Meadowlands Media Guide


Meadowlands Media Guide
2015 - 2016
Jason M. Settlemoir
Chief Executive Officer/General Manager
Marianne RotellaAssistant General Manager201-842-5059
Marcello EspositoDirector of Facilities201-842-5034
Stu BermanDirector of Mutuels201-842-5041
Sam McKeeDirector of Television/Announcer201-460-4090
Ryan Napierala
Director of Racing Properties & Track
Peter Koch
Racing Secretary
Rachel RyanMarketing Manager201-842-5015
Ken WarkentinAnnouncer/TV Host973-704-6318
Justin Horowitz
Media Relations Manager
TVG Free For All Trot
Ake Svanstedt & Resolve capture the $400,000 TVG FFA Trot
Nov. 21, 2015
1:514 Resolve (A. Svanstedt) Obrigado (M. MacDonald) Flanagan Memory (S. Zeron)
Nov. 29, 2014 500,000 1:512
Nov. 30, 2013 510,000 1:51
Intimidate (S. Zeron)
Market Share (T. Tetrick)
Market Share (T. Tetrick)
Uncle Peter (D. Miller)
Creatine (R. Pierce)
Guccio (J. Takter)
TVG Free For All Pace
Bettor’s Edge storms down the stretch to score a 19-1 upset in the $400,000 TVG FFA Pace
Nov. 21, 2015
Nov. 29, 2014 500,000 1:48
Nov. 30, 2013 512,000 1:492
Bettor’s Edge (M. Kakaley) Mach It So (T. Tetrick) Foiled Again (Y. Gingras)
Sweet Lou (R. Pierce)
Foiled Again (Y. Gingras)
Foiled Again (Y. Gingras)
Golden Receiver (C. Callahan)
Clear Vision (T. Tetrick)
Bolt The Duer (M. MacDonald)
TVG Free For All Mare Pace
Venus Delight captures the inaugural $200,000 TVG FFA Mare Pace
Nov. 20, 2015
1:494 Venus Delight (T. Tetrick) Gallie Bythe Beach (M. Miller) Color’s A Virgin (D. Miller)
TVG Free For All Mare Trot
Shake It Cerry scores a mild upset over Bee A Magician in the inaugural TVG FFA Mare Trot
Nov. 21, 2015
1:523 Shake It Cerry (D. Miller) Bee A Magician (B. Sears) Handover Belle (Y. Gingras)
Graduate Pace
Doo Wop Hanover sweeps Graduate Series with 1:48 win in the $250,000 Final
July 3, 2015
Doo Wop Hanover (J. Campbell) Lyonssomewhere (A. Miller) All Bets Off (M. Kakaley)
Graduate Trot
JL Cruze trots fastest mile in Meadowlands histroy - 1:49.4 to win Graduate Final
July 11, 2015
1:494 JL Cruze (J. Campbell) Shake It Cerry (J. Takter) Resolve (A. Svanstedt)
Hambletonian Maturity
JL Cruze sets world record of 2:04.2 for mile & eighth in $443,300 Hambletonian Maturity
July 18, 2015 $443,300 2:042 JL Cruze (J. Campbell)
July 5, 2014
484, 850 2:053
* Stakes & World Record
Resolve (A. Svanstedt)
Your So Vain (A. Svanstedt)
Shake It Cerry (J. Takter)
Bee A Magician (B. Sears)
Flanagan Memory (B. Miller)
William Haughton Memorial
Mach It So pulls 17-1 upset with 1:48.1 mile in the $430,600 William Haughton.
July 18, 2015
July 12, 2014
July 13, 2013
Aug.17, 2012
Aug. 20, 2011
Aug. 20, 2010
July 11, 2009 July 12, 2008
July 7, 2007
July 15, 2006
July 9, 2005
July 10, 2004
July 5, 2003
July 6, 2002
July 7, 2001
July 8, 2000
June 25, 1999
June 20, 1998
June 20, 1997
June 22, 1996
June 17, 1995
June 25, 1994
June 26, 1993
July 4, 1992
July 6, 1991
July 27, 1990
July 8, 1989
July 9, 1988
July 3, 1987
June 5, 1986
June 6, 1985
June 7, 1984
June 30, 1983
July 1, 1982
July 9, 1981
July 3, 1980
July 5, 1979
* Stakes Record
$430,600 1:481
463,300 1:471
471,800 1:47*
431,400 1:482
523,000 1:481
702,500 1:482
688,000 1:482
600,000 1:49
650,000 1:482
650,000 1:482
650,000 1:50
650,000 1:493
618,000 1:491
615,000 1:483
600,000 1:482
250,000 1:493
250,000 1:50
200,000 1:473
200,000 1:504
200,000 1:504
205,000 1:492
192,000 1:503
210,000 1:503
211,000 1:513
196,000 1:501
200,000 1:503
178,000 1:513
180,000 1:513
174,000 1:53
203,000 1:521
183,000 1:532
164,000 1:534
193,000 1:534
167,000 1:543
171,000 1:543
Mach It So (T. Tetrick)
State Treasurer (D. Miller)
Foiled Again (Y. Gingras)
Sweet Lou (R. Pierce)
Bettor’s Edge (M. Kakaley)
Captaintreacherous (T. Tetrick)
Pet Rock (D. Miller)
Bolt The Duer (M. MacDonald) Sweet Lou (Y. Gingras)
Golden Receiver (A. Miller) We Will See (R. Pierce) Aracache Hanover (D. McNair)
Alexie Mattosie (G. Brennan) Foiled Again (Y. Gingras) Won The West (D. Miller)
Shark Gesture (G. Brennan) Hypnotic Blue Chip (J. Jamieson) Won The West (D. Miller)
Shark Gesture (T. Tetrick) Bettor Sweet (J. Campbell)
Mister Big (B. Sears)
Mister Big (B. Sears)
Artistic Fella (T. Tetrick)
Silent Swing (P. MacDonell)
Mister Big (D. Miller)
Total Truth (R. Pierce)
Artistic Fella (C. Manzi)
Leading X Ample (D. Miller)
Ponder (J. Campbell)
Hop Sing (R. Pierce)
Dr No (C. Manzi)
Boulder Creek (B. Sears)
Ponder (J. Moiseyev)
Four Starzzz Shark (M. Lachance) Life Source (C. Manzi)
Allamerican Captor (L. Ouellette)
McArdle (M. Lachance)
Art Major (C. Christoforou Jr.)
Mini Me (D. Miller)
Four Starzzz Shark (J. Morrill Jr.) Real Desire (J. Campbell)
Gallo Blue Chip (E. Ledford)
Armbro Positive (H. Parker)
Royalflush Hanover (R. Pierce) Riverboat King (J. Morrill Jr.)
Western Ideal (M. Lachance)
Dragon Again (J. Campbell)
Big Tom (L. Ouellette)
Red Bow Tie (L. Ouellette)
B J’s Whirlwind (D. Miller)
Bad Bert (M. Lachance)
Pacific Fella (C. Manzi)
Dream Away (J. Campbell)
Noble Ability (G. Brennan)
Armbro Operative (M. Lachance) Tune Town (R. Pierce)
Hot Lead (G. Brennan)
Jenna’s Beach Boy (W.Fahy)
Riyadh (J. Moiseyev)
Trump Casino (R. Waples)
Village Jiffy (P. Macdonnell)
Ball and Chain (J. Morrill Jr.)
Cam Terrific (R. Pierce)
Under Orders (P. Wrenn)
Broadway Jate (W. Fahy)
Arrive At Five (R. Waples)
Staying Together (W. O’Donnell) Silver Almahurst (J. Morrill Jr.)
Bilateral (J. Plutino)
Artsplace (J. Campbell)
Odds Against (M. Lachance)
Lorryland Butler (R. Pierce)
Prince Ebony (R. Pierce)
Storm Compensation (J. Moiseyev)Dorunrun Bluegrass (S. Noble)
TK’s Skipper (M. Lachance)
Dorunrun Bluegrass (R. Pierce) Ticket To Heaven (M. McNichol)
Matt’s Scooter (M. Lachance)
Cameleon (R. Pierce)
Keystone Raider (J. Moiseyev)
Jaguar Spur (R. Stillings)
Run The Table (J. Campbell)
Call for Rain (C. Galbraith)
Governors Choice (J. Doherty)
Dignatarian (W. Gilmour)
Brians Breeze (R. Silverman)
Forrest Skipper (L. Fontaine)
Meadow Ro Mar (J. Scorsone) Equitable (J. Doherty)
Tuff Choice (J. Campbell)
Guts (W. O’Donnell)
Mystery Skipper (J. Parker Jr.)
Glen Almahurst (E. Davis)
Energy Burner (T. Merriman)
Division Street (A. Riegle)
Cam Fella (P. Crowe)
JDs Buck (R. Waples)
JEFs Eternity (J. Campbell)
Genghis Khan (W. O’Donnell)
Beatcha (J. Campbell)
JDs Buck (R. Waples)
Royce (J. Campbell)
Honorable Winner (S. Waller)
Safe Arrival (R. Waples)
Tijuana Taxi (J. Miller)
Pat’s Gypsy (H. Filion)
Direct Scooter (W. Cameron)
Dream Maker (R. Waples)
Le Baron Rouge (R. Samson)
Rambling Willie (Ro. Farrington)
Arthur J. Cutler Memorial
Bee A Magician goes all the way in 1:51.2 to become the first mare to win the $183,650 Arthur J. Cutler Memorial.
May 16, 2015 $183,650
1:512 Bee A Magician (B. Sears) Wind Of The North (D. Miller)
Melady’s Monet (J. Campbell)
May 17, 2014 175,000 1:502* Sebastian K (A. Svanstedt)
May 18, 2013 180,000 1:51 Sevruga (A. Miller)
May 12, 2012 210,0001:513 Mister Herbie (J. Jamieson)
May 14, 2011 200,000 1:524 Slave Dream (B. Sears) May 15, 2010 220,000 1:51 Arch Madness (B. Sears)
May 16, 2009 200,000 1:521 Lucky Jim (A. Miller)
May 17, 2008 200,000 1:522 Corleone Kosmos (J. Campbell)
May 19, 2007 185,000 1:524 Sand Vic (B. Sears)
May 20, 2006 175,000 1:53 Sand Vic (B. Sears)
May 21, 2005 180,000 1:543 Mr Muscleman (R. Pierce)
May 15, 2004 180,000 1:53 War Paint (J. Campbell)
June 7, 2003 200,000 1:534 Kadabra (D. Miller)
May 17, 2002 200,000 1:531 Fool’s Goal (J. Moiseyev)
June 16, 2001 208,750 1:522 Magician (D. Miller)
June 10, 2000 200,000 1:534 Magician (D. Miller)
July 10, 1999 160,000 1:541 Kick Tail (B. Lindstedt)
Modern Family (D. Miller)
DH - Guccio (J. Takter)
DH - Wishing Stone (Y. Gingras)
Winning Mister (T. Tetrick)
Buck I St Pat (T. Tetrick) Lucky Jim (A. Miller)
Corleone Kosmos (J. Campbell)
Lanson (R. Pierce)
Brunton Tilly (R. Pierce)
Hellava Hush (C. Manzi)
Sand Vic (B. Sears)
Approved Action (R. Daigneault)
Danish Delight (J. Baggitt Jr.)
Pegasus Spur (M. Lachance)
Victory Margin (L. Ouellette)
Nikki Cole Cole (C. Manzi)
Alanjopa (D. Dube)
Sevruga (R. Pierce)
May 15, 1998
Glorys Comet (G. Brennan)
Armbro Plato (R. Schnittker)
125,000 1:532
B Cor Pete (H. Parker)
* Stakes Record
Highest Win Price:
Lowest Win Price:
$24.00 Fool’s Goal (2002)
$3.00 Magician (2001)
Hot Shot Blue Chip (J. Campbell)
Neighsay Hanover (J. Gregory)
In Focus (D. Dube)
Michaelrowyourboat (J. Smith)
Knight Of Intrigue (G. Brennan)
Med Vac (A. Miller)
Vivid Photo (R. Hammer)
Hellava Hush (C. Manzi)
Elegant Man (C. Manzi)
Plesac (M. Lachance)
Magician (D. Miller)
Sundown Score (J. Morrill Jr.)
Big Z Crown (M. Lachance)
Glorys Comet (J. Campbell)
Stanley Dancer Memorial
Pinkman prevails in 1:52.2 in $157,250 Stanley Dancer Memorial Division
July 18, 2015
1:52 2
Pinkman (Y. Gingras)
Habitat (B. Sears)
Canepa Hanover (J. Takter)
Stanley Dancer Memorial
The Bank sets stakes record of 1:50.4 in the $159,750 Stanley Dancer Memorial Divison.
July 18, 2015
The Bank (J. Takter)
Centurion ATM (A. Svanstedt)
French Laundry (B. Miller)
Stanley Dancer Memorial
July 12, 2104
July 13, 2103
July 14, 2012
July 14, 2012
July 16, 2011
July 16, 2011
July 17, 2010
July 17, 2010
July 17, 2010
July 17, 2009
July 17, 2009
July 11, 2008
July 14, 2007
July 15, 2006
July 15, 2005
July 16, 2004
July 11, 2003
July 12, 2002
July 13, 2001
July 14, 2000
July 16, 1999
July 25, 1998
July 19, 1997
July 27, 1996
July 29, 1995
July 30, 1994
July 31, 1993
July 25, 1992
July 27, 1991
July 28, 1990
July 29, 1989
July 29, 1989
July 29, 1989
July 28, 1988
July 28, 1988
July 28, 1988
July 24, 1987
July 24, 1987
July 25, 1986
July 25, 1986
July 26, 1985
July 26, 1985
July 27, 1984
July 27, 1984
July 27, 1984
July 29, 1983
July 29, 1983
July 30, 1982
July 30, 1982
July 31, 1981
July 25, 1980
Aug. 3, 1979
July 14, 1978
June 3, 1977
Sept. 24, 1976
Highest Win Price:
Lowest Win Price:
Father Patrick (Y. Gingras)
Nuncio (J. Campbell)
Trixton (J. Takter)
Royalty For Life (B. Sears)
Spider Blue Chip (R. Pierce)
Deweycolorintheline(R. Schnittker)
Little Brown Fox (Y. Gingras)
Guccio (J. Takter)
Possess The Will (T. Tetrick)
Uncle Peter (R. Pierce)
Banker Volo (J. Morrill, Jr)
Appomattox (T. Tetrick)
Manofmanymissions (A. Miller) Broad Bahn (G. Brennan)
Dejarmbro (T. Smedshammer)
Chapter Seven (M. Lachance)
Big Rigs (T. Tetrick)
Big Sky Storm (D. Miller)
He’s A Demon (J. Jamieson)
Cassis (T. Tetrick)
Coco Lindy (J. Campbell)
Muscle Massive (R. Pierce)
Temple Of Doom (D. Miller)
Pilgrims Chuckie (M. Lachance)
Holiday Road (B. Sears)
Lucky Chucky J. Campbell)
Mystery Photo (A. Miller)
Muscle Hill (B. Sears)
Explosive Matter (R. Pierce)
Copy Catch (D. Dube)
Federal Flex (J. Jamieson)
Mr Cantab (A. Miller)
Cesar A Blue Chip (T. Tetrick)
Deweycheatumnhowe (R. Schnittker)Celebrity Secret (T. Tetrick)
Clerk Magistrate (T. Ritchie)
Donato Hanover (R. Pierce)
Mythical Lindy (D. Miller)
Please Poppy (A. Miller)
Here Comes Herbie (T. Smedshammer)
Mr Pine Chip (B. Sears)
Blue Mac Lad (G. Brennan)
Classic Photo (R. Pierce)
Strong Yankee (B. Sears)
Vino Camielle (G. Brennan)
Windsong’s Legacy (T. Smedshammer)Tom Ridge (R. Pierce)
Al Dente Hanover (G. Brennan)
Power To Charm (J. Campbell) Mr Muscleman (R. Pierce) Mac’s Crown K (T. Ritchie) Kadabra (D. Miller)
Taurus Dream (M. McNichol)
Living Image (J. Campbell)
SJ’s Caviar (R. Blanton Jr.)
Pegasus Spur (W. O’Donnell)
Fulfilled Dreams (M. Lachance)
Dreamaster (D. Magee)
Dream Vacation (J. Campbell) Legendary Lover K (Dw. Minor)
CR Renegade (R. Allen)
Comets Tail (B. Lindstedt)
Angus Hall (J. Campbell)
Muscles Yankee (J. Campbell)
Silver Pine (G. Brennan)
David Raymond (C. Manzi)
Malabar Man (M. Burroughs)
Bowlin For Dollars (T. Smedshammer)Meadowbranch Lucky (D. Brown)
Lindy Lane (W. O’Donnell)
Act Of Grace (J. Campbell)
Continentalvictory (M. Lachance)
CR Kay Suzie (Ro. Allen)
Tagliabue (J. Campbell)
Giant Hit (J. Patterson Jr.)
Whiteland Image (J. Moiseyev) Gum Ball (M. McNichol)
Mr. Lavec (J. Takter)
Pine Chip (J. Campbell)
American Winner (R. Pierce)
Toss Out (M. McNichol)
Sierra Kosmos (R. Beinhauer)
Imperfection (R. Waples)
Sirocco Spur (R. Stillings)
Dontellmenomore (D. Palone)
Wall Street Banker (D. Ackerman) Crysta’s Best (R. Richardson Jr.)
