Your Path to Discovery



Your Path to Discovery
Your Path
to Discovery
Sons of Norway Foundation Annual Report
Celebrating culture. Expanding horizons.
When we are born, each of us sets out on
a grand adventure that I like to call “The
Path to Discovery.” For each of us, this is
a unique journey comprised of learning,
life experiences and personal growth. All
of which the Sons of Norway Foundation
is proud to support.
We support students on their Path to Discovery
by providing scholarships that enable them to
study abroad and learn about different cultures
by immersing themselves in new experiences.
This also supports the next step in their lives as
they prepare to work in today’s global society.
Another way we support members on their Path to Discovery is by
helping them learn more about their heritage. The Foundation
provides funding for many genealogy and heritage workshops
annually through our grants to lodges. Every day members
throughout Sons of Norway are learning the language and crafts
of the past to help them define their identity today.
These are all very important steps in our members’ Path to Discovery, and the outcome is amazing. Thanks to the Scholarships and
Grants provided by the Sons of Norway Foundation, our recipients
are making advancements in the areas of technology, design, science, arts and culture.
With your continuing financial support, we can continue to make
a positive impact on the paths of students and adults throughout
the USA and Norway, making the world better and more vibrant. I
invite you to review this annual report and learn of the many ways
the Sons of Norway Foundation is playing a role in individuals’
Paths to Discovery.
Sons of Norway Foundation Director
The Sons of Norway Foundation was
established in 1966 to provide funding for
research and promotion of Norwegian
heritage and culture. We have grown in our
focus and offerings so that in 2012 we had
six categories of scholarships and four
categories of grants.
What is our passion?
•Creating opportunities for success through higher education
•Showcasing our unique Norwegian heritage to wider audiences
•Exploring cross-cultural exchange
•Providing humanitarian support for Sons of Norway members
who are victims of natural disasters
We fulfill our mission by:
•Supporting educational goals through scholarships
•Showcasing modern Norway and its place in the world
•Supporting Sons of Norway lodges to provide quality Norwegian
themed programming in their communities
•Strengthening the bonds between the U.S. and Norway by
promoting cross-cultural exchange
•Preserving Norwegian heritage for future generations
•Promoting Norwegian cultural opportunities through the arts
•Offering Sons of Norway members aid following natural disasters
Contact us at [email protected] or (800) 945-8851
or check us out at
We invite you to join in our efforts by donating your
time, talents and assets to help us achieve our goals.
Grant Opportunities
Local Lodge Partnership Grants
Offered to Sons of Norway lodges that wish to promote
Norwegian heritage through programming in their communities.
General Heritage & Culture Grants
Offered to individuals, groups or organizations that promote
Norwegian heritage and culture to wider audiences.
Sons of Norway Foundation
Humanitarian Fund
Founded in response to the Red River Floods of 1997 and
continues today, offering two kinds of grants:
Helping Hands to Members Grants
Helping Hands to Children Grants
Awarded to Sons of Norway members affected by natural
disasters such as tornadoes, floods, wildfires, earthquakes
and hurricanes. In 2012 Sons of Norway families impacted
by Hurricane Sandy were awarded these grants.
Awarded to support Norwegian heritage programming,
for children in lodges, schools and for Project Framtid.
Scholarship Opportunities
King Olav V Norwegian-American Scholarships
For American students 18 and older wishing to pursue the study
of Norwegian topics or Norwegian students 18 and older wishing
to study American topics. Nancy Lorraine Jensen Memorial Scholarships
For women 18-36 enrolled in college as sophomores, juniors or
seniors studying specific areas of science and engineering.
Oslo Summer School Scholarships
For students to experience an eight week study-abroad program at
the University of Oslo.
Helen Tronvold Folk High School Scholarships
For students 18 or older to study for an entire school year at one
of Norway’s 70 folk high schools.
Astrid Cates/Myrtle Beinhauer Scholarships
For any post high school study at an accredited school.
Lund Fund Scholarships
For accredited study-abroad experiences.
The Draxten Fund
For youth to attend one of the many Norwegian heritage
camps offered throughout Sons of Norway Districts
in the United States.
2012 Year in Review
Sons of Norway Foundation
Grants Awarded:
General Heritage & Culture Grants
totaling $13,160
For courses on timber framing, rosemaling and archeology; For
Nordic fairs and heritage days all across the U.S.; For lodge
programming on the holocaust, music, and Nordic cultural skills.
Helping Hands to Children Grants
totaling $7,047
For childrens’ folk dancing tours, books for school libraries
and Nordic programming in area schools.
Local Lodge Partnership Grants
totaling $7,050
For bringing speakers into lodges on Nordic topics;
For participation in local heritage fairs and presentations on
books, for art exhibits and showcasing Norwegian culture in
the communities where we live.
