February 2013 - Monticello Central School



February 2013 - Monticello Central School
Middle Winkle, February 2013 Owl
By Alec Fernandez,
Grade 7
Middle Wrinkle, February 2013 Robert J. Kaiser Middle School
Middle Wrinkle
Literary-Art Magazine
Volume Edition
February 2013
Free to all students and faculty
Robert J. Kaiser Middle School
45 Breakey Avenue
Monticello, NY 12701
Awards from Columbia Scholastic Press Association
One Gold Medalist
Four Medalist
Ten First Place
One Silver Medalist
Awards from the National Council of English Teachers
One rating of Excellent
Two ratings of Above Average
Awards from the American Scholastic Press Association
Eleven First Place
Three First Place with Special Merit
Most Outstanding Middle School Literary-Art Magazine 2002
Most Outstanding Intermediate School Literary-Art Magazine 2011
Most Outstanding Middle School Literary-Art Magazine 2012
The goals of the Middle Wrinkle are to demonstrate exemplary literary and art pieces from the
students of the Robert J. Kaiser Middle School, grades 6-8. Students or teachers may submit any
piece of student writing or art work to be considered for print in the Middle Wrinkle. The pieces
are selected by the advisors based on content, originality, and quality of work. All students are
encouraged to submit writing or art work to be considered. Students choose titles for their artwork, write it on the back with their names and grade. The Middle Wrinkle Staff meets after
school to work on art and written material.
The students and advisors decide the format of each edition based on the material accepted for
publication. Material selected gets typed into Microsoft Publisher. The font used is Tahoma size
12. Word Art is used for the cover page and occasionally within the magazine for variation. Clip
Art is used occasionally. Student artwork is scanned and put into the document.
The Middle Wrinkle is fully funded by Monticello Central School District’s budget. Publication takes
place from start to finish in RJK Middle School.
2 Middle Winkle, February 2013 Teachers Who Contributed to Students’
Student Distributors
Lorenze Massey
Cherise Barasch
Dylan Rivas
Debora Bausenwein
Dinaja Clark
Jennifer Ducey
Joseph Ulaj
Justin Fenichel
Nicole Hamburger
Dorrie Lounsbury
Art Advisor
Elizabeth Bassett
Nadine Nicotra
Sarah Slinsky
Jamie Volpe
Debora Bausenwein
Christine Worthington
Teachers Who Contributed to Students’
Elizabeth Bassett
Debora Bausenwein
Nichole Horler
English Language Arts Director
Donna Bushey
Jamie Volpe
American Flag
Nadine Nicotra
Student Editor
Alex Feldman
Front Cover
Alec Fernandez
Staff Page
Grace Hoose
By Grace Hoose,
Grade 8
Back Cover
DayShawn DeFreese
3 Middle Wrinkle, February 2013 Something That’s Important to Me
Autum Bivins
Kiss of My Love
Nancy Young
Being Myself
An Anonymous Writer
An Anonymous Writer
Yashae Wright
I Thought So
Jackeline Garcia
Alanis Arriaga
Girls with Pigtails
Rebecca Kerstner
Girl’s Face
Lauren McFadden
Branden Collins
Ron Valree
Kimberly Torres Mojica
Shane Wood and Anthony Cueto
Shane Wood and Chad Unger
Shadow Dancing
Helary Molina
I Seek, I Find
Pamela Chappell and Samantha Schoonmaker
Growing Up
Juliana Schlesser
Growing Up is a Challenge
Princess McCants
Growing Up Is
Robert Bonnaci
Growing Up, Yes or No?