Embassy Lobell (M. Lachance) Star Mystic (J. Johnson)
Peddler Yorktowne (M. Saftic)
Egyptian Gentleman (J. Campbell) Fortunate One (H. Beissinger) Meltaway (J. Nordin)
Bon Vivant (M. Lachance)
Park Avenue Joe (W. O’Donnell) Lemoyne Square (J. Johnson)
Probe (W. Fahy)
Shogun Lobell (H. Beissinger) Speedy G B (T. Haughton)
Firm Tribute (M. O’Mara)
Editor In Chief (W. O’Donnell)
Jermyn Street (D. Shetler)
Armbro Goal (J. Campbell)
No Sex Please (R. Waples)
Southern Newton (U. Thoresen)
Stable Gait (C. Allen)
Supergill (B. Lindstedt)
Petri Kosmos (J. Nordin)
Mack Lobell (J. Campbell) Lucious Almahurst (B. Webster) Buckfinder (W. O’Donnell)
Beseiged (P. Henriksen)
Spotlite Lobell (M. Baillargeon) Napoletano (W. O’Donnell)
Express Ride (D. Shelter)
Nevele Typhoon (W. Gilmour)
Nuclear Kosmos (U. Thoresen)
Barbeque (J. Johnson)
Traveling Salesman (W. O’Donnell) Shannon Bright (B. Lindstedt)
Mark Six (J. Campbell)
Another Miracle (M. McNichol) Master Willie (J. Nordin)
Prakas (W. O’Donnell)
Ron B Hanover (J. Nordin)
Torway (R. Waples)
Crowning Point (D. Ackerman)
Super Lamar (P. Korpi)
Normandy Lobell (R. Remmen)
Historic Freight (B. Webster)
Giorgio D (J. Campbell)
Baltic Speed (J. Nordin)
Speed Merchant (A. Quartarolo) Wholly Arnie (T. Haughton)
Money Hanover (P. Henriksen)
Joie De Vie (J. Campbell)
Perfect Beauty (R. Hayter)
Riklis (W. Haughton)
Astro Hill (R. Remmen)
Coleman Lobell (W. Haughton) Sea Chanty (C. Galbraith)
Self Confident (D. Ackerman)
Crowntron (J. Campbell)
Bone Lover (H. Wallner)
Jazz Cosmos (M. McNichol)
Little League (H. Wallner)
JD’s Tryst (G. Gibson)
Super Juan (H. Beissinger)
Arnie’s Aim (A. McNeil)
Smokin Yankee (S. Dancer)
Netted (B. Lindstedt)
Rodney’s Best (H. Wallner)
Burgomeister (W. Haughton)
Crown’s Cristy (H. Beissinger)
Chiola Hanover (J. Allen)
Courtly (H. Wallner)
Florida Pro (G. Sholty)
Count’s Pride (W. Haughton)
Speedy Somolli (H. Beissinger)
Green Speed (W. Haughton)
Cold Comfort (P. Haughton)
Texas (W. Herman)
Tropical Storm (R. Baldwin)
Steve Lobell (W. Haughton)
Quick Pay (P. Haughton)
Stable Gait (1988)
Deweycheatumnhowe (2008)
Notes: Raced as the Budweiser Beacon Course from 1976-2001. Format change in 1990; eliminations now held week prior to final.
Named for Hall of Fame driver/trainer Stanley F. Dancer, who passed away on September 8, 2005.
Crawford Farms Meadowlands Pace
Wiggle It Jiggleit goes 1:47.4 in $706,000 Crawford Farms Meadowlands Pace
July 18, 2015 $706,000 1:474
Wiggle It Jiggleit (M. Teague)
Dude’s The Man (C. Callahan)
Wakizashi Hanover (T. Tetrick)
Meadowlands Pace
July 12, 2014 776,000 1:464** He’s Watching (T. Tetrick)
Always Be Miki (D. Miller)
Tellitlikeitis (B. Miller)
July 13, 2013 635,750 1:481 Captaintreacherous (T. Tetrick) Odds on Equuleus (J. Campbell) Sunshine Beach (G. Brennan)
July 14, 2012 600,000 1:481 A Rocknroll Dance (Y. Gingras) Pet Rock (B. Sears)
Allstar Legend (J. Morrill, Jr.)
July 16, 2011 1,000,000 1:482 Roll With Joe (R. Pierce) Big Jim (P. Hudon) Wink N Atcha (Y. Gingras)
July 17, 2010 1,000,000 1:474 One More Laugh (T. Tetrick)
Rock N Roll Heaven (J. Campbell) Valentino (G. Brennan)
July 18, 2009 1,000,000 1:473 Well Said (R. Pierce)
Vintage Master (D. Dube)
If I Can Dream (G. Brennan)
July 19, 2008 1,100,000 1:47 Art Official (R. Pierce)
Somebeachsomewhere (P. MacDonell) Share The Delight (J. Campbell)
July 14, 2007 1,000,000 1:491 Southwind Lynx (T. Tetrick)
Tell All (J. Jamieson)
Artriverderci (J. Campbell)
July 15, 2006 1,000,000 1:484 Artistic Fella (C. Manzi)
My Boy David (A. Miller)
Armbro Deuce (G. Brennan)
July 16, 2005 1,000,000 1:483 Rocknroll Hanover (B. Sears)
Village Jolt (R. Pierce)
Stonebridge Regal (J. Moiseyev)
July 17, 2004 1,000,000 1:49 Holborn Hanover (J. Morrill Jr.) Timesareachanging (Y. Gingras) Metropolitan (J. Campbell)
July 12, 2003 1,000,000 1:493 Allamerican Theory (M. Lachance)Armbro Animate (J. Campbell)
Dream Wave (J. Morrill Jr.)
July 13, 2002 1,000,000 1:49 Mach Three (J. Campbell)
McArdle (M. Lachance)
Allamerican Ingot (C. Manzi)
July 14, 2001 1,009,500 1:493 Real Desire (J. Campbell)
Bettor’s Delight (M. Lachance)
Klingon Hanover (D. Dube)
July 15, 2000 1,150,000 1:504 Gallo Blue Chip (D. Dube)
Astreos (C. Christoforou Jr.)
High On Emotion (R. Pierce)
July 17, 1999 1,000,000 1:493 The Panderosa (J. Campbell)
Mystical Shark (L. Ouellette)
Art’s Conquest (M. Lachance)
July 11, 1998 1,000,000 1:511 Day In A Life (L. Ouellette)
Fit For Life (G. Brennan)
Dragon Again (R. PIerce)
July 11, 1997 1,000,000 1:502 Dream Away (R. Pierce)
At Point Blank (J. Campbell)
Western Dreamer (M. Lachance)
July 13, 1996 1,000,000 1:514 Hot Lead (G. Brennan)
Stout (A. Kerwood)
Gee Gee Digger (H. Parker)
July 15, 1995 1,000,000 1:504 David’s Pass (J. Campbell)
Kinney Hanover (M. Lachance)
Stand Forever (J. Moiseyev)
July 16, 1994 1,000,000 1:50 Cam’s Card Shark (J. Campbell) Historic (D. Brown)
Magical Mike (M. Lachance)
July 17, 1993 1,000,000 1:50 Presidential Ball (J. Moiseyev)
Life Sign (J. Campbell)
Riyadh (C. Manzi)
July 10, 1992 1,000,000 1:51 Carlsbad Cam (Ro. Allen)
Driven By Design (C. Manzi)
Direct Flight (J. Campbell)
July 12, 1991 1,000,000 1:494 Precious Bunny (J. Moiseyev)
Artsplace (J. Campbell)
Stormin Jesse (C. Manzi)
July 13, 1990 1,153,500 1:523 Beach Towel (R. Remmen)
Jake and Elwood (J. Campbell)
Scoot Outa Reach (W. O’Donnell)
July 14, 1989 852,000 1:513 Dexter Nukes (J. Campbell)
Casino Cowboy (R. Pierce)
Barefoot Hanover (D. Rankin)
July 15, 1988 1,039,000 1:521 Matt’s Scooter (M. Lachance)
Camtastic (W. O’Donnell)
Armbro Global (J. Campbell)
July 17, 1987 902,500 1:52 Frugal Gourmet (T. Ritchie)
Laag (W. O’Donnell)
Run The Table (J. Campbell)
July 18, 1986 1,025,500 1:521 Laughs (B. Gilmour)
Tucson Hanover (B. Riegle)
Amity Chef (J. Campbell)
July 19, 1985 1,018,000 1:503 Nihilator (W. O’Donnell)
Chairmanoftheboard (B. Webster) Dignatarian (W. Gilmour)
July 20, 1984 1,293,0001:533 On The Road Again (W. Gilmour) Guts (W. O’Donnell)
DH-Ahlberg (M. Maker)
DH-Hobo’s Willy (M. Gagliardi)
July 15, 1983 1,251,000 1:541 Ralph Hanover (R. Waples)
Umbrella Fella (J. Campbell)
Rashad (W. Popfinger)
July 16, 1982 1,000,000 1:541 Hilarion (J. Campbell)
No Nukes (G. Garnsey)
McKinzie Almahurst (W. Haughton)
July 17, 1981 1,000,000 1:543 Conquered (J. Hayes Jr.)
Computer (W. O’Donnell)
Seahawk Hanover (B. Webster)
July 18, 1980 1,011,000 1:531 Niatross (C. Galbraith)
Storm Damage (W. Haughton)
Tyler B (W. Herman)
July 19, 1979 750,000 1:53 Sonsam (G. Sholty)
Hot Hitter (H. Filion)
Tijuana Taxi (J. Miller)
Aug. 3, 1978* 280,000 1:551 Falcon Almahurst (W. Haughton) Abercrombie (G. Garnsey)
Flight Director (W. O’Donnell)
July 12, 1977* 425,000 1:544 Escort (C. LeCause)
Nat Lobell (J. Kopas)
Crash (W. Haughton)
* Eliminations and Finals held on the same night.
* * Equals World Record and New Stakes Record
Highest Win Price:
Lowest Win Price:
Holborn Hanover (2004)
Nihilator-entry (1985)
Del Miller Memorial
Spirit To Win pays $99.40 with 1:52 upset win in the $187,000 Delvin Miller Memorial
July 18, 2015
July 12, 2014
July 13, 2013
July 14, 2012
July 15, 2011
July 16, 2010
July 16, 2010
July 17, 2009
July 17, 2009
July 13, 2008
July 13, 2007
July 14, 2006
July 15, 2005
July 16, 2004
July 11, 2003
July 12, 2002
July 13, 2001
July 14, 2000
July 9, 1999
July10, 1998
July 12, 1997
Highest Win Price:
Lowest Win Price:
Spirit To Win (B. Miller)
Mission Brief (Y. Gingras)
Livinthefastlane (A. Miller)
Shake It Cerry (R. Pierce)
Heaven’s Door (A. Svanstedt) Designed To Be (B. Sears)
Bee A Magician (B. Sears)
Frau Blucher (J. Morrill, Jr.)
Mistery Woman (D. Miller)
Check Me Out (T. Tetrick)
Win Miss By (B. Sears)
Personal Style (D. Miller)
Hey Mister (B. Sears)
Creme De Cocoa (D.R.Ackerman)Lost Symbol (T. Smedshammer)
Springtime Volo (G. Brennan)
Bone A Fide (Y. Gingras)
Ultimate Cameron (T. Ritchie)
Glide Power (G. Brennan)
Behindclosedoors (T. Tetrick)
Bramalea Hanover (D. Miller)
Windsong Soprano (D. Miller)
Margarita Momma (R. Pierce) Raising Rachel (J. Moiseyev)
Yursa Hanover (T. Tetrick)
Celebrity Athena (M. Johansson)Seaside (D. Miller)
Snow White (J. Campbell)
No Pain No Gain (D. Miller)
Diana Hall (R. Pierce)
Pampered Princess (J. Campbell) Possess The Magic (M. Lachance)Falls For You (B. Sears)
Passionate Glide (R. Pierce)
Queen Serene (T. Smedshammer)Susie’s Magic (D. Miller)
Margarita Nights (J. Moiseyev) Pink Ribbons (D. Miller)
Flirtin Miss (J. Campbell)
Peaceful Way (J. Campbell)
Housethatruthbuilt (B. Sears)
Mystical Sunshine (M. Lachance)
Luby (J. Doherty)
Stroke Play (B. Sears)
Glide About (S. Smith)
Cameron Hall (M. Lachance)
Dream Angel (L. Ouellette)
Norway But My Way (J. Meittinis)
Syrinx Hanover (J. Campbell)
Big Sky Queen (C. Manzi)
Spellbound Hanover (D. Miller)
Sammie’s Girl (D. DuPont)
Just Passing By (R. Pierce)
Day For Night (M. Lachance)
Lovelytobehold (J. Doherty)
Dream Valley OM (B. Lindstedt) Poster Princess (J. Moiseyev)
Fern (L. Ouellette)
Feel The Motion (J. Campbell) Princess Tigerlily (G. Brennan)
No Nonsense Woman (J. Doherty)Joeys Delight (H. Parker)
Elegantimage (S. Condren)
Sammie’s Girl (2000)
Pampered Princess (2007), Cameron Hall (2002), Bee A Magician (2013)
Stakes Record
Mistletoe Shalee
Moonlit Dance rallies from post ten for an upset win in the $207,350 Mistletoe Shalee in 1:49
July 18, 2015
July 12, 2014
July 13, 2013
July 14, 2012
Aug. 6, 2011
Aug. 7, 2010
Aug. 8, 2009
Aug. 2, 2008
Aug. 5, 2007
Aug. 5, 2006
Aug. 6, 2005
Aug. 7, 2004
Aug. 2, 2003
Aug. 3, 2002
Aug. 4, 2001
Aug. 5, 2000
Aug. 7, 1999
Aug. 8, 1998
Aug. 9, 1997
Aug. 10, 1996
Aug. 12, 1995
Aug. 13, 1994
Aug. 12, 1993
Aug. 14, 1992
Aug. 16, 1991
Aug. 17, 1990
July 28, 1989
July 29, 1988
July 31, 1987
July 26, 1986
July 25, 1985
July 26, 1984
July 28, 1983
July 29, 1982
July 2, 1981
May 29, 1980
May 29,1979
Highest Win Price:
Moonlit Dance (D. Miller)
Divine Caroline (B. Sears)
Band Of Angels (Y. Gingras)
Sanbetweenurtoes (B. Miller)
Weeper (C. Callahan)
Table Talk (T. Tetrick)
I Luv The Nitelife (T. Tetrick)
Charisma Hanover (Y. Gingras) Bettor Be Lucky (B. Sears)
Major Look (A. Miller)
American Jewel (T. Tetrick)
Bettor B Lucky (Y. Gingras)
Drop The Ball (Y. Gingras)
Idyllic (D. Miller)
Swinging Beauty (D. McNair)
Dancinwiththestarz (B. Sears)
Rock N Soul (Y. Gingras)
A And Gs Princess (D. Miller)
Not Enough (T. Tetrick)
Yellow Diamond (J. Morrill Jr.)
Gambler’s Passion (J. Campbell)
Stylish Artist (E. Goodell)
Good News Lady (G. Grismore) Miss Scarlett (B. Sears)
Hana Hanover (G. Brennan)
Southwind Tempo (T. Tetrick)
Tidewaterdragonfly (R. PIerce)
Armbro Dancer (R. Pierce)
My Little Dragon (B. Sears)
Lonesome Day (J. Campbell)
Chotat Milk (D. Miller)
Cabrini Hanover (B. Sears)
Ifyoucouldcwhatic (J. Campbell)
Kikikatie (D. Miller)
She’s My Belle (J. Campbell)
Nu-Diamond Star (S. Bouchard)
Armbro Amaretto (L. Ouellette) Animated Art (R. Pierce)
Remember When (C. Christoforou)
Cam Swifty (J. Meittinis)
Worldly Beauty (L. Ouellette)
Dear Girl (R. Wolfenden)
Bunny Lake (M. Lachance)
Electrical Art (J. Campbell)
Love My Lisa (J. Morrill Jr.)
Art’s Virtue (J. Campbell)
Reimburse (H. Parker)
Armbro Terrace (D. Miller)
French Panicure (G. Brennan)
Marfa Hanover (J. Campbell)
Beach Crystal (R. Silverman)
Galleria (G. Brennan)
Panned Out (D. Magee)
Life Cycle (L. Ouellette)
Stienam’s Place (J. Moiseyev) Keep Your Pans Off (M. Lachance)Sanabelle Island (S. Warrington)
Mystical Maddy (M. Lachance) Die Loving (W. O’Donnell)
Low Places (P. Wrenn)
She’s A Great Lady (J. Campbell) Athena Blue Chip (B. Pinske)
Electrical Express (R. Waples)
Lisheen (J. Baggitt Jr.)
Newbridge (J. Campbell)
Electric Slide (M. Lachance)
Ellamony (J. Moiseyev)
Coast (M. Lachance)
Breathless Fate (J. Campbell)
Dolce (J. Pavia Jr.)
Ghostly (R. Pierce)
Hazleton Kay (M. Lachance)
Miss Easy (J. Campbell)
Shady Daisy (J. Fout)
Big Bloomer (A. Kerwood)
Choice Yankee (J. Morrill Jr.)
Tambourine (H. Kelly)
Town Pro (D. Brown)
Caesars Jackpot (M. McNichol) Cheery Hello (W. Fahy)
Concertina (H. Kelly)
Conquered Quest (J. Campbell) Sweet Reflection (W. O’Donnell) Three Mile Island (J. Schwind)
Pacific (T. Harmer)
Time Well Spent (W. O’Donnell) JJs Windsong (H. Filion)
Angela Ty (R. Waples)
Table Dancer (B. Webster)
Jazzabel Hanover (J. Campbell)
Semalu D’Amour (B. Cote)
Stienam (W. Gilmour)
Seven O’Clock (R. Remmen)
Naughty But Nice (T. Haughton) Hit Parade (W. O’Donnell)
Special Chemistry (J. Doherty)
Lucky Lady (D. Hogan)
Dancing Almahurst (D. Magee) Turn the Tide (H. Filion)
Three Diamonds (B. Riegle)
Adore (J. Miller)
Bartross (R. Waples)
JEFs Eternity (J. Campbell)
Fan Hanover (G. Garnsey)
Rain Proof (D. Rankin)
Miles End Dianne (B. Webster) Armbro Vibrant (W. Wellwood)
Willow Bret (G. Garnsey)
Roses Are Red (J. Kopas)
Skirt Waltz (L. Gilmour)
Ella Hanover (F. Grant)
Stylish Artist (2008)
Lowest Win Price:
$2.10 Miss Easy (1991)
Tom D’Altrui
Miss New Jersey
Wicked Little Minx overcomes post ten to take the $100,000 Miss New Jersey in 1:50.
