual Board Breakfast–past and present.
• HEF leveraged partnerships to expand the impact of grants:
the Gary S. Stevens Foundation (Be Your Dream) and
Tanglen PTO (Lexia Reading).
THANK YOU to Our Bash Sponsors
GOLD Sponsors
Tankenoff Family Foundation/
Hillcrest Development
SILVER Sponsors
Best Buy Stores
Coldwell Banker Burnet
Dalco Enterprises, Inc
i:SPACE Furniture Inc.
Knock, Inc
Deborah and David Krekelberg
Materials Processing Corporation
Diane and Mike McDonnell
Mosquito, Inc
Caryl and Ernest Pierson
Preferred One
Varde Partners Inc.
BRONZE Sponsors
Borton Volvo
Bremer Bank - Minnetonka
Acquire and utilize resources to enrich educational experiences
within the Hopkins School District.
CBIZ Benefits and Insurance
Cathy and Dale Feste
FirstTech Computer
Fortress Medical Systems
Fresh Seasons Market
Jocelyn and Jed Gorlin
Jane and Patrick Jacobwith
Lauren and Danny Kaplan
Ann and Dave Koppe
Lake Minnetonka Orthodontics
Sally and Ted Levens
Minneapolis Rag Stock Company
Marilou and Eric Mintalar
RJ Ahmann Company
Amy and Charles Roberts
Sue and Alan Sadowsky
Linda and Richard Sedgwick
Martha and Dave Shannon
Beth and Greg Timm
2011-2012 Board of Directors
Patrick Jacobwith, President
Michael Pink, Vice President
Danny Kaplan, Past President
Amy Roberts, Treasurer
Linda Sedgwick, Secretary
Jelan Heidelberg, At Large
Trisha Bell
Autumn Boos
Kim Campbell
Ellen Cousins
Rod Dummer
Michael Glover
Betsy Hinck
LaToshia Jackson
Mark Jansa
Dan Johnson
Mark Jones
Jim Martin
Eric Mintalar
Todd Paulson
Dave Shannon
Jennifer St. Clair
Beth Timm
Ellen Ziegler
Ex-Officio Members
Nik Lightfoot
John Schultz
HEF AWARDED $137,000 in Grants for 2011-2012
Unleash the Power of the iPad
Roll ‘Em: Video Cameras for Language Assessments
All Schools
Hopkins High School – Stephanie Owens-Lyons
With relevant content that is usually more up to date than
textbooks, our students use iPads to span the world without
ever leaving their desks. One of the many benefits is that
students can easily practice reading and math at their own
personalized level. Our special appeal at Royal Bash 2012
raised nearly $30,000 for this important technology initiative.
Small groups of world language students can now easily record
their conversations with Flip cameras. Students are more
comfortable and the teachers can more efficiently assess the
oral activities outside of class time with the video recording.
Books on Hand - Expanding Classroom Libraries
All Elementary Schools – Bonnie Hild
Third and fourth grade classroom libraries will receive
expanded book options to build literacy skills. In the past,
teachers often furnished classroom libraries at their own
expense. Each student will have a rotating group of books that
are balanced for fiction and non-fiction and skill levels.
Daily Five Listening Centers
Glen Lake – Cindy Anderson
Listening to Reading, Reading to Self, Reading to Someone,
Working on Writing and Working with Words are all
components of the Daily Five literacy program. This grant
provides resources for the listening learning stage.
Improving Student Achievement through STEM
Glen Lake – Mary Jo Merickel, Darlene Lines, Julie Burke, Julie
Schlecht, Robb Trenda, Lynda Seitz, Anne Kuffel, Elizabeth
Nemec and Chris Ohotto
Students learn best in Science, Technology, Engineering and
Math (STEM) programs when they can engage in real world
problem solving. “Explore Lab” project-based learning kits
will be used school wide for engineering experiences.
Lexia Reading Program
Tanglen – Bonnie Hild
Lexia software provides reading assessment, lesson plans and
teaching tools that adjust to students’ progress and individual
needs. Students at home can also access the web-based
technology. Grant matched by Tanglen PTO grant.
WEB – Where Everyone Belongs
WJH – Dana Baker and Sarah Coffey
Expanding the successful, HEF funded WEB pilot at North Jr.
