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2'nd July, 2009
17:31 is quoting a ]project-open[ roll-out for an American company.
3'rd July, 2009
15:43 managing several projects at once... it's easy with the right
tools :)
7'th July, 2009
15:46 We're configuring ]project-open[ for the American client, who
ultimately accepted our quote!
12'th July, 2009
17:17 Our first app for the iPhone, iFear - all about phobias, (see
http://www.ifear.it), is now available on the App Store.
July 2009 / 2
16'th July, 2009
18:03 is localising ]project-open[ (http://l10n.project-open.net/)
30'th July, 2009
09:02 Are you on Twellow? Check out my listing and register
yourself also! http://twellow.com/u/qabiria
09:48 "Poetry is what gets lost in translation." (Robert Frost). Is that
15:11 is setting PingFM to avoid typing the same post in each social
networking site
17:27 has finally set PingFM so that you can read our posts pretty
much everywhere on the net...
21:34 is managing several projects at once for an US customer
through their http://ping.fm/Wr4ib implementation.
31'st July, 2009
11:43 is browsing this site: http://www.cngl.ie/ , an interesting
initiative on l10n
July 2009 / 3
3'rd August, 2009
10:52 Free checklist for translation project managers :-)
10:59 @tferriss We are in full agreement!
4'th August, 2009
08:56 What words say does not last. The words last. Because words
are always the same, and what they say is never the same. A.
Porchia, Voces
11:41 Dizionario online - sinonimo di parole - sinonimi e contrari Dizionario online http://bit.ly/4aESZu #twine
5'th August, 2009
07:37 We are using Text-to-Speech (TTS) to check the quality of our
translations. Here is how: http://ping.fm/5oo7K
7'th August, 2009
09:09 is very concerned about a security breach just happened to
ProZ.com! http://ping.fm/4zSip
August 2009 / 4
10'th August, 2009
09:46 Should swear words be banned from an English dictionary?
Apple thinks so. http://ping.fm/siygx
11'th August, 2009
09:10 PROZ upcoming conference on machine translation in
Barcelona (Spain), 17 18 Oct 09. We are sponsors ans
speakers. Register and join us ...
12'th August, 2009
06:52 Join our webinar on August 28 @ 5pm CET: "How to create
your website in a few hours" http://ping.fm/waRYC
14'th August, 2009
08:38 Join our webinar on August 28 @ 5pm CET: "How to create
your website in a few hours" http://ping.fm/NqA7S
15'th August, 2009
22:01 is looking at an extremely useful web service, online OCR
conversion http://www.ocrterminal.com/
22:02 is checking another free OCR web service,
August 2009 / 5
21'st August, 2009
08:48 About to install Win 7 Ultimate RTM on a Virtual Machine. Full
and detailed account soon on Qabiria.com
29'th August, 2009
12:04 has just created a 2-question survey: http://tiny.cc/MT897 on
Machine Translation for the freelance translator. Please
August 2009 / 6
1'st September, 2009
18:18 Need to import or export translation memories and glossaries
in TXT format? We found two very useful (and free!) macros
for Excel that a ...
7'th September, 2009
16:04 Here is a truly excellent tool to create presentations! Have a
blog, or website like us? Translator or not, check this out - it is
worth ...
16:34 HOW TO: Develop into a Leader on Twitter « Bit Rebels
http://bit.ly/18RnOS #twine
17'th September, 2009
17:49 Struggling with l10n of a Joomla website? http://ping.fm/orAkK
18:10 Promising webinar on virtual collaboration by Enlaso:
18'th September, 2009
12:17 RT @qabiria Regalamos 300mil lectores de DNIe
September 2009 / 7
22'nd September, 2009
21:57 If you need to arrange a meeting or event, check #free
http://ping.fm/ge72R to have the participants choose the right
date and time
24'th September, 2009
08:45 for everyone interested in #Italian culture and language: a
manifest for a better use of the language http://ping.fm/r6mdt
30'th September, 2009
15:42 Inttranews introduces a low-cost, powerful global networking
system for linguists. http://ping.fm/Yfivo
September 2009 / 8
9'th October, 2009
08:51 "Machine translation and the freelance translator: a difficult
relationship." We will provide some insight on the topic at the
upcoming ...
08:59 September issue of ClientSide features the first part of
Qabiria's article "Social networking from the perspective of a
language profess ...
12'th October, 2009
09:33 STUDY: 75% of Small Businesses Are Not Engaging In Social
Media. http://bit.ly/yFM4g As a small business of language
professionals, w ...
13'th October, 2009
12:59 Who's the better translator: Machines or humans? http://bit.ly/3oUCJw #cnn
13:20 We are finalizing our presentation on Machine Translation for
the PROZ conference on Oct 17 18 in Barcelona.
October 2009 / 9
14'th October, 2009
10:07 RT @qabiria Qabiria toolbar is all new http://retwt.me/JFji
10:17 By stretching language we'll distort it sufficiently to wrap
ourselves in it and hide. JEAN GENET, The Blacks.
15'th October, 2009
09:03 Do you need a web collaboration tool? Here's a cool selection!
19'th October, 2009
10:14 Did you know you can create a survey for free with Google
Docs? http://ping.fm/lUv9T
20'th October, 2009
22:34 Just got back from this interesting event about coaching:
21'st October, 2009
12:31 Translation Industry News: UK: Thesaurus 45 years in the
making finally on sale. http://ping.fm/BxdeQ
15:02 If you missed the ProZ.com Conference in Barcelona, you can
find 2 presentations by @rubendelafuente here:
October 2009 / 10
15:05 And, of course, you can also read our presentation on #MT
#machinetranslation : http://tinyurl.com/MT-qabiria
October 2009 / 11
3'rd November, 2009
08:48 "How to become a sworn translator in Spain" : our article is on
YakuYaku.com! We are becoming more and more famous :-)
10'th November, 2009
23:12 just got back from a #Trados event in Barcelona: presentation
of Studio 2009 SP1 http://ping.fm/noDPm
23:25 @eventdoctor Thanks for mentioning Eventbrite
http://tinyurl.com/malhvo : looks very promising!
11'th November, 2009
19:57 We found some good FREE software for us translators on the
web. Know ApSIC Xbench yet? Our article explains it all.
13'th November, 2009
00:11 is working on a new release of http://ping.fm/Zflim a dictionary
about fears and phobias for the #iPhone and #iPod touch
November 2009 / 12
17'th November, 2009
08:13 Read our article on "Launchy": another free software that
makes a translator's life easier! http://ping.fm/D3sII
20:51 RT @SlideRocket Check out our helpful presentation tips -http://bit.ly/3t24jH The 5 Things You Need To Know Before
18'th November, 2009
16:44 RT @b_proust Low status of the translation industry may
affect export enterprises ( http://bit.ly/FGFMV )
16:47 RT @bonnjill 25 Things Translators Should Never Do:
19'th November, 2009
12:44 Want to create your website in a few hours? Check our
upcoming webinars in IT and SP. http://ping.fm/6Gwy4
21'st November, 2009
12:00 Myths about crowdsourced translation by @natalykelly:
November 2009 / 13
22'nd November, 2009
13:27 Video of an interesting #coaching event in Barcelona by
Iniciador (in ES): http://ping.fm/xUxA4
25'th November, 2009
12:43 Read the exec.summary of a #report on the EU #Language
Industry: http://ping.fm/FfRn9
12:48 ...the #report on the EU #Language industry will be presented
on Nov 27. Watch it for #free here: http://ping.fm/l05F1
30'th November, 2009
22:51 just got back from Vienna where we spoke at the #ProZ
conference: http://ping.fm/Bz1JK
November 2009 / 14
2'nd December, 2009
08:44 Qabiria publishes an article on Social Media and Translation
in the Sept Nov issues of ClientSide. http://ping.fm/to87v
10'th December, 2009
00:35 why not register for a #free webinar http://ping.fm/59RJM on
14'th December, 2009
09:01 A selection of the most interesting e-books on translation is
now available on Qabiria's website. http://ping.fm/a3mjI
17'th December, 2009
10:43 new from us: Allerglobal, a #free service that allows u to
create cards with your food allergies in 27 languages
28'th December, 2009
23:44 Do you want to track your working time? This seems a good
solution: http://ping.fm/a7Yn1
December 2009 / 15
29'th December, 2009
12:07 Reading 'Essential Habits Of An Effective Professional
Freelancer' (via @smashingmag) http://tinyurl.com/yastk5l
also useful for translators
December 2009 / 16
12'th January, 2010
14:32 Some of the TEDTalks we recently translated or reviewed:
14:33 If you don't know TED, "Ideas worth spreading", check their
web site: http://ping.fm/JPEKL
16'th January, 2010
11:03 Do you need a bridge between Typo3 and CAT tools? Here's
one (in German only): http://ping.fm/myZZ1
15:39 Discover how many tools and gadgets are included in
Qabiria's toolbar: http://ping.fm/Nc2VX
15:51 @BOOKSMILE If you need reliable and tech-savvy Italian
translators, we can help.
January 2010 / 17
18'th January, 2010
13:37 RT @qabiria I traduttori parlano la lingua degli affari?
24'th January, 2010
17:36 Do you know how to convert a PDF file into Word? Read our
article here: http://ping.fm/9CXjQ
25'th January, 2010
23:36 Need a reliable web #hosting for only $9.95/year? Check this
offer: http://ping.fm/SlkiI
27'th January, 2010
08:41 Prezi is new: it has more features and is easier to use.
29'th January, 2010
09:13 New translation article on Qabiria's website: The Portrait of
the Translator as a Business (Wo)man. http://ping.fm/Iqgwc
January 2010 / 18
3'rd February, 2010
20:24 Put money in the bank with Systran Desktop by GTS:
21:17 Why Machine Translation Matters for LSPs
23'rd February, 2010
14:55 RT @Translation_Art How should I search on Google to get
more translation work? http://bit.ly/bAPnHi
17:22 Another example of crowdsourcing in translation:
25'th February, 2010
23:30 If you want to implement a #crowdsourcing translation system
for your #Wordpress site, check this: http://ping.fm/nFajE
28'th February, 2010
23:24 #Wordcount addon for #Firefox, http://ping.fm/gQMfx : counts
words in selected text
February 2010 / 19
2'nd March, 2010
15:06 CAT tools move to the cloud: #Wordbee is an example,
16:21 Really happy to see lots of buzz around Allerglobal.com:
3'rd March, 2010
19:04 RT @justinvincent How I reduced translation costs of 200
articles from $9000 to $46 http://bit.ly/cnsqbk
5'th March, 2010
11:33 @anklev Thanks for your tweet about Qabiria Toolbar
13:06 Italian ebook about #Joomfish and #Joomla (I haven't read it,
just FYI): http://ping.fm/O79cd
7'th March, 2010
19:30 RT @HynekPalatin Some thoughts on business cards for
translators by @corinnemckay http://bit.ly/aLRwEO
March 2010 / 20
19:56 Released #Glossword 1.9 (now as #Joomla extension): free
online multilingual dictionaries and glossaries creator:
8'th March, 2010
20:40 A good #Prezi presentation about Victor Translator a new
#MT tool (EN>ES) developed in Spain by MTCSoft:
10'th March, 2010
21:09 Post-editing machine translation with Systran and SDL
Trados: http://ping.fm/hRYN9
12'th March, 2010
11:11 off topic, but too good to miss: Google Superbowl ad called
Parisian Love: http://ping.fm/oo5LK
15'th March, 2010
20:03 Franz Josef Och, Google's translation uber-scientist, talks
about Google Translate: http://ping.fm/TGnlu
24'th March, 2010
15:27 Links to several Translation Style Guides (thanks to
@AdamWooten): http://ping.fm/GreMv
March 2010 / 21
15:27 RT @GlobalizationGp Glossaries of Localization Terminology
27'th March, 2010
16:11 Qabiria's toolbar reviewed by Anyword.fr: http://ping.fm/ZcdXN
16:42 The 8-step rule: how to solve any CAT tool error
28'th March, 2010
20:01 MyTXTcleaner, a macro for OpenOffice that removes line
breaks from PDF>TXT conversions: http://ping.fm/m1V10
March 2010 / 22
1'st April, 2010
18:36 The controversy on the Italian dubbing of "Big Bang Theory",
ie why you should watch it subtitled:http://ping.fm/KGIGo
12'th April, 2010
19:12 RT @projop The ERP as a Social Network:
20:08 Some of you may have missed that ]project-open[ version 3.4
has been released: http://ping.fm/p9Gc2
20'th April, 2010
18:54 RT @kamyousaf Posterous commits to building a Ning blog
importer. Bring your network to Posterous, for free
21'st April, 2010
17:52 New Microsoft Service Fixes Common PC Problems for Free:
April 2010 / 23
23'rd April, 2010
09:35 The Rosetta Project: a global collaboration of language
specialists to build a digital library of human languages:
24'th April, 2010
15:30 Cucumis - a community of translators who share their
linguistic knowledge and help each other online, for #free:
17:35 Free TeamWox Groupware for 10 users: tasks, docs,
helpdesk, chat, team, crm, etc... ad -http://tinyurl.com/22npjru
27'th April, 2010
14:48 TAUS Data Association Roadmap Consultation:
16:37 Check out our new self paced training courses for translators
and project managers: http://ping.fm/OmU0k
18:51 RT @donnaparrish Are things really this rosy for translation
companies? http://bit.ly/aBdqKD
28'th April, 2010
13:16 Edit or share Google Docs files from within Microsoft Office
with this #free tool: http://ping.fm/V0k0w
April 2010 / 24
30'th April, 2010
09:26 #LinkedIn gives ability to follow companies
http://bit.ly/cAuvCC #facebook #facebook-fan-page linkedin.
April 2010 / 25
3'rd May, 2010
17:24 RT @wwwhatsnew: TaskSquid - Interesting Task
management web application for groups http://bit.ly/a6lNCK
17:27 RT @rubendelafuente using Delicious as search engine (in
ES) http://thinkwasabi.com/2010/01… http://bit.ly/cqnKrh
4'th May, 2010
16:54 Check out our new training courses on ProZ.com:
9'th May, 2010
19:16 @kamyousaf Try Camstudio http://camstudio.org/
12'th May, 2010
09:10 One of the most original dictionaries for the #iPhone: all about
#fears and #phobias http://ping.fm/uElMp #App
17:25 One of the most original dictionaries for the #iPhone: all about
#fears and #phobias http://ping.fm/hb9W0 #App
May 2010 / 26
13'th May, 2010
16:47 English > Korean translator urgently needed (for only 22
words). Some native speaker willing to help? Not 100% sure,
but more work may come.
17:01 @aegrange You're welcome. We're always looking for
interesting content about #translation, #productivity,
#localization. Let's keep in touch
17:54 @martaboer It's a good idea. Hashtag #joboffertrans for any
job offers for translators. Let's see if it spreads out.
14'th May, 2010
09:32 RT @pmstrad ¡Vota por Algo más que traducir en la
competición de los Top 100 Language Blogs 2010! :)
09:33 RT @fidusinterpres My book "Fidus interpres" featured on
ProZ's translation book section: http://www.proz.com/books
17:11 I translated David Kelley's #TED talk into Italian:
http://ping.fm/C2XK3 Join #TEDTranslate
22:37 Cool Search Engines That Are Not Google | Epicenter |
Wired.com http://bit.ly/c9FU3c
May 2010 / 27
15'th May, 2010
13:08 Self paced training course "Introduction to websites
#localization" (only 40€): http://ping.fm/cgJ7k
13:29 @petesavage You may be interested in one of our projects:
http://www.allerglobal.com (currently looking for sponsors)
17:38 Have you ever wondered what "Qabiria" really means? Here's
a glimpse on our #branding process: http://ping.fm/8XGv5
16'th May, 2010
12:58 RT @debora_1978 RT @apticassociacio El Trujamán, la
revista diaria de traducción del Instituto Cervantes, vuelve a
cobrar vida http://ht.ly/1IkQ5
17'th May, 2010
14:25 RT @gdotb RT @fidusinterpres #xl8 Free e-book about
translation agencies http://ow.ly/17oJGv
21:41 RT @qabiria Allerglobal: a really good idea! Read more about
this #free tool for allergic travellers: http://bit.ly/by5ImY
18'th May, 2010
09:23 Try our new #training course on #OCR
conversion/digitalization with #FineReader for only 16 EUR!
May 2010 / 28
14:22 RT @TAUS_Data TAUS Data Association Roadmap
Consultation Webinar: http://bit.ly/d1AJ1L
14:45 L10N Reality Check: Industry Insider Shines Light On The
Dirty Little Secrets Of The Translation And Localization
Industry http://ping.fm/mB
20'th May, 2010
13:58 http://ping.fm/BqcSy
13:59 4 Killer Gmail Features You Might Not Know About:
14:11 NirLauncher: a package of 100+ portable completely
#freeware utilities for Windows. http://ping.fm/eA1h0
24'th May, 2010
08:17 #free instant and easy online quality control / QA of translated
documents: CrossCheck http://ping.fm/UCbsN
25'th May, 2010
21:44 The state of OmegaT - a couple of months old post, but still
worth reading: http://ping.fm/0GEFh
May 2010 / 29
26'th May, 2010
21:42 Need to track time and expenses or manage invoices? Take a
look at FreshBooks: http://www.freshbooks.com/
27'th May, 2010
14:20 Un ebook reader migliore dell'#iPad: http://ping.fm/S5K78
19:01 Which free machine translation works best? Results from a
study: http://ping.fm/O8LBC #MT
21:14 "Freelance 101 – Part 4 Time Tracking « Web Tips Magazine"
31'st May, 2010
14:29 The World of Language Services Just Keeps Getting Bigger:
May 2010 / 30
1'st June, 2010
17:04 One of the most complete texts on Translation Project
Management now on our web: http://ping.fm/oTvLA #pm
18:04 @roquedias Why bigger? 'cause you can sell your translation
services better, while showing your skills. Here's an how-to:
2'nd June, 2010
14:40 Good selection of the best #free #PDF tools:
20:36 HOWTO: #OmegaT compatibility with other software
http://ping.fm/TaR5G #cat omegat
4'th June, 2010
11:54 Non sai che pesci pigliare? "Falsi amici" ittici fra italiano e
spagnolo (IT only): http://ping.fm/YClu8
8'th June, 2010
21:59 #Free tools for translators and project managers, part 3:
Notepad++ http://ping.fm/owsgQ
June 2010 / 31
10'th June, 2010
15:29 #Microsoft Offers Web-based #Office Applications for #Free
http://ping.fm/dBCV6 (via @GizmosFreeware)
11'th June, 2010
11:32 Many of you probably missed this #free #papercut from us:
13'th June, 2010
20:24 Multi-lingual Glossary of Idioms http://www.wikidioms.com
new project aimed at creating multilingual glossaries
19'th June, 2010
19:50 How to translate #Joomla articles with #Joomfish:
21'st June, 2010
15:20 Developing new translator training modules with ProZ.com, a
case study: http://ping.fm/JD7od
25'th June, 2010
15:02 SkyDrive, the online-storage component of Win Live. Every
Live member gets 25GB #free: http://ping.fm/CADhM
June 2010 / 32
26'th June, 2010
13:56 Disappointing Italy: let's get over it with a new #iPhone #app
Qabiria helped localize http://ping.fm/qfPM7
14:38 Disappointing Italy: let's get over it with a new iPhone app
19:01 Delusione Italia: consoliamoci giocando con l'iPhone
29'th June, 2010
19:17 IBM Open-Sources Translation Memory Software
30'th June, 2010
08:20 Boost your productivity with a #free toolbar specific for
translators and project managers: http://ping.fm/NuFzI
14:24 Recensione di Glossword ripubblicata su glossword.biz
June 2010 / 33
1'st July, 2010
15:53 RT @mashable GTD Toolbox: 100+ Resources for Getting
Things Done http://bit.ly/bhALlL #getting-things-done #gtd
2'nd July, 2010
02:18 Il logo di Qabiria riscuote successo http://ping.fm/Afp2z
4'th July, 2010
02:09 I'm a TED translator too http://ping.fm/9piB7
7'th July, 2010
18:16 Free TeamWox Groupware for 10 users: tasks, docs,
helpdesk, chat, team, crm, etc... spon
8'th July, 2010
18:17 Migliora la tua produttività con la nostra toolbar gratuita:
http://ping.fm/9X1sU #free
July 2010 / 34
12'th July, 2010
17:06 I nostri corsi autodidattici su ProZ.com http://ping.fm/1QDbO
20:52 Our self-study courses are on ProZ.com: http://ping.fm/kqYaf
13'th July, 2010
08:18 Our self-study courses are on ProZ.com: http://ping.fm/9xmlf
10:31 TradHostel: nuovo servizio per il settore turistico-alberghiero
14'th July, 2010
09:39 Linguamón – House of Languages in Barcelona, Spain
http://ping.fm/iaNEC interesting public initiative
11:35 Gratis una dashboard in Excel per ]project-open[
12:53 A free dashboard in Excel for project-open:
15'th July, 2010
10:02 Prueba nuestro nuevo servicio, TradHostel (only in ES):
10:04 Prueba nuestro nuevo servicio, TradHostel (only in Spanish):
July 2010 / 35
10:04 TradHostel also has a brand new Facebook page:
16'th July, 2010
07:32 SDL Acquires Language Weaver for US$42.5 million:
07:41 @acattelan L'unicità di TH consiste in: "tutto compreso"
(inclusa registrazione su web directories) e nel procedimento
di acquisto online.
07:43 RT @TAUS_Data TAUS Data Association Blog » Free APIs
for TAUS Data technology: http://bit.ly/9uqO3S
19'th July, 2010
00:29 Qabiria's blog now available on your mobile phone
23'rd July, 2010
22:22 *WatchOCR.com: free OCR server for PDFs to create text
searchable PDFs from image only PDFs
July 2010 / 36
3'rd August, 2010
08:54 RT @rubendelafuente Google Help : Cheat Sheet http://goo.gl/QbyW #in
08:54 RT @rubendelafuente Importing the Microsoft Terminology
Collection http://bit.ly/cWdWMe
11:36 #free training manuals for MS Office: http://ping.fm/JCxl5
4'th August, 2010
21:46 The Easiest Way To Take Bookings Online:
11'th August, 2010
22:25 Is your website fast enough? http://ping.fm/4JKcI
13'th August, 2010
07:53 Crowd-Sourced Translation Goes Awry For Facebook:
August 2010 / 37
16'th August, 2010
15:16 How to store completed translations and interpreting
paperwork (from #linkedin): http://ping.fm/t1PIP
31'st August, 2010
15:38 The top 100 Web Sites of 2010: http://ping.fm/84wO3
August 2010 / 38
11'th September, 2010
16:52 ¿Que quiere decir «Qabiria» (si alguna vez te lo has
preguntado)? http://ping.fm/z6eSZ
16:53 What does "Qabiria" mean (if you ever wondered)?
16:53 Che cosa vuol dire "Qabiria" (se mai te lo stessi chiedendo):
16:55 How to search words and phrases in PDF files for #free:
13'th September, 2010
17:12 ELIA's networking days in Dublin: http://ping.fm/G0PhH
17:19 Getting the most out of a conference http://bit.ly/dDuJDm
14'th September, 2010
11:00 The #tweetlevel influence score for @qabiria is 33. How
influential are you? http://bit.ly/tweetlevel
September 2010 / 39
16'th September, 2010
15:35 Cross-platform Tools for Translators: http://ping.fm/QKLDD
17'th September, 2010
19:23 Nuovo ebook: Guida per il traduttore freelance (in IT)
19:25 New ebook: Guida per il traduttore freelance
24'th September, 2010
12:35 Google New - un posto per tutte le novità di Google:
http://bit.ly/bVxaeh /cc @feedly
12:39 Due to the air traffic controllers' strike in France, we were
unable to fly to Ekaterinburg for the Translation Forum Russia
26'th September, 2010
22:26 @AskScreenjelly What happened to screentoaster? Is the
server down?
27'th September, 2010
23:12 Novità: video-tutorial gratuito su Rainbow, OmegaT e XBench
September 2010 / 40
23:19 New #free step-by-step videotutorial about Rainbow OmegaT
XBench. Plus a PDF with detailed transcript:
28'th September, 2010
17:21 New #free step-by-step videotutorial about Rainbow OmegaT
XBench. Plus a PDF with detailed transcript:
17:29 @larusalka FOSS is an inclusive term which covers both free
software and open source software, at least according to the
Wikipedia. :)
18:03 37 Productivity Tips for Working From Anywhere
http://bit.ly/b8GiVi /cc @feedly
30'th September, 2010
16:19 Checking out ProZ.com virtual conference for translators.
(Free event underway now.) #Translation3 http://t.co/k2FYoIO
via @prozcom
September 2010 / 41
4'th October, 2010
20:01 4 new books added to our online #free library:
9'th October, 2010
15:26 LanguageTool Open Source language checker
14'th October, 2010
22:01 Curso CAT (SDL-Trados) a 99 euros: http://ping.fm/Q2iXv
15'th October, 2010
10:51 Our self-study courses are on ProZ.com http://ping.fm/Nq3pf
10:51 Un ebook reader migliore dell'iPad http://ping.fm/dCrHH
17:23 Curso SDL Trados completo por solo 99 euros el 18/10/2010
en Barcelona - http://eepurl.com/bjN01
17:26 Curso SDL Trados completo por solo 99 euros el 18/10/2010
en Barcelona http://t.co/fv8aZaK via @qabiria
October 2010 / 42
16'th October, 2010
19:29 @vicogonzales If it's your first time designing a logo, try this:
http://www.logomaker.com/ is much easier than CorelDraw or
19:38 @vicogonzales another one, even better, is
http://www.logoyes.com/logocre… No, they're not free, but
19:40 Estaremos en la próxima conferencia Proz en Barcelona el
13-14/11/2010 #przbcn10 (http://www.proz.com/conference…
19:41 If you're coming to the next Proz conference in Barcelona, use
this hashtag when tweeting about it: #przbcn10
18'th October, 2010
10:21 RT @pmstrad Elaborar y usar glosarios terminológicos con
Excel http://bit.ly/95Qqwc
11:22 Excelente presentación creada por Google’s Creative Labs
http://t.co/WQODaDP via @wwwhatsnew
19'th October, 2010
12:13 This weekend we'll be at the Barcelona Startup Weekend
October 2010 / 43
20'th October, 2010
16:59 Enhancing Multilingual Content in Wikipedia:
17:56 @hp_logomaker You're welcome! I think your service is very
useful for people who want to create a quick
professional-looking logo.
18:44 Style and usage guide of the Government of Catalonia’s
social networks (#free pdf): http://ping.fm/3WF9s
21'st October, 2010
18:54 According to @Klout, @qabiria has a strong true reach http://bit.ly/d4oMAv - Thanks to all our followers!
23'rd October, 2010
09:19 Working at the Barcelona StartUp Weekend. Great people
and great ideas here! #swbcn
24'th October, 2010
12:00 Barcelona StartUp Weekend: the right event to find out if you
really are an entrepreneur. #swbcn
12:25 Our team has just won SageContigoEmprendedor at the
Barcelona StartUp Weekend #swbcn
October 2010 / 44
14:39 RT @ellas2: ¡Os presentamos los 7 proyectos de Startup
Weekend Barcelona, con sus creadores! #swbcn
25'th October, 2010
12:50 First Startup Weekend Barcelona covered by @TCEurope
(http://bit.ly/9Vj8BW)... and we've been there (Coupies
group)!! #swbcn
19:27 Primo Startup Weekend a Barcellona: tre considerazioni
27'th October, 2010
17:11 RT @localizing RT @rubendelafuente: Introducing common
locale data repository http://bit.ly/cQnw0b -> At last! A
must-have, must-know resource for #l10n
17:16 STILUS - Corrector ortográfico, gramatical y de estilo para
español http://icio.us/dxnpzk
17:36 @esanchezleon sorry for the late answer: I worked with the
Coupies project #swbcn @coupies_es
18:30 Primo Startup Weekend a Barcellona: tre considerazioni
http://ping.fm/DJb36 #swbcn
October 2010 / 45
28'th October, 2010
15:00 RT @hynekpalatin: Google Translate - What every user
should know about privacy issues http://bit.ly/dueWpG #xl8
20:43 ePub Converter - Free online tool to convert pdf, doc and
other ebooks' formats to epub format. Convert pdf to epub.
29'th October, 2010
12:02 You probably missed this presentation about project
management as an opportunity for freelancers:
http://ow.ly/31mOK #projectmanagement #pmi
14:45 I'm using Aardvark! Join my network so we can help each
other out... http://vark.com/s/tyxW
31'st October, 2010
20:39 Searching for terminology with Google Booksearch
October 2010 / 46
1'st November, 2010
13:08 Megatrends and Their Impact on Professional Translation
(from @kvashee): http://ping.fm/fIEbO
2'nd November, 2010
21:22 Where to Stash and Share Your Stuff After Drop.io Shuts
Down http://ping.fm/7wQ8K
3'rd November, 2010
09:15 Nice #free commenting system tool for #wordpress:
http://highlighter.com/ #webdesign
09:17 Highlighter http://icio.us/4jdgzx
11:19 Translator Events - 3ª Conferencia de ProZ.com en España
Aspectos Prácticos de la Traducción http://bit.ly/c0Szlb
#przbcn10 We'll be there!
4'th November, 2010
23:59 L'archivio storico de La Stampa digitalizzato e ricercabile:
November 2010 / 47
6'th November, 2010
00:35 Check out Qabiria's Bookshelf: http://ping.fm/JRK7K Selected
interesting books for translators and project managers.
11:29 NirSoft - freeware utilities: password recovery, system utilities,
desktop utilities http://icio.us/jezifw
7'th November, 2010
01:22 I just unlocked the 6-month graphs on #twittercounter. Find
out more http://twittercounter.com/page… via @TheCounter
8'th November, 2010
00:49 A Translation Automation Timeline | TAUS - Enabling better
translation http://t.co/nFU8puo via @AddThis
11:10 Check out Qabiria's Bookshelf: http://ping.fm/JRK7K Selected
interesting books for translators and project managers.
21:45 Please support our idea on the GlobalSight Community Ideas
Contest: http://uservoice.com/a/364WH #GlobalSight
21:50 Support our idea of translations through IM on the
#GlobalSight Community Contest: http://ping.fm/3SCRk
November 2010 / 48
9'th November, 2010
13:27 I just voted for 'Add-on for the translation of…' what do you
think? http://uservoice.com/a/364WH #GlobalSight #feedback
20:30 Is “One Hour Translations” a Game Changer for Global
Marketing? @OHT http://ping.fm/KsOJ4
20:35 Support our idea of translations through IM on the
#GlobalSight Community Contest: http://ping.fm/3SCRk
10'th November, 2010
22:53 RT @sdlservices: Translation Memory wasn’t the enemy and
neither is machine translation http://bit.ly/bxHFaM [SDL Blog]
11'th November, 2010
11:41 RT @rubendelafuente: RT @Wolfram_Alpha Ever have words
stuck on the tip of your tongue? @Lifehacker
11:43 @playmobiles Los creditos ATA sirven para esto:
11:44 RT @prozcom @xosecastro Traductores miembros de la
ATA. Recordad que la 3ª conferencia de Proz da créditos.
http://bit.ly/9byzgx #przbcn10
November 2010 / 49
12:21 Hoy estaremos en el Barcelona Networking Day
#emprenedors #empreses #bcn
12:36 Today we'll be at Barcelona Networking Day
23:37 Our idea for #GlobalSight got 47 votes! 20 more than the
second. Tks everyone who voted for us.
23:40 RT @GermanENTrans Thoughts on using translation
environment tools other apps on netbooks: http://bit.ly/dfDKy6
12'th November, 2010
12:40 Autshumato ITE: OmegaT vitaminado http://bit.ly/coKx8f
13'th November, 2010
00:42 Mañana estaremos en la conferencia Proz.com de Barcelona.
Nos vemos allí. #przbcn10
14'th November, 2010
20:04 just got back from #przbcn10. Despite some technical
problems y'day, today we've received positive feedback from
the attendees. tks a lot.
November 2010 / 50
20:07 @localizing tks a lot, we had a great time in Barcelona too.
buenas vibraciones entre la gente. #przbcn10
20:15 @TransDGiron thanks a lot. we will publish the presentation in
few days. stay tuned for the link. #przbcn10
20:18 @diegobartolome Diego, tks, siempre es útil recibir consejos
de alguien que NO sea traductor #przbcn10
15'th November, 2010
21:10 @thomaspauly :-) Welcome on twitter. feel free to contact us
should you need any help.
21:17 RT @pmstrad: ¡Muy bueno! ¿Qué me “pongo”? 10 consejos
para adquirir una herramienta TAO, en el blog de
@kleinelaura http://bit.ly/9Fz57C
21:17 RT @pmstrad: Las claves del networking para traductores,
por @ricardsierra http://bit.ly/d8Vl05
22:25 @itsthatayles if you're talking about surfing, it should be
something like "arriviamo fino a riva"
22:29 @aidagda cursos de localización:
http://www.localizationinstitu… , muy recomendable (fuentes
indirectas, que conste, yo no fui).
November 2010 / 51
16'th November, 2010
09:05 @pmstrad He visto tu nueva web. Enhorabuena! Porque no
quitas el "hello" de la home y pones tu nombre o tu ventaja
competitiva? just my 2c
10:49 @pmstrad El minimalismo está muy conseguido. Lo que sale
de las buenas prácticas es el mensaje de bienvenida, que no
aporta contenido.
22:05 @pmstrad Entiendo (y perdona por insistir) pero "hello" no es
exactamente un texto muy original, que digamos... :) Yo
pondría "Insert coin".
22:08 @pmstrad ...u otro relacionado con tu especialización. Mi
insistencia se debe a que me parece el único defecto de una
web muy lograda ;)
22:09 @pmstrad Un libro muy recomendable al respecto:
http://www.sensible.com/dmmt.h… Steve Krug, Don't make
me think. #usability #webdesign
17'th November, 2010
09:49 @rubendelafuente thanks, let's see how it goes...
unfortunately the final decision depends on the jury, not only
on votes... :)
12:13 Check out our SlideShare presentation : Social networking
and the translator http://slidesha.re/9yNNm4 #przbcn10
November 2010 / 52
12:55 @metajugglamum i would resize them BEFORE importing
them in Word with #irfanview.
12:57 @metajugglamum ...if you received the Word with images,
save as HTML, go to the target folder (same level as HTML
file): imgs are there!
12:58 @vicogonzales Estuvo francamente bien: muy buen
ambiente, charlas interesantes. Mejor que el año pasado, sin
duda.(usa este hash: #przbcn10)
13:02 At the #przbcn10 someone asked us how to block a follower
in twitter. Here you are the detailed procedure:
13:34 Why Your Business Must Embrace the Foreign Language
Internet http://t.co/GTQydgj via @mashbusiness @mashable
18:40 @vicogonzales Mira también nuestra web http://ht.ly/3bn52
Está el contenido de nuestra otra ponencia sobre programas
18'th November, 2010
11:13 @sarahdillon Thanks for the feedback. We're also featured on
slideshare today (hurry up before it's too late):
11:14 @tizi4no grazie, e' +o- quello che abbiamo in mente, ma il
target e' diverso. noi puntiamo a venderlo come sistema
interno per LSP.
November 2010 / 53
19'th November, 2010
00:44 Which languages offer the most potential for your website?
http://bit.ly/indexLIN A study by Translated.net worth a quick
09:21 RT @IreneSAlmagro: 22 de nov, 13.30 h - Aula la 52.121,
18:32 Good point. @saavedramanuel: French in Canada? Catalan
in Catalonia/Spain? http://bit.ly/indexLIN
20'th November, 2010
11:15 @honeymoonandmor We're available for German/English to
Italian translations. Check our website: http://www.qabiria.com
23'rd November, 2010
16:33 RT @tizi4no: Trying #wordfast Anywhere on iPhone..
16:35 Guía de buenas prácticas para la licitación de desarrollos
libres por parte de las administraciones locales
November 2010 / 54
24'th November, 2010
12:22 Amazon Italy is online (http://www.amazon.it) with 30%
12:33 Translating the new #iPhone #app #Coupies for @coupies_es
19:33 RT @ebodeux: Nice! > RT @AthenaLanguage: Check out
pronunciation dictionary http://ping.fm/Ghllk, with 25
languages counting!
19:34 RT @ebodeux: Nice! > RT @AthenaLanguage: Check out
pronunciation dictionary http://www.forvo.com, with 25
languages counting!
19:35 Traduttori e interpreti: il senso delle lingue, pubblicazione
della UE: http://ht.ly/3f35l
21:27 Photo gallery: worst car names http://ht.ly/3f6Zt where most of
the times a translator would have been useful...
25'th November, 2010
23:32 RT @danielbonatti: Add to the list Kia's BESTA in Brazil,
meaning STUPID in Portuguese! LOL worst car names
23:34 @teacher_orlando You're welcome! Check our other articles
on our website: http://www.qabiria.com/en/reso…
November 2010 / 55
23:36 My Twitter Fans: @rubendelafuente @pmstrad @localizing
@annediams @transdgiron @saavedramanuel. Find yours @
27'th November, 2010
19:47 RT @CamposLeza Un programa que uso sin parar:
Everything, buscador de archivos rápido en Windows en
Bitelia http://bit.ly/eqjl19
19:49 @camposleza Creo que te puede interesar este artículo
http://ping.fm/2hxR9 "Finding a needle in a haystack, part 2:
desktop search tools"
19:55 RT @rubendelafuente: Check out my ultracool new logo at
http://www.facebook.com/pages/… Thx Marco from @qabiria
28'th November, 2010
19:51 RT @qabiria 5 motivi per diventare traduttori TED
November 2010 / 56
2'nd December, 2010
18:46 The Best Of: Windows Software by Makeuseof.com
9'th December, 2010
23:40 @larusalka: OmegaT beta version 2.2.2 has been released,
now with the long-awaited feature 'create glossary entry' ¡yay!
23:43 RT @larassegna: Endangered Languages Open Database
Launched Online http://bit.ly/eIt0HB
15'th December, 2010
10:59 Google Launches Site for Teaching Tech to Your Parents
http://bit.ly/husvXn /cc @feedly
11:20 #Free article: Text-to-Speech (TTS) as a translator quality
control tool http://ping.fm/KDd0c
16:35 Come risparmiare tempo prezioso nella gestione dei file #free
article http://ping.fm/RURs9
December 2010 / 57
16'th December, 2010
16:34 A must-read: "Translation leaks" by Jaap van der Meer
17'th December, 2010
22:51 Learn to master the "mouseless Firefox" science:
http://lifehacker.com/139495/h… via @lifehacker 5 star article
18'th December, 2010
12:27 RT @wintranslation Translation word count – why do word
counts vary from agency to agency? http://bit.ly/aeKSpm
21'st December, 2010
19:21 RT @tweetmeme Bloggers to watch in 2011-Translation and
Localization Industry http://bit.ly/fu6Gn4
22'nd December, 2010
17:37 We're 1st Place Winner @ GlobalSight contest: with "Add-on
for the translation of short texts through instant messaging"
17:39 We're 1st Place Winner @ GlobalSight contest: with "Add-on
for the translation of short texts through instant messaging"
December 2010 / 58
17:42 Regarding the Globalsight contest: Thanks to everyone who
voted for us.