July 25, 2015
July 25, 2015
Aug. 3, 2013
Aug. 4, 2012
May 28, 2011
June 12, 2010
June 13, 2009
May 31, 2008
June 2, 2007
May 27, 2006
May 28, 2005
May 29, 2004
May 31, 2003
June 1, 2002
June 2, 2001
June 3, 2000
June 5, 1999
May 25, 1998
June 6, 1997
May 24, 1996 June 23, 1995
June 30, 1994
June 24, 1993
June 18, 1992
June 20, 1991
June 21, 1990
June 8, 1989
June 16, 1988
June 11, 1987
June 11, 1986
June 5, 1985
June 6, 1984
100,000 1:501
125,000 1:49
125,000 1:501
150,000 1:503
175,000 1:50
175,000 1:504
200,000 1:514
200,000 1:503
175,000 1:503
200,000 1:533
200,000 1:52
200,000 1:521
200,000 1:513
200,000 1:51
200,000 1:501
200,000 1:534
200,000 1:532
180,000 1:533
165,000 1:54
165,000 1:52
150,000 1:541
100,000 1:523
175,000 1:534
175,000 1:551
175,000 1:562
175,000 1:55
125,000 1:541
125,000 1:553
164,000 1:553
Highest Win Price:
Lowest Win Price:
Wicked Little Minx (B. Miller)
Stacia Hanover (S. Zeron)
The Show Returns (J. Campbell)
Gettingreadytoroll (Y. Gingras) Act Now (B. Sears)
Kate Can’t Wait (C. Callahan)
I Luv The Nitelife (T. Tetrick)
Ms Caila J Fra (S. Allard)
Authorize (R. Pierce)
Sarandon Blue Chip (D. Miller) Mikeleh (J. Campbell)
Pirouette Hanover (R. Pierce)
Krispy Apple (T. Tetrick)
Honky Tonk Woman (Y. Gingras)Rocklamation (A. Miller)
Put On A Show (T. Tetrick)
Naughtytiltheend (T. Tetrick)
Its Only Rocknroll (J. Campbell)
Showherthemoney (B. Sears)
Mcgibson (T. Tetrick)
Scarlet Mczara (A. Miller)
Knock Three Times (B. Sears) Ideal Newton (R. Pierce)
Good News Lady(A. Miller)
Current Hanover (G. Brennan) Platinum Hanover (A. Miller)
Lady Mattgalane (B. Sears)
Future Destiny (R. Pierce)
Ideal Weather (Y. Gingras)
Art’s Temptress (G. Brennan)
Ideal News (D. Miller)
Freezer Cash (C. Manzi)
Savannah Sky (J. Campbell)
Life’s Image (Y. Gingras)
Glowing Report (G. Brennan) Apple Krisp (C. Manzi)
Sure Sign (D. Miller)
Animated Art (R. Pierce)
Strike A Balance (L. Ouellette)
Worldly Beauty (L. Ouellette)
Always An Art (J. Campbell)
Roses For Sammie (D. Miller)
Electrical Art (J. Campbell)
Cathedra Dot Com (D. Miller) Calista (S. Smith)
Art’s Virtue (J. Campbell)
Armbro Terrace (D. Miller)
Michelle’s Revenge (J. Moiseyev)
Woodsie And Buster (J. Moiseyev)Celebrity Ball (M. Lachance)
A Votre Pante (G. Brennan)
Galleria (G. Brennan)
Armbro Romance (J. Campbell)Road To Pandalay (L. Ouellette)
One If By Pan (M. Lachance)
Michelle’s Jackpot (J. Campbell)Fanciful Hanover (W. Fahy)
Paige Nicole Q (J. Campbell)
Diehard Fan (G. Brennan)
Pretty Discreet (W. O’Donnell)
Motivation (P. Wrenn)
You’re Killing Me (J. Moiseyev) Positive Reaction (J. Campbell)
Wendy M Hanover (C.Manzi)
Miss Laag (J. Campbell)
Terrie Letsgo (J. Moiseyev)
Ellamony (J. Moiseyev)
Sumkinda Wonderful (W. Fahy) Another Secret (J. Campbell)
So Fresh (J. Campbell)
China Princess (M. Lachance) Gold Coast (W. Fahy)
Miss Easy (J. Campbell)
Cam’s Secretary (L. McArthur) Yankee Coed (J. Moiseyev)
Joy (W. O’Donnell)
Token Gesture (E. Harner)
Armbro Ilona (J. Campbell)
Precedent (P. Ruscitto)
Los Angela (J. Moiseyev)
French Flair (M. Lachance)
Vignette Childer (J. Schwind)
Marcasite (J. Campbell)
Three Mile Island (W. Gale)
New Creation (J. Campbell)
Ombre Rose (C. Abbatiello)
No Smoking (R. Allen)
Shocking Secret (R. Silverman) Sarcastick (R. Remmen)
Belmont Rapunzel (R. Waples)
Poplar Lil (R. Remmen)
Bunny’s Wish (M. McNichol)
HH Frosted (E. Davis)
Showplace Trixie (R. Remmen) Artiste Bourg (W. Gilmour)
Quinella Blue Chip (C. Warrington Jr.)
Life’s Image (2004)
Miss Easy (1991)
Formerly raced as the SBOA/Miss NJ, the race was renamed in 2006 for Thomas D’Altrui, a longtime board member of the SBOA of New
Jersey. D’Altrui served as vice president of the organization for 22 years before retiring in 2005. He was also a New Jersey director of
Peter Haughton Memorial
Southwind Frank cruises in the $349,850 Peter Haughton Memorial in 1:53.4.
Aug. 8, 2015
Aug. 2, 2014
335,500 1:532*
Aug. 3, 2013
280,500 1:541
Aug. 4, 2012
387,250 1:541
Aug. 6, 2011
400,000 1:552
Aug. 7, 2010
500,000 1:552
Aug. 8, 2009
523,600 1:54
July 31, 2008
500,000 1:55
Aug. 2, 2007
467,000 1:572
Aug. 3, 2006
456,000 1:55
Aug. 5, 2005
460,000 1:58
Aug. 4, 2004
420,000 1:582
July 31, 2003
440,000 1:561
Aug. 1, 2002
460,000 1:573
Aug. 2, 2001
460,000 1:564
Aug. 3, 2000
460,400 1:572
Aug. 5, 1999
509,400 1:583
Aug. 6, 1998
458,000 1:564
Aug. 7, 1997
408,000 1:581
July 30, 1996
500,000 1:571
Aug. 1, 1995
400,000 1:57
Aug. 2, 1994
564,750 1:554
Aug. 3, 1993
625,250 1:582
July 28, 1992
526,000 1:59
Aug. 3, 1991
558,500 1:574
July 31, 1990
609,250 2:003
July 28, 1989
639,250 1:58
July 29, 1988
682,250 1:584
July 31, 1987
600,750 1:582
July 26, 1986
879,250 1:573
July 29, 1985 1,000,000 1:574
July 30, 1984 1,030,0001:584
Aug. 2, 1983
875,000 2:001
Aug. 3, 1982
623,250 1:58
Aug. 4, 1981
75,000 2:002
Aug. 4, 1981
75,000 2:011
Aug. 4, 1981
75,000 2:003
Highest Win Price:
Lowest Win Price:
Southwind Frank (Y. Gingras)
Brooklyn Hill (D. Miller)
Earn And Burn (J. Takter)
Centurion ATM (A. Svanstedt) Uncle Lasse (R. Pierce)
Cruzado Dela Noche (D. Miller)
Father Patrick (Y. Gingras)
Nuncio (J. Campbell)
Southwind Spirit (B. Sears)
Aperfectyankee (J. Oscarsson) Corky (D. Miller)
Fashion Blizzard (J. Morrill, Jr.)
Weingartner (J. Takter)
Power Play (A. Miller)
Big Chocolate (H. Hochstetler)
The Lindy Reserve (T. Tetrick) Neal (J. Campbell)
Leader Of The Gang (R. Pierce)
Holiday Road (B. Sears)
Pilgrims Taj (M. Lachance)
Lucky Chucky (J. Campbell)
Muscle Hill (B. Sears)
Symphonic Hanover (D. Miller) Citation Lindy (J. Campbell)
Blue York Yankee (B. Sears)
Surtees Hanover (D. Palone)
Keystone Blitz (R. Pierce)
Donato Hanover (R. Pierce)
Mythical Lindy (D. Miller)
Bamboo Yankee (R. Schnittker)
Keystone Savage (B. Sears)
Lotsa Muscle (J. Campbell)
Love Of My Heart (M. Lachance)
New York Yank (R. Pierce)
Jaden The Great (Y. Gingras)
Med Vac (J. Campbell)
Tom Ridge (R. Pierce)
Yankee Elegance (R. Remmen) American Mike (T. Smedshammer)
CC’s Chuckie T (D. Miller)
Political Briefing (R. Allen)
Galaxy Chip OM (J. Johnson)
Civil Action (M. Lachance)
CR Excalibur (C. Allen)
Chipmate (J. Takter)
Yankee Mustang (B. Lindstedt) CR Kinetic (R. Allen)
Red Hot Blue Chip (J. Campbell)
Smok’n Lantern (B. Lindstedt) Credit Winner (J. Patterson Jr) Berndt Hanover (M. Lachance)
Enjoy Lavec (J. Takter)
Starchip Entrprise (J. Doherty) Wired Pine (J. Campbell)
Harry’s Bar (B. Lindstedt)
US Open (R. Pierce)
Anythings Possible (M. McNichol)
Yankee Glide (B. Lindstedt)
Captain Claude (J. Moiseyev)
Oneacmetrotterkit (G. Brennan)
Dancer’s Victory (J. Campbell) Mr. Vic (M. Lachance)
Nuke It Freddie (C. Manzi)
Donerail (J. Campbell)
Tap In (B. Lindstedt)
Giant Hit (J. Patterson Jr.)
Wesgate Crown (J. Campbell) Mr Lavec (J. Takter)
Victory Play (R. Remmen)
Giant Chill (J. Patterson Jr.)
Glenmorangie (B. Lindstedt)
LV Glory Bound (B. Webster)
BJ’s Mac (W. Gale)
Pleasure Prince (J. Johnson)
At The Top (S. Dancer)
Charlie Ten Hitch (D. Williams II)Super Pleasure (W. O’Donnell) Wall Street Banker (D. Ackerman)
Backstreet Guy (J. Campbell) Armbro Illiad (G. Sholty)
Royal Troubador (C. Allen)
Keyser Lobell (R. Remmen)
Flying Irishman (H. Kelly)
Shauns Best Boy (B. Lindstedt)
Supergill (B. Lindstedt)
Firm Tribute (M. O’Mara)
Think Tank (P. Henriksen)
Ditka Hanover (J. Nordin)
Mack Lobell (J. Campbell)
C Lewis Lauxmont (U. Nordin)
Express Ride (G. Sholty)
Elgin Almahurst (U. Nordin)
Mr. Novak (J. Nordin)
Another Miracle (M. McNichol) Prakas (W. O’Donnell)
Super Freddie (H. Dancer)
Why Not (M. McNichol)
Caleb Lobell (H. Beissinger)
Excel Hanover (J. Simpson Jr.)
Dancers Crown (S. Dancer)
Mr. Drew (J. Nordin)
Keystone Edmund (T. Haughton)
Incredible Nevele (G. Garnsey) Crowntron (D. Insko)
Go Gator (J. Simpson Jr.)
Triplemint (T. Haughton)
Keystone Sangria (W. Arthurs) Silent Admirer (S. Dancer)
Self Confident (D. Ackerman) Speed Bowl (W. Haughton)
Cooper Lobell (R. Tripp)
Another Miracle (1984)
Tom Ridge (2003)
*World, Track & Stakes Record
Lady Liberty
Four-time Dan Patch Award winner Anndrovette takes $251,250 Lady Liberty in 2:04.1 for a mile & an eighth.
Aug. 8, 2015
Aug. 2, 2014
Aug. 2, 2013
Aug. 4, 2012
Aug. 6, 2011
Aug. 7, 2010
June 26, 2009
June 13, 2008
June 1, 2007
June 16, 2006
June 17, 2005
June 18, 2004
June 20, 2003
June 22, 2002
June 23, 2001
June 24, 2000
177,750 1:493
217,100 1:49
253,700 1:473*
245,000 1:492
248,000 1:49
246,000 1:501
250,000 1:51
225,000 1:491
201,000 1:502
215,000 1:501
238,600 1:484
200,000 1:493
250,000 1:491
254,500 1:501
Anndrovette (T. Tetrick)
Table Talk (A. Miller)
Rocklamation (Y. Gingras)
Drop The Ball (C. Callahan)
Put On A Show (J. Jamieson)
Dreamfair Eternal (B. Sears)
On The Glass (Y. Gingras)
Southwind Tempo (T. Tetrick)
Life of Luxury (E. Goodell)
Darlin’s Delight (Y. Gingras)
Burning Point (R. Pierce)
Burning Point (G. Brennan)
Loyal Opposition (G. Brennan)
Worldly Beauty (L. Ouellette)
Card Trick Hanover (J. Morrill Jr)
Eternal Camnation (E. Ledford)
French Panicure (G. Brennan)
Anndrovette (T. Tetrick)
Shelliscape (J. Campbell)
Anndrovette (T. Tetrick)
Rocklamation (Y. Gingras)
Rebeka Bayama (S. Filion)
Anndrovette (T. Tetrick)
Rock N Soul (Y. Gingras)
Ticket To Rock (J. Jamieson)
Tug River Princess (J. Campbell)Dreamfair Eternal (Ra. Waples)
Tug River Princess (J. Campbell)Hana Hanover (G. Brennan)
Darlin’s Delight (Y. Gingras)
Mind Boggling (D. Miller)
Street Dancer (B. Sears)
Marnie Hall (D. Dube)
Marnie Hall (D. Dube)
Born Storyteller (G. Brennan)
Carolina Sunshine (B. Sears) L Dees Val (J. Campbell)
Burning Point (R. Pierce)
Sure Sign (Y. Gingras)
Eternal Camnation (E. Ledford) Card Trick Hanover (R. Pierce)
Eternal Camnation (E. Ledford) Bunny Lake (J. Stark Jr)
Yes Its True (C. Manzi)
Cinder Best (R. Pierce)
Aquatic Yankee (R. Pierce)
L’Chaim (J. Moiseyev)
* World and Track Record
Highest Win Price:
Lowest Win Price:
Venus Delight (J. Bartlett)
Card Trick Hanover (2002)
Worldly Beauty (2003)
Jim Doherty Memorial
Broadway Donna goes six-for-six with 1:53.3 win in the $389,450 Jim Doherty Memorial.
Aug 8, 2015
Broadway Donna (D. Miller)
Kathy Parker (J. Takter)
Sunset Glider (Y. Gingras)
Jolene Jolene (D. Miller)
Lock Down Lindy (S. Zeron)
Aug. 2, 2014 321,700 1522* Mission Brief (Y. Gingras)
Lifetime Pursuit (Y. Gingras)
Cee Bee Yes (A. Miller)
Aug. 3, 2013 321,700 1:533 Shake It Cerry (R. Pierce)
Aug. 4, 2012 354,450 1:54 To Dream On (D. Miller)
Royal Asets (T. Tetrick)
Raring To Go S (Y. Gingras)
Love Walked In (A. Miller)
Upside Hanover (R. Pierce)
Aug. 6, 2011 333,200 1:542 Check Me Out (T. Tetrick)
Aug, 7, 2010 437,000 1:55 Thatsnotmyname (J. Campbell) Creme De Cocoa (D. Ackerman) Fitness Girl (T. Tetrick)
Costa Rica (R. Pierce)
Bone A Fide (Y. Gingras)
Aug. 8. 2009 525,800 1:551 Poof She’s Gone (D. Miller)
Margarita Momma (R. Pierce)
July 31, 2008 523,600 1:554 Honorable Daughter (J. Campbell)Dover Miss (Y. Gingras)
Aug. 2, 2007 458,550 1:57 Muscovite (M. Lachance)
Pinery (R. Pierce)
Snow White (Jo. Campbell)
Aug. 3, 2006 537,000 1:57 Gerri’s Joy (J. Campbell)
Ironmaid Volo (J. Oscarsson)
Chez Lucie (D. Miller)
Gluteus Maximus (G. Brennan) Victor’s Finesse (R. Pierce)
Aug. 3, 2005 390,000 1:551 Miss Wisconsin (M. Lachance)
Blur (J. Meittinis)
Southwind Catlin (J. Campbell)
Aug. 5, 2004 450,620 1:571 Reinvent (R. Pierce)
Funny Malentine (J. Moiseyev) Housethatruthbuilt (T. Smedshammer)
July 23, 2003 350,000 1:573 Ladylind (C. Manzi)
Glad You Asked (R.Schnittker)
Aug. 1, 2002 460,000 1:571 Southwind Maywood (D. Miller) Filly At Bigs (M. Lachance)
Emotional Rescue (M. Lachance)Sister Sammy (T. Haughton)
Aug. 2, 2001 417,000 1:582 Fluttering Wings(B. Lindstedt)
Aug. 3, 2000 346,000 1:59 Spellbound Hanover (J. Campbell) Victory My Way (R. Pierce)
Caper Caillie (B. Lindstedt)
Marita’s Victory (B. Lindstedt)
Global Confession (W. Hennessey)
Aug. 5, 1999 484,800 1:584 Dream Of Joy (J. Meittinis)
Softly Dream (M. Zuanetti)
Decapode (M. McNichol)
Aug. 6, 1998 412,000 1:582 Rae (W. Hennessey)
True Blue Victory (J. Johnson) My Dolly (M. Lachance)
Aug. 7, 1997 390,200 1:574 Feel The Motion (J. Campbell)
Jet Fortuna (J. E. Dubois)
July 31, 1996 350,600 1:563 Vernon Blue Chip (M. Lachance) Armbro Prowess (J. Takter)
Goaldigger (W. Fahy)
BroadwayDiamond (W. Hennessey)
Aug. 2, 1995 300,500 1:572 Missy Will Do It (W. O’Donnell)
Lifelong Victory (J. Campbell)
Lookout Victory (J. Patterson Jr.)
Aug. 3, 1994 385,500 1:551 CR Kay Suzie (C. Allen)
Jailhouse Rock (J. Takter)
Prolific Lady (D. R. Ackerman)
Aug. 4, 1993 381,250 1:582 Armbro Monarch (J. Moiseyev)
Suspicious Image (R. Waples) Ouiser (W. Hennessey)
July 29, 1992 376,000 1:592 Lady Starlet (M. Lachance)
Aug. 3, 1991 357,250 1:59 Super Nice (S. Dancer)
Almost An Angel (M. Zuanetti) Soulful Heart (P. Korpi)
Gutsy Lobell (M. Lachance)
BJ’s Cinderella (R. Waples)
Aug. 1, 1990 464,750 1:581 Santa Royal (C. Manzi)
Higher Love (J. Takter)
Dollface Hanover (W. Fahy)
July 28, 1989 433,750 1:574 Cayster (W. O’Donnell)
Perfect Mate (W. O’Donnell)
Colette Lobell (B. Webster)
July 29, 1988 474,500 1:592 Peace Corps (M. Lachance)
July 31, 1987 437,500 1:59 Stage Entrance (M. McNichol)
Anamosa Hanover (J. Nordin) Nans Catch (H. Wallner)
Crown Starlet (H. Beissinger)
Keystone Harem (J. Nordin)
July 26, 1986 594,250 1:593 Armbro Fling (G. Sholty)
Wendy’s Joker (P. Crowe)
Sassy Gesture (R. Waples)
July 30, 1985 627,2501:573 Britelite Lobell (J. Campbell)
HWH Express (R. Macomber) Conch (H. Wallner)
July 31, 1984 595,750 1:581 Davidia Hanover (J. Campbell)
Aug. 3, 1983 510,250 1:593 Geraldine Broline (B. Lindstedt) Desdemona Hanover (J. Simpson Jr.)Fancy Crown (G. Sholty)
Highest Win Price:
Muscovite (2007)
Lowest Win Price:
$2.40 Lady Starlet (1992)
Sets new Stakes Record
Formerly known as the Merrie Annabelle. Renamed in honor of the Hall of Fame Driver/Trainer Jim Doherty.
