May 2013 - Mohawk Hudson Humane Society



May 2013 - Mohawk Hudson Humane Society
3 Oakland Avenue, Menands, NY 12204
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When a black and white kitty was brought to
Mohawk Hudson Humane Society (MHHS) by a
good Samaritan, he was terribly frightened and
obviously in pain. Our staff immediately rushed
him to our veterinarian, who determined that
the little stray had probably been hit by a car
and his leg was fractured in several places.
He was promptly made comfortable with pain
medication. Our veterinarian determined that
the leg would have to be amputated.
After removal of his leg, he went to foster
care, where he was named Chevy. He spent
three weeks in the home of one of our most
experienced foster parents. Chevy quickly
learned to get around on three legs, not only
walking, but running around the house. Once
he got more comfortable, his true nature as a
cuddler came out.
Now in his new home,
Chevy is doing great. He
stays inside and cuddles up
to his new family, thanks
to our veterinary staff and
our supporters who made it
all possible.
2012 Highlights
In 2012, Mohawk Hudson Humane Society:
• Celebrated our 125th year
• Was presented with the 2012 Nonprofit
Organization of the Year Award by the Tech
Valley Nonprofit Business Council (a council
of the Albany-Colonie and Schenectady
Chambers of Commerce)
• Found new homes for 4,175 animals
• Seized over 200 animals during animal
cruelty investigations
• Spayed or neutered 821 cats and 336 dogs
belonging to low-income owners
• Trapped, neutered and returned
113 free-roaming cats
• Held New York State’s first County Animal
Response Team (CART) live disaster
response exercise
• Added a third satellite adoption center at Petco
in Clifton Park
• Cared for 1,126 animals in volunteer foster
homes (976 cats, 143 dogs, 6 rabbits and 1 ferret)
During 2012, the Empties for Animals program
raised $96,579.26, which means volunteers sorted
1,207,240 redeemable containers.
In total, our volunteers gave 32,630 hours
of their time in 2012. Thank you!
3 Oakland Avenue
Menands, NY 12204-2718
Monday-Friday 10am-6pm
Saturday 10am-5pm
Sunday 1-4pm
518.434.8128 (p)
518.434.0217 (f)
Board of Directors
Laura Anglin, President
Jason Doling, Vice President
Miguel Berger, Secretary
Jeremiah Kahil, Treasurer
Jake Dumesnil
Carrie Hillenbrandt
Bette Lee Foley-Flynn
Jeffrey Koester
Cynthia LaFave
Todd Monahan
Susan Vernooy
Nicholas Waer
Joyce Weiler
Honorary Board Member
Jeffrey Bulger
Brad Shear, Executive Director
Tina S. Murray, Director of Operations
Nancy Laribee, Director of
Marketing & Development
Tanya Clark, Business Manager
Nancy Haynes, Animal Welfare Manager
Jason Hayes, Volunteer Manager
Newsletter Editor
Pamela Pociluk
Contributing Writers
Nancy Haynes
Nancy Laribee
From the
I often hear from people that
they are frustrated about how often
we see stories of animal cruelty and
nothing happens to the offender or
he/she is never found. Recently, we
had a different kind of outcome for
one of the worst cases in our region’s
Executive Director Brad Shear
history. The story started with three
and Bastian, his cat
puppies abused and abandoned on
railroad tracks in Albany. One puppy
would die soon after arriving at MHHS, but the other two would thrive and
become known as the “Railroad Puppies.”
We told you the Railroad Puppies’ story in a previous edition of Capital
Pet, but that’s not where it ended. In this case, someone was caught and
charged not only with crimes related to the puppies, but also their parents.
Soon after being arrested the first time, the same person was arrested
again for keeping four adult dogs in a U-Haul truck in below-freezing
temperatures. Two of the dogs turned out to be the parents of the Railroad
Puppies. One of the dogs gave birth to puppies soon after her arrival.
It’s easy to figure out that the man who bred these puppies, abandoned
them and left their parents to die in a freezing cold truck is a bad guy,
but there’s another story to tell. That story is about the community that
came together to stop him. For this person to be caught and prosecuted,
we needed two police agencies to assign investigators to their cases, a
District Attorney’s office to designate a special prosecutor who works on
all of Albany’s animal cruelty cases, veterinarians who will help heal these
animals, and a community that supports MHHS where all of the abused
animals came to recover and find new homes.
All of these agencies have many responsibilities and challenges to face.
It is because we have a community advocating for animals and for our
MHHS that they all come together to focus on defenseless animals. We
have been playing a leading role in educating local law enforcement about
animal cruelty laws and have been partnering with the District Attorney’s
office to make sure that anywhere animal cruelty occurs, those crimes can
be prosecuted.