18:09 @etymax If you're looking for a reliable and tech-savvy Italian
translator, check my websites: *http://www.qabiria.com and
18:11 tks!!! RT @globalsight Ideas Contest Winners Announced Congrats Marco @qabiria , Alexandre Eoin! http://bit.ly/fQOviv
#welocalize #tms
24'th December, 2010
16:03 1st Place Winner at GlobalSight Community Ideas Contest
17:20 Christmas Greetings from Qabiria - http://eepurl.com/b5q1b
17:32 Christmas Greetings from Qabiria - http://eepurl.com/b5rn9
27'th December, 2010
15:28 Google Translate is Finished - http://bit.ly/eGd6qK
15:29 RT @pmstrad Nuevo número de la revista Tradumàtica sobre
localización de páginas web: http://bit.ly/hOTpE1
December 2010 / 59
1'st January, 2011
14:15 subzin – find quotes from movies and tv shows, perfect when
translating books about films http://t.co/ulIX0eo via
3'rd January, 2011
17:20 Just published: Machine Translation Postediting Guidelines |
TAUS - Enabling better translation http://t.co/2qtTwHr
8'th January, 2011
22:08 RT @lingotrans: Pleasantly surprised by
http://www.onlineocr.net/, free OCR system to convert PDFs
to editable Word files.
11'th January, 2011
10:20 @martaortells busca un comic de XMen y mira el ruido que
hace Wolverine al sacar las garras. http://myloc.me/goIQ8
January 2011 / 60
12:51 @martaortells por cierto: los colmillos de los vampiros no
salen de golpe: siempre están fuera. Eso según la "vulgata"...
20:39 RT @esanchezleon: Promoción de El País de diccionarios de
la lengua española. http://fb.me/AsJTDHTd
12'th January, 2011
17:57 Corso pratico di traduzione editoriale inglese > italiano
organizzato dalla casa editrice Odoya: http://ow.ly/3CC0R
(400 euro+iva)
17'th January, 2011
11:36 Wordpress Translate Plugin | Mister Nifty
22'nd January, 2011
10:30 @rubendelafuente Adelante, adelante, correr la voz... si
alguien más necesita marca y logo, aquí estamos...
10:38 Do you want to share development costs for customer portal
for ]project-open[? http://ow.ly/3Ij5a
10:41 @transzend i haven't used anything but TotalCommander in
the last 10 years. Works like a charm, license is affordable
and lots of plugins.
January 2011 / 61
10:51 @larusalka Not always being FOSS and cross-platform is an
advantage per se. A large userbase, good documentation and
dedication are (p.ej.)
29'th January, 2011
00:00 Calling all innovators! The TED Fellows team is looking for
you! Apply to be a #TEDFellow
January 2011 / 62
2'nd February, 2011
14:19 RT @earres: Looking for a Spanish>Dutch translator for an
urgent project. Please RT. Thanks :)
14:20 RT @traducaoviaval: Interested in #BusinessEnglish? Some
interesting podcasts here: http://bit.ly/eY5xQy #ESL (via
18:33 Machine Translation Detector: Find out if your translation was
done by a machine like Google
4'th February, 2011
20:22 Test Your Technology Skills Find A New Job With Gild:
22'nd February, 2011
16:31 RT @sdltrados: AITI Liguria: Corso "SDL Trados Studio 2009
- livello avanzato" di Bruno Ciola, Genova 4 marzo 2011
February 2011 / 63
23'rd February, 2011
21:54 GlobalSight new release (8.0): http://ping.fm/nS7YP #tms
24'th February, 2011
18:41 RT @makeuseof DOWNLOAD HackerProof: Your Guide To
PC Security [PDF Guide] http://bit.ly/fzum8n
25'th February, 2011
18:13 Social networks for business: how to make the most out of
your accounts http://ping.fm/BVSUT
February 2011 / 64
3'rd March, 2011
16:45 @daniel_mensing Daniel, feel free to send me whatever you
need. :)
7'th March, 2011
17:49 Crowdfunding for project-open customer portal just started:
http://ow.ly/49oUD Make an offer (if developer) or bid (if user).
Please RT
17:52 Crowdfunding for project-open customer portal just started:
http://ow.ly/49oUD @klaushofeditz why don't you make an
8'th March, 2011
18:11 @rubendelafuente Tstream is proprietary software of
Xplanation, large LSP. Similar to Star Transit.
18:12 RT @zoverline: Terminology guru and #localization masta'
@UweMuegge has another great article in tcworld magazine
19:15 RT @qabiria e-commretail: 2º salone del marketing online
March 2011 / 65
21:26 @localizing @rubendelafuente exactly, there's no lite: you can
download it but can only use it with xplanation projects, as far
as I know
9'th March, 2011
13:11 Finally, you can explain to your boss how Social Networking is
saving your company. #chartsngraphs HootStats
13:13 RT @sustarling: RT @AMDTransl: Reality check: EUR 372 is
a very good price for #MemoQ, is it not? <Yes, and worth
every penny!> memoq
10'th March, 2011
13:53 The crowdfunding for Customer Portal for ]project-open[ has
just started http://bit.ly/icB1nh Please RT
13:54 Are you a #tcl #openacs developer? Want to earn some
money? Make an offer for the Customer Portal for
]project-open[ http://bit.ly/icB1nh
15:25 RT @european_school: I mestieri del libro-Il traduttore: I.
Carmignani e L. Prandino a colloquio con Stefano Bortolussi
15:27 RT @translation: T-Index study updated! with Internet
penetration rate http://bit.ly/fGlelK Have a look! #xl8 #L10N
March 2011 / 66
19:22 RT @makeuseof DOWNLOAD A Magical And Revolutionary
Guide For Your iPad [PDF] http://bit.ly/eWveRY
20:08 Don't upgrade our #qabiria toolbar! http://ping.fm/w4cd7
11'th March, 2011
10:49 Se buscan locutores extranjeros (from infolancer.net)
11:15 RT @makeuseof MakeUseOf Is Giving Away An iPad 2!
11:48 March 2011 Newsletter by Qabiria - http://eepurl.com/cUxPs
13:36 RT @conversiont: script de la conversación en twitter para el
#ctbcn sobre internacionalizacion http://ow.ly/4chHv
13:39 RT @conversiont En expohoteles traducieron la web del
español al inglés. Fue un fracaso absoluto #ctbcn
13:41 @conversiont si expohoteles hubiese usado nuestro servicio,
http://traducciones-hosteleria…, esto no habría pasado. :)
15'th March, 2011
14:51 March 2011 Newsletter by Qabiria - http://eepurl.com/cXJ4w
March 2011 / 67
16'th March, 2011
00:03 Customer Portal for #]project-open[ has already reached
1250€, but we need more to get started: http://bit.ly/icB1nh
Please RT #crm #erp
00:06 RT @okapiframework: New beta for the Moses 4 L10n project
(http://tinyurl.com/4bqt6yv) includes support for XLIFF with the
14:11 @kleinelaura Me alegro que http://ow.ly/4fATv de @qabiria y
@rubendelafuente te haya servido como inspiración para
http://bit.ly/if3rz8 :)
17'th March, 2011
16:01 Customer Portal for #]project-open[ has already reached
1250€, but we need more to get started: http://bit.ly/icB1nh
Please RT #crm #erp
18'th March, 2011
19:10 @martaortells You can't add terms to apsic xbench
glossaries, only to checklists. However, you can open any
loaded glossary and edit it.
23'rd March, 2011
09:40 @martaortells you usually load an ongoing transl as a
'glossary' and make a QA against a checklist (both a white list
and a black list)
March 2011 / 68
24'th March, 2011
19:06 Specialised resources for translators to increase productivity.
#free software (#TransTools suite) http://ping.fm/HOgQj
19:56 RT @pmstrad: Muy interesante: Diccionarios de exclusión en
Word http://ow.ly/4lL6x
30'th March, 2011
16:12 RT @rubendelafuente: What is terminology management? «
BIK Terminology— - http://ping.fm/SeBaQ
16:22 RT @renatobeninatto A Life for TM? http://ping.fm/Fum1s by
@jochenhummel at #GALALisb TMs are not an
31'st March, 2011
15:51 If you're in Barcelona and looking for investors for your
#startup: http://ping.fm/YMOUM #seedrocket startup
March 2011 / 69
2'nd April, 2011
14:27 RT @uwemuegge: Next week: Monterey Forum - Innovations
in T Education, April 8-9, Monterey, CA http://ping.fm/btYCd
14:39 RT @jraybaut: An introductory workshop to Apertium, a
rule-based machine translation system http://bit.ly/dJWXHl
14:40 RT @elleapostrofo: Registrazione del webinar di Tradurre del
31 marzo. su Machine translation e post-editing
3'rd April, 2011
10:30 Watch Tradurre n. 18 (31 marzo 2011) webcast on "Machine
translation e post-editing" (in Italian)
15:30 Watch webcast "Tradurre n.18" on #MT and post-editing (in
IT) (agree with most of @ilbarbaro opinions, btw)
5'th April, 2011
16:39 A selection of the most interesting texts for freelance and
in-house translators and project managers: http://ow.ly/4tBd3
April 2011 / 70
6'th April, 2011
09:15 A selection of the most interesting books for freelance and
in-house translators and project managers: http://ow.ly/4tBd3
09:45 5 reasons to become TED translators http://ping.fm/YfIbe
10:00 5 good reasons to become #TED translators
10:02 RT @pmstrad: Revistas de traducción en acceso abierto:
15:40 RT @jraybaut: An introductory workshop to Apertium, a
rule-based machine translation system http://bit.ly/dJWXHl
15:55 Oferta de trabajo (inhouse) para traductores en Barcelona
15:57 RT @uwemuegge: Registration open: Legal #Translation
Workshop, May 27, University of Portsmouth, UK
http://ow.ly/4tayd via @ArturoStephens4
16:50 A selection of the most interesting texts for freelance and
in-house translators and project managers: http://ow.ly/4tBd3
9'th April, 2011
12:12 @clemence_leroy tks for mention. Feel free to contribute to
the qabiria toolbar http://ping.fm/78HnR 'll do our best to
satisfy all request
April 2011 / 71
12:12 RT @updood_es: @qabiria es Top 100 de Badalona
(posicion: 15) en http://www.updood.com
12:15 Gt4t, Google Translator for translators: nifty tool to make an
intelligent use of #MT http://ow.ly/4wDLn
17:10 RT @uwemuegge: Call for Papers: Teaching #Translation
Interpreting Conference, Oct 29, Łódź, Poland
http://ow.ly/4tVtQ #xl8 #gstile
17:12 RT @linguagreca: #Twitter for translators? http://ow.ly/4wI7d
by RT @Olenkaarakelyan - Recommend your favorite #xl8
#t9n #translation Tweeps
11'th April, 2011
14:00 RT @carlottacool: Plates-formes de gestion de projets de
traduction : TPBox innove http://tinyurl.com/6jwcmu9 >French
TMS, EN demo available
12'th April, 2011
13:17 Developing a custom-made translation management system
http://ow.ly/4ymgq interesting article bt @michaelscholand
#tekom #tms
13:23 RT @larassegna: ► fottuti dannati (…e favoriti): Traduzioni
pericolose: attenzione ai falsi amici! http://bit.ly/guigZ6
15:25 Gt4t, Google Translator for translators: nifty tool to make an
intelligent use of #MT http://ow.ly/4wDLn
April 2011 / 72
15:28 RT @mmolvr: Early bird deadline for the Colorado Translators
Association mid-year conference (May 14/15) is
15:29 RT @alexpysaryuk: RT @UweMuegge: #Translation Forum
Russia Conference, Sep 23-25, Saint-Petersburg, RU
http://ow.ly/4kXLG #xl8
13'th April, 2011
14:25 Gt4t, Google Translator for translators: nifty tool to make an
intelligent use of #MT http://ow.ly/4wDLn
16:15 Videocorso gratuito di SDL Trados by Intrawelt:
16'th April, 2011
11:10 RT @larassegna: La stanza del traduttore: Segnalo con
piacere questa simpatica iniziativa http://bit.ly/f3alX2
11:30 RT @pauledgar1: Xl8rs send a pic of your work space <420
words http://bit.ly/f3alX2 [FR IT] Example http://bit.ly/ewugKE
11:32 RT @imiaenews: UNESCO releases new publication on
linguistic diversity in the Internet http://bit.ly/eCPARP
April 2011 / 73
17:36 RT @donnaparrish: Interview: Creating Language for HBO's
Game Of Thrones (GeekDad Wayback Machine) - Wired
News http://ping.fm/N9F60
18'th April, 2011
11:20 RT @kleinelaura: El último número de Punto y Coma ya está
aquí (vía Documentación aplicada a la traducción en FB):
15:25 Free article: Different methods to convert a PDF file into Word
22:18 @martaortells para extracción monolingue hay varias
posibilidades (+tools), bilingüe muchas menos (las hay de
pago y... pican)
19'th April, 2011
14:25 Artículo gratis: Qué hacer para ser traductor jurado en España
14:31 Descarga gratis la barra de herramientas de Qabiria
específica para quien trabaja en el sector de la traducción
19:53 Gracias @jordis No había mencionado Similis porque es un
CAT que *tb* hace extracción. Y pesa 1.6 GB... @martaortells
April 2011 / 74
20'th April, 2011
11:30 Artículo gratis: Qué hacer para ser traductor jurado en España
21'st April, 2011
15:35 Guida passo passo per localizzare siti web dinamici (prima
parte) http://ow.ly/4BBiu
22'nd April, 2011
08:58 Download Qabiria's free toolbar, developed for translation
industry professionals http://ow.ly/4BBgI
14:46 Descarga gratis la barra de herramientas de Qabiria
específica para quien trabaja en el sector de la traducción
15:07 Good introduction to regular expressions by Jean-Christophe
Helary http://ow.ly/4F0kI #mac4translators
23'rd April, 2011
16:35 La localizzazione e il Web 2.0 (seconda parte): tortoise
tagger, xoops, trados http://ow.ly/4BBki
22:35 Guida gratuita passo passo per localizzare siti web dinamici
(prima parte) http://ow.ly/4BBiu
April 2011 / 75
25'th April, 2011
09:45 Exploring The Future of Translation in Rome: report on
Translation Automation Conference #LTAC http://ow.ly/4GaPz
by @kvashee
28'th April, 2011
10:30 Relieve poverty, support healthcare, develop education
through languages: http://www.therosettafoundatio…
10:44 Linee guida per la postrevisione di traduzioni automatiche
http://ow.ly/4IJT5 @T21Century #mt
10:49 TAUS is looking for professional translators from Barcelona
area who did some community translation for their roundtable:
12:22 TAUS looking for professional translators from Barcelona area
who did community translations for their roundtable:
http://ow.ly/4IJWU pls RT
19:11 RT @TermbasesEu Totally renewed version of Terminology
Management Software is getting ready. Check it out at
29'th April, 2011
10:55 Linee guida per la postrevisione di traduzioni automatiche
http://ow.ly/4IJT5 @T21Century #mt
April 2011 / 76
12:00 Project management outsourcing: an opportunity for freelance
translators http://ow.ly/4IK4P
30'th April, 2011
00:00 How to prolong the life of your laptop battery:
April 2011 / 77
2'nd May, 2011
10:55 TAUS is looking for professional translators from Barcelona
area who did some community translation for their roundtable:
23:09 RT @uwemuegge: Coming up: UnBound Bible #Translation
Conference, May 7, Ambrose University, Calgary, Canada
http://ow.ly/4rXV2 #gstile
3'rd May, 2011
09:40 A quick review of GT4T: a useful yet simple translation aid:
10:05 Project management outsourcing: an opportunity for freelance
translators http://ow.ly/4IK4P
13:19 RT @uwemuegge: [email protected] is hiring an #Internationalization
#Intern in #San Francisco http://ow.ly/4JFTe #jobs #i18n
#gstile #l10n #twitter
13:19 RT @pauledgar1: Scientific American: Does knowing multiple
languages give you multiple personalities? http://ping.fm/Fsimj
13:20 RT @traducaoviaval: 7+ Sites To Help You Decide Which
Book To Read Next http://bit.ly/iqte87
May 2011 / 78
14:07 Ebook: cos’è, come funziona, diritti e distribuzione
4'th May, 2011
09:15 ¿Qué título tiene en catalán? http://bit.ly/jX7IW4 vía
@LaVanguardia #cine #doblaje
10:05 Download Qabiria's free toolbar, developed for translation
industry professionals http://ow.ly/4BBgI
15:25 Seminario “Il traduttore giurato” Pisa 28 maggio 2011 –
http://ow.ly/4MXNQ (6 ore - 150 euro) #formazione per
15:46 Cómo el lenguaje moldea el cerebro de los bilingües
http://bit.ly/jcUxz7 vía @LaVanguardia #bilingual
5'th May, 2011
09:08 Don’t pay for software you don’t need: advice on installing AV,
defragmenters and backup software http://ow.ly/4NC1h
14:05 Free #prezi presentation: The social value of a customized
toolbar for translators and project manager http://ow.ly/4IKaH
May 2011 / 79
6'th May, 2011
08:27 Friends of The Rosetta Foundation Micro-invest in the future
of six billion people http://bit.ly/jkD74s
10:06 RT @t21century: Results: #TAUS #Interoperability Watchdog
Consultation *http://ow.ly/4Ov00
10:06 RT @t21century: Results: #TAUS #Interoperability Watchdog
Consultation http://ow.ly/4Ov00
10:13 A present for you or your kids: Qabiria's #papercut #toy #car
10:27 RT @manuelhrrnz: DITA machine translation using Python
10:27 RT @fundeu: 10 extranjerismos innecesarios en el mundo
televisivo http://bit.ly/lNZeuh
10:29 RT @giannidavico: Il lavoro, secondo me:
http://ping.fm/82wes [insomma ti devi dare una mossa]
17:05 Free #prezi presentation: The social value of a customized
toolbar for translators and project manager http://ow.ly/4IKaH
21:02 RT @xbenchdotnet: ApSIC Xbench 2.9 beta released!
21:04 RT @yamagataeurope: RT @uwemuegge: Enter @LocWorld
#Localization Genius quiz to win a free pass to #locworld
May 2011 / 80
7'th May, 2011
10:15 RT @uwemuegge: "What do you think about using a wiki for
technical documentation" on Tech Writing World
http://bit.ly/jl9f8t RT @sarahmaddox
15:10 How to prolong the life of your laptop battery:
9'th May, 2011
10:20 RT @t21century: Results: #TAUS #Interoperability Watchdog
Consultation http://ow.ly/4Ov00
10:27 Free #PDF tools: merge, split, reorder, en-/decrypt, rotate,
crop, reformat, images to PDF, PDF to images
11:30 SMART Statistical Multilingual Analysis for Retrieval and
Translation - overview of the project by Nicola Cancedda:
15:20 A quick review of GT4T: a useful yet simple translation aid
16:12 Are you on Quora? Could you send me an invitation? tks in
May 2011 / 81
10'th May, 2011
14:43 My answer on Quora to: What is the best way to handle
multi-lingual WordPress sites? http://qr.ae/BC8Z
15:53 DOWNLOAD Open Book: Managing Your eBooks With
Calibre http://t.co/ML5De18 via @makeuseof
11'th May, 2011
10:20 RT @pauledgar1: Quick search tip for MS Language Portal:
Finding exact matches only http://awe.sm/5Ir6l RT
@rubendelafuente #xl8 #y9n
15:23 tks @ctatwork , I did get an invite and I'm on Quora now:
15:24 RT @carlottacool: #Dictionnaire #Larousse agricole, édition
2002, consultable en ligne http://ow.ly/4RSzd #agriculture
12'th May, 2011
10:40 A Freelance Translator’s Start-up Guide http://goo.gl/DjPwF
vía @CamposLeza http://ping.fm/pfwg5
13'th May, 2011
12:04 A present for you or your kids: Qabiria's #papercut #toy #car
May 2011 / 82
14'th May, 2011
10:29 RT @larassegna: È nata la rivista Tradurre!: Abbiamo
scoperto un nuovo sito-rivista dedicato alla traduzione:
10:33 OneSkyApp.com - Have Users Translate Your Apps:
10:33 Lionbridge Technologies CEO Discusses Q1 2011 Results Earnings Call Transcript: http://bit.ly/iGo32l
10:43 Quick course on OCR conversion/digitalization with
FineReader http://ow.ly/4UraY please RT
10:52 @jmmanteca tks for the RT @qabiria: Quick course on OCR
conversion/digitalization with FineReader http://ow.ly/4UraY
10:54 Translation Project Management by NancyMatis: the role of
the pm and the various phases of a translation project
http://ow.ly/4UrgO (#free)
15:15 The World's Magnificent Diversity of (Endangered) Languages
http://su.pr/2gzgyS (@GOOD stuff)
16'th May, 2011
10:55 Quick course on OCR conversion/digitalization with
FineReader http://ow.ly/4UraY please RT
May 2011 / 83
12:52 See you in Rome on Friday! http://ow.ly/4Vn0Y #przrom11
(proz international conference)
17'th May, 2011
10:55 Quick course on OCR conversion/digitalization with
FineReader http://ow.ly/4UraY please RT
11:13 #Free technical how-to article: Translating graphics with
Paint.NET by Stanislav Okhvat http://ow.ly/4UriO
18'th May, 2011
11:08 Quick course on OCR conversion/digitalization with
FineReader http://ow.ly/4UraY please RT
11:49 @jordis no #FOSS for CorelDraw and Photoshop, AFAIK. But
you can try Sysfilter Express http://ow.ly/4XaZH only 58 euros
(30 days timelimit).
11:53 @jordis no #FOSS tool for translation workflow of CorelDraw
and PSD, but you can try Sysfilter Express http://ow.ly/4Xb6W
(58 € for 30 days)
12:17 @jordis If you're only looking for a vector editing tool,
Inkscape opens CDR (check latest versions), but don't expect
100% compatibility
20:54 RT @larusalka: @calustra RT @atrae_org: Softcatalà
organiza un encuentro de traducción de software libre
May 2011 / 84
21:33 A wiki on #FOSS4Trans, by @larusalka
http://wp.me/pPwGD-mR really good stuff
19'th May, 2011
09:09 RT @fixmypc24ex: Don’t pay for software you don’t need
-Part 2. Windows 7 is enough. http://bit.ly/l2sAxW
10:57 OneSky brings crowdsourced translations to sites and apps:
11:05 Translation Project Management by NancyMatis: the role of
the pm and the various phases of a translation project
http://ow.ly/4UrgO (#free)
20'th May, 2011
11:05 #Free technical how-to article: Translating graphics with
Paint.NET by Stanislav Okhvat http://ow.ly/4UriO
11:12 Gestoría online recomendada por Qabiria http://ping.fm/bqhcc
11:15 Flying to Rome in a while for the ProZ.com international
conference http://www.proz.com/conference…
21'st May, 2011
02:27 Web design, with the world in mind: a guide to website
internationalization: http://tnw.co/iP7Ol5
May 2011 / 85
19:42 getting ready for the gala dinner at #przrom11 International
Proz Conference. Bell'atmosfera, scambio di idee, thumbs up!
22'nd May, 2011
08:48 listening to @henrydotterer speaking about translators about
border http://ow.ly/504ow at #przrom11
08:51 translators without borders...( too tired to even formulate the
right sentence....)
08:54 @henrydotterer says consider volunteering for translators
without borders: it's rewarding --here at #przrom11
09:20 listening to Renato Renno speaking (in Italian) about
Collaborative Translation and MemoQ at #przrom11
09:26 RT @danielazambrini: #przrom11 Legal English and legal
translation, A Distante - ProZ.com Rome Conference - 22 May
09:30 http://www.theforeignfriend.co… spiega come "combattere" il
"good enough" come filosofia di business regnante nel ns
settore... #przrom11
09:33 @henrydotterer speaking about translators about border at
#przrom11 Rome International Conference
09:36 @henrydotterer explaining LISA QA model used to screen
translators for translators without borders @TranslatorsWB
May 2011 / 86
09:38 foreignfriend.com at #przrom11: lavorare in meno tempo e
meglio con #memoq, sfruttando le caratteristiche collaborative
del sistema
09:42 foreignfriend.com aggiungere commenti a livello di TU e'
semplice con #memoq e si ottengono risposte all'istante se il
PM è online #przrom11
09:43 foreignfriend.com ...e si consegna il lavoro con un clic
(#memoq) at #przrom11
09:47 thanks to renato renno foreignfriend.com mentioning @qabiria
consulting services at #przrom11
09:54 exploring #memoq interface with foreignfriend.com at
#przrom11 really clean and user-friendly
11:42 listening to Stefano Gubian talking about crowdsourcing at
11:47 Stefano Gubian http://ow.ly/506n9 on crowdsourcing: "Does
anybody know about Linux?" Apparently there's at least a few
who don't. :(
11:49 Stefano Gubian at #przrom11: "cognitive surplus: how to use
more constructively the free time for creative acts"
11:50 Stefano Gubian at #przrom11: "human-based computation is
a computer science tecnique where computation is done by
humans, not by machines"
May 2011 / 87
12:06 Stefano Gubian at #przrom11 talks about
*www,innocentive.com, challenge driven innovation
methodology and platform
12:20 Stefano Gubian at #przrom11: now it comes the fun part:
crowdsourcing seen as a threat for professional translators...
14:48 listening to Simone Benincasa presentation about videogame
localisation at #przrom11 very insightful *http://ow.ly/509gq
14:48 listening to Simone Benincasa presentation about videogame
localisation at #przrom11 very insightful http://ow.ly/509gq
14:52 videogame industry is finally acquiring a better understanding
of the key role played by actors in videogame l10n at
15:00 facebook is the new frontier for videogames and videogame
localization #l10n says Simone Benincasa from Binari Sonori
at #przrom11
15:08 Glossaries are the most important assets while translating
videogames, says Simone Benincasa at #przrom11
15:17 RT @uwemuegge: University of East Anglia Literary
#Translation Summer School, Jul 24-30, Norwich
http://ow.ly/4TRKE #gstile via @UEA_news
17:45 Translation is a growing industry: http://bit.ly/jnEhpL
May 2011 / 88
23'rd May, 2011
14:59 Line-by-line document merge: http://bit.ly/l0V3Cw
24'th May, 2011
18:12 Microsoft announces Windows Phone 'Mango' update, coming
in early autumn: http://engt.co/mNXldH
25'th May, 2011
09:05 New Google eBooks Translation Marks the Beginning of Deep
Cultural Change - Gizmodo http://ping.fm/sEJMe
11:03 Microguía de edición y redacción para traductores por
Filigrana Traducciones (Ney Fernandes) http://ping.fm/WJyGh
11:07 RT @mtmtranslations: #przrom11 The conference's been a
blast. Thank you #danielazambrini for making this happen!
11:07 RT @prozcom: RT @danielazambrini: #przrom11 Picture
Gallery ProZ.com Rome Conference Day 2, May 22nd
http://ping.fm/eW7cx #xl8 #t9n
11:09 RT @babelverse: @danielazambrini @henrydotterer and all
@ProZcom conf, thanks for great event interesting
discussions, #przrom11
15:28 Get to know more about Déjà Vu X2 - #free introductory
webinar http://ping.fm/fSWYT
May 2011 / 89
15:35 tks @rubendelafuente for recommending Shareaholic
@shareaholic: it works like a charm, helping you interconnect
your digital world!
15:55 Creating a Business Dashboard on Facebook | Dashboards
By Example http://ping.fm/1mJUE
26'th May, 2011
00:28 Linguists break into Skype conversations: http://bit.ly/kh1fAJ
00:28 Apertium.org - Online Translation Platform: http://bit.ly/lePPdg
09:33 Free seminar on Community Translation by The Localization
Institute, today 11 AM CST (18:00 CET) http://ping.fm/L9QNY
10:30 RT @danielazambrini: @european_school @andreaspila
http://ping.fm/6DlSc Interviews during the ProZ.com Rome
Confernce #przrom11
17:37 Xbox Kinect can translate sign language! « Veritas Language
Solutions Blog http://ping.fm/GQX5x
17:58 @saavedramanuel funcionar funciona, pero no es
exactamente un monstruo de estabilidad que digamos... :)
18:35 If Watson can win on Jeopardy, can't I just use machine
translation?: http://bit.ly/jaWoQg
18:35 Q and A With D-Wave's Dr. Geordie Rose On Quantum
Computing: http://onforb.es/kjbyta
May 2011 / 90
18:38 cross-platform convert_glossary program automatically
converts glossary files among UTX GlossML TBX and OLIF
22:30 Just uploaded 'How to cover the whole Translation Project
Workflow with one ...' to SlideShare. http://slidesha.re/jxh55m
23:11 [email protected]_lawrence: Fortune 500 published translation
industry would be ranked 97.5 between Deere (98) at US$ 26
bn and 3M (97) at US$ 26.6 bn
27'th May, 2011
10:09 Just uploaded 'How to cover the whole Translation Project
Workflow with one ...' to SlideShare. http://ping.fm/XR6DJ
10:39 RT @diegobartolome: Google will close its Translation API
http://bit.ly/lKia1T. It's a good moment to move to the
11:17 Necesito traductor jurado CA>EN (certificado 1 página).
Enviadme un DM y os pongo en contacto directamente con el
cliente. No agencies pls.
28'th May, 2011
10:20 RT @rubendelafuente: OpenMaTrEx, FOSS marker-driven
example-based machine translation system http://goo.gl/EkABc... http://ping.fm/nBJGz
May 2011 / 91
11:27 RT @pauledgar1: Comment: The Unexplained Death of
Google Translate API: The implications. #xl8 #t9n #l10n
11:29 @aidagda Estás segura? acabo de escuchar una
presentación de memoQ y parece muchísimo mejor...
17:38 9 Ways To Increase Your Productivity While Working From
Home http://ping.fm/o3LDt
17:46 Best Free PDF Tools (updated) http://ping.fm/lnJrc
29'th May, 2011
16:00 How to Install Apsic Xbench on Ubuntu by localiser.es
30'th May, 2011
10:25 How to Install Demaquina Select on Ubuntu by localiser.es
16:32 Japanese operator demonstrates real-time, automatic
translation service: http://tnw.co/jTwKl6
16:32 Video: NTT Docomo's Mobile, Simultaneous Translation
System: http://bit.ly/kgTzfU
16:46 Babelverse - Breaking down language barriers!
May 2011 / 92
16:56 2 Ways To Monitor Tweets Within Your Twitter Network
21:27 RT @european_school: Le interviste di EST alla conferenza
di Proz.com (Roma, 21-22 maggio 2011) (video)
http://bit.ly/j9ecBD #xl8 #przrom11
21:28 RT @european_school: Translators Without Borders
translation center @Prozcom http://bit.ly/cNlm8a #xl8
31'st May, 2011
10:25 How to Install Apsic Xbench on Ubuntu by localiser.es
16:44 Norvig channels Shannon contra Chomsky:
May 2011 / 93
1'st June, 2011
09:13 El 65% de les empreses exportadores catalanes considera
positiva l’evolució de la demanda exterior el primer trimestre
del 2011 | ACC1Ó - Co
10:25 RT @rubendelafuente: VALITER: red de validación de
#terminología en #español http://ping.fm/2wD2W
12:14 Bitcoin, la moneta degli hacker che spaventa Cia e banche Repubblica.it http://ping.fm/ErRVF
12:48 Okapi Tools M12 Now Available: lots of changes #foss
#translation tools http://ping.fm/bzvK4
23:05 How One Impressive Mobile App Plans to Overcome
Language Barriers: http://on.mash.to/iY3tiw
2'nd June, 2011
05:09 Program Announced for 35th Internationalization and Unicode
Conference: http://prn.to/j3drh7
10:26 RT @Currixan: La Universidad de Salamanca ofrece
documentos sobre traducción en abierto (via
@apticassociacio): http://bit.ly/kxjivS
June 2011 / 94
18:07 GoldenDict: feature-rich dictionary lookup program, better
than Babylon? http://ping.fm/QvSAY
21:09 eMpTy Pages: Analysis of the Shutdown Announcements of
the Google Translate API http://ping.fm/tbzX5
3'rd June, 2011
10:31 5 Strategies for Managing #Twitter Across Multiple
#Languages http://ow.ly/52wOY via @sewatch RT
4'th June, 2011
15:40 RT @prozcom: #xl8 #t9n TM Spring Cleaning Kilgray have
just released TM Repository http://ow.ly/1d1VOA
5'th June, 2011
15:45 RT @linguistnow: Point camera at text to see translation
appear on screen in real-time, no Internet connection
6'th June, 2011
10:50 Quick course on OCR conversion/digitalization with
FineReader http://ow.ly/4UraY
12:22 5 Tips for Hiring a Translator: http://bit.ly/jBfDIi
June 2011 / 95
16:26 La traduzione tecnica sui media non specializzati.
Riconoscimento tardivo? http://ping.fm/WADl4
18:27 Announcement: New Microsoft Translator release delivers
community tools to customize translations and API enhanc...
23:46 RT @larassegna:GALA Leads the Way in Redefining
Localization Industry Standards http://bit.ly/jXg4Yw
23:56 Can companies obtain free professional services through
crowdsourcing? http://ping.fm/T5yPO
7'th June, 2011
10:50 Free presentation 'How to cover the whole Translation Project
Workflow with one open source tool'. http://slidesha.re/jxh55m
14:19 RT @donnaparrish: Kilgray Releases TM Repository, the
World's First Tool-Independent Translation ... - PR.com
14:20 RT @pauledgar1: Bilinguals - what language do you think in?
(Maybe neither...) http://awe.sm/5MBGW #linguistics RT
14:23 RT @lexicoolcom: Downloadable #Portuguese Monolingual
#Dictionary http://bit.ly/mB5jss via @calustra @hedraonline
June 2011 / 96
14:23 RT @shenyunwu: A complete list of football /soccer
#glossaries http://tinyurl.com/3pw72d4 #xl8 #tn9 #terminology
RT @lexicoolcom #language
14:24 RT @bencurtis: How to self-publish a book to Kindle, and why
to do it… my recent experiences http://ping.fm/DYGCu
16:45 TTC Project - Terminology extraction open source tool - video
tutorial http://ping.fm/ybekl
16:47 YouTube video demo - TTC Project's Tool Demo terminology tools http://ping.fm/A3OCm
8'th June, 2011
15:55 RT @SDLlocalization: 7 short videos explaining intelligent
machine translation - SDL Blog http://bit.ly/jF4bww
20:34 RT @rhotulos: RT @OkapiFramework Want to try the
Microsoft Translator API? Try it with Tikal
(http://ping.fm/WHjQ6) A nice aspect is the TM9'th June, 2011
16:13 Herramientas para la subtitulación free presentation
18:38 New OnSync Version: Polling, QnA, Intelligent Auto Scrolling,
RTMPE more http://ping.fm/lHISW
June 2011 / 97
10'th June, 2011
13:52 RT @davegrun: Google cancels plan to shutdown Translate
API. To start charging for translations http://ping.fm/jyDro
13:59 La regola degli 8 passi, ovvero come risolvere qualsiasi errore
software http://ow.ly/5eKAG
14:05 Qabiria now accepts bitcoins. Learn more about bitcoins:
14:09 #free book: Macros for Writers and Editors http://ow.ly/5eL9n
tks to @rubendelafuente
18:31 Essential Office Equipment: UPS http://t.co/K3PSJKF
11'th June, 2011
14:26 En el número 139 de Arte y Diseño un útil tutorial sobre
qTranslate (Wordpress multilingüe) translation goes
mainstream? http://ow.ly/5eLJj
14:43 De PDF a Word, ahora en español #nitropdf
12'th June, 2011
14:00 RT @sylvaf: buying translations online? be careful:
http://bit.ly/m6E3lz @davegrun testing online services #xl8
June 2011 / 98
13'th June, 2011
14:05 La regola degli 8 passi, ovvero come risolvere qualsiasi errore
software http://ow.ly/5eKAG
14'th June, 2011
12:02 Fa de fus time, God taak to me de way I taak.:
12:02 Nataly Kelly: Ray Kurzweil on Translation Technology:
15:35 Getting ready for the reception at the Localization World
Barcelona #lwbar
15:38 RT @utr_ural: Hashtags for Localization World Conference,
Barcelona, 14-16 June 2011, - #locworld and #lwbar
15:57 RT @european_school: #Glossario di #Economia e #Finanza
EN>IT e IT>EN, oltre 2000 termini http://bit.ly/kiYPA1 via
15'th June, 2011
12:11 Borderless Conversations: Relevance, Not Translation, Is the
Challenge: http://onforb.es/kPnSWT
June 2011 / 99
16'th June, 2011
11:15 RT @larassegna: La fregatura EasyPrint. Aiutateci!: Il motivo
per cui scrivo stavolta è per chiedere aiuto... http://bit.ly/jkin3X
11:16 RT @localizing: If you don't know, hire experts. It's often
cheaper than guessing or trying to figure out everything on
you own! #lwbar
11:17 RT @choyberg: LSPs don't know how to sell MT, clients don't
know how to buy it, translators hate MT. Wayne Bourland
(DELL) #lwbar
12:19 What's Next After the Google Translate API?:
14:21 We are the first translation agency that accepts payments in
bitcoins, aren't we? http://ow.ly/5jdym @qabiria
14:24 A quanto ci risulta, @qabiria è la prima agenzia di traduzioni
che accetta bitcoin! http://ow.ly/5jdJF
14:28 Por lo que sé, @qabiria es la primera agencia de
traducciones en el mundo que acepta #bitcoin . Mola.
14:34 #free book: Macros for Writers and Editors http://ow.ly/5eL9n
tks @rubendelafuente
14:38 RT @lexicoolcom: Glosarios de logística
http://tinyurl.com/6yjjz5q #terminología #xl8
June 2011 / 100
20:22 RT @prezi: Hungary awards Prezi the most innovative
company of the year (by the Hungarian Association of IT
Comp.) http://ping.fm/aXuMf
17'th June, 2011
12:27 Language Isn't A Firehose: James Joyce And The Future of
Computerized Translation (Bloomsday Edition):
14:20 RT @uwemuegge: Swiss #Translation Unconference, Jun 24,
#Neuchâtel http://ow.ly/4Pr7N #gstile #conference #l10n
#i18n via @localization
14:35 We are the first translation agency that accepts payments in
#bitcoin, aren't we? http://ow.ly/5jdym @qabiria
15:51 RT @makeuseof: Google Adds More Innovative Search
Features [News] http://ping.fm/7rRTy
18'th June, 2011
10:48 7 Ingenious Resumes That Will Make You Rethink Your CV
10:50 A whole new world: Ars reviews the Galaxy Tab 10.1
14:35 A quanto ci risulta, @qabiria è la prima agenzia di traduzioni
che accetta #bitcoin! http://ow.ly/5jdJF
June 2011 / 101
19'th June, 2011
10:07 @jordis According to their website, #bitcoin are just another
currency, so you handle them like any other foreign currency
14:40 16/06/2011 Por lo que sé, @qabiria es la primera agencia de
traducciones en el mundo que acepta #bitcoin . Mola.