John Cashman Memorial
Flanagan Memory rallies to upset in the $301,500 John Cashman Memorial in 2:05.4 for a mile & an eighth.
Aug. 8, 2015
Flanagan Memory(B. Sears)
Gural Hanover (M. Kakaley)
Obrigado (M. MacDonald)
Aug. 2, 2014
300,650 1:50* Sebastian K (A. Svanstedt)
Market Share (T. Tetrick)
Archangel (Y. Gingras)
Mister Herbie (J. Jamieson)
Uncle Peter (D. Miller)
Aug. 3, 2013
318,350 1:504 Sevruga (A. Miller)
Aug. 4, 2012
250,000 1:501 Chapter Seven (T. Tetrick)
Mister Herbie (J. Jamieson)
Daylon Magician (B. SEars)
Arch Madness (B. Sears)
Lucky Jim (A. Miller)
Aug. 6, 2011
300,000 1:504 San Pail (R. Waples)
Aug. 7, 2010
300,000 1:52 Slave Dream (J. Campbell)
Enough Talk (R. Pierce)
Reven Damour (F. Larsson)
Glen Kronos (L. Kolgjini)
Gift Kronos (D. Dube)
Aug. 8, 2009
300,000 1:501 Lucky Jim (A. Miller)
Aug. 2, 2008
300,000 1:51 Misterizi (T. Tetrick)
Arch Madness (B. Sears)
Enough Talk (R. Pierce)
Equinox Bi (M. Lachance)
San Remo Kosmos (T. Tetrick)
Aug. 4, 2007
300,000 1:512 Corleone Kosmos (J. Campbell)
Ripped (G. Brennan)
Smooth Muscles (J. Gregory)
Aug. 5, 2006
300,000 1:513 Sand Vic (B. Sears)
Aug. 6, 2005
300,000 1:51 Hellava Hush (C. Manzi)
Sand Vic (B. Sears)
Elegant Man (G. Brennan)
Aug. 7, 2004
300,000 1:53 Revenue S (L. Kolgjini)
Hez Striking (R. Pierce)
H P Paque (B. Sears)
H P Paque (J. Kontio)
Fool’s Goal (J. Moiseyev)
Aug. 2, 2003
450,000 1:523 Rotation (T. Ritchie)
Fool’s Goal (J. Moiseyev)
Plesac (M. Lachance)
Aug. 3, 2002
500,0001:504 Victory Tilly (S. Johansson)
Aug. 4, 2001
500,000 1:53 Fool’s Goal (J. Moiseyev)
Dr Ronerail (G. Brennan)
Dream Vacation (J. Campbell)
Nikki Cole Cole (C. Manzi)
Raffaello Ambrosio (J. Takter)
Aug. 5, 2000
500,0001:521 Moni Maker (W. Hennessey)
Supergrit (R. Pierce)
Georgia Limited (M. Lachance)
Aug. 7, 1999
424,000 1:524 Magician (D. Miller)
Glorys Comet (J. Campbell) Super High Test (J. Morrill Jr.)
Aug. 8, 1998
300,000 1:524 Moni Maker (W. Hennessey)
Georgia Limited (M. Lachance) Wesgate Crown (J. Campbell)
Aug. 9, 1997
312,500 1:522 Moni Maker (W. Hennessey)
B Cor Pete (H. Parker)
Goodtimes (R. Pierce)
Aug. 3, 1996
400,000 1:521 Oaklea Count (R. Waples)
Aug. 5, 1995
349,500 1:53 SJ’s Photo (D. Wade)
Night Court Dan (P. Wrenn)
Golly Too (J. Fout)
SJ’s Photo (D. Wade)
Meadowbranch Hans (J. Moiseyev)
Aug. 6, 1994
277,000 1:524 Pine Chip (J. Campbell)
Sirocco Spur (W. O’Donnell) Worldly Woman (B. Riegle)
Aug. 7, 1993
274,000 1:542 Giant Force (J. Patterson Jr.)
No Sex Please (R. Waples)
Honkin Hanover (J. Campbell)
Aug. 1, 1992
250,000 1:543 Furman (J. Moiseyev)
Aug. 3, 1991
258,000 1:54 Florida Jewel (J. Campbell)
Bold Herbert (R. Remmen)
Peach Pit (R. Waples)
July 30, 1990
112,000 1:57 Alfresco (R. Waples)
Prince Mystic (J. Campbell)
Kerry’s Crown (J. Patterson Jr.)
Free Token (W. Fahy)
Super Speedy (W. O’Donnell)
July 31, 1989
101,000 1:563 Chadwick Hanover (P. Spears)
Go Get Lost (T. Sells)
Armbro Fling (G. Sholty)
July 25, 1988
100,000 1:551 Mack Lobell (J. Campbell)
Britelite Lobell (J. Campbell) Express Ride (B. Lindstedt)
July 30, 1987
102,000 1:551 Sugarcane Hanover (R. Waples)
Speed Boots (J. Campbell)
Piggvar (S. Dancer)
July 28, 1986
114,000 1:551 Nearly Perfect (M. McNichol)
TV Yankee (T. Haughton) DH-Why Not (M. McNichol)
July 29, 1985
126,000 1:552 Crowning Point (D. Ackerman)
DH-Shane T Hanover (J. Nordin)
July 30, 1984
112,000 1:56 Shane T Hanover (P. Henriksen)
Hit Recording (W. Case Jr.)
Dallas Lobell (H. Wallner)
Yankee Predator (A. McNeil)
Aug. 4, 1983
125,000 1:554 Diamond Exchange (R. J. Williams Sr.)Dallas Lobell (H. Wallner)
NOTE: Restricted to four-year-old trotters eligible to the previous year’s Hambletonian in 1981, 1982 & 1983. Invitational trot since 2004.
Highest Win Price: $137.40
Oaklea Count (1996)
Lowest Win Price:
$2.20 Moni Maker (1998)
* Equals World Record and sets new Stakes Record
Pinkman wins the $1,200,000 Hambletonian in straight heat world records 1:51.2 and 1:51.
Aug. 8, 2015
Pinkman (B. Sears)
2011 1,640,000
2009 1,730,333
2008 1,710,000
2003 1,210,000
1997 1,200,000
Trixton, c.
Royalty For Life, c.
Market Share, c.
Broad Bahn, c.
Muscle Massive, c.
Muscle Hill, c.
Donato Hanover, c.
Glidemaster, c.
Vivid Photo, g.
Windsong’s Legacy, c Amigo Hall, c.
Chip Chip Hooray, c.
Scarlet Knight, c.
Yankee Paco, c.
Self Possessed, c.
Muscles Yankee, c.
Malabar Man, c.
Continentalvictory, f.
Tagliabue, c.
Victory Dream, c.
American Winner, c.
Alf Palema, c.
Giant Victory, c.
Harmonious, c.
Park Avenue Joe, c.
Probe, c.
Armbro Goal, c.
Mack Lobell, c.
Nuclear Kosmos, c.
Prakas, c.
Historic Freight, c.
Duenna, f.
Speed Bowl, c.
Shiaway St. Pat, g.
Mission Brief (Y. Gingras)
Jimmy Takter
George Ducharme
Linda Toscano
Noel Daley
Jimmy Takter
Greg Peck
Ray Schnittker
Steve Elliott
Blair Burgess
Roger Hammer
Trond Smedshammer
Blair Burgess
Chuck Sylvester
Stefan Melander
Doug McIntosh
Ron Gurfein
Chuck Sylvester
Jimmy Takter
Ron Gurfein
Jim Campbell
Ron Gurfein
Milton Smith
Per Eriksson
Per Eriksson
Osvaldo Formia
Chuck Sylvester
Osvaldo Formia
Jan Johnson
Chuck Sylvester
Per Henriksen
Per Eriksson
“Skip” Lewis
Stanley Dancer
Bill Haughton
Ray Remmen
Uncle Lasse (D. Miller)
Jimmy Takter
Brian Sears
Tim Tetrick
George Brennan
Ron Pierce
Brian Sears
Ray Schnittker
Ron Pierce
John Campbell
Roger Hammer
Trond Smedshammer
Mike Lachance
Eric Ledford
Stefan Melander
Trevor Ritchie
Mike Lachance
John Campbell
Malvern Burroughs
Mike Lachance
John Campbell
Mike Lachance
Ron Pierce
Mickey McNichol
Jack Moiseyev
John Campbell
Ron Waples
Bill Fahy
John Campbell
John Campbell
Ulf Thoresen
Bill O’Donnell
Ben Webster
Stanley Dancer
Tom Haughton
Ray Remmen
Hambletonian Oaks
Wild Honey dominates the $500,000 Hambletonian Oaks in 1:52.2
Aug. 8, 2015
Wild Honey (Y. Gingras)
Rules Of The Road (C. Callahan)
Bright Baby Blues (D. Miller)
2009 923,042
2002 600,000
2000 575,000
1998 550,000
1992 420,000
1991 492,401
1990 441,555
1987 338,780
1986 397,000
Lifetime Pursuit
Bee A Magician
Personal Style
Bold And Fresh
Bar Slide
Broadway Schooner
Creamy Mimi
Passionate Glide
Silver Springs
Southwind Allaire
Windylane Hanover
Syrinx Hanover
Marita’s Victory
Must Be Victory
Moni Maker
Lookout Victory
Winky’s Goal
Worldly Woman
Jean Bi
Working Gal
Park Avenue Kathy
Nan’s Catch
Armbro Fling
JEF’s Spice
Fancy Crown
Tarport Frenzy
Dance Spell
Spring Dash
J. Takter
Richard “Nifty” Norman
Ray Schnittker
Doug Miller
Joe Holloway
Jim Campbell
Trond Smedshammer
George Teague
Jimmy Takter
Jonas Czernyson
Jan Johnson
Jimmy Takter
Brett Bittle
Chris Marino
Jan Johnson
Per Henriksen
Arild Eggen
Jan Johnson
Bill Andrews
Per Eriksson
Jimmy Takter
Charles Sylvester
Gene Riegle
Soren Nordin
Ken Seeber
Bruce Nickells
Jan Johnson
George Sholty
Jim Gluhm
Jan Johnson
Ted Andrews
Soren Nordin
Howard Beissinger
Jan Johnson
*Track and Stakes Record
Y. Gingras
B. Sears
David Miller
George Brennan
Tim Tetrick
Brian Sears
Andy Miller
Tim Tetrick
Ron Pierce
Jeff Gregory
George Brennan
Ron Pierce
Ron Pierce
John Campbell
Berndt Lindstedt
John Campbell
Luc Ouellette
Berndt Lindstedt
Wally Hennessey
John Patterson Jr.
Mal Burroughs
Catello Manzi
Bruce Riegle
Jan Nordin
Mike Lachance
Bruce Nickells
Berndt Lindstedt
George Sholty
Mickey McNichol
Hakan Wallner
Bill O’Donnell
Jan Nordin
Howard Beissinger
Berndt Lindstedt
U.S. Pacing Championship
State Treasurer sets world record of 1:47 in the $215,400 U.S. Pacing Championship
Aug. 8, 2015
$215,400 1:47* DATE
Aug. 2, 2014
257,700 1:472
Aug. 3, 2013
213,650 1:472
Aug. 4, 2012
242,500 1:48
Aug. 6, 2011
174,250 1:472
Aug. 6, 2011
174.250 1:482
Aug. 7, 2010
182,500 1:472
Aug. 7, 2010
185,000 1:481
Aug. 8, 2009
328,750 1:474
Aug. 2, 2008
332,000 1:482
Aug. 4, 2007
342,000 1:474
Aug. 5, 2006
195,000 1:481
Aug. 5, 2006
195,000 1:464*
Aug. 6, 2005
375,000 1:484
Aug. 7, 2004
200,000 1:493
Aug. 7, 2004
200,000 1:493
July 26, 2003
350,000 1:484
Aug. 3, 2002
Aug. 4, 2001
Aug. 5, 2000
350,000 1:474
Aug. 7, 1999
131,000 1:484
Aug. 8, 1998
100,000 1:491
Aug. 9, 1997
125,000 1:491
Aug. 3, 1996
75,000 1:493
Aug. 5, 1995
135,000 1:50
Aug. 6, 1994
75,000 1:513
Aug. 7, 1993
137,000 1:491
Aug. 1, 1992
75,000 1:50
Aug. 16, 1991
75,000 1:501
Aug. 17, 1990
75,000 1:503
Aug. 5, 1989
75,000 1:503
Aug. 6, 1988
75,000 1:503
Aug. 8, 1987
60,000 1:52
Aug. 2, 1986
60,000 1:533
Aug. 3, 1985
60,000 1:514
Aug. 4, 1984
60,000 1:522
Aug. 6, 1983
60,000 1:532
Aug. 7, 1982
60,000 1:53
Highest Win Price:
State Treasurer (D. Miller)
Doo Wop Hanover (S. Zeron) Foiled Again (Y. Gingras)
Sweet Lou (R. Pierce)
State Treasurer (D. Miller)
Thinking Out Loud (J. Campbell)
Thinking Out Loud (J. Campbell) Bolt The Duer (M. MacDonald) Golden Receiver (C. Callahan)
Golden Receiver (A. Miller)
Aracache Hanover (G. Brennan) Meirs Hanover (J. Morrill, Jr.)
We Will See (R. Pierce)
Aracache Hanover (D. McNair) Delmarvalous (B. Sears)
Bettor Sweet (B. Sears)
Alexie Mattosie (D. Miller)
Foiled Again (Y. Gingras)
Hypnotic Blue Chip (J. Jamieson)Shark Gesture (G. Brennan)
Oliver Cleo (T. Tetrick)
Won The West (D. Miller)
Blueridge Western (Y. Gingras) Vintage Master (D. Dube)
Shadow Play (D. Miller)
MisterBig (B. Sears)
Won The West (J. Morrill Jr.)
Mister Big (B. Sears)
Artistic Fella (T. Tetrick)
Mypanmar (D. Miller)
Mister Big (D. Miller)
Maltese Artist (Y. Gingras)
Lis Mara (B. Sears)
Ponder (J. Campbell)
Maltese Artist (Y. Gingras)
Casimir Camotion (B. Sears)
Holborn Hanover (G. Brennan) Stondebridge Regal (R. Pierce) Georgia Pacific (A. Miller)
Boulder Creek (B. Sears)
Georgia Pacific (D. Miller)
Timesareachanging (R. Pierce)
Art’s Chip (M. Lachance)
Allamerican Captor (D. Miller)
Artesian (D. Dube)
Life Source (C. Manzi)
Peruvian Hanover (J. Morrill Jr.) Dr Drew (D. Hiteman)
Art Major (J. Campbell)
Four Starzzz Shark (J. Morrill Jr.) McArdle (M. Lachance)
Real Desire (J. Campbell)
Armbro Proposal (L. Ouellette) Peruvian Hanover (R. Pierce)
Goliath Bayama (S. Filion)
Gallo Blue Chip (D. Dube)
Armbro Proposal (G. Brennan)
Space Shuttle (R. Pierce)
Western Ideal (M. Lachance)
Red Bow Tie (L. Ouellette)
Red Bow Tie (L. Ouellette)
Day In A Life (R. Pierce)
B J’s Whirlwind (D. Miller)
Red Bow Tie (L. Ouellette)
Tune Town (H. Parker)
Dauntless Bunny (R. Pierce)
Tune Town (R. Pierce)
Gee Gee Digger (H. Parker)
The Wrath Of Pan (G. Brennan)
Jenna’s Beach Boy (W. Fahy) Village Connection (P. MacDonell)Misfit (R. Pierce)
Pacific Rocket (J. Moiseyev)
Village Jiffy (P. MacDonell)
Ball and Chain (M. Lachance)
Under Orders (P. Wrenn)
Silent Spring (J. Campbell)
Village Jiffy (P. MacDonell)
Staying Together (W. O’Donnell)Bilateral (D. Brown)
Jet Jockey (C. Manzi)
Artsplace (J. Campbell)
Shady Daisy (M. Lachance)
Brace Yourself (R. Pierce)
Jake and Elwood (J. Campbell) Dorunrun Bluegrass (W. O’Donnell)Apaches Fame (W. Fritz)
TK’s Skipper (M. Lachance)
Dorunrun Bluegrass (H. Filion) Topnotcher (D. Brown)
Matt’s Scooter (M. Lachance) Runnymede Lobell (Y. Filion)
Jaguar Spur (W. Fahy)
Jaguar Spur (R. Stillings)
Golden Greek (J. Campbell)
Indian Alert (M. McNichol)
Franz Hanover (W. Herman)
Brians Breeze (R. Silverman)
Tucson Hanover (M. Lachance)
Forrest Skipper (L. Fontaine) Falcon Seelster (T. Harmer)
On The Road Again (W. Gilmour)Butler BG (T. Wing)
Guts (W. O’Donnell)
Mr. Dalrae (D. Magee)
Glen Almahurst (E. Davis)
Energy Burner (T. Merriman)
Cam Fella (P. Crowe)
Millers Scout (W. Gilmour)
Perfect Out (D. Brown)
Genghis Khan (W. O’Donnell) Millers Scout (W. Gilmour)
Justin Passing (D. Arthur)
Art’s Chip (2004)Lowest Win Price:
$2.10 Artsplace (1992)
*World Record
Anthony Abbatiello
New Jersey Classic
Canadian invader Split The House takes the $200,000 New Jersey Classic in 1:48.3.