At a state level, we have been educating legislators about problems with
animal protection, in terms of both the cruelty laws and regulation of largescale puppy mills. We are starting to see progress, but we still have a long
way to go. We get the attention of legislators and local officials because
they can see that when someone commits acts of cruelty, concerned
members of our community speak up and will not tolerate these crimes
going unpunished.
I ask that you continue speaking up for animals. With your support, we
will continue to do the same.
Shiloh Healed
The day after Christmas was a lucky one for Shiloh.
She appears to have spent Christmas Day wandering
the streets of Albany, but on the 26th, she would be
brought to MHHS. It was immediately apparent she’d
had a tough time on the streets: Shiloh had two long
wounds running up the right side of her body.
Our veterinarian examined her and said it looked
like she had been burned, possibly while trying to keep
warm on a car engine or exhaust. We all know burns
can be extremely painful, but Shiloh was sweet and
friendly. Our staff treated her wounds and made her
comfortable, but it looked like she would always bear
the large scars of her difficult journey on the streets —
until Dr. Tara Estra from Canterbury Animal Hospital
came along.
Dr. Estra had recently acquired the latest in laser
therapy equipment. While Dr. Estra had obtained the
device primarily to treat her clients suffering from
arthritis and other inflammatory conditions, the laser is
also a great way to heal wounds like the burns Shiloh
experienced. We thought Shiloh would always have
long scars along her side, but after a few laser
treatments by Dr. Estra and a little healing time in
a foster home, you couldn’t tell Shiloh had endured
such trauma.
Shiloh is now in a great new home where she’ll
stay safe and indoors, and get the attention she so
richly deserves.
Going Green?
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please send an email request to
[email protected]
June 8th
9am – 1pm
at Siena College
t o r egist er visit
Annual Donor Report 2012
The Society is grateful for the steadfast support of
many thousands of donors each year, all of whom
allow MHHS to maintain its position as the Capital
Region’s leader in animal sheltering and adoption,
humane education, advocacy and collaborative
programming. We look forward to continuing our
partnership with the community. With your help,
we will continue to fulfill our mission of improving
the lives of homeless and abused animals through
sheltering, adoption, education and advocacy,
and the prevention of animal cruelty. Our Board
of Directors, staff and volunteers — and the
animals we care for — thank you for your past
and continued support.
Jason Doling & John DeCelle
Dean & Suzanne Evans
Joel & Nancy Kaplan
Bruce & Jackie Klein
John Orberg
Linda Taylor & Bruce Raver
Anonymous (3)
Kerry DeWitt
Greg Goldstein
Lawrence Jones
Jeanne Kehoe
Samantha Morris
Bryan Naismith
Eleanor Nasner &
Margaret Holbritter
Laura Anglin
Mark Attmore
Charles & Patricia Baron
Gayle Beattie
Miguel Berger
Anne Blumberg
Charles & Anne Bohl
Barbara & Ed Brown
Derek Bruening
Hetty Jo Brumbach &
Robert Jarvenpa
Margaret Buckley
Jeffrey Bulger
Helen Campbell
Mithun Chittajallu
Patricia Christensen
Rae Clark
Amelia Cosso
Karen Diener
Judy Disco & Barbara Goldstein
Maria Dos Santos, Steven
Massaroni & Candida Dos
Paul Fellenbaum, MD
Derek & Nicole Giuliano
Judith Gladstone
Michael Glover
June Greagan
Frances Gunderson
Hugh Hammett &
Dan Christopher
Arianna & Gordon Hirschman
Richard & Ann Jacobs
Mariesa Jozwiak
Jeremiah & Dora Kahil
Richard Kaufman
Adam Knaust
Frank Kovacs
Eileen Lanni
Joanne Lanni
Lynn Lohman
Robert & Pat Luther
James Maas
B. J. Mangold
Al & Jhane Marello
Cathy Marvin
Elizabeth McLaren
Barbara McNamee
Ann & James McPherson
Rev. John Medwid
Janet Mulvaney
Edison Nunez, Jr.