19:24 2Lingual: Search Google Twitter By Voice In Multiple
Languages http://ping.fm/VQF5u
19:27 3 Steps You Can Take To Reduce The Firefox 4 Memory
Leak http://ping.fm/Bslxa
19:30 #bitcoin, imprevedibile come le monete vere...
20'th June, 2011
09:06 RT @larassegna: Translating and the Computer 33
Conference: London, UK (Aslib): http://bit.ly/iD6AHv
09:13 What does Qabiria mean? Are we into translation or film? :)
09:18 Entender los estándares TMX y XLIFF (por tictrad)
June 2011 / 102
09:21 RT @thepolyglot: Biliteracy: Teach Your Bilingual Child to
Read and Write in Your Language http://bit.ly/mzjv4p
21'st June, 2011
02:11 Cracking the code of machine translation: http://bit.ly/lsSlax
02:11 Today on New Scientist: 20 June 2011: http://bit.ly/iKjQBZ
10:25 RT @freelancefolder: Top 5 Website Secrets for Turning More
Prospects into Clients http://ping.fm/iA7XQ
17:15 Today on New Scientist: 20 June 2011: http://bit.ly/kYKl3Y
23:17 Google Translate welcomes you to the Indic web:
22'nd June, 2011
14:23 A Different Approach To Computer Translation: Cryptography:
14:23 Google Translate Supports 5 Indic Languages:
23'rd June, 2011
08:32 Google can now translate five Indian languages:
June 2011 / 103
09:17 It’s time to move up to Internet Explorer 9... if you're still using
IE... http://ping.fm/Eqpo2
10:10 RT @jimbcn: Buscando traductores DE-CH, NL, IT, FR, EL,
FI PL a ES. Proyecto muy interesante y no corre prisa. Please
10:29 Looking for Bengali freelance translators. No agencies,
please. Ongoing project, specialization: end-user finance
products (easy).#xl8 #jobs
10:37 RT @gizmosfreeware: How to use Google's intriguing new
search features. http://bit.ly/mjRnxG
15:20 What does Qabiria mean? Are we into translation or film? :)
18:11 La fira del videojoc es trasllada a Barcelona. Good opportunity
for localizers. http://ping.fm/uRPcC
24'th June, 2011
10:57 Comparative Grammar of French, Italian, Spanish Portuguese
Available as PDF http://ping.fm/lm9OJ
11:34 WPML Adds XLIFF to Connect WordPress with Translation
Community http://ping.fm/9xTrc via @SFGate
@renatobeninatto @Jeromobot @RMTranslations
11:40 #Free checklist for project managers from @qabiria free
articles for translators http://ping.fm/0SQP3
June 2011 / 104
11:49 RT @adeleoliveri: No all’aumento dei nostri contributi per
finanziare la riforma fiscale http://t.co/j6UZjH6 (via
@actainrete) #partitaIVA
12:51 How to translate #joomla articles with #joomfish: a free tutorial
(old, but still valid) http://ow.ly/5lyUX
25'th June, 2011
14:25 Dropbox Screen Grabber Automatically Uploads Screenshots,
Copies the URL to Your Clipboard [Utilities]
26'th June, 2011
00:11 Lionbridge and IBM Host Webinar: Three Steps to Successful
Multilingual Communication with Automated Translation:
00:11 Lost in translation?: http://bbc.in/mQE6gY
11:40 WPML Adds XLIFF to Connect WordPress with Translation
Community http://ping.fm/OHxGo via @SFGate
@renatobeninatto @Jeromobot @RMTranslations
27'th June, 2011
11:40 RT @muddyisms: Check out @reinhardschaler speaking on
having information in your own language, as a basic human
right http://ping.fm/7uyvU
June 2011 / 105
13:41 How to translate spreadsheet files with embedded HTML Data
28'th June, 2011
17:23 F.lux: makes the color of your computer's display adapt to the
time of day http://ping.fm/IC252
23:31 43 Project management software alternatives compared
29'th June, 2011
03:58 Voice and Translation Services Still Stink: http://bit.ly/k1bxbL
10:40 RT @gchretiennot: #Trados Studio 2009 will support .idml
from #InDesign CS 5.5 in a few weeks (next CU) said
@Luis___Lopes from #SDL
30'th June, 2011
12:00 RT @adeleoliveri: No all’aumento dei nostri contributi per
finanziare la riforma fiscale http://ping.fm/daZeC (via
@actainrete) #partitaIVA
June 2011 / 106
1'st July, 2011
01:30 GeoFluent Real-Time Chat Translation Accelerates Contact
Center Productivity, Increases Customer Engagement and ...
01:30 The Rosetta Project Is Preserving Every Language Ever
Spoken, On One Nano-Etched Piece Of Metal:
10:00 RT @rubendelafuente: Using Word 2007's Thesaurus (and
Other Proofing Tools) - For Dummies - http://ping.fm/LOe0d
15:14 107 Best Websites On The Web http://t.co/fUVJBLJ via
18:32 How to Attract More and Better Clients with Valuable Content:
An Interview with Michael A. Stelzner | International
Freelancers Academy http
2'nd July, 2011
12:00 RT @Jeromobot: RT @UweMuegge: #Translation Forum
Russia Conference, Sep 23-25, Saint-Petersburg, RU
http://ow.ly/5kYgx <highly recommended!
July 2011 / 107
20:03 Sony S1 and S2 tablets get hands on video in Germany:
4'th July, 2011
18:50 #free webinar Taking your Website Global by GlobalTaking
your Website GlobalVision International http://ping.fm/m2FDl
18:51 Flags of Convenience | Express Language Solutions Blog
5'th July, 2011
17:53 A New Kind of Book› Digital Bookmaking Tools Webcast:
Links Slides http://ping.fm/pfoJ1
17:56 RT @kevinrose: probably the best use of QR codes i've seen
http://ping.fm/qVV9A (via @zappos)
17:59 RT @jeromobot: List of MT systems working with Asian
languages http://bit.ly/jQr4t1 (also list of TEnTs but very
18:17 Looking for a geeky t-shirt? Original and less original t's at
19:43 RT @larassegna: Google Books for Educators - A How-to
Guide: Google Books is a great place to find all kinds of
books.. http://bit.ly/lnRmOz
July 2011 / 108
6'th July, 2011
15:45 Ensuring brand integrity with terminology management
TCWorld http://ping.fm/LIhGP
15:47 How is Superman related to a lawn mower? « BIK
Terminology http://ping.fm/xwCp3
17:10 RT @transzend: Col·loqui 'Traducció i violències extremes :
La traducció i els camps nazis' 29/9/2011 CCCB (via Marta
7'th July, 2011
11:15 Unleash your potential by developing applications for SDL
OpenExchange and be in with a chance of winning a share of
€10,000! http://ping.fm
14:43 Online Summer School 2011: Il Futuro della Professione :
European School of Translation http://ping.fm/1qpGz
14:44 RT @european_school Transifex: #opensource, collaborative
#localization platform for complex international projects
http://bit.ly/lBElO8 #FOSS via @larusalka
15:20 RT @wwwhatsnew: #webapp: AnswerBase - Una nueva
plataforma para crear sitios de preguntas y respuestas
20:36 Don’t pay for software you don’t need — Part 3 via
@windowssecrets http://ping.fm/pv0dJ
July 2011 / 109
8'th July, 2011
13:25 RT @rubendelafuente: Using Word 2007's Thesaurus (and
Other Proofing Tools) - For Dummies - http://ping.fm/Dd5Pw
9'th July, 2011
06:56 Translation Services Are A Must For Millennial-Driven
Businesses: http://read.bi/nw3cEw
06:56 Translationese: http://bit.ly/o3zRTt
14:30 Looking for a geeky t-shirt? Original and less original tees at
http://vulnavia.spreadshirt.ne… #tshirt
10'th July, 2011
16:40 Idiom translation can be a tricky issue culturally, but this site
can help: http://www.idiomizer.com #idioms
11'th July, 2011
12:57 Microconsejos de estilo y ortotipografía para el traductor
desprevenido by Ney Fernandes on Prezi
15:45 Linee guida per la postrevisione di traduzioni automatiche
http://ow.ly/4IJT5 @T21Century #mt
18:24 HOW TO: Spruce Up a Boring Resume http://ping.fm/awIyi
July 2011 / 110
18:43 391 Places for Free Books Online http://ping.fm/2lhSG
23:17 OmegaT, multiplatform CAT tool: available new version 2.3.0
at SourceForge http://ping.fm/eIH4I
23:21 RT " @ollicarreira: ...pero lo que veo a diario es que la calidad
no importa..." >> La calidad es la que el cliente acepta como
23:24 @ollicarreira Quiero decir que son todos muy buenos en
Multilingual hablando sobre eso, pero en realidad...se hace lo
que manda el cliente.
12'th July, 2011
12:07 How to remove links in a MS Word document: CTRL+A, then
CTRL+SHIFT+F9. I always need to look it up on Google,
that's why I'm tweeting it :)
14:22 Il futuro sta arrivando: iscrizione scontata alla Online Summer
School 2011 : European School of Translation
13'th July, 2011
22:08 The 100 Best Android Apps http://ping.fm/jY3ZI via
@MakeUseOf http://ping.fm/hXXNh
22:18 RT @t21century: http://lnkd.in/_TTwPN We are at 360
responses. If 2% of members of this group now add
responses we have a meaningful base...
July 2011 / 111
22:23 RT @cetrainc: University of Maryland Translation and
Interpreting Workshops http://hub.am/nLnkyx
22:23 RT @ebodeux: Chris Durban gives free webinar and 1 free
book on working w/direct clients Wed, July 20:
http://ow.ly/5B1KN - Be there!
22:26 Free tools for translators and project managers. Part 3:
Notepad++ http://ow.ly/5DX3A
22:29 Trovare un ago nel pagliaio, parte 1ª: conosciamo le
espressioni regolari - introduzione facile http://ow.ly/5DXcF
22:32 Sales Analysis Charts in Excel - 78 Alternatives |
Chandoo.org - Learn Microsoft Excel Online
14'th July, 2011
08:29 DOWNLOAD MakeUseOf’s Smart Productivity Guide
(registration needed) http://ping.fm/h8ZgV
14:42 Cetacean translation: http://bit.ly/qkc7MW
15:20 Are you at the cutting edge of your field? If yes, you should
apply to be a #TEDFellow @
July 2011 / 112
18:30 Trovare un ago nel pagliaio, parte 1ª: conosciamo le
espressioni regolari - introduzione facile http://ow.ly/5DXcF
15'th July, 2011
08:59 Acer Germany says Iconia Tab A100 is coming this
September: http://bit.ly/n0OiMW
13:25 Linee guida per la postrevisione di traduzioni automatiche
http://ow.ly/4IJT5 @T21Century #mt
16'th July, 2011
00:15 Rumor: iPhone 5 not arriving soon because the A5 chip is
overheating?: http://bit.ly/qOrE1t
12:25 #Free technical how-to article: Translating graphics with
Paint.NET by Stanislav Okhvat http://ow.ly/4UriO
17'th July, 2011
14:25 Looking for a geeky t-shirt? Original and less original tees at
http://vulnavia.spreadshirt.ne… #tshirt
18'th July, 2011
01:05 iPhone 5 Rumor Review: http://bit.ly/oxL21g
July 2011 / 113
14:26 The 100 Best Android Apps http://ping.fm/jY3ZI via
@MakeUseOf http://ping.fm/hXXNh
19'th July, 2011
09:35 RT @ebodeux: Chris Durban gives free webinar and 1 free
book on working w/direct clients Wed, July 20:
http://ow.ly/5B1KN - Be there!
13:25 RT @mundabla: What is the real impact of using a TM?
http://ow.ly/5DHvB @GPITranslates
20'th July, 2011
11:39 Nota de Prensa: Coupies, Líder en Cupones Móviles en
Alemania llega a España : http://ping.fm/3Cnaa via
14:11 Tradotti traditi “La montagna magica“ Ecco il vero Thomas
Mann - ilmiolibro.it http://ping.fm/lnxSy
14:13 Tradurre, 26 luglio 2011: il futuro della professione del
traduttore : European School of Translation
14:30 RT @linguistnow: more than 6,000 languages in the world,
including 130 in China spoken amongst its 1.3 billion citizens
July 2011 / 114
21'st July, 2011
12:30 RT @uwemuegge: Ideas worth translating: #TEDGlobal
Translator Workshop http://ow.ly/5CP0p #TED
#TEDTranslations #xl8 #t9n #gstile
22'nd July, 2011
10:35 Free tools for translators and project managers. Part 3:
Notepad++ http://ow.ly/5DX3A
10:55 off-topic: BBC News - Fast Track - Is Barcelona being spoilt
by tourists? http://ping.fm/zQl7J
20:17 Love hate: http://bit.ly/pTW41Y
23'rd July, 2011
15:00 #Free #prezi presentation: The social value of a customized
toolbar for translators and project managers http://ow.ly/4IKaH
24'th July, 2011
10:40 Trovare un ago nel pagliaio, parte 1ª: conosciamo le
espressioni regolari - introduzione facile http://ow.ly/5DXcF
16:12 British National Corpus: 100 million word searchable corpus of
current British English, both spoken and written.
July 2011 / 115
17:33 Untangling the Web: News polygamists: http://bit.ly/r1f26O
21:40 @jmmanteca @aidagda @rubendelafuente @pmstrad
@playmobiles @rubendelafuente os he oído hablar de
camisetas... mirad aquí: http://ow.ly/5M568
25'th July, 2011
09:01 RT @manuelhrrnz: Translator Events - ProZ.com Valencia,
Spain- El Traductor: El Profesional Completo
09:16 RT @larassegna: Ninth 'Giornate della traduzione letteraria'
(Italian language), 30 September-2 October:
10:35 How Do You Calculate Website Translation ROI?
12:34 Every tech-savvy translator/localizer should know Ratel
(included in the Okapi Tools) http://ping.fm/t4PTY
20:46 LinguaSys Names Meta Brown General Manager of Text
Analytics Division: http://prn.to/nKuXFe
26'th July, 2011
15:24 Ci vediamo tra pochissimo su "Tradurre: il futuro della
professione del traduttore" webcast http://ping.fm/X1W5s
July 2011 / 116
15:50 RT @european_school Accademia della Crusca: Convegno
"Navigare tra le parole II - Biblioteche, archivi digitali e
#corpora", Firen… (cont) http://deck.ly/~5Qruy
15:51 RT @european_school #Music Cataloging at Yale Language
Tools http://bit.ly/qOqSGG #xl8 #terminology
20:40 Calculating the Financial Impact of DITA for Translation:
27'th July, 2011
14:40 RT @gpitranslates: Optimizing #InDesign files for Translation
with Automatic TOC http://awe.sm/5PUSV #adobe indesign
15:14 RT @tomascascante: Crees que tu empresa es innovadora?
Quieres salir en tdTV ? (gratuito) Rellena este formulario:
15:18 RT @erik_hansson: Survey 'Social Media in Translation' by
@mstelmaszak http://ping.fm/eQXnl How many #translators
on #twitter?
16:35 Cloudworks: Translation Management Platform enabling
customers to select and interact with vendors and manage
projects. http://ow.ly/5M3Mp
July 2011 / 117
28'th July, 2011
03:41 Google translation idea attacked: http://bbc.in/nKY4Qe
15:40 RT @gpitranslates: Optimizing #InDesign files for Translation
with Automatic TOC http://awe.sm/5PUSV #adobe indesign
15:50 Google me with a fire spoon: http://bit.ly/ofCXEL
29'th July, 2011
07:04 Leaked Photos of Low Cost iPhone 4 Prototype:
10:05 Lionbridge's GeoFluent IM Translation Solution Integrated
with IBM Sametime UCC Software: http://bit.ly/qgPBGZ
10:50 8 Ways Unstructured FrameMaker 10 helps Translation
*http://ow.ly/5M3Z2 #adobe #framemaker
12:44 Okapi Tools Update - M13 Available http://ping.fm/P1zV8
13:45 8 Steps to Optimize #InDesign files for translation
http://ow.ly/5M3T4 indesign #adobe
17:11 Universidad Alfonso X, Madrid: Posgrado de Productividad en
la Traducción. please RT http://ping.fm/LrvQE
July 2011 / 118
30'th July, 2011
10:45 8 Ways Unstructured #FrameMaker 10 helps Translation
http://ow.ly/5M3Z2 #adobe framemaker
13:22 Episode 64: Everything You’ve Been Told is Wrong — The
Truth about Marketing Your Freelance Busine..
23:09 Strategie di conversione da PDF a Word http://bit.ly/d9Pvfe
31'st July, 2011
10:50 #Smartling claims to "enable the multilingual web for online
businesses of all sizes". Well worth a look: http://ow.ly/5M42i
15:18 PocketMod: The Free Recyclable Personal Organizer <very
clever> http://ping.fm/M8PFf
16:01 407 people that I follow are not following me (via
16:06 RT @xbenchdotnet @unfrack ApSIC Xbench will support
Unicode in v3.0. Since current version is v2.9, that should
mean "soon" (within 6 months timeframe).
16:06 RT @xbenchdotnet ApSIC Xbench v2.9 Refresh (build 474)
released! http://t.co/6xSvwUF
July 2011 / 119
16:15 RT @european_school: #Master II livello in #Traduzione di
Testi Postcoloniali in lingua #inglese, aperte preiscrizioni
18:12 RT @uwemuegge: Reg. deadline Aug 3! ACIA Sight
#Translation Workshop, Aug 6, #Scottsdale http://ow.ly/5BVMt
#t9n #xl8 #gstile
18:29 RT @TheChecklist La Casa delle traduzioni a Roma
July 2011 / 120
1'st August, 2011
09:00 Smartling claims to "enable the multilingual web for online
businesses of all sizes". Well worth a look: http://ow.ly/5M42i
23:15 Bad Translator by Ackuna.com Releases its New Version with
More Features and Funnier Results: http://prn.to/psFWLp
2'nd August, 2011
15:00 RT @makeuseof: Make A Product Review Database With
WordPress: Custom Post Types, Custom Fields, Featured
Images... http://ping.fm/2ycie
3'rd August, 2011
05:41 Only losers text message on cellphones - this guy carries his
own teletype for that: http://bit.ly/pAM3K5
13:00 RT @langology: Dialects and slang can present hurdles for
people doing subtitles and dubbing http://bit.ly/qpcQFZ
20:23 100 Best Mac Apps http://t.co/X6vEg9i via @makeuseof
August 2011 / 121
4'th August, 2011
13:45 RT @milengo: 8 Localization Gurus to Follow on Google+
http://bit.ly/nMYYFC #l10n #xl8 #googleplus
5'th August, 2011
15:35 Convert PDF to Excel, Word with the PDF Converter Able2Extract Open Select Convert http://ow.ly/5RtUl
6'th August, 2011
14:40 Gizmo's Freeware Choice List: Our Selection of the Best PC
Freeware http://ow.ly/5RtXi
23:07 The Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator: create your unique
keyboard layout with special keys http://ping.fm/95CxV
23:08 AutoHotkey - Free Mouse and Keyboard Macro Program with
Hotkeys and AutoText http://ping.fm/9XoEF
23:10 AutoIt: freeware BASIC-like scripting language designed for
automating the Windows GUI and general scripting.
7'th August, 2011
09:40 Presentación Memorias de Traducción en Línea
August 2011 / 122
8'th August, 2011
10:45 Working with direct clients: tips from Chris Durban
14:45 Take the 2011 Freelance Industry Survey
http://svy.mk/qsC0a5 (participants get free copy) via
@EdGandia - It closes tomorrow!
9'th August, 2011
01:30 SAIC Launches First Hybrid Machine Translation Solution,
Helping Redefine Language Services: http://prn.to/nwT1mu
10:40 SAIC Launches First Hybrid Machine Translation Solution,
Helping Redefine Language Services: http://yhoo.it/rhBGac
10:40 GREE Releases 2011 Q4 Results: http://bit.ly/odIz6S
15:45 Cloud Export: Back Up Your Online Data To Your Hard Drive
[Windows Ubuntu] http://feedly.com/k/pugAlX
10'th August, 2011
01:46 Create Multi-lingual Content for Wikipedia with WikiBhasha:
15:45 Papercrop Rebuilds PDFs to Play Nice With Cellphones and
Kindles - @Lifehacker http://t.co/nHVmW6a
August 2011 / 123
11'th August, 2011
10:50 Quick Reference Cards Show All the Excel 2010 Keyboard
Shortcuts [Excel] http://feedly.com/k/nMHT3V
14:12 Difficult to find the translation: http://bit.ly/pWllfz
12'th August, 2011
02:20 Fungus gnat turnovers: http://bit.ly/rknNQC
15:50 If you're on a tight budget... create a cheap and spacious desk
with a wooden pallet [Weekend Project]
13'th August, 2011
08:45 "That is totally me sausage": What's holding back multilingual
business?: http://t.co/WrVAp7U
16:10 15 Google+ Sites Services for Power Users
14'th August, 2011
16:00 Simplenote-Syncing Extensions Mark Up the Web
[Downloads] http://t.co/F1jYVrh
August 2011 / 124
15'th August, 2011
00:05 SAIC Launches First Hybrid Machine Translation Solution,
Helping Redefine Language Services: http://t.co/Tz9KXiX
11:10 RT @xbenchdotnet ApSIC Xbench v2.9 Refresh (build 474)
released! http://t.co/08w8Jpb
16'th August, 2011
15:55 Top 10 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Gear (Without
Spending Extra Money) - @Lifehacker http://t.co/zYixavV
17'th August, 2011
07:22 Lingotek Enables FamilySearch Members to Translate
Historical Family Documents: http://t.co/cKVMiuz
07:22 How Google Dominates Us: http://t.co/0qBSVU2
16:20 Gamification: How Competition Is Reinventing Business,
Marketing Everyday Life http://t.co/Tyeu6BM
18'th August, 2011
16:25 Tablet Publishing: Why Sports Illustrated Is Looking Beyond
the iPad http://t.co/hnt9bNy
August 2011 / 125
19'th August, 2011
17:50 Reading: IncentiBox.com - Turn Customers Into Brand
Advocates - http://ow.ly/5Rx8m
20'th August, 2011
16:05 ManageFlitter Automatically Sends Public Google+ Posts to
Twitter - @Lifehacker http://t.co/LkbfB8P
21'st August, 2011
13:55 UploaderBOX.com - Free File Sharing http://t.co/bauFHjQ
22'nd August, 2011
14:55 Topo.ly - Put Excel Addresses On A Map <useful for your
marketing efforts> http://t.co/71uy83Z
23:00 Un modello gestionale per compagnie di traduzione: project
management a distanza e profit sharing (case study)
24'th August, 2011
08:01 Get-Help -Online Fails in German: http://t.co/4BiXLRF
18:25 #free article: Come conteggiare e tradurre file PDF (versione
aggiornata) http://ow.ly/5RxLp
August 2011 / 126
20:15 Google Translate in the Office: http://t.co/6CP0ON7
25'th August, 2011
18:31 Download Qabiria's free toolbar, developed for translation
industry professionals http://ow.ly/4BBgI
22:42 DOWNLOAD New Life: Bring Old PC To Life With Ubuntu
[PDF] http://t.co/zLi7m2K via @makeuseof
23:27 New Book on Project Management Metrics | Dashboards
26'th August, 2011
12:04 DOWNLOAD Operation Cleanup: Complete Malware
Removal Guide http://t.co/fRYAEVM via @makeuseof
14:35 54 articoli gratuiti per traduttori, revisori e project manager:
18:05 Wikilengua - Uso, norma y estilo del español
27'th August, 2011
15:30 How to create your professional website in a few hours with
@weebly @jimdo or similar #free tools http://ow.ly/5RxQ4
August 2011 / 127
15:43 Paid version of Google Translate API now open for business The official Google Code blog http://t.co/farNGmh
21:35 Why Multitasking May Make You Less Productive
http://t.co/QeM4s9H via @mashsocialmedia @mashable
28'th August, 2011
12:44 RT @freelanguage: Learn Useful and Practical English
Phrases for Free with Phrasemix http://t.co/f6dfXMy
13:33 Come risparmiare 3600 euro in visite commerciali
17:21 @andreaspila Gettingcontacts è un'idea locale, ma
probabilmente esistono iniziative analoghe anche in Italia.
Qualcuno ne è al corrente?
17:23 RT @renatobeninatto: Amazon vs. the iPad | The iPad Guide
29'th August, 2011
08:32 Products in Translation: Photos (Part 1) - DivineCaroline
08:46 RT @redtraditori: El pasado 25 de agosto falleció Nida,
referente en la Traductología...
09:01 #free tip sheet: Dodecalogo di sicurezza http://t.co/8QfFsE9
August 2011 / 128
09:50 Anyone using Term Extract by SDL? Is it good? TIA for your
10:04 RT @localisation: How to Write for #Translation:
http://t.co/GyS5TCl RT @FernandoDWalker #t9n #xl8 RT
10:43 Building a Legal TM and Glossary from an English-Malay
Parallel Corpus http://t.co/aqdXyg4
11:07 Check out this SlideShare presentation : Spoglio automatico
dei termini con SDL Multiterm Extract http://t.co/WXfs7qE
11:12 Check out this SlideShare presentation : Bilingual Term
Extraction Tool (in English) http://t.co/qPrUeD3
14:54 HTML5 based mind mapping application, which lets you
create neat looking mind maps in your browser
18:45 RT @qabiria La traduzione tecnica diventa mainstream?
30'th August, 2011
10:18 Topsy - Real-time search for the social web http://t.co/b2gplsJ
16:36 RT @european_school Lavorare per la coedizione: un
traduttore, nuove competenze? JoSTrans Issue 15 Jan.
2011… (cont) http://t.co/kVSsgeV
August 2011 / 129
31'st August, 2011
18:40 La Casa delle traduzioni a Roma *http://t.co/ApR3YHZ
21:34 Paid version of Google Translate API now open for business:
21:34 Lionbridge GeoFluent Enterprise API Powers Seamless,
Customized, Real-Time Translation of Online Chat and Web
Sites: http://t.co/NE61J64
August 2011 / 130
1'st September, 2011
08:30 Indoeuropean branches of the language tree (infographics)
09:14 Top iPad apps for Windows users: Part II
http://t.co/NWCF3HD via @windowssecrets
09:15 Top iPad apps for Windows users: Part I http://t.co/hPqgelN
via @windowssecrets
21:48 5 Tips for Taking Home Businesses to the Retail Worldwide:
23:31 #free Computer Science Video Lecture Courses - Free
Science and Video Lectures Online! http://ow.ly/6fcX1
2'nd September, 2011
03:50 Cheating Translators Application Releases Its Newly
Designed and Improved Version 2.0: http://t.co/ncPSwHV
3'rd September, 2011
14:35 Mozilla Labs » Prospector » Snaporama extends the life of
your tabs [useful browser utility] http://ow.ly/6fdaE
September 2011 / 131
4'th September, 2011
10:45 Cool Things You Can Do With Google http://ow.ly/6fdet via
5'th September, 2011
10:45 RT @TodayIFoundOut1 Why Zippers Have YKK On Them
13:13 My @Klout score is steady at 43. http://t.co/rz9BVKs
21:12 HootSuite is listed as in a relationship with Facebook - new
features in-dash #HootBook http://t.co/hek8SXE
21:14 RT @lorithicke: Three ways to join Translators without
Borders 1. Volunteer your time @TranslatorsWB
21:14 RT @lorithicke: 2. Use FB, Twitter, etc. to raise awareness
that language matters @TranslatorsWB http://t.co/8a06FBM
21:14 RT @lorithicke: 3. Organize a fundraiser for Translators
without Borders @TranslatorsWB http://t.co/8a06FBM
21:18 RT @fidusinterpres: Desconto de 20% no livro "Fidus
interpres" no site lulu.com: http://ow.ly/6lUJO (digite o código
da promoção: SEPTEMBER)
September 2011 / 132
21:20 RT @ollicarreira: Upcoming events at The Institute of
Localisation Professionals http://t.co/udpZMEz
21:20 RT @sunnyfreckles: Oído en la piscina: le he comprado un
traje de ibuprofeno a mi hijo para que haga surf.
21:58 RT @imttconference: Listen to what @kvashee has to say
about the @imttconference. http://t.co/PkESR4W #imtt7
22:02 RT @larassegna: The Continuing Saga Evolution of Machine
Translation: I recently attended the 7th IMTT Conference
22:10 RT @linternatrad: Para quienes se lo perdieran, en agosto
publicamos un nuevo número, en PDF, HTML y versiones
para lector electrónico:...
6'th September, 2011
10:10 RT @prozcom: #xl8 #t9n Translation Industry Survey 2011
10:45 Ubiquity, from Mozilla Labs, an old but still valid Firefox
extension to get common Web tasks done faster.
15:25 The Complete Guide To Freemium Business Models via
@techcrunch http://t.co/cCy8L09
September 2011 / 133
16:06 Facebook Is Testing a “Translate” Button for Comments on
Pages http://t.co/g5oUmhr
18:20 One Year Web Hosting and a FREE Domain for $9.95 only.
Offer by Siteground. http://t.co/herf3CV
18:40 Europe's hottest startup capitals: Barcelona (from Wired UK)
[also read the comments] http://t.co/s6c8QO4
18:59 RT @pmstrad Las traducciones erróneas más comunes
22:29 RT @GermanENTrans RT @kvashee, @RMTranslations:
The Difference between Editing and Proofreading a
Translation http://t.co/94w9FGj <good summary> #xl8
22:32 RT @pmstrad RT @esanchezleon La RAE prepara una gran
web de la Lengua Española. http://ow.ly/6m12y
7'th September, 2011
08:56 RT @larassegna: Italian Documentary Film About Translation:
10:01 Mapa d'oportunitats a les economies avançades: Itàlia
http://t.co/XMluMtW via @L_Anella http://t.co/ya1LJXC
13:14 congrat to @piernst, our 800th follower. Pretty amazing that
so many people (well, and a few bots...) are interested in what
we write :)
September 2011 / 134
16:51 I just joined Digg, you should follow me! http://t.co/p5oztXR
via @Digg
17:27 How to Let Others Upload Files to your Dropbox
http://t.co/c0JgYJ1 via @labnol
8'th September, 2011
08:57 RT @zyncro: Working in the age of 2.0 http://t.co/Qdtdj9g
09:07 Certificate cleanup for most personal computers
http://t.co/jvlQ8C9 via @windowssecrets http://t.co/CeBMwZB
9'th September, 2011
09:00 Reading 'Lessons from Project Management: 101 ways to
organize your life' on @Focus http://t.co/eEWsXnj
10:41 GLADINET - Cloud Storage Access Platform Solutions [looks
interesting: have anyone tried it?] http://t.co/9rVqblq
20:29 2011 #Freelance Industry Report (Free, must read!) by
@edgandia http://t.co/ur0UvMN #freelancereport #freelancing:
via @edgandia http://pi
10'th September, 2011
15:23 Infographic: Project Management Training | Top Cultured
September 2011 / 135
22:54 Pinboard: social bookmarking for introverts [better than
delicious] http://t.co/u5yYvJB
11'th September, 2011
16:07 Expert Advice tip sheet / checklist: Overcoming
Procrastination http://ow.ly/6fdF4
12'th September, 2011
18:09 LF Aligner helps translators create translation memories from
texts and their translations http://t.co/3R3ukDK
18:21 InterFAX y GinzaFax, envia y recibe faxes con Google Docs
http://t.co/RnnUgim via @wwwhatsnew
18:25 RT @makeuseof: 2+ Browser Add-Ons That Will Help You
Find What You’re Looking For (On A Page)
20:51 Please +K my influence in on @klout http://t.co/8JLCrqW
20:58 Voice123 - The Voice Over Marketplace - Voice Overs, Voice
Actors, and Talents: http://t.co/dvY86gX via @AddThis and
21:20 @ollicarreira Soylent green
21:20 RT @makeuseof: How To Create Your Own WordPress
Theme With No Coding Skills Whatsoever http://t.co/8CaJ03D
September 2011 / 136
21:38 GTS Blog - by Dave Grunwald, CEO of gts-translation.com:
http://t.co/XJ65TY0 via @AddThis
21:39 @ollicarreira no leas las reseñas... si ya sabes como acaba,
pierde la mitad del gusto... :)
22:21 RT @makeuseof: Please RT: FREE PDF DOWNLOAD
Computer In Your Computer: How To Use VirtualBox
13'th September, 2011
10:23 How Google Translate works: http://t.co/yeFdqmH
11:19 RT @lingoport: Our Justifying Internationalization webinar
with the L10n Strategist at Intel is coming up on Thursday
18:00 RT @erik_hansson: Demand for #Ukrainian #language in
global net is growing, but U.community lagging behind
http://t.co/MPhkMna #internet
21:08 RT @qabiria Come crearsi in poche ore un sito web per
promuoversi come traduttore http://t.co/dvVr6ui (non recente,
ma sempre valido)
14'th September, 2011
09:13 I problemi della traduzione - Paperblog - http://t.co/1SiwhMG
Trascorsi settanta anni dalla morte di Fitzgerald, sono
decaduti i diritti...
September 2011 / 137
09:48 Ya tenemos a Amazon en España!!! http://t.co/pVsTZBw
10:02 6 Bookmarklets That Will Boost Your Web Surfing Speed
Productivity http://t.co/RqYQ6xT
10:56 Ya tenemos a Amazon en España!!! http://t.co/pVsTZBw
#books #libros #shopping #amazon
10:57 RT @miguelllorens: Webinar on selling your translation
services outside the U.S. by Eve Bodeux http://t.co/IPKJf5f
10:58 RT @calustra: RT @Martine_FC: En El Trujamán, reflexiones
sobre la traducción de los nombres de los personajes de
Astérix http://ow.ly/6tPnU
10:58 RT @saavedramanuel: RT @Martine_FC: Se avecinan
cambios en #Delicious http://sho.tc/e0e (vía @alexpuig)
11:58 RT @uwemuegge: #Free event: @ProZcom #Virtual
#Recruitment Day, Sep 28 http://t.co/U0oanQi #l10n #xl8 #t9n
#jobs #careers #gstile
11:58 RT @tradhostel: Google lanza su buscador de vuelos: Google
Flights http://t.co/1zz1ylt
12:27 RT @rubendelafuente: 53 new international Microsoft Style
Guides to download! - TechNet Blogs - http://t.co/kpk5DQl
13:19 Hosting account for less than $10 for 1 year:
http://t.co/ZCxIGk6 via @AddThis
September 2011 / 138
13:52 RT @ollicarreira: Así es ser tester de videojuegos
http://t.co/i44J5F8… http://t.co/QBAy0Xx
15'th September, 2011
07:58 Vocre App Attempts to be a Universal Translator, Seems to
Come Close: http://t.co/qP20MWwG
14:36 RT @MacDictionary: An essay on the increasingly important
role of corpus linguistics in applied linguistics
16:43 RT @chrisdec71: Inc. 5,000 List Includes 18 Fast-Growing
Language Service Providers http://t.co/Z98h1gJL
23:09 Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license enforced in
Germany: http://t.co/DY8HB1A0
16'th September, 2011
05:14 24 Hours of Climate Reality: Gore-a-thon - Hour 18:
09:40 eMpTy Pages: Translation Crowdsourcing:
http://t.co/3f80I3xM via @AddThis
11:39 Welocalize Announces Release of GlobalSight 8.2
11:40 2011 Localization Project Managers Roundtable
September 2011 / 139
13:03 File Conversion Center by Sysfilter: converts your files to
different formats. http://t.co/iQwqWE2U
15:35 A selection of interesting books for freelance and in-house
translators and project managers: http://ow.ly/6slGl
21:10 11 funciones no tan conocidas de Google Chrome via
@wwwhatsnew http://t.co/k6xoTrKr
17'th September, 2011
12:10 RT @translation_uk: See Today Translations featured on the
BBC and at Gorbachev's 80th birthday! - http://ow.ly/6tUTz
14:19 I'm getting a pack of #Moo cards because I've got Klout thanks to @overheardatmoo! You can too, just click here:
18'th September, 2011
21:19 I'm attending International Freelancers Day -- FREE online
conference this Fri!! http://t.co/clFJYSHP #IFD11countdown
21:20 RT @UweMuegge Tomorrow! Machine #Translation Summit,
Sep 19-23, Xiamen http://ow.ly/57Kbf #conference #MT #i18n
#l10n #gstile
21:20 RT @knowlengr NLP News: A model of an IP machine
translation system based on term frequency weighting
http://t.co/r4gY3SFG Full http://t.co/5rrrBRUV
September 2011 / 140
21:20 RT @GlendonTransl8 Machine #translation tempts people to
crowdsource or insist on professional work? Interesting! Via
@AdamWooten http://t.co/YvqFQysg
19'th September, 2011
09:54 We used to use Basecamp to manage projects. Still a very
good choice for freelancers: here's a $10 discount to try it.
11:51 Come convertire i siti-slideshow http://t.co/qwTlTSzr
11:55 Use a Single Mouse to Copy, Paste, Drag and Drop Files
across Multiple PCs | Gizmo's Freeware http://t.co/izeZPrvj via
12:26 pptPlex: zoom in slide sections, and move directly between
non-sequential slides in your PowerPoint presentations
12:29 To Five Smashing Years… And A Free Anniversary eBook
Treat! http://t.co/EoDRxpzf via @smashingmag
15:15 RegEx: online regular expression testing: http://t.co/2Xotu7xW
via @AddThis
20'th September, 2011
15:27 Nuovo articolo gratuito: Come confrontare due file Excel
http://t.co/2VqhnCIr #knowledgepill
September 2011 / 141
15:47 DOWNLOAD Virtual Currency: The BitCoin Manual
http://t.co/Q8tl9Lc6 via @makeuseof (pw is makeuseof)
21'st September, 2011
22:49 Tiscali lancia Indoona alternativa italiana a Skype Repubblica.it http://t.co/MagCLjTY
23:41 Zoho Creator now includes a payment module that integrates
with PayPal. http://t.co/NdNLuyL2
22'nd September, 2011
08:33 Using Windows 7′s XP Mode — step by step
http://t.co/9H8tojyR via @windowssecrets
23'rd September, 2011
05:06 Is That a Fish in Your Ear? by David Bellos - review:
09:38 Longhorn - OkapiFramework: server application allows you to
remotely execute batch configurations remotely.