High, this grant funds a year-long orientation and transition
program at West Jr. High. It links 7th grade students with 9th
grade students who are trained as mentors.
Making All of Us Published Authors
Off-Campus Pavilion – Deb Ludwig and Val Honey
Students create, illustrate and publish their own book in
Language Arts class. The project helps students develop
writing, illustrating, editing and technology skills.
Be Your Dream Academic Coaching
Hopkins High School – Stephanie Owens Lyons
Be Your Dream connects daily actions with students’ life
goals and dreams to help students be more engaged in school.
In addition to workshops for teachers, staff, parents and peer
tutors, professional life coaches will provide one-on-one
coaching for students. This multi-year grant is matched by a
grant from the Gary S. Stevens Foundation.
Making College a Reality for English
Language Learners
Hopkins District – Scott Endo
College readiness is an important part of the district strategic
plan. An innovative parent involvement program works with
families of English Language Learners to explain the college
process and help families better prepare their students.
STATEMENT of Activities
Changes in unrestricted net assets
Support and Revenue Special Events:
Revenue $161,854
Cost of Special Event (29,645)
NET Special Events Revenue
Public Support 65,948
Investment Income
TOTAL Unrestricted Support & Revenue 201,322
Functional Expenses Program Services*
Management and General 27,884
Fundraising 49,506
TOTAL Functional Expenses 214,636
Changes in Unrestricted Net Assets (13,314)
Changes in Temporarily Restricted Net Assets
Contributions CHANGE in Net Assets 150
Net Assets
Beginning of Year 290,979
End of Year $277,815
* Grants Payable Balance $131,453
Administration related to Functional Expense $5,793
Adobe Employee Payroll
Deduction Donations
Alliant Techsystems
Operations LLC
Fortress Medical Systems
Graco Foundation
Diane& Mike McDonnell
Medtronic Foundation
Prudential Foundation Matching Gifts Program
Thrivent Financial For
Lutherans Foundation
Toro Foundation
Wells Fargo Foundation
Staff Members Honored with
a Donation in Their Name
Carolyn Anderson
Greg Bartz
Eric Beal
Lisa Becker
David Beckman
William Bell
Timothy Berry
Abby Bracke
Philip Brown
Angie Brueske
Kim Campbell
COACHES (girls hockey):
Hailey Field
Steve Knaus
Tom Maeckelbergh
Vin Paolucci
Jon Smart
Sean Wesenberg
Douglas Dart
Jean Davidson
John DenHartog
Janet Eckhoff
April Felt
Tom Franke
Sara Garcia
Marissa Grodnick
Jamey Guille
Linda Hanson
Jill Heath
Lindy Heusinkveld
Ryan Hogan
Denise Ingram
Jan Jodock
Rolf Johnson
Matt Kappel
Steve Knaus
Jeff Kocur
Robert Krebsbach
Chuck Kreitzer
Mary LaBelle
Teri Larson
Marit Lee-Dohse
David Lord
Arden Lovagnini
Shannon Lubratovich
Kim Mach
Stephanie Magelky
Michelle Magy
Jodi Markuson
Jeff Matchette
Carleen Matts
Katherine Mommsen
Cecelia Morris
Denise Mumma
Mary Kay Myrmel
Eric Naess
Timothy Nefzger
Wendy Nelson
Dan Nelson
Bethany Ocar
Anthony Padrnos
Donna Philippot
Jeremy Reichel
Rick Rexroth