Barbara Peverly
Ronald Richardson
Jeffrey Riker, DC
Jane Rooney
Regina Salerno & Linda Coldwell
Diane Scala & Ron Johansson
Lorayne Seibert
Niki Shapiro
Brad & Lessa Shear
Hannah & David Shear
Joseph Smith
Carolyn Trombe-Hains &
Brian Hains
Elizabeth Van Nest
Art & Sandra Venne
Susan Vernooy
Edward & Sharon Virag
Nick Waer & Andrea Dzierwa
Olga Winsor
Aleda Wright
Jessica Ali
Dianne Ammerman
Carol Arnold
Joseph Avarello
Madeline Baestlein
Victoria Balkoski
Carol & Gary Barrell
Patrick & Kathleen Battuello
Barbara Beauchamp
Leah Beeble
Patricia Beeler
Rebecca Benson & Brad Winslow
William Bonacker
Mary Jayne Bova
Michelle Brown & Kimberly
Carol Bryce
Timothy Budka
Jane & Paul Burgdorf
Teresa Burns Parkhurst
Robert Callahan
Genevieve Callanan
Patricia & Michael Carey
Tony Carnicelli
Sheila Carr
Yvonne Castle
Sorrell & Lorraine Chesin
Jessie Cogswell
Pamela & Robert Colligan
Judith Condo & Robert Harris
Christy Ann Coppola &
Richard Germano
G. Ronald & Sandra Courington
Shirley Cowan
L. Michael Davis
Scott & Shirley Davis
Karen DeBenedetto
Kathy DeFruscio
William Denny
Lindsey & Ken Deon
Teresa Dixson
Donna Done
Marion Doody
John & Connie Ebersole
Jennifer Elliott & Diane Peverly
Howard & Waynette Engel
Constance Feldt-Golden
Lorraine Ferguson
Robert Filson
John Fitzpatrick
Keith Flach
Michael Foley
Michele Forte
Stephen & Fran Franke
Susan Giesselmann
Colleen Gilchrist
Joan Godzik
Stefanie Goldstein Teliska
Donna Gordon
Vito & Susan Grasso
Floyd Halwick & Barbara Cook
Jenifer Heath
Bruce & Lisa Herchenroder
Mary Hession
Dawn Hettrick
Carrie & John Hillenbrandt
Albert Howard
David Howe
Matt Howenstein
Christine & Jack Hyatt
Corey Jamison - KJCG
Ellen Jennings
James Johnson
Gail & George Jorgensen
John & Wilma Jozwiak
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James Kellerhouse &
Thomas Mackey
Sarah & Douglas Kelly
Susan Knapp
Diane Knight
Jane & David Knight
Kathleen Konyn & David Purcell
Mary Beth & Steven Labate
Cynthia LaFave
Jeannie Langdon
Sally Lawrence
Barbara Lewis
Marc Lifset
Richard & Leonora Lindstrom
Nancy & Stephen Linehan
Stephanie Lloyd
Wendell Lorang & Sherry Gold
Risa Lovitz
Elvina MacMillen
Sarah Madaio, DVM
Sandy Malloy & Steven Harris
Elisa Martin
Norman & Micki Massry
Woodrow Maxwell
Marge May
Kimberly Mayhan
Julie Maynes
Mary Joyce McGinnis, MD
Clare & David McNally
Sergio & Lynne Menendez
Marney & John Mesch
Stephanie Miller
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The Mohawk Hudson Humane Society is pleased to recognize
donors who contributed $250 or more during 2012.
Joan Chmielewski
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Jennifer Cloherty
Sandra Cluett
James & Victoria Conde
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Hon. Richard Conti
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Miller Animal Hospital
Petco Foundation
Powmat Ltd.
Price Chopper’s Golub
Rotary Club of Albany
Siemens Industry
Stanton Health
State Farm Companies
Foundation Matching Gifts
Tectonic Engineering &
Surveying Consultants
Upstate Veterinary Specialties
Veterinary Pet Insurance Co.
WTEN/Young Broadcasting
of Albany
Xerox Community
Involvement Program
5280 Solutions
Albany Obedience Club
Anderson Group
The Animal Hospital
B’yond Style Hair Studio
Bright Horizons Foundation
for Children
Building 8 & 12 Cafeteria,
New York State Campus
Bull in a Collar Shop
Casey Family Fund
Colby Attorneys Service Co.
Colonie Animal Hospital Patrons
Evoke Style
First Ideas Corp.
The Gazette
Healthcare Association of New
York State Employees
Hoffman Enterprises
Holistic Veterinary Center
Lydall Thermal/Acoustical
Matthew Bender Friends
Menands Fire Company
Ladies Auxiliary
Mohawk Honda
NYS Correctional Officers &
Police Benevolent Association
NYS Dept. of Labor P&T
NYS DMV Information
Techology Unit
NYS Lottery Co-workers
Operation Snip
Pioneer Savings Bank
Poestenkill Seniors
Price Chopper #138
Redeemables Fundraisers
Pulmonary & Critical Care
R. Rimualdo Enterprises
Rensselaer County Bar
Rose & Kiernan
Rowlands & LeBrou
Saratoga Academy Arts &
Starlight Foundation
Tech Valley Communications
Troy Post Office
Warren W. Fane, Inc.
Wells Fargo Advisors
Wolff’s Biergarten & Wurst Haus
Tributes listed here were processed 12/1/12 – 2/14/13.
Shirley Ondriska
South Colonie Bus Garage
Watkins Spring Co., Inc.
