Places To See At WinShape Retreat



Places To See At WinShape Retreat
Places To See At
WinShape Retreat
WinShape Retreat invites you to enjoy the beautiful Mountain Campus of Berry College. We welcome
you to expand your reservation to enjoy these opportunities or enjoy them during your existing
reservation. Please check in at WinShape Retreat’s Front Desk if you have questions or need to make
a reservation.
• OLD MILL WHEEL: You are welcome to drive to the Old Mill Wheel when the road is open. You
may walk to the Old Mill Wheel any time. It is a leisurely one-mile hike.
• RESERVOIR: You are welcome to walk to the reservoir at your leisure any time during your stay.
This walk is a moderate two-mile hike, but no cars are permitted past the location of the Water
• POSSUM TROT: You may drive to Possum Trot when the road is open. If you choose to walk, it is a
leisurely two-mile hike.
• FROST MEMORIAL CHAPEL: The chapel is open to you whenever another event is not in progress.
Please respect weddings, rehearsals or worship services that may be in progress.
• OAK HILL AND THE MARTHA BERRY MUSEUM: Located near Berry College. Call 706-368-6777
for hours.
• HOUSE O’ DREAMS: You are welcome to walk to the House o’ Dreams at your leisure during
daylight hours. Driving is prohibited without advance reservations. This walk is a fairly strenuous
three-mile hike. Please contact us at 877-977-3873 for reservations.
• BERRY CAMPUS: You are welcome to enjoy any outdoor location whenever it is convenient for
you during your stay. We recommend the reflection pool area of the Ford Buildings.

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Directions to WinShape Retreat

Directions to WinShape Retreat Turn left into Berry College main entrance. Follow directions (below) to the Mountain Campus.

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