14:07 Create a Word Glossary | My Tech World http://t.co/fpVxcAZl
September 2011 / 142
14:09 RT @EdGandia T-60 minutes to the biggest online
conference for freelancers solopreneurs! http://t.co/0Gu5GvaF
14:22 RT @larassegna tips for freelance translators from
FreelanceSwitch http://t.co/UKTJAIuy
14:22 RT @multilingualmag: Survey participation requested on
performance benchmarks for translation suppliers http://ow.ly/6B3I1 #xl8
14:29 RT: @ASLIB_info: Translating and the Computer Conference,
17th-18th November, for more information check out
http://t.co/qwD5qNlC #xl8
22:35 Smart business model: prerecorded online conferences visible
for free in specific time slots. Want to watch'em all at any
time?=$$$ #ifd2011
24'th September, 2011
10:21 I'm sharing my $10 @Zinio #digitalmagazine Perk with
everyone! Get your code here: http://t.co/mbX1oRET
26'th September, 2011
09:25 Some good OpenOffice tips and tricks http://ow.ly/6E9hk
14:44 RT @gettranslatjobs: Italian into English Quality Manager #NewYork , NY (http://t.co/6Vk48Osj) Get Translation Jobs
September 2011 / 143
14:48 Automating Document Translation Formatting with Structured
FrameMaker 10 http://t.co/vwmHRr9s via @GPITranslates
15:01 Cheat sheet for SDL Trados Studio 2009 Editor
17:45 #free magazine, brand new association for translation
companies, nice useless animation on the home :)
27'th September, 2011
09:21 myGengo lands $5.25M for online translation that really
works: http://t.co/7GeP7Yqw
12:22 Human Translation Platform myGengo Raises $5.25 Million
From Atomico, 500 Startups: http://t.co/E9p2SRxH
14:50 RT @earres: Directorio de recursos para estudiantes de
#interpretación @ http://t.co/qsvOnuM1 (via
28'th September, 2011
09:11 Translation3000 Newsletter, September 2011
http://t.co/c21gNi20 via @1
09:19 Get Word Count and Character Count in 25 formats with
Anycount: highly recommended http://ow.ly/6H1uE
September 2011 / 144
09:40 RT @t21century: #TAUSUC2011.Do not miss the great
presentations: http://t.co/WkKcqlH4
09:41 RT @manuelhrrnz: Comparision of general MT engines
output with EU-funded project at http://t.co/gEVeDn8p (beta)
09:41 RT @quicktranslate: Translation Tribulations: The future is
here (targeting, profiling and clustering) http://t.co/vR4P2oUK
13:22 New nice feature from LinkedIn: "Apply with LinkedIn"
13:50 Good for translators! 10 Rules for Writing Numbers and
Numerals http://t.co/9IXqEyP4 RT @rubendelafuente
#translation #xl8
13:50 The sentence "I love you" in 65 languages: http://ow.ly/6Hcy2
Stay tuned: soon a t-shirt out of it... please RT
14:10 RT @lexicoolcom: New: Basic #vocabulary for department
stores CA-EN-ES-FR-PT by TERMCAT http://ow.ly/6GloR
14:12 RT @multilizer: I uploaded a @YouTube video
http://t.co/KKFWvOwL How to translate a simple .NET
application with Multilizer .
18:00 Arriva il #Kindle Fire di Amazon #tablet http://t.co/cPbysEhq
18:59 Download Your Entire Facebook History With The New Data
Downloader http://t.co/Hjw4uVdz
September 2011 / 145
21:24 Delicious Is Reborn With A New Look Stacks
29'th September, 2011
14:45 Business School: nueva oferta formativa para emprendedores
de la Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC)
14:55 RT @prozcom: #xl8 #t9n International Conference on
“Translation, Localization, Interpretation and Sign Language
15:55 RT @teambox_app Tip: Using Online collaboration Tools for
your personal tasks http://t.co/t0TKTW07 #pm #pmot
30'th September, 2011
08:34 ¡Feliz día del traductor a todos! Feliç dia del traductor a tots!
Bonne journée des traducteurs à tous ! Happy translator day
to all! #DDT h
08:35 Gracias @martaortells, se hace lo que se puede. :) Seguimos
convencidos que cuanto más das, más recibes, incluso en los
08:40 RT @lexicoolcom: RT @coopclic @RAEinforma: Nace el
primer 'Diccionario de términos médicos' en español
http://t.co/arynsscx vía @elmundoes
September 2011 / 146
1'st October, 2011
00:57 My Intellectual Journey, Part IV: http://t.co/09tK78W6
15:00 RT @gpitranslates: How to translate and localize the text
layers in #Photoshop http://t.co/5hfvhKvb Photoshop #xl8 #t9n
16:40 Simplenote. An easy way to keep notes, lists, ideas, and
more. http://t.co/MG9HjPzz
18:26 Top 10 Note Taking Apps for Freelancers http://t.co/YjmlsDJh
19:09 E-Commerce Success in Any Language: http://t.co/D8j7EJ9y
2'nd October, 2011
13:00 Glearch: search tool for global business, performs searches
by specific countries and languages. http://ow.ly/6ESHK
14:27 Milestone 14 of the Okapi tools is now available (see
changelog) http://t.co/5906vmEx
3'rd October, 2011
10:29 @xosecastro Mira aquí: http://ow.ly/6LszY Que conste que no
lo he probado.
October 2011 / 147
10:30 RT @beatrizcardona: RT @mariainfante: 22 herramientas
para comprobar la usabilidad de tu web (ENG)
http://t.co/EbadyR3b via @mashable
10:32 RT @4visi0ns: ¿Quieres ser el primero en probar 4Visions
manager? http://www.4visionsmanager.com y pronto podrás
disfrutar de todas sus ventajas.
10:35 Vuoi creare il tuo sito web professionale in mezz'ora?
Template gratuito offerto da Qabiria: http://t.co/MHxvP6xI
10:37 Quieres crear tu web profesional en pocos minutos? Plantilla
gratuita cortesía de Qabiria: *http://t.co/MFCfgXYm
10:39 Create your professional website in minutes with a #free
#template offered by Qabiria http://t.co/4ePWA710 - special
for translators
10:44 Check this #free #template especially designed for freelance
translators: http://t.co/Pz9QvMpn and use it to build your own
11:59 N-II: traductor automático estadístico ES<>CA
(castellano-catalán) http://t.co/fdLMVjXZ
15:05 Glearch: search tool for global business, performs searches
by specific countries and languages. http://ow.ly/6ESHK
15:45 Vuoi creare il tuo sito web professionale in mezz'ora?
Template gratuito offerto da Qabiria: http://t.co/MFCfgXYm
October 2011 / 148
4'th October, 2011
10:50 Vuoi creare il tuo sito web professionale in mezz'ora?
Template gratuito offerto da Qabiria: http://t.co/MFCfgXYm
12:04 10 Key Points #Freelancers Must Know About #LinkedIn
http://t.co/POQDUAND via @freelancefolder #freelancing
14:36 Always have your stuff when you need it with @Dropbox. 2GB
account is free! http://t.co/ihaS30ca
14:42 RT @internazionale: Tecnologia. Yahoo lancia un nuovo
servizio, Yahoo Screen, video destination site.
14:43 RT @gauc_spain: ¿Te vienes al primer GAUC en
España?Hay hasta 6 seminarios prácticos disponibles!
http://t.co/jXbi4X0h #GoogleAnalytics
15:05 Come confrontare il contenuto di due semplici file Excel:
http://t.co/2VqhnCIr #free article #xl8
5'th October, 2011
09:10 How RoboHelp 9 benefits Translation Projects - 1
http://ow.ly/6ETj5 via @GPITranslates
10:50 Create your professional website in minutes with a #free
#template offered by Qabiria http://t.co/GrdYeNnz - special for
October 2011 / 149
12:02 With Big Data Comes Big Responsibilities:
14:48 RT @fidusinterpres: #xl8 I Encontro de Tradução em
Pernambuco – Recife, 15/10/2011 http://t.co/FIxjkNnB
14:49 RT @atanet: Use hashtag #ata52 for this year’s ATA Annual
Conference tweets!
14:50 Vuoi creare il tuo sito web professionale in mezz'ora?
Template gratuito offerto da Qabiria: *http://t.co/MFCfgXYm
14:51 RT @plunetnews: Free Webinar: Successful Business
Translation Management with Plunet TODAY at 5pm CEST,
15:06 17.00% of my followers are from United States, 7% are from
Katalonien . http://t.co/UGWwzbVK. Where are yours?
16:13 TermWeb Hooks Up with Ontram http://t.co/64dehv7J
6'th October, 2011
09:38 Getting the most from Windows Search — Part 2
http://t.co/kRnfED2S via @windowssecrets
11:19 Manual de Buenas prácticas en Redes Sociales Corporativas
(gratis con registro) http://t.co/P6VHY5jX
15:15 Cheat sheet for SDL Trados Studio 2009 Editor
October 2011 / 150
16:01 Best of Wordpress Plugins http://t.co/mbc9YkJ7 via
18:31 "Stay hungry, stay foolish" t-shirt. My personal tribute to Steve
Jobs. - http://t.co/mesado1w
18:40 ABBYY to Present on Machine Translation Breakthrough at
TAUS User Conference 2011: http://t.co/IgGRd27u
21:42 Facebook launches its own universal translator:
7'th October, 2011
08:23 American Translators Association (ATA) 51st Annual
Conference http://t.co/xaaBziLe via @AddToAny
08:28 RT @smashingmag DocPool: a resource dedicated to sharing
and improving commonly used documentation in Web design
and development - http://docpool.co #useful
10:50 Create your professional website in minutes with a #free
#template offered by Qabiria *http://t.co/GrdYeNnz special for
15:15 Translating SDL Trados projects in memoQ, an overview:
19:52 Facebook Translation Powered by Bing Translator:
October 2011 / 151
8'th October, 2011
02:00 Facebook: Brand Reputations Lost in Translation?:
07:58 #SDL #Trados Studio 2011 and Word Bilingual? Now you
can! You can work in Studio 2011 and footnotes are
supported too! (via Ghislandi)
08:03 RT @UweMuegge #POV in #Language Culture - #Audiovisual
#Translation #Conference, Oct 14-15, #Krakow
http://t.co/0D5sQNV3 #xl8 #gstile
10:45 RT @textundblog: RT @cartanautica: El #MoMA digitaliza su
catálogo de #libros (Vía @javiercelaya) (RT @SMconecta2)
9'th October, 2011
10:50 Create your professional website in minutes with a #free
#template offered by Qabiria http://t.co/GrdYeNnz - special for
11:48 Build your personal alternative to Dropbox with Tonido, 'Run
your own Personal Cloud' [looks promising]
16:49 Really practical summary of David Allen's #GTD on MineZone
Wiki by MVance GettingThingsDone http://t.co/yfLcpbbt
October 2011 / 152
21:42 10 Translation Process Steps to Automate Before Using
Machine Translation [typical self-promotion, but worth a
reading] http://t.co/UORVCd7i
22:37 I host qabiria.com w/ SiteGround highly recommend them! If u
need hosting, go to http://t.co/j03g9Gom via @addthis
23:10 Create your professional website in minutes with a #free
#template offered by Qabiria *http://t.co/GrdYeNnz special for
11'th October, 2011
12:51 ESCAPE ATTEMPT.: http://t.co/0A89W7u9
15:33 Supporting the translation process correctly http://t.co/yrVgu1E0
15:34 When does terminology really pay? - http://t.co/0mjSpYzH
18:33 AlternativeTo - Alternatives To The Applications You Want To
Replace http://t.co/kJFdqjOf
12'th October, 2011
10:11 Ectaco Gears Up for CES in Hong Kong and Frankfurt Book
Fair With the jetBook Color: http://t.co/rTeXBsfw
22:22 Ectaco jetBook Color to be seen at CES: http://t.co/QJqzuR5w
October 2011 / 153
13'th October, 2011
08:41 Take your PC’s temperature — for free! http://t.co/2Pq3d0jW
via @windowssecrets
09:48 Unlocalize (translate) localized .NET exceptions and SQL
error messages http://t.co/ERsLViNq
21:24 #HootSuite blog – Social Media Dashboard » HootSuite
Acquires “What the Trend” to Define Trending Twitter Topics
14'th October, 2011
22:26 My @Klout score is 46. I improved it by 3 points over the past
30 days! Thanks to my followers. http://t.co/l8KeDM1c
22:27 @larusalka, quizás te pueda interesar darte de alta en Klout
22:39 All cheat sheets, round-ups, quick reference in one page.
22:40 RT @ebodeux Always a winner: @language_news's The
Entrepreneurial Linguist: Lessons from Biz School at #ata52
by JJenner Fri 10/28 at #ata52
22:41 RT @Wordfast RSVP for the Wordfast party in Boston - open
bar, great food, games, and prizes. #ata52
October 2011 / 154
22:42 tks for mentioning @Tony_Blanc @julianab @jjotta
@francisco_bh @joyarzon @parabolico_bh
15'th October, 2011
06:10 Contest entry roulette: http://t.co/1GliEifp
16'th October, 2011
15:05 RT @rubendelafuente: Translating TagEditor files in Déjà Vu http://t.co/beKlrp9x #in http://t.co/JhjLZnkQ
17'th October, 2011
08:33 RT @jeromobot The 201st Tool Box Newsletter is out now.
Sign up at http://t.co/xNc8Kv7G #xl8 via @Jeromobot
08:53 RT @playmobiles: MeowTrad o, la start-up de traducción de
la que soy CEO ya tiene página en Facebook :D
http://t.co/KDyPQEwa <bonito logo:)>
09:03 RT @amoenus1625: Cloudsourcing @bloginforma: Backify:
512GB gratis para alojar archivos en la nube
http://t.co/Au8NNopg @rubendelafuente
09:07 @playmobiles gracias <enrojezco>. Si quieres saber más
acerca de la creación del logo de @qabiria mira aquí:
*http://t.co/ELTuSl9T (en ita)
October 2011 / 155
09:09 RT @cngl: Online registration is now open for the Localisation
Innovation Showcase on 16 Nov. - Dublin
http://t.co/yaAcKzTN #ID11
09:20 Free template for your website, special for translators http://t.co/Al3FPQgk
09:35 Avatar Harmony: sincronizzare l’immagine del profilo in tutti i
principali social network http://t.co/dEUwyOKe
10:57 http://t.co/UXS2UZeN - Online Translation Service:
15:05 RT @translatorswb: Come join us today! Translators without
Borders http://t.co/uruMBEZT #TranslatorsWB #volunteering
#philanthropy #NGO
15:07 RT @anylanguage: Just In - Real Time Android Speech
Translation expanded to 14 languages - Idealo Product News
18'th October, 2011
08:13 Così gli archivi gratis sul Web cambieranno le nostre vite Repubblica.it http://t.co/Q7fsUglX via @repubblicait
08:26 DirecTransFile: “File hosting” fai da te - WinTricks.it
October 2011 / 156
09:10 RT @martapiera: Translation costs could be cut by over
€90m at the EP. Is interpretation next ?| New Europe
10:18 Free/open-source machine translation systems and tools *http://t.co/feO7GSUF #in (via @rubendelafuente)
10:20 RT @rubendelafuente: ttc-project - TTC TermSuite: a UIMA
application for terminology extraction and alignment from
comparable corpora......
13:40 How to Check Consistency of Spelling and Hyphenation for
Free | Intelligent Editing: http://t.co/q7NkfcXY via @AddThis
15:20 IAPTI -International Association Of Professional Translators
And Interpreters http://t.co/DrIvkAM0
19:27 Check out this SlideShare presentation : Subtitular con
software libre http://t.co/6B1DqIxx
19:31 Primeras Jornadas GTD, el 22 de Octubre en Barcelona: está
todo completo, si alguien va, que nos informe...
22:51 The Science of Pricing - http://t.co/oZZ6dAmH
22:58 @european_school, your Klout Score is 39 (I'm a 45). Check
out your @klout profile today! http://t.co/LGqoFkLB
October 2011 / 157
19'th October, 2011
09:14 RT @multilingliving: RT @spanishtogether: Two Languages,
Many Voices: Latinos In The U.S via Bilingual Families
10:30 RT @rubendelafuente: Tools: Finding online glossaries with
wwwsift http://t.co/1NMXIUYv via @fxtrans and @jeromobot
12:07 Top Sites Going Global with Translator API:
13:23 Recommended tools by Humanized > Enso Words and Enso
Launcher #free http://t.co/5MNdWLWL
13:39 Experimento para demostrar la "inutilidad" de la Ley Sinde
http://t.co/Xm6iK9OI via @el_pais
20'th October, 2011
10:10 RT @multilingliving: Giveaway! Learning to Read and Write in
the Multilingual Family: http://t.co/SKAK25MT #edchat
#ellchat #bilingual
10:30 RT @rubendelafuente: Top Ten Translators' Blogs [2010] http://t.co/MYpHuXTQ #in http://t.co/ytNJH6m9
15:08 Making the most of Really Simple Syndication
http://t.co/QKN4MklP via @windowssecrets
October 2011 / 158
15:51 Vademecum redazionale per traduttori - Dritte e consigli <da
biblit.it, arcinoto ma non si sa mai...> http://t.co/CEDR7xjW
15:59 DOWNLOAD Best of the Web, Delivered: The Reddit Manual
23:20 Cruscate: Spazio di discussione sulla lingua italiana /
Discussion board on the Italian language http://t.co/GU2IkLug
21'st October, 2011
08:40 Always have your stuff when you need it with @Dropbox. 2GB
account is free! http://t.co/ihaS30ca
12:12 Vernassa, Un po’ di stile: norme editoriali di riferimento, PDF
#gratis #free http://t.co/tuesVFNx
18:05 Come condividere un glossario in OmegaT
18:17 RT @jeromobot: Viki, interesting competition to @dotSUB:
http://t.co/FVZiArif (via @i18n_mug)
18:18 RT @acclaro_inc: 12 good French-language blogs on
freelancing, translation and webwriting http://t.co/EsUS6GuB
23:11 New! OmegaT 2.5.0 - multiplatform CAT tool - now with
scripting integration and many other enhancements
October 2011 / 159
23:30 Free template for your website, special for translators *http://t.co/Al3FPQgk
23'rd October, 2011
16:35 RT @termcat Aquests dies se celebra el Mundial de rugbi.
Consulteu el diccionari en línia que us oferim:
24'th October, 2011
09:37 Come tradurre i nomi di specie animali e vegetali
http://t.co/5PVTVXii <no brain surgery, but useful if you're
starting as a translator>
12:51 Sistema operativo leggero e veloce per netbook Joli os
http://t.co/puBORJW5 via @evilripper <lo sto usando e sono
molto soddisfatto>
25'th October, 2011
06:29 How 18th-Century Copiale Cipher Was Cracked:
15:36 How Revolutionary Tools Cracked a 1700s Code:
17:35 Come confrontare il contenuto di due semplici file Excel:
*http://t.co/2VqhnCIr #free article #xl8
October 2011 / 160
20:04 Keyboard Shortcut List | Shortcuts and Hot Keys Reference
for Windows, Mac OS, Linux. http://t.co/BC2BVsfE
21:41 Copiale Cipher Decoded: http://t.co/NRDnWVFM
23:03 Software for building and editing thesauri
23:40 Ergonomía y traducción. Es mejor prevenir que curar
26'th October, 2011
06:46 The Art of Diplomatic Translation: http://t.co/cgXgnkKW
06:46 Secret society's code cracked: http://t.co/wRa6luXR
14:39 Termbases.eu: uno strumento completo per creare e
condividere basi terminologiche http://t.co/kXA8aOvh
15:05 Termbases.eu: a complete tool for building and sharing terms
collections http://t.co/O3nGPEi9
18:57 Scientists crack the Copiale Cipher: http://t.co/JqhvCwrs
27'th October, 2011
04:03 Cracking a centuries-old cryptogram: http://t.co/Ofu1QtFG
04:04 Amy was found dead in his apartment: http://t.co/9iL5Wb8Q
October 2011 / 161
09:40 Backify Gives 512GB of Unencrypted Online Backup Storage
for Free [Deals] *http://t.co/ES04v9Ck
12:28 Using Windows 7′s XP Mode — step by step
http://t.co/9H8tojyR via @windowssecrets
12:28 What you should know about Windows’ Event Viewer
http://t.co/BfC8pIXN via @windowssecrets
12:33 Getting the most from Windows Search — Part 1
*http://t.co/yFUsI7sC via @windowssecrets
12:35 New! OmegaT 2.5.0 - multiplatform CAT tool - now with
scripting integration and many other enhancements
22:20 Machine translation cracks 18th century occult code:
22:20 Scientist Cracks Mysterious Copiale Cipher:
28'th October, 2011
08:33 Website Translation Software (cloud-based): Smartling <has
anyone tried it?> http://t.co/64Y1cTgM
08:52 Verifika: automated translation quality assurance tool - try it
for free http://t.co/kLmR4VLZ
October 2011 / 162
10:00 Target-language edit hints using machine translation extension for #omegat <the beauty of open source>
10:45 Justbeamit Makes Transferring Large Files Super-Easy
[Webapps] *http://t.co/rVTvsqU3
10:46 Come condividere un glossario in OmegaT
29'th October, 2011
00:22 TM Sharing Guidelines - Protect your TMs. Share your TMs.
Increase your ROI. http://t.co/Sj0pUJmM
11:08 Mining the web for 'big data': http://t.co/PmG7hmAd
16:45 55 Cryptic Technology Acronyms Their Funny Translations
30'th October, 2011
10:35 Come tradurre i nomi di specie animali e vegetali
*http://t.co/5PVTVXii <no brain surgery, but useful if you're
starting as a translator>
31'st October, 2011
10:45 55 Cryptic Technology Acronyms Their Funny Translations
October 2011 / 163
17:00 bitext2tmx: Generate tmx from text files (original+translation)
18:43 How to broaden your video's reach: http://t.co/cTQKqd5x
October 2011 / 164
1'st November, 2011
00:53 Google Translate: http://t.co/RxTU2v2f
03:58 One Hour Translation Releases Extended Features for
Google Translate API: http://t.co/v5Ef5ncn
11:15 RT @StranslationsUK Translator quality checks. A 10-point
checklist: http://t.co/svy4bFN4 <"no brain surgery" series, but
can be useful>
13:40 Getting the most from Windows Search — Part 1
http://t.co/yFUsI7sC via @windowssecrets
2'nd November, 2011
13:17 Indústria editorial 2.0: tendències, oportunitats i reptes davant
la digitalització del llibre - Publicacions http://t.co/EIWU3pvL
13:45 Getting the most from Windows Search — Part 2
http://t.co/RUETALJX via @windowssecrets
14:20 5 KPI Metrics Every Small Business Owner Should Monitor |
Dashboards http://t.co/ScXIf021
November 2011 / 165
3'rd November, 2011
00:59 Make Labels Stand Out, Create Filters, and Other Things You
May Be Confused About with the New Gmail
01:07 A Non-Designer's Guide to Making Attractive Presentation
Slides http://t.co/gbF4PkOT
01:26 How to Get 8GB+ Extra Dropbox Space for Free with Google
AdWords http://t.co/DdQY6HFB
10:50 Jeremy Rifkin: "España podría crear millones de trabajos
mañana gracias a sus edificios": http://t.co/vPQlEivF via
23:27 Getting started guides downloadable in PDF format #free from
Multilingual Computing @multilingualmag http://t.co/YPfTwYgI
4'th November, 2011
10:55 Learn Grow Your Business At EFactor – The World’s Largest
Social Network For Entrepreneurs http://t.co/XHosgexn
17:58 New mobile technologies bring translation blunders and
successes to your fingertips: http://t.co/0CS7uF5h
20:18 Make the Most of Your Dual Monitors <old post, but still
useful> http://t.co/NVB5VB2l
November 2011 / 166
23:59 La carpeta del professional, nou servei per als professionals
de #Barcelona #biz <happy to work here>>
5'th November, 2011
00:29 Linguist List - Web Resource Listings <Here I've found some
valuable tool I wasn't aware of> http://t.co/a6xGXSsH
13:55 The Absolute Basics Of Programming For Beginners (Pt. 2)
16:05 YouAlign - online document alignment solution
19:23 @PORTranslation I've tested it with some unrestricted
material and YouAlign does a good job. I'm not concerned
with what they do after that.
19:52 RT @qabiria Quale strumento CAT scegliere? Tabella
comparativa gratuita (aggiornata a dicembre 2010)
6'th November, 2011
13:55 Remove Unnecessary Page Elements Before Printing With
Print Edit [Firefox] http://t.co/xUtWvsAH
November 2011 / 167
7'th November, 2011
10:39 Embody Experience - Herman Miller, probably the best
ergonomic working chair around... only € 1995 :)
10:51 New! OmegaT 2.5.0 - multiplatform CAT tool - now with
scripting integration and many other enhancements
11:02 RT @giltcareers: Translation Research Summer School
(TRSS) 2012: Edinburgh, Scotland (Research School)
11:08 RT @textundblog: RT @DRadioWissen: Neu @NetzReport:
Ebook-Verleih - Digitale Bibliothek http://t.co/Pxc5KB5N
11:13 RT @manuelhrrnz: Traducción automática “bricolaje” en
TAUS Barcelona 2011 http://t.co/dU3M1ZNT…
11:29 Firefox 8 disponibile per il download http://t.co/sU23b9sw
13:18 Check our library for translators and project managers:
16:05 RT @sergeyrybkin: RT @OliverLawrence1: Translation
revision techniques, ways to save time and optimise
workflows: http://t.co/01j7TmTK
November 2011 / 168
8'th November, 2011
11:05 RT @uwemuegge: Nordic #Translation Industry Forum, Nov
24-25, #Malmö http://t.co/OjX6Myjn #l10n #xl8 via
@NTIF_2011 #gstile
11:05 Quale strumento CAT scegliere? Tabella comparativa gratuita
12:18 RT @wwwhatsnew: Google está probando un nuevo recurso:
"Sources" http://t.co/XM7CBWCc
12:19 RT @pmstrad: Mesa redonda sobre blogs y redes sociales
organizada por la APTIC el 19 de noviembre en Barcelona
9'th November, 2011
00:10 Translation Tribulations: A proposed model for compensating
MT-supported translation http://t.co/SsVLsZre
09:42 Language into Language - Cultural, Legal and Linguistic
Issues for Interpreters and Translators by Saul Sibirsky and
Martin C. Taylor http:/
11:10 Quale strumento CAT scegliere? Tabella comparativa gratuita
12:31 tks @larusalka for spotting that. Edited. :)
November 2011 / 169
15:10 Free template for your website, special for translators *http://t.co/Al3FPQgk
10'th November, 2011
09:47 Putting Registry-/system-cleanup apps to the test
http://t.co/YHni4tqb via @windowssecrets
11:10 Cheat sheet for SDL Trados Studio 2009 Editor
11:10 RT @pangeanic: 'Using linguistic information for hybrid
machine translation', Barcelona: *http://t.co/amLhEZ45
11:15 RT @aiiconline: Want to expand your #interpreting and
#translation library? @natalykelly recommends these top titles
11:20 RT @thomaspower: Cloud Storage - Dropbox vs. SugarSync
... talking Cloud storage here and not technical geek stuff ...
11'th November, 2011
00:05 TMbuilder -- the easiest Translation Memory export creator
(tks Rubén) http://t.co/GdkQqJCm
01:05 RT @jmmanteca Gran comparativa de herramientas TAO por
gentileza de @qabiria: tinyurl.com/c4998uo
November 2011 / 170
10:23 Tradbase: database Access per contabilità traduzioni di
Nazzareno Mataldi <il mio primo gestionale (1999), grazie
nm!> http://t.co/v10M9L8H
10:57 Hosting account for less than $10 for 1 year
http://t.co/y2ZksbSN via @AddThis
11:15 Reader riposte: The limits of machine translators
http://t.co/d2xblYQj via @LowyInstitute
11:35 iFolder: create your own "dropbox" on your server
11:42 ownCloud web services under your control / your own
dropbox on your server http://t.co/VgrhYdjS
11:46 Ubuntu One: personal cloud, your content wherever you are
17:49 Straker Translations lets you send MailChimp campaigns with
International Flavor http://t.co/ksQSECSb via @mailchimp
18:15 Overcoming the Obstacles to Making Ideas Happen |
http://t.co/8jPNYDxB http://t.co/Yuz5C8bb
12'th November, 2011
09:49 Google Translate Adds New Indian Languages to iPhone App:
November 2011 / 171
11:20 RT @currixan: "The Interpreters Diaries": "Of Notepads and
Writing Utensils", by @InterpDiaries - *http://t.co/3EfBpVZt
11:20 Is there an ePub in your future? - http://t.co/ls80QeMY via
TCWorld #tekom
21:21 New Feature Log | Prezi Learn Center <Prezi's getting better
and better...> http://t.co/xLaGv3lv
13'th November, 2011
11:25 RT @actualidad_ed: Amazon crea una biblioteca de préstamo
gratuito para los propietarios de dispositivos Kindle
11:25 RT @manuelhrrnz: Traducción automática “bricolaje” en
TAUS Barcelona 2011 http://t.co/dU3M1ZNT…
16:25 RT @cincbarcelona: #bcndevcon del 17 al 19 de Nov en #bcn
el 1r encuentro europeo para los amantes de las new tech
14'th November, 2011
09:35 My #gmail messages open with no message, just the subject
line. If I click reply the message shows in my reply. Solutions,
09:38 No messages showing in the body of email in #gmail: looks
like it's a @firefox issue - they display fine in Chrome.
November 2011 / 172
09:42 Blank messages in #gmail @firefox? Solution: Tools /
Add-ons / Extensions / Adblock Plus / Options / Filters /
Update all subscriptions.
09:42 RT @wasaty: How to convert SDLXLIFF to DOC and back video in Polish by @localizepl: http://t.co/jfMSqz36
10:43 Linguee Reference Site: The Linguee website might be of use
to some of you, as it is an online bilingual dictionary
10:46 RT @teresacuervo: Alexa’s Top 10 Translation Services
Websites - GTS Blog http://t.co/gOvVt78o
10:58 RT @gchretiennot: Looking for quotes in Trados Studio?
Select word/s and then „CTRL 6“ or “CTRL 7” or «CTRL 8»
#xl8 #t9n #cat
11:01 RT @giannidavico: Come può il traduttore vivere del proprio
lavoro (traduzioni a 2 cent, no grazie): http://t.co/j9RP0mxn…
11:18 How can I save font settings in Notepad++? (eg using a
Unicode compatible font to view Japanese characters)
11:29 RT @qabiria: RT @GianniDavico: Come può il traduttore
vivere del proprio lavoro (traduzioni a 2 cent, no grazie):
11:40 Firefox 8 disponibile per il download *http://t.co/sU23b9sw
November 2011 / 173
11:40 Codex Seraphinianus: semi-licit copy of a semi-legendary
book of the weird http://t.co/rdpyozly
19:06 Global Language Journal - November issue: focus on French
15'th November, 2011
11:45 Am I the Only One Who Likes the New Gmail Redesign? [Ask
The Commenters Roundup] http://t.co/3IXi7tdy
11:45 If This Then That: Connect Automate Any Two Of Your
Favorite Web Apps http://t.co/pfiLnPBd
20:28 Apple Siri, Google Voice could help save the world's
languages: http://t.co/w2RDfFsA
16'th November, 2011
09:24 Online LSP MyGengo looking for En>Ar, En>Fr, En>Ja,
En>Ko, En>Pt-eu, and En>Ru translators. Take their test:
09:25 Ever wanted to be a #TEDFellow? Now’s your chance – apply
today: *http://t.co/RtBIgVhM!
09:28 RT @marialazaro: Google publica gratis en español su último
eBook sobre #Marketing http://t.co/HYvMR72U /via
@wwwhatsnew marketing
November 2011 / 174
11:50 Windows Downloads: Easy Email Extractor Finds Email
Addresses in Files, Folders, and Web Sites - @Lifehacker
11:50 10 Great ifttt Recipes To Automate Your Web Life
12:00 Six Tips for Working with an Interpreter While Public Speaking
17'th November, 2011
09:35 Sei un vero innovatore? #TEDFellow cerca proprio te...
Diventa un #TEDFellow! *http://t.co/RtBIgVhM
12:10 Two Great Reasons to Fire Your “Good” Clients
12:10 20 Life-Tracking Tools for Better Health, Wealth and
Productivity http://t.co/c4M62HP5 via @mashable
21:57 Looking at the dashboard Ducksboard Demo
http://t.co/p9ZS1vBH powered by http://t.co/J6eeBY07
23:52 Speaking of Translation: recordings of some of webinars, and
to the archives of podcast. http://t.co/MiRKevoJ
November 2011 / 175
18'th November, 2011
04:22 Josh Topolsky Reviews the Galaxy Nexus:
16:06 Asia Online free Language Studio™ Pro desktop translation
and quality metric tools http://t.co/oS5VJuTG
20:23 The best 101 Chrome extensions for all your browsing needs
by @makeuseof http://t.co/n49JSnBX
22:49 What you can do about soaring hard-drive prices
19'th November, 2011
17:22 Recién llegado de #apticblogs, interesante mesa redonda
sobre blogs... buena comida y mucho networking. A+
17:24 RT @angeldominguez: @dgimirizaldu @RicardSierra la
identidad visual de empresas de traducción o particulares
puede mejorar mucho #APTICblogs
17:27 @apticassociacio Para tener una identidad visual que no sea
el típico globo con banderas hay que esforzarse un mínimo:
18:01 Hosting account for less than $10 for 1 year
http://t.co/xceeRzcu via @AddThis
November 2011 / 176
20'th November, 2011
08:33 From The Myojo-Waraku 2011 Festival In Fukuoka, Japan:
Demos From 8 Asian Startups: http://t.co/X0jXD1Tc
22:24 68 New APIs: AMEX OPEN Forum, OpenMenu and Phone
Call Demographics: http://t.co/HstC64hI
23:28 @martaortells #apticblogs gracias por la foto!
23:36 RT @donnaparrish: Deadline for theme suggestion for
Localization World is tomorrow. You may win admission!
23:48 La verdadera pregunta de todos los asistentes a #apticblogs:
@ollicarreira se ha puesto una corbata ridícula por una
apuesta perdida, o qué?
21'st November, 2011
04:28 Honduras NT coach, member of the blogosphere:
09:23 Todo el mundo habla del sistema D'Hondt, pero pocos lo
conocen: http://t.co/hRknkALB
09:25 @aidagda @ollicarreira Pensaba más bien a la famosa
técnica de twitter "How to get 10% more tweets by wearing a
fancy tie" :-)
November 2011 / 177
22:06 Drupal 7 Multilingual: What's new in #i18n by Evolving Web
22'nd November, 2011
09:33 RT @t21century: Bill Dolan of MS Research talks about the
role of semantics What is the meaning of 'meaning'?
#TAUSUC11 http://t.co/TaLIuBQA
23'rd November, 2011
08:28 8 Tips To Build Successful International SEM Campaigns:
08:28 Europe Patent Reform Changes the Global Infringement
Landscape: http://t.co/iHwDWgol
14:16 RT @exciteitalia Stanislaw Lem Google: logo sullo scrittore di
fantascienza http://t.co/rcZrR93X
14:33 Europe Patent Reform Changes the Global Infringement
Landscape: http://t.co/C2ufeplN
15:23 Corso apièdipagina - Tradurre luoghi e culture: la traduzione
di testi turistici http://t.co/8vFuspTH
15:26 RT @LPTraduttori Non "prezzi bassi", ma "prezzi troppo
bassi". Molto interessante perché pieno di sfumature e vari
punti di vista.... http://t.co/MwV16egp
November 2011 / 178
15:29 La traducción automática y el Movimiento de Baja Calidad
http://t.co/ZdAUwXIn /via @wordpressdotcom
24'th November, 2011
10:36 Hablamos con la cabeza http://t.co/gGZShaST via @rtve
10:46 Youtube videos from TAUS conferences: lots of content a
linguist can't miss http://t.co/g0y6g58g
11:23 Turn that frown upside down! Get Appy with @YouTube
@Tumblr @Flickr and @GetSatisfaction #hootapps
11:29 RT @escepticina: +1 "@CalamoyCran: "El lado humano de
un PM" *http://t.co/5vgk0doc
11:38 Building a common RESTful API for translation services
11:39 RT @uwemuegge: #Conference of the #French #Translators
Association, Dec 9, #Paris http://t.co/TpuUhrze #xl8 #t9n
#translation #gstile
11:40 RT @smashingmag: Join the 3rd Smashing Magazine's
meetup in Stuttgart, Germany with @paul_irish http://t.co/kGotYcac
11:48 As Content Volume Explodes, Machine Translation Becomes
an Inevitable Part of Global Content Strategy:
November 2011 / 179
11:53 RT @rubendelafuente: Tu(i)téame, por favor: pautas para
entenderte con tus lectores - #estilo *http://t.co/uUL7G5mi…
11:54 RT @tomascascante: TE VAS A QUEDAR SOLO HOY A LAS
19H? Ven a la Tertulia !! http://t.co/Tr0LXKdl…
12:04 RT @en_ittranslator: 5 Bilingual Data Resources That Work
With Your CAT Tool. *http://t.co/C5dTUS7B #l10n
12:20 RT @on_translation: Para todos aquellos que estéis
interesados en el sector #biotech...Hoy tenéis una cita
ineludible!!!!!! #l10n #xl8
13:52 RT @elliewhq: Systran Software Download - Premium
Translator Italian: *http://t.co/EtHQcUIh
16:13 Master the New #Gmail with These Tips, Shortcuts, and
Add-Ons *http://t.co/PMqiN9nh
16:15 RT @lptraduttori: Reminder: ultimi due giorni per iscriversi alla
seconda edizione del workshop... *http://t.co/rXCRD6ST
16:16 RT @lexicoolcom: "Vers une cartographie de la #traduction
littéraire en Europe" (pdf) | Petra http://t.co/IPENp1L1
17:43 How Translation Brought a Language Back to Life
23:56 Full bilingual record of Assembly plenary meetings to return:
November 2011 / 180
25'th November, 2011
11:35 Worldwide Lexicon: open source collaborative translation
platform with plugins for #wordpress and #drupal
14:29 transprocalc – free translation project management tools at
tony baldwin | bloguiando http://t.co/Rhyeaq2s
18:23 National Assembly to restore bilingual record of meetings:
18:23 Bilingual Assembly records will return: http://t.co/9MT1hbqL
26'th November, 2011
11:40 WWL For Drupal is an interactive translator that adds
human/machine translation to Drupal websites.
11:45 RT @taus_data: PangeaMT putting open standards to work...
well AMTA 2010 @manuelhrrnz http://t.co/g7XlH9tJ
17:40 RT @rubendelafuente: Interesting MT DiY project: LetsMT!
Website - http://t.co/6FsUuVjf http://t.co/rdnd2jWr
18:47 Babylon Pro v8.0.8 R2 R7: http://t.co/4aheKbhU
18:47 iTranslate - free translator for Android: http://t.co/KFyX4MM3
November 2011 / 181
27'th November, 2011
11:40 WWL For Drupal is an interactive translator that adds
human/machine translation to Drupal websites.
11:45 Which CAT is for you? #free comparison table
20:03 Alan Kennedys Color/Language Project - The Idiom List
28'th November, 2011
11:40 Worldwide Lexicon enables you to publish in any language,
using machine, community or professional translators
11:50 Building a common RESTful API for translation services
16:43 Wishbox: Get User Feedback with Annotated Screenshots
22:45 machine translation: Definition from http://t.co/mqlfmoNN:
22:45 Machine translation - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:
November 2011 / 182
29'th November, 2011
10:45 Which CAT is for you? #free comparison table
11:45 RT @rubendelafuente: Interesting MT DiY project: LetsMT!