Pamela Weis
Lynn Wertman
Blondie, Maxie & Willo
Pat Maguire
Margaret Boyle Schad
Bruce & Donna Neal
Brandy’s Angel
George Keyser
Linda Taylor & Bruce Raver
Patrick Breslin
Nancy Chyko
Jill Losi
Melissa Scatko
Hattie Brody
Alyson Brody
Katy Brown Romeo
Carol & Jeff Romeo
Helen Brown
George Keyser
Richard Brown
Nancy Knickerbocker
Michael Newman
Carol Trager & Bill Hoeprich
Lynne Acker
Christine Roman
Sophie Bryett
Lynn Reickert
Marie Fortin
Robert Bulger
Eveline Ward-Sells
Buppie & Harley Landspurg
JoAnn & Randy Landspurg
Buster, Benji & Alex
Helene Kruse
Mark & Linda Fremgen
Jack Cahill
Betsy Valoret
Matthew Canfield
Mary Delory
Phil Carabateas
John Grego
Lia Catalano
Ischia Crawford
Chago, Palma & Mr. Bones
Joanne Nunziato
Jennifer Pearce
Roseann Wakulenko
Kathy & Duncan Tarentino
Frances Gunderson
C. J. Ciaccio
Rose & John Ciaccio
Stephen Dybas
James Brad Coffey
Mary Ann Bopp
Samson Constable
Nancy Townsend
Moose Cranston
Laura DeGaetano
Barbara Hrachian
Daniel DeChiro
Anthony DeChiro
Philip DePasquale
Marguerite Bibbins
Star Dederick
Mary K. Weeks
Mary VonHof-Martin &
Trent Martin
Philip Rosenberg & Meredith
Mari Shopsis & Kerri Aman
Marlene Denny
Burke & Casserly PC
Theresa Files
Pamela Muller
Barbara Reichert
W. Rodney Thomas
Women’s Health Center at
Laura Devaren
Paul Devaren
Timothy DiBell
Mary Kay Sutherland
Brian Donohue
Norman, Arlene & Douglas
Dottie Denham
David Orton
Sir Tiger Duffy
Ileen & Daniel Duffy
Barbara & Charles Eaton
Marcia Eaton
Dale Moore
Betty & Art Emery
Deborah Emery Johnson
D. Kirk & Kathleen Morgan
Grace Ercolino
Diane Bielas
Martha Essegian
Brian & Jody Carlson
Curves Johnstown Friends
Judianne Drebitko
Nancy End
Robert Essegian
Chris, Jane, Marilyn & Pat
Kathleen & Arnold Henry
Lisa & Allen Hibner
Due to space constraints, only tribute gifts of $25 or higher are listed in our print newsletters.
Tributes of all amounts are listed on our website,
Hi-Way Women’s Bowling League
John & Kelly Hostettler
Tom & Gretchen Jewell
Dennis & Dawn Lajeunesse
Lansingburgh High School
Neil & Linda LeFevre
Emilio & Priscilla Muscolino
Stephen & Ulana Owens
Thomas Reardon
Katie & Bob Santomartino
James Facteau
Cynthia Christie & James Peeke
NYS Retirement Center
Betty Fernandez
Ichabod Crane Middle/
Elementary School Sunshine
William & Cynthia Musso
Shirley & Roy Stevens
Wojeski & Company CPAs
Marge Fiato
Rich & Mary Marriner
Marie Toohey
Pauline Filmer
Christina Agans
Georgiana Edwards
Katherine Hess
New York Business Development
NYS Board of Parole Counsel’s
Geraldine Rock
Helen Fisher
Cyndi & Rick McLaughlin
Susan Thompson
Flan Sabenicio
Jay Borok
Kristine Sabenicio
Dottie Piroha
Fluff & Tony
Carol Davis
Shane Folmsbee
Thomas & Anita Murray
Jennifer Fox
Elaine Brockman
Betty Thacher
C. W. Kelleher
Michael Garceau
Earl Bailie
John Gaynor
Susan & George Burns
NYS Dept. of Labor Friends &
Arlene Geddes Moody
Kiva Cropsey
Mary O’Connell
Jennifer Olsen
Elizabeth Treffiletti
Peggy Gelato
Deborah & Bob Carpenter
Louise Quattrochi
George Morey
Jim & Cheryl Morey
Ginger, Kane & Simba
Dan Ireland
Arthur Gleason
Loyal Order of Moose Canajoharie
Lodge 853
Niskayuna High School
Dean Perry
Adam Godzik, III
Joan Godzik
Goldie, Romeo, Edgar, Oscar &
Bryan & Kathy Bilfield
Bertram Goodermote
William & Sandra Kennedy
