3D Inline Solder Paste Inspection System
Dual Lane
Duel lane technology provides high production speeds with separate
front and rear conveyor for independent PCB handling. While both
lanes can be utilized to inspect the same PCB model. The user can
also have each lane inspect different PCB model independently.
Dual Projection
Dual projection technology eliminates common shadow problems
found in SPI systems by illuminating the solder paste deposition from
two angels. This contributes to providing a higher level of accuracy.
User Friendly Graphical Interface
Pemtron’s GUI is easy to use and learn. Functions are carefully
organized and separated; eliminating the effort of switching between
Multiple screens. Editing and programming can be completed within
approximately five minuets or less.
Color 3D SPI
Conventional SPI methods could only calculate heights above silk print levels, but by
using patented color enhancing algorithm TROI™ could overcome these problems.
In addition, a fully rotational 3D view of the solder form is displayed. This enables users
to view a “life like’ image of the pad eliminating the need to extract the board from the
line to view the defect under a microscope.
64 bit Windows 7 Operation System
Fast & Stable Operating System for high density PCB.
High Speed & Performance
The TROI ™, 7700 series high speed camera and linear motor system is able to inspect a CPB
accurately and consistently at the lowest production tack times.
Enhanced SPC Process management System
SPC system analyses the defective data and controls the process problems or the production rate at
a look. SPC data can be saved in a various file format such as HTML, Excel, Image and etc as users
Also with the enhanced SPC server function, data from both lanes can be controlled together or
See the Invisible World!
TROI™ Series (Color 3D Solder Paste Inspection System)
2D/3D Vision Algorithm
Volume, Height, XY Position, Area
Insufficient Paste, Excessive Paste, Shape Deformity
No Paste, Bridge 2D&3D, Paste Displacement
Detection Types
X/Y Pixel Resolution
2D : Vision Inspection Algorithm
3D : PMP (Phase Measuring Profilometry) Algorithm
Inspection Speed
FOV (Field of View)
10 ㎛
15 ㎛
13.6 ㎠/sec
32.73 ㎠/sec
Height Range / Resolution
Height Repeatability
Volume Repeatability
Height Accuracy
Typical Load/Unload
Max. PCB Warp
30.7 x 30.7 mm
0 ~ 450 ㎛ / 0.4 ㎛
±1% (3σ)*
±1% (3σ)*
2 ㎛*
5 sec
±5 mm
Gage R&R
< 10%*
XY Servo Motor
Standard Type
Installation Requireme
20.5 x 20.5mm
58.4 ㎠/sec
41.0 x 41.0 mm
± 10㎛
Min. 50X50mm (2X2 Inch)
Max. 330X250mm (13X10 Inch)
Min. 50X50mm (2X2 Inch)
Max. 510X460mm (20X18 Inch)
PCB Thickness
0.4 - 7mm
Bottom Clearance
Conveyor System
SMEMA Standard, Auto Adjustable
Electrical Requirements
220 – 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Air Requirement
5 Kgf/㎠
Power Consumption
3kW (14.0A Max @ 220V AC)
4.5kW (20.0A Max @ 220V AC)
Control Method
PC Based Control (Windows 7 64 bit)
24" LED Panel
Operating Temperature
20 - 30 ℃ (68 – 86 ℉)
Operating Humidity
30 - 80 % non-condensing
Standard Type
Control Unit
896 x 1070 x 1520 mm
(35 x 42 x 60 inch)
/ About 600 kg (1323 lbs)
1080 x 1220 x 1520 mm
(43 x 48 x 60 inch)
/ About 750 kg (1653 lbs)
Histogram, X Bar & R Chart, X Bar & S Chart, Cp & Cpk,
Statistical Analyses
% Gage R&R Data,
SPI Daily / Weekly / Monthly Reports
Input Formats
GERBER format (274X, 274D), CAD
Multi Rack (NG-Buffer) / Barcode Reader (1D&2D) / Touch Panel /
UPS (uninterrupted power supply) / Close Loop / Bad Mark
* Above specifications are subject to change without notice due to products upgrades.
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