Aug. 8, 2015
$200,000 1:483 Split The House (R. Waples)
Revenge Shark (B. Miller)
Artspeak (S. Zeron)
Aug. 2, 2014
225,000 1:494 Sweet Rock (B. Miller)
Beat The Drum (R. Pierce)
Bushwacker (D. Miller
Emeritus Maximus (T. Tetrick)
Rockin Amadeus (Y. Gingras)
Aug. 3, 2013
250,000 1:483 Lucan Hanover (D. Miller)
Hurrikane Kingcole (Y. Gingras) Rollinlikeabigshot (T. Tetrick)
Aug. 4, 2012
275,000 1:472 Panther Hanover (S. Filion)
May 28, 2011
400,000 1:51
Big Jim (P. Hudon)
High Noon (R. Pierce)
Shadyshark Hanover (T. Tetrick)
All Speed Hanover (R. Pierce)
Allthatgltrsisgold (D. Magee)
June 12, 2010 500,000 1:491 BG’s Folly (B. Sears)
Dial Or Nodial (B. Sears)
June 13, 2009 500,000 1:502 Passmaster Hanover (T. Tetrick) Vintage Master (D. Dube)
Rudy Rednose (B. Sears)
Harley D Hanover (Y. Gingras)
May 31, 2008
500,000 1:494 McCedes (C. Manzi)
Yankee Skyscaper (G. Brennan) Always a Virgin (B. Sears)
June 2, 2007
500,000 1:494 Fresh Deck (J. Campbell)
Artstanding (M. Lachance)
Western Ace (R. Pierce)
May 27,2006
500,000 1:491 Feelin Friskie (J. Campbell)
May 28, 2005
500,000 1:51 Rocknroll Hanover (B. Sears)
Jo Pa’s Shark (E. Ledford)
Load The Dice (D. Miller)
Dr No (C. Manzi)
Spirit Of A Shark (G. Brennan)
May 29, 2004
500,000 1:502 Modern Art (D. Miller)
Radar Sign (L. Ouellette)
Dream Wave (J. Morrill Jr.)
May 31, 2003
500,000 1:504 Artesian (M. Lachance)
Royal Mattjesty (M. Lachance) Mach Three (J. Campbell)
June 1, 2002
500,000 1:501 McArdle (C. Manzi)
June 2, 2001
500,000 1:50 Bettor’s Delight (M. Lachance)
Gunthatwonthewest (G. Brennan) Whosurboy (J. Campbell)
Armbro Tristen (J. Campbell)
Thunder Bay (E. Ledford)
June 3, 2000
500,000 1:501 Riverboat King (J. Morrill Jr.)
June 5, 1999
500,000 1:50 Art’s Conquest (M. Lachance)
Royalflush Hanover (L. Ouellette) Grinfromeartoear (J. Campbell)
May 25, 1998
500,000 1:511 Shady Character (M. Lachance) I Married A Witch (G. Brennan) Al For President (J. Morrill Jr.)
Park Place (J. Campbell)
Jeremys Gambit (M. Lachance)
June 6, 1997
500,000 1:512 Arturo (L. Ouellette)
May 24, 1996
500,000 1:52 Falcons Scooter (R. Remmen)
Hot Lead (G. Brennan)
Rockapella (C. Manzi)
Sands A Flyin (J. Campbell)
Neutrality (R. Waples)
May 27, 1995
500,000 1:504 Jenna’s Beach Boy (W. Fahy)
May 28, 1994
500,000 1:51 Cam’s Card Shark (J. Campbell) Pacific Rocket (J. Moiseyev)
Cam Terrific (R. Pierce)
No Way (C. Allen)
Pacific Devil (J. Campbell)
May 29, 1993
500,000 1:514 Presidential Ball (R. Waples)
Carlsbad Cam (Ro. Allen)
Run the Gauntlet (J. Campbell)
May 30, 1992
500,000 1:504 Western Hanover (W. Fahy)
Precious Bunny (J. Campbell)
Silky Stallone (J. Fout)
June 1, 1991
500,000 1:514 Die Laughing (R. Silverman)
June 2, 1990
421,970 1:52 Too Good (M. Lachance)
Till We Meet Again (W. Fahy)
In The Pocket (J. Campbell)
Britts Best (R. Pierce)
Goalie Jeff (J. Doherty)
June 9, 1989
500,000 1:532 Dexter Nukes (J. Campbell)
June 11, 1988 500,000 1:52 Matt’s Scooter (W. Gilmour)
Armbro Global (J. Campbell)
Paladium Lobell (J. Moiseyev)
Run The Table (J. Campbell)
Nuklear Weapon (R. Remmen)
June 6, 1987
500,000 1:512 Jate Lobell (M. O’Mara)
Believe In Magic (R. Silverman)
July 20, 1986
470,785 1:533 Awesome Almahurst (M. Gagliardi)Tavern Lobell (K. Torro)
July 5, 1985
500,000 1:54 Markim’s Pride (W. O’Donnell)
Scoot Over (J. Campbell)
Captain Sunshine (J. Doherty)
Joel’s David (J. Doherty)
July 6, 1984
460,000 1:533 On The Road Again (W. Gilmour) Butler BG (T. Wing)
Ticket To Ride (W. Haughton)
Energy Burner (J. Campbell)
July 1, 1983
537,0001:544 Allwin Steady (W. O’Donnell)
McKinzie Almahurst (W. Haughton) Rompin Home (W. O’Donnell)
July 2, 1982
519,000 1:544 Pitt Boy (J. Doherty)
Highest Win Price:
$22.20 Awesome Almahurst (1986)
Lowest Win Price:
$2.40 Presidential Ball (1993)
Formerly raced as the SBOA/New Jersey Classic, the richest stakes event restricted to New Jersey-breds was renamed in honor of Anthony Abbatiello in 2006.
Golden Girls
Anndrovette pulls 36-1 upset in the $213,450 Golden Girls in 2:02.4 for a mile & an eighth
July 18, 2015
July 12, 2014
Jun. 1, 2013
Aug. 17, 2012
Aug. 20, 2011 Aug. 20, 2010 Aug. 1, 2009
Aug. 2, 2008
July 28, 2007
Aug. 5, 2006
Aug. 6, 2005
Aug. 7, 2004
July 26, 2003
2:024 Anndrovette (T. Tetrick)
Table Talk (A. Miller)
1:484 1:493
1:484 1:50 1:501 1:501
Rocklamation (Y. Gingras)
Feeling You (A. Miller)
Rocklamation (Y. Gingras)
Rebeka Bayama (S. Filion)
Dreamfair Eternal (B. Sears) Tug River Princess (J. Campbell)
Southwind Tempo (T. Tetrick)
Darlin’s Delight (Y. Gingras)
Armbro Dancer (R. Pierce)
Marnie Hall (D. Dube)
Burning Point (R. Pierce)
Animated Art (M. Lachance)
Molly Can Do It (J. Moiseyev)
Molly Can Do It (2003)
Burning Point (2005)
Drop The Ball (C. Callahan)
Anndrovette (T. Tetrick)
Krispy Apple (A. Miller)
Drop The Ball (Y. Gingras) Anndrovette (T. Tetrick)
Ginger And Fred (B. Sears) Hana Hanover (G. Brennan)
My Little Dragon (B. Sears)
Darlin’s Delight (Y. Gingras)
Burning Point (R. Pierce)
Carolina Sunshine (B. Sears)
Bunny Lake (J. Campbell)
Bunny Lake (J. Campbell)
*Stakes Record
Highest Win Price:
Lowest Win Price:
Sandbetweenurtoes (J. Campbell)
Jerseylicious (B. Miller)
Ginger And Fred (R. Pierce)
Drop The Ball (C. Callahan
Ginger And Fred (D. Miller)
Chancey Lady (G. Grennan)
On The Glass (Y. Gingras)
A and G’sconfusion (D. Miller)
Tidewaterdragonfly (T. Tetrick)
Ideal Weather (D. Miller)
Born Storyteller (G. Brennan)
Glowing Report (D. Miller)
Loyal Opposition (G. Brennan)
Worldly Beauty (L. Ouellette)
Cane Pace
Dealt A Winner wins the Cane Pace over heavily favored Wiggle It Jiggleit in a world record 1:47.3
Aug. 8, 2015
Dealt A Winner (D. Miller)
Artspeak (S. Zeron)
Dude’s The Man (C. Callahan)
Shady Daisy
Scott Zeron and Stacia Hanover win the $109,500 Shady Daisy in 1:49.2
Aug. 8, 2015
$109,500 1:492
Stacia Hanover (S. Zeron)
Bettor Be Steppin (C. Callahan)
Divine Caroline (D. Miller)
2YO Colt & Gelding Trot
Southwind Frank wires foes from post nine in 1:53.4 in $100,000 NJSS Final
Jul. 17, 2015
Southwind Frank (Y. Gingras)
Bar Hopping (J. Takter)
Marion Marauder (J. Campbell)
2YO Filly Trot
All The Time goes all the way in 1:55.4 in $100,000 NJSS Final
Jul. 17, 2015
All The Time (Y. Gingras)
Silent Blessings (T. Tetrick)
Gifted Lady (J. Campbell)
2YO Colt & Gelding Pace
Ideal Rocky upsets heavy favorite Boston Red Rocks $100,000 NJSS Final in 1:53.1
Jul. 17, 2015
Ideal Rocky (C. Callahan)
Boston Red Rocks (C. Callahan)
Winning Linc (Y. Gingras)
2YO Filly Pace
Blue Moon Stride rallies in 1:53.1 to take $100,000 NJSS Final.
Jul. 17, 2015
Blue Moon Stride (A. McCarthy)
Show Time Hill (T. Tetrick)
Sonoma Valley (D. Miller)
3YO Colt & Gelding Trot
Canepa Hanover sets stakes record of 1:51.1 in $100,000 NJSS Final
May 30, 2015
1:511 Canepa Hanover (Y. Gingras) French Laundry (B. Miller) Aldebaran Eagle (C. Callahan)
3YO Filly Trot
Mission Brief overcomes post ten to win $100,000 NJSS Final in 1:54.3
May 30, 2015
$100,000 1:543 Mission Brief (Y. Gingras)
Model Behavior (T. Tetrick)
Riley’s Dream (A. Miller)
3YO Filly Pace
The Show Returns rallies to 40-1 upset in $100,000 NJSS Final in 1:51
May 30, 2015
The Show Returns (J. Campbell)
Stacia Hanover (S. Zeron) Wicked Little Minx (B. Miller)
3YO Colt & Gelding Pace
Artspeak crushes foes with a 1:48.4 win in $100,000 NJSS Final
May 30, 2015
Artspeak (S. Zeron)
Gokudo Hanover (J. Campbell)
Revenge Shark (C. Callahan)
Joe Bongiorno
Nov. 2014 - Aug. 2015
Meadowlands Career
20 27
48 48
Birthdate: 1993-09-23
Birthplace: Red Bank, NJ
Height: 5’10” Weight: 130
Residence: Colts Neck, NJ
Age: 22
Joe Bongiorno posted his first Top 10 finish in the Meadowlands driver standings with 32 wins during the 2014-15 meet.
With the bulk of his success coming from the family stable
managed by his father, Bob Bongiorno, Joe also picked up
plum assignments from the sport’s leading trainer, Ron Burke.
Bongiorno developed and displayed talent as a bright teenager in New Jersey, and continued to gain valuable experience
competing at the sport’s highest level in early 2014. Among
his 16 wins during the inaugural meet at the Meadowlands,
World Cup rallied to a nose upset in a $30,000 Open Trot in
Voted the 2011 Rising Star of the Year by the Monticello
Chapter of the US Harness Writers Association, and the 2011
National Amateur Driver of the Year, Bongiorno is the grandson of Harold “Sonny”
Dancer, won his first race at Freehold Raceway at age 18 with Mr Bennett and apprenticed under George “Buzzy” Sholty.
Joe scored his first Meadowlands win in a dead heat in 2012 with Moving Art. He
became the second youngest driver to post a $1 million season at age 19 and won 160
races that season.
Bongiorno followed up with another $1 million campaign in 2013. The graduate of
Colts Neck High School won a Finn Tack Driver of the Week Award in July of 2013
with three upsets. He kicked off his triple in a leg of the Ima Lula Series and put a
new lifetime mark on Real Babe of 1:53.2 at 12-1. Seek The Dragon lowered his mark
to 1:51.3 for Bongiorno, then Allamerican Apache scored at 12-1.
Bongiorno won his first race as an amateur at the Meadowlands on December 10,
2010 at age 16 in the AHRDC Fall Final in 1:58.1 wtih Oh Whata Guy.
Bongiorno’s favorite horse is the iron tough pacing mare Don’t Blame Her. Owned by
Joe’s parents, Bob and Barbara, she equaled her lifetime mark of 1:51.2 in the Open
at Vernon Downs at age 10 in 2013.
John Campbell
Nov. 2014 - Aug. 2015 685
9779 94
Meadowlands Career 43,286
7,3695,928 5,104
Birthdate: 1955-04-08 Birthplace: Ailsa Craig, Ontario
Height: 5’7”Weight: 150
Residence: River Vale, NJ
Age: 60
John Campbell turned 60 with a vengeance by fashioning a vintage Top
5 2014-15 meet at the Meadowlands with 97 wins and $2,863,342, and
hooked up with the rags-to-riches trotter JL Cruze. Campbell and the
four-year-old gelding by Crazed dominated the sport, winning finals of the
Super Bowl, Charles Singer Memorial, Shiaway St. Pat, Bobby Weiss and
Graduate. The latter came with a record of 1:49.4, the fastest trotting mile
in Meadowlands history. JL Cruze followed up with another world record
of 2:04.2 in the mile and one eighth Hambletonian Maturity. Campbell also
swept the Graduate for pacers with Doo Wop Hanover.
Unfortunately, Campbell was forced to miss his first Hambletonian in 33
years with a broken wrist suffered in a qualifying mishap at the Meadowlands Racetrack.
During the inaugural meet at the New Meadowlands, John Campbell finished sixth in the standings with 68 wins, and continued to make a nightly
impact among the sport’s top drivers. He won a $100,000 NJSS Final
with Doo Wop Hanover, and he also finished a hard-fought second in the
Hambletonian with Nuncio.
Campbell’s title as harness racing’s all-time leading driver is secure with
$293 million in earnings, more than half of which he has earned at the
Meadowlands. Campbell became the youngest person elected to Harness Racing’s Hall of Fame at age 35.
A decade later, on March 18, 2000, he became the first reinsman in horse racing history -- Standardbred or
Thoroughbred -- to reach $100 million in earnings at a single racetrack at the Meadowlands.
Campbell has won 16 Meadowlands driving titles and has an unprecedented seven victories in the Meadowlands Pace and six in the Hambletonian. Campbell is ninth among the sport’s leading dash winning drivers
with more than 10,000 carer wins, and he is also the leading driver in the Breeders Crown series with 47
Campbell experienced a few challenging seasons during the mid-2000s, beginning with a fractured elbow
sustained in a racing accident that kept him sidelined for several months in 2003 and 2004. After a lukewarm 2005 seaon, Campbell experienced a rebirth for which he was named U.S. Harness Writers Association’s 2006 Driver of the Year. However, that resurgence was cut short when he fractured his left leg in a
Breeders Crown elimination on October 21, 2006 at Woodbine. Campbell made a triumphant return in April
2007 and posted his first $10 million season since 2002, despite missing the first three months of racing.
Once again in 2011, he bounced back from serious injury just in time to finish third in the Hambletonian with
Opening Night.
In 2000, Campbell was awarded a Meritorious Service Medal by the Governor General of Canada for his
commitment to harness racing. He was saluted by the New Jersey State Assembly in 2004.
In 2012, Campbell was named President of the sport’s Grand Circuit, and he continues to be one of harness
racing’s great speakers and goodwill ambassadors. In 2013, Campbell was voted the Stan Bergstein-Proximity Award by the United States Harness Writers Association.
Corey Callahan
Nov. 2014 - Aug. 2015
Meadowlands Career
89 107
322 292 307
Birthdate: 1978-04-21
Birthplace: Easton, MD
Height: 5’10” Weight: 160
Residence: Middletown, DE Age: 37
Corey Callahan continued to rank among the sport’s top drivers in wins and
earnings in 2015, and finished sixth in the Meadowlands driver standings
during the 2014-15 meet with 95 wins and $2,091,375. After wrapping up
his sixth straight driving title at Dover Downs, Callahan vaulted past 4,000
career wins and $60 million.
Callahan’s 2015 highlights included victories in the $400,000 Adios Final
at The Meadows with Dude’s The Man, the $300,000 James Lynch and
$350,000 Valley Forge at Pocono Downs with Bettor Be Steppin, and a second in the $500,000 Hambletonian Oaks with Rules of the Road.
Corey Callahan posted a Top 3 finish in his third season at the Meadowlands with 93 wins during the 2013-2014 meet. In addition to capturing
overnight series finals with Dragon Lore and Elleofnxample, Callahan
also won a NJSS Division with Atsallrite Hanover, a division of the Kindergarten with Allerage Star and the Duenna with My Inspiration. He drove
standouts Golden Receiver and Drop The Ball, finished fifth in his second
Hambletonian with Resolve, and passed the $50 million mark in career
earnings in 2014.
In 2013, Callahan came up with a second-place finish in the driver standings with 99 wins. Nicknamed
“Captain” through a Big M promotion, the affable and media-friendly Callahan was also honored with
his own bobblehead doll in 2013. He went past $9 million on the season for the first time and 3,000
career wins.
Also in 2013, the Callahan star was shining brightly on Hambletonian Day when he guided D’Orsay
to a world record on 1:51.4 in the $55,000 Ima Lula Final and came right back with a 4-1 upset in the
$217,100 Lady Liberty with Drop The Ball in 1:49. He also drove in his first Hambletonian Final with
Lauderdale (sixth) and competed in his first Breeders Crown events in 2013.
Callahan had started to make his presence felt by cracking the Top 10 at The Meadowlands for the
first time in 2012 with 35 wins, good for seventh in the standings that season. His 2012 summer highlight at The Big M came winning the $268,300 Sweetheart with Jerseylicious.
The 37-year-old from Easton, Maryland also guided world champion trotter Googoo Gaagaa, and he
also captured his fifth straight driving title at Dover Downs.
Callahan often donates to industry organizations like the Standardbred Retiredment Foundation,
Horse Lovers United and local SPCA groups, and was a nominee for the 2012 Rising Star Award.
As the son of noted horseman Nick Callahan, Corey went from a guy who didn’t even want to jog his
own father’s horses, to one of the top drivers on the Eastern Seaboard.
A graduate of the University of Kentucky where he played hockey, Callahan traded in a corporate suit
and started driving at the age of 27.
Callahan represented the United States in the 25th World Driving Championship in 2011 and finished
The biggest win of his career came during the 2009 season when he captured the $500,000 Hoosier
Cup with Mr. Wiggles.
