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About Clarity Rental Booths
All About Clarity Rental Booths
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Dear Exhibit Manager,
Thank you for your interest in Clarity Rental Booths. This document will give you some idea
about our rental booths and our unique philosophy. But we are eager to speak with you to
answer your questions. Please don’t hesitate to call us to discuss your project further with us.
We have been serving the trade show industry since August, 2000. Our holding company,
neoPromo Media Group started with audio visual rentals and also quickly branched into content
business. Clarity Booths is the offspring of our heritage. Every Clarity Booth leverages our
expertise with large format video and our booths are designed around a Jumbotron. We
believe that having a Jumbotron as part of your Clarity Booth will go a long way to get you
recognized at your event and it will increase both the quality and the quantity of the leads you
are able to generate. Our motto says it all. Everyone will have chairs, tables and signs at your
event. But you may be the only one with a 176 inch Jumbotron on the show floor. Imagine the
difference this can make.
First things first: our commitment to you
We strive to exceed our customers’ expectations. If you had an opportunity to watch our
introductory video on our website www.ClarityBooths.com you know that honesty, integrity and
having a customer-centric focus are foundational to all of our activities.
Information speaks louder than chairs
Deciding on a rental booth can be overwhelming. There seems to be endless options, from the
simple booths offered by the General Service Contractor (GSC) to numerous exhibitor
appointed contractors who provide rental booths with varying degrees of customization.
However, if you shopped around, you have seen that there is no other rental booth on the
market like a Clarity Booth. This is because from the beginning, we decided to make
information, not the booth furniture a focal point of our booths. And what better way to achieve
this than having a compelling video run on a mega-sized display at your booth? Information
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20 by 20 booth
speaks louder than chairs and tables. After all, your prospects travel to your show to obtain
information about your company not to admire your booth furniture.
Visibility leads to leads
You already know this: it is not inexpensive to exhibit. Travel expenses, your opportunity cost
away from office, the fees you pay to the show and other expenses add up in a hurry. The fruit
of your time and money are the leads you generate. Your Clarity Booth is designed to pull
prospects into your space from the aisles. Our Jumbotron plays a key role because it stands out
with its size and its hard-to-miss presence on the show floor. You will be pleased with the
number of comments you will get from the attendees. Use them as conversation starters.
Every Clarity Booth comes with the following:
LED Jumbotron
Our Jumbotron is big! It is 13.1 feet long by 6.6 feet wide and measures 14.7 feet diagonally. It
has a surface area of 86.5 square feet. It features a narrow, 4.6 millimeter pixel-pitch LED
technology. Its tight pixel pitch, high color accuracy and white-field uniformity will broadcast your
marketing videos, your company information and your product videos with stunning impact.
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LED-backlit SEG panels with custom graphics
We will provide two LED-backlit Silicon Edge Graphic (SEG)
panels printed with your custom graphics. We print these panels
using the state-of-the-art dye sublimation printing process. The
result is vibrant, beautiful colors that pop to tell your story. These
panels are 116 inches high and 60 inches wide. Each panel is
double sided. That is over 96 square feet of backlit real estate to tell
your story and to create a custom look for your booth.
Media Towers
Clarity Booths come with media towers. Each media tower features
LED-backlit SEG panels with your custom graphics and each
tower holds one 42 inch LED TV on each side. You can use these
TVs to run a separate content on each or you can use them to
demo your applications. The SEG panels on the Media Towers
are also printed with the state-of-the-art dye sublimation printing
process. Each Media Tower is 96 inches high and 45 inches wide.
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Eurostyle contemporary chairs and side and center tables
You will love the elegant, neutral colored chairs that make a statement without taking the center
stage. These tasteful, stylish chairs project an image that is young, dynamic and decidedly
understated. Side tables and center table(s) complete your Clarity Booth. Made with a high
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gloss white finish material with chrome accents these tables do double duty by displaying your
A special offer for a limited time
We value your long term business. Therefore, we would like to give you an opportunity to
experience our rental booth at a rate that is significantly lower than the market rate. With this
mindset, we would like to offer you any of our rental booths at 60% off from our regular rental
rates This promotion is for a limited time. I hope you will take advantage of it. At this rate, you
will get everything I listed on our website www.ClarityBooths.com plus one person to assist with
the set up and operation of your booth. All travel expenses for our on-site person will be paid by
us. You will only be responsible for shipping, drayage, installation and electrical.
And of course, if there is anything you would like to add to your booth, please let us know. We
will be happy to provide it for you.
We look forward to be at your service. Please let me know about your questions.
Thank you.
Al Tokel
President, Clarity Booths
[email protected]
Clarity Booths
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