Wear Care Brochure


Wear Care Brochure
Anticipate the unexpected.
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about WearCare.®
The benefits described in this brochure are summarized
and subject to the terms, conditions and exclusions in
the WearCare Addendum.
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Some things you can predict.
Others you cannot.
Discover the benefits of WearCare.®
WearCare coverage:
The occasional coffee spill. A paint scratch.
There are some things even the most
conscientious driver cannot prevent. That’s
why we offer the option of WearCare. Electing
WearCare at the beginning of your lease
protects you from situations that may lead
to excess wear and use charges.*
› Waives up to $7,500** in excess wear and
use charges you may incur
› Manages costs associated with unexpected
wear and use charges at lease-end
Keep in mind WearCare is only available at the
time you begin your lease. For more details, visit
LincolnAFS.com or consult your Lincoln Dealer.
Permanent stains in fabric
Burn holes/rips in fabric
Cracked or broken glass
body panels
Broken lights/trim/molding
Dents and scratches
Missing or broken parts
Worn or damaged wheels
* Subject to the terms of your lease agreement. **If your vehicle has been driven for more than an average of 25,000 miles per year,
WearCare will waive half of your responsibility for excess wear and use charges at scheduled lease-end, up to a maximum amount of $3,750.
See your WearCare Addendum for additional exclusions and complete terms and conditions. Always read all documents before purchasing.