Hildebrandt® Introduces New Hammer Time™ Walleye Spinner At


Hildebrandt® Introduces New Hammer Time™ Walleye Spinner At
Contact: Trey Carskadon
Phone: 503-723-5723
Yakima Bait Company
Hildebrandt® Introduces New
Hammer Time™ Walleye Spinner
Granger, WA – Hildebrandt’s®, a Yakima Bait® Company,
is proud to announce the introduction of its new spinner
series, Hammer Time™ Walleye Spinners. Hildebrandt’s®
new Hammer Time ™ Walleye Spinners are premium
pre-tied worm harnesses matched to hammered Colorado
blades that feature quick-change clevis’, UV overcoat and
glo beads for optimum visibility; and fluorocarbon line
for maximum stealth.
Early indications point to a home run as field testers
weighed impressive results. Dan Hassevoort of West Olive,
Michigan, was particularly pleased as he managed 12, 9,
and 8 pound walleye at a recent MWC event to capture
big fish honors for the tournament. Hassevoort said he
probably “caught over 30 fish that day…most of which
averaged around 4 or 5 pounds.”
Hildebrandt’s® new Hammer Time™ Walleye Spinner is
available in #4, #5, and #6 Colorado blade sizes and 10
finishes. Hildebrandt® has matched these Colorado blades
to premium components that allow for easy blade changing
without re-tying. It’s these features that really sets the
new Hammer Time™ Walleye Spinners apart from the rest.
B – Brass
MCER – Metallic Cerise
CIT – Citrus
PAR – Parrot
CBG – Copper Bluegill
PERC – Perch
CSUNF – Copper Sunfish
PHAZ – Purple Haze
FRT - Fire Tiger
TSR – Tropical Sunrise
For detailed product information check out the 2013
Yakima Bait catalog or visit yakimabait.com.