Anana Purdy
Tremper Dymond
Growing Up Is Life
Thomas Liciaga
The Path of Growth
Tyler Gold
What Maturity Is and Isn’t
Anastasia Grossman
Dion Bottaro
Evan Lemmerman
Sebastian McElrath
Ana Navaro
Cesar Colotla
Education and My Behavior
Lorenze Massey
Jahniya Smith
Tahyrah Fore
Tiesajha Reynolds
Cristal Ortiz Rosario
Anna Fiore
Geometric Forms
Rachel Rivera
Cut Paper Designs
Naisan Ransom
Patterns in Paper
Alithea Bolden
Squiggly Lines
Alec Puchalski
My Home
Alyssa Durbin
Home Sweet Home
Cristal Ortiz Rosario
4 15
Middle Winkle, February 2013 Something That’s Important to Me
By Autum Bivins,
Grade 8
Something that’s important to me
Has brown hair and brown eyes.
When she does her make-up
She looks like Taylor Swift.
Can you guess who?
She is amazing, but if you get her mad
Then you would wish that you never did that.
She has a kind heart and she’s just great.
She is everything to me.
She’s been through a lot in the past year
And I’ve been through a lot with her.
I don’t know what I would do
If this tough time that she’s going through
kills her.
She is my youngest, real, full-blood sister.
I love her with all my heart
And nothing can compare.
I love your, Lexi!
Kiss of My Love
By Nancy Young,
Grade 8
Your beauty crushes me
As I wrap my arms around you
I press your softness tight
Great passion fills my inner being
I’m captured in your embrace
Your eyes control my very soul
The touch of your kiss, heaven
Forever frozen in time
All else fades into nothing
Being Myself
By An Anonymous Writer,
Grade 8
So, I am different.
I make mistakes
Like the rest of the world.
There’s no reason
I have to change for you.
I don’t need to be
The center of attention, like you.
Let me be myself.
I don’t want to be
The same person as you.
It’s time I live my own life
And be who I am!
5 Middle Wrinkle, February 2013 Hater
By Yashae Wright,
Grade 8
I am not perfect
But I am chill
Many people get bullied
And held against their will
I get bullied
But I don’t care
Cause, watch and see some day
I will be feared
Never give up
To stop bullying
It’s not funny at all
When I see someone
Blocked by a wall
When people get bullied
That’s a wake up call
We should not judge anyone
By their clothes or their hair
No one’s perfect
We are all different
We’ve all done wrong
But by stopping bullying today
We could change the world
And be a better nation
By an Anonymous Writer,
Grade 6
One time when I was younger, I
had trouble making friends. I didn’t fit in
with anyone until fifth grade. At lunch, I’d
sit alone, at a table where everyone left.
One day when I couldn’t take it anymore,
I told my cousin my problem. When I told
her my problem, she told me to stand up
for myself, so I did.
I stood up for myself by telling the
bullies that what they were doing was
wrong. They still didn’t listen. After the
bullies didn’t listen, I told an adult what
happened. The adult told me I was brave
telling an adult. When the bullies were
sent to the office, I felt safe and outgoing.
No more Miss Shyness for this girl.
The lesson I learned is that “you
can hide from your enemy, but you can’t
hide from your problem.” I learned this
lesson because on the playground I hid
from bullies all the time. Another reason I
learned this lesson is because wherever I
went, bullies found me. My life in elementary school was tough.
I “grew up” or matured in this
situation because it helped me realize no
one is the boss of me. It was helpful and
got me through elementary school.
6 Middle Winkle, February 2013 I Thought So
By Jackeline Garcia,
Grade 6
At the first time I met you
I already fell for you.
As our friends tease us,
I thought you fell for me too.
But now I understand
That we don’t feel the same
You leave me out of no where
Crying for your love and care.
I thought I moved on
But I saw you again
You’re with someone else.
As my heart breaks into pieces
You’re now happy with her.
After you saw another
I thought so,
You’ll leave her as well.
By Alanis Arriaga,
Grade 8
7 Middle Wrinkle, February 2013 Girl with Pigtails
By Rebecca Kerstner,
Grade 8
8 Middle Winkle, February 2013 Girl’s Face
By Lauren McFadden,
Grade 8
By Branden Collins,
Grade 8
9 Middle Wrinkle, February 2013 Metaphor Poems
About Fall
By Ron Valree,
Grade 6
Fall is artwork
Determined to make someone happy
Always noticed can’t be missed
Fearless to be shown
Always ready to be shown
By Kimberly Torres Mojica,
Grade 6
Lindsay is the fall,
She is the golden leaves,
When the color changes she
swiftly falls asleep,
As she goes flowin’ by the leaves
go bye-bye
The leaves are soft like her and
When the leaves are moaning,
she is moaning with it,
As time goes by, you now know
she will no longer be here.