Todd Roudabush
Sarah Sampson
Andrea Sebenaler
Sarah Shafer
Kirk Shoger
Allegra Smisek
Pam Soltis
Beth Specht
Special Ed/Paras–
West Jr. High
Special Services Staff –
West Jr. High
Jill Swanson
Erik Thompson
Kathy Toenjes
John Unruh-Friesen
Angela Wilcox
David Williams
(tributes/special events)
Tamara Gebhardt
Sara Heegaard
Rick Rexroth
Michael Stein
Barb Westmoreland
Judith Yesnes
Memory Gifts
A James Buck Anderson
Donald Coppins
Patrick Mohlin
Chuck Mykleby
Leonard & Yvonne Nelson & Relatives
Jim Sievert
Tracy Wright-Sperling
Donna Adams
Sarah Ahlquist
Jackie Akin
Julie Anderson
Kristin Anderson
Debra Arneson
Greta Becker-Evans
Lynn Bialick
Christie Boeder
Chantele Burgess
Erin Burggraff
Julia Carlstrom
Naomi Chinn
Tiphanie Dirnberger
Julie Dosdall
Dale Engquist
Joyce Fiedler
Amy Fischer
Linda Flynn
Vicki Freeman
Linda Gan
Jeff Gan
Karen Goldfarb
Katie Gonzalez
Phil Gonzalez
Christine Halvorsen-Harger
Jean Hanley
Eilat Harel
Jonathon Hatch
Darla Hines
Betty Johnson
Beth Jones
Lisa Klass
Lori Komoto
Kate Lang
Ted Lang
Michelle Lewis
Linda Loomis
Julie Magney
Jennifer Martin
Dan Mord
Michael Moschogianis
Elizabeth Nirenstein
Elizabeth Ogren
Michele Pasko
Gail Perelstein
Heidi Peterson
Emily Salter
Martha Shannon
Julie Silverman
Tess Stender
Dianne Thorpe
Carolyn Vander Velden
Sid Voss
Emily Wallace Jackson
Steve Warner
Machel Whitmore
Jami Winter
Kacey Zaztoupil
IN APPRECIATION of Our Generous Donors | July 1, 2011 – June 30, 2012
$5000 – $9,999
i:SPACE Furniture Inc., Jennifer
& Joel Peterson
Diane & Mike McDonnell
Tankenoff Family Foundation,
Hindy & Scott Tankenoff
$1,000 – 4,999
Tim & Sue Anderson
Family Fund
Debra & James Arneson
Trisha & Dennis Bell
Best Buy Children’s Foundation
Best Buy Stores
Iris & Steven Borowsky
Jennifer & Douglas Brown
Coldwell Banker Burnet,
Dan Johnson
Dalco, Rod Dummer
Deb Davenport &
Stewart Stender
Linda Gardner
Jocelyn Bessette Gorlin &
Jed Gorlin MD
Mary Dee & George Hicks
Elizabeth & John Hinck
Jane & Patrick Jacobwith
Beth & Mark Jones
Debbie, Jed, Sophie, Sam &
Gigi Stillman
Lauren & Danny Kaplan
KNOCK inc.
Ann & Dave Koppe
Deborah & David Krekelberg
Sally & Ted Levens
Ling LaRoy Family Charitable
Fund, James LaRoy
Grace Malilay & Jim Chase
Mardie & Robert Marshall
Materials Processing Corp, Todd
Marilou & Eric Mintalar
Mosquito, Amy Arias &
Michael Pink
Caryl & Ernest Pierson
Preferred One, Paul Geiwitz
Nancy & Kevin Rhein
Joan & Rick Ahmann
Amy & Charles Roberts
Susan & David Robertson
Sue & Alan Sadowsky
Cathy & Randy Schwichtenberg
Linda & Richard Sedgwick
Martha & Dave Shannon
Mary & Steve Thompson
Beth & Greg Timm
Varde Partners
Wells Fargo Foundation
$500 – $999
Sharon & Scott Anderson
Best Buy
Blue Ridge Dental, Dr. Jim
Borton Volvo, Pat & Anne Sutter
Bremer Bank, Ronald Zweber
CBIZ Benefits & Insurance
Services, Tanya Karon
Duane Comport
Valerie & Dennis Dahlman
Cathy & Dale Feste
Michael Finn
FirstTech Computer,
Bob Goerne
Fresh Seasons, Dale &
Janet Riley
Gold Nugget Tavern & Grille
Judith Grytdahl
Ginger & Keith Guggenberger
Jelan & James Heidelberg
