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PDF promo kit
KING LEWMAN is fueled and inspired by the lyrics and
compositions of Kristan King and Lance Lewman and is
supported by a multi-talented ensemble of players who are also
songwriters and composers themselves. Bolstered by world class
creative support from producers and engineers in the United States
and Canada, KING LEWMAN has presented several recordings
that span and blend musical genres like alternative, folk, country,
rock, jazz, world, and even classical.
In concert, depending upon the dynamics and the environment of
the performance venue, KING LEWMAN ranges from an acoustic
trio to a full blown electrified and percussive sextet to something
akin to a mini-orchestra depending upon the musicians invited for
the event and the songs selected.
Representation by
LGM Enterprises, Inc.
3213 Eastbend Court, Abingdon, MD 21009 , USA
410-515-2959 – 410-808-8240 – [email protected]
The latest CD, Going Somewhere,
was produced by Spencer Capier and
mixed and mastered by Greg Reely,
both in Vancouver. It was first released
on September 27, 2008, at a concert
party at the One World Coffeehouse in
Columbia, MD.
Kristan King
Songwriter, Vocals
Lance Lewman
Songwriter, Vocals
Acoustic Guitar
Dan Junk
Electric Guitar
Sax, Flute
Mandolin, Bass
Kim King
Lead & Rhythm
Guitars, Vocals
Marv Egolf
Bass Guitars
Art Cobb
Special Guests
Teporah- Keyboards
Courtney Moon- Electric Guitar
Tony Hammer- Drums
Spencer Capier- Violin
On fortunate occasions, we are blessed with sound engineering
by Mr. Jay Paul.
Kristan King started writing songs and performing with a band in 1980 when
she and her brother, Kim King, started playing Country music with The Mojave
River Band in California. Prior to that, she sang with a blues band out of
Raleigh, NC called The Blue Moods. After moving to New York City, she met
Lance Lewman; and they began writing together in 1982.
Lance Lewman formed his first band his first year in college at The North
Carolina School of the Arts. It was a parody Punk Rock band called Hellecopter.
Getting more serious, he formed Eclipse his senior year. After graduating, he
moved to New York and met Kristan King.
Kristan and Lance wrote and recorded demos for quite a few years together
before releasing their first album calling themselves Rescue. The album was
released in 1989 and titled Living In Skin. The couple then moved to Maryland
and started playing with Danny Junk. The trio called themselves Nobody's
Bizness and played clubs in the Baltimore/Washington area. Crack The Sky's
John Palumbo called them “a male/female version of The Eagles”.
KING LEWMAN began in 2000 when Kristan, Lance and Danny stopped
calling their band Nobody's Bizness and, at Danny's insistence, agreed to adapt
their last names as the band's name and recorded Paper Train - A Song Cycle
Volume One on Ruff Records.
In 1999, the three went into the studio. With drum tracks from Michael Collins
and ancillary guitar tracks from Kristan's brother, Kim, they made Paper Train
and christened the band KING LEWMAN. With an original blend of
Alternative, Country, Folk, Blues, Rock, and Pop, Paper Train received a
glowing review from Music Monthly magazine and far outsold all expectations.
In September of 2004, KING LEWMAN followed their debut CD with a second
release. Full Circle - A Song Cycle Volume Two completes the circle and raises
the bar making KING LEWMAN one of the area's premier original bands. Marv
Egolf joined the band on bass and vocals for his first performance with the
ensemble at the outdoor amphitheatre CD release party held in Clarksville, MD.
In June of 2007, Art Cobb joined KING LEWMAN on drums for a reception
held at the Silverdocs International Film Festival held in Silver Spring, MD. Art
brings an extensive jazz and performance background with him, and he and
Marv are honing the concert rhythm. As needed, Tony Hammer subs for Art.
In February of 2008, Teporah began working with KING LEWMAN on
keyboards and vocals, and Courtenay Moon II joined in on electric guitars.
The newest CD, Going Somewhere, was released September 27, 2008. During
the summer of 2007, KING LEWMAN went to Vancouver to work with
producer, Spencer Capier, to record many of the tracks. The CD was mixed and
mastered by Greg Reely.
Music Monthly: May 2001
Volume 18 No 5 / Issue 200
King Lewman Paper Train A
Song Cycle - Volume One
Kristin King and Lance
Lewman are a wife/husband
team who've been performing
and writing songs for over
twenty years, and the polish
you get over that long haul
shows up in this CD of original
songs. On their website, they
describe themselves as "a blend
of country and rock". The bulk
of the tunes are ballads, and
they go down easy.
A stand out tune is "Alive in
You" ... it's exquisite lyrically
and melodically, and the
production value is truly
wonderful with background
strings and horns reminiscent
of a Beatles tune from Sgt.
Pepper's or Magical Mystery
Tour. It's a song inspired by
the loss of Princess Diana. It's
written as if they're singing
the song to the young princes Will and Harry. So rich a
tune, you hear something
different with each play.
A good song has some hook
that makes it memorable, so
you can walk away humming
it. King Lewman's do. That's a
mark of their skill. Someone
can have talent; but if it's not
honed, you're still just a
novice with potential and not
a pro.
This family and their band
have their act together. The
vocals, musicianship and
production values are in place.
The album is dedicated to
their children - nine year old
twins and a four year old.
They show up a couple times
in short vocal bursts between
the tunes.
With 16 tunes on the CD,
there's a lot of music here on
Volume One, and a lot of it is
really, really good. I'm
looking forward to Volume
- H.P. Handy,
Doc at UU Fallston Concerts about She Gave Me Something, KING LEWMAN’s song
included on the Static Chain 2007 Baltimore’s Best Bands of 2007: “What a great
sound! The lyrics are good, the vocals and harmony blend very pleasantly, and the guitar’s
right on, but the thing that gets me about this song, being primarily a bass player myself, is
the groove! The drums and bass are just in the pocket and not about to get out for the
whole song- nothing flashy, as the best grooves never are, but it just smokes! My hat’s off
to the rhythm section on this one! Put this in a good stereo system and crank it up, and
you'll see what I mean. Bassist Marv has been up to our coffee house once, and I hope he
comes back and lays down some more grooves like this one!”
David Andrew Smith: “Nice music you got there!”
Woody Lissauer: “Hey Neighbors! I like your music, that's cool that you are a family
group, as well. I play with my sister when I can, but she plays a different style. All the
LJ Montgomery: “You have some nice tunes here. Good luck with 'em.”
Teporah: “GAWD! Coming Home is beautiful...I'd love to play some keys on that with
you sometime... Beautiful tunes!”
Jason McKay, Static Chain: “Great sound. Very unique to the norm we have on here.”
Dave Eske: “So what ever did happen to the caterer? Good sounds!”
Dan Junk: “Lance, it's great to see that you have 911 for everybody to listen to. I've
always loved that song.”
CD Universe: Terrific original band of the 70's music era- “These guys are great! If you
love music in its heyday - back in the 70's - when you followed artists because they had a
voice and knew how to write a memorable melody, then check out this band. They cover a
wide range of styles, but there's one consistent great music! Keep an eye on these guys.
They're on their way up!” Submitted by sbradley725 (Washington, DC)