cuby news february 2015


cuby news february 2015
February 2015
For the communities
of Cuballing,
Popanyinning and
Welcome baby Cade
Cuballing &
Fox Shoot
7 pm March 20th - 7 am March 21st
Baby Cade, sleeping soundly, with his proud parents Taryn and Chad.
Chad and Taryn Aurisch from West
Popanyinning welcomed baby Cade
Thomas into the world at Armadale
Hospital on Monday 9th February at
He weighed 3740g or 8lb 2oz and
measured 53cms in length.
Cade was only 1 day overdue and we
are both smitten with our little creation.
Thank you to everyone for your love
and support especially the Popo crowd.
Cuby News
Next edition: 1st week in
Deadline: Last week of
Editor: Deb Hopper-Wood
Contact: 0419941512
[email protected]
7.30 am March 21st ,
Cricket Pavilion, Cuballing
$10 Breakfast- all donations to
Cuballing Fire Brigade
$500 cash for first prize!!!
Great prizes to 5th place
To register ring Dani 0422237280
or John 0459902187
(need property name, address,
PIC, & all team members names
by 7 pm March 20th)
Dryandra Pony Club Tetrathlon gets full marks
Last weekend, a field of 126
competitors from across the state
took part in the tetrathlon at the
Dryandra Regional Equestrian
Centre, Cuballing.
The Dryandra Pony Club (formerly
Narrogin) was delighted by the 40%
increase in competitors since last
year and in the overall success of
the event.
A tetrathlon involves four phases –
running, shooting, swimming and
cross country horse riding.
At Dryandra, the running and cross
country phases are held at the cross
country grounds in Cuballing, the
shooting at the Highbury Shooting
Club and the swimming in the
outdoor pool at the Narrogin Leisure
Competitors compete as individuals
and/or pairs and, as it was the last
qualifying event before the State
Tetrathlon in March, the standard of
competition was very high.
In the individuals local competitors
included Nicole Herdman who
came second in the B grade and
Josie Skerritt (9th) and Bill Wiese
(14th) both competed strongly in C
grade. With 49 D grade entries, the
class was split.
In the 15 years and over Katrina
Reynolds took out second place
with Chelsea Langford coming
fifth. In the D grade 14 and under,
Holly Dowling came fifth with
Emma Wiese (7th) and Joslyn
Dowling performing very well.
In the E grade Dan Wiese took out
first place with an impressive run
with Jessica Townsend (6th), Alecia
Townsend (7th) and Sarah Leagus
(9th) also completing all four phases
Courtney Perkins was the only A
grade entry and did an excellent job
with the run, shoot and swim but
sadly had to scratch when her horse,
Nobby, pulled up lame.
In the pairs, Phoebe Skerritt and Paige
Zabajnik came fourth in C grade
and Bill and Tim Wiese a creditable
sixth. Katrina Reynolds and Toby
Nicholas performed very well to
take out first place in the D grade
with Emma Wiese and Jorja Young
coming eighth and Holly Dowling
and Danee Bairstow coming tenth.
Jessica Townsend and Reign Fisher
came first with Charlotte Skerritt and
Minna Vinning finishing in second
place. Alecia Townsend and Lewin
Gillett came third.
“The weekend was a great success
and we have had wonderful
feedback from the competitors” said
Event Coordinator, Eliza Dowling.
“Dryandra Pony Club is one of
the very few pony clubs who runs
tetrathlon in the state and people
love coming down here”.
“It is a lot of work but our key
coordinators - Vanessa Perkins,
Julie Langford, Lynda Herdman,
Sarah Wiese, Lara Skerritt and
Kim McKenzie – have had so
much experience, everything runs
smoothly. All the volunteers from
our club and from the other clubs
all chip in and make it such a great
There were some fantastic
individual performances. B grade
winner, Charley Barrett, got a total
of 4450 points. To achieve this
score she ran 1500 metres in 5 mins
26 secs, shot four bullseyes and one
inner (near bullseye), swam 270
metres in four minutes and cleared
20 cross country jumps at 95 cm in
less than 6 minutes and 7 seconds.