Laura & Harrison Hunter
Julie & Dan Johnson
Dottie Jung & Craig Hedberg
Molly Kinney Leonhardt &
Ron Leonhardt
Lake Minnetonka Orthodontics,
Steve Nelson
Kate & Ted Lang
Ann C. Lowry
Jennifer & Tom Matson
Sharon & Robert Mattison
Jeninne McGee
Suzanne Merideth &
James Bernard
Minneapolis Rag Stock
Company, Michael Finn
Elizabeth & Cameron Olig
Pam & Jonathan Passman
Kim & Mike Ries
Judie Schumacher &
Craig Fobes
Tori & Michael Showalter
Julie Silverman & Bard Borkon
Angela & William Sundell
Sid Voss
Nancy & Larry Wigley
Susan & Michael Wootten
Robert & Rhonda Zakheim
Ellen & Kristopher Ziegler
$250 - $499
Adams, Donna & Steven
ADonna & Steven Adams
Alliant Techsystems Operations LLC
Kate Amendt & Irv Hershkovitz
Karen & Reade Bailey
Jo & Ross Bartz
Nancy & Daniel Bauer
Gordon Baxter
Ellen & Bruno Bittner
Terri Bonoff & Matthew Knopf
Autumn & Brett Boos
Katy & Michael Bragg
Tracy & Greg Carson
Randy & Naomi Chinn
Connie & Michael Cohen
Ellen & David Cousins
Margaret & W Todd Crandell
Karen & Rod Dummer
Eisenhower PTO
Mary & Dave Elmeer
Judith & Jay Friedman
Laurie & Terry Goeman
Miriam & Michael Goodman
Carol Grabowski &
Joel Greenwald
Karlene & Donald Hutson
Ken Isaacson
Kris Newcomer
Liz & Andre L’Heureux
Nik Lightfoot
Linda & Terry Maag
Roberta Mancina & James Clay
Sandy & David Forster
Carolyn & David Olson
Beth Potter
Bonnie & James Roed
Dana & James Roth
Sheva & Tom Sanders
Amy & Charles Segelbaum
Mary & James Shirley
Jaye Snyder & Kenneth
Jennifer & Paul St Clair
Sonia & Ron Ungerman
Sandra & Jim Whisler
$100 – $249
Adobe Employee Payroll
Deduction Donations
Sara & Erik Ahlquist
Allina Health System
Leslie & Frank Altman
Anne & Adam Amato
Marilyn Anderson
Susan Anderson
Nancy Ballsrud & James Nelson
Laura & Tim Bates
Mindy & Steve Benton
Debbie & Mark Bergman
Neil Borenstein &
Susan Freeman
Susan & Tim Branson
Shea & Carey Brendalen
Patty Brennan
Erin & Eric Burggraff
Joan C. Bursack
Grace Butler & John Richard
Valdo & Deb Calvert
Kim Campbell
TakYuen Caouette
Julie & Barry Carlson
Karen & David Carlson
Brenda & Melvin Clark
Margaret Coppins
Sharon & Thomas Cowhey
Nancy Cudahy
Marcia & John Diracles
Tiphanie & Mark Dirnberger
Wendy Donovan
Jill & Jonathan Eisenberg
Robert Estrine
Greta Evans-Becker
Cynthia Evon-Anderson & Rick
Karen & Eric Feagler
Sheri Fine & Dale Engquist
First Minetonka City Bank,
Del Smith
Amy & Jack Fiterman
Linda & Charlie Flynn
Joan & William Gardner
Diane Gates
Tamara & Mark Gebhardt
Allison & Michael Gelfman
Kim & Clifford Greene
Barbara Grundman
Pamela Haiden & Edward
Judy & Bud Hamilton
Ellen & James Hancock
Eilat & Noam Harel
Virginia & Thomas Harn
Sally & Jerry Haugen
Lucy & Kip Heegaard
Julie & Jeffrey Ho
Ruth Hopperstad
Juliana & Randy Hughes
Kim & Roger Hunwardsen
Molly & Jason Jacobs
Sandy Jelm
Ann & Thomas Jenny
Iris Johnson
Tamra Jordahl
Marti & James Justus
Suzanne & Harvey Kaplan
Quinn & Daon Karpan
Andrea & Craig Komschlies
Saskia Korink Romani & Renato
Rosemary & George Kreutzer
Label Innovations LLC,
Jim Stinchfield
Mary LaBelle
