17th June 2016 Park Hill School Newsletter


17th June 2016 Park Hill School Newsletter
17th June 2016
The Deerstalker
The children were excited to discover that the mystery egg in our school grounds has
hatched. Hopefully we will receive a message from the Museum of Strange objects soon
letting us know what was inside!
On Wednesday, the Nursery and Reception classes had a wonderful visit to Bocketts Farm.
They learnt about the farm animals, what they eat , where they live and the food that they
produce. The children were able to stroke a baby goat, a mouse, a polish chick and a
bunny rabbit. The children compared the texture of donkey and horse ears, using lots of describing words.
Harry Trotter won the pig race!
On Thursday, Year 1 had everyone entranced with their whole school assembly on British wildlife and the
Wildlife Centre.
Thursday 23rd June we will not be holding a Church assembly due to the EU election. Stay Sing and Play
will be held at school in the First steps Classroom from 8.30am.
On Thursday the 30th June we will host our last church assembly of the year at St Paul’s Church, following
which there will be a rehearsal for our Prize Giving and therefore Stay Sing and Play will not take place.
The children are all looking forward to Sports Day next Friday, 24th June. More information is below.
Best wishes.
Helen Gardner
Certificates of Achievement
Audrey - Fantastic Maths
Ollie - Good Behaviour & Helpfulness
Pascal - Participation & Understanding Eliza - Creating an Elephant Independently Amber - Great Communication
Aidan - Participation in Group Time
Rojia - Fact Finding & Research on iPads Alex R - Positive Contribution to Class
Ayaan - Positive Attitude & Enthusiastic Writing Francesca - Writing Her Name Independently Zac - Counting in 5s to 50
Avery - Mini Beast Exploring Barnaby - Fantastic Reading of Winnie the Witch
Sarah - Fantastic Reading & Comprehension Anjali - Kindness to her Peers
First Steps & Second Steps
Excellent Behaviour on the trip to Bocketts Farm
HeadTeacher Award
Ariane Jaeger
Making a Good Effort
Fredrick Gosland
Contribution to Science
Classroom of the Week Award
Year 2
Well done!
17th June 2016
Sports Day
On Friday 24th June the whole school will participate in Sports Day at the Hawker Centre. Please arrive with
your children at 9:45, ready for a 10:00am start.
We anticipate that Sports Day will run until 12pm, when all parents and siblings are invited to join their
classes for a school picnic (please bear in mind our nut-free policy when preparing picnic food).
After the picnic each class will be running a fun activity stall for families to enjoy. We will be selling wrist
bands which allow the wearer 10 goes on the activities, for £2.50 each. Please ensure you have cash with you
on the day if to purchase the bands, as we will not be able to take our card machine to the Hawker Centre.
All proceeds from the wrist bands will be donated to our school charity, Momentum.
The stalls will close at 2pm and will mark the end of the school day. Please ensure that your child has an adult
to represent them during Sports Day. Once the sporting activities are over (around 12pm), children will be
released to their carers and the school will no longer be responsible for them.
Year 1 & 2 Visit the British Wildlife Centre
“I lea
rnt th
at ow
not w
ls are
ise at
all. Th
are no
r at al
“my f
ite pa
was se
eing t
fox an
ng tha
t thing
s that
the fo
e ate
x eats
“I liked
looking at the rabbits,
owls and the wild cats. I
especially liked looking at
the foxes”
ls e
nt be yes are
the d
ay tim
e ye
e ora
is da is
wn a
is nig
ht tim nd
17th June 2016
Outstanding Congratulations!
Many Congratulations to Danielle Kilpin for being awarded ‘Outstanding’ on completion of her iPGCE
from Buckingham University.
Also to Elise Othacehe for being awarded an ‘Outstanding’ grade for her PGCE (Kingston University)
Goodbye Miss Othacehe
“I have had a truly heartwarming experience at Park
Hill. Thank you so much for the warm welcome and
support throughout my time here, whilst I
completed the final part of my PGCE.
I will leave with fond memories of the strong
community that is Park Hill and the kindness I have
encountered here.
With very best wishes to all the Park Hill families. I
hope to be back soon!”
Elise Othacehe.
Social & Networking Evening
You are warmly invited to a Social & Networking
evening, to be held on Thursday 30th June from
7:30 - 9:00pm at the Albert Arms, Queens Road.
Please RSVP to Susan Blackburn if you will be
We look forward to seeing you there!
Holiday Club
We are currently taking bookings for Holiday Club, which will take place the week following the
end of term, Monday 11th - Friday 15th July inclusive.
The Holiday Club day will run from 9am - 4:30pm and will include a morning snack. Children
should come wearing their Park Hill Sports Kit, with a water bottle, sunhat and packed lunch
(please remember our nut free policy).
Among the many activities available, the children will be able to enjoy:
Junk Modelling, Painting, Drawing, Crafts, Construction, Performing, Dancing, Drama, ICT,
Movies, Bingo, Board Games and a range of Outdoor Activities.
Holiday Club is £38 per day; children may be booked in for any number from one, to the full,
five days.