Wall Murals close-up!


Wall Murals close-up!
Wall Murals close-up!
Perfect for Home use
Studio & Offices
Commercial & Retail*
Our digital wallpaper is a revolutionary
paste free/self-adhesive fabric based
media that is used in place of
wallpaper for indoor and outdoor
applications. Its unique paste free
adhesive means it can be placed on
any (non-porous) flat surface.
• Easily applied and easily removed without leaving any residue
• Fire retardant up to 450°C (842°F)
Self Extinguishing.
• Low tack self-adhesive that is
removable, repositionable and
reusable, also totally paste free.
• Polyester blend fabric for strength
and easy hanging.
• Specialised coating to produce high
vibrancy when printed.
*For commercial & retail setups contact
us to discuss vinyl laminated options &

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