Miket Elizabeth Laukka
Kristin Lee
Stephanie & Steven Leervig
Joyce & Robert Leibman
William Lipschultz
Nancy & Jeff Litvack
Kimberly & Daniel Makey
Liz & James Martin
Medtronic Foundation
Marie Menick
Mary & Tim Miley
Gerald Miller
Leah & Robert Moore
Cynthia & Michael Muzetras
Kris Newcomer
Elizabeth & David Nirenstein
Sarah Norsted Cohen &
Bob Cohen
Patricia & Thomas O’Reilly
Michele & Paul Pasko
Lindsay & David Polyak
Julie & Mike Pratt
Prudential Foundation
Matching Gifts Program
Susan & Kevin Pursey
Cathy & Robert Quarterman
Lisa Ragozzino & Mark Hadley
Curt Conrad
Mary Sanderlin
Cari & Daniel Sandstrom
Betsy Scheurer Anderson &
Jeffrey Anderson
Jane & John Schultz
Tamra & James Segal
Yvonne & Charles Selcer
Vickie & Chad Shaw
Melissa & Clayton Sherman
Kathy & Tom Skalitzky
Elizabeth Soderberg &
Andrew Chollar
Nancy Spangrud
Beth & James Specht
Pete Sperling
Jamie Stang & David Kusner
Lindsay & Michael Strand
Barbara Swaiman &
Mark Franklin
Kari & Kevin Swan
Susan & Dan Swanson
Chaya & Scott Swenson
Charity & Babak Tahmaseb
Gregory & Helga Thielen
Judson McNeil
Karen & Daniel Totall
Sara Turman
Joelle & Paul Valentini
Shelly & Alan Van Dellen
Marie & Robert Versen
Emily & David Wallace-Jackson
Erin & Jeff Warshaw
Lori & Doug Weissman
Catherine Welch &
Donald Giesting
Jane Welch & Dan Schowengerdt
James Wilson
Terry Wolfson
Jill & Brian Zimmer
Jackie & Steve Zimmerman
Up To $99
Anne Marie Aanden
Christopher & Ann Aanestad
Jen & Jeff Allen
Joseph Alley &
Casandra Anderson
Dana & Jon Anderson
Julie & John Anderson
Karen Anderson
Kari & Eric Anderson
Kathryn Anderson & Jim Fedje
Kelly & Scott Anderson
Kristin & John Anderson
Mary Anderson
Nancy Anderson
Deloitte United Way
Amy & Richard Ansel
Gail & William Aubecht
David & Stephanie Bank
Ron & Shari Barry
Deanna & Robert Bassett
Kelly & Vince Beggin
Carol Bergenstal
Marc Bjorklund
Roberta Stephen Bonfilio
Roberta & Barry Bonoff
Carol & Jim Bracke
Shari & Jerry Bremer
Laura & Mark Brill
Stanley Brown
Ann Brusseau &
Andrew Doeden
Cathy & Jon Buggy
Kim & John Burmeister
Mary & RickBurnton
Anne Campbell
Helen Kae Carlson
Sarah Chamberlain
Chai Vang Chang
Jane Christensen
Elizabeth Cleary
Cynthia & John Cochran
Kristen & Chad Collins
Lydia & Dan Crouser
Jody De St. Hubert
Rita & Michael Dewane
Pat & Mark Douma
Ann Drew Yu & Raymond Yu
Colleen & Timothy Evon
Robert Fan
Christine Fehst
Anne Finn
Amy & John Fischer
Alex Fisher
Julie & Steve Freie
Amy & Lee Friedman
Becky Fritz
Ann & Jerrold Gershone
Jane & Rick Giovannetti
Michael Glover
Warren Goodroad
The Graco Foundation
Nancy & Rick Greenfield
Dr. Shirley Gregoire
Marissa & Harrison Grodnick
Theresa & Brian Gubrud
Debra Hahn-Fisher
Kelly & Erik Halvorsen
Ale & Granville Harlow
Layne H. Harris-Rosen
Jessi & Jeffrey Heidelberg
Jane & Larry Heimerl
Marty & John Hesselroth
Robin & Charles Horowitz
THANK YOU for Your Support
Generous Donors
HEF Milestones
Through the Years
MARCH 1995
Hopkins Education
Foundation Established
First Grant Awarded to Life Labs
First Gala Event
MARCH 2006