Say Good-bye!
10 Middle Winkle, February 2013 Hunting
By Shane Wood and Anthony Cueto,
Grade 8
As I walk through the dead leaves
They crackle under my feet
Crackle, crackle, suddenly
We hear an animal in a bush
Rustle, rustle, rustle.
“Boom! Boom! Boom!” goes the gun
I go to see my prize.
It was a moose with antlers the size
Of a desk.
I dragged it back to my house and cook it
Sizzle, sizzle.
Yummy, yummy, in my tummy!
By Shane Wood and Chad Unger,
Grade 8
The spaghetti seemed to be calling my name
from a distance
When I was slurping it up
My mouth was dancing
When I looked at the meatballs
They were marveling at me
Once I ate them I could
Hear them singing!
11 Middle Wrinkle, February 2013 Shadow Dancing
By Helary Molina,
Grade 6
We are shadows dancing
Gracefully in the wind
And we will dance and dance
Until we win
We are shadows
Beautifully in the west
Dancing to the song in our head
We are shadows dancing
Now it is time for us
To leave
We are shadow dancing
Now say good-bye to me
I Seek, I Find
By Pamela Chappell and
Samantha Schoonmaker,
Grade 8
I seek the memories we created,
I find none of our memories.
I seek the smiles on people’s faces,
I find the plain, blank stares into space.
I seek the laughs we laughed before you left me,
I find silence all around me throughout the day.
I seek the warmth of your hugs you gave,
I find nothing except bitter coldness.
I seek the long talks we always talked,
I find nothing or no one to talk to anymore.
The only thing I want to seek is you but
I will not find you for a while.
When I need comforting, you were there for me.
So I guess when I need comforting
I will stretch my hands out and I will find you and
you will comfort me.
When I catch you, I will never let you slip away
from me.
I never wanted you to get away from me but you
did and since I caught you once more you will stay
12 Middle Winkle, February 2013 Writing about Growing Up
Growing Up
By Juliana Schlosser,
Grade 6
Growing up is
Always doing the right thing
Making good decisions
Not being selfish
Helping others
Growing up isn't
Whining when someone says, “No!”
Being selfish and mean
Disrespectful when someone tries to help you.
Growing Up Is
By Robert Bonnaci,
Grade 6
Growing up is
Getting in trouble and admitting the
A lion roaring for the first time,
A seed becoming a flower,
A baby walking for the first time,
Is deciding to climb Kilimanjaro
Growing up isn’t screaming at your
Spreading rumors,
Or fighting on the bus,
Getting in trouble in school,
Complaining about dumb things.
Growing Up is a Challenge
By Princess McCants,
Grade 6
Growing up is
Taking your first steps.
One moment you’re three next moment
you’re twelve.
Growing up can be slow or real fast.
But once you start you can’t stop it.
Your parents won’t give you room to grow
but that’s okay, it’ll get better just go with
the flow.
Growing Up, Yes or No?
By Anana Purdy,
Grade 6
Growing up is wanting your freedom,
Deciding whether or not?
Questioning yourself about others,
Putting others first,
Making yourself you.
Growing up isn’t
Thinking about yourself.
Growing up isn’t making too many mistakes
Once you make a mistake, your flower
stops blossoming.
Growing up isn’t blaming other people,
That’s like wrestling an alligator.
Growing up isn’t putting yourself first,
Having no responsibility,
Not finding you,
Saying Never.
Not finding a solution.
13 Middle Wrinkle, February 2013 Maturity
By Tremper Dymond,
Grade 6
Maturity is …
Not assaulting people for no reason
Doing something you’re afraid of.
Helping someone in need
expecting no reward
Being responsible for your property.