Gracie & Sadie
Eileen Ceccucci
Jean Gray
Hatsy Taylor
Sheila DeMola
Linda Harrison
Dolores Gruenewald
Kurt & Kim Gruenewald
Richard Haggerty
Eileen Germain
IBEW Local Union #236
Georgia Young
Clef Haley
MaryK Weeks
Paul & Jean Finnegan
Brian Bennett
Karen Diener
Kimberly Harling
Maureen Cellery
Philip Hastings
Marc Silverman
Walter Hauth
Gertrude McCarthy & Family
Michelle Bruck
Jean Herold
Alyssa Zelkowitz
Genevieve Hicks
Kathleen Bartley
Kimberly Bonneau
Philomena Taddeo
John Walsh
Susan Bartle and Mike, Tim &
Abby Perrin
Wayne Hoffman
Michelle Hoffman
Susan Holdridge
David Fruchter
Patricia Hollister
Janice A. Potter
Thunder Road Seniors
Fran Holmes
Stratton VA Hospital Co-workers
Winston Hyde
Pamela Lopez
Carol Prashaw
Diana Easlick
John Coffey
Jaime, Happy & Maggie
Catherine Colasurdo
Justine Dalton
Brian Oneill
Chris & Julie Godfrey
Michael Jones
William & Geraldine Carlucci
O’Connell & Aronowitz
James Poole
Michael & Susan Poole
Judy Rosenberger
Scooter Pie Jones
John & Lisa Ferguson
Mary Joy
James Joy, MD
Judy & Roy Fruiterman
Kathleen Kaiser
Joanne & Merlin Wagner
John “Jack” Kane
Pete & Mame Brahm
Crowley Family
North Albany Limericks
Jill Losi
Mary Nardolillo
Kecia’s Scruffy
George Keyser
Gatewood & Robert Kerr
John Keleher
Geraldine & Emilios Kyriakides
John Kelly
Surpass Chemical Co., Inc.
John Kenific
Doreen Howe
Kathryn & Tim Kosto
Ken Kimball
Jennifer Keevern
Catherine Kirk
Peter & Terry Appell
Jean Hoffman
Richard & Christine Pufpaff
Anne Sheffer
Ellen Brickman
Robert & Carol Hargis
William Klein
Janice Cook
Tai-Boy Krokenberger
Jean Krokenberger
Chicko La Forte-Kearney
Cynthia Kaiser
Macy Lane
Beth & Neal Lane
Eileen Langley
Lee Helsby & DJ Roche
R.O.U.S.E. Friends
Joseph Lee
Michelle Sadowski
Irving Levine
Frances Goldberg
Li Ming
David & Sharon McCurdy
Ron Graef & JoAnne Torre-Graef
Peter Loomis
Joseph Bouck
Nora Owens
Laura Kramer
Binks MacFadyen
Jim & Ann Marie Kahler
Mackey Family
Jane Mahar
Madeline, Willow & Lit’l Cat
Lisa Kindt
Jeanne Mahan
New York State Bar Association
Mandy, Spud & Sandy
Bernard Bielawa
Stephen Werthner
Richard Markes
Lisa Bartlett
Betty Ferris
Patricia Green
Cynthia Jones
Kathleen Ogborn
Janice A. Potter
Paula McFeeters
Nancy & Carl Brenn
Jodi Caruso
Margaret Fisk
Lynda & Edward Legnard
David & Judith Naske
Owen McGehee
Office of Cultural Leaders Group
Judith McManus
Allison Smith & Tom McManus
Honey Meyer
Karla Knuth
Michael Williams
Debra Flagler
Midnight, Meisha & Oreo
Nancie Grenier
Barbara & Roman Swyst
Frank Miller
Natalie Weinstein
Milton Miller
Dennis Vautrin
Joyce & Stephen Zayachek
Frank & Joan Waters
Kathy & Duncan Tarentino
Mandy Moeller
Laura Iannelli
Janet Mohlenhoff
Paul & Laura Malkonian
Karen Monahan
Penny & George Ceresia
Frank & Donna Durivage
Joseph Monahan
Gail Ann Nizinkirck
Lois Williams
Arlene Moody
Diane Bertrand
Sheila & David Kiehle
Wayne & Theresa Wright
Philip Morgan
D. Kirk & Kathleen Morgan
Phyllis H. Morgan
Dusty Moss
Regina Jakubec
Thomas Munhall
Richard & Mary Moneymaker
NYS Workers’ Compensation
John Munkwitz
Mary Jo Cosco
Murph, Theo, Bear & Tyler
Kathleen Campbell
Evelyn Hoffman
Mutant Toed & Kermit
Francis & Mary Reed
Friggy Newton
Linda Lamouree
Tamara Johnson
Joseph Hall, Jr.
Mozart Nock
Susan & Jim McGarry
Louise Nunez
Edison Nunez, Jr.
Mary O’Keefe
Barbara Leonard
Nancy Worden
Julia Orecki
Kenneth Lanoue
Oreo & Chips Ahoy
Jennifer Keevern
Ann Panting
Teresa Dixson
NYS Emergency Management
Peter & Karen Polukort
Lee Burns
Pauline Filmer
Candace DeLalla
Louise Quattrochi
Peanut & Abby
Amy Mignacci
Pebbles, Will Corgi & Spike Corgi
Kathleen Fomuk
Regina & Rick Saulsbery
Yvonne Castle
Patricia Smith
Paul Ladouceur
Carol Petruskevich
Bill & Phyllis Gibbons
Eleanor Guzy
Bob Phillips
Werner & Linda Zwicklbauer
James Piche
Joseph Adamkiewicz
Ralph Pinto
Irwin & Charlotte Applegate
Connie Cheeseman
Mary Corvino
Mary Devane
Carol, Ed & Lily Drew
Richard Feldman
Palma & Egidio Fiacco
Joan George, Patricia Clark &
Diane Koch
Florence Gorton
Eileen Judd
R. Kostek, M.A. Beberwyk, R.
T. Chenot, N. Fiacco & F.
Paul & Anna McGinness
Patricia Montgomery
Margaret Murphy & Carol
Robert & Connie Pallozzi
Joseph & Carol Pennisi
Judith Pin to
Betty Powell
Marcia Rose
Dr. Mary Smith
Priscilla Taite
Rosemary Vogt
Linda Pluckrose
Anthony Karwiel
Virginia Pociluk
Cynthia Bennett
Georgette & Bob Koenig
Nancy Laribee
Robert & Pamela Pociluk
Susan Schwartz
Joan Prefore
Dawn Germano
Diane Seaburg
Paul Devaren
Margaret Cairo
Richard Brody
Stacey Bridge
Ralph & Alice
Albert & Joan de Paz
Jean Rea
Renee Reid
Juliet Turner
Lauren & Jason LaFlam
Eleanore Rinfert
Josephine Garvey
James & Debra Murley
Edith Duncan
Albert Roeder
Sarah Maida
Richard Rogers, Jr.
David Fake
Dorothy Gall
Jean & Dave Kaercher
John & Brenda Sportman
James & Mary Rollins
Paul Rollins & Michael
Frank Romano
Susan & Jim McGarry
Rose & Buddy
Cathy Pettigrew
Michael Rose
Stephen & Darlene Tanski
Geraldine Damore
Dr. Lynda Hohmann
Alma Russell
James & Pat Mangan
Janet Sanders
Kenneth & Jeanne Koebel
Neysa Sabatino
Edward Belawski
Greg & Shannon Briscoe
Florence Camps
Marci McKenna
Thomas & Barbara Rider
Sam & Shiro
Christine Connell
Ann Spratt
Jolan Gagnon
Lynn Bessette
Sandy Hook Victims
Susan Friday
Albert Saval
Mark & Sherrie Shuket
Margaret Schad
Joanne Murphy
Christopher Schloss
Julie Maynes
Rudy & Helen Schneider
Sheila Carr
Carol Davis
Sheila & Ken Gralow
Margaret Harrington
Hendrick Hudson Fish & Game
Robert & Lisa Lewis
Kristine Newman
Alice Terwillegar
Tom & Fran Weir
Arthur Searles
Hubbard Family
Gloria Searles
Robert & Donna Searles
Tom Walkinshaw
Patricia Smith
Natalie Shavel
Erin Waterson
Mabel Collins
Jupiter Simpson
Brad Wagner
Toggles Sisson
Maggiore Family
Leila Smith
Paula LaFleur
Thomas Smith
William Craig
Barbara Roeder
Stilsing Electric, Inc.
Donna & Michael Cramer
Steven Rider
Patches & Abigail Sodano
Celeste Sodano
Sophie, Ande, Edna, Rudy, Penny
& Howie
Gina Giuliano
Timi Jenkins
Norman Speevak
Frances Goldberg
Michael Gatzendorfer
Nicholas Gatzendorfer
Caroline St. Onge
Vivian & James Tortorici
Richard Stangle
Cliff & Susan Karchesky
Marie Lang
Selkirk Fire Company No. 3
Stink P.
Diane O’Connor-Easton
Phyllis Stone
Exxon Mobil Annuitants Club
Alice Sturcke
Georgie Arno
Shirley Kane
Marcia Swartz
Tom & Cathy Mosher
Dianne Ammerman
C. Eleanor Tanner
Don & Frances Brown
Randi Bult
David King
Wendell Lorang & Sherry Gold
Mark Riley
Michael & Melissa Ryan
Carol Rychcik
Judith Tate
Lauren Tanski
Donna Choiniere
Marney & John Mesch
Diane Spencer
Richard Teague
Barbara Novak
Teddy & Misty
Brenda Martiniano
Tyler Thompson
Christine Thompson
Paul & Jean Finnegan
Barbara Nikiforov
Paul Buckley
Dominick Tocci
Jennifer O’Neil
Joseph Trinchillo &
Scooter Pie Jones
Dennis Coleman
Jean Lasek
Chick LedDuke
Tadeusz Pilch
Nadia Trinkala
Stephanie Lloyd
Tucker & Hudson
Anne Zugalla
Anthony “Chip” Valetta
Christine Cannon
Capital District Chapter Reserve
Officers Association
Susan DeCrescente
Robert & Micheline Glessner
Jim & Sandy Hayes
Jennifer Hink
Abbie Jackson
Dennis & Alana Lucia
Bob & Sue Manny
William Millette
Jane Perkinson
William & Kathleen Picarillo
Kathleen Sano
Eileen Wroczynski
Jeffrey Wagner
Rick & Steph Brumley
Helene Drouin
Olive Weber
Julie Griffin
Kathleen Guarino
Tom Haney
Yvonne Welch
Joan Brown
Jim & Melissa Elacqua
Judith & Joan Greenwood
Kelly Hickey
Robert Ketchum
Marilyn Locci
Carolyn & Dave McCarthy
Rose & Ray Peterson
Walter & Ruth Petrie
Mary Redmond
Kathi & Robert Stanley
Robert & MaryAnn Van Gorder
Robert Whalen, MD
Anna Whalen
Marion Whitcomb Shoup
Michael & Mary Ann Moroskey
Roswitha Schwartz
Ronald Wickham
Gail Wickham
Mary Anne Richmond
Pam & Hal Williams
Nancy Wise
Joanne Wise
Margaret Wilson
Donna Dolan
Elizabeth Yates
Karen Cozzy
Edward & Maria Miles
Your pet
Daniel Langer
Mark Normandin
Edmund Zenzen
Christine Ozack
Zoe and all the other animals that
made my life better
Linda Passaretti
In Honor Of . . .
ACPHS Information
Technology Dept.
Pamela Lansing
Christina Kelly
Albany Pine Bush Preserve
Commission Staff
Erin Kinal
All rescue dogs
Robert Adams
Barb & Fran Angelotti
Kelly Iacobucci
Rosemary Fertal
Lynn Aronowitz
Iona Megas
Charlene Van Zetta
Arthur & Nike
Mary Convertino
Bailey & Stinky
Linda Lamouree
Bailey, Ally & Slinky
Cheri Newton
Rachel Baum
Richard Pfielsticker
Thomas Homovich
Kris Bennett
Lorraine & Joseph Mara
Kathleen Betjemann & Laura
Susan Betjemann
Alicja Bialasiewicz
Alain & Janet Perregaux
Gary & Brandi Blanchard
Vicki Messick
Tributes listed here were processed 12/1/12 – 2/14/13.
Mackenzie Bornt
M. Susan Watson
Jeannine Bovard
Jill Owens
Steve Brown
Sandra O’Connor
Jane Burgdorf
Patrick & Michelle Brown
Paul Burgdorf
Lee Stanton
Sue Bye
Find Your Dreams, Inc.
Deborah Carpenter
Eileen Williams
Bill Casey
Judith Cornell
Cara Cashman
David Cashman
Ashley & Michael Castellana
Barbara Hess
James Catlin
Nur Atalay
Darren & Tami Celso
Marilyn Morris
Dennis & Kathy Chamberlin
Denise & Joe Shell
Elisa Martin
Claire & Mr. Jones
Judy Carlson
Peter Collins, DDS
Peter H. Collins, DDS Office Staff
Tyler Feane & Robin Wheeler
Peggy Corrigan & Helen Wright
Karen Campbell
Tom & Teresa Daly
Ann Marie Myers
Sheillagh Dare
Donna Reed Austin
Karen DePeyster
Matt Flanagan
Linda Delmerico
Lorraine & Joseph Mara
Erin Dolan
MaryBeth Rossier
Dozer, Gomez & Frank
William Hamilton
Marc & Jessica Iorio
Cherrie & Andy Edwards
Lynda Mosen
Sylvia & Rosie Ellis
Susan Hallenbeck
Family Birthday
Frances Goldberg
Susan Ferber
Arvilla Cline
Joseph Fisher
Lorraine & Joseph Mara
David & Rosaleen Fisk
Jen & Joe Jaskolka
Jennifer Ford
Jeff Freeman
Amanda & Skip Frazee
Anne Sheffer
Jenny Furney
David Simonian
Sophia Gaffney
Sandra Ray
Frank Gallucci
Anna Brady
Phil Gara & Family
Gary Wrobel
Vicky & Pat Gargan
Ellisa & Edward Weber
Mary Geisel
Sarah Engler
Urbano & Alice Gonzalez
Ellisa & Edward Weber
Reagan Goodall
Donna Goodall
Gretchen Goodall
Charlotte Woodard
Jacob Gordon
C. T. Male Associates
Heather Gorman
C. L. King & Associates
Suzy Gray
Find Your Dreams, Inc.
John Grego
James & Ann VanDervort
Regina Grego
Arianna & Gordon Hirschman
Jackie Gregory
Victoria Gregory
Helen Gustafson
John Moore
George Collins
Harmony Veterinary Hospital and
Stephanie Todd, DVM
Jean Briggs
Nancy Haynes
Sharon Ansell
Chris & Amy Hoag
Vicki Messick
John & Bonnie Hoag
Vicki Messick
Felix & Susan Wu
Thea Hoeth
Vicky Cook
Kelly Hoyt
John Debes
David Hoyt
Charlotte Hutchins
Meredith Cabe
Kelly Iacbucci
Barbara Angellotti
Linda Harrison
Jennifer, Shawn, Mat, Timmy,
Tommy, Sean & Abby
Terri Wyman
Ms. Jozwiak & Mrs. Kaplan
4th Grade Class
Mariesa Jozwiak
Andrea Kaplan
Michelle Kapusta
Richard Pfielsticker
Linda Harrison
Kyle Kendall
Daniel & Diane Kendall
Shannon & Kris Kinnear
Patricia Santillo
Joni Ryan
Susan Kurp
C. L. King & Associates
LL, MM & Friends
Linda Harrison
Jah-heem Lawitz
Alan Lawitz
Karen Christopher
Linda Little
Ken Ruud
Tom Lomma
Robert & Susan Watson
Leda Loux
Alice Loux
John & Peg Luker
Patrick Luker
Dr. Lyons
Susan Connors
Christina Madden
Luanne McCarthy
Judith Mangino
C. L. King & Associates
Liz Marini
Christopher Marini
Bertha Marinucci & Sam
Michael Marinucci
Donna McFeeters
Steven & Skylar Rae Marotta
C. L. King & Associates
Mike & Michelle Massaro
Ben & Staci Massaro
Shawn & Jen Mealey
Vicki Messick
Sergio Menendez
Computer Sciences Corporation
- PCO Dept.
Nicole Merrill
Alicia Peek
George Moore
Lorraine LaFerriere
Sade Moore
Geneiva Moore
Rick Moyer
Christopher Moyer
Ann Marie Myers
Aileen McGrath
Nowak Family
Jake Notarino
Cynthia & Michael Dawkins
Peglegged Pete
Wendy Christiano
Alexis Plavocos & Nick Mario
Melissa Turner
Bill & Ruth Price
Christina Owens & Lady Judy
Carol Provost
Carrie Genaway
Railroad Puppies
Hetty Jo Brumbach & Robert
Michele Tierney
Donna Ranalli
Dave Dodge
Izabelle Ratcliffe
Catherine Colasurdo
Marina Ritter
C. L. King & Associates
Carol Roberts
Joan Verdile
Steven Roberts
Gary LaValley
Sallye Romagna & Gregg
Kristina Streett
Chuck & Deborah Rothermel
Carrie OHare
Snap Rucki
Amy LaFountain
Sarah, Foster, Emily & William
Elinor Obuchowski
William & Kathy Sarchino
Nicholas Bisanz
Shirley Schamberger
Emily Wink
Kathy Schatz
Bonnie Hohman
Lillian Schatz
Bonnie Hohman
Greg Schramek
Sarah Engler
Nava, Lessa & Brad Shear
Andrew Shear
Colleen Sherman
Megan Leone & Pat Stevens
Dolly Lee Simmons
Helen Articolo
John Articolo
Carol & John Smith
Barry Smith
Sophie & Grover
John Reinewald
Chuck, Beth, Tinkerbell &
KangarooMom Stein
Barbara Weaver
Sarah Sternbach
Yaron Sternbach
Stuarts-Murnighan Wedding
Samantha & Justin Murnighan
Temperine Family
Jacquelin Rittman
Jean Tomlinson
Jennifer Nugent
Carol Sheffer
Cheryl Traeger
Donna Reed Austin
Lorraine & Dave Truran
Tracy Salvage
Juliet Turner
Petra Perry
Janine Udell
Barry Udell
Ryan Valdez
Marilyn Eberle
Valentino & Scooter
Peter & Christina Mahoney
Penny & Craig VanPelt
Ellisa & Edward Weber
Robert Vancavage & Roxy
New York State Automobile
Dealers Assoc. Employees
Sandy Vincent
Lorraine Carlson & Judianne
Alexis Warburton & Manish Baliga
Kimberly Schmid
Jonathan Weaver
Barbara Weaver
Evelyn Woodward
Dana Ayscue
Zell Family
Colby Roberts
Janet Mulvaney

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