$1 Million Total Grants Awarded
Elementary School Amplification
Smartboards Pilot
Expanded Auction
Fundraiser to Entire
District with
Online Auction
APRIL 2012
Tina & Garry Housker
April & Thomas Jackson
Louise & Don Jacobson
Betty Johnson
Butch Johnson, Music Barn
Craig R. Johnson
Patty Johnson
Laura & Rick Kakach
Kathleen Kaysinger
Christopher King
Cindy & David Kist
Deb & Bruce Kitt
Joseph Klein & Holly Pike
Genny Kofski
Joey Kristal
Thomas Kvale
Lani LaBelle & Peter Lavanger
Anne & Jeff Langaard
Cristin & Tim Larsen
Wendy Lazear
Kathryn & Theodore Lee
Audrey & Nick Leicher
Kate & Neil Lerner
Dana & Daniel Levinson
Gail Lewis-Miller
Vicki Luxton & Charles Burnett
Liz & Simon McAllister
Daniel & Melanie McGie
Katherine Meehan &
Emmett Carpel
Lynn Melcher
Rebecca & Jeff Melville
Jinjer & Mark Menge
Sandy Merry
Gina & Greg Meyer
Lynn & Steve Miller
Deanna Minnoch
Jennifer & Jeff Mischke
Paul Mohlin
Sharon Mohlin
Joyce & Andy Mundahl
Kathleen & Scott Nagel
Sue & Tim Nefzger
Scott Neiman
Becky & Mark Nelson
Marti & Tim Nelson
Ronald Nelson
Carol & David Nordli
Shauna & Ken Novak
Jean Nusbaum
Christine Ohotto
Lori & Robert O’Neil
Joyce & Martin Orbuch
Terri & Aaron Osland
Carol & Craig Paschke
Debbie & Andrew Pavelka
Laura Pederson
Jayme Pelerine
Gail Perelstein
Kellie & Ryan Perry
Jennifer & Joel Peterson
Katie Pierson & Jonathan Kahle
Mary Frances & Brain Price
Colleen & James Radtke
Melanie & Robert Randall
Jane Ranum
Jeremy Reichel
Jeannine & Blake Renslow
Katie & John Reuder
Randi & Rick Rexroth
Joel Rhode
Carolyn & Charles Ringhofer
Sheryl & Jay Rosenberg
Mary Kay & Tim Rummel
Richard & Laura Saliterman
Jennifer & Andy Saxon
Dorothy & John Scanlan
Kelly & Michael Schechter
Tully & Mark Schenkelberg
Gretchen Scherer-Luebke &
Jamin Luebke
Diane Schimelpfenig
Charles Schlegel
Judy Schlichting
Meg & Randy Schneider
Brenda & Todd Schwartzberg
Linda & Kent Schwitzer
Carol & Richard Seaberg
Leonard Segal
Lynda Seitz
Sheri Sell
Marlene Senechal &
Robert Moilanen
Ellen & Wilson Silva
Jennifer Skramstad
Allegra Smisek
Linnea Sodergren
Michelle Solomon
Robert St. Clair
Karen Steinert
Sharron & Oren Steinfeldt
Muriel Sterne
Elizabeth & Ross Stettner
Susan & Scott Stillman
Anna & Steve Stoesz
Jack (John) Stroessner
Sunrise Ridge, Wendy
Barbara & Richard Swanson
Elizabeth Swedberg
Kim & Scott Teplinsky
Lorraine Teslow
Elizabeth Thompson
Kimberley & Randall Thompson
Diane & Tim Thorpe
Thrivent Financial for Lutherans
Kathy Toenjes
Joey Townsend
Sher Unruh-Friesen
Ann & Richard Van Sickle
Sandra & Mark Vanden Einde
Anne & Tad Vander Vorste
Paula & Jason Varin
Linda Wareham
Patrice & Jeff Wehner
Barbara & Daniel Westmoreland
John Wetter
John Wetzel
Debra Whalen & Thomas Hansen
Jeffrey & Machel Whitmore
Molly Wieland
Kathleen Williams
Victoria & John Wilson
Jami & William Winter
Deborah & Brent Wolfe
Julie & Paul Woolfrey
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Andrea & Howard Yesnes
Daniel & Linda Yesnes
Cheryl & Jacques Youakim
Kathy & Howard Zack
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