The fastest run was 4 mins 47 secs
by Thomas Lowry who competed
with his sister to come third in the
B grade pairs.Nicole Herdman,
Jemma Read, Libby Hine, Carly
Penny, Katrina Reynolds, Yvonne
Ardley, Vanessa Davies, Nikita
Mawhirt and Isla Smith all got
a perfect score of 1000 points
shooting five bullseyes.
Nicole Herdman also completed
the best swim of 282 metres in the
four minute allotted time, coming
second in B grade.
The club would also like to thanks
the Narrogin Sporting Shooters
Association who provided their
facilities and assisted with the
shooting phase, the Narrogin
Leisure Centre who had the
outdoor pool well presented for the
swimming phase and the Williams
St Johns Ambulance who did a
great job on the Sunday.
Farming for You
Share farming, Fire Breaks, Stock Transport, Fencing, Fertilizer
spreading, Stock Management, Labour hire, HC License,
Organic farming, Care taking, Pilot Escort, Contract Hay (large
& small), Crops sown & harvested, Water carting, Stock feed
mixes (yours or mine), Tractor hire, Ride on mower, Ground
preparation, Chemical spraying.
I will work with you and your ideas.
ABN: Registered.
Call Darrel
Phone: 9887 5321 Mobile: 0497555961
5 acres to 500 acres, no job too big or too small
Fire - more than burnt trees
... and talking trains
The first photo is from the 1950s; the log train is
heading from the ‘Asquith Concession’, as the
logging area was known, back north
through Wuraming and around to the
Banksiadale Mill, north of Dwellingup.
(Photo courtesy of Rail Heritage WA).
The second photo shows the scene as at
Thursday afternoon, the 5th of February
2015, of where the bridge once stood.
The Asquith (Long Gully) trestle bridge
was built in the late 1940s to take timber
from the back of the Hoffman’s Mill
area over 60 miles up to Banksiadale
Mill. The longest timber trestle in W.A.,
it became part of the Bibbulman track,
and was heritage listed over ten years
ago. The Bibbulman people had just
been told that they were expected to get
a grant to repair a short section at one
end that had some damaged timbers.
It didn’t survive the Boddington fire;
nearly 70 year old, very dry timber
burns very well. The photo (L) from when the
crews found it late on Thursday, show a line of ash,
and a small section of one pile, out of about 400,
still upright near one end. Very sad.
In all, it could be considered that this railway had
a rather biblical ending in fire and water – the
southern end of the line in the form of Asquith
bridge perished in the recent fires; the northern
end of the line in the form of Banksiadale Mill
and townsite drowned in the South Dandalup Dam
when that was built!
Walkaway Station Museum has constructed a secure
rolling stock shed and Rail Heritage WA’s O class
steamer is heading there on loan for display (photos
The tender has already been transferred and these
photos show it being offloaded at Walkaway.
O class locomotives saw much use in the Geraldton
district in the steam era so it’s appropriate that the
only survivor will once again be seen in familiar surroundings.
Maybe the day will come when the old engine and dilapidated rolling stock,
seen parked at the back of the Narrogin Railway Station, will see better
days! If Walkaway can do it, why not us?
Shire of Cuballing Notes
prior to the Council Meeting where
the Planning Application will be
considered. Council agendas can
Shire of Cuballing:
Cuballing Shire Office
be viewed on the Shire of Cuballing
Councillor Contacts
Opening hours
website and if you are interested
Monday – Thursday
Cr Mark Conley 9881 4190
in this or any other Shire issue, I
8.30am to 4.30pm
encourage you to keep informed via
Cr Roger Newman 9883 6036
Cr Scott Ballantyne 9883 6201 monitoring the website.
8.30am 4pm
Cr Dawson R Bradford 9887 7029 Council adopted their 2013/14
Annual Report at its February
Cr Eliza Dowling 9887 5095
2015 Meeting. This report will be
Cuballing Refuse
Cr Tim P Haslam 9887 5059
presented to the Annual Electors
Site Open Hours
Meeting to be held at the Shire
Council Shorts
Saturday 11.00am – 5.00pm
Office at 6.30pm on Thursday 19th
10.00am – 5.00pm
March 2014. Copies of the report
8.00am – 1.00pm
are available at the Shire Office and
on a matter mentioned below,
on the Shire website.
check the Shire website, email the
All electors are welcome to attend
Shire on enquiries@cuballing.
and are able to ask questions about
Refuse Site Open or call the Shire Office the report and any other Shire
during business hours on 08 9883
matter. If you do have a complex
6031. You can also just drop into
question that requires research, it is
Saturday 8.00am – 5.00pm
the office.
recommended to advise staff prior
8.00am – 5.00pm
A large crowd attended the first
to allow the answer to be provided
8.00am – 1.00pm
Cuballing Music Festival on
at the meeting.