Yannick Gingras
Nov. 2014 - Aug. 2015 700
140120 91
Meadowlands Career 11,645
1,5621,518 1,403
Birthdate: 1979-08-04 Birthplace: Greenfield Park, Quebec
Height: 5’5”Weight: 150
Residence: Allentown, NJ
Age: 36
Fresh off his first Driver of the Year Award in 2014, Yannick Gingras
maintained his record pace during the 2014-15 meet, and he cruised
to his fourth straight Meadowlands driving title with 140 wins and
In late November 2014, Gingras equaled the record of four Breeders
Crowns in one season, winning with Mission Brief, Sayitall BB, Pinkman and Father Patrick. He also capped a career season with 559
wins and $17,297,581. At just 36, Gingras is well ahead of the pace set
by Hall of Famer John Campbell, passing $125 million in 2015.
Going into the 2015 Hambletonian, Gingras was the regular pilot of
top-rated gelding Pinkman, as well as super filly Mission Brief. After
guiding both trotters to elimination wins, Gingras chose to drive Mission Brief in the $1 million final and had to settle for second behind
Pinkman and Brian Sears.
Also on Hambletonian Day 2015, Gingras won the $500,000 Hambletonian Oaks for the second straight year with Wild Honey, and the
$349,850 Peter Haughton Memorial with NJSS champion Southwind
Yannick Gingras continued to dominate the Meadowlands in 2014 and ran away with his third consecutive driving title, posting 153 wins and $3.2 million. The season leading money-winning driver was center
stage Hambletonian Day capturing five stakes, including the Miss New Jersey with Gettingreadytoroll,
the Merrie Annabelle with World Champion Mission Brief, a Townsend Ackerman division with Amped Up
Hanover, his first Hambletonian Oaks with Lifetime Pursuit and the Lady Liberty with Rocklamation.
With powerhouse clients like trainers Ron Burke and Jimmy Takter, Gingras also drove 2014 standouts like
world champion and Stanley Dancer Memorial winner Father Patrick, Foiled Again, Lyonssomewhere,
Canepa Hanover, French Laundry and Archangel, who trotted to a world record for a mile track of 1:50.
In 2013, Gingras captured his second straight title at the Meadowlands with 119 wins and $2.6 million.
“The Green Hornet” also made it back-to-back Breeders Crown triples in 2013 with division leaders
Father Patrick, Maven and Foiled Again, who became the richest North America-based harness horse in
history and the oldest to win a Crown title at age nine.
Gingras nailed down his first Meadowlands Pace in 2012, going all the way with A Rocknroll Dance in
1:48.1, and also won the Pace Consolation wtih Hurrikane Kingcole in 1:47.3.
Gingras has been the regular driver of free for all pacer Foiled Again, the 2011 Pacer of the Year, who
became the richest pacer in history in 2012 when he won the Canadian Pacing Derby at Mohawk. The
Dragon Again gelding helped Gingras post his first $13 million season in 2012
A third generation horseman from Sorel, Quebec, Gingras started driving at the Meadowlands in 2004
and instantly found his place among the Top 10 drivers. Gingras moved to the United States and began
driving at Yonkers in 2001. Just two years later, he ranked among the New York oval’s top drivers and was
awarded the United States Harness Writers Association’s Rising Star Award. By 2004, he was getting the
call on top stakes contenders like Timesareachanging, whom he drove to a runner-up finish in the Meadowlands Pace. Gingras was the regular driver of Darlin’s Delight, the 2006 Three Year Old Filly Pacer of
the Year who earned $2.9 million.
Jim Marohn, Jr.
Nov. 2014 - Aug. 2015 446
4233 43
Nov. 2013 - Aug. 2014 187
109 20
Birthdate: 1982-02-24
Birthplace: Westbury, NY
Height: 5’5”Weight: 135
Residence: Fort Lee, NJ
Age: 33
Jim Marohn, NJ continued to make further inroads with a
more intense commitment to the Meadowlands during the
2014-15 meet, resulting in a Top 10 finish in the driver standings. Marohn took advantage of steady business from trainers Rob Harmon and Daniel Gill.
Going into the Fall of 2015, Marohn was set to pass 300 wins
for the fourth straight season. He scored his 3,000 career
win at Monticello Raceway on September 15, and posted his
first $2 million campaign. On May 18, Marohn drove seven
winners at Tioga Downs.
The 33-year-old son of New York legend Jim “The Mighty
Mite” Marohn is a three-time Tioga Downs leading driver. He has also won titles at Monticello Raceway (2012) and Colonial Downs
Marohn scored his first win at Pocono Downs in 2002 and worked for Bill
Marohn’s biggest thrill was winning both legs of the 2013 Vernon-Tioga All
Star Drivers Championship against the sport’s top reinsman and taking home
$35,000 in prize money.
Andrew McCarthy
Nov. 2014 - Aug. 2015 296
1243 35
Nov. 2013 - Aug. 2014 246
1717 23
Birthdate: 1982-02-24 Birthplace: Baturst, Australia
Height: 5’8”Weight: 160
Residence: Swedesboro, NJ
Age: 33
After a chance meeting with trainer Noel Daley in 2007,
Andrew McCarthy decided to take his talents from Australia to the biggest stage in the US. McCarthy won an
Open Pace at the Meadowlands with Daley trainee Took
Hanover and $20 million later he has never looked back.
In 2015, McCarthy won a $100,000 New Jersey Sires
Stakes Final with Blue Moon Stride.
In addition to his nightly presence at the Meadowlands,
McCarthy has also been a regular at Pocono Downs. Annually, when the meet ends in November, he has spent
time in South America and Southeast Asia, traveling, hiking and seeing the world.
McCarthy is a third generation horseman. His brother
Luke McCarthy was a leading driver in Australia, and also spent time in the US, and
his father has overseen one of the largest stables downunder.
Andy Miller
Nov. 2014 - Aug. 2015 630
5068 76
Meadowlands Career 10,059
1,1331,255 1,116
Birthdate: 1968-09-07 Birthplace: Mattoon, IL
Height: 5’8”Weight: 160
Residence: Millstone, NJ
Age: 47
Following a serious injury in 2014, Andy Miller bounced back with a
strong 2015 season and landed in the Top 10 at the Meadowlands. In
addition to assisting his wife Julie Miller, Andy drove two of the fastest
miles of his career with Odds On Equuleus winning back-to-back in
1:47.4 and 1:47.3, and passed the $3 million mark in 2015.
Andy Miller was involved in an accident at Yonkers Raceway on April
15, 2014, breaking a pair of lumbar vertebrae in his back, and requiring eight hours of surgery and months of recovery time. Miller had
just passed 8,000 career wins and the $100 million milestone, and he
guided world champion trotting mare Perfect Alliance to victory in the
Charles Singer Memorial with a stakes record of 1:52.2.
With a positive prognosis for a full recovery, “The Orange Crush” continued to assist his wife Julie with their stable based at Gaitway Farm
in Englishtown, NJ. They finished second, third and eleventh with
world champion Designed To Be, Take The Money and Cee Bee Yes,
respectively in the 2014 $500,000 Hambletonian Oaks.
Andy Miller completed his eighth full season at the Meadowlands
in 2013, and finished third in the driver standings with 96 wins and $1,852,774. His major victories
included the Super Bowl Final with Windsun Galliano, the Exit 16W Final with Mr Dennis, the Junior
Trendsetter Final with Resistance Futile, the Arthur J. Cutler Memorial and John Cashman Memorial
with Sevruga, a Golden Girls division with Feeling You and a NJSS Final with Cee Bee Yes.
A leading driver on the Chicago circuit, Andy Miller
began driving full time at the Meadowlands in
2006 and
quickly established himself among the track’s leading
Miller is the younger brother of trainer Ervin
Miller. Erv and Andy were born and raised in the
community of Arthur, Illinois. There were always Standardbred horses around the Miller home,
but they were used for buggies not racehorses. Andy Miller started driving in 1985 at the age of 16
the Illinois fair circuit. When Erv went to work for leading Illinois trainer Tex Moats, Andy followed and
was soon afforded the opportunity to drive stakes-caliber horses for Moats. By 1996, Miller topped
the $1 million mark in purses. After spending eight years with Moats, Miller moved on to become one
of the most successful catch drivers on the Balmoral-Maywood-Hawthorne circuit. In the meantime,
his older brother’s stable developed into a national powerhouse and Miller has often been in the sulky
behind Erv’s top trainees like Loyal Opposition.
One of Andy’s biggest career wins came when he guided Creamy Mimi to an upset ($27.60) in the
$750,000 Hambletonian Oaks in 2008.
“Team Orange Crush” send out their third Hambletonian finalist in 2012, Money On My Mind. They
campaigned 2009 Older Trotter of the Year Lucky Jim to a dazzling 17 wins in 18 starts that season.
Lucky Jim won nearly every major stake in his division, including the Arthur J. Cutler Memorial, Titan
Cup and Breeders Crown. He trotted a world record of 1:50.1 in the Nat Ray on Hambletonian Day.
Brett Miller
Nov. 2014 - Aug. 2015 804
99 12083
Meadowlands Career 934
116133 99
Birthdate: 1972-08-19 Birthplace: Columbus, OH
Height: 5’10” Weight: 165
Residence: Washington, PA
Age: 42
The Brett Miller breakout party continued into Phase 2 during the
2014-15 meet at the Meadowlands as “Super Brett” finished fourth in
the driver standings with 99 wins and $2,081,567. Fresh off a career
best $7,939,143 season in 2014, Miller soared past 7,000 career wins
and $62 million. He also passed the $5 million mark for the sixth time
in the last five years.
Miller’s biggest wins at the Meadowlands in 2015 came with Spirit To
Win in the $187,000 Delvin Miller Memorial at 48-1, the $100,000 Miss
New Jersey with Wicked Little Minx, a $50,000 division of the TVG
Open with JK Endofanera and a $30,000 division of the Duenna with
Meadowbranch Wendy. He also made his Hambletonian debut with
French Laundry (eighth).
In 2014, Miller was a steady force during the stakes season, with
major wins in the $212,150 Mistletoe Shalee with Sandbetweenurtoes,
the $30,000 Duenna with Donatella Hanover and a shocking upset in the $225,000 New Jersey
Classic with Sweet Rock. He also guided Dancin Yankee with a world record equaling 1:47.2
at Pocono Downs.
The 42-year-old from Columbus, Ohio was born into harness racing. His grandfathers A.J.
Price and Clyde Miller both operated stables, his father Del S. Miller was a successful horseman, and his cousin is Hall of Fame driver Dave Miller.
After getting his start on the Ohio circuit, and driving regularly at The Meadows, Miller started
concentrating on the Meadowlands, Pocono Downs and Harrah’s Philadelphia in 2014, which
led to lucrative stakes opportunities for top trainers like Hall of Famer Jimmy Takter. Miller
was runner up for the second time in the North America Cup with the Takter-trained favorite
Tellitlikeitis, who won his elimination in 1:48.4. He was also second in the 2010 edition with
We Will See. Tellitlikeitis finished third in the Meadowlands Pace.
Miller was also second in the 2013 Canadian Pacing Derby with Clear Vision, who won that
year’s Quillen Memorial, and Miller also captured the 2013 Milton Stakes with Rocklamation.
On April 11, 2007, Miller drove a record equaling 10 wins on a 13-race program at Northfield Park.
Miller has faced his share of adversity, including bad spills, which led to some personal medication issues, and turned out to be a series of events that completely turned his life around.
In mid 2007, Miller received a one-year suspension. After being in a couple of bad accidents,
he successfully battled addiction to pain medication and substance abuse, and credits trainer
Dan Daley with his recovery. Miller also met his wife, Stacey, and they now have three young
David Miller
Nov. 2014 - Aug. 2015 771
11687 98
Meadowlands Career 20,949
2,6972,562 2,606
Birthdate: 1964-12-10 Birthplace: Columbus, OH
Height: 5’9”Weight: 167
Residence: Cream Ridge, NJ Age: 51
Dave Miller maintained his strong foothold at the Meadowlands with his
second straight runner-up finish in the driver standings for the 2014-15 meet
with 116 wins and $2,956,109. Miller also passed Mike Lachance into third
on the all-time money list with over $194 million.
Miller enjoyed a banner Hambletonian Day 2015 and drove four stakes winners on the card: Broadway Donna in the $289,450 Jim Doherty Memorial,
State Treasurer in the $215,400 US Pacing Championship, Dealt A Winner
in the $319,400 Cane Pace and Honor And Serve in the $50,000 Townsend
Ackerman. He was second in the $249,850 Peter Haughton Memorial with
Brooklyn Hill and in the $109,500 Shady Daisy with Divine Caroline. Miller
was also third in the $1 million Hambletonian Final wtih Uncle Lasse and in
the $500,000 Hambletonian Oaks with Bright Baby Blues.
Dave Miller reached a well-deserved career highlight in 2014 with his induction into Harness Racing’s Hall of Fame. Miller also finished second in the
New Meadowlands driver standings with 104 wins and became only the
eighth driver in history to pass 11,000 career wins.
“The Buckeye” also made his first appearance at Solvalla Racetrack in
Stockholm, Sweden, in an elimination for the Elitlopp with world champion trotter Uncle Peter.
Miller posted two of the fastest miles of his illustrious career in 2013, both 1:47, with Pet Rock winning
the $471,800 William Haughton Memorial at the Big M and Shebestingin becoming the sport’s fastest
female in history in the $122,500 Tattersalls at The Red Mile. Miller captured the $250,000 New Jersey
Classic with Lucan Hanover in 1:48.3 and finished fourth in the Meadowlands driver standings with 89
wins. He also had a pair of Breeders Crown upsets at Pocono Downs with Uffizi Hanover and Shelliscape. As the first driver in history to hit $100 million in a decade, Miller posted a record twelfth season
past the $10 million mark in 2013.
Miller got on a roll early in the 2012 meet, winning six series finals in the first four months. He won his
first Hambletonian Oaks with long-shot Personal Style in 1:53.1, hooked up with Jimmy Takter’s fearsome freshman trotters To Dream On and Corky, and pulled off the NJSS Final-Miss New Jersey Double
with Sarandon Blue Chip.
A native of Columbus, Ohio, Miller comes from a harness racing family - his father Donny and grandfather Clyde both had public stables. Miller first started driving in 1981, but it wasn’t until 1988 that his
career began to soar when he steered 153 horses to the winner’s circle, six more wins than he enjoyed in
the previous seven years. He had his first million-dollar season in 1992 and quickly went on to dominate
the Ohio circuit, behind the likes of 1995 and 1996 Ohio Horse of the Year Crisp Sahbra. Another one of
Miller’s Buckeye accomplishments was a nine-winner card on January 10, 1998 at Northfield Park. He
was inducted into the Ohio Harness Racing Hall of Fame in 2010.
Miller has guided many divisional standouts, including 2000 Trotting Horse of the Year Magician and
2007 Older Pacer of the Year Mister Big. But his greatest accomplishments thus far were with 2003
Horse of the Year No Pan Intended, whom he guided to victories in the Triple Crown of Pacing and the
Breeders Crown.
Marcus Miller
Nov. 2014 - Aug. 2015 259
1017 16
Nov. 2013 - Aug. 2014 404
3131 51
Birthdate: 1989-05-06 Birthplace: Olney, IL
Height: 5’9”Weight: 150
Residence: Stroudsburg, PA Age: 6
Marcus Miller scaled back his schedule at the Meadowlands
in 2015, yet still vaulted past the $2 million mark for the sixth
straight season and 2,200 career wins, splitting his time between Pocono Downs and Harrah’s Philadelphia.
In 2014 Miller matured into Top 10 catch driver at the Meadowlands and at major Pennsylvania tracks. Miller was a
nightly presence at the Big M, and he drove Cee Bee Yes to a
NJSS division win and runner-up finish the the $100,000 New
Jersey Sire Stakes Final. He drove in his first Meadowlands
Pace, guiding Jet Airway to a fifth place finish. He also drove
in his first Hambletonian Oaks with Cee Bee Yes.
Under the guidance of his father, trainer Erv Miller, Marcus Miller made a smooth
transition from county fairs to winning titles at Balmoral Park and Maywood Park in
Illinois. The young gun made his move to the Meadowlands in the Winter of 2013
and scored his first Big M win with Ideal Ginny on January 24th.
On June 29th, 2013, Marcus scored a “Cinco de Miller” with five wins, including three
for his dad, and two divisions of NJSS with Rockingcam Park and Ideal Helen. The
five bagger earned him a Finn Tack Driver of the Week Award.
Marcus posted back-to-back $3 million seasons in 2011 and 2012, reached $2.95 million in 2013, and he won a career best 501 races in 2011.
As a young boy, Marcus enjoyed baseball more than horses, but eventually the
horses won out and he started driving at age 15. He says he received plenty of career
advice from his uncle, Andy Miller.
Miller grew up in Sherman, Illinois and studied Marketing at Eastern Illinois University.
He married Sara Balagna in February of 2014.
Ron Pierce
Nov. 2014 - Aug. 2015 273
2629 44
Meadowlands Career 31,938
3,6473,777 3,871
Birthdate: 1956-06-21
Birthplace: Livermore, CA
Height: 5’7”Weight: 160
Residence: Clarksburg, NJ
Age: 59
Unfortunately, back and neck surgeries kept Ron Pierce on the sidelines for
most of 2015. Pierce had additional back surgery on September 3 and was
scheduled to miss the remainder of the season. The second leading money winning driver of all time stood at $215,343,639 and 9,570 career wins.
Think of the 2014 season and Ron Pierce, and one sensational pacer’s name
comes to mind - Sweet Lou. The sport’s top free-for-aller reeled off ten straight
wins, including the Roll With Joe at Tioga Downs, the Ben Franklin at Pocono
Downs in a world record of 1:47, the William Haughton Memorial and the US
Pacing Champonship at the Big M, and the Dan Patch at Hoosier Park. The
five-year-old triple millionaire by Yankee Cruiser became the first horse in history to win six times under 1:48, all consecutively. He capped his illustrious
career winning the $500,000 TVG FFA in 1:48.
Ron Pierce turned 58 in 2014 and the Hall of Famer continued to turn back the
clock as one of the sport’s premier catch drivers, while passing 9,000 career
wins. He also won the $213,500 Del Miller Memorial with Shake it Cerry, and
finished second in the $355,500 Peter Haughton Memorial with Uncle Lasse, and the $225,000 New Jersey Classic with Beat The Drum.
Pierce became only the second driver in history to pass $200 million in 2013, and up until 2012, the
second-leading driver of all time both at the Meadowlands and in the sport’s history, had never had a
season since turning 50 without winning at least one million dollar race, doing it a record six years in a
In the Fall of 2013, “The Miracle Man” also became the second leading driver in Breeders Crown series
history by winning three finals at Pocono Downs with Shake It Cerry, Luck Be Withyou and Spider Blue
Chip, pushing his total to 29 trophies. Pierce also had three seconds with Authorize, Cedar Dove and
Frau Blucher.