Website - *http://t.co/6FsUuVjf *http://t.co/rdnd2jWr
14:53 TAUS Labs: research and development area of TAUS.
15:03 dotSUB Blog » Blog Archive » Top 10 Languages by Number
of Native Speakers http://t.co/fdR4tStJ
15:50 RT @uwemuegge: #Conference of the #French #Translators
Association, Dec 9, #Paris http://t.co/TpuUhrze #xl8 #t9n
#translation #gstile
19:26 Decenas de alternativas a Wordpress para gestionar el
contenido de una web http://t.co/roSnTQWL
19:27 Las tartas son para el postre: 5 razones por las que no uso
gráficos circulares « El Arte de Presentar http://t.co/a4Ynsaie
19:40 How to Use Google Search More Effectively (Infographics) |
MakeUseOf Geeky Fun http://t.co/mkrZY3tG
30'th November, 2011
10:10 Search, and You Shall Find. In Your Own Tongue
November 2011 / 183
11:05 How Language Works (Edition 3.0): Table of Contents
11:06 RT @SKTranslations Terminometro: sitio portal temático
#multilingüe sobre la #terminología y sus disc. asoc. (#IT #FR
#ES #PT) #xl8 #t9n http://t.co/eQDUYTmk
12:05 RT @elleapostrofo: RT @adeleoliveri: Bel glossario
monolingue di finanza: *http://t.co/Xs4IiscC
13:45 RT @taus_data: PangeaMT putting open standards to work...
well AMTA 2010 @manuelhrrnz *http://t.co/g7XlH9tJ
13:54 xliffRoundTrip tool: automates a roundtrip between any XML
file and XLIFF. http://t.co/H3QzlWmT
17:42 First ECQA Certified Terminology Manager—Basic in an
online format by BIK Terminology http://t.co/217eQniI
18:02 How can I search for websites containing a specific image?:
18:12 El màrqueting digital no vol només clients, vol fans - Pere
Rosales - Íncipy http://t.co/mdpqp14o
18:28 Online la "prima bozza della storia" è fatta da due secoli e
mezzo di giornali - Repubblica.it http://t.co/4Hj5uj17 via
20:58 Translator group buying - Get a 40% discount on memoQ
translator pro! http://t.co/dIV9r1NY
November 2011 / 184
1'st December, 2011
05:36 The source of our doom: http://t.co/Sp0zgRpH
10:01 ¿Cómo encontrar clientes potenciales? - http://t.co/NTezwr0c
10:05 RT @mstelmaszak: How the Klingon #language was invented
10:12 30 trucos para Microsoft Excel http://t.co/o3xTl8qR
12:10 XTRF Translation Management Systems will hold TMS
Inspiration Days on 19-20 April 2012 in Krakow, Poland.
12:15 RT @en_ittranslator: 5 Bilingual Data Resources That Work
With Your CAT Tool. *http://t.co/C5dTUS7B #l10n
18:55 Localization Taxonomy: look what's in and what's been left out
#l10n #i18n http://t.co/4GOU8kSg
23:53 30+ Valuable Chrome Extension For Web Designers
Developers: http://t.co/NDk0CXor
2'nd December, 2011
00:59 Our most read article on http://t.co/nzMPxt82: How to count
and translate PDF files *http://t.co/7XYa1bpx RT @qabiria
December 2011 / 185
12:30 RT @gpitranslates: 10 Tips for Website Localization
*http://t.co/RE6zkL33 #l10n #t9n
17:15 MakeUseOf Cheat Sheets for outlook, skype, opera, twitter,
chrome and many others http://t.co/2w1dJ1OM <pw is
3'rd December, 2011
00:05 The Cheekiest - And Politest - Comic Book Pirate In The
World: http://t.co/Rn8ztNIO
12:10 RT @mstelmaszak: How the Klingon #language was invented
14:00 RT @rowda: El proceso de localización de Mass Effect 2:
*http://t.co/KEbmdE5p #l10n
4'th December, 2011
14:05 RT @translatewiki: Uploaded my introduction "#MediaWiki
#localisation #sprint " of #wci11 to #Wikimedia Commons
*http://t.co/UFiXACrJ #L10n
14:05 RT @rowda: El proceso de localización de Mass Effect 2:
*http://t.co/KEbmdE5p #l10n
19:03 BBC News - Italy's exclusive ailments http://t.co/a4CHN5K4
December 2011 / 186
5'th December, 2011
12:16 RT @LaFermeDuWeb: L'internationnalisation de ses
#applications #Facebook open graph disponible:
http://t.co/7OgE69Ld #fdw #i18n
12:18 RT @sktranslations: Mobile Apps and Games
#Internationalization and #Localization http://t.co/OJX6ISUz
#i18n #l10n #webinar
12:18 RT @multilingualmag: Current issue of Tool Box newsletter http://t.co/EBLRQogW by @jeromobot #xl8 #i18n #localization
12:21 RT @sergio_lisko: 'Six Ways to Get the Most Out of Your
#Translation Career' Tips to enjoy your profession
http://t.co/CnwUKRw0 #xl8 #l10n
12:30 RT @linguagreca: The Training Paradox: Internationalizing
and Localizing Training Materials http://t.co/7mKz6Pil #xl8
#L10n #i18n
12:40 How to start a language business | Entrepreneurial Linguist
12:49 Seth's Blog: Tools vs insight http://t.co/DlhZEUoN via
12:52 Twitter pubblica i principali trend del 2011
12:59 Come condividere il glossario di un progetto fra due traduttori
#omegat http://t.co/PeOIiPR0
December 2011 / 187
13:01 18 Common Phrases to Avoid in Conversation from
http://t.co/Rtf8earv: *http://t.co/FaY2thdW
13:04 Google nos cuenta cómo crear un sitio web para móviles
13:05 Brilliant Free Utility Syncs Folder On Your PC With Google
Docs *http://t.co/V1K3JebZ
13:07 Instant Links To Hundreds Of Useful Web Sites, On A Single
Page | Gizmo's Freeware http://t.co/Kn2cEfkD
14:10 RT @translatewiki: Uploaded my introduction "#MediaWiki
#localisation #sprint " of #wci11 to #Wikimedia Commons
*http://t.co/UFiXACrJ #L10n
15:43 Machine Translation Engine: http://t.co/v8dt2L44
16:20 RT @ramviswanadha: RT @jinen: the 18 biggest internet
markets in europe: *http://t.co/tdHx8XZS (via @smartling)
#i18n #l10n
6'th December, 2011
12:56 Microsoft Word Tips < awful design but useful tips... :) >
15:20 RT @GPITranslates: How to: Integrate Website Localization
With #CMS http://t.co/wAylQNod cms #wcm #l10n
December 2011 / 188
16:25 Master the New #Gmail with These Tips, Shortcuts, and
Add-Ons *http://t.co/PMqiN9nh
7'th December, 2011
12:45 If you're using Total Commander you can't miss uLister 4.0.0:
viewer for +500 file formats http://t.co/S85U3YOn
14:43 RT @ppi_translation: New markup for multilingual content
http://t.co/UxSvsUfu #l10n >> Great step for multilingual
14:44 RT @en_ittranslator: New post: WikiCross: Consult Wikipedia
in several languages simultaneously (first paragraphs)
14:47 RT @on_translation: Hoy en #elpais, artículo sobre las
traducciones de las series más importantes del momento.
http://t.co/Re2xj8or #xl8
15:46 RT @tesstranslates: Easy to avoid for all translators: RT
@WellRebekka: How to kill your translation business
http://t.co/JH4nE3t0 #xl8
16:04 Going Boldly Where No Startup Has Gone Before, Babelverse
Aims To Make The Universal Translator A Reality:
16:25 How to Use Google Search More Effectively [INFOGRAPHIC]
December 2011 / 189
16:30 Dropmark – Porque no está todo inventado a la hora de
guardar y compartir material *http://t.co/oN3z2IKE
22:06 Lingotek: Translating Success in Foreign Markets:
8'th December, 2011
15:25 How to Use Google Search More Effectively [INFOGRAPHIC]
16:20 RT @GPITranslates: How to: Integrate Website Localization
With CMS *http://t.co/wAylQNod #cms #wcm #l10n
21:28 5 trucchi per ottenere il massimo da Microsoft Windows
Search *http://t.co/dN86FdPj
22:42 11 Greasemonkey Scripts to Make Twitter Better Faster
http://t.co/P0Cx0G1B via @TechSplurge
9'th December, 2011
11:34 Wikipedia: Public domain image resources <see this next time
you need a #free picture for your website>
11:40 Manymoon, the social productivity platform for managing
projects and tasks, with Google Apps integration
December 2011 / 190
12:30 RT @ciscol10n: We all know what FIGS are in #i18n #l10n
industry, but for 1st time, by the BBC, I heard of PIGS (PG, IT,
12:30 RT @multilingualmag: Current issue of Tool Box newsletter http://t.co/EBLRQogW by @jeromobot #xl8 #i18n #localization
12:30 RT @royscholten: Your chance to help improve #drupal #i18n
initial UX: http://t.co/EvG7O0ff Both designers and developers
need apply
19:23 Lingotek: Translating Success in Foreign Markets:
10'th December, 2011
12:35 RT @sergio_lisko: 'Six Ways to Get the Most Out of Your
#Translation Career' Tips to enjoy your profession
http://t.co/CnwUKRw0 #xl8 #l10n
16:35 RT @en_ittranslator: Bitextor: an automatic bitext generator
which obtains base corpora from the Internet. #l10n
11'th December, 2011
01:44 Machine Translation - Springer - International Publisher
Science ...: http://t.co/9VF9hPNF
01:44 Machine Translation - How it Works, What Users Expect, and
What ...: http://t.co/te0iojMA
December 2011 / 191
11:35 RT @pnilsson1: Top 7 Questions Clients Ask While Hiring A
Translator http://t.co/OLE9hFGV #t9n #xl8 #L10n
17:40 RT @linguagreca: The Training Paradox: Internationalizing
and Localizing Training Materials http://t.co/7mKz6Pil #xl8
#L10n #i18n
18:40 Comment spam protection and CAPTCHA service | Mollom
12'th December, 2011
10:55 5 reasons to become TED translators (especially if you're
starting as a translator) http://t.co/ICkH9SgP
12:34 ICON comes to Anna University: http://t.co/jolCZeB8
12:50 Artículo #gratis: Qué hacer para ser traductor jurado en
España http://t.co/7vFnb2oH
22:18 Hosting account for less than $10 for 1 year
http://t.co/j5WVpg9D via @addthis
13'th December, 2011
12:44 Kyrgyzstan: Online Crowdsourcing Project Wades into
Language Politics: http://t.co/xxNCJaen
12:55 5 reasons to become TED translators (especially if you're
starting as a translator) *http://t.co/ICkH9SgP
December 2011 / 192
13:00 Seth's Blog: Tools vs insight http://t.co/i2fRk0Sm via
14'th December, 2011
00:49 machine translation - definition of machine translation by the
...: http://t.co/y8Qp79JO
13:00 RT @adiamantidis: #SocialMedia #xl8 Building Relationships
On Twitter is Easy! http://t.co/2ax3QHCA via
15:13 Pimes, innovació i internacionalització: perspectives per a
Catalunya http://t.co/rrFZR7mW via @L_Anella
15:14 RT @surrealitybytes En el blog de @earres: ETIM 2011:
Encuentro de Traductores e Intérpretes ...
15:14 RT @surrealitybytes Asetrad entrevista a Bootheando en
Twitter mañana a las 18:00 http://t.co/J2HHeQP8
16:06 http://t.co/MS3lpc8H: l'inglese reinventato dagli italiani...
19:58 OT: se avete bisogno di uno psicologo e psicoterapeuta
esperto e qualificato: http://t.co/m2MC2Eu2
December 2011 / 193
15'th December, 2011
09:42 2015 T-Index Projection Which markets offer the most
potential for your website ? #Translation #xl8
PUBS / Translation Company; work from virtual office
10:03 Setting up a temporary ‘ad hoc’ network http://t.co/7ETrEyEn
via @windowssecrets
10:06 @sicohistoriador We been w/ Siteground for years and never
experienced any problem. Contracts have small letters. If you
read it, u'r safe.
10:10 RT @larassegna: ► Date e localizzazione (anche senza
traduzione): Due errori visibili che potevano essere evitati.
10:11 RT @localization: 5 App Trends To Watch For 2012 - Forbes
http://t.co/BAiMCPaE by @bclavin of @Tethras #L10n
#mobile #apps #UX
10:20 RT @renatobeninatto: My latest blog post: What I expect for
#2012 http://t.co/Pbj9FcRI #yam #xl8 #translation 2012
10:28 ChangeTracker, #freeware for tracking changes in bilingual
documents http://t.co/kQYlxw08 http://t.co/0Lr2l282
December 2011 / 194
10:56 RT @manuelhrrnz: (Re)reading "Current research in machine
translation" http://t.co/w2j4hP8j
10:57 Projetex 9.0 Released! The New Version of the Leading
Translation Management Software! http://t.co/BvdrAJqR
10:58 Does your company use a translation management system
(TMS) to coordinate translation activities or outsourcing?
11:00 Could be helpful for game localization specialist in FB
11:01 Urgent - Looking for Portuguese translators or copywriters
based in Brazil | LinkedIn http://t.co/vpdYPiI8
11:02 RT @plunetnews: Suchen Sie ab #Plunet53 nach
Mitarbeitergesamtbewertung und vergleichen Sie kinderleicht.
11:19 Google Buys a Virtual Assistant, But It’s a Far Cry From Siri
13:00 Buscando entre categorías, fechas y autores de varias
direcciones RSS http://t.co/GEgvN85N
13:10 Come condividere il glossario di un progetto fra due traduttori
#omegat *http://t.co/PeOIiPR0
15:40 Special offer for Verika, automated translation quality
assurance tool *http://t.co/QY4ylGdb
December 2011 / 195
19:08 Argo Translation, Inc. Introduces New Machine Translation
Service, ArgoMT: http://t.co/j7cU4GKr
16'th December, 2011
07:12 Accelerate Overseas Growth in 2012 Using Content
Management Systems: http://t.co/u1NpX1NB
13:05 Buscando entre categorías, fechas y autores de varias
direcciones RSS *http://t.co/GEgvN85N
13:10 RT @wwwhatsnew: #webapp: La actividad de Wikipedia... a
tiempo real *http://t.co/10ezRbLL
19:17 Global Online Markets Represent Major Growth Potential for
U.S. Companies: http://t.co/XUJL89j0
22:18 Cryptex Flash Drive: http://t.co/bOmAQu53
17'th December, 2011
12:13 10 Simple Efficiency Hacks for Small Businesses | Business
Pundit http://t.co/F667jCDk
13:20 Brilliant Free Utility Syncs Folder On Your PC With Google
Docs *http://t.co/V1K3JebZ
13:20 Three Keyboard Shortcuts for Faster and Easier Use of
Microsoft Word http://t.co/32a05NAI
December 2011 / 196
18'th December, 2011
13:20 Brilliant Free Utility Syncs Folder On Your PC With Google
Docs *http://t.co/V1K3JebZ
13:20 Three Keyboard Shortcuts for Faster and Easier Use of
Microsoft Word *http://t.co/32a05NAI
19'th December, 2011
10:25 RT @localization: 5 App Trends To Watch For 2012 - Forbes
http://t.co/ikAhEdpk by @bclavin of @Tethras #L10n #mobile
#apps #UX
15:25 RT @uwemuegge: #Localization Summit @ #Game
#Developers #Conference, Mar 5-9, #San_Francisco
http://t.co/udEAikTy #l10n #xl8 #gstile
21:40 We're experiencing some layout problems on our website.
Some of the links provided in previous tweets might not work.
We're working on it :(
20'th December, 2011
01:48 Eric Schmidt says "tablet of the highest quality" due in the
next six months: http://t.co/emg3YflC
10:30 RT @localization: RT @multilingualmag: Flavius (beta
version), website translation and indexing http://t.co/gqNikzs4 #webdev #localization
December 2011 / 197
11:18 Layout problems on *http://t.co/6g3HYJHI have been fixed.
Just a small *.css file out of place... Thanks for your
understanding. :)
11:42 Email etiquette: Is the 'thankyou' email simply a thank you?
<Are thankyou-only emails really necessary???>
15:30 RT @EN_ITtranslator: #translation style guides should
contain every choice that can't be recorded in a glossary or a
TM http://t.co/nLUYKafO
21'st December, 2011
10:30 RT @localization: RT @multilingualmag: Flavius (beta
version), website translation and indexing http://t.co/gqNikzs4 #webdev #localization
11:30 RT @renatobeninatto: My latest blog post: What I expect for
2012 http://t.co/Pbj9FcRI #yam #xl8 #translation #2012
15:32 DOWNLOAD Computing Harmony: Seamlessly Blend
Windows and OS X http://t.co/5lHfLC9y (pw makeuseof)
15:42 The Novice Guide To Buying A Linux Laptop
23:07 Year-End Review Of Your Multilingual Programs:
23:07 2011 review: The year in technology: http://t.co/AjzWbBiz
December 2011 / 198
22'nd December, 2011
10:35 RT @alexpysaryuk: How to install additional languages on
your #BlackBerry smartphone: http://t.co/fKX9pkIX RT
15:35 RT @renatobeninatto: RT @mashable: 13 Tech Companies
and Products That Went Under in 2011 http://t.co/NHUeGgMI
16:40 ChangeTracker, #freeware for tracking changes in bilingual
documents *http://t.co/kQYlxw08 *http://t.co/0Lr2l282
23'rd December, 2011
08:19 Conspiracy Against Libya: Do The Research:
10:40 Check this video - Translation Services: Decoding the
Document Translation Quote Process via @youtube
10:40 Special offer for Verika, automated translation quality
assurance tool http://t.co/QY4ylGdb
24'th December, 2011
11:00 Enhance Your Knowledge: Three Reasons to Do Business
Face-To-Face *http://t.co/0n98UKyP
December 2011 / 199
17:05 5 reasons to centralize your translation process
21:46 Conspiracy Against Libya: Do The Research:
21:46 Capita widens remit with £7.5m purchase of ALS:
25'th December, 2011
11:00 Check this video - Translation Services: Decoding the
Document Translation Quote Process via @youtube
19:10 Projetex 9.0 Released! The New Version of the Leading
Translation Management Software! *http://t.co/BvdrAJqR
26'th December, 2011
11:10 Could be helpful for game localization specialist in FB
11:10 Does your company use a translation management system
(TMS) to coordinate translation activities or outsourcing?
13:25 Machine Translation Detector: http://t.co/h1rZtGXM
December 2011 / 200
27'th December, 2011
11:15 Launch of TAUS Tracker | TAUS - Enabling better translation
15:15 RT @wwwhatsnew: #webapp: Congoo - Crea tu propio portal
personalizado de noticias http://t.co/AvDQoYPw
28'th December, 2011
04:43 Argentina blocks iPhone sales in bid to strengthen economy:
11:15 Launch of TAUS Tracker | TAUS - Enabling better translation
11:15 Google+ refuerza sus “Quedadas" con nuevas características
http://t.co/dTH4JJcJ (vía: @wwwhatsnew)
29'th December, 2011
11:05 Enhance Your Knowledge: Three Reasons to Do Business
Face-To-Face *http://t.co/hUegrOqc
11:05 5 reasons to centralize your translation process
14:20 Buscador de imágenes libres en Google Docs
*http://t.co/lM3Lrtim vía @wwwhatsnew
December 2011 / 201
16:58 The Big Stories of 2011 at Xconomy San Francisco:
23:01 Buy-out translates as a good bit of business:
30'th December, 2011
11:20 How a 140-Character Twitter Resume Could Land Your Next
Job http://t.co/BOmLNDM0
19:20 RT @wwwhatsnew: #webapp: Presentamos la nueva versión
de Meebo http://t.co/7y9t9aQ4
31'st December, 2011
09:25 How a 140-Character Twitter Resume Could Land Your Next
Job *http://t.co/BOmLNDM0
11:20 RT @wwwhatsnew: #webapp: Presentamos la nueva versión
de Meebo *http://t.co/7y9t9aQ4
December 2011 / 202
2'nd January, 2012
08:31 Cunei Machine Translation Platform: http://t.co/OEOUfoVT
3'rd January, 2012
20:46 Just Released: "Systran S.A. (RAN) - Financial and Strategic
SWOT Analysis Review": http://t.co/gPiHspvB
20:46 ASUS Transformer Prime official bootloader statements
confuse further: http://t.co/VX0TXIrF
5'th January, 2012
09:32 Windows Defender Offline — old name, new use
http://t.co/K2Bl8Kg0 via @windowssecrets
21:18 Centralizing Language Services Saves Money, Improves
Productivity, and Means Faster Time to Market:
January 2012 / 203
6'th January, 2012
13:08 We have 973 followers. Please help us reach 1000! This #free
#papercut toy is for you http://t.co/z5WaP9IW whether you
help us or not :¬)
7'th January, 2012
10:14 Software that translates Sanskrit texts into Hindi:
10:14 Spock Meets The Woz: http://t.co/YbfniA6d
9'th January, 2012
11:20 We have 973 followers. Please help us reach 1000! This #free
#papercut toy is for you http://t.co/z5WaP9IW whether you
help us or not :¬)
10'th January, 2012
12:17 Five kinds of work to farm out to the crowd:
12:17 A quick look at the creation of computer-language translation
efforts -- 58 years ago this month: http://t.co/GKl149ML
13:20 RT @mashable: Google Analytics tutorial: @RachaelGerson
explains how to find the best new features http://t.co/NwZWzSEX
January 2012 / 204
11'th January, 2012
10:06 DOWNLOAD How To Make Use Of Usenet for File Sharing
10:41 The E-Reader, as we know it, is doomed <Is it, really?>
15:57 Check out this presentation : How to cover the whole
Translation Project W... http://t.co/Bau378xg via @slideshare
12'th January, 2012
09:26 Great Android helper apps for Windows http://t.co/nbfvJbh8
via @windowssecrets
13'th January, 2012
12:20 RT @esanchezleon: The Importance of Localization in App
Stores | Very Interesting article with stats! #l10n @scoopit
15:25 RT @josereyero: Internationalization 7.x-1.3, new
maintenance release with some API improvements #drupal
15:26 LibrePlan: The open source web application for project
planning, monitoring and control http://t.co/5lJbtKEq
15:32 What Can You Carry on Your Head? - Photo Gallery - LIFE
January 2012 / 205
15:32 It’s Us Against the Machine?! http://t.co/v5iympTt
15:32 Machine Translation and the Anxieties of Technology (pdf)
17:30 RT @mc_lehm: 2012 Internationalization Conference, #i18n
and #L10n focused event in Santa Clara, CA on March 14-15
20:16 Project management, business model development, and SEO
– next presentations announced for the TMS Inspiration Days:
14'th January, 2012
13:40 RT @cfttr: Mozilla's new #Localization Quick Start Guide >
17:45 RT @tlimbach: #Translation #L10n #xl8 Most Common
Languages for Businesses to Translate http://t.co/eLjpCe63
15'th January, 2012
02:38 Apple recycling efforts expanded in France, Germany and UK:
08:44 Machine Translation Lets Me Down [Uncertain Principles]:
January 2012 / 206
14:35 RT @josereyero: Internationalization 7.x-1.3, new
maintenance release with some API improvements #drupal
14:45 RT @robertllewellyn: PRINCE2 glossaries for project
managers in 18 languages http://t.co/pZ9fRk3s #localization
20:53 73 New APIs: AT, Social Analytics and Online Learning:
23:54 Solving the Machine Translation Problem:
16'th January, 2012
15:35 LibrePlan: The open source web application for project
planning, monitoring and control *http://t.co/5lJbtKEq
15:35 RT @acclaro_inc: For more Flash #localization tips visit
15:55 RT @adiamantidis: How to Use Your Social Media Channels
for Blogger Outreach http://t.co/J9bDG15E #SocialMedia
19:18 Diventare traduttore « European School of Translation, II
Modulo http://t.co/B2DYiSAS
January 2012 / 207
17'th January, 2012
10:51 Very complete taxonomy of the language industry
15:21 Dear Senators, web users are against PIPA. I join my host
SiteGround #stopcensorship campaign http://t.co/LmRKGNdH
15:35 RT @chrisgumb: "$#*! My Localization Guru Says": A voice of
reason against hypes http://t.co/f6Vbllfo #xl8 #l10n
16:00 RT @nelida_kreer: Stilus: seems awesome xl8rs tool 4
automatic proofing | http://t.co/q16x8HXK #xl8 #t9n
16:10 January 2012 Newsletter by Qabiria - http://t.co/dnXFUBS1
16:41 January 2012 Newsletter by Qabiria - http://t.co/3uxaUQdO
19:33 Best 50+ Firefox Addons http://t.co/SZ5wNLZI by
22:26 Surviving the Wikipedia blackout: Mirrors, caches,
alternatives, apps, and more: http://t.co/QcZVSCR2
18'th January, 2012
14:00 RT @inma_610: Base de datos de la ICU (Organización para
las telecomunicaciones de UE) en los 6 idiomas oficiales
January 2012 / 208
14:31 TED DVD on Demand #tedtalks http://t.co/r3pdDNv3
16:00 RT @expressyourbiz2: #Dictionary of the Day: terms of
woodwind instruments (FR,EN,DE) http://t.co/u3ZxqD3c #xl8
#t9n #terminology
21:49 BBC News - Fantastic futures? Technology and business in
2012 http://t.co/3ixwQmsh
21:49 10 casos d'èxit de màrqueting digital http://t.co/EWp5SSHn
via @L_Anella
21:52 RT @blogbootheando Servicios y aplicaciones para sacarle
partido a Dropbox (via Rainy London Translations y
Localización y testeo... http://t.co/2oreyTPB
21:55 Always have your stuff when you need it with @Dropbox. 2GB
account is free! http://t.co/ihaS30ca
19'th January, 2012
11:00 Southwest path information gap, a cloister:
13:42 Say goodbye to BIOS — and hello to UEFI! <It was about
time!!!> *http://t.co/rubOXaVd via @windowssecrets
January 2012 / 209
20'th January, 2012
09:51 When Did Americans Lose Their British Accents?
*http://t.co/pch6coJs via @mental_floss
10:33 You thought you were a polyglot? You're just an amateur
compared to him: http://t.co/EQcPrPR3 (16 languages...)
11:34 Cupertino, Sunnyvale students keep Intel Science Talent
Search tradition alive: http://t.co/PTuPjkFI
17:39 Distributed Proofreaders: preserving history one page at a
time #ebooks #ebook http://t.co/XgCa8jPj
17:42 5 Great Ways To Put Your Dusty Old iPod To New Use
22'nd January, 2012
17:34 Guia zonas wi-fi (gratis o de pago) en Barcelona
17:38 Why international business students choose Barcelona? Education - International Studies http://t.co/8tQlaxvA
18:59 5 Tips on Getting Organized (From Someone Who Hates
Organizing) http://t.co/WeS3tvJ5
19:34 Anglo-EU Translation guide <just for fun> http://t.co/fBaatIyU
January 2012 / 210
23'rd January, 2012
17:50 Barcelona Good News 26 http://t.co/6uQdVUah a Newsletter
by http://t.co/ncsP5Zue
24'th January, 2012
10:42 Why Manga Publishing Is Dying (And How It Could Get
Better) [Comics]: http://t.co/AfPV3KWI
10:42 Briefly: iTunes U support, first Netherlands Apple Store:
15:10 5 Tips on Getting Organized (From Someone Who Hates
Organizing) http://t.co/WeS3tvJ5
25'th January, 2012
01:51 Lionbridge GeoFluent Receives 2011 Product of the Year
Award from Customer Interaction Solutions Magazine:
01:51 Mozilla to Crowdsource the State of the Union with
Multilingual Subtitles: http://t.co/4L2XqOjQ
17:22 SDL BeGlobal: The industry's first cloud platform for real-time
automated translation and communication
January 2012 / 211
26'th January, 2012
08:48 Foxconn gets Brazil tax breaks, looks to start iPad production:
11:13 #msword What is the best free way to clean up Word HTML? Stack Overflow http://t.co/jygeC2SZ
19:53 Un libro que transformará tu imaginación: Las ruedas mágicas
de la creatividad - http://t.co/p06ACGD5
27'th January, 2012
09:26 Adrian Cockcroft's Blog: Thoughts on SimpleDB, DynamoDB
and Cassandra - http://t.co/nyYPkGK7
11:25 How to delete Dropbox files from Android mobile? | Windows
Secrets Lounge http://t.co/bBu8Rbzg
28'th January, 2012
11:25 Ready or not, you’re getting IE 8 or 9 http://t.co/kmn9LPph
15:05 Hidden Skype Emoticons and Skype Smileys:
http://t.co/puVLkyTV via @AddThis
15:16 Best Linux Distributions (check the comments too)
16:05 Un libro que transformará tu imaginación: Las ruedas mágicas
de la creatividad - *http://t.co/p06ACGD5
January 2012 / 212
30'th January, 2012
00:14 iOS web browser shoot-out: alternatives to Safari on the iPad:
11:30 Bargain-Price Book Scanner From A Cardboard Box.
#diyscan #diy http://t.co/5RxnWIar
31'st January, 2012
01:49 No new Xbox: Microsoft says 'Nothing new in 2012':
16:16 El hotel 2.0: la gestión hotelera hiperconectada « ZyncroBlog
16:17 Infografía: ¿Qué es la empresa 2.0? « ZyncroBlog
January 2012 / 213
1'st February, 2012
10:47 Barcelona offering discounts on leisure and culture
experiences across the city:: BARCELONA/BUSINESS
10:54 seeseuno » Técnicas de cierre – 1ª parte
15:16 Metrics Dahsboard Design - Designing Effective Metrics
Management Dashboards http://t.co/svy5u6LB
2'nd February, 2012
09:44 Your next computer could well be a tablet http://t.co/8MCFF0lD
11:15 LogiTerm Newsletter, Number 16, February 2012
11:24 Stacie Nevadomski Berdan: The World Has Changed: Foreign
Languages Make a Huge Difference: http://t.co/mBbPxAAy
16:07 Viajes y hoteles de lujo para 'traductoras' rumanas con cargo
a una depuradora de Valencia http://t.co/m0T7cuIE
17:38 CloudApp vs Droplr: Is There a Clear Winner?
February 2012 / 214
3'rd February, 2012
11:25 Club Cambra: doing business... otra red social para
empresarios... cuantas van? 1000? http://t.co/8VtLQq2w
13:10 Think Before You Reorganize - Management Tip of the Day gennaio 10, 2012 - Harvard Business Review
16:35 @colladaali y la mayoría totalmente inútiles... ;-)
17:50 Cloud File Sync and Sharing | Mobile Document Access |
Syncplicity Personal Products - http://t.co/7sgx6hrA
18:10 Apple removes iPhones, iPads from German online store due
to injunction: http://t.co/opkvEqIu
4'th February, 2012
12:30 Finer points lost in Google translation: http://t.co/jI4Ovwu6
15:35 Finer points lost in Google translation: http://t.co/zU1vZpu7
5'th February, 2012
13:10 Message Notes Plus, useful addon for Mozilla Thunderbird
February 2012 / 215
6'th February, 2012
01:31 Using twitter for odd things: http://t.co/DHc6MajB
12:08 Por qué no te sale a cuenta trabajar a cuatro céntimos | You
Speak - http://t.co/NXgtE2ri
12:16 02/02/2012: estuve en #LaColmena, original evento de
networking de @seeseuno: productivo y lleno de entusiasmo
12:17 RT @wwwhatsnew: #webapp: Debate sobre moderación,
monetización y gestión de redes sociales [Networking Activo]
12:33 RT @pnilsson1: Multilingual 2012 Resource Directory
http://t.co/ENhidpSH #xl8 - We're in.
12:50 Open Advice -FOSS: what we wish we had known when we
started - (ebook) http://t.co/Q6botxFO
12:59 RT @jordibal: Nuevo en el blog: Molestias (y remedios) de no
cobrar por no tocar http://t.co/slsVmSgn
15:25 Excel Enterprise Dashboard Download – worksheet with small
business KPI charts | http://t.co/u28MVoYw
17:38 RT @milengo: Free #ebook that captures true lessons for
#localization #managers just starting out in the industry
February 2012 / 216
7'th February, 2012
09:47 Tengo una entrada para http://t.co/rOmRQgeE del día
18/02/2012, seminario para emprendedores. Si quieres
acompañarme, DM o mail.
12:30 RT @european_school: È nato STRADE, il Sindacato dei
traduttori editoriali http://t.co/KMlQpSBO #traduzione #editoria
12:40 SupporterWall - Raise Money and Showcase your Supporters
- http://t.co/BMflygYm
19:08 @dgimirizaldu @deoptimogenere Gracias. La traducción al
ES está pendiente de una propuesta que hemos recibido. Aún
no hay nada oficial.
19:12 @deoptimogenere #guidaomegat de momento está en EPUB
y MOBI. En unos días saldrá en papel y PDF. Entonces
empezaremos el mkt machacón... :)
8'th February, 2012
00:20 Lionbridge Announces Q4 and FY 2011 Results; Grows Q4
Revenue $7.0 Million and Expands GAAP Earnings by $5.6
Mil... http://t.co/QtsAcm6i
09:52 Bilingual People - Specialist Language Recruitment and Expat
Fair - Feb 11, 2012 in Barcelona, http://t.co/YblQLQQL
February 2012 / 217
12:40 RT @erik_hansson: Translators! Welcome to have a closer
look at our Facebook page http://t.co/IdoiHDSu #xl8
9'th February, 2012
01:37 Siri rumored to gain support for Mandarin, Japanese and
Russian in March: http://t.co/F3pF41nj
12:30 RT @pauledgar1: Unique dictionary of EN synonyms
(WordVis) - synonyms grouped around meanings
http://t.co/t3SN9KW6 via @WordLo #xl8
23:40 RT @localizationews: AIT Releases the Latest Version of the
Industry-Leading Translation Management ... - IT…
http://t.co/XdD7yGiv #l10n
10'th February, 2012
01:45 Finer points lost in Google translation: http://t.co/7kzFJRhy
01:45 Buy A Portal Gun This April: http://t.co/7COxEOiH
10:01 Do users really care whether the web is open or not?
12:30 RT @sergio_lisko: 'How Translators Can Get More Work and
Clients,' new post on Lisko's blog. http://t.co/xi0FLLdO
#translation #t9n #xl8...
February 2012 / 218
11'th February, 2012
10:30 If you need to convert files from one markup format into
another, #pandoc is your swiss-army knife. Really impressive.
12:40 RT @plamena_gn: RT @ADiamantidis: #xl8 #t9n Lesson 23:
Why would you translate for free? http://t.co/KmXbY8V3 by
13'th February, 2012
09:16 Printing to PDF in different page sizes | Windows Secrets
Lounge http://t.co/bzz11B4a
10:15 Download MakeUseOf Guides, now in EPUB format as well http://t.co/VyfMgYJS
12:45 RT @chrisgumb: Three Steps to a Multilingual Website:
http://t.co/pnzE6fnZ #l10n #xl8
14'th February, 2012
09:30 HTML Slidy: Slide Shows in HTML and XHTML
15'th February, 2012
03:01 Translation Cloud Releases API for Developers In Its Updated
Version 2.5: http://t.co/d3kw28e4
February 2012 / 219
06:02 Apple on verge of revealing first Netherlands store:
12:45 click.to - One click to your favorite app - http://t.co/8Csgbe6g
16'th February, 2012
09:25 Is your free AV tool a ‘resource pig?’ http://t.co/UGbkyRhn via
09:28 Projetex: Translation Management System. V. 9.1 released.
09:31 Select one project to be the March SourceForge Project Of
The Month (Details at http://t.co/D97187P7)
*http://t.co/Wp5uisT9 via @sourceforge
16:09 RT @TaxiQab Machine translation FAIL: Italian Education
Minister confuses sheep cheese with a sex position in a job
posting: http://t.co/gIQtFuME
17'th February, 2012
00:25 The death of Firefox http://t.co/xZrhtQXK via @extremetech
03:15 Mountain Lion signals end-of-life for older Macs:
09:24 Global Voices: Using Crowdsourced Translation to Create a
Multilingual Newsroom http://t.co/733K0yA6
February 2012 / 220
09:25 Helping the World, One Translation at a Time
http://t.co/1kgmg9en via @HuffingtonPost
11:40 PhatPad, notes organizer with handwriting recognition for your
#ipad. Has anyone tested it? http://t.co/Xrapjb9z
15:45 La apuesta de Círculo de Lectores en el mundo del libro
digital: Booquo http://t.co/0pYOt3EC #ebook
21:19 Crossing the Digital Divide: http://t.co/y3zpga9U
18'th February, 2012
11:45 winPenPack Full :: winPenPack - The Portable Software
Collection http://t.co/3piRt7dr
23:04 Concurso de tweets para @seeseuno #Lfe
http://t.co/U71WJEH5 a ver quien gana.
19'th February, 2012
11:00 ¿Te tomas tu negocio en serio? O sí o no, no hay "depende"...
http://t.co/9PZIJhjn @seeseuno #LFE http://t.co/U71WJEH5
12:29 Alleged 'iPad 3' photos showcase larger camera, tapered
case: http://t.co/xNmcAwAN
15:00 Seminario para impulsar tu negocio: mucho contenido, tal vez
demasiado en un sólo día. @seeseuno #Lfe
February 2012 / 221
15:01 Después de #lfe de @seeseuno tengo deberes para varios
meses... duplicaré los ingresos de qabiria?
15:03 #lfe @seeseuno: gran entusiasmo y energia. Me ha sobrado
toda la parafernalia yanqui, pero ha sido muy útil
15:05 #lfe @seeseuno: no digas "No me lo puedo permitir", sino
"¿Cómo me lo puedo permitir?" #cambiodementalidad
15:06 #lfe @seeseuno: no digas "Haré todo lo mejor que pueda",
sino "Haré lo que haga falta" #cambiodementalidad
15:38 @astrjx e perché non a delicious o a un altro sistema di
bookmark online? vedi http://t.co/Ck0HMtYO :)
20'th February, 2012
03:33 Rumor: images leaked of the iPad 3's Retina display in
production: http://t.co/mB6BVJzD
12:21 5 productivity tips for Windows @wordbonds
12:35 RT @rubendelafuente: gExplorer, gestiona tu cuenta de
Google Docs desde el escritorio de Windows
February 2012 / 222
16:50 Just registered on http://t.co/73XyFFlC online bookmarking
system, replacing my old delicious account. Cool stuff.