Saturday 21st February.
Thanks to the local fire brigades
Congratulations to the organisers
The refuse sites will be closed
members who represented our
including Shire staff, John Retter
Anzac Day, Good Friday and
communities in assisting with the
from the SpinFX boys, Dryandra
Christmas Day.
effort at the recent Boddington/
Pony Club, Arts Narrogin and Maz’s
Quindanning fire. In the absence of
Council Meetings
those crews other brigade members
A big thank you to the volunteers
ensured our communities were still
The Ordinary Council Meetings from the Fire Brigades who helped protected by remaining in the Shire
out and to the Cuballing Cricket Club
date for 2015 are as follows:
and being on call.
who adjusted their fixture that day
Council is supporting the upcoming
assist. The Shire would welcome
Thursday 19 March 2015
Red Card for Rabbits and Foxes
any feedback on the festival from
Thursday 23 April 2015
event to be held on Friday 20th and
the community to assist in planning
Thursday 21 May 2015
Saturday 21st March in Cuballing.
next year’s event which will start
Thursday 18 June 2015
The event hopes to assist in the
Thursday 16 July 2015
control of feral pests locally.
The public comment period has
Thursday 20 August 2015
The Shire works crew have
closed for the Proposed Regional
Thursday 17 September 2015
recently completed construction
Waste Site with Council receiving
Thursday 15 October 2015
works on the Narrogin Williams
70 submissions. A summary of
Thursday 19 November 2015
Road and the Yornaning West
these submissions is included on the
Thursday 17 December 2015
road. Beeston Street in Cuballing,
Shire website.
the access street to the Cuballing
All meetings are open to the public In addition a petition signed by 284 Landfill site, has also been sealed.
and will commence at 3.00pm, people, 41 of whom were electors of The Shire of Cuballing has received
with 15 minute public question the Shire of Cuballing, was presented funding for a Youth Week event
time at the commencement of each to the February Council meeting. to be held in Cuballing during the
meeting. Meetings are held in the The planning application, with second week of the April school
Council Chambers in the Shire the public comment, will now be holidays.
Focused on children
Administration Centre, Campbell assessed with a decision to be made aged 12 to 17, the event will
at a future meeting of Council. The
Street, Cuballing.
(Continued next page)
Shire will again write to submitters
include activities designed to boost
teamwork and social interaction. More
information including dates and times
will be advertised soon.
It is encouraging to see a petition
circulating in Cuballing calling for
an improvement in local mobile
phone coverage. Council continues
to argue for improved service
with local members of parliament
and with Ministers in Perth and
The state government
recently announced the first 22 of 86
sites in regional WA to be provided
new mobile phone towers under the
Regional Telecommunications Project
funded by Royalties for Regions.
While the Shire of Cuballing wasn’t
included in the first 22 sites, we are
under consideration and reminding
politicians with petitions does help.
Thanks to those local residents in and
around Popanyinning on Tuesday 24th
February who assisted with the clean
up after a thunderstorm knocked
down branches and generally made a
In accordance with section 5.27 of the
Local Government Act (1995), notice is
hereby given that the Annual Meeting
of Electors of the Shire of Cuballing
will be held at the Shire of Cuballing
Administration Centre, Campbell
Street Cuballing, on Thursday 19th
March 2015 commencing at 6:30 pm.
Order of Business
To receive the Annual Report for the
year ended 30 June 2014.
General Business
Electors are invited to raise items of
general business, which they may
wish the meeting to discuss. To allow
complex questions to be answered
at the meeting, notice of questions
should be lodged in writing at least two
working days prior to the meeting.
Copies of the Annual Report are
available upon request at the Shire
office during normal business hours
and are also available on our website.
GA Sherry
mess. Your community
spirit in assisting with
much appreciated by the
Shire and other fellow
are reminded that they
can provide the Shire
with their mobile phone
number so you can
receive notices when
harvest and movement
of vehicle bans are
imposed and withdrawn.
registered, the most
recent experience of
receiving multiple SMS
advices won’t occur
again because we have
now trained the new staff
member in the correct
use of the system.
Gary Sherry
CEO, Shire of Cuballing
Join the Red Card
The assessment process for the proposed
regional waste site at lot 23 Nebrikinning
Road continues following an enthusiastic
public meeting held earlier in February.
Public submissions have now closed which
will allow the collation of matters raised
through submissions and public meeting.
My expectation is Council will consider the
application at our March meeting however
it is very likely more information will be
required from the proponents in reply to
questions about the proposal.
Depending on how quickly and how clearly
the response is to more information this
will determine when the matter will return
to Council again.
March will see the return of the Red Card
for Rabbits and Foxes day, a community
based feral animal control program.
These ever present feral pest are a constant
challenge to landowners and our natural
environment so a co-ordinated approach in
their control is an important opportunity. I
urge anyone interested to be involved.
Anyone wanting to discuss shire matters is
encouraged to contact me on 98814190.
Mark Conley
Cuballing Shire President
For all your General
Building and Maintenance :
• Walls removed
• Openings created
• Doors Repaired
• Built-in Wardrobes
• Sagging Ceilings
• Patios & Pergolas
• Bathroom Renovations
Qualified Local Tradesman
with 40 years experience
Phone Stuart for
Quality Workmanship at
Competitive Prices
For all your maintenance and
General Building Repairs
Phone Stuart on 9887 5254
or 0407723157
For Quality Workmanship at
Competitive Prices
Anzac Day
Shire of Cuballing
100th Anniversary
Saturday, 25 April 2015
Memorial Park, Cuballing
Commencing at 7.30am
Residents are invited to attend this special
ceremony on Anzac Day.
The Shire of Cuballing Administration Office will be closed Monday, 27th April for
Anzac Day Public Holiday
Popanyinning ProgressAssociation
Saturday, 25 April 2015
Popanyinning Old
Railway Station
Commencing at 6.30am
Sunrise Service will be completed in time for residents to attend
Cuballing and Narrogin services on the day.
Peel-Harvey Catchment Council
People Working Together for a Healthy Environment
Join us for a FREE Workshop in Boddington
The Peel-Harvey Catchment Council together with support from the Shire of Boddington
invites landholders within the Hotham and Williams River Catchment to a community
workshop on Sunday 22nd of March 2015.
Renowned Horticultural Consultant & Sustainability Specialist
Peter Coppin presents:
“Property Planning; promoting sensible decisions and environmental care;
including soils, climate effects & avoiding pitfalls”
Land for Wildlife Officer
Avril Baxter presents:
“Landscape Revegetation – working with local plants and creating habitats for
native animals”
Where: Boddington Community Resource Centre “Gallery” (20 Bannister Road)
When: Sunday 22nd March 2015
Time: 10:30 am (registration) for 11 am start to approx. 3 pm. Lunch included.
To conclude with informal Q&A over afternoon tea.
For catering please, RSVP by 11th March to Mel Durack: [email protected]
or 0455 166 780 (please mention special dietary considerations if applicable).
Please pack a hat, sunscreen, enclosed shoes & water bottle as a short
walking field visit is included.
This project is supported by the Peel-Harvey Catchment Council through funding from the Australian Government and the Shire of Boddington
Cuballing Tennis Club
The last half of the season has
commenced and numbers
have been consistent.
The “Open Day” was
well attended, with
visitors from outside the
Club. The juniors had a great day
with the small nets and rackets and
special balls. Thank you to Bevan
and his band of eager parent helpers.
There were prizes and giveaways,
courtesy of Tennis Australia, and
a sausage sizzle to wrap up the
day. Many thanks must go to Jodie
George who organised the event
and liaised with Tennis Australia
to acquire the junior “kit” for our
We will now be able to set this up
weekly to encourage some future
stars into the game.
Pennants has been ticking along,
but unfortunately the match
against Tarwonga at Williams was
abandoned due to the weather, on
25th February.
We only have 3 more rounds,
Williams at Williams on the 4th
March, Highbury at Cuballing
on March 11th and Narrogin at
Cuballing on the 18th March and
we finish with a bye on the last
There is only 4 weeks left of this
season, during which the fixtures
are busy. Events include a “Gotcha”
round, St Patricks Day event,
(where you are asked to wear
green and be prepared for
anything), The Cuballing Shire
Tournament and the wind up and
AGM as well as the closing stages
of the Twilight Pennant Fixtures.
The Shire Tournament will be
held on Sunday March 22nd and
will comprise Men’s and Ladies
Doubles. No need to find a partner
as partners will be drawn. More
information about this will be out
soon so keep an eye on your e-mail,
keep the date free and spread the
The event is open to any member
of the Cuby Tennis Club, any
person living in or paying rates
in the Cuballing Shire and other
specifically invited Clubs.
Our Club house is progressing
slowly and the new cement slab
looks great.
Friday March 6th: Social Tennis
(Gotcha Tournament) 7.00pm
Sunday March 15th:Social
Tennis (St Patricks Day Round)
Wear Green!! 3.00pm
Sunday March 22nd: Shire
Tournament TBA
Sunday March 29th: Social Tennis
– AGM at 5.00pm – BarBQ /Pizza
(?) tea to follow
Cuby Tavern
Function room available for FREE hire - Bookings essential
Sunday sessions live music from 6pm
KARAOKE: last Saturday of every month!!!
Matthew 24:
Is it really about
the end of the
Pastor Bob Chapman questions
whether it is!
“All this popular end-time
preaching is currently treated
as “gospel” and yet; is it right?
As a matter of fact, is any of
it right? Could we be ignoring
important points Jesus made in
Matthew 24 because we want
end-time preaching to be right?”
argues Bob
These questions and many more
will be answered by Bob over
two Friday nights in March. All
are invited and questions will be
welcomed from the audience.
Sports and
Recreation Centre
Somerset Street, Pingelly
6.45 - 9.00 pm
20 and 27th March
Contact: [email protected]
Free Admission
Opening times:
Monday: 3pm - late
Tuesday - Saturday: 12 - 12
Sunday: 12 - 10
Lunch: Tues -Sun 12 - 2
Dinner: Everyday 6 - 8
New menu & pizza menu
Weekend bookings advised
& appreciated
Every Tuesday and
$12 pensioner LUNCH.
9883 6032, or facebook Cuballing Hotel
Bookings essential - you must
present your pensioner card
Popo’s Roll of Honour (cont)
Edward Higgins took his medical
and signed his application to enlist
in the AIF at Beverley in June 1915.
Interestingly, this was three days
after his younger brother, John.
Today, we can only guess as to the
family dinner table discussions that
led to the boys’ individual decisions.
Born at Pingelly and twenty two
years old, Edward was a strapping
young man, six feet tall with light
brown eyes and dark hair. He worked
as a labourer.
Edward and John were both allocated
to the 11th Battalion, Privates with
regimental numbers 2616 and 2503
respectively. They sailed from
Fremantle on HMAT Anchises A68
to Egypt, arriving in March 1916 as
the army sought to double the number
of infantry battalions.
Accordingly, the 11th gave rise to
the 51st Battalion, half of the battlehardened soldiers from Gallipoli
being allocated to the new battalion
and half remaining with the old 11th.
Both battalions were brought up to
strength with the new recruits.
This formula was applied to all
the Australian Infantry Battalions
recently returned to Egypt from The
Edward and John were both
transferred to the 51st, which sailed
from Alexandria on June 5 1916
aboard HMT Ivernia.
Within weeks, the battalion was in
action in the trenches of France.
John was wounded in the hand in July
Author: Stephen Bowes (Popanyinning)
1916 and evacuated to England.
Edward remained on the Somme
and fought with the 51st at Mouquet
Farm. On the final day of fighting,
he too was wounded with gun shot
wounds to the hand and back.
After hospitalization, Edward was
back in the line and was wounded
in the right arm at Noreuil in April
1917. He embarked for England
via Boulogne and spent time at the
War Hospital Norfolk.
On the day of Edwards discharge,
his younger brother John was killed
at Messines in Belgian Flanders.
On his return to his unit after
being granted leave, Edward was
promoted to Lance Corporal in
August 1917. He was with his
battalion at Dernancourt, when
a heavy German attack, part of
the 1918 Spring Offensive, was
The 51st Battalion moved on to
Villers-Bretonneux, which had
been captured by the enemy.
In a remarkable night attack in
which two Australian Brigades
played prominent roles, VillersBretonneux was retaken on the
24th to 25th of April.
Edward was killed in the early
hours of ANZAC Day, 1918.
Edward, like his brother John, has
no known grave.
Edward’s name is recorded on the
Popanyinning Roll of Honour,
which indicates that he had an
association with the town.
Perhaps he lived and/or worked
here. We are fortunate indeed that
photographs of Edward have survived.
During the winter of 1916-17, the 51st
Battalion camped on several occasions
at Vignacourt, just north of the key
railway junction town of Amiens.
Whilst resting ‘behind the lines’ Edward
took the opportunity to have his photo
taken by Louis Thuillier and his wife
Antoinette, a farming couple who had
turned their hobby of photography into
a profitable business.
Edward Higgins photograph can be
found within the Thuillier Collection,
and on page 193 of ‘The Lost Diggers’
by Ross Coulthart.
Edward has chosen to have his portrait
taken with an aboriginal Australian
soldier, as yet unidentified. Can anybody
identify this man? (This portrait may
be viewed at the Family Eyecare offices
in Narrogin)
On February 20, 2015 The Australian
War Memorial in Canberra honoured
2616 Lance Corporal Edward Higgins
by devoting the nightly Last Post
Ceremony to him, and to his brother
2502 Private John Murray Higgins.
Video of this ceremony may be viewed
on the AWM website by clicking on Roll
of Honour, then seeking John Higgins,
and by clicking the link in Objects.
The author, Stephen Bowes, is happy to
help anyone not able to access this.
The author acknowledges the AWM
video as the source for some of the facts
presented in this article.
Popo Shop & Food Van
Van Hours:
Monday - Friday: 6am - 6pm
Saturday: 7am - 2pm
Sunday: 8am - 1pm
Don’t forget to try the Popanyinning
Best Burger with the lot (winner of
Radio West Best Burger) and Fish
and Chips
Phone orders: 98875033
You are invited by Cuballing
and to listen to a talk by
James Mitchell.
James competed in the world’s toughest and longest horse race ‘The Mongol Derby’.
A 1,000 km race across Mongolia on Mongolian ponies in August of 2014. As part of
competing in the race James is trying to raise $20,000 for the Stroke Foundation.
WHERE: Cuballing CWA rooms
WHEN: Wednesday the 25th of March at 9.30am
COST: $6.00 for morning tea
We will also be having a hamper raffle to raise funds for the Stroke
Foundation. Everyone is welcome. Bring a friend and enjoy the morning out.
Letter to the Editor
My NAME IS Dennis Ferrell. I
live at Lot 1 Brundell St Cuballing.
A cyclone fence separates my
property from the Cuballing tip.
I have lived at this location for 13
I have received a newsletter in
my letterbox protesting against
the proposed new refuse site off
Nebrikinning Road.
I would like to tell you of my
opinion of the Shire’s idea of using
this as a transfer station to a new
site at Nebrikinning Road.
Since the tip upgrade a couple of
years ago they have used it as a
transfer station in part only, with
the recycling receptacles being
transported to Wickepin in the first
instance, then to Narrogin, when the
recycling was started there.
So as Nebrikinning Road is no
further from the present site and
less than the distance to Wickepin
or Narrogin, no extra transport cost
should be involved. The recycling
will be carried out at the new site.
As for our offspring having to pay
any thing other than natural rating
increases we are burdened with
now; it is irrelevant to use this fact
as an argument.
As for firefighting gear; we should
always have this in place at any
time and rural location. Irrelevant
as an added cost to landholders.
The style of runoff in this type of
country is a watershed on the hard
pan approximately 2ft underground.
From my extensive experience
management, no adverse effect will
be generated as the water passage
through the ground has a cleansing
effect removing pollutants.
Cuballing (Cuby)
Normal hours as from
Monday 5th January.
Monday – Saturday 6am to 7pm
Sunday – 7am to 12 noon
Local fires Info
I am sure Chicken farm emissions,
and dead sheep left laying in
paddocks, and toxic chemical sprays Local residents are reminded that
used in the grain production is far in the event of a local fire, please
more of a concern than ventilated make your report by calling 000.
moister removing oxidants from a The trained operator will take all
refuse site.
the details about the fire from you
There has been a feral cat eradication and then contact the responsible
program at the current site - they member of the local volunteer fire
are the only feral animals we ever brigades immediately.
encountered due to the tip.
Shire of Cuballing
There are feral animals attracted
Dial 000 for
to poultry far more than rubbish
tips. CALM, or whatever they call Emergency Assistance
themselves now, should and do
have eradication programs in place
to protect Dryandra from feral
To say this decision is rushed into
by the shire is not correct as they
have been contemplating this
decision for a few years now and it
was started under the administration
of Peter Naylor, who instigated the
tip upgrade when he was CEO.
I know this for fact because he
consulted with me as being the
nearest property owner .
$10 each, 10 for $90 or
The current tip will not last for 1520 years at the current operation
20 for $140
but with transfer relief it will have
extended operations.
Cuballing Popo Pingelly
You may well ask why I counter all
FRIDAY 20th March
your arguments.
Phone 98443485
I have had extensive experience
in all phases of rubbish tip
landfill reclamations. Also
, extensive experience in re
afforestation of reclaimed
sites in many areas of
Western Australia. From the
deep South to the far North.
opposition allegedly smacks
Your Avon Valley Nursery
of resistance for resistance
sake with no expertise to
is seeking orders for the 2015 season.
substantiate same. Plus the
 Early bird discount of 5% applies
newsletter, with it’s sarcastic
till the end of November.
overtones could be seen
 40 & 88 cell trays or single tubes
as offensive to some folk.
Stirring up a storm for
 Range of tall, mid & low plants or
no other reason than self
tell us which species you want
 Annual bulk order of tree guards
E-mail [email protected] for
Yours sincerely,
a catalogue or phone 9646 1716.
Dennis K Ferrell.
2015 Dance
Saturday 21st March
Saturday 18th April
Saturday 16th May
Saturday 18th July
Saturday 15th August
Popanyinning Hall, Francis St
Dancing starts at 8pm with live musicians
going till late
Entry Fee is $12.50 per person or $30 per
Raffles and door prizes to be won
Unsure if you can remember the steps?
Come along, join in and you will soon recall
the pleasure of dancing.
These family dances are organised by the Popanyinning Progress
Association and all funds raised are used for future community projects.
Bobcat , Tip truck , Backhoe and Crane truck
Saturday 19th Sept
Saturday 17th Oct
Saturday 21st Nov
Two Special Events:
Christmas Dance
Saturday 19th Dec
New Year’s Eve Dance
31st December
25th March
6.30 pm
Popanyinning Hall
All welcome
Flickerfest comes to
Flickerfest is Australia’s only Academy accredited &
BAFTA recognised competitive International Short Film
Festival with entries coming from filmmakers across the
The Flickerfest tour takes the main programme to many
regional and metropolitan areas, which rarely have an
opportunity to view this collection of the best of the world’s
short films. In 2014 Flickerfest will present films at 50
venues Australia wide
This year Cuballing will host the Flicker Kids, a component
of the completion that features short films that will appeal
to the kid in everyone. The programme includes 11 films
ranging from 4 to 18 minutes in length and will run for
90 minutes. The classification is suitable for kids approx
The Flicker Kids screening will be held on the outdoor at the
Cuballing Recreation Ground on Saturday 14th March from
6.30pm. Sausage Sizzle and drinks on sale but there is no
entry fee. For further information contact the Shire on 08
9883 6031.
The adult Flickerfest touring programme is being shown in
Narrogin at the Performing Arts Centre, Narrogin Senior
High School on 7.30pm on Friday 20th March and at 7.30pm
Saturday 21st March. Tickets and futher information for
this event available at ARtS SPACE or 0448 490 409
Dryandra Arts, Food and
Wine Trail 2015
The Popanyinning Progress Association (PPA)
update on The Dryandra Art, Food and Wine
Trail, which will be held on Mothers Day
weekend, 9th and 10th May, from 10.00 to 4.00
on both days.
PPA has just the one venue this year - the
Popanyinning Hall.
Our main attraction is Natalie Lally, the Quirky
Cake Queen Lady, serving morning /afternoon
teas and light lunches.
Tanglefoot Winery is holding wine tasting on
both days.