In 2011, Pierce drove the sport’s leading money winner, Roll With Joe. At $1.6 million, the son of Cam’s
Card Shark pulled a 5-1 upset from post eight in the Meadowlands Pace in 1:48.2, giving Pierce his
fourth Pace trophy.
Pierce won his first Meadowlands driving title in 2004 -- 27 years after his first Meadowlands victory -and received the sport’s highest honor, a Hall of Fame induction, in 2005.
His first Hambletonian win was in 1993 with American Winner. He won his second Hambletonian with Donato Hanover in 2007 and his third in 2010 with Muscle Massive. Pierce guided Donato Hanover to Horse
of the Year honors and just under $3 million in career earnings.
In perhaps the greatest race in the track’s history, Pierce guided Art Official to a dazzling 1:47 world
record in the 2008 Meadowlands Pace, handing eventual Horse of the Year Somebeachsomewhere his
only career loss. Pierce won his first Meadowlands Pace with Dream Away in 1997 and scored his third
win in the track’s signature event in 2009 with Three-Year-Old Pacing Colt of the Year, Well Said.
Pierce has won driving titles at Cal Expo, Los Alamitos, Fairplex Park, Canterbury Downs and Macau
in China. An avid outdoorsman, he first gained national attention in 1989 as
the regular pilot of multiple
stakes winner Casino Cowboy. Since then, he has piloted an impressive list of champions, including
Shady Daisy, Pacing Triple Crown winner Blissfull Hall, triple millionaire Mr Muscleman, Tom Ridge,
Rainbow Blue and Passionate Glide.
Tim Tetrick
Nov. 2014 - Aug. 2015 615
10892 69
Meadowlands Career 6,723
1,5481,528 1,452
Birthdate: 1981-11-22 Birthplace: Flora, IL
Height: 5’9”Weight: 150
Residence: Woolwich Twp., NJ Age: 34
It was certainly no surprise Tim Tetrick was once again battling for the top spot among
the sport’s leading money winning drivers in 2015. Tetrick finished third at the Meadowlands for the 2014-15 meet with 108 wins and $2,934,444. He also passed 8,800
career wins and $160 million. At age 34, he is the youngest to reach the Top 10 list of
leading money winning drivers of all-time moving into sixth in 2013, while earning a
record $140 million in the last nine seasons.
His 2015 highlights at the Big M include series finals in the Escort with Company Man,
the Clyde Hirt with Rockeyed Optimist and the Whata Baron with Ideal Cowboy. He
also won Graduate divisions with Rockeyed Optimist and Doo Wop Hanover, the William Haughton Memorial with Mach It So, the Golden Girls with Anndrovette and a
TVG Open with Flanagan Memory.
After a winning a record fourth Driver of the Year title in 2013, Tim Tetrick continued
to soar in 2014, winning his fourth Meadowlands Pace in eight appearances with He’s
Watching, who equaled the all-time fastest race mile of 1:46.4.
Tetrick finished fourth in the Meadowlands standings with 83 wins and $2.4 million,
and his other major wins at the Big M came with National Debt in the Buddy Gilmour
Memorial, Act Now in a $100,000 NJSS Final and Classic Martine in the Ima Lula Final in a world record of 1:50.1.
Tetrick followed up a dream season in 2012 with his seventh straight money title in 2013, passing the $14 million
mark for the seventh consecutive year. He also won three Breeders Crown events at Pocono Downs with Market
Share, I Luv The Nitelife and Captaintreacherous. In addition to the Meadowlands Pace, Tetrick and “The Captain” also scored major wins in the North America Cup, the Max Hempt Memorial, the Cane Pace, the Bluegrass
and Tattersalls.
In 2012, Tetrick was the Big M’s leading money winner with $3,457,933. He capped off his 2012 campaign at the
Big M with a bang, winning his first Hambletonian with Market Share in 1:52.1. He teamed up again with trainer
Linda Toscano to post a world record of 1:50.1 with Horse of the Year Chapter Seven in the Nat Ray, which tied
the fastest trotting mile ever at the Meadowlands. Tetrick also won a NJSS Final with Soutwind Cocoa, another
Toscano trainee.
Also in 2012, Tetrick guided Check Me Out to a world record of 1:51.3 in the Del Miller Memorial. He handled a
pair of outstanding freshman pacers in Woodrow Wilson winner Captaintreacherous and NJSS champion Johny
Rock. Captaintreacherous notched the first ever sbu 1:50 mile by a two-year-old at the Big M, 1:49.3. Tetrick joined
Hall of Famers John Campbell and William O’Donnell as the only drivers to win three $1 million races in a single
season, doing it in a five-week span, and then won a record four Breeders Crown on the same night at Woodbine.
He has also been a regular driver of two world champion female pacers, American Jewel and Anndrovette.
A native of Illinois, driver Tim Tetrick burst onto the national scene in 2007 when he set seasonal records for wins,
with 1,189, and purses, with $18.35 million. He also won the $1 million Meadowlands Pace that year with Southwind Lynx. Tetrick has led all drivers in earnings each year since then, including another record $19.7 million in
2008, and quickly established himself as a Top 5 Meadowlands driver. Tetrick won his second Meadowlands Pace
in 2010 with One More Laugh, upsetting eventual Horse of the Year Rock N Roll Heaven.
Tetrick began his driving career in 1998 at the age of 16, guiding his father’s horses around the Illinois county fair
circuit. He graduated high school in 1999 and made the decision to try his hand as a catch-driver, despite winning
an agricultural business scholarship. He drove at Illinois fairs and Blue Grass Downs in Kentucky before moving
on to Hoosier Park in early 2001 where he became on of the top drivers.
Tetrick’s record numbers are all the more amazing considering he missed several weeks of racing in 2008 and 2009
to have his right hip replaced. The reinsman has suffered from a degenerative hip condition since childhood, had
his left hip replaced in December of 2013, and returned to racing in February of 2014 His astounding achievements
in the face of physical adversity earned him the nickname “The Bionic Man”.
Scott Zeron
Nov. 2014 - Aug. 2015 735
9173 73
Meadowlands Career 1,429
172152 165
Birthdate: 1981-11-22
Birthplace: Oakville, Ontario
Height: 5’7”Weight: 150
Residence: Edgewater, NJ
Age: 26
Scott Zeron’s promising young career continued to flourish at the Meadowlands
and beyond in 2015. Zeron finished seventh in the driver standings for the 201415 meet with 91 wins and $1,983,161. The 26-year-old also passed 200 wins for
the seventh straight season, won more than $5 million for the fifth year in a row
and hit $40 million in career earnings. His 2015 highlights at the Big M came
winning a $100,000 NJSS Final with Artspeak and the $109,500 Shady Daisy
with Stacia Hanover in 1:49.2.
Zeron’s great sense of timing on the track paid off with a major career move at
the right time. The 2012 Rising Star Award winner and leading driver on the
Woodbine Entertainment Circuit in 2013, decided to try the New Meadowlands
right before the Grand Opening, and it resulted in a Top 5 finish in the driver
standings at the inaugural meet.
Zeron also caught the eye of trainer Tony Alagna, and the pair teamed up with
the outstanding freshman pacer Artspeak, who captured the $100,000 NJSS
Final. Zeron won another $100,000 NJSS Final with Stacia Hanover.
Zeron, who became the youngest driver in history at age 23 to reach 2,000 wins on March 21st of 2013,
and was the youngest to win the 2012 Little Brown Jug with Michael’s Power at age 21. He was also a
finalist for Canada’s Driver of the Year for the 2010 and 2011 O’Brien Awards.
For two years in a row (2010 and 2011), Zeron led all Canadian drivers in wins. In 2010, Zeron visited
the winner’s circle a personal best 606 times followed by 539 wins in 2011. He posted his biggest year to
date in 2012 with $8,743,648 in earnings.
November 12, 2011 proved to be a big evening for Zeron. He won two $300,000 OSS Super Finals. He
scored with Apogee Hanover and Miss Paris. Miss Paris also scored Zeron a pair of OSS Gold Final
victories earlier in the season while Apogee Hanover won a single Gold trophy.
On August 1, 2011, Zeron guided Machapelo to a Battle of Waterloo victory in 1:54.4. It was Zeron’s his
first ‘Battle’ win. Zeron and Machapelo would team up again in 2011 to win an OSS Gold Final before
finishing second in the $300,000 OSS Super Final.
In 2010, Zeron led all drivers in Canada in wins, notching 606 triumphs with $4,435,293 in purse earnings.
On December 4, 2010, Zeron became the first Canadian driver to hit 1,000 wins before the age of 22. Also
in 2010, Zeron guided Part Shark to victory in the prestigious Gold Cup & Saucer at Charlottetown Driving
Park in P.E.I. Part Shark stopped the clock in 1:51, a track record at the half-mile oval.
Zeron was invited to represent Canada in 2010 at an international driving competition in France. He finished second in the Prix des Rencontres Internationales du Trotteur Français at Paris-Vincennes. In his
European debut, he was up against 14 of the world’s top reinsmen.
Zeron started driving in 2007, but by the end of 2008, his second year driving, Zeron surpassed $1 million
in lifetime purse earnings.
Scott is the son of veteran trainer/driver Rick Zeron. Scott began going to the races on a regular basis
around the age of 12, but when he experienced first-hand the speed of racing, he knew driving was what
he wanted to do.
Tony Alagna
Nov. 2014 - Aug. 2015 196
3629 26
Meadowlands Career 931
153137 110
Birthdate: 1972-06-08
Residence: Manalapan, NJ
Birthplace: Champaign, IL
Age: 43
Tony Alagna continued to campaign a high profile stable
at the Meadowlands in 2015, posting his second-straight
fourth-place finish in the trainer standings with 36 wins and
$843,957. Overall, the Alagna barn passed the $2 million
mark for the fifth straight season, led by 2014 Dan Patch
Award winner Artspeak, who came back as a sophomore to
win the New Jersey Sire Stakes Final in a sparkling 1:48.4.
That son of Western Ideal also finished second in the Hempt
and Cane Pace, and third in the NJ Classic. Alagna kicked
off 2015 winning the Worldly Beauty Final with Witch Dali.
He also won a Hambletonian Oaks elimination with Lock
Down Lindy in 1:51.4, and he sent out the hard kocking overnight star Odds On Equuleus, who reeled off back-to-back
July wins in 1:47.4 and 1:47.3.
Tony Alagna maintained his status as a top level producer of
stakes winners in 2014 with another promising contingent of
two-year-olds, including the standout Artspeak. His stable
passed the $3 million mark for the fourth straight year.
Following a breakout season in 2012, Alagna’s career continued to soar in 2013 with the spotlight shining brightly on his two-time Pacer of the Year Captaintreacherous. “The Captain” helped Alagna vault past the $5 million mark for the first time and he won
over 100 races for the third straight season.
Captaintreacherous more than lived up to his press clippings in 2013, emerging with a stellar
season that included major wins in the North America Cup, Max Hempt Memorial, Meadowlands
Pace, Cane Pace, Bluegrass, Tattersalls and Breeders Crown and American National. The 1:47.1
performer fashioned a $2 million season and became the first horse since the great Niatross to be
named Pacer-of-the-Year back-to-back at ages two and three.
Alagna was born into the racing business, and by age eight he was working side by side with his
parents who trained a large stable of horses in Urbana, Illinois. His mother, Donna Lee Ozment,
still trains in Chicago. Alagna worked for the late Brian Pinske, Doc and Pat Walker’s Fox Valley
Standardbred Stables and Erv Miller before making the decision, at age 37, to strike out on his own
in 2009. He started with three horses and one employee, and peaked at 90 horses and 20 employees. Alagna said it meant a lot to be involved with 2005 Hambletonian runner-up Classic Photo
and the countless horses Erv Miller raced in stakes races over the years.
The 43-year-old from Champaign, Illinois is stabled at Gaitway Farm in Englishtown, NJ, and has
attracted high profile owners such as Brittany Farms.
Alagna sent out his first Hambletonian starter in 2012 with third-place finisher My MVP. The son of
Cantab Hall went on the capture the Kentucky Futurity in straight heats. Alagna blazed the stakes
trail with his other two-year-old stars, including NJSS champion Authorize, Sweetheart runner-up
Nikki Beach, Acquavella, Wake Up Peter, Rockinmyjeans and Somebodythatiusetono.
The personable Alagna has embraced social media and developed a stable website at, which informs his clients, keeps his fans connected, offers contests and gives back to
retired racehorses through New Vocations.
Ron Burke
Nov. 2014 - Aug. 2015 609
9787 78
Meadowlands Career 5,095
821736 478
Birthdate: 1969-10-16
Residence: Canonsburg, PA
Birthplace: Washington, PA
Age: 46
In 2015, Ron Burke continued to reinvent his mega stable status and made
major headlines with world champion trotting filly Mission Brief. That
outstanding daughter of Muscle Hill overcame back issues to beat the boys
in a heat of the Hambletonian before finishing a gallant second in that Final.
Team Burke can dream Hambletonian 2016 as NJSS champion Southwind
Frank dominated the Peter Haughton Memorial.
The sport’s leader in both wins and earnings for the past seven seasons
wrapped up his fourth straight Meadowlands training title with 97 wins and
a record $4,331,694. He has also been the leading money winner at all three
tracks in his home state, The Meadows, Pocono Downs and Harrah’s Philadelphia, as well as Hoosier Park in Indiana and Yonkers Raceway in New
For trainer Ron Burke record numbers and staggering statistics have become
common place. In 2014, he became harness racing’s all-time leading trainer,
passing 5,000 career wins and $100 million, and broke his own 2013 records of
1090 wins and $22,230,175 with 1,092 wins and $28,403,821.
In 2014, Sweet Lou became the sport’s hottest free for all pacer, wining the
Roll With Joe at Tioga Downs, the Ben Franklin at Pocono Downs in a world
record of 1:47, the William Haughton Memorial and the US Pacing Championship at the Big M, and the Dan
Patch at Hoosier Park. The five-year-old triple millionaire by Yankee Cruisier became the first horse in history to
win six times under 1:48, all consecutively, and was named Pacer of the Year.
JK Endofanera gave Burke his first $1 million race win witih a 12-1 upset in the North America Cup, double
millionaire Rocklamation won the Golden Girls and Lady Liberty, and Mission Brief equaled a world record of
1:52.2 in the Merrie Annabelle. Archangel trotted a mile track world record of 1:50 in an elimination for the John
Cashman Jr. Memorial.
In 2013, Burke cruised to his second straight training title at the Meadowlands, flew past the 4,000 wins mark
and $90 million, and eclipsed his 2012 record totals of 906 wins and $19,636,096. Among his record 15 Breeders
Crown finalists in 2013, Foiled Again, became the richest North America-based horse in history and oldest to win
a Crown event at age nine. In 2015, the incomparable pacer became the first harness horse in history to pass $7
Burke is the head trainer for the powerful started by his father, Mickey, in western Pennsylvania. Now a multistate operation, the 2011 and 2013 Trainer of the Year handles the yeoman’s task of orchestrating racing schedules across the country, while also overseeing the Burke Stable at the Meadowlands.
After finishing second three times, Burke won his first Big M training title in 2012. The Burke-trained free for all
star Foiled Again became the richest pacer in history by reaching $4.4 million in an upset in the Canadian Pacing Derby. The Pacer of the Year in 2011, and Older Pacer of the Year in 2011, 2012 and 2013, posted his third
straight million dollar season at age nine. Burke also won his second Jugette in 2012, finishing one-two with
Darena Hanover and Bettor B Lucky.
The Burke Stable broke into the Top 10 in the Meadowlands trainer standings for the first time in 2005 and has
dominated ever since. Their top performers include Buck I St Pat, who won her third consecutive Dan Patch
Award as the sport’s top trotting mare in 2010, and Won The West, who claimed back-to-back divisional honors
among older male pacers in 2009 and 2010. The fastest Breeders Crown performer in history at 1:47, retired in
2012 at the age of eight as the richest son of Western Hanover with earnings of $3,939,836.
Ross Croghan
Nov. 2013 - Aug. 201480
4 10 6
Meadowlands Career 6,626
1,023911 770
Birthdate: 1953-07-03
Birthplace: Sydney, Australia
Residence: Colts Neck, NJ
Age: 61
Ross Croghan has scaled back his activity at the Meadowlands over recent years, yet he still ranks among the
top trainers in Meadowlands history with over 1,000 wins
in East Rutherford, NJ. Croghan has four Big M training
titles to his credit (1999, 2000, 2006, 2007), and holds the
record for most starters in one meet with 717 in 1999.
Born in Sydney, Australia, Croghan followed in the footsteps of his father, trainer Noel Croghan. The younger
Croghan came to the United States in 1976 and raced on
the West Coast for 17 years, winning nine driving titles.
He settled in New Jersey in 1993.
Croghan has a lengthy list of standouts to his credit, and
his top trainees include millionaire trotter Corleone Kosmos, Tug River Princess, Carolina Sunshine, Laughandbehappy, BJ’s Whirlwind, Mister Goal, Ultimate Falcon, Splendid Splinter and Artist
In 2013, he won the Cathedra Dot Final with Crown Lady. The Croghan Stable topped
$1 million overall for the fourteenth time in the last 15 seasons. His personal best came
in 2008 with $4,763,932 followed a $4,266,182 campaign in 2007 with a career high of 177
wins. Croghan has trained more than 1,700 winners and earned $38 million.
In 2012, Croghan campaigned Green With Envy winner and Mares Open star Drop The
Croghan has mentored some of the sport’s top training talents. His former assistants include Brett Pelling, the Meadowlands’ all-time leading money winner, and Mark Harder.
Noel Daley
Nov. 2014 - Aug. 2015 83
1215 7
Meadowlands Career 4,793
715600 530
Residence: 1961-12-18
Residence: Bordentown, NJ
Birthplace: Mt. Isa, Queensland, Australia
Age: 53
Despite his limited apperances at the Big M, Noel Daley
passed the $56 million mark in career earnings in 2015.
The Noel Daley Stable banked more the $1 million for
the 19th straight season in 2013 led by All Laid Out, who
tangled with the sport’s top sophomore trotters, won a
Breeders Crown elimination in 1:52.4 and banked over
After working for Brett Pelling, Noel Daley has established one of the most successful stables at the Meadowlands and beyond.