18:37 iTranslate4.eu: the Removal of Language Barrier Marks a
New Milestone: http://t.co/SDnuVpHT
19:40 RT @seeseuno: El mejor y más divertido NETWORKING en
Barcelona! Mañana es GRATIS con @iniciador_BCN http://t.co/MNnh4t1n
19:47 ICoN - Master universitario on line in Traduzione specialistica
inglese > italiano http://t.co/cxd7a0ix
20:23 Twitter Analytics by Foller.me *http://t.co/1qsX2i8o
20:38 eCoLoTrain Developing Innovative eContent Localisation
Training Opportunities for Trainers and Teachers in
Professional Translation http://p
21'st February, 2012
03:39 Microsoft to challenge iCloud with SkyDrive OS X client:
09:50 21 Things That Will be Obsolete in 2020 (in schools, but can
be applied to other industries as well) http://t.co/P5BPAAHJ
11:22 Bunch Translate: Things You (Probably) Didn't Know About
Google Translate - http://t.co/AgEZBcS1 @rubendelafuente
February 2012 / 223
11:23 Free Q call with Jost Zetzsche: March 21 « Thoughts On
Translation - http://t.co/6vhi7Mbx @rubendelafuente
12:00 RT @european_school: #Glossari #settoriali per interpreti del
Senato della Repubblica IT-EN-DE-ES-FR-LAT
12:40 RT @jeromobot: This is the year of translators and
interpreters! @natalykelly's and my book on how we change
the world: http://t.co/3uxeOOW9
13:35 14 Books on Leadership Every Young Entrepreneur Should
Read (via Wantwords) @4visi0ns
15:43 Sajan, Inc. Announces Financial Results for Fourth Quarter
and Full Year 2011: http://t.co/eZdVmn0m
16:50 RT @silviap_: [email protected] Support, free word
counting service @Wordfast http://t.co/sA4Mn7of #xl8 #tools
17:05 Think you can tell a real website from a phishing attempt?
Take this @OpenDNS quiz! I scored 14 out of 14.
17:08 LibreOffice 3.5 Released, Offers New Grammar Checking
Tool [News] *http://t.co/WLzOKflQ
17:35 RT @cincbarcelona: ¿Conoces la psicologia de #Twitter?
http://t.co/S5Uua21j vía @alexpuig
February 2012 / 224
18:31 Curso de gestión de proyectos de traducción #free — UOC
OpenCourseWare http://t.co/s2KmPRPx
22'nd February, 2012
10:01 Fluent, interesante manera de renovar la interfaz de Gmail:
*http://t.co/HILAR2ke via @AddThis
10:02 3 Ways To Free Up Storage Space In Your Gmail Account
14:50 RT @silviap_: More Than Just a Dream: The German Digital
Library (@GI_Journal February 2012) http://t.co/i8IQ1Kzm
16:35 RT @huanhu: RT @webdevbilbao: Presentación Ikerapps y
4Visions Manager TMS para freelance http://t.co/n5TdENpr
16:56 Qabiria Newsletter n. 3 Edizione speciale / Special edition http://t.co/c2baAyrE
18:28 RT @brandelune: OmegaT 2.5.1 update 1, 2 enhancements +
2 bug fixes + "How to customise keyboard shortcuts"
18:41 @seulementfleur Si buscas ES/EN/DE > IT, aquí me tienes.
DM o por mail para más detalles.
20:09 Crea il tuo sito da traduttore in 5 minuti:
February 2012 / 225
23'rd February, 2012
03:52 Milengo Offers Free Enterprise Machine Translation Engines:
09:39 The Windows Start menu super guide - part 1
http://t.co/efpKqiWC @windowssecrets
09:41 Il nostro nuovo manuale per imparare ad usare al meglio il cat
OmegaT: *http://t.co/E6MBCER5
10:14 RT @rubendelafuente: Cómo tomarse los enlaces en serio |
ESTILO, Manual de estilo para los nuevos medios http://t.co/ERiuIzvk
10:21 RT @transtutorials: If you know about good tutorials, videos,
guides; if you want to build tutorials and make some money
10:25 RT @hynekpalatin: Now on twitter @xbenchdotnet
http://t.co/F4PPA2Og #xl8
10:42 @frenja Check our comparative table too... it can help you
choose your best cat tool: *http://t.co/3t4N7VLM
11:08 APTIC Curs d’introducció a Google Analytics http://t.co/WjJnBT2a
11:50 RT @silviap_: #DiventareTraduttore @european_school Il
Decalogo Buone prassi di #revisione #traduzioni (pdf)
@strade http://t.co/btZjm2eK
February 2012 / 226
14:41 RT @adiamantidis: Is Your Site Optimized for Pinning?
http://t.co/HjR8y0LI #xl8Marketing #t9n
16:45 @transtutorials Gracias a tí! Si tienes alguna idea para
colaborar, hablamos por mail.
18:56 Google adds Esperanto as its 64th machine translatable
language: http://t.co/Ca7uGhvJ
24'th February, 2012
07:00 Esperanto now on Google Translate: http://t.co/c6lvfpbE
10:11 Molti mi chiedono com'è nato il marchio di Qabiria... ecco
come http://t.co/4eIcXr4b
10:36 RT @transtutorials: Here's the PDF manual for SDL Trados
Studio 2009 we released 2 years ago. http://t.co/LDuIuFkk
11:05 Aiutatemi a promuovere la "Guida completa a OmegaT:
tecniche, trucchi e consigli per traduttori e project manager"
http://t.co/vWq5T7Z0 tks
11:18 RT @rainylondon: @edarutechoes … money, it pays off v
quickly as an investment. CAT tools, if properly
used/conceived, are a godsend.
11:35 RT @mashable: Coming soon: App based on literary
reference book “1001 Books You Must Read Before You Die”
- http://t.co/odRgKYFO
February 2012 / 227
12:04 SimpleShare from http://t.co/viSURJHP, free app to share
screenshots and files. Just like droplr. http://t.co/HjBn0a9a
12:11 Otixo: Use all your cloud-based files from a single login
[clever!] http://t.co/Aroj6tcQ
12:17 300.mg: all your information from various cloud services in 1
place http://t.co/rhBizfaR
12:19 RT @langueparole1: Scaricate la presentazione in pdf del
ciclo di webinar "Terminologia: i ferri del mestiere"
17:19 RT @c_aroutiounova: Glossari de termes d'estadística de
CA, PT http://t.co/ovPRgZra
25'th February, 2012
09:54 RT @internazionale: Dieci link. Da non perdere.
09:57 RT @internazionale: Dieci link. Da non perdere.
12:39 @fraupita Si sabes leer italiano, te recomiendo nuestra nueva
guía sobre #omegat *http://t.co/vWq5T7Z0
12:44 RT @lorithicke: http://t.co/guSCOO5g writes about
Translators without Borders! http://t.co/6RwykT0N
February 2012 / 228
13:10 New Apple Stores to open in Europe, Australia and North
America: http://t.co/WXKSeqsO
13:59 @fraupita :) de nada. te aviso en cuanto lo tengamos en
26'th February, 2012
10:35 RT @xbenchdotnet: Tutorial on Searching for Terminology in
ApSIC Xbench by @TransTutorials *http://t.co/rDF0Q21c
27'th February, 2012
11:45 Da "Terminologia etc." Come inserire automaticamente
"Lorem ipsum..." in Word http://t.co/1Ukal0mH
16:00 5 Keys to Painless Prospecting http://t.co/lT2Q094V
16:07 RT @aulasic: Curso online de SDL Trados. Inicio 27 de
febrero. http://t.co/Jonn9Cgs Interesados matricularse lo
antes posible #CursosSIC
16:10 RT @meowtrad: Transline BCN is looking for a project
manager (temporary). 1 year experience. CAT tools #jobs
21:22 "Guida completa a OmegaT: tecniche, trucchi e consigli per
traduttori e project manager" http://t.co/vWq5T7Z0 Please RT
February 2012 / 229
28'th February, 2012
11:35 "Guida completa a OmegaT: tecniche, trucchi e consigli per
traduttori e project manager" *http://t.co/vWq5T7Z0 Please RT
11:47 Impatient Futurist: Good News, Spock-We're Getting Closer to
a Universal Translator: http://t.co/ScLI1a65
15:00 Configure OmegaT to work with Glossum, cloud based
glossary http://t.co/nCWwy0fc
15:56 Moses: Commodity Creates Opportunity | Technology | TAUS
- Enabling better translation http://t.co/ismwrVWA
16:20 RT @rubendelafuente: Open source alignment and machine
translation tools http://t.co/QqqKSfEW http://t.co/zaXNzBlU
16:29 GALA 2012 Conference Schedule | Globalization and
Localization Association http://t.co/oK5zyvWH
17:44 RT @taxiqab: Muchas gracias @claudia_carpio por traducir la
Tabla comparativa de herramientas #TAO http://t.co/JeqmhrPt
18:10 RT @_translation_: Solving Problems Related to Cleaning
Files in Trados Studio 2009: Today, a large number of
translators are worki......
19:33 Who gets paid for translation in 2020 | Perspectives | TAUS Enabling better translation http://t.co/OR2gXTM8
February 2012 / 230
19:53 RT @hynekpalatin: Übersetzertreffen im März
(Berlin-Kreuzberg) http://t.co/ouVhewfM by
@GermanENTrans #xl8
19:56 "Eight things to change" video by @T21Century: da vedere
assolutamente per aprire un po' gli occhi http://t.co/Yr00RyPL
20:00 mmhh... Pinterest... interesting... http://t.co/tHfK1l9u
20:19 Tips Tricks per Abbyy Finereader (newsletter)
29'th February, 2012
11:10 RT @qabiria: mmhh... Pinterest... interesting...
12:50 RT @makeuseof: Why You Should Contribute To Open
Source Projects [Opinion] http://t.co/KWSWpWlR
15:00 Not sure which Wiki is right for you? Check WikiMatrix and
compare them all http://t.co/VJvLXtGj
15:10 "Eight things to change" video by @T21Century: da vedere
assolutamente per aprire un po' gli occhi *http://t.co/Yr00RyPL
16:05 RT @p_a_livorati: Paola Mazzarelli vi racconta com'è la vita
dei #traduttori editoriali nella realtà: http://t.co/GeEQ1nkU
February 2012 / 231
18:50 Lionbridge and Moxie Software Announce Partnership to
Accelerate Global Enterprise Social Interactions With Real...
February 2012 / 232
1'st March, 2012
00:00 @multilingualmag tks a lot for spreading the word about our
Guida a OmegaT *http://t.co/4LC6iteI #omegat #l10n #xl8
11:10 Beware Fake Infographics | Enterprise Dashboard Digest http://t.co/IcHqdwUe
11:26 RT @marabrans: Fraude en las traducciones
http://t.co/uLRg8PET… ¡tengan cuidado!
11:28 RT @rubendelafuente: Slide:ology o La ciencia suprema de
crear transparencias que inspiran http://t.co/Y78CQcGE [Lo
tengo y merece la pena]
12:55 RT @saavedramanuel: Por cierto, todo lo visto en la clase
magistral de hoy aparece en este artículo:
http://t.co/mdYIv5Rz #navarroSCQ
15:55 RT @taxiqab: An Analysis of Google Translate Accuracy:
http://t.co/8QklRzcR via @addthis #MT #machine #translation
18:51 Classifica eBook dal 20 al 26 febbraio Dopo Camilleri e
Baricco guardate chi c'è. Mi viene un po' da ridere...
19:34 'E poi prova a spiegare alla famiglia cosa fa un freelance' Mio articolo pubblicato sul blog di twago http://t.co/65jnzyss
March 2012 / 233
2'nd March, 2012
09:28 Escuchando lluis font de zyncro en #comunicame . Mont9
09:32 Sala plena. Como se nota que es gratis. #comunicame
10:16 930 #comunicame #zyncro
11:35 "Guida completa a OmegaT: tecniche, trucchi e consigli per
traduttori e project manager" *http://t.co/vWq5T7Z0 Please RT
12:40 RT @kvashee: eMpTy Pages: A Short Guide to Measuring
and Comparing Machine Translation Engines
13:06 Interpreters stay away from courts in protest at privatised
contract: http://t.co/rWYiPpqS
15:45 'E poi prova a spiegare alla famiglia cosa fa un freelance' Mio articolo pubblicato sul blog di twago *http://t.co/65jnzyss
15:45 'E poi prova a spiegare alla famiglia cosa fa un freelance' Mio articolo pubblicato sul blog di twago http://t.co/65jnzyss
3'rd March, 2012
17:47 Compete To Be Unique, Not the Best - Management Tip of
the Day - febbraio 21, 2012 - Harvard Business Review
March 2012 / 234
5'th March, 2012
12:16 @minibego Con el plugin de Okapi Framework, OmegaT abre
directamente los IDML *http://t.co/w0Hiy7fM
18:27 Ecco l'anteprima di 27 pagine: Guida Completa a OmegaT:
tecniche, trucchi e consigli per traduttori e project manager
20:44 5 trucchi per ottenere il massimo da Microsoft Windows
Search http://t.co/dN86FdPj
20:51 RT @magdameta: Il Sole 24 Ore e Il Corriere parlano dei
traduttori (Frauke) http://t.co/XFCLIPDR (via @CarlottaCool)
RT @LPTraduttori #xl8
20:53 My @Klout score is 41. I improved it by 7 points over the past
30 days! http://t.co/l8KeDM1c
20:54 Please +K my influence in Translation on @klout
6'th March, 2012
10:41 Unofficial carrier China Mobile passes 15M iPhone users:
11:05 RT @fidusinterpres: "Hablemos de tarifas, no de 'monkeys' ni
de 'peanuts'": http://t.co/wJ7HaU9N #xl8
March 2012 / 235
11:48 RT @sergeyrybkin: The Sergey Rybkin Daily is out!
http://t.co/HF52lT5B ▸ Top stories today via @la_marmite
@qabiria @AverillB @InterpDiaries
12:10 Ho caricato un video di @YouTube http://t.co/ixM2oqC0 Video
promozionale Guida OmegaT
13:40 Proper Spelling? Its Tyme to Let Luce! | Wired Magazine
13:56 RT @meowtrad: Llegan los webinarios de @asetrad
http://t.co/ettt7TKu Interesante formación en línea para
traductores #cursos
14:25 Spelling: A Rebuttal From Wired’s Copydesk | Wired
Magazine http://t.co/pGxcojXS
16:01 RT @brandelune: Currently working on a Rainbow/OmegaT
srx rules merge... #okapiframework #omegat Good to know.
Let me know if we can help
16:42 RT @justinvincent: The all-new Basecamp is live
17:50 RT @uwemuegge: #Subtitles #Language #Learning
#Conference, Sep 13-14, #Pavia http://t.co/OKgJcy9Y
#translation #xl8 #gstile
19:10 RT @anapviegas: Some thoughts on ATA certification
http://t.co/B2HthsBO via @corinnemckay
March 2012 / 236
20:00 We're working on *http://t.co/6g3HYJHI, please be patient if
the pages don't show up correctly in your browser.
7'th March, 2012
04:49 Cutting Through The Confusion Of Google's Guidance To
Multilingual Website Owners: http://t.co/VCeEbPTB
10:16 Avete già visto il nostro nuovo video con il robottino ... come
lo chiamiamo? Accetto suggerimenti *http://t.co/DqkMm54D
10:23 Have you already seen our new video starring "...", the tin
robot? What should we call him? Suggestions welcome
10:25 ¿Ya habéis visto nuestro nuevo vídeo con el robot... cómo lo
vamos a llamar? Se aceptan sugerencias...
11:32 RT @minibego: Soy ponente en #Emprendedor global.
Experiencias en Silicon Valley (@juramelo_es, con #Speen2)
http://t.co/W7XlzWpY Martes 13
11:37 Come tradurre un manuale tecnico scritto in #LaTeX con
#OmegaT o Tortoise Tagger e #Trados - articolo #gratis:
11:50 Trying #Zyncro, an enterprise social network. Looks
promising. zyncro http://t.co/8KLuY6TE
March 2012 / 237
14:20 Disponibile sul nostro blog nuovo articolo sulla traduzione di
file LaTeX *http://t.co/oHAit2Fy
14:36 Ecco l'anteprima di 27 pagine: Guida Completa a OmegaT:
tecniche, trucchi e consigli per traduttori e project manager
15:20 @mariantoferro Ciao, ci fai un po' di pubblicità fra i tuoi
studenti alla ns Guida completa a OmegaT?
http://t.co/6VLbCMQn grz in antic.
15:45 Tame your paper monster: the Neat company - Look for the
#free #ebook - http://t.co/RooUoaNC
16:55 RT @jeremyhaskell: This is pretty neat. --> Understanding
Information Architecture by Peter Morville on Prezi
8'th March, 2012
10:05 RT @magdameta: Il Sole 24 Ore e Il Corriere parlano dei
traduttori (Frauke) http://t.co/fTnHYi0s (via @CarlottaCool) RT
@LPTraduttori #xl8
10:12 RT @marinigc: Hoy en el blog de @nath_trad : 1001 consejos
de @xosecastro en el curso Coaching para traductores
10:16 Sto cercando di compilare un elenco di blog di traduttori
tecnici italiani (o che scrivono in italiano). Mi aiutate? #xl8
March 2012 / 238
11:55 Termbases.eu: uno strumento completo per creare e
condividere basi terminologiche http://t.co/5hOSpwTI
12:23 @treccani Tina Modotti
15:42 @RSchiaffino Ci dai una mano a promuovere la nostra Guida
completa a OmegaT? http://t.co/E6MBCER5 #omegat TIA
15:49 RT @rschiaffino: from @qabiria: New book (in Italian) on
OmegaT: http://t.co/uXQUJU33 #omegat That was fast! tks
16:33 @rschiaffino In inglese non ancora, ma ci stiamo
organizzando... (ti ho scritto una mail)
17:10 Reinventing the wheel again: @translatekarate online
localization tool. http://t.co/GoBxcgOj #i18n #L10n Why not
using transifex or pootle?
17:21 RT @silviap_: "Gulp! La lingua delle nuvolette", speciale
dedicato all’#italiano dei #fumetti del portale Treccani
23:04 Prostitutes Appeal to Pope: NLP Text Analytics Applied to
Search: http://t.co/mC3AAQoL
9'th March, 2012
10:26 RT @TheTWriter Open Blog: benvenuto a Marco Cevoli
March 2012 / 239
10:26 RT @TheTWriter Ancora tariffe e affini: nel mondo
anglosassone sembra tutto trasparente, mentre da noi...:
11:00 Just added myself to the http://t.co/43r5kmM5 twitter directory
under: #badalona #translation #productivity #erp #l10n
11:05 A Windows veteran looks at Win8 Consumer Preview
14:55 5 trucchi per ottenere il massimo da Microsoft Windows
Search *http://t.co/dN86FdPj
15:21 The Secret to Maximizing Your Billable Time Without the
Added Stress | International Freelancers Day
17:01 @translatekarate Sounds interesting... will look into it.
10'th March, 2012
17:13 Electoral Datamining: http://t.co/7dmXEHor
20:19 RT @UweMuegge #MIIS releases new video on #Teaching
#Translation in the #Cloud http://t.co/Av1uDDLT by
@UweMuegge #xl8 #gstile
23:16 What is this Japanese musical style, and how can I find more
of it?: http://t.co/brU44mtw
March 2012 / 240
11'th March, 2012
10:32 RT @calustra: RT @saavedramanuel: Los motores de
búsqueda en Google Chrome (a través de @aliciamartorell):
11:45 RT @henkvaness: My favorite tool for Gmail is
http://t.co/q3CoEnHM - as show here with account of
@margosmit1 : http://t.co/XURqb0vJ
12'th March, 2012
09:18 Machine translation quality matching productivity levels
equivalent to 85% fuzzy match *http://t.co/uHS4Pd0o
09:58 L'artigiano di Babele, interessantissimo e ricco blog per
redattori tecnici (ma anche x traduttori) *http://t.co/6mQk9xr6
10:09 RT @taus_data: TAUS WEBINAR: Tomorrow - Tuesday13th
March - 'to Google', 'to Facebook' and now 'to #TAUS'?
10:20 Bello, siamo anche su Amazon! http://t.co/qX1MvMiS
16:20 RT @trnslator: Starting today on CBeebies: The Lingo Show
introducing pre-school children to #languages
16:20 Do Moses Yourself, by Precision Translation Tools: set up
your own MT engine http://t.co/bETh0FW9
March 2012 / 241
17:00 How to Set Up a Mail Merge in Gmail for Personalized Mass
Emails http://t.co/rWbLsLml
17:10 IAPTImes newsletter is out (International Association of
Professional Translators and Interpreters)
18:51 TED-Ed connecting educators and animators...
13'th March, 2012
08:42 Startup Cloudwords attacks $30B translation market:
11:54 Translators without borders newsletter - http://t.co/nz9p1FLS
14:18 RT @qabiria: Avete già visto il nostro nuovo video con il
robottino ... come lo chiamiamo? Accetto suggerimenti
16:13 Localizing visual content from
http://t.co/xcxdHlBf - http://t.co/ZCpCYvF2 #l10n #xl8
14'th March, 2012
08:50 Microsoft Meets Star Trek With Universal Translator:
11:51 Bird Flu: Any Information to Declare? The Loom:
March 2012 / 242
12:44 Se poi vuoi un'infarinatura a costo zero...
18:01 RT @webtranslations: #WordPress Translation now easy with
http://t.co/wR5TfdHH http://t.co/zzctWAOo
18:34 RT @vero_riva @jaynefox: RT @yourtransl: Free and
open-source software tools for #translators:
http://t.co/73ZBctlF #translation #xl8 #L10n
18:35 RT @germanentrans: Good, common-sense tips for
translating manuals into English: http://t.co/mBRkqmgE #xl8
21:15 RT @mashable: Marvel Launches Augmented Reality Comics
- http://t.co/llFrnMbG via @PSFK
15'th March, 2012
15:08 Step by step: How to safely test-drive Win8
http://t.co/NIgu5wR3 via @windowssecrets
15:17 ELIA - European Language Industry Association: Networking
Days Madrid http://t.co/nqo2X42s
16'th March, 2012
03:03 Work on Causality Causes Judea Pearl to Win Prize:
March 2012 / 243
20:35 3 semplicissime tecniche di gestione del tempo per
aumentare la produttività http://t.co/V58sZy3Y
17'th March, 2012
03:11 'Any sentence signed is translated into English':
11:03 Twitter Going Beyond 140 Characters with Posterous
Acquisition - Forbes http://t.co/ZOKYcqWR
15:02 L'artigiano di Babele: Come tradurre un manuale tecnico
scritto in LaTeX http://t.co/uZU2pXO5 grazie ad Alessandro
per l'ospitalità
19'th March, 2012
10:25 SeedRocket » Blog Archive » Nueva convocatoria para el
Campus de Emprendedores SeedRocket
12:51 Our latest YouTube video: http://t.co/DqkMm54D
15:45 La tecnica pomodoro, la tecnica rodizio e la tecnica del
monitor spento. Le conoscete? http://t.co/V58sZy3Y
16:45 BarcelonaNETactiva: Presentación de los concursos
Apps4bcn y OpenCities Apps Challenge http://t.co/YXJ5OEox
March 2012 / 244
20'th March, 2012
06:34 Microsoft Outs Bing Dictionary for Windows Phone:
10:11 RT @pmstrad La explosión de los blogs de traducción
10:14 ChangeTracker is a freeware for tracking changes in bilingual
documents. Download http://t.co/oULNBLZQ
12:36 RT @mailchimp: New Twitter integration, drag and drop
Aviary image editor, 36 new templates, and more
12:38 RT @bob_mayer: Pinterest for Writers, and Free eBooks for
Readers http://t.co/X00CqLk9
13:10 RT @martraducciones: Cómo hacer una infografía
interesante para dar a conocer tu empresa.
http://t.co/YeFwIz74 vía @ilusionlabs
13:12 @martraducciones: si os interesa, ofrezco un servicio de
creación de infografías... pronto más info al respecto... :)
14:25 A las 19.00 estaré aquí: #Iniciador 20 de Marzo, Persuabilidad
y conversión en eCommerce « Barcelona http://t.co/PEz2liWE
16:50 RT @alexpuig: Nuevo mapa de las redes sociales #iRedes
March 2012 / 245
21'st March, 2012
12:55 RT @saavedramanuel: RT @DakotaAlicia: PomoTime para
organizar cada tarea http://t.co/gsy7wvVY vía @gndx
14:39 Please +K my influence in Translation on @klout
22'nd March, 2012
09:48 The government and big data: Use, problems and potential:
09:48 Rumor: Next-gen iPhone to feature 4.6-inch Retina Display:
13:15 New “419″ scam involves PayPal and Western Union
13:25 RT @iapti: Mediterranean Editors and Translators Meeting
2012 http://t.co/cjC8vKPP
13:27 http://t.co/vIz8b1YT Rajon Rondo vs Ricky Rubio: their rookie
year Infographics done by me and translated by Qabiria
14:22 RT @mailchimp: Zendesk integration puts MailChimp data in
your help desk http://t.co/npoLXf27
15:01 RT @germanentrans: Improving scanned PDFs to use as
references in translation: http://t.co/cqYCgjjY #xl8
March 2012 / 246
15:08 3 semplicissime tecniche di gestione del tempo per
aumentare la produttività *http://t.co/dauUrqWv
15:52 RT @andreaspila Questionario online sull'uso dei social
media/network per traduttori/traduttrici. Mi dai un mano e lo fai
girare? http://t.co/BAUQ64sF
21:37 RT @mindmeister: It's Mindmeister 5th birthday! Want to win
an iPad 3, click here to see how to enter: http://t.co/lkBw7Rza
21:37 I’m using @rapportive to *tweet* from Gmail! Get early access
here: http://t.co/auU8by3z :)
23'rd March, 2012
09:55 Excellent Papers for 2011: http://t.co/qbNW4sLx
09:55 Apple loses appeal of $1.2M AppleCare ruling in Italy:
15:20 RT @xbenchdotnet: To improve integration between Trados
Studio and ApSIC Xbench, you may want to vote this idea:
15:50 Redifusión: Iniciador : Persuabilidad y conversión en
eCommerce | Agoranews.es Agencia de Vídeo Online
15:57 Moravia Worldwide Receives Microsoft's Quality Excellence
Award: http://t.co/ZIrnOSIf
March 2012 / 247
26'th March, 2012
12:45 Nueva convocatoria para el Campus de Emprendedores
SeedRocket http://t.co/TfRknyCG
20:33 Use Multiple Workspaces in Ubuntu Linux |
http://t.co/ssCAp7ii http://t.co/RMPtJd5K
27'th March, 2012
10:25 Report: Apple to add Baidu to iOS search options next month:
11:31 4 Easy Steps to Demonstrate Your Expertise as a Freelancer
| International Freelancers Day http://t.co/91knl0O8
14:20 8 Ways To Help Open-Source Projects If You’re Not A Coder
17:03 My answer to: What are some good presentation tools?
http://t.co/xYm3jzoP on @Quora
19:33 RT @ivconfbrproz: EXTRA: IV Conferência BR de Tradutores
do ProZ 2012 - 21, 22 e 23 de Setembro de 2012.
28'th March, 2012
10:30 So you've got all your cloud files in one place. Now what? otixo blog http://t.co/saWia6NP
March 2012 / 248
15:16 Alfresco Drives Internationalization Through Technology
Partnership With myGengo http://t.co/LBqPS2WW
16:34 Mash-up aids translation of obscure languages:
16:58 Join the Online Training Exchange group on LinkedIn
(exchange of training ideas and materials for freelancers'
skills): http://t.co/FwRyc6vJ
29'th March, 2012
01:36 Microsoft Research and Windows Azure Partner to Influence
Discovery and Sharing: http://t.co/7n1pHeuP
11:53 Project Management: The future of ]project-open[ for
translation companies? Opinions are welcome
13:41 Project Management: The future of ]project-open[ for
translation companies? Opinions are welcome
http://t.co/qgeCu7t6 #tms #l10n
13:52 RT @jmmanteca Un vistazo a Rainbow (Okapi Framework),
útil para comparar traducciones y buscar-reemplazar
14:13 Google Ngram Viewer: compare words ocurrency during time
Really cool! http://t.co/xvWnwKjC
March 2012 / 249
14:16 RT @novalanguages: Culturomics: Mathematics of the Birth
Death of Words http://t.co/0c4UI3Vs (RT @webacion)
14:56 10 things GTS doesn’t like about http://t.co/R0VOVmQc - GTS
Blog http://t.co/yrIH82bE
15:18 I'm using @rapportive: photos, notes and social contact
profiles for Gmail. Try it! http://t.co/edJhVirE
21:20 Concursos en búsqueda de aplicaciones móviles y soluciones
innovadoras para mejorar Barcelona *http://t.co/YAWNzue4
30'th March, 2012
09:02 @ctatwork Tks for yr comments. Maybe the question is what's
easier: starting from scratch (leveraging ]po[ experience /
some code) or fork?
09:06 RT @barbarafsavidan: Odio el Trados. >> solución:
*http://t.co/yYdqZgqe #omegat
13:46 One Hour Translation Now Supports the New Google
Translator Toolkit: http://t.co/cqaEKegg
14:30 RT @adiamantidis: 5 Ideas for Creating Videos for Your
Business http://t.co/sljK2ZqA #SocialMedia
15:04 "Guida completa a OmegaT: tecniche, trucchi e consigli per
traduttori e project manager" *http://t.co/vWq5T7Z0 Please RT
March 2012 / 250
16:37 RT @googledevs: Google Translator Toolkit now supports
more formats. *http://t.co/R82Pod5l
March 2012 / 251
1'st April, 2012
04:58 Natural Language Generation for Spam: http://t.co/ulmMNYci
04:58 Google April Fools' Day 2012: http://t.co/mEC0XMcN
2'nd April, 2012
09:20 RT @marielademarchi: Palabrotas itañolas
http://t.co/hX6hfORf / En el proyecto Itañolandia de
@meblis_italia estamos muy inspiradas :-)
10:35 RT @techwriterkai: Curious about #DITA? Here's a clear,
non-techie 2-page introduction: http://t.co/PIANMY3k
10:35 RT @techwriterkai: Curious about #DITA? Here's a clear,
non-techie 2-page introduction: http://t.co/xCq3FVMi
14:30 A group devoted to the exchange of online training ideas and
materials for the development of freelancers' skills.
14:35 RT @jmmanteca: Programa de las Jornadas de traducción e
interpretación organizadas por el Estudio Sampere en Madrid
April 2012 / 252
3'rd April, 2012
09:10 Josetta - the translation manager for Joomla by Anything
Digital LLC http://t.co/p2cZjz3x
14:40 RT @luisacarrada: Il 20 e il 21 aprile tengo un corso di
scrittura professionale vicino alla mia città natale, Pisa
20:15 Translate.ru - Leading Online Machine Translation Providers
in Russia - Announces Partnership with One Hour Tran...
23:20 Ho aggiunto un video a una playlist di @YouTube
http://t.co/6INKxtbv The Single Document Translation Process
23:20 Ho aggiunto un video a una playlist di @YouTube
http://t.co/tWiWfUpB SDL Trados Studio 2009 SP2 tutorial
23:20 Ho aggiunto un video a una playlist di @YouTube
http://t.co/pnmjuJ53 Reviewing features in Studio - track cha
23:20 Ho aggiunto un video a una playlist di @YouTube
http://t.co/581HXPwj Online Activation for Studio 2009 and SD
23:22 Ho aggiunto un video a una playlist di @YouTube
http://t.co/dZSckdC4 How to create a project in SDL Trados St
23:22 Ho aggiunto un video a una playlist di @YouTubeda
@transtutorials http://t.co/OQjvyQzN SDL Trados WinAlign
April 2012 / 253
23:25 Ho aggiunto un video a una playlist di @YouTube
http://t.co/lQ1s2vbY omegat introduction tutorial
23:25 Ho aggiunto un video a una playlist di @YouTube
http://t.co/L7vTjKyt glossario omegaT
23:28 Ho aggiunto un video a una playlist di @YouTube
http://t.co/2o4voIo7 omegat tutorial spellchecker
23:29 Ho aggiunto un video a una playlist di @YouTube
http://t.co/sBZaMUlz OmegaT's panes in one minute
23:29 Ho aggiunto un video a una playlist di @YouTube
http://t.co/p8MOrTAG Can you translate faster with Google
23:30 Ho aggiunto un video a una playlist di @YouTubeda
@vitosmo http://t.co/tnH5LBmw Mozilla l10n with
4'th April, 2012
08:41 Instagram ya está disponible para Android
09:15 DOWNLOAD Get Into Google+: A Guide For Everyone - pw:
makeuseof http://t.co/csWnuVQ4
14:40 RT @biblit_news: Pen Translates! Nuovo programma di
sostegno alle traduzioni per editori UK http://t.co/TdJJd8GP
April 2012 / 254
5'th April, 2012
10:55 Jolomea - A free Joomla localization component
6'th April, 2012
16:20 The Benefits of Bilingualism - http://t.co/CZKtmIZ3
7'th April, 2012
02:35 A snack of classical mechanics: http://t.co/upUW9fmk
17:20 dotSUB Blog » Blog Archive » Get Ready for New FCC Rules
on Internet Video Captions… http://t.co/sNm1d0Xg
17:38 Azerbaijan: Anti-virus software and machine translation:
8'th April, 2012
12:29 Always have your stuff when you need it with @Dropbox. 2GB
account is free! http://t.co/ihaS30ca
9'th April, 2012
09:30 RT @TomBolini Ebook, ecco cosa sta succedendo in Italia Simplicissimus http://t.co/YHa4N1IT
April 2012 / 255
17:52 Microsoft Research's Jennifer Chayes: 5 Projects for the
Future of Computing: http://t.co/0jdBM6vZ
10'th April, 2012
09:20 30 Books I’m Glad I Read Before 30 - Marc and Angel Hack
Life http://t.co/9XlSDQjM
10:15 Pisa, 5 maggio 2012 Corso Social media mkt (farsi)
conoscere in rete « STL Formazione per traduttori/interpreti
10:35 TransTools for Excel: Reference - Glossary Search:
13:40 Five hot collaboration trends — Online Collaboration
14:39 RT @patriciagispert: @marcocevoli en la Conferencia
Internacional de Proz http://t.co/j57xnd8G en Barcelona en
junio #ProzBCN2012 #xl8
17:21 DOWNLOAD Learn LinkedIn: How To Build Your Living
Resume http://t.co/TJPXPSmj (password: makeuseof)
22:11 RT @paulfilkin New blog post http://t.co/6QO7btXQ about the
new SDL Knowledgebase http://t.co/HVtvR16x
22:13 SDL Knowledge Base - this is how it looks in my browser:
http://t.co/YHJhF8Nf Another missed shot by SDL.
April 2012 / 256
11'th April, 2012
03:01 Gnip Now Shares Social Sentiments From China:
09:11 RT @jgjong: I'm on Chrome. I'm only wondering why you
didn't use one of the many existing KB systems, instead of
developing a new one... :)
09:29 RT @raffamoretti: 13 e 20 aprile, "Il traduttore e interprete
professionista e il fisco 2012", 2 incontri online …
09:35 LessAccounting: "All small business accounting software
sucks, we just suck the least." http://t.co/8FMNn4Te
12:35 #Free collection of tools specially designed to help translators:
TransTools suite http://t.co/l7hPgxzY
13:33 @jgjong Cool, now it works like a charm. Tks for your quick
response. Hope all SDL support'd be so fast... ;)
13:35 RT @bcperta: "@qabiria ha pure scritto un'ottima guida a
#OmegaT. Non avete più scuse, provatelo!" grz, arrossisco
13:40 How Two Friends Turned a Crafty Hobby into a Business |
http://t.co/1WS5IQL2 http://t.co/CNo3ql6L
16:10 Vuoi imparare ad usare un #cat tool gratuito e open source?
Guida a OmegaT http://t.co/SYKRyMuD #xl8
April 2012 / 257
17:35 #libros Biblioteca para freelance | Blog http://t.co/7eBBgvcY
23:35 Freelance Switch Video Pick: Best Tips to Work Better, Not
Harder http://t.co/yVGMAL10
12'th April, 2012
08:18 House Call 2012: Fixing a sluggish PC by Fred Langa
Windows Secrets http://t.co/Fy68S3jy
09:40 Always have your stuff when you need it with @Dropbox. 2GB
account is free! *http://t.co/ihaS30ca
11:53 LF Aligner #free software, create translation memories from
texts and their translations http://t.co/qR0desRW #xl8
12:06 Delete Large Email Attachments from your Gmail Inbox to
Free Up Space http://t.co/zDdIMEZU
12:40 Always have your stuff when you need it with @Dropbox. 2GB
account is free! http://t.co/ihaS30ca
16:30 Putting Registry-/system-cleanup apps to the test
13'th April, 2012
09:35 How To Organize Your Home Office - http://t.co/5KCglyM1 Freelance Blog and Forum - Job Offers, Advice, Tips
April 2012 / 258
13:00 Flowfit, l'ennesimo programma per la gestione di progetti di
traduzione (by Consoltec) http://t.co/VCe3mO8T
14'th April, 2012
15:40 RSS 2 PDF - Free Online RSS, Atom or OPML to PDF
Generator http://t.co/GOrGjzha
15'th April, 2012
20:44 Formation OmegaT à Lyon le 25 mai http://t.co/64FwpbSQ
16'th April, 2012
08:45 Commenting systems for your blog: Disqus vs LiveFyre
Review - http://t.co/ZR3LC8rH
09:45 GOOD Magazine: The Work Issue, a starting point for a new
generation of workers to rethink the conditions of labor
12:01 LinkedIn Events: GALA Networking Event - tomorrow in
Barcelona *http://t.co/tNPIKeUM
15:45 Mister Splashy Pants and the importance of losing control on
the Net: http://t.co/ezAAgxWY #socialmedia
20:45 Check our new article 'The Role of Standards in the Evolution
of Language and Translation...' on The Big Wave
April 2012 / 259
21:44 What it takes to build great machine learning products:
17'th April, 2012
09:52 Presupuestos: ¿a quién corresponde hacerlos? | 4Visions
manager http://t.co/e5yGFKP1
16:55 My biz partner has just published The Role of Standards in
the Evolution of Language and Translation... on The Big Wave
21:50 Augmented reality added to Bing Translation app for Windows
Phone: http://t.co/NXejdPvQ
23:30 My answer to: Can Translation Automation User Society
(TAUS) translation memories be used to translate docum…
http://t.co/wrVTpU93 on @Quora
18'th April, 2012
10:40 Always have your stuff when you need it with @Dropbox. 2GB
account is free! *http://t.co/ihaS30ca
20:54 Job offer: Translation Project Coordinator in Barcelona
21:26 Se abitate in Puglia, non perdetevi TEDxCastelDelMonte - 20
Aprile 2012 - Corato (BA) http://t.co/kwnjPkzZ @tedxcdm
April 2012 / 260
19'th April, 2012
08:22 Videos of presentations and panels at the recent TAUS User
Conference in Santa Clara are now available on YouTube.
08:24 Office Q: Image wrangling in Word 2010 http://t.co/gDiaPwMc
via @windowssecrets
09:50 Online papers and articles on translation by @linguagreca |
Adventures in Freelance Translation http://t.co/etrXss8N
11:11 How Google Translate works: http://t.co/C6f5rkQu
15:48 Sedia "Do hit", 4800 euro. E noi qui a tradurre. secondo me
abbiamo sbagliato tutto... *http://t.co/Xm1aZPrJ via @youtube
16:00 Último día para inscribirse: APTIC - Mesa redonda sobre
traducción e interpretación jurada: pasado, presente y futuro
16:06 RT @jeromobot: RT @rubendelafuente: 4 hacks to convert
Idiom Workbench TMs to tmx http://t.co/toJRRp7C
22:06 Generation Generator (New Aesthetic): http://t.co/ULXA4clr
20'th April, 2012
15:45 Facts and figures on the EU language industry provided by
professionals, industry stakeholders and institutions.
April 2012 / 261
21'st April, 2012
15:45 RT @carlottacool: Philosophy dictionaries and glossaries
http://t.co/HCy801Ic #xl8 #terminology
23'rd April, 2012
10:00 Language industry web platform (LIND-Web) Forum 24 May
2012 "Share, cooperate, grow" http://t.co/5328pkRG
15:55 Sajan Expands Its Partnership With IBM With Selection by
IBM France: http://t.co/9Z0kcq8f
16:47 DOWNLOAD Your Guide To Social Media Marketing (pw is
makeuseof) http://t.co/1GyC3g1J
24'th April, 2012
09:04 Translation Management Systems become indispensable http://t.co/xcxdHlBf - article http://t.co/IGRmsAaG
09:54 General introduction to website translation, by 4Visions
manager http://t.co/7ONafCxZ
11:13 Training Course on OmegaT, #free and #opensource CAT
tool in Lyon, given by Didier Brel, head developer of the
software http://t.co/yH2a67eQ
14:26 XTRF – SDL integration platform http://t.co/41DITis6
April 2012 / 262
15:44 RT @paulfilkin: Looking for an easy way to clean up your
bilingual word file.. http://t.co/RsYAonAd #sdlopenexchange
18:02 @PaoloOscarSanti How to connect LinkedIn with TweetDeck:
18:36 L'interprete e il traduttore: un lavoro e una passione. Libro
imperdibile per chi traduttori agli inizi (e non solo)
25'th April, 2012
09:15 Technical writers and social media, a study by
http://t.co/xcxdHlBf - technical communication
11:25 Training Course on OmegaT, #free and #opensource CAT
tool in Lyon, given by Didier Brel, head developer of the
software http://t.co/yH2a67eQ
13:25 RT @zelandiya: Interesting overview of tools approaches to
simple word counting in this LinkedIn discussion:
15:02 Now available Wordfast Pro 3.0 http://t.co/0CLv5Q4J (link to
PDF) #xl8 #l10n cat tool
16:58 Easybook – Plataforma de código abierto para crear libros
electrónicos http://t.co/Y4nnD9eo
20:10 TED-Ed | Lessons Worth Sharing http://t.co/R2UUzWg7
April 2012 / 263
26'th April, 2012
09:20 "Translation and liability" an article by Gerald A. Salisbury on
http://t.co/xcxdHlBf - #xl8 #l10n http://t.co/pfMWYK6e
10:43 Lezione di project management all'università Pablo de Olavide
12:15 Seminario en inglés in Barcelona (12 h) 18/25 de mayo:
Perfect Presentations - by Ziggurat English Services
15:25 Training Course on OmegaT #free and #opensource CAT tool
in Lyon, given by Didier Brel, head developer of the software
15:27 OmegaT: uno strumento di traduzione assistita gratuito e
open source - STL Studio di traduzioni legali @sabrinatursi
17:45 What is Babelverse? online interpreting system - Babelverse
19:12 Clase de gestión de proyectos en la Universidad Pablo de
Olavide http://t.co/GQG9EwOq
27'th April, 2012
01:24 Breaking down the language barrier-six years in:
April 2012 / 264
01:24 Google Now Translates As Much Text in a Day As Human
Pros Can in a Year: http://t.co/s6auXxGe
13:27 Google Translate translates one millions books worth a day:
13:48 Our new book: Barcelona Top 150: the addresses you won't
find in your tourist guide. http://t.co/J6OoZeXe via @amazon
14:32 VII Campus de Emprendedores SeedRocket 21-25/05 en
Barcelona http://t.co/onn5XEiX
22:13 Just saw this on Amazon: Barcelona Top 150: the addresses
you won't find in your tourist guide by @qabiria for $2.99
30'th April, 2012
14:31 How to Get (and Keep!) More Clients by Being More Likeable
April 2012 / 265
2'nd May, 2012
13:36 Qabiria sponsorizza lo sviluppo del CAT #OmegaT
13:43 Magliette cult tshirts - gratis spese di spedizione solo oggi con
questo codice free shipping code DFO834NCD
16:01 Claus per transformar el model de negoci empresarial Jornades i monogràfics http://t.co/wLRluZwf
16:55 DOWNLOAD Browsing at Warp Speed: Your Guide to
Chrome! http://t.co/QHKnrmGg (pw is makeuseof)
17:05 30 Specialist (and Super Smart) Search Engines
19:25 Segui in live streaming Nuovi Italians crescono 4 maggio 2012
17-19 http://t.co/041bzhKl
21:47 RT @Localisation Apple's guide to internationalization and
localization http://t.co/UIJShQYj #l10n #i18n
3'rd May, 2012
08:28 Toolbox: Zim Desktop Wiki | heise open (article in German)
May 2012 / 266
11:40 Free as in awesome: our favorite open source apps for
Ubuntu 12.04 (by Ars Technica) http://t.co/LekIerKi
14:05 5 Ways To Switch Between Multiple User Accounts In Firefox
and Chrome http://t.co/9A7ky7TR
18:16 Avete già comprato la nostra Guida a OmegaT, il CAT tool
gratuito e open source? http://t.co/p8zFdBnP
4'th May, 2012
11:11 Taller de software libre 18-19 mayo en APTIC (Barcelona)
con @larusalka http://t.co/veHkvOhl Imperdible!
11:59 The Rosetta Foundation helps Special Olympics transform the
lives of people with intellectual disabilities http://t.co/qdjW7vjT
6'th May, 2012
14:44 I just voted for COUPIES @appcircus Online Competition. 11
days left! Vote for them here: http://t.co/t2q60gX6 via
7'th May, 2012
08:25 EEC ’12: Four Tips That Will Benefit Your Email Marketing
Program | Dyn Blog http://t.co/U6tfK6mQ
11:25 Taller de software libre 18-19 mayo en APTIC (Barcelona)
con @larusalka http://t.co/veHkvOhl Imperdible!
May 2012 / 267
11:41 MemSource a new cloud translation tool, with integrated TM,
MT and termbases http://t.co/KeuPP9f0
12:10 Gestionar las emociones para hablar en público - curso en
Barcelona (CINC) http://t.co/SFvarlsL
17:28 Anobii, strategia scorretta o segnale di difficoltà? O tutt’e due
le cose? — Simplicissimus http://t.co/LPuNKIvG
8'th May, 2012
13:59 Nuevo espacio de orientación laboral y coaching en la
búsqueda de empleo en la web de InfoJobs
18:53 Seguite il consiglio dell'artigiano di Babele: ci sono centinaia
di template di tutti i tipi e pronti per l'uso http://t.co/1u4ECBvq
9'th May, 2012
11:46 Google Play: apre anche in Italia lo store per i libri —
Simplicissimus http://t.co/ilzw47Ps
12:01 Always have your stuff when you need it with @Dropbox. Sign
up for free! http://t.co/ihaS30ca
15:05 L'artigiano di Babele: Quanto tempo ti serve per scrivere
"QUESTO" documento? http://t.co/leSppBJ1
May 2012 / 268
10'th May, 2012
08:29 Exploring Windows' Administrative Tools: Part 1
http://t.co/ALXKZjGy #windows
08:30 RT @TaxiQab Teach yourself typing at the speed of thought!
Lessons to increase typing speed and accuracy.
08:31 RT @henkvaness It saves me hours of internet research now
http://t.co/1KwT23rL allows you to search for specific details,
13:17 Dizionari e corpora online per tradurre dal tedesco | tradurre
14:48 Mapa d'oportunitats a les economies avançades: Itàlia
http://t.co/0fnJQuXt via @L_Anella
15:09 OmegaT v. 2.5.4 released http://t.co/yYdqZgqe with exciting
new features (2 of them financed by @qabiria and @taxiqab )
15:36 RT @alexpuig: UppSite: Turn your website into an app in
minutes http://t.co/xwF0J3ld
11'th May, 2012
03:18 Charles Kolb: Foreign Tongues: http://t.co/dziDlVp4
10:40 USBTrans Raccolta di software libero per la traduzione
May 2012 / 269
18:23 Why Computers Still Can't Translate Languages
Automatically: http://t.co/UNPIgbNY
22:00 RT @Victortrans ¡Ya puede contratar VICTOR Translator! y
ahorrar tiempo al traducir de inglés a español
12'th May, 2012
12:06 RT @SabrinaTursi Appuntamento lunedì Lunedì 14 alle 10.30
con la EST: La Palestra del Traduttore (Roma, 23-24 giugno)
in una... http://t.co/1pS2yOi9
13'th May, 2012
21:41 Why computers find it so hard to understand meanng:
14'th May, 2012
12:47 MORE ON MACHINE TRANSLATION.: http://t.co/vRlQmhiq
18:45 Several #free documents from the #EU MONDILEX project
about #slavic languages http://t.co/7uEwhkas
15'th May, 2012
00:54 DARPA Awards BOLT Program $7.1 million Contract to
SRI-led Team: http://t.co/qPptWcol
May 2012 / 270
08:44 The 10 most common errors in Italian Tradition which people
around the world think are the true Italian
08:57 May 2012 Newsletter by Qabiria - http://t.co/u3ADLuaA
16:00 WeKnowIt – Emerging, Collective Intelligence for personal,
organisational and social use weknowit.eu
16:51 RT @projop: ]po[ is mentioned in an article in a Swiss
magazin "Qualität und Management" (PDF/German)
16'th May, 2012
10:31 Version 3.0 of the free Language Studio™ Pro desktop
translation and quality metric tools by AsiaOnline
16:09 SRI to lead DARPA language project: http://t.co/Fk1r7aXZ
17'th May, 2012
07:14 SAIC and Lingotek Team To Offer Translation Solution
Tailored for Language Service Providers: http://t.co/EJLv8ceM
08:18 How to Achieve Uncommon Success as a Solo Professional
May 2012 / 271
11:06 Moses Users - Changing Priorities | complimentary report by
TAUS - http://t.co/7TY8pl6f
14:20 TAUS Wall - About Open MT - YouTube video
17:41 @nozurbina: nice to e-meet you. I joined during the QA
session. Is the recorded prez available anywhere?
18'th May, 2012
07:21 In Thy Orisons Be All My Sins Remembered*:
11:39 RT @nozurbina: @GALA_Global webinar: "Selling the Vision
and Benefits of #DITA" http://t.co/HBfB6gb4 dita #techcomm
11:50 Video promozionale Guida completa a #omegat
16:43 Guida a Transifex @transifex per il management di progetti di
traduzione *http://t.co/I8Uz2u4V articolo di @fabriziobianchi
per @qabiria
19'th May, 2012
07:28 Rumor: Apple in talks to build Russian R&D facility:
May 2012 / 272
20'th May, 2012
04:37 TMCnet Call Center Services Week in Review:
21'st May, 2012
10:00 Scenari futuri, i CAT, la MT ecc. http://t.co/ALsSWFsQ
10:05 Come tradurre 18000 titoli di film in mezz'ora...
18:39 ALS Experience Highlights Global Lack of Governmental
Procurement Know-How http://t.co/jAvyGIJx
22'nd May, 2012
04:04 Babelverse Is Out To Democratize Translation:
10:50 RT @mindmeister: Introduction video - Mind Mapping with
#MindMeister: http://t.co/f7wsojpV via @YouTube
#mindmapping mindmeister #mindmap
13:39 Jornadas científicas y profesionales de traducción médica
Barcelona, 20-21-22 septiembre 2012 http://t.co/6TwO2s5X
13:47 101 Essential Freelancing Resources http://t.co/qLzK2823
19:19 Hai già letto la nostra ultima newsletter? http://t.co/u3ADLuaA
May 2012 / 273
19:38 RT @wwwhatsnew: #webapp: Fundable - nueva opción para
permitir el crowdfunding a start-ups http://t.co/sEGnMGeD
22:22 Duolingo translates the Internet for free: http://t.co/F7xHfsob
23'rd May, 2012
11:25 LetsMT! Build your own machine translation system
14:10 The Queen's English: changes through the years - Telegraph
17:02 Is Automated Speech Recognition the new lingua franca?
17:20 Making quick reference information
mobile http://t.co/7n7eNHPV
24'th May, 2012
07:08 3 attention-grabbing start-ups from TechCrunch Disrupt:
08:34 Unusual photo and video effects from Microsoft
09:36 Conosci il ruolo degli open standard nella traduzione (Qabiria
Newsletter n.4) http://t.co/u3ADLuaA
May 2012 / 274
09:53 @damdig No, but you can check the most common languages
on the web http://t.co/6zHdbE3p and countries with most
users http://t.co/fPDCdRZt
10:05 RT @margaburke: Corinne McKay's advice for translators
with common language pairs. Thoughts on saturated markets:
25'th May, 2012
00:19 10 Million Translations Later, SayHi Translate Rolls Out Major
Update: http://t.co/4h7P2RxD
06:22 Remains of the Day: Android Developers Can Now Offer
In-App Subscriptions [For What It's Worth]:
13:42 Google fa un favore a Microsoft Cancellati milioni di link per
siti-pirata - Corriere.it http://t.co/H9vOzchy
15:30 Conditional Formatting in Excel | Enterprise Dashboard Digest
27'th May, 2012
14:35 Translators without Borders launches Kenyan translation
center http://t.co/wOeDD35m
May 2012 / 275
28'th May, 2012
07:27 Why Should Life Be Simple?: http://t.co/WM3C3Cew
10:13 Qabiria, o della formazione per traduttori e agenzie
http://t.co/mhNYQUQh by @GianniDavico
11:39 RT @inter_punct: Programa del curso de Traducción para el
doblaje en http://t.co/qAK3LgEQ
14:30 Google è davvero il miglior motore di ricerca? Che dire di
Blekko, DuckDuck Go e Topsy? http://t.co/gSKnD5cT
29'th May, 2012
11:50 Google Search 2 for iOS update review: http://t.co/Ie4IhKu0
13:37 CVC. Refranero Multilingüe http://t.co/FZtEcjYK
16:50 Human Language Technology Firm LinguaSys Names D.C.
Security Technology Strategist Mark Sauter Senior Advisor:
17:40 Leveraging the terminology treasure trove (microsoft
glossaries) http://t.co/KrLxqIBJ
30'th May, 2012
09:45 RT @larassegna Revistas de Lingüística, Literatura y
Traducción en los Rankings Internacionales
May 2012 / 276
11:57 Globalization and Revitalizing Endangered Languages:
18:15 SmartMATE - Self Serve Translation Platform
20:38 DOWNLOAD Buying Laptop Computers: Your 2012 Guide to
Finding Laptop Deals http://t.co/aX7EjfjZ
31'st May, 2012
08:14 Now you can polish up Google's translation of your website:
09:55 RT @calamoycran: "Así se traduce un videojuego"
http://t.co/8zDYy7cw http://t.co/4AIgC0qu
18:10 Google Translate now allowing users to edit translations:
May 2012 / 277
1'st June, 2012
03:44 Market for Outsourced Translation and Interpreting Services
and Technology to Surpass US$33.5 Billion in 2012:
11:20 PerfectIt Proofreading Software for MS Word | Intelligent
Editing http://t.co/ggDPmTOb
11:51 What foreign words are difficult to translate into English? Quora http://t.co/nKXSRk72
12:10 Top 10 Obscure Google Search Tricks (old post but still cool)
2'nd June, 2012
01:45 Ten steps to optimizing content for a global audience - In the
past, when businesses competed for consumers locally,...
4'th June, 2012
14:15 Localizing dynamic websites (open source web CMS) :
Loctimize GmbH http://t.co/1ctxRxeU
14:22 Instapaper Now Available for Android http://t.co/W7qcteoL
June 2012 / 278
16:34 Texter trasforma le abbreviazioni in frasi complete
automaticamente [MegaLab.it] http://t.co/DLxL6d1w
19:32 Big Inaccessible Data: http://t.co/XtPDxN5d
6'th June, 2012
01:47 Merck Finds Its Phase II Candidates For Sale on the Internet:
07:49 Translation Tools Could Save Less-Used Languages:
14:23 Tradumàtica: tecnologies de la traducció (magazine in
Catalan/Spanish in PDF) http://t.co/IdBIX1SO
14:50 TextSTAT :: Concordance software for Windows, GNU/Linux
and MacOS http://t.co/7a0OtERQ
17:27 Wire Transfer Rates | Compare Rates for Money &amp; Bank
Transfer Services http://t.co/c2LAQUJO
7'th June, 2012
01:57 Hay Festival 2012: English will die out like Latin, leading
linguist claims: http://t.co/4YrQg8Vs
09:28 How to sync files with dropbox and Google docs | Syncdocs
June 2012 / 279
11:00 What to make of the MacBook Retina display rumors:
15:45 Automate your Google Drive with Wappwolf Automator
17:03 Hay Festival 2012: live: http://t.co/kuiarZ6H
8'th June, 2012
20:13 Sony locked for gamescom 2012: http://t.co/jTgGHyJI
10'th June, 2012
14:29 @martine_fc Codezapper http://t.co/dc4PvPeN
14:35 @gbtranslation There are plenty of alternatives to MS Office +
SDL, starting from #OmegaT.
14:37 RT @gary_translator: RT @sustarling: Links to info on
self-publishing from @HynekPalatin: http://t.co/x6oH0BaH
14:46 RT @rubendelafuente: scripts to use with CAT tools
(especially #OmegaT) http://t.co/DuNBFQKg
11'th June, 2012
11:35 Mobile Technologies Unveils World's First Real-time Lecture
Translation System: http://t.co/CPLwhQvw
June 2012 / 280
14:00 RT @arabglot: Which CAT Tool? An Evaluative Comaprison
of SDL Trados Studio 2009 and MemoQ 5.0 #t9n #xl8 #L10
16:16 IDPF – EPUB 3 – Future Directions for the Global Open
Standard http://t.co/WTxrcVUv
12'th June, 2012
14:55 Free Online Learning at http://t.co/SngwFgEY
16:14 @gbtranslation I work with #omegat daily for any kind of
16:15 @gbtranslation there's a whole community on yahoo that can
testify it.
17:09 @gbtranslation just check their web: it can open sdlxliff, ttx,
etc. mostly thru okapi plugin
17:37 @gbtranslation Compatibility or interoperability? Can SDL
open OmegaT projects? Can it run on/share projects among
Win, Mac and Linux?
23:54 Babel or babble?: http://t.co/Dhl5ddGy
June 2012 / 281
13'th June, 2012
16:36 Best Windows Software by makeuseof http://t.co/zhVO46Yd
20:56 Books: XML Internationalization and Localization: Yves
Savourel | @scoopit via @JamesCain4 http://t.co/j8cNFVvR
20:58 How to translate a document using SDL Trados Studio 2011 Maidenhead, United Kingdom | @scoopit via @gethappenic
20:59 Acclaro Announces New Summer Blog Series: Making
Localization and Translation Fun @scoopit
22:42 STAR TRANSIT and TRADOS Compared «
hispaniatranslations | @scoopit http://t.co/wPRirhR7
14'th June, 2012
14:15 Listen to Speaking of Translation "Q&A call on freelance
sabbaticals abroad" http://t.co/B9Mj1xy0
14:53 RT @calamoycran: Unas cuantas ofertas de trabajo de
Oxford University Press: http://t.co/pmjvrl8H
15'th June, 2012
09:22 Recap of NAACL-12 including two Best Paper awards for
Googlers: http://t.co/Rshx3ScD
June 2012 / 282
17'th June, 2012
21:44 New Worlds: Computers for culture: http://t.co/bn2anbZe
21:44 72 New APIs: Full-text Search, Surveys and Restaurant
Reservations: http://t.co/0selHwnX
18'th June, 2012
10:35 05/2012 Newsletter by Qabiria: discover our new YouTube
channel - http://t.co/4v6Z3Bgm
10:50 Take the 2011 Freelance Industry Survey http://t.co/6d5VgDwi
(participants get free copy) via @EdGandia
11:53 Discover our new YouTube channel - http://t.co/4v6Z3Bgm
12:30 AT&T Uses Language as a Competitive Advantage
14:33 @CarlottaCool Grazie! Se qualcuno ha altri video o canali da
segnalarci, li inseriamo subito. :)
19'th June, 2012
08:49 Tutorials, screencasts, presentations and interviews for
#translators on @qabiria YouTube channel
June 2012 / 283
14:41 Scan Tailor: interactive post-processing tool for scanned
pages (page splitting, deskewing, adding/removing borders,
20'th June, 2012
07:06 Bits Blog: A Start-Up Bets on Human Translators Over
Machines: http://t.co/b6biqzOq
09:00 RT @GermanENTrans XML export from Typo3 should be an
easy task with l10nmgr, t3_locmanager or
mv_external_translation http://t.co/jyIJJinO
09:20 La RAE ya admite búsquedas lematizadas en el diccionario
12:28 @germanentrans tks, but the answer came from
@milossvantner I simply RT it :)
12:29 RT @camposleza: Nueva configuración para el DPD en
@IntelliWSearch: http://t.co/RLIT9vCZ
13:10 Duolingo bets on human translators over machines:
13:10 Verifying identity for crowdsourced translation: Moving
forward: http://t.co/avWcMxIP
14:20 Molino Labs: lots of tools for Spanish language
June 2012 / 284
19:23 RT @pauledgar1: How to remove unwanted line breaks &
optional hyphens in MS Word before importing into a CAT
tool. http://t.co/Rh3dHNCA
21'st June, 2012
08:52 Little-known browser commands and functions http://t.co/Ugp1hmBP
09:00 How to collaborate on a translation using OmegaT and
Dropbox #xl8 http://t.co/XSs3UdAm
10:17 Google Translate Misfires on Egypt's Future President:
11:11 Recensione della Guida a OmegaT su inTRAlinea.online
translation journal (a cura di Claudia Lecci)
*http://t.co/34dWJUyC Grazie mille!!
16:25 Onoma - Conjugador de verbos en español / Spanish verbs http://t.co/8qHkZDIl
22'nd June, 2012
14:12 6 Practical Time Management Strategies for Freelancers and
Solos | International Freelancers Day - http://t.co/OgkS4zAM
14:30 RT @rubendelafuente: ApSIC Xbench v2.9 User’s Guide now
also available in Spanish http://t.co/KTWMFVIV
June 2012 / 285
23'rd June, 2012
05:33 What happened to Turing's thinking machines?:
25'th June, 2012
10:35 RT @YamagataEurope: Might come in handy when dealing
with text files: An Introduction to Regular expressions
http://t.co/JNmSqRfe #L10N
11:25 Recensione della Guida a OmegaT su inTRAlinea.online
translation journal (a cura di Claudia Lecci)
*http://t.co/V5zA38T1 Grazie mille!!
15:35 RT @qabiria: Avete già comprato la nostra Guida a OmegaT,
il CAT tool gratuito e open source? http://t.co/p8zAG1eF
26'th June, 2012
02:58 Startup Has Language Learners Translating the Web:
10:32 Visual Frames Releases TraductoPro 1.0.2 - San Francisco
Chronicle | @scoopit http://t.co/vPwWAPWG
10:35 Kilgray Blog: Habemus betam | @scoopit via
@NL_ENtranslator http://t.co/EGeOPUMw
10:37 Language Service Provider Network: OTM <––> SDL Trados |
@scoopit http://t.co/Kj4g5iPt
June 2012 / 286
11:02 RT @javmallo: #tratuitrucos Create TMs from TAB delimited
or XLS files http://t.co/mqN06N9G via @rubendelafuente
11:09 RT @collaborativetm: MyMemory passed 800M segments
today! Hip, hip, hooray! http://t.co/NDckIJGW #translation
14:27 QabiriaTV, more than 2 hours of video tutorials on Wordfast:
15:55 RT @mashable: Small business owners, don't make these
mistakes - http://t.co/yunq4n41
27'th June, 2012
08:29 Una scorciatoia per aggiungere intere frasi | PC Professionale
- http://t.co/kku9c4mi
09:05 Swearing: Very much lost in translation | The Economist http://t.co/FVlfNkvm
10:40 Get Awesome Twitter Features On Facebook With This Neat
Trick http://t.co/YNshBJWX
10:55 RT @uwemuegge: Coming up: Corpus #Linguistics
#Conference: Technologies for #Language #Research, Jun
28-30, #Suzhou http://t.co/ld4xKQWA
11:25 RT @baroka: RT @babatabita: New book: Global Trends in
Translator and Interpreter Training http://t.co/1FvvKd7I #xl8
#t9n #training
June 2012 / 287
12:16 A Massive Google Network Learns To Identify - Cats:
15:07 McElroy Translation Blog | Machine Translation FAQ Sheet |
@scoopit http://t.co/wlrf0vGC
15:09 tcworld newsletter June 2012 « Linguaculture | @scoopit
15:09 TransTools 1.8.0 | Data Recovery, Freeware and Shareware
... | @scoopit http://t.co/vhx1uOcM
15:21 Wordfast Playlist: more than 2 hours on QabiriaTV via
@saavedramanuel http://t.co/ej8Sk36l
16:57 From Source to Target – Terminology Management with
Acrolinx and SDL MultiTerm (webinar) via @acrolinx
17:08 Translation Tribulations: OTM integration for SDL & more
ahead | @scoopit http://t.co/UaaqcNXo
17:09 Adobe In Technical Communication Plus » 5-part eSeminars
Series: Find Out How to Write XSL... via @Kilgraymemoq
28'th June, 2012
10:55 RT @therosettafound: Find out how our volunteers helped to
fix a crucial translation error for @ruhama http://t.co/3tBYtBqt
June 2012 / 288
29'th June, 2012
00:27 Risks of Using Machine Translation for your English to
Chinese Translation Project: http://t.co/JkC3XFSd
11:00 RT @uwemuegge: Free: Introductory workshop on subtitling:
Bridging the language and culture divide, Oct 26, London
30'th June, 2012
12:39 First Automatic Translator Debuts for Foreign Students:
June 2012 / 289
1'st July, 2012
17:29 Una perla dal passato (1999-2004): Vademecum del
traduttore [PDF] *http://t.co/BLOAJowp (se qualcuno conosce
l'autore, me lo faccia sapere)
2'nd July, 2012
03:53 Media: Reports Of Cholera In Cuba: http://t.co/62epzhRV
09:10 Terminology Management with Acrolinx and SDL MultiTerm |
A... | @scoopit via @sergeyrybkin http://t.co/XysB3BuP
09:10 memoQ 6.0 will be released on 2 Julyvia @sergeyrybkin
09:37 Shaking up the Translation Industry | @scoopit
09:38 Free Image OCR 6.3.1 Download - Freeware
http://t.co/ob2PWqns - Graphics ... | @scoopit
09:39 memoQ 6's new translator productivity features (17:00 CEST)
via @Kilgraymemoq http://t.co/b5KkY0OW
09:40 Star product: Chili Publisher 3 - http://t.co/oh2o92ol |
@scoopit http://t.co/wh1oGuY5
July 2012 / 290
09:45 Introducing the Instapaper Merge Tag | MailChimp Email
Marketing Blog http://t.co/pisYewTt
10:05 SDL Trados Shop for Translators | @scoopit via @paulfilkin
10:07 Michael Anobile on the History and Development of the
Localization ... | @scoopit http://t.co/sv6JchLN
11:00 RT @bcperta: #Brackets: the #opensource code #editor for
the web | Brackets http://t.co/n3rfygdk
14:40 Una perla dal passato (1999-2004): Vademecum del
traduttore [PDF] *http://t.co/BLOAJowp (se qualcuno conosce
l'autore, me lo faccia sapere)
18:58 The Rise and the Fall of Machine Translation:
18:58 Chrome for iOS browser review: http://t.co/CaVVr6Zh
3'rd July, 2012
09:55 31 free guides to mail marketing by MailChimp staff
10:46 Have you already come across our new 404 error page?
July 2012 / 291
11:05 RT @uwemuegge: #CFP: #Mediterranean Editors &
#Translators #Conference, Nov 8-10, #Venice
http://t.co/2qUS4arU #translation
13:00 Translation Tribulations: Sometimes one CAT tool is not
enough | @scoopit http://t.co/XzOR02bv
13:01 Free Online OCR - A website that extracts text out of paper
documents | @scoopit http://t.co/M4yp5lyP
13:02 Amplicate collects opinions of people who hate and love
Trados. Currently more than 76% of people hate it.
@AmplicateTL http://t.co/KwMSysa9
13:03 Translation Office 3000 — Translation Management Software
for Freelance Translators. | @scoopit http://t.co/1PplxgaD
15:00 one2edit | Edit, review, translate InDesign documents online
16:19 RT @calamoycran: Cuando la agencia no es el malo de la
película (II parte) http://t.co/b8alLCFS http://t.co/s5iCC7Ml
4'th July, 2012
01:14 Mobile app eliminates language barrier: http://t.co/DYkMpt3t
01:14 Mexico Declares National H7N3 Animal Health Emergency:
July 2012 / 292
13:15 How to collaborate on a translation using OmegaT and
Dropbox #xl8 http://t.co/XSs3UdAm
13:19 Cuban MOH Confirms Cholera Outbreak: http://t.co/KmIcc5gD
22:22 Germany: Regional Court Ruling Criminalizes Circumcision of
Young Boys: http://t.co/h4OqKIhu
23:04 [Wordfast] Translating a PPT with Wordfast Anywhere :
helpvideos.tv | @scoopit http://t.co/HK49iXWj
23:06 [OCR] Upcoming DocScanner 6 iOS | @scoopit
23:09 [OCR] Wellcome Digital Library - OCRing typescript: A
benchmarking test | @scoopit http://t.co/AHdYiII1
23:14 RT @sdltrados: Infographic: Trados Studio is more than just
CAT tool http://t.co/7tfRLl9x [WTF? Typical example of
meaningless infographic]
23:15 [SDL Trados] OpenExchange Application Details | @scoopit
via @paulfilkin http://t.co/1rYUSlHM
23:19 [CAT tools] Pitfalls of wrong segmentation in DE>ES
translation | @scoopit http://t.co/jAMJaeDM
23:31 [Wordfast] New WF Anywhere 1.5.7 features Autocomplete
which automatically inserts names, #s, urls, terms via
@Wordfast http://t.co/8ho5saBb
July 2012 / 293
23:32 [SDL Trados] How to run Studio on an Apple Mac | @scoopit
via @sdltrados http://t.co/9wv4DXcV
5'th July, 2012
11:15 RT @de_lavoragine: "Trados, etiquetas, texto oculto y (no
más) quebraderos de cabeza" por @evamariamrtz
15:28 Bizbarcelona 2012 - Las 10 mejores ponencias [videos]
6'th July, 2012
01:37 Translation Services: Bullet-Proof Business?:
01:37 Indonesian MOH Announces Bird Flu Fatality:
11:15 RT @fidusinterpres: Video: "Translating an Excel column [with
Wordfast Pro] without replacing the original column":
16:44 How to Run Foreign Language PPC Campaigns:
July 2012 / 294
9'th July, 2012
10:33 OpenERP - Open Source Business Applications http://t.co/BcRUPBeY
11:15 RT @uwemuegge: Slides available: "Teaching
Computer-Assisted Translation Goes Mobile"
http://t.co/ecZGeaPE by @UweMuegge #didTRAD
16:21 RT @silviap_: Quanto valgono le mie parole sul web? | MdS Scrivere per il web @luisacarrada http://t.co/5xdpitlg
16:24 Google's Convert creates tools for interpretation services. |
@scoopit http://t.co/nwCZIyf3
16:26 The Power of CAT Tools | @scoopit http://t.co/wTemkSDl
20:23 Kyodo Industry Brief (July 9) -2-: http://t.co/apbVzmFV
10'th July, 2012
11:20 RT @tiradelalengua: "Is DJV compatible with other CAT
tools?" http://t.co/nLcw2MZa
17:36 Why use MemoQ? | Luke Spear - French to English
Translator http://t.co/fB9lbQ3Y
July 2012 / 295
11'th July, 2012
05:44 A quick trick - how to pretranslate and lock 100% matches in
TTX files | @scoopit via @dali22a http://t.co/Ej4VUz6y
11:20 RT @linguagreca: #IKEA'S Translation Approach
http://t.co/xbyYfnC7 #xl8
20:53 My Resume by James Altucher: http://t.co/8n85lA6b
20:53 Lionbridge Selected to Present GeoFluent Real Time
Translation at 2012 Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference:
12'th July, 2012
11:20 RT @erik_hansson: Increasing Translation Efficiency through
Technology http://t.co/0XsFcfx2 #xl8
20:27 Currently reading http://t.co/VLF9d8ym
13'th July, 2012
09:10 Translation Riddle: http://t.co/ZcTaw5ce
11:20 RT @arctranslations: Tics, manies et autres névroses des
traducteurs (ép. 6) http://t.co/rQwnfYIa #typographie #t9n
July 2012 / 296
14'th July, 2012
06:20 My Wacky, Up and Down Life: http://t.co/r3rUsj6d
16'th July, 2012
03:41 Bye bye Babel: Breaking language barriers online:
11:25 RT @jaynefox: New post: How to export tracked changes
from Trados Studio to Microsoft Word http://t.co/O8bZtZfa
17'th July, 2012
11:25 RT @arablit: RT @multilingualmag: Why the
@ANTIBOOKCLUB is publishing translated literature http://t.co/xAt8xpk3 @arablit #xl8...
14:03 Translating Wordfast Classic Segmented Document Using
Wordfast Pro | @scoopit via @GodinEnglish
16:39 How to review a translation in MS Word and import changes
to Trados Studio | @scoopit via @paulfilkin
17:22 Curso mkt online y social media en Barcelona, septiembre
2012 http://t.co/poR1CO9Z
July 2012 / 297
17:49 Presentation on #omegat at Dublin Computational Linguistics
Research Seminars - http://t.co/s2ARFQ64
18:47 Online Summer School 2012 // Non solo traduttori
18'th July, 2012
11:25 RT @germanentrans: memoQuickie: custom dictionaries
(ignore lists) for spelling checks in #memoQ http://t.co/IirlnlkR
#xl8 #l10n
19'th July, 2012
06:14 Wordfast Pro supports Google Translate API v2 | Will it get in
a stable version? http://t.co/1aqvWZQG
09:45 Kill those Vista and Win7 gadgets now! http://t.co/ihBRu1Ub
via @windowssecrets
11:25 Beware #drupal users. the #i18n module can only be updated
wit the new #variables module. But you have to update both at
the same time!
16:23 Every Computer Dies In The End: Learn What Parts Can Fail,
& What To Do About It - http://t.co/0pSQSTLA
July 2012 / 298
20'th July, 2012
11:32 RT @b2bperevod: RT“@LSPTranslation: How does
McDonald's localize in each country? 20 Answers:
http://t.co/KA1se20W RT @lc_talha #l10n
19:54 Translating Admin Strings and Creating XML Config Files in
WPML - http://t.co/cZwqmWyp
20:01 9 reasons I'm excited by the new TEDBooks app http://t.co/fyVV1ned
22'nd July, 2012
10:16 The Sherlock Holmes Of OCR Apps | @scoopit
23'rd July, 2012
11:30 RT @speechtrans: SpeechTrans for #Android is available at
http://t.co/wdGq8VJE / Unlimited Voice To Voice #Translation
/ 95% Accuracy
24'th July, 2012
11:30 RT @aktionsart: Great open source #digitalpreservation tool.
Download DataAccessioner, a GUI for data migration //
July 2012 / 299
18:44 Saving Time and Money with the Latest Translation
Technologies Insight from the Creators o... | @scoopit
25'th July, 2012
11:30 RT @gpitranslates: How to start Global SEO for Multilingual
websites http://t.co/IOHXkHTZ #SEO #l10n #xl8
17:57 A WordPress Plugins For Translation Management To Build
Your ... | @scoopit http://t.co/7MUjJFsa
23:55 APTIC &gt; Calendario de actividades para el segundo
semestre de 2012 http://t.co/Jta7PaHM
26'th July, 2012
08:11 Software that updates your other software: worth it or not?
http://t.co/8EZOA2Ko #windows
08:36 New Scanning App for iPhone from Creators of ABBYY
FineReader | @scoopit via @appmometer
12:13 RT @onedavix: Desde este enlace http://t.co/cYBTI4tw se
puede seguir el estado de Gtalk. Ahora en estado catatónico.
