Second Term Newsletter 2016


Second Term Newsletter 2016
Second Edition: TERM 2 2016
Welcome Members
In this issue:
Term 1 has ended and term 2 is in full swing! It has been an exciting
beginning of the year, and a crazy one at that!
 Trials 1 & 2
Don’t forget to tell your friends and family about our club and to like
us on our Facebook and our Instagram sites!
 Holiday Programs
 Junior & Inter Demo
Also, just a quick reminder that Term 2 fees can now be paid at the
front reception desk.
 L.A.T.S
Hope you all enjoy Term 2!
 Educational Gymnastics
 Daytime fitness
Trials 1 & 2
Well done to all our groups that completed at trials! We had an
awesome outcome with all 5 of our teams qualifying for
Our teams are:
1. Cade Pettie and Katelyn Dullard ( Level 7 mix pair)
2. Aaron Mavro and Alicia Livolti (Level 8 mix pair)
3. Daniela Gurmesevic, Lauren Falzon and Bridget Davis
(Level 6 trio)
Aaron Mavro & Alicia Livolti
Cade Pettie & Katelyn Dullard
4. Amelia Salvador, Jessica Larsen and Greta Di Lorenzo
(Level 6 trio)
5. Tori Singleton and Sandra Ngo ( Level 6 women's pair )
We are so proud of all our participants. They trained so hard
and have come such a long way in
such a short time. The long hours of
training paid off!
It was also great to see so much
support from the sidelines.
Thank you to all that came to
support our teams.
So much time, blood, sweat and
tears goes into coordinating these
Make sure to come to support the
teams at Nationals.
Tori Singleton & Sandra Ngo
Amelia, Jessica, and Greta
Nationals are held at the Hisence Arena on the 3rd and 4th of
Daniela, Lauren and Bridget
Fitness Classes
Its Level Award Testing time at Team Adrenalin. L.A.T.S will be
held on the 18th of June at the club. A notice will be given to
students in regards to times closer to the date.
Morning Fitness classes
started on Monday 18th
of April. Make sure to
come along and bring a
L.A.T’s are put in place to ensure your child has progressed
within their allocated level, enabling them to transition into the
next level. This also shows the head coaches that they have
been taught correctly and with good technique.
If athletes pass they receive a badge to sew onto their club
hoodies and a certificate.
Students require a syllabus to be a part of an L.A.T which is a
log book with all their skills and progressions over the years.
It is extremely important they do not lose or misplace the syllabus.
All students participating in the L.A.T.S need to have the club
leotard and a syllabus. Club Leotards can be purchased from
the front reception desk. Girls Leotard - $50 Boys Top - $25.
If your child is participating in the L.A.T.S make sure to organise
your leotards as soon as possible as sizes need to be handmade.
Parents and spectators are encouraged to watch and take
photos on the day.
Educational Gymnastics
Have you got a child between the ages of 10 months and 5
years old? We run Educational Gymnastics classes that will
help your toddler develop social skills, strength, flexibility and
co-ordination. Our 45 min classes are filled with games,
singing, obstacle courses, bubbles, balloons, musical instruments and so much more. Come along for a free trial and see
for yourself. Check out our timetable for times. And call us for
Important Dates to Remember
Australian Gym 4 Life challenge: July 8th -July 10th
Public holidays: 25th April and 13th June
Make up classes: TBA
Nationals: 3rd and 4th June
Term 2 Ends: 26th June
If morning classes aren't
your thing remember we
do have classes in the
evening too. Evening
classes run on a Monday,
Tuesday and Wednesday.
Grab a timetable at
reception or check out
times on our website.
Holiday Programs
Thank you to all that came along to the April Holiday program.
We had just under 100 children that participated in the event that
took place over 2 days.
A fun filled day for the kids with trampolining, arts and crafts,
games and a movie! Price also includes lunch.
Be sure to book your spot in our Holiday Programs as positions fill
out fast! Full Day Clinic costs $40.
July Holiday Program dates will be released shortly. We will send
out an email soon! And remember the Holiday Program is open to
all members and non-members so invite your friends and family to
come along too!
Junior & Intermediate Demo
Our Junior and Intermediate demo team is looking for some new
members to join our performance squads. If you love to perform
and work as a team, this group is a great stepping stone for future
competitive acrobatic teams.
The teams perform at local school fetes, other events and even do
some competitions throughout the year. Chat to Mel to have a
free audition in the demo class.
Competitive Squads
Our Competitive Squads and coaches are looking for confident
athletes to try out competitive acrobatics gymnastics. If your child
loves to climb, jump, has no fear and is small in stature they may
be a perfect flyer in acrobatics.
If your child is a great team player, role model, strong and bigger
in stature they would make a perfect base. Please speak to Mel if
they would like to audition in competitive acrobatics.