Not doing things that will hurt your body.
Not threatening people when they make mistakes.
Being polite even if people are being rude to you.
Don’t get into fights unless you have to.
Growing up is not …
Fighting people for no reason.
Blaming people for something you did.
Helping yourself and not others
Not paying someone back the money you owe
Running away from things that are too big for you
to handle.
Not paying things off.
Stealing from people if you need something.
Destroying other people’s property
14 Middle Winkle, February 2013 Growing Up Is Life
By Thomas Liciaga,
Grade 6
Growing up is …
Blooming like a flower,
Choosing your own path.
Being known and respected.
Going to fight in a war for your life.
Being ice cream and your sprinkles.
Growing up is …
A tree growing more roots
Wind blowing to its freedom
Growing up is not …
Making people do things for you
Taking things away from people
Crying over things that are not yours
Being selfish and making things about you
Making people feel bad about themselves
Using people for their things.
The Path of Growth
What Maturity Is and Isn’t
By Anastasia Grossman,
Grade 6
Maturity is …
Helping others
Saying please and thank you
Eating properly
Knowing how to deal with bad things in life
Keep trying
Learning something everyday
Being active
Having friends
Knowing what ‘s right and wrong
Maturity isn’t …
Chewing like a cow
Eating like a pig
Not being polite
Acting like a little kid
Not cleaning your room
Treating people and your stuff like garbage
Fighting with friends
Quitting after the first try.
By Tyler Gold,
Grade 6
Growing up is learning how to read and doing the
things that you believe like getting up and fighting
till you win. And, getting someone to fix your skin.
Growing up is not doing something that you’re not
good at or not helping someone that’s hurt real bad.
And growing up breaking your bones and not saying
the phrase “Sticks and stones.”
15 Middle Wrinkle, February 2013 Mother
By Dion Bottaro,
Grade 8
By Evan Lemmerman,
Grade 8
Don’t want to leave here
Going to a better place
I won’t miss the cold
By Ana Navaro,
Grade 8
Over the water
Big blue fish were swimming
They were beautiful
By Sebastian McElrath,
Grade 8
Today is the day
I get my cast off and run
I can hardly wait
By Cesar Colotla,
Grade 8
Dribbling the ball
Passing and shooting to score
Crowd going crazy
16 Middle Winkle, February 2013 Education and My Behavior
By Lorenze Massey,
Grade 8
Something that is important to me is school and my education. My future is
based on my education. If I want to be successful in life, I have to become more
mature and improve my behavior in all of my classes. My behavior is bad sometimes and I wish I could start it all over and make better choices in my life as a
young man. I just want to say I’ll try to be better from now on. I just want to
seem “cool,” but being cool isn’t about being disrespectful to teachers. I thank
everybody who hasn’t yet given up on me.
By Tahyrah Fore,
Grade 8
By Jahniya Smith,
Grade 8
Never give up
Stand out
Means family
And family means
Nobody ever gets
Left behind
Or forgotten
I love my family
And will always
Care about them
By Tiesajha Reynolds,
Grade 8
Never give up
17 Middle Wrinkle, February 2013 Marilyn
By Cristal Ortiz Rosario,
Grade 8
18 Middle Winkle, February 2013 Snacks
By Anna Fiore,
Grade 8
19 Middle Wrinkle, February 2013 Geometric Forms
By Rachel Rivera,
Grade 8
Cut Paper Designs
By Naisan Ransom,
Grade 7
20 Middle Winkle, February 2013 Patterns in Paper
By Alithea Bolden,
Grade 8
Squiggly Lines
By Alec Puchalski,
Grade 8
21 Middle Wrinkle, February 2013 My Home
By Alyssa Durbin,
Grade 8
Home Sweet Home
By Cristal Ortiz Rosario,
Grade 8
22 Middle Winkle, February 2013 Home Life
By Marisa Johnson,
Grade 8
Landscape Dreams
By Ashley Feldman,
Grade 8
23 Middle Wrinkle, February 2013 House Drawing
By DayShawn DeFreese,

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