Josie Reynolds is presenting her Rusty Creations
made from recycled junk.
Prema Sexton will be taking family portraits
Joe Dowling will present photos from the Popo
nature trail plus a tactile display.
Greg Smith will display his delightful wooden
Robin Newman will have decorative shopping
bags and steering wheel covers.
Other craft includes knitting from Deb Hopper.
Machine embroidery from Jo Sankey.
Patchwork and other textiles from Judy Draper.
Felting from Anne Lyneham.
Wool Buying
Auction Sale
On farm Oddments
Prompt Payment
Kyle Gumprich
Mob: 0428 112 830
Fax: 9881 1208
Email: [email protected]
Proudly WA Owned & Operated
Community Notices
Sporting Club
The Cuballing Shire website now
features Fixtures and upcoming
events for the Golf Club, Cricket
Club and Tennis Club.
Go to the Public Notices Tab and
follow the link.
The Cricket Club publishes its own
newsletter. This is also available
on the website in the The Cuby
Newsletter Tab.
To view information or upcoming
events for the Dryandra Regional
Equestrian Centre, please click on
the Dryandra Regional Equestrian
Centre Tab and Follow the links.
Do you want to have your club to
have a say in “Cuby News”?
Send an email to dhopper@westnet. or call me on 0419941512.
Cuballing Men’s Shed
Meets every Tuesday
from 9 am to 12 pm
Everyone is welcome, no matter
your level of skill or even if you have
none at all!
The Men’s Shed is located at the back
of the Old Post Office in Cuballing.
Progress Association
Advertising is now being
accepted for publishing in the
Cuby News.
We will publish all community
events and functions for free, as
well as Wanted and For Sale ads
(small and concise only).
Business advertising will be
published at a cost of $5 per
month for small ads. We have no
immediate plans to publish half
or full page adverts for businesses,
as the newsletter is primarily
a community communication
Cuby News is produced by the Popanyinning
Progress Association in association with the
Shire of Cuballing, for the communities of
Cuballing, Popanyinning and Yornanning.
Printed by the Shire of Cuballing.
Want to advertise?
Contact Deb on 0419941512 or
[email protected] and ask.
Old Time
Want to re-live the old time dances
where you hold your partner and
move together?
Come and join in at the dances at
the Popanyinning Hall.
They are held on the 3rd Saturday of
the month. Ask Jenny or Sam at the
Popo shop for details.
Tickets at the door - $12.50 pp
Popo Plates
If you wish to buy POPO plates
for your vehicle, your last chance
is here. Orders are needed for
Department of Transport to issue
Monday nights at Cuballing Hall the next run. Interested? Please
from 7 - 9pm, with beginners at 5.30
contact Nicole at the Cuballing
- 6.30pm. Contact Lynnelle on
Shire (9883 6031) to have your
name added to the list.
further details.
Be proud POPO’s!!
Popo Town Volunteer
Fire Brigade
Hannaford Seed
The PPA meets at 6.30 pm on the
last Wednesday of the month at the
Popo Hall. Come along and help
make your community stronger.
Meets on the first Tuesday
of every month at the Fire
shed, Popo, @ 6.30pm
New members are always
welcome - especially for those
of you who are under 40!!
Your new representatives are
Trevor and Kristie Clark - the new
specialists for Hotham-Williams,
based in Boyup Brook.
Please call: Trevor (0418563926)
or Kristie (0419846967) for an
Hay for Horses
Sweet, new season hay, small
bales, oaten and triticale available.
$10 delivered in Cubi Shire
Phone Barry: 0439945453
Cuballing CWA
Cuballing Town
Bush Fire Brigade
Hotham Ridge Winery
Enjoy a fresh home-made
lunch with organic wines, in
Wandering just a short drive
from Cuballing.
Call to book: 98841521
The Cuballing Town Bush Fire
Brigade meet on the 3rd Wednesday
of each month at the fire station
We meet on the first Tuesday of the month
opposite the Shire works depot.
at 9.30am.
The meetings start at 6.30 pm and
Any funds raised are donated locally to
help in our community. Come along and the fire siren gets tested for 3 minutes
enjoy the fun and outings.
prior to the meeting starting.
Contact Jan 9883 6244, Helen 9883 6052
New members welcome.