12:58 AeroFS looks pretty cool - File Syncing without Servers!
http://t.co/A1jxR3xo via @aerofs
July 2012 / 300
15:52 Dragon NaturallySpeaking 12, Now 20% More Accurate Mozilla Firefox http://t.co/UPVBhfDg
27'th July, 2012
12:17 Windows 8 to RTM as build 9200: http://t.co/XDnBL97A
21:23 App Smart Extra: Translation Apps: http://t.co/Gtvj95vn
28'th July, 2012
16:26 Translator Tools / Resizing cells in Excel - the challenge and
the solution via @TranslatorTools | @scoopit
30'th July, 2012
15:10 Un CAT open source: introduzione a OmegaT corso della
European School of Translation http://t.co/rbckfT7J
31'st July, 2012
18:54 Four short links: 31 July 2012: http://t.co/M5djEzmc
July 2012 / 301
1'st August, 2012
03:57 Report - Bethesda bags rights to S.T.A.L.K.E.R. game:
2'nd August, 2012
04:05 Startup Helps Companies, Developers Go Global With App,
Website Translation: http://t.co/Pe4xpQvc
05:20 Traduco, ergo sum? Motivation behind volunteer translation http://t.co/zs02Ijlz
16:10 Developing a common language. What measures can be
taken to improve communication?
http://t.co/xcx99Ls5 http://t.co/YPdadesI
16:30 Atlassian Confluence (Enterprise Wiki system) for
collaborative technical publications
http://t.co/xcx99Ls5 http://t.co/4pulITDK
16:50 The silent revolution: Cloud-based translation memory
systems http://t.co/xcx99Ls5 - http://t.co/KoSFl4Xt
3'rd August, 2012
09:03 Understanding the Role of the Project Management Office http://t.co/rqq7oAZT
August 2012 / 302
6'th August, 2012
12:54 Grazie ad Alessandra @mtmtranslations per la recensione
della nostra Guida a #omegat http://t.co/2I4iaEsG
12:57 Coping with embedded "BIN" objects in MS Office documents
| @scoopit http://t.co/NXLOyhWR
12:58 goAnalyze by Kaleidoscope | @scoopit via @paulfilkin
15:50 http://t.co/xcx99Ls5 Upholding translation quality with highly
specialized translators http://t.co/7x5jlait
7'th August, 2012
11:43 George A. Miller dies at 92; pioneer of cognitive psychology:
14:10 DOWNLOAD Your Unofficial Kindle Fire Manual - pw is
makeuseof http://t.co/hskyZg56
17:46 Noisily channeling Claude Shannon: http://t.co/p7hIq0gA
9'th August, 2012
00:18 IMMENSIKOFF.: http://t.co/DN4cTySz
05:55 80 x 80: Translating Wikipedia Medical Articles
August 2012 / 303
06:40 Translators without borders growth: http://t.co/L6Mrqi0J
10'th August, 2012
10:25 Poland Moving to Feed-in Tariffs: http://t.co/2W5dJzTd
11'th August, 2012
05:40 Test-driving ‘free scan’ tune-up suites [Very useful info,
especially for less experienced pc users] *http://t.co/KcI0kBIP
16:50 Purdue University Online Writing Lab (OWL):over 200 free
resources http://t.co/vgg3POwQ
13'th August, 2012
04:14 Maxthon 3 free web browser for Mac review:
15:55 http://t.co/5pB5vrz3 shortens your URLs anonymously
14'th August, 2012
09:10 Five Business Lessons from the US Navy - Forbes
10:43 Convert encrypted scanned PDF to Word with OCR | EEPDF
... | @scoopit http://t.co/3fV93nUp
August 2012 / 304
10:45 Translate GlobalSight offline packages using SDL Trados
Studio 2011 | @scoopit http://t.co/fISqaRc1
10:45 Google Translate adds powerful OCR feature to translate
instantly ... | @scoopit http://t.co/OYF9w783
10:46 WordPress Multilanguage features for your website ... |
@scoopit http://t.co/8UT2d424
10:52 How to create an Autosuggest dictionary for SDL Trados
Studio | @scoopit http://t.co/WbojH5X2
15'th August, 2012
02:10 Multilingual: XTRF 2.7 - Improvements include a Function
Customer Feedback Survey, streamlined project management
pr... http://t.co/IMwtGzpl
09:30 How do the Jehova's Witnesses handle localization of their
website and the Watchtower newspaper? from Quora http://t.co/yHzUNPam
16'th August, 2012
02:12 Multilingual: Pole To Win America opens Austin branch - New
location will focus on quality assurance testing service...
09:40 Removing duplicate rows in Notepad [Stack Overflow], useful
trick to work with glossaries http://t.co/HlAAMJBZ
August 2012 / 305
12:02 RT @GiacomoDAngelo Oh that's cool: The Alan Touring
ebook (Italian Version) on KoboBooks thanks to @sbfstealth
technology! http://t.co/Txwv8dTu cc @kobo
12:02 RT @GiacomoDAngelo Come il selfpublishing può
sopravvivere alla moda del #selfpublishing
http://t.co/OKpTHql6 via @CarmineAceto
12:22 New Cloudwords Release: The One With Glossary
Management ... | @scoopit http://t.co/qHh7TVVG
12:24 Saving your computer from total disaster | @scoopit
12:24 What’s new in memoQ 6.0? | Kilgray Translation
Technologies | @scoopit via @AgilityT http://t.co/LE1BCX8b
12:25 Retrieve info missing from Wordfast Classic setup interface wordfast.fi | @scoopit http://t.co/KSYHpw6N
16:35 QuaHill – translation agency management system http://t.co/Z2YPl6nt
17:25 Safaba Offers Value-Added Solution for Moses Machine
Translation - http://t.co/HuEVGosd
17'th August, 2012
06:20 multilingual.ch wwwsift Search interfaces for translators
August 2012 / 306
19'th August, 2012
14:25 La factoría más animada - Caso de éxito
20'th August, 2012
08:30 AutoSuggest Case Insensitivity, Source Segment Editing and
Other ... | @scoopit http://t.co/vK2VQfNo
15:25 Chi ha paura dell'e-book Come far convivere carta e digitale Repubblica.it http://t.co/ZqGIH9Yn
21'st August, 2012
01:31 Multilingual: Adaptive Globalization opens Berlin office - The
office will be managed by Thomas Irving as the senior...
12:50 Apertium-OmegaT: a plug-in for #OmegaT that offers offline
machine translation from Apertium. http://t.co/8Iey1CEq
22'nd August, 2012
01:31 Multilingual: SDI Media Group opens studios in Manila - The
new facilities provide English and Tagalog dubbing capab...
15:20 A pranzo con i docenti della Online Summer School 2012:
presentazione su Google Hangout « European School of
August 2012 / 307
20:40 Localization Best Practices - webinars by Moravia Worldwide
23'rd August, 2012
01:37 Multilingual: Verifika 1.2 - The new release supports WordFast
TXML and memoQ 6 files http://t.co/PE27uIvl
15:25 TemaTres Controlled Vocabulary server | The way to manage
formal representations of knowledge - #opensource
24'th August, 2012
01:33 Multilingual: RSI Content Solutions expands sales team David Saracco has been hired as vice president, business
de... http://t.co/45dvqGeS
12:35 Dictation - Online Speech Recognition (only for Chrome)
20:25 Windows Search - Configure and Use - Windows 7 Forums
27'th August, 2012
17:00 Michael J Sullivan on Mark Lawrence Prince of Thorns series:
ebook pricing comments - http://t.co/YGb4N0du
August 2012 / 308
19:00 Activate Google Multiple Login in same Browser | Tricks
Finder - http://t.co/PRlZNjWz
28'th August, 2012
01:32 Multilingual: Linguapool becomes Arancho Doc Switzerland Arancho Doc acquires Swiss translation service provider L...
12:27 Translation Role in SEO! | @scoopit via @DanaTranslation
12:28 ApSIC Tools Weblog » If only there was a Q&A site on
Translation ... | @scoopit http://t.co/hv6qcYvq
19:00 Italian > English Pesky Words from Gengo Support forum
19:35 EU DG Translation Studies - free PDFs
19:50 [email protected]: la rivista del dipartimento d'italiano della UE
scaricabile liberamente in PDF http://t.co/QEIc7kpJ
29'th August, 2012
14:20 Jolomea (JOomla LOcalisation Made EAsy) facilitates the
localisation process of a website made with Joomla.
August 2012 / 309
14:55 "Tools for translators" first draft of a list on
http://t.co/qBY5A6d8 http://t.co/d1eZnuhX
16:08 Tips & Tricks: Missing Fields after Importing a Trados Studio
Export ... | @scoopit http://t.co/ENIlHfic
30'th August, 2012
11:05 LogiTerm Newsletter, (Terminotix products) n.18, September
2012 - http://t.co/uTEDh0Lf
August 2012 / 310
1'st September, 2012
01:31 Multilingual: Conference of the Association for Machine
Translation in the Americas http://t.co/1qfquslb
3'rd September, 2012
08:05 Regular Expressions – Part 1 | @scoopit via @paulfilkin
08:05 Join segments past paragraph marks in mainstream CAT
tools « CATguru’s vlog | @scoopit via @Mulleflupp
08:06 Translation Tribulations: Reimporting memoQ 6 bilingual files |
@scoopit http://t.co/weCOsJbz
08:07 Drupal Sites Get Seamless Professional Translation with a
New ... | @scoopit http://t.co/4bERQTtx
08:07 How to import a bilingual Excel glossary into MultiTerm |
@scoopit via @patoudit http://t.co/kH6bzIkc
13:05 Cloud Based Localization & Translation myGengo/avalon ·
GitHub http://t.co/eJOJiDOk
14:07 Institute for Natural Language Processing Bibliography http://t.co/FLrwKT4E
September 2012 / 311
18:50 Internet o internet? Web o web? Risponde "Le parole del web
- Il mestiere di scrivere" http://t.co/7o0szpp7
4'th September, 2012
14:27 How to run SCRUM projects using ]project-open[ http://t.co/CwJTRxAt
5'th September, 2012
01:33 Multilingual: TALK finance selects memoQ - Computer-aided
translation tool developed by Kilgray Translation Technolo...
6'th September, 2012
01:33 Multilingual: CETRA opens office in San Diego - The company
offers translation, localization and interpretation serv...
13:28 Per pochi giorni ancora aperte le iscrizioni alla Online
Summer School 2012 dal titolo 'Non solo traduttori'
14:05 http://t.co/oNPPSvqH - 'Lo so, vorreste sapere cosa
succederà ai libri nei prossimi mesi… ok, adesso ve lo dico :)'
articolo di A. Tombolini
14:26 Webinars calendar offered for free by Kilgray Translation
Technologies (memoQ) - http://t.co/LF3bhv49
September 2012 / 312
17:55 Never seen before, bid for SDL Trados translation software on
the SDL Marketplace. What next? Door to door sales?
7'th September, 2012
01:34 Multilingual: TAUS Developing Talent Initiative - A
collaborative project with universities around the world
09:20 Your All-In-One Guide To Building The Perfect Resume http://t.co/viYfgRDl
11:15 10 Tips To Help You Email More Efficiently http://t.co/NapCCBUT
13:05 Catch is a free app for capturing ideas and turning them into
action https://t.co/g7jHrBJQ
15:30 [video] Luca Serianni, Come cambia la lingua italiana,
Festivaldellamente.it 2009, Sarzana http://t.co/9fKXd8Bl
8'th September, 2012
19:10 [PDF] Writing for translation, by http://t.co/oqtwa2gS
Translation Centre for the Bodies of EU http://t.co/z9sx1oPa
September 2012 / 313
10'th September, 2012
10:40 [Video] Presentation of the 'Study on the size of the language
industry in the EU' http://t.co/5M03R9Pv
12:45 There Is No Such Thing as a ‘Translation Industry’ by Fabio
Said @fidusinterpres http://t.co/IuucX9Th
13:10 [PDF] The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and
Development (OECD) Style Guide - http://t.co/9BsKT5ei
11'th September, 2012
09:15 [PDF] Writing for translation - Getting Started Guide by
Multiligual Computing - old but still valid http://t.co/6iEAGHqv
17:45 RT @casjamin: CodeZapper - Clean up Word files for use in
CAT-tools: http://t.co/dc4PvPeN #xl8
12'th September, 2012
01:34 Multilingual: Elanex celebrates 10th anniversary Technology-enabled global language services company
reaches miles... http://t.co/nYRSv3yQ
13:20 Trenta regole per scrivere testi amministrativi chiari [e non
solo amministrativi] http://t.co/eIm69QMc
17:30 Currently reading http://t.co/smbhQCIe
September 2012 / 314
18:28 P2P Next: next generation Peer-to-Peer (P2P) content
delivery platform http://t.co/H1ET1toR
13'th September, 2012
09:18 Implementing a private cloud in technical communication from http://t.co/xcx99Ls5 - http://t.co/495SINfH
13:16 Solving the Translation Industry Dilemma - TAUS @T21Century http://t.co/HtYZcvuj
16:22 [PDF] Devon County Council Plain English Guide
14'th September, 2012
01:34 Multilingual: Galindo Publicidad expands operations Company opens third Florida location in Miami
09:31 Sharing knowledge adds value to organizations from
http://t.co/xcx99Ls5 http://t.co/szX7TZ5P
13:32 Developing Talent Initiative Launched by TAUS @T21Century http://t.co/cJjPFGyo
14:22 How to write clearly - Terminology and linguistics - EU
Bookshop http://t.co/iFz94Dmy
September 2012 / 315
15'th September, 2012
01:33 Multilingual: TMS Inspiration Days - Conference (18-19 April
2013) designed for users of the XTRF system, but is als...
17'th September, 2012
10:25 Plain-English editing and writing-skills training:helping you
clarify your web and printed communications
10:31 Cool Infographics About the Multilingual & Multicultural
Internetvia @martraducciones | @scoopit
10:32 Translation Tribulations: The Sodrat Suite: delimited text to
MultiTerm | @scoopit http://t.co/5FdC1u48
10:33 How to manage, edit and translate Adobe InDesign
documents online | @scoopit via @1iocom
10:33 How to delete all AutoText entries in one go in Trados
2009/11 (hacker-s... | @scoopit via @paulfilkin
10:34 German GUI localization of OmegaT updated | @scoopit
September 2012 / 316
10:34 Search and replace with Regex in Studio – Regular
Expressions ... | @scoopit http://t.co/00bCFAI3
14:25 Plain English Campaign free guides - http://t.co/0wkOAfIO
15:42 SHAMAN - Sustaining Heritage Access through Multivalent
ArchiviNg - EU Project Firefox http://t.co/FR7LQ0Ge
16:49 Sto ascoltando Andrea Spila alla #oss12 http://t.co/z5dI7qQa
19'th September, 2012
01:34 Multilingual: iDISC celebrates 25 years - The company began
its activities focusing on the development, implementati...
10:35 TesaurIt Tesauro dell'italiano istituzionale http://t.co/Ybg6fkee
14:32 Portale REI - Rete per l'eccellenza dell'italiano istituzionale
15:32 [PDF] English Style Guide - A handbook for authors and
translators in the European Commission http://t.co/taVjHZrS
16:17 How to get rid of Facebook notifications and other annoying
things you don’t want to see http://t.co/qDCt8Rld
September 2012 / 317
20'th September, 2012
09:35 Manuale interistituzionale di convenzioni redazionali UE
16:31 10 Websites For Free Audio Books - http://t.co/iPcJKkdE
21'st September, 2012
01:34 Multilingual: TAUS translation services API - The API is
intended for those wanting to adopt best practices for a tr...
16:35 Useful software for translators, a list on http://t.co/c1Q1gFpv:
http://t.co/fdbe2rbs Suggestions are welcome.
20:27 [EVENT] Setmana de la Internacionalització 15-19 d'octubre
2012 @ACC1O - Competitivitat per Catalunya http://t.co/VK3vvOlg #vullexportar
21:04 [Design] The 30 best free fonts for designers | Creative Bloq http://t.co/qDOCYwms
22'nd September, 2012
01:33 Multilingual: Divergent Language Solutions selects XTRF XTRF translation management system will be used for
Diverg... http://t.co/SfzUCJo6
September 2012 / 318
24'th September, 2012
09:31 Abbiamo superato i 1200 follower su Twitter! Grazie a tutti per
la fiducia. http://t.co/3B6y7l30
13:11 Most useful tools for translators on @BestVendor. Anything
you'd add? http://t.co/gi8iy6dM
16:20 DOWNLOAD PDF: Tackling Firefox: The Unofficial Manual
16:51 [PDF] Linking professional practice with translation training in
a business-oriented setting http://t.co/ey9JuDmK
17:22 The Information: A History,a Theory,a Flood: James Gleick:
9780375423727: http://t.co/Orr7K3ug: Books - #oss12
19:14 Tks @jeromobot for the suggestions for the most useful tools
for translators. I've added them to http://t.co/gi8iy6dM #xl8
21:15 10 tips for a successful design business | Feature | Computer
Arts magazine - http://t.co/pykj3j2U
25'th September, 2012
01:35 Multilingual: Project manager addition at Netwire - Lilian
Feldmann is the latest addition to the staff http://t.co/XpLbjaqk
September 2012 / 319
09:25 @jeromobot If you want to step in and add some info about
the suggested tools, feel free to register on @BestVendor
10:45 RTFM: probably the best piece of advice you can get from an
IT expert. Please do. Really. Read the manual.
http://t.co/3Aul7fbS #oss12
10:54 Interactive: Word 2003 to Word 2007 command reference
guide - http://t.co/7Anws5xp - http://t.co/9XlRCzLm #oss12
11:09 Conoscete la storia di http://t.co/jY3wDUln / StarOffice /
LibreOffice? http://t.co/q4kIpDE5 #oss12 #d
11:29 A LibreOffice/Apache OpenOffice Comparison - #foss
http://t.co/iWgMjN3u #oss12 #d
11:42 @linkf1 @salcraz #OmegaT http://t.co/yYdmrGh4 es
multiplataforma, gratis y de código abierto #foss
11:45 RT @larusalka: Coming Soon: @MateCat - A CAT tool for
your business. http://t.co/C3qEcPkf #FOSS4Trans #xl8 #MT
13:06 Word 2013 Preview - Document and word processing
software - http://t.co/HKplwIC3 #oss12
14:56 Most useful tools for translators [updated with a few
suggestions] on BestVendor http://t.co/KiHRWPGx
15:16 APTIC > Celebra el dia del traductor amb l'APTIC, puja al
Bicibar! - http://t.co/e8v7tLbG
September 2012 / 320
15:27 Top 10 Uses For Dropbox You May Not Have Thought Of
26'th September, 2012
01:36 Multilingual: Lingvo Dictionaries 3.0 - The latest version of
ABBYY's dictionary and translation application for App...
08:06 Most useful tools for translators on @BestVendor. Already
203 views. Help us reach 500! Anything you'd add?
09:30 Creating modules for technical documentation from
http://t.co/xcx99Ls5 - http://t.co/ce9A93AJ
11:01 Top 5 sites to download free Microsoft Word templates http://t.co/JV0H2At3 #oss12
11:46 Don't reinvent the wheel: use templates for your
presentations, spreadsheets, documents, calendars
http://t.co/QMGsTdsQ #oss12
13:26 3 Handy Mouse Tricks You’ve Probably Never Heard Of
[Windows] http://t.co/I8Gf4fVA
14:35 Variacions sobre el model de Kraepelin, by Davide Carnevali
at Sala Beckett, Barcelona. Discount if you mention
September 2012 / 321
15:31 La giornata del traduttore in bicibar, divertente iniziativa
dell'associazione traduttori e interpreti di Catalogna
27'th September, 2012
01:38 Multilingual: DADAN Translations relocates headquarters The company specializes in the translation of general, tec...
13:02 AbiWord, an alternative to MS Word and OOo Writer:
http://t.co/FhZmchUe #oss12
14:01 Can a new Office suite keep Microsoft on top? (how to keep
90% market share...) - CNN http://t.co/PZ5nrsRn #oss12
28'th September, 2012
01:36 Multilingual: In Every Language chosen by Ohio Domestic
Violence Network http://t.co/9h2YRvGb
09:05 Scrivener, a content generator for writers (but also for
translators) http://t.co/H7EGllNe #oss12
29'th September, 2012
09:50 [Image] Use Comic Sans for comics... http://t.co/R7K76uAT
11:50 The Story Behind Comic Sans - http://t.co/qGeXttN4 #oss12
September 2012 / 322
12:01 The Cracked guide to fonts. What you should not do.
http://t.co/ouDMrmdo #oss12 #d
30'th September, 2012
12:01 Nozioni fondamentali sugli stili in Word - Word http://t.co/7Anws5xp - http://t.co/HgETJLcY #oss12 #d
September 2012 / 323
1'st October, 2012
08:05 10 reasons why http://t.co/jY3wDUln is better than Microsoft
Office - http://t.co/HK609mq1 #oss12 #d
2'nd October, 2012
01:39 Multilingual: nlg LLC - nlg GmbH opens office in Amana, Iowa
09:46 [PDF] Microsoft Word Master Documents http://t.co/PfgaV6nl
#oss12 #d
13:41 Documentation on LibreOffice Writer, the guide
http://t.co/yT2uqJ6B #foss #oss12 #d
3'rd October, 2012
01:37 Multilingual: Translation pricing reports - Common Sense
Advisory reports include, Trends in Translation Pricing, Tr...
08:04 How to be interesting: advice from three experts, plus, more
data than you can shake a stick at - http://t.co/3gea7aJz
09:31 thanks to @jeromobot for mentioning our BestVendor list
'Most useful tools for translators' on his Tool box newsletter
October 2012 / 324
10:17 Quality assurance of texts: what's new in proofreading and
editing? @tekom #tcworld http://t.co/tBgpOASF
10:46 MS Word Master Documents - your aid in managing large
documents http://t.co/nk1f4JPw #oss12 #d
4'th October, 2012
09:57 Synching with Windows Live Mesh and SkyDrive http://t.co/p8IFRDgW
10:22 What happens in our brain when we read? Which linguistic
means affect us? http://t.co/xcx99Ls5 - http://t.co/ntX0K73P
14:48 Videos and tutorials for Apple Pages http://t.co/byU6ZRrq
#oss12 #d
15:47 Guida in linea e procedure per Word in italiano http://t.co/7Anws5xp http://t.co/FwC7CsAT #oss12 #d
20:10 Thanks a lot! Our list 'Most useful tools for translators' on
@BestVendor got more than 750 views: http://t.co/gi8iy6dM
23:20 Envisioning the future of content @tekom #tcworld
5'th October, 2012
13:30 Usabilidad e internacionalización via @martraducciones |
@scoopit http://t.co/gR0qJLI7
October 2012 / 325
13:31 EuroTermBank Terminology Add-in for Microsoft Word |
@scoopit http://t.co/5YZSERfl
13:31 Updated File Formats in SDL Trados Studio 2011 SP2 |
@scoopit via @paulfilkin http://t.co/wnuWnPzF
13:31 Never lose your work: creating backups of memoQ data |
Kilgray Translation Technologies... | @scoopit via
@sergeyrybkin http://t.co/gFYVjMnk
13:31 Translation Tribulations: Update on the OTM integration with
SDL Trados Studio | Transl... | @scoopit via @sergeyrybkin
13:32 How to convert PDF files with Wordfast Pro | Translation
Memory | @scoopit via @sergeyrybkin http://t.co/r4miZVJP
13:32 From Trados 2007 to SDL Trados Studio 2011: A guide for
Trados 2007 users | SDL | @scoopit via @sdltrados
13:32 Working with Variable Lists | Translation Memory | @scoopit
via @sergeyrybkin http://t.co/wgZMQBXO
13:32 Using Easyling with XLIFF and Trados | @scoopit via
@easyling_com http://t.co/7EffzPVL
13:33 Font designed for proofreading OCR'ed text - Boing Boing |
@scoopit http://t.co/hBkSO6eC
October 2012 / 326
6'th October, 2012
01:35 Multilingual: translate plus ISO 14001 certified - The
Environmental Management System certificate is designed to
he... http://t.co/lxwokB39
7'th October, 2012
15:39 BBC News - OpenDyslexic font gains ground with help of
Instapaper - http://t.co/C7dKuUel
8'th October, 2012
17:08 861 views for our list 'Most useful tools for translators' on
@BestVendor. Anything you'd add? http://t.co/gi8iy6dM tks a
9'th October, 2012
01:37 Multilingual: Merrill Brink opens regional hub in Hong Kong Part of the company’s expansion in the Asia Pacific ...
14:54 Las diez mejores aplicaciones para tu móvil según Infojobs
Empleo http://t.co/GKWEXlDp
15:36 TERMCAT – GesTerm - terminology management software
GPL http://t.co/345akZ3S
16:03 I hired my friends and family, and I’d do it again by John
Rydell @meetingburner http://t.co/zIdXg3iM
October 2012 / 327
10'th October, 2012
01:37 Multilingual: XTRF redesigns customer portal - The new portal
features a transparent and modern interface allowing c...
09:48 Free on demand content about CAT tools (from ProZ virtual
conference) http://t.co/9js6vhUi
14:12 Teresa Amabile: Track Your Small Wins to Motivate Big
Accomplishments :: Videos :: 99U - http://t.co/zZNwi27m
14:34 TAUS launches Translation Services API - TAUS - Enabling
better translation - http://t.co/copIS1XH
17:08 Busco gestoría fiable y familiarizada con operaciones
internacionales y por internet, mejor si en Badalona, para las
cuentas de @qabiria
11'th October, 2012
01:36 Multilingual: Arancho Doc adds director of strategic suppliers
08:33 Exploring Windows’ Administrative Tools: Part 4 - The
Windows Task Scheduler http://t.co/41y6kuOE
09:21 Busco gestoría fiable y familiarizada con operaciones
internacionales y por internet, mejor si en Badalona, para las
cuentas de @qabiria
October 2012 / 328
09:54 Help us get to 1000 views (less than 50 left)! Most useful tools
for translators on @BestVendor. http://t.co/gi8iy6dM
14:48 Free Open Source Machine Translation Tutorial made
available by TAUS http://t.co/kVpQCzdu
15:35 We've ordered from MOO! Jealous? Get 10% off:
http://t.co/35Sxhhj9 via @overheardatmoo
16:01 How to read a (good) book in one hour. | Savage Minds
12'th October, 2012
01:37 Multilingual: Linguify.Cloud - LinguaNext's solution for the
localization of cloud and software-as-a-service-based a...
13:52 KH Lloreda: una història de passió per la innovació - Josep
Mª Lloreda - Idees d´experts http://t.co/edbwOS7z
13'th October, 2012
12:37 RT @hynekpalatin: TM-Europe 2012: managing translation,
not memories http://t.co/G9Q3OKWh by @GermanENTrans
17:10 Oops, I Did It Again: 7 Keyboard Shortcuts Users Keep Hitting
By Mistake http://t.co/uyyLass5
October 2012 / 329
14'th October, 2012
13:32 RT @aiutotraduttore:Virtual Keyboard Online - Type in your
language, anywhere! | http://t.co/HT2FsG0w | Tradu
15'th October, 2012
10:32 RT @inttranews: Inttranews is now free of charge for
language students worldwide http://t.co/8jshWRIS
10:52 New Directions for Machine Translation - TAUS http://t.co/e6vm0XYI
11:01 Only 16 views away from 3rd position on @BestVendor w/ our
list 'Most useful tools 4 translators' Help us reach the top
12:56 "Tanto i manuali non li legge nessuno!" http://t.co/9IxFdsLZ
14:29 @agiuslanguages Try OmegaT http://t.co/yYdmrGh4, free and
open source.
16'th October, 2012
01:45 Multilingual: XTM 7.0, XTM Xchange - Latest version includes
project management enhancements and a new module
design... http://t.co/hMNqM3WS
October 2012 / 330
08:22 Using @Brandyourself to control what shows up when people
Google my name, I recommend you check it out (it is free):
12:43 Check out this twitter tool, it tells you when your followers are
online the most. Tweriod - http://t.co/j1NV5GUn
13:10 A che cosa serve DITA 1.2? http://t.co/yf2ktdK0 #dita
13:26 WRITEC #free articles on communication engineering and
technical writing http://t.co/IvG1Nfz4
15:00 Publications offered by STC, Society for Technical
Communication http://t.co/wqJHkLNe
16:16 How To Hide Your Personal Information On Facebook @makeuseof http://t.co/JCUX2ZCW
16:18 Dieci buone ragioni per convalidare la terminologia tradotta
16:33 RT @wwwhatsnew: #web: Google prepara curso gratuito
online para ser "expertos buscadores" http://t.co/hYDhIXPl
20:19 TermWiki: da oggi la gestione della terminologia è ancora più
semplice http://t.co/HPpY2D3K
17'th October, 2012
13:26 La mutazione professionale: tecnico/traduttore > redattore
tecnico | Comunicazione tecnica http://t.co/hFwnduZV
October 2012 / 331
14:32 RT @localisation: Terminology management helps life
science companies meet global regulatory requirements
http://t.co/TvhAwzRR #l10n
15:00 EServer Technical Communication Library: #free open-access
index of 21,691 works for technical communicators
16:18 Resources for software and technical documentation indoition: http://t.co/ED9sbdin
20:19 The InDesign channel on Adobe TV: http://t.co/ruAdM1VM
18'th October, 2012
13:26 SmartDocs: content management and reuse in MS Word http://t.co/tGz1Dfo2
13:37 RT @hynekpalatin: Translating with Asia Online in memoQ
http://t.co/jUDXLKQA by @Kilgray #xl8
15:00 Perché utilizzare Argo CMS per realizzare manuali, libretti e
documentazione tecnica http://t.co/kAl48aoS
16:29 Checking out http://t.co/mxDK42sL from @followerwonk:
Twitter bio search, user comparison, follower analysis, social
graph tracking
20:19 Do you know what a "scanlation" is? http://t.co/fUqeD5BY
October 2012 / 332
21:45 How to automate the web for you and get more free time on
@BestVendor. Anything you'd add? http://t.co/f3B9cdVh
22:14 Freeconomics and Crowdsourcing: a New Era for the
Translation Industry? http://t.co/AGxT68l3
22:22 Money Rules via @theBigWaveMag http://t.co/CKgsO6zl
22:23 Cloud-based translation memory tools are changing the way
translators work and train via @theBigWaveMag
22:23 RT @PaulEdgar1 Oxford Dictionaries announce addition of
free bilingual dictionaries [FIGS] to their online dictionary site.
http://t.co/iIDupVgO #xl8 [RT]
19'th October, 2012
13:02 RT @minimatiz ¡En un día te enseñamos a usar #OmegaT en
Murcia, 24/11/2012, imparte @taxiqab de @qabiria
13:26 And do you know what "fansubs" are? http://t.co/iP8XifuR
15:01 How to automate the web for you and get more free time' on
@BestVendor. Anything you'd add? http://t.co/f3B9cdVh
15:08 Quality assurance of texts via @martraducciones | @scoopit
October 2012 / 333
15:09 Studio on a Tablet? | @scoopit via @eustan
15:09 The quick way to convert glossaries and termbases between
Excel and MultiTerm | Transla... | @scoopit via
@sergeyrybkin http://t.co/kyafGdwl
15:09 How to Translate AutoCAD with Wordfast | Translation
Memory | @scoopit via @sergeyrybkin http://t.co/tAdmNqL1
16:18 Freeconomics and Crowdsourcing: a New Era for the
Translation Industry? http://t.co/78OYVzZi
16:36 RT @hynekpalatin: memoQ for Trados Studio users
http://t.co/APzqz9Jc by @GermanENTrans #xl8
17:50 How to export a translation memory from memoQ as a TMX
file | Translation Memory | @scoopit via @sergeyrybkin
20:19 RT @theBigWaveMag: TBW #3 / Cloud-based translation
memory tools by Uwe Muegge http://t.co/fMfuvptx
20'th October, 2012
09:35 RT @HynekPalatin: Tools for Translation Quality Assurance
http://t.co/IKisvHvd #xl8
13:26 OmegaT: presentazione del corso online di Qabiria, EST e
STL (ottobre-novembre 2012) su Vimeo http://t.co/2JCz3AiV
October 2012 / 334
21'st October, 2012
16:37 RT @rubendelafuente: Machine translation/Post-editing Panel
Discussion http://t.co/SqhiaE7y
20:19 Translate Simultaneously over the Internet with #omegat!
Velior's blog about translation and translation industry
21:04 Try @bufferapp: a smarter way to share links and pictures.
Sign up and we both get extra features :) http://t.co/M4tJ6dCc
22'nd October, 2012
09:50 RT @jaynefox: Video: how to join segments past paragraph
marks in 4 CAT tools http://t.co/0cdSyuSQ #xl8
09:55 How to automate the web for you and get more free time: our
new list on @BestVendor http://t.co/pK5k0iBw
13:26 #free translation program #omegaT fully configured and ready
to use (via Velior's Blog) http://t.co/h5iaOKO2
15:01 Did you know that #omegat includes automatic replacement of
numbers? (via Velior's Blog) http://t.co/7OZx0HEG
16:18 RT @TranslatorTools: TransTools v.2.0 is out, lots of new
commands for translators using CAT tools
October 2012 / 335
20:19 RT @TranslatorTools: PDF-XChange Viewer - superior PDF
viewing and annotation tool | @scoopit http://t.co/lAvrInAg
23'rd October, 2012
01:37 Multilingual: euroscript chooses Interverbum Technology TermWeb to become part of global content management
soluti... http://t.co/tXiPnu09
15:00 How to automate the web for you and get more free time on
@BestVendor. Anything you'd add? http://t.co/f3B9cdVh
15:00 ELIA Networking Days Budapest via @theBigWaveMag
16:34 ECDC translation memory in 25 languages « CATguru’s vlog |
@scoopit via @dtSearchUK http://t.co/gQUOf7FN
16:35 Translation Tribulations: Put OCR in Your Business Model |
@scoopit http://t.co/H5gxfrRN
16:35 Wordfast Online Aligner | RosmondTrad | @scoopit via
@RosmondTrad http://t.co/m8m0Wtef
16:36 How to export a translation memory from memoQ as a TMX
file @scoopit via @sergeyrybkin http://t.co/eoClvxlH
16:37 Smartling Receives Top Honors At TAUS User Conference;
CEO Jack Welde ... - IT News Online | @scoopit
October 2012 / 336
16:37 ApSIC Xbench v2.9 - QA Features | @scoopit
16:38 ApSIC Xbench v2.9 Basics (2) - Search | @scoopit
20:19 Google Guide Quick Reference: Google Advanced Operators
(Cheat Sheet, PDF also available) http://t.co/KIDkfHgv
24'th October, 2012
01:37 Multilingual: App Review Translator - New offering from
Moravia allows mobile app developers to hear what users are
... http://t.co/YXSpkS5K
07:19 Payment Portals – ELIA Networking Days Budapest via
@theBigWaveMag http://t.co/pyVohi9C
13:26 If you're a translator you should be an experienced Google
user. Are you? Google Guide http://t.co/FgHxzuQQ
15:00 Every translator should have a website. Create yours in
minutes with our template: http://t.co/l5uRJmap
25'th October, 2012
13:26 Check out @LindsayOWrite's list: How I Organize My Gmail
And Get My Inbox to Zero, via @BestVendor.
October 2012 / 337
15:00 Inscríbete ya: curso de #OmegaT en Murcia
21:00 The Disintermediation Myth: Bogy or Opportunity? via
@theBigWaveMag http://t.co/LfrwdBhL
26'th October, 2012
01:41 Multilingual: Localization LLC Translation opens Boston office
13:26 Best Android Apps http://t.co/5NCgRqJn via @the_ezuk
15:01 New in Zoho CRM – SMS alerts using Webhooks | Zoho
Blogs http://t.co/ocIyX0Ep
16:18 A WordPress Developer's Workflow, by @austinginder via
@BestVendor [I especially like the idea of progression]
18:02 Quantifying quality costs and the cost of poor quality in
translation - EU Bookshop via @martraducciones | @scoopit
20:19 How much does it cost to translate a website? | SpeakLike |
@scoopit http://t.co/u7g3kf92
October 2012 / 338
27'th October, 2012
13:26 Crowdin: Collaborative translation tool (free for #opensource
projects) http://t.co/IPkeXfAK
15:00 Be our guest at the ATA conference! | Kilgray Translation
Technologies | @scoopit via @fidusinterpres
16:18 AutoSuggest Dictionaries for Trados Studio | SDL | @scoopit
via @AiutoTraduttore http://t.co/T8p7Jrqm
20:19 Welocalize Announces Release of GlobalSight 8.3 #tms #l10n
28'th October, 2012
14:26 Users Bring Real Value to Big Data, Machine Translation |
Innovation Insights | http://t.co/FxdjCT3y http://t.co/Z4GLFfaK
16:00 Edicy: a simple tool for multilingual website cretion
17:18 Translating with OmegaT - The Basics - YouTube
17:30 RT @smohan: Five trendy open source tech. for big data
21:19 Our latest business minicards produced and delivered by
MOO http://t.co/rEipFSMd
October 2012 / 339
29'th October, 2012
09:42 Never Say Never Again via @theBigWaveMag
14:26 FARR (Find And Run Robot) lets you quickly launch programs
and run web searches http://t.co/PC2PqzZr
16:00 1 Hour Software by Skrommel: quick fixes and tiny tools to
save your day http://t.co/v1cx0b3P
16:16 The Chicago Manual of Style Online - completely searchable
and easy to use http://t.co/Qa9iInuW
17:19 Lesson 45: Slides and handouts on online marketing and
social media for translators http://t.co/mRvQBoFM
21:19 Lesson 44: Translators, do you know how to network?
30'th October, 2012
01:38 Multilingual: New staff at Global Lingo - Jonny Bates has been
hired as account manager and Amelie Drouin and Jess A...
14:16 The journalist's bible: Associated Press Stylebook (on
purchase) - http://t.co/CBCAxEl2
14:27 The European 'Pretotyping' (not a typo) website
October 2012 / 340
16:00 Run any application on demand with Spoon
17:18 Brain Trust: 100 Ivy League Business & Entrepreneurship
Courses You Can Take for Free http://t.co/hqc0hSZX
21:19 Take typing lessons, test your typing speed and practice
typing for free! http://t.co/DasW186v
31'st October, 2012
14:20 Style Guide | The Economist - #styleguide http://t.co/12JekbHr
14:26 Free Document Conversion Network: PDF, Excel, Word, Text,
Images… http://t.co/mRUSKRGw
16:00 Virtus: Translation software specifically for foreign language
databases and spreadsheets. [Has anyone tried it?]
October 2012 / 341
1'st November, 2012
01:37 Multilingual: Synergy Recruit launches new global website The launch introduces E-recruitment, a workflow solution...
14:26 Windows Secrets special issue on Windows 8
16:25 Microsoft style guides from the language Portale
http://t.co/bqBABgZi #syleguides
21:19 Prezi has changed its interface: http://t.co/PX7czzyK
2'nd November, 2012
01:37 Multilingual: translate plus chosen by Nestlé - translate plus
will provide language services for Nestlé across Ge...
14:26 Can’t Stand The Slowness? The Top 10 Reasons for Poor PC
Performance http://t.co/GWrXXgUJ
16:00 How To Be Completely Portable Without Your Own Computer
Or Smartphone http://t.co/i7M889iN
November 2012 / 342
16:30 MLA Style Manual and Guide to Scholarly Publishing http://t.co/lllDCC5P #styleguide
17:18 7 Awesome Tools To Enhance Your Right-Click Menu
[Windows] http://t.co/tmfvVkCu
21:19 8 Essential Tech Influencers To Follow On Twitter
3'rd November, 2012
01:38 Multilingual: Aspena hires business development manager Klaudia Jurkemik will be based in Vancouver, Canada
4'th November, 2012
12:17 @Jeromobot Re: toolbox newsletter 12-11-215, #OmegaT
also has MT connectors to Belazar and Apertium online and
14:26 Convert SDLTM from SDL Trados Studio to TMX without
Studio « CATguru’s vlog http://t.co/Q9Nv6DYH
16:00 [YouTube video] Convert SDLTM and SDLTB without Studio
or MultiTerm - http://t.co/WvJZTD9e
17:18 Convert SDLTM and SDLTB without Studio or MultiTerm «
CATguru’s vlog http://t.co/zdJT4a6S
21:19 Bitcoins: The Currency of the Darknet | http://t.co/PcWU7AHi
November 2012 / 343
5'th November, 2012
14:26 RT @Jeromobot: New Apple glossaries available under
http://t.co/VXlbYLB7 … You'll need to sign in with Apple ID
and register as dev
16:00 Un amigo acaba de estrenar proyecto de (para)farmacia
online: http://t.co/fTYSRKKD please RT
16:30 Search the full text of the 10th edition AMA Manual of Style
http://t.co/XwG9oa7S #styleguide
17:18 Webinars on memoQ by Kilgray Translation Technologies
6'th November, 2012
10:35 More than 20 free and open source tools for translators in a
portable pack: PortableCAT - FOSS4Trans
14:26 La traduzione al Pisa Book Festival http://t.co/2KbBJxHe
17:18 A How-To Guide To Cloud Computing http://t.co/4El79axP
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