Helping Hands to Members Grants
totaling $5,000
Hurricane Sandy Humanitarian Relief
Five Sons of Norway families received $1,000 grants to aid in their
recovery efforts following Hurricane Sandy. They thank all who
made these grants possible by giving to the Humanitarian Fund
Opportunities funded
We funded scholarships
$80,593 in 2012
Scholarships Awarded:
Oslo Summer School Scholarships totaling $3,000
Carl M. Saltveit Scholarship to Oslo Summer School
totaling $3,855
Myrtle Beinhauer Scholarships totaling
Astrid Cates Scholarships totaling
King Olav V Norwegian-American Scholarships
totaling $9,000
Nancy Lorraine Jensen Memorial Scholarships
totaling $38,917
Lund Fund Scholarship for
Evenson Heritage Camp Scholarships totaling $1,812
Eikevik Ski for Light Scholarship $1,000
Draxten Heritage Camp Scholarships totaling
In 2012 the Sons of Norway Foundation
in Grants and Scholarships!
Our scholarships put an emphasis on education.
In 2012 we awarded more than
$80,593 through nine scholarship funds. Our scholarships are
awarded from the interest earned
on our endowment funds, and in
this way our scholarships can benefit students for decades to come.
Below are examples of recipients
from each scholarship category
offered by the Foundation.
King Olav V Norwegian-American Heritage Fund
Kali Goblirsch: A native of Minnesota, Goblirsch is
pursuing a master’s degree in the anthropology of development at the University of Bergen. She is thrilled
to be studying in the hometown of her great grandparents, who immigrated to the United States 100 years
ago. Upon completing her master’s, Goblirsch plans to
return to the United States and the field of social work.
Nancy Lorraine Jensen Memorial Scholarship
Amanda Sorensen: Sorensen graduated from
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, with a
degree in aerospace engineering in December 2012.
She recently completed the Boeing 2012 Summer
Co-op Internship, and upon graduating, she expects to
work full-time at Boeing where she hopes to contribute
to advances in the science of intelligent flight.
Carl M. Saltveit Scholarship
Megan Wehe: Wehe graduated with majors in Norwegian and Scandinavian studies. While attending
Pacific Lutheran University, she spent a semester
studying in Telemark, Norway. She returned this past
summer with the goal of becoming fluent in Norwegian
so she can work in Norway teaching English as a
second language.
Scholarship to Oslo International Summer School
Kirsten Haas: A senior at the University of North
Dakota, Haas studied Norwegian life and society,
Scandinavian government and politics, and Norwegian at the Oslo International Summer School. Haas
is pursuing an international studies major as well as
three minors.
Astrid G. Cates Scholarship Fund
Mary Roll Bittner: Bittner attends the University of
Chicago where she is pursuing a major in economics.
While traveling to Norway with her grandparents, she
climbed the Preikestolen and visited the NorwegianRussian border. Two of the hundreds of photos she
snapped on that trip won first and second place in the
2010 Sons of Norway International Folk Art Competition.
Myrtle Beinhauer Scholarship Fund
Rachel Knapp: An accomplished violinist, Knapp
hails from Missoula, MT., and has been involved
in Sons of Norway since she was in elementary
school. She is a freshman at Harvard College in
Cambridge, Mass., where she plans to pursue a
degree in government with a focus on international
Lund Fund Scholarship Fund
Ainslie Avery: Avery is pursuing a master’s degree
in migration and refugee studies at American
University in Cairo. She was selected to participate
in an international student conference in Istanbul
and is now participating in an internship to assist
refugees applying for resettlement through the
United Nation’s Refugee Agency.
Grants funding cultural exchange & community outreach.
11th Annual Nordic Heritage Festival
Maihaugen Lodge #1-665 - Lawrence, Kansas
“The Nordic Heritage Festival is a great
way for us to share our passion for
our heritage with others and promote
cultural exchange. The grant provided
by the Sons of Norway Foundation was
used to expand our musical experiences by introducing the Hardanger Fiddle
to the Lawrence community. Dr. Andrea
Een shared stories about Norway’s remote mountains and valleys and
performed music on her beautiful folk violin.”
Grindbygg Timber Framing
Peter Henrikson Research in Voss, Norway
“The Grindbygg framing course I
attended in Voss, Norway was a
huge success. The course was very
‘hands-on’. It gave me the knowledge needed to teach a course on
this framing style to build a shelter to
cover a historic fishing skiff at North
House Folk School in Feb. of 2013”
- Peter Henrikson
Sonja Lodge Heritage Day
Sonja Lodge #2-038 - Eugene, Oregon
“Sonja Lodge held its first heritage
day and welcomed many people from
the community to share the foods,
displays and demonstrations of
Norwegian heritage and culture with
us. This event has gone a long way to
increasing the visibility of our lodge
in the local community. Thank you
for the grant, you helped make this
possible.” - Patti Jo Meshnik
Dalamaling Class with Donna Benson
First Lutheran Folk School, Quad Cities, IL
“Donna is a Vesterheim Gold Medal
rosemaler. We were very happy to be
able to offer the first class of this type in
the Quad Cities area. She presented a
class project that involved all elements
of Swedish folk painting, Dalamaling.”
- Linda Shoesmith, Storelva Lodge
Viking Boat Archeological Dig
Jess McCullough, Inner Hebrides, Scotland
“I wish to thank the Sons of Norway
Foundation heartily that allowed me
to participate in Ardnamurchan Transitions Project Excavations in 2012. This
project is the first mainland excavation
of a Viking burial boat. This find has led
the team to broaden the search for Viking/Norse occupation. Your Grant has
allowed me to further my career goals
and also contribute to our Viking heritage. Further excavations are planned
for next summer which I will attend as
staff rather than a student!”
- Jess McCullough
Jews Escape from Nazi Occupied Norway
Irene Berman lecture, Music City Vikings Lodge 5-681
“Our event lecturer Irene Levin Berman
was born and raised in Norway. As a
young child in 1942 she escaped to
Sweden to avoid annihilation. Seven
members of her father’s family were
among the 771 victims who were unable to escape and were sent to Auschwitz. Her examination of being Norwegian and a Jew was very inspiring.
Growing up Jewish in Norway when the
Nazis invaded and losing family was
unthinkable. It’s a story that needs to be
told to bring better understanding and
more tolerance.”
- Karen Sizemore, Lodge President
Skål Klubben Concert
Tusenvann Lodge 1-659 - Isle/Lake Mille Lacs, MN
“Skål Klubben Spelmanslag is a traditional Scandinavian folk orchestra who
play the ‘gammaldans’ music of Norway. They have been featured on the
PBS television broadcast of ‘River of
Song’ and have toured Scandinavia.
Our budget for hosting this concert was
very tight, the grant we received from
the Sons of Norway Foundation allowed us to have this cultural event and
share this amazing music with lodge
and community members. Again thank
you! ” - Gary Heimark, President
The Kennsington Runestone
Vennskap Lodge #1-554 - Canby, Minnesota
“Vennskap Lodge has made a commitment to
provide quality special community events for
education, culture and family entertainment.
Our participation in bringing the presentation
by Scott Walker to Canby was made possible
by the grant we have received from the Sons
of Norway Foundation. The name of our lodge,
Vennskap, means friendship and our group extends the hand of friendship to the community
through these events.”
helping hands to members humanitarian relief
Since 2004 the Sons of Norway Foundation has offered
“Helping Hands to Member” grants for current Sons of
Norway members who lose their homes due to natural
disasters. These grants have helped our members with
their recovery efforts from floods, tornadoes and
hurricanes. Five families received these grants following
Hurricane Sandy in 2012. An additional $5,000 grant was
given to the Red Cross to help the victims.
the importance of
Making charitable gifts at any point throughout the year helps
non-profits, churches or foundations that you feel passionate
about continue to do good work. It’s our hope that when you
consider making a charitable gift this year, you will think of the
Sons of Norway Foundation and all its efforts to make the
world a better place in which to live.
Thanks to the charitable gifts of many Sons of Norway members,
like yourself, the Foundation has been able to fulfill its mission
of awarding scholarships and grants to promote the heritage and
culture of Norway and other Nordic countries, and providing
assistance to our members, lodges and their communities. Over the
years these gifts have made a significant and meaningful impact
($2.5 million as of 12/31/2012) in the lives of students, lodges and
members throughout the organization.
how can you make
There are a number of ways that you can make a gift to the Sons of
Norway Foundation from a one time gift, to a yearly gift, or a gift by
will or life insurance. Your gift, in any amount, makes a difference.
• Hold a Fund-raiser - Get your lodge or community involved in
supporting the Sons of Norway Foundation by raising money for
a great cause.
• Give Online - Visit and click
‘Donation’ in the right-hand menu
• Charitable Giving - Make a Gift by Will, Donate Life Insurance or
Annuities, Make a Gift of Cash or Appreciated Stock.
For information about making your gift contact Foundation Director,
Cindy Olson - [email protected] or (800 945-8851)
2012 Financial Report
Sons of Norway Foundation
The financial information contained in this report is a condensed
version of the Fiscal Year 2012 audited financial statements for the
Sons of Norway Foundation. A complete set of the audited financial
statements is available by contacting the Sons of Norway Foundation.
The Sons of Norway Foundation is primarily an endowment
foundation. Grant and scholarship award payouts are based on a
percentage of the total assets, not on annual donations. Our
commitment is to maintain and grow the charitable assets
entrusted to us. Your financial support helps us reach this goal.
Statement of Activities for the
Year Ended 12/31/2012
Investment Income
Net Capital Gains
Total Revenues$1,191,418
Scholarship & Grant Awards
General & Administration Expenses
Total Deductions$236,826
Increase in Net Assets$954,592
Net Assets as of 12/31/12$5,227,923
Member Donations
The Sons of Norway Foundation thanks the 2012 donations of
$10 or more from members:
Bergerson, Heidi
Bergh, Phoebe
Bergh, Richard
Berkland, Marlys
Berntsen, Barbara
Bessesen, Barbara
Beyer, Eric
Bittner, Burton
Bjerkhoel, Jo Ann
Bjornland, Roger
Blom, G
Bodal, Trond
Boe, Gustav
Bomier, Claudia
Bonneville, Judith
Borgnes, Arne
Boro, Elizabeth
Borud, Grace
Boudreau, Thomas
Boyle, Alice
Brandvold, Donald
Bratland, Garry
Braun, Richard
Breistein, Elsa
Breivik, Erik
Bremseth, Christine
Brennalt, Nathalie
Brevig, Karin
Brevig, Ola
Bright, Gladys
Brinkman, John
Broadhead, Teresa
Broman, Bruce
Brooks, Joy
Brooks, William
Brown, Greta
Brown, Juanita
Brown, Virginia
Bruening, John
Bueing, Margaret
Bueing, Waldo
Bune, Donald
Bunker, Norene
Burbank, Vona
Burgeson, Dianne
Burghduff, Richard
Burreson, Dennis
Burtness, Robert
Butieb, Jane
Buttrick, Clara
Callihan, Frances
Campbell, Ruth
Carella, Joseph
Carella, Karen
Carey, Connie
Carlson, Carl
Carlson, Esther
Carlson, Leonard
Carlson, Norman
Carlson, Ronald
Carlson, Sharun
Carothers, Janet
Cazzell, Maryann
Chase, Barbara
Chi, Esther
Chossek, Walter
Christiansen Jr, John
Christianson, Conrad
Christsianson, Pamela
Clayton, Samuel
Cobb, Patricia
Cody, Susan
Collins, Judy
Colness, La Verne
Conover, Diane
Conrad, Edward
Cooper, Gary
Cormack, Ian
Coulter, Gloria
Cox, Duane
Crandall, Bonnie
Cretal, Norma
Crosby, Linda
Cruze, Randi
Dahl, Carolyn
Dahl, Jan
Ta en
Aamodt, John
Abbott, Joan
Adams, Adrienne
Agerter, Regina
Agre, Maxine
Ahlborn, Zelda
Aker, Leroy
Alexander, Mark
Allen, Nancy
Aloia, Gerlinde
Amann, Sharon
Amdal, James
Amundsen, Thorbjorn
Andersen, Ellen
Anderson, Beverly
Anderson, Bruce
Anderson, Donald
Anderson, Elma
Anderson, Harland
Anderson, Judith
Anderson, Karolyn
Anderson, Virgil
Andol, Jorleif
Arneson, Darlene
Aspebakken, John
Ausen, Robert
Austin, Rodney
Bailey, David
Baillargeon, Terrence
Balija, Evelyn
Barstad, Matthew
Becker, Eunice
Becker, Robert
Bender, Solveig
Bennett, Mary
Bentley, Nan
Berg, Beatrice
Berg, Erik
Berg, Meredith
Berg, Ross
Berg, Shirley
Bergan, Catherine
Berge, Lyle
Finlay, Janice
Finstad, Victoria
Fischer, David
Fisher, Sandra
Fleming, Erik
Fleming, Judith
Fleming, Lise
Flower, Terrence
Flynn, Nellie
Flynn, Patrick
Forde, Julia
Fosberg, Theodore
Foss, Gale
Fosse, Lavonne
Fosse, Raymond
Fox, Charlene
Francis, Carol
Franz, Lynn
Frazier, Marielyn
Freed, Grethe
Fruchtl, Janet
Fuchs, Jerald
Fuglestad, Catherin
Gans, Susan
Garske, Robert
Gauper, Harold
Gaustad, Paul
Geddes, Brian
Goranson, Lee
Gordon, Ruth
Gorges, Joan
Gorse, Sherry
Gourley, Deb
Grady, Rodger
Grande, Greta
Grangaard, Luella
Granum, Richard
Grey, Peter
Grill, Colleen
Grinde, Jane
Grinde, Paul
Groe, Jacquolyn
Grorud, Marjorie
Gross, David
Gross, Doris
Gross`, Judith
Gunderson, Ann
Gunderson, Bernice
Gunderud, Hans
Gustafson, Duane
Gythfeldt, Audun
Haaland, C
Haase, Andrea
Haberlein, Charles
Hagen, Donald
Haltiner, Karen
Halverson, Audrey
Halvorson, Diane
Halvorson, Susan
Hamre, Merlin
Hanenberg, Barbara
Hanevik, Margaret
Hanevik, Robert
Hannon, Joseph
Hansen, Dirk
Hansen, Hans
Hansen, Rigmor
Hanson, Arnold
Hanson, Gordon
Hanson, Karen
Hanson, Peter
Hanson, R
Hanson, Ronald
Harkness, Kathleen
Hassemer, Carol
Hasvold, Carol
Hatleberg, Rosemary
Hatlestad, Arne
Hatlevoll, Richard
Haug, Douglas
Haug, Ralph
Haugen, Annie
Hausvik, Richard
Heavey, Thomas
Hedberg, Blaine
Hedlund, Carl
Heiberg, Eivind
Heine, Lois
Helgerson, Richard
Hella, Karl
Henderson, Judith
Hendrickson, Kathleen
Henke, Linda
Henkels, Mary
Henricksen, Janice
Hermanson, Donald
Ta en
Dahl, Katherine
Dahl, Leonard
Dahl, Liv
Dahle, Gardis
Dane, Aase
Davidson, Ross
Davis, Jefferson
Dawley, Patricia
Dayne, Jeanne
Deeb, Agnes
Deeb, William
Devito, Carol
Dibley, Ruth
Dieter, Clarice
Disbrow, Sissel
Dunn, Nancy
Durkin, Judith
Dutcher, John
Dwyer, Sally
Eck, Rodney
Edwards, Judy
Egaas, Jennie
Egenes, Ruth
Ehlers, Nina
Eidbo, Paul
Eide, Joel
Eidsmoe, Robert
Eiseth, Karen
Ekloff, Gail
Eklund, Harriet
Elde, Orvetta
Elken, Lori
Ellingboe, Richard
Ellingsen, Per
Elliott, Martha
Emory-Hall, Nancy
Engler, Gail
Erickson, Gerald
Erickson, Leland
Espeland, L
Espeseth, Robert
Evenstad, Earl
Fagerheim, F
Fazio, Ruth
Fernandez, Eduardo
Fidje, Ester
Fields, Virginia
Fife, Donald
Johnson, Jonas
Johnson, Judeen
Johnson, Lawrence
Johnson, Linda
Johnson, Marilyn
Johnson, Marjorie
Johnson, Ordale
Johnson, Peter
Johnson, Richard
Johnson, Thomas
Jondahl, Thor
Jones, Virginia
Jorgensen, Keith
Kalaba, Carissa
Kane, Denarie
Kapsak, Cheryle
Kauserud, Robert
Keating, John
Kelly, Betty
Kelly, Mary
Kensrud, Terry
Kerfoot, Scott
Kessler, Patricia
Kinane, Ruth
King, Ellen
King, Jack
King, Richard
Kirkwood, Janice
Kittleson, Duane
Kjarmo, Carl
Kloe, Donald
Klotz, John
Klovstad, Kaare
Klungness, Violet
Knudsen, Aulene
Knudsvig, Everett
Knutsen, Allan
Knutsen, Harold
Knutson, Earl
Knutson, Karl
Knutson, Raymond
Knutson, Ryan
Kolstad, Lynn
Krause, Ann
Krawczyk, Frank
Kreppert, Nilslee
Kringstad, Kari
Kringstad, Marit
Kristiansen, Marit
Kuell, Harry
Kvamme, Severt
Laber, William
Lacy, Sandra
Lahren, Lynn
Lampley, Bonnie
Langley, James
Larsen, Louise
Larson, Ardath
Larson, Barbara
Larson, Gloria
Larson, Mark
Larson, Norman
Lechnyr, Celia
Lehr, Margaret
Leiseth, Robert
Lesney, Donald
Lincoln, Adrienne
Lindberg Jr, John
Lindblom, Robert
Lindstrom, J Russell
Liss, Addie
Loustalet, Marilynn
Lund, Evelyn
Lund, John
Lund, Oscar
Lutes, David
Lutness, Viona
Madson, Nancy
Magsamen, Ellen
Mahle, Kari
Malseed, Cheryl
Mandsager, Karen
Mapstone, Bjorg
Markve, Luke
Martinsen, Mary Jo
Mathern, Judy
Mathisen, Cynthia
Mathisen, Sigurd
Mathison, Robert
Mathison, Ronald
Mathsen, Gordon
Maxson, Thomas
Mayfield, Nancy
Mc Casland, Arthur
Mc Murray, Richard
McIntosh, Galen
Ta en
Hernes, Sonja
Hertzog, Ise
Hesse, Christian
Hey, Charles
Hicks, Billy
Higley, Ruth
Hill, John
Hodgson, Verla
Hodne, Jan
Hodne, Lois
Hogan, Jayne
Hollen, Jennifer
Hoover, Robert
Hoovestol, Etheleen
Hopland, Melvin
Horan, Julie
Hornnes, Barbara
Hoyum, Leslee
Hughes, Ronald
Huvaere, William
Hyland, Gladys
Immel, Judy
Ingebo, Mildred
Ingvoldstad, Carl
Ingvoldstad, Mary Beth
Iverson, Ronald
Jacob-Forseth, Bonnie
Jacobs, Randi
Jacobsen, Eric
Jacobsen, Nancy
Jacobsen, Severin
Jacobsen Jr, John
Jacobson, Alan
Jacobson, Cynthia
Jacobson, Jerry
Jacobson, Lois
Jensen, Arthur
Jensen, Patricia
Jeskey, Elizabeth
Johansson, Verna
Johnsen, John
Johnsen, Ragnhild
Johnson, Bette
Johnson, Charlotte
Johnson, Darryl
Johnson, Dennis
Johnson, Edgar
Johnson, Gladys
O’Brien, Phyllis
O’Reilly, Jennevie
Odden, Robert
Ofjord, Michael
Ofstedal, Sylvia
Oftebro, Ronald
Ohe, Jeff
Ohnemus, Mary
Olsen, Claire
Olsen, Robert
Olson, Allen
Olson, Barbara
Olson, Charles
Olson, Cynthia
Olson, E
Olson, Gene
Olson, James
Olson, John
Olson, Marne
Olson, Olaf
Olson, Paul
Olson, Robert
Oro, Mariko
Oseid, Larry
Osmonson, Glenn
Osnes, James
Oss, Donald
Ostlie, Cindy
Oswald, Karen
Otteraaen, Robert
Overton, Helen
Pape, Carolyn
Parmenter, James
Paulson, C
Payton, Bobby
Pearson, Madalyn
Pederson, James
Pederson, Linda
Pederson, Pauline
Pelton, Marlene
Peters, Erik
Petersen, Ruth
Peterson, Joan
Peterson, Ralph
Petrovsky, Karin
Phillips, Richard
Pierce, George
Poehls, Siri
Porter, John
Powers, Dorothy
Pratt, Linda
Ramberg, Osa
Reinholtzen, Ray
Rhude, James
Rice, Edward
Richards, Joseph
Richards, Ryan
Ringness, Edward
Robb, Barbara
Robson, Chad
Roehl, Francis
Rohrback, Sharon
Rooman, Curtis
Rosenthal, Stephen
Rowe, Gerald
Rucks, Gerald
Rude, Dan
Rudh-Jones, Vicki
Ruff, Lola
Saltveit, Carl
Sando, Hazel
Sather, Charlotte
Sather, Robert
Satrum, Jon
Schaefer, Karen
Scheevel, Janet
Scherer, Helen
Schey, John
Schlemmer, Norma
Schlesser, Cheryl
Schmus, Freya
Schoenfeld, Shirley
Schultz, Evangeline
Schwierske, Beverly
Seaholm, Marian
Selje, Bonnie
Serkland, John
Serumgard, John
Severson, David
Severson, Donna
Sherry, Thomas
Shuler, Margaret
Sibert, Arlon
Sibert, Suzan
Simonson, Greg
Simonson, Pam
Ta en
Meade, Rose
Melby, Gary
Meshnik, Patti
Midthun, Glenn
Millard, Mary
Miller, Lilli
Miller, Tove-Lise
Mitby, Jean
Moller, Florence
Molter, Diane
Monger, Vernon
Mons, Molly
Monson, John
Moore, Carol
Moore, Carol
Morgenthaler, Herbert
Mork, Stuart
Morrow, Roberta
Morton, Verlin
Moson, Anne-Lise
Mossberg, Adele
Mostrom, James
Motzkus, Nancy
Muench, Cora
Mullery, Sherri
Munski, Douglas
Mutchler, Lisa
Mutchler, Mary Beth
Myrom, Ronald
Nash, William
Nelson, Charlotte
Nelson, Dean
Nelson, Elaine
Nelson, Gloria
Nelson, Janet
Nelson, Kay
Nelson, Marvin
Nelson, Sandra
Nelson, Sylvia
Nelson, Vick
Ness, David
Neston, David
Niehans, Karen
Nitteberg, Leland
Nordal, Reidar
Nordby, Edna
Nordby, Eugene
Nordnes, Robert
Syverson, Marilyn
Tehven, Jon
Tellefsen, Carol
Templin, Ernest
Thomsen, Kathryn
Thorsgard, LeRoy
Thorson, Richard
Thorson, Theodore
Titland, Kenneth
Tobiason, Paul
Torgersen, Judith
Torsoe, Kenneth
Tranby, Raymond
Trandem, Steven
Troseth, Elaine
Trumm, Paul
Tschumperlin, Nancy
Tuorila, Diane
Twesme, Kimberly
Vamstad, Stuart
Van Berkom, Loris
Vandersteen, Paul
Vaske, Arlene
Vatne, Peter
Velline, Chris
Vesledahl, Paul
Vick, Heather
Viken, Kenneth
Vikse, Robert
Vollen, Jon
Vollen, Karen
Vollen, Talleiv
Vreimos, Hugo
Wadsworth, Billy
Wagsholm, Arnljot
Wakatsuki, Jennifer
Wallen, Eva
Wallschlaeger, Josephine
Walsh, Audrey
Walter, John
Warum, Sonja
Watkins, Denise
Watterud, Dorothy
Wefald, Robert
Wegner, Janis
Weis, Donna
Wergeland, Floyd
Wermager, Jennifer
Werner, Tor
West, Nancy
Wierenga, Evelyn
Wilcox, Loyd
Wilcox, Virginia
Williams, Kari
Windsnes, Lyle
Winkelman, Wendy
Wister, Owen
Wittrock, Margaret
Wnek, Michael
Wold, Larry
Wold, Robert
Wolner, James
Wooster, Richard
Wright, Jerry
Wu, Sandra
Wyman, Sandra
Young, Rita
Zwick, Kenneth
Ta en
Sinagra, Turid
Skinner, Eulalia
Skjolberg, Sven
Slaaten, Doris
Smallbeck, Anthony
Smeby, Rolf
Smith, Florence
Smith, Gail
Smith, Sandra
Snell, Dianne
Soby, Susan
Solak, Lisa
Solheim, Carol Lee
Solomon, Nancy
Sorensen, Florence
Sorensen, Ingeborg
Sorensen, Ivar
Sorheim, Dennis
Soroos, Howard
Souther, Neil
Stack, Francis
Steen, Tyrone
Stein, Robert
Sten, Nikolas
Stengel, Eva
Stensvig, Kirk
Steuck, Esther
Stevenson, Erlene
Stevenson, Robert
Stilley, Shirley
Stocz, Janice
Storlie, Jillellyn
Stover, Vergil
Stow, Ronald
Stow, Susan
Strand, M
Strandlie, James
Strandlie, Janet
Stratton, Sherry
Sundet, Crystal
Svanes, Duane
Svendsen, Anne
Svendsen, Brian
Swansen, Carl
Swanson, David
Swanson, Margaret
Swenson, Philip
Syrdahl, John
Lodge Donations
The Sons of Norway Foundation thanks the 2012 donations of
$10 or more from Sons of Norway Lodges:
1-665 Maihaugen
1-667 Fjell Syn
1-676 Kråkeelva
2-000 Central
2-001 Leif Erikson
2-003 Normanna
2-004 Grays Harbor
2-005 Tordenskjold
2-011 Harald Haarfager
2-023 Fedrelandet
2-033 Svalbard
2-037 Olympic
2-038 Sonja
2-039 Roald
2-041 Odin
2-042 Thor
2-087 Cascade
2-106 Bothell
2-129 Elvedalen
2-130 Edmonds
2-131 Vesterdalen
2-160 Magic Valley Viking
3-000 Central
3-215 Nordkap
3-252 Loyal
3-393 Henrik Ibsen
3-428 Washington
3-466 Noreg
3-476 Troll
3-506 Norumbega
3-522 Hampton Roads
3-555 Restauration
3-562 Suncoast
3-566 Bernt Balchen
3-572 Norsemen
3-612 Bondelandet
3-643 Norsemen Harbour
4-000 Central
4-025 Kringen
4-067 Thor
4-086 Bjarne
4-107 Sverdrup
4-138 Lodsen
4-178 Heim
4-203 Fagerlund
4-247 Wergeland
4-307 Enighed
4-424 Normanden
4-488 Nordlyset
4-489 Sidney
4-499 Jotunheimen
4-507 Normont
4-524 Fjell Heim
4-553 Dalen
4-557 Smaa Fjell
4-589 Beverhode
4-618 Vennlig
4-649 Prairie Fjord
4-652 Hardanger
4-656 Bitterrootdalen
4-663 Vidda
5-000 Central
5-028 Wergeland
5-029 Løven
5-074 Idun
5-082 Fosselyngen
5-097 Leif Erikson
5-100 Skjold
5-183 Nordlyset
5-206 Hafrsfjord
5-314 Mandt
5-353 Dovre
5-417 Trollhaugen
5-472 Polar Star
5-491 Norse Valley
5-523 Sognefjord
5-525 Cleng Peerson
5-534 Fossen
5-544 Nordland
5-549 H R Holand
5-556 Elvedal
5-568 Christian Radich
5-570 Vakkertland
5-580 Norskeland
5-593 Elvesund
5-600 Scandiana
Ta en
1-000 Central
1-002 Oslo
1-008 Synnove-Nordkap
1-010 Bjorgvin
1-012 Heimskringla
1-015 Heimsyn
1-016 Nortun
1-017 Terje Viken
1-032 Leif Erikson
1-040 Haarfager
1-047 Kristiania
1-058 Midnatsolen
1-065 Gjoa
1-070 Snorre
1-167 Glitne-Sioux Viking
1-175 Mjosen
1-264 Jaabæk
1-463 Viking
1-464 Draxten
1-483 Kong Olav V
1-487 Kenyon Viking
1-495 Vikingland
1-500 Bemidji
1-505 Nor-Win
1-509 Elvidal
1-511 Trollheim
1-530 Runic Vennskap
1-532 Borgund
1-538 Stavanger
1-546 Vennelag
1-547 Solglimt
1-548 Restauration
1-550 Solskinn
1-554 Vennskap
1-558 Lauris Norstad
1-559 Vennekretsen
1-585 Nordmarka
1-590 Norskfodt
1-599 Hjemkomst
1-601 Vestland
1-638 Nortonna
1-644 Palmedal
1-659 Tusenvann
5-609 Myrmarken
5-610 Askeladden
5-614 Circle City
5-622 Vennskap
5-625 Viking
5-628 Tre Elver
5-632 Grønnvik
5-635 Sjoland
5-642 Ostestaden
5-657 Edvard Grieg
5-677 Vikings Of The
6-000 Central
6-009 Fridtjof Nansen
6-014 Bjornstjerne Bjornson
6-022 Peer Gynt
6-043 Victory
6-048 Roald Amundsen
6-049 Andrew Furuseth
6-050 Norrona
6-052 Nordahl Grieg
6-064 Solbakken
6-065 Sundfjord
6-067 Soldalen
6-078 Snowshoe Thompson
6-089 Viking
6-107 Fjellheim
6-116 Stillehavet
6-118 Vesterheim
6-133 Desert Fjord
6-134 Sol Byer
6-139 Trolldalen
6-146 Vestafjell
6-155 Vigeland
6-162 Fjelldalen
6-165 Desert Troll
6-168 Sola
8-000 Central
Friends of the Foundation
The Sons of Norway Foundation thanks the 2012 donations of $10 or
more from outside organizations and individuals:
Paige Armijo
Margaret Baker
Nancy Bruns
Thien Bui
Pat Callan
Helen Calloway
Anastasia Carlone
Catrina Ciccone
David Clarke
Salvatore Collura
Linda Demarest
Curtis Densmore
Mary Eaton
Deborah Ellingboe
Bekki Flanagan
Ken Fleming
Jeanne Gahagan
Geraldine Goodell
Debra Hill
Elizabeth Hiser
Jack Jackelen
David Johnson
Ruth Kautzman
Karl Kuester
Elwood Largis
Patricia Lee
Kristen Lehman
Eleanor Liljegren
Nancy Mishlove
Sandy Moir
Lynn Moore
Benjamin Nemeth
Ashley Paul
Mary Paul
Jeffrey Reed
Cindy Reith
Stephanie Ruona
Anna Savini
Dawn Schenk
Brenda Sickler
Norma Standard
T Steinhoff
Kenny Strand
Gary Strandemo
George Swart
Vee Ubel
Teresa Vick
Terra Vogel
Eric Vollen
Sons of Norway Foundation
(800) 945-8851 •
1455 West Lake Street, Minneapolis, MN 55408
Our Mission
The Sons of Norway Foundation awards scholarships
and grants to promote the heritage and culture of
Norway, and provide assistance to our members,
lodges and their communities.
2012 Board of Governors
Marit Kristiansen, President
Ingeborg Sorensen, Vice President
Lee Goranson, Treasurer
Blaine Hedberg, Secretary
Ralph Haug
Thomas Heavey
Carl Ingvoldstad
Jon Tehven
Douglas Warne
Eivind Heiberg, CEO
David Ness, Legal Counsel
Cindy Olson, Foundation Director
Celebrating culture. Expanding horizons.

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