Daley grew up in Mt. Isa, Australia, where he worked for
Qantas Airlines. He began working with horses when he
came to the United States and first settled at Los Alamitos racetrack in California. Daley shipped east in 1990 to
work as a caretaker in the Brett Pelling Stable. He stayed
with Pelling for eight years, working his way up to second trainer. He enjoyed much success as the Pelling stable dominated at the Meadowlands in the 1990s, winning the training title six times. The two trainers parted ways in 1998 and Daley quickly filled a stable
with the help of owner and friend Adam Victor and his son, Adam Victor, Jr. He won his
first Meadowlands training title in 2003.
Daley won the biggest race of his career in 2011 when Broad Bahn went all the way
to capture the $1.5 million Hambletonian. The son of Broadway Hall earned $1.5 million and a Dan Patch Award, along with another Daley trainee, Cedar Dove, a Breeders
Crown champion in 2011 and Crown runner up in 2013.
His greatest success stories have been Mr Muscleman ($3,582,823), a three-time Dan
Patch Award winner and the 2005 Trotter of the Year, and two-time Dan Patch Award
winning mare My Little Dragon ($2,318,623).
Other top trainees include Explosive Matter, who was second to Muscle Hill in the 2009
Hambletonian, and All Speed Hanover, who defeated Sportswriter in the 2009 Breeders
Crown, Bad Bert, Day In The Life, Memphis Flash, Perfect Son, At Point Blank and E
Dee’s Cam.
Steve Elliott
Nov. 2014 - Aug. 2015 192
4224 21
Nov. 2013 - Aug. 2014 94
1613 16
Residence: 1953-11-04
Residence: Mt. Laurel, NJ
Birthplace: Detroit, Michigan
Age: 62
Steve Elliott enjoyed a year of resurgence in
2015 with the help of a trio of top flight fouryear-old pacers, led by Doo Wop Hanover,
who swept the Graduate Series and finished
second in the US Pacing Championship.
Elliott also campaigned Rockeyed Optimist,
who won finals of the Sonsam and Clyde Hirt
Series, and Art History strung together a sixrace winning streak. He sent out New Jersey
Sires Stakes freshman pacing star Boston
Red Rocks, and he won the Shady Daisy on
Hambletonian Day with the sophomore filly
star Stacia Hanover.
Elliott finished third in the training standings with 42 wins and banked over $1
million at the Meadowlands.
The two-time Trainer of the Year won the 2007 Hambletonian with eventual
Horse of the Year Donato Hanover. That son of Andover Hall set an earnings record of $2,336,190 that season when Elliott was also voted the William Haughton
Good Guy Award for his cooperation with the media. Elliott had the best season
of his career in 2007, topping the $5 million mark.
The native of Detroit, Michigan has twice won the Meadowlands Pace with
Artistic Fella in 2006 and with Well Said in 2009. Well Said was the 2009 Pacer of
the Year and joined Precious Bunny as the only horses to win the North America
Cup, Meadowlands Pace and Little Brown Jug.
Going into the Fall of 2015, Elliott was closing in on 900 career wins and $29 million.
Elliott’s other top horses include Valley Victory, Sweet Reflection, Totally Ruthless, Burning Point, Southwind Tempo and Yankee Slide, one of his seven Breeders Crown champions.
Mark Ford
Nov. 2014 - Aug. 2015 262
2032 30
Meadowlands Career 5,949
5,949623 609
Birthdate: 1970-10-12
Birthplace: Ronceverte, WV
Residence: Campbell Hall, NY Age: 45
Mark Ford cracked the Top 10 at the Meadowlands in
2015 and he was closing in on the impressive personal
milestone of $60 million.
In 2014, Ford continued to campaign one of the sport’s
powerhouse raceway stables and finished third in the
Big M trainer standings with 36 wins. Ford averaged
$3 million for fourteen consecutive seasons from 20002013.
In 2011, Ford posted his first $6 million season, which
placed him third in the nation. His stable won more
than 200 races for the twelfth straight year in 2012, and
Ford became the third youngest trainer to hit 3,000 career wins at age 41, and passed the $50 million mark.
Ford set career highs of 299 wins and $5,236,730 in 2010
led by New Jersey Sire Stakes two-year-old filly pacing champion Ace Of Pace. Also that
year, Ford became the first trainer to pass $40 million before the age of 40, and only the
sixth trainer to hit that milestone. He has won more than 3,500 races.
Ford owns a 200-horse state-of-the-art training center in upstate New York. A native of
West Virginia, Ford passed up an agricultural scholarship in England, and instead traveled to Florida after high school to work with Clint Galbraith. He moved to the New York/
New Jersey area in 1990 and eventually met Ted Wing, who became a big influence on
him. He also credits Ray Schnittker with assistance on his road to stardom.
One of Ford’s first success stories was the purchase of the durable double-gaited Six Day
War, for whom he paid just $12,000. Six Day War rewarded his faith with some $240,000
in earnings.
Ford stepped into the national spotlight thanks to the pacing gelding Gallo Blue Chip, the
2000 Horse of the Year. He is also noted for conditioning millionaires Whosurboy, Turnpike
Token, Armbro Animate, Stonebridge Kisses and Self Professed, as well as On The Attack.
Ford was named co-winner (along with Jimmy Takter) of the 2000 Glen Garnsey Trainer
of the Year Award by the United States Harness Writers’ Association.
Ford is a Director of the U.S. Trotting Association and the Standardbred Breeders and
Owners Association of New Jersey. Mark gives back to the industry in countless ways,
most recently in the form of lending his time, talents and staff toward the success of the
recently concluded USTA Driving School in Goshen, N.Y.
Mark Harder
Nov. 2014 - Aug. 201594
9 14 8
Meadowlands Career 3,457
494443 413
Birthdate: 1961-11-12
Birthplace: Wellington, New Zealand
Residence: Freehold, NJ
Age: 54
Mark Harder regained the spotlight at the Meadowlands in 2015 winning a $100,000 New Jersey Sire
Stakes Final with the freshman pacing filly Blue Moon
Stride. Overall, Harder’s stable earned more than $1
million for the 16th consecutive season, and Harder
passed 1,700 career wins and $38 million.
Harder came out flying in 2013 when his top free for
all pacer Golden Receiver made it back-to-back Presidential Series sweeps and January Horse of the Month
honors. The eight-year-old double millionaire also won
a TVG FFA event in 1:49.1. Harder finished fourth in
the Big M trainer standings with 24 wins, and won the
Charles Singer Memorial with Real Babe.
In 2012, Harder’s Golden Receiver paced the fastest
January mile in history (1:48). The son of Village Jove
carved out an amazing season at age seven, which
saw him win the Presidential, Spring Championship
(at Woodbine), Graduate, US Pacing Championship and William Haughton Memorial.
Harder also won the Cape and Cutter final with Symphony In Motion, and had success with
another Open class pacing mare in Royal Cee Cee N.
Harder grew up in a small community
of Johnsonville, New Zealand. His parents owned
a kiwi and avocado orchard, and Harder originally thought he would go to college to earn a
degree in agriculture. “Then I got the horse bug, and much to my parents’ dismay, started
working with horses after finishing high school.”
Harder apprenticed with some of New Zealand’s top horsemen, and in the late 1980s
was asked to travel to Chicago with a group of
horses to be sold. Harder traveled back
forth to the US on a regular basis for several
years before giving Los Angeles a try.
Upon the recommendation of Ross Croghan, whom
he knew in California, Harder went to
work for Bob Murphy’s large standardbred contingent in British Columbia for three years.
Problems with his work visa forced Harder to return to the US, and he went to work for
Croghan’s powerful stable in New Jersey.
Harder went out on his own in 2000, and with the backing owners such as Brian Nixon and
Aubrey Friedman, his stable quickly swelled. Harder ascended to the top of the training
ranks in 2004, winning his first Big M title during the January-August meet. That year, he
posted personal highs of 281 wins and $6,855,875, and pulled off the biggest upset in the
history of the $1 million Meadowlands Pace with Holborn Hanover, paying $119.00.
Joe Holloway
Nov. 2014 - Aug. 201535
4 11 3
Nov. 2013 - Aug. 2014 65
129 11
Birthdate: 1956-09-17
Birthplace: Wilmington, DE
Residence: Freehold, NJ
Age: 59
Joe Holloway was back under the major stakes
spotlight in 2015 with a solid one-two punch of
Bettor Be Steppin and Divine Caroline. The
pair of three-year-old filly pacers emerged as
stars in New York Sire Stakes and stepped up
to the Grand Circuit level. Bettor Be Steppin
rallied to a 16-1 upset in the $300,000 James
Lynch Final and also won the $350,000 Valley
Forge at Pocono Downs. The daughter of Bettor’s Delight was also second in a dead heat
in the $207,350 Mistletoe Shalee Final with
stablemate Divine Caroline, who was a narrow
runner up in the $269,000 Empire Breeders
Classic Final at Tioga Downs.
Joe Holloway continued to ride a wave of resurgence following the first $2 million season of
his career in 2014, and passed the $30 million mark in 2015.
Holloway finished second in the 2014 Meadowlands Pace with Always B Miki.
“Miki” went on to win the $218,300 Tattersalls at The Red Mile in Kentucky
in September 2014. He also campaigned Somwherovrarainbow, who won the
$371,400 Blue Chip Matchmaker Final at Yonkers Raceway, and Shebestingin,
the fastest female in history by virtue of a 1:47 clocking at The Red Mile at age
three in 2013.
Holloway also won a NJSS division in 2014 with the promising Muscle Hill freshman filly trotter Saturday Mornings.
Holloway teamed up with David Rovine to dominate the Meadowlands in the
eighties and set a record for wins in a single meet in 1987 with 106.
In the mid-nineties, Holloway campaigned the three-time Dan Patch Award winner legendary pacer Jenna’s Beach Boy. His other top horses include She’s A
Great Lady, Tooter Scooter, Florida Jewel, lady Macbeach and Always A Virgin.
He also pulled an upset in the 2010 Hambletonian Oaks with Bar Slide.
Erv Miller
Nov. 2014 - Aug. 201548
4 2 3
Meadowlands Career 1,360
250185 147
Birthdate: 1966-12-11 Birthplace: Arthur, IL
Residence: Wind Gap, PA
Age: 49
Erv Miller remained one of the sport’s prominent stables
in 2015, reaching the $2 million mark for the 14th straight
season and passed 4,700 career wins and $70 million.
2013 marked the ninth straight year Erv Miller ranked
among the top five trainers in the sport in races won, and
in 2014 he passed 200 wins in 12 of the previous 12 seasons.
In 2012, the 48-year-old from the Amish community of
Arthur, Illinois passed the 4,000-win mark, and in 2013, his
stable went over $63 million.
Miller’s stable led the nation in money earnings in 2006 with
$5,145,380, he’s finished second in the sport’s money standings three times and posted
personal bests of $6,986,864 and 434 wins in 2007.
Miller eclipsed $5 million for the seventh consecutive year in 2011 when his millionaire
trainee Manofmanymissions won the NJSS Final, a Stanley Dancer Memorial division, a
Hambletonian elimination, the Colonial Trot and Kentucky Futurity.
In 2010, Manofmanymissions won the Breeders Crown for two-year-old trotters, while
Shadyshark Hanover won a division of teh Nassagaweya Stakes, and was second in the
Breeders Crown and Governor’s Cup.
Pacing filly Incredible Tillie was Miller’s first great horse. She was unbeaten as a freshman in 1999, with 12 wins in 12 starts, and cashed paychecks worth $512,782 that year.
As great as Incredible Tillie was, Loyal Opposition was even better. She was a three-time
Dan Patch Award winner, captured a pair of Illinois Horse of the Year titles and finished
her brilliant career with 56 wins in 98 starts and earnings of $2,861,294.
Other top horses for Miller over the years include Restive Hanover, Lis Mara, Shark
Gesture and Il Villaggio. He finished second in the 2005 Hambletonian with the favorite
Classic Photo.
Miller was honored in his home state by the Illinois Harness Horsemen’s Association as
its Person of the Year in 2004, and was recognized at the USTA District 5 awards ceremony in 2005 with the Brian Pinske Memorial Award honoring his achievements on the
Grand Circuit. That was the kick-off for a 2005 campaign that saw Miller win the Glen
Garnsey Trainer of the Year Award from the United States Harness Writers Association
and the Delvin Miller Trainer of the Year Award from the Grand Circuit.
His brother, Andy, is a top driver at the Meadowlands and on the Grand Circuit. His son,
Marcus, has made a name for himself as a driver on the Chicago circuit before moving to
Pennsylvania and the Meadowlands in 2013.
Julie Miller
Nov. 2014 - Aug. 2015 158
2231 19
Meadowlands Career 1,578
312267 207
Birthdate: 1972-11-20
Birthplace: Iowa City, IA
Residence: Millstone Twp, NJ Age: 43
Julie Miller and her husband Andy Miller posted another Top 10
season at the Meadowlands in 2015, displaying some of their top
stock on Hambletonian Day. Woman’s Will finished fourth in the Jim
Doherty Memorial after winning an elimination. Milligan’s School
was a Peter Houghton Memorial finalist (sixth) after winning his
elimination. They also sent out Livininthefastlane (fourth) and Lady
Winona (sixth) in the Hambletonian Oaks.
Also in 2015, Julie made her Meadowlands Pace debut with Badiou
Hanover, and finished a close second in the Graduate Final with Lyonssomewhere. After their first $4 million campaign in 2014, “Team
Orange Crush” hit the $2 million for the seventh straight season in
2015, and went past 1,300 wins and $25 million.
Julie Miller certainly faced her share of challenges and successes in
the 2014 season. Her husband Andy Miller was seriously injured in
an April 15th accident at Yonkers Raceway, breaking a pair of lumbar
vertebrae in his back, and requiring eight hours of surgery and months of recovery time. Andy had
guided world champion trotting mare Perfect Alliance to victory in the Charles Singer Memorial in a
stakes record of 1:52.2.
With her husband assisting her from the sidelines, Julie continued to develop Perfect Alliance into
a world champion trotter. Miller sent out three starters in the Hambletonian Oaks, and finished
second and third with world champion Designed To Be and Take The Money, respectively. She
finished second in a NJSS Final with Cee Bee Yes, who went on to set a then world record at The
Red Mile when she won a division of the Bluegrass in 1:50.2. Miller also campaigned Open class
trotter Corraggioso. Her stable finished fifth in the Big M standings in 2014 with 25 wins, won over
100 races overall for the sixth straight year and passed the $3 million mark for only the second time.
In 2013, Julie Miller and her husband, driver Andy Miller, posted their second consecutive thirdplace finish in the Big M trainer standings. “Team Orange Crush” scored major wins came in the
Super Bowl with Windsun Galliano, the Arthur J. Cutler Memorial and John Simpson Memorial
with Sevruga and a NJSS Final with Cee Bee Yes. Sevruga was the TVG FAA points leader going
into the series final.
In 2012, the Julie Miller Stable finished in a tie for third in the Big M standings. They sent out their
third Hambletonian finalist in Reynolds Stake winner Money On My Mind (tenth). Their previous
starters were The Chancellor (fourth in 2009) and Mystery Photo (sixth in 2010).
Although she has a bachelor’s degree in science, Julie Miller’s first love has always been harness
racing. Miller grew up in Iowa, where she spent many summers assisting her father, Owen Julius,
at the county fairs. Miller attained her training license when she was 18 and won her first race
at Quad City Downs in 1993. She began her career as a trainer-driver, and after graduating from
Southern Illinois University in 1995, she married top catch driver Andy Miller.
Miller’s top trainee was Lucky Jim, who won 17 of 18 races and $1 million on his way to 2009 Older
Trotting Horse of the Year. Lucky Jim trotted a world record of 1:50.1 in the Nat Ray at the Meadowlands and went on to also win the Breeders Crown.
Miller balances life as a trainer, wife and mother of two, T.J. and Olivia. Miller trains out of Gaitway
Farm in Englishtown, NJ.
Richard “Nifty” Norman
Nov. 2014 - Aug. 2015 85
138 15
Nov. 2013 - Aug. 2014 56
125 7
Birthdate: 1960-10-21
Birthplace: New Zealand
Residence: Allentown, NJ
Age: 55
Richard “Nifty” Norman engineered a bounce-back
season for his triple millionaire trotting queen Bee A
Magician, who had won eight of nine starts in 2015
before her second place finish in the $181,450 Fresh
Yankee on Hambletonian Day. The five-year-old mare
by Kadabra helped send Norman past the $1 million
mark for the tenth straight year.
In 2014, Norman saw his 2013 Horse of the Year Bee A
Magician come back at age four to set another world
record of 1:51.4 at the New Meadowlands. She was
also second from post 13 in the $484,850 Hambletonian
Maturity and runner up in the $52,000 Ima Lula Final.
In 2013, Norman made it back-to-back $3 million seasons and rode the perfect wave of the outstanding
Bee A Magician, who was an undefeated 17-for-17,
including a 1:52.4 stakes record in the $500,000 Breeders Crown. The double millionaire also became the richest trotting filly in history,
trotted a world record of 1:51 in the $265,500 Delvin Miller Memorial and romped
to a stakes record of 1:51.4 in the $500,000 Hambletonian Oaks.
Norman is a native of New Zealand. His father had thoroughbreds, yet when he
came to the US in 1985 he began working with harness racing horses and trainer
Ross Croghan in California.
Norman spent nearly two decades as an assistant with seven-time Big M leading trainer Brett Pelling before striking out on his own in 2006. His stable vaulted
past $3 million for the first time in 2012.
In 2012, Norman pulled a huge upset in the $750,000 Hambletonian Oaks with
Personal Style ($116.40), and won the Hoosier Cup with Rockincam, a 1:48.1 winner at the Meadowlands. Ontario Sires Stakes star, Bee A Magician handed To
Dream On her first career loss in the Peaceful Way final at Mohawk. Miss Paris
has been another OSS standout for Norman. Also in 2012, Beatgoeson Hanover
won the Muscle Hill at Vernon Downs and passed the $1 million mark in 2013.
Norman’s first big horse was Resonator, and he noted during the Pelling hay
days he was so busy winning races he didn’t have time to reflect on it.
Norman struck gold with 2009 Two Year Old Filly Trotter of the Year and Breeders Crown champion, Poof She’s Gone.
Normans other top stars include Pizza Dolce, Shoobee’s Place and Michelle’s
Larry Remmen
Nov. 2014 - Aug. 2015 128
1723 12
Meadowlands Career 11,416
1,6301,552 1,386
Birthdate: 1953-04-05
Birthplace: Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Residence: Ridgewood, NJ
Age: 62
2015 was the 40th year Larry Remmen and his Hall
of Famer brother Ray Remmen started a horse
at the Meadowlands, and they maintained their
nightly presence with high-powered pacers like
Wake Up Peter, Blatantly Best, Somesizesomestyle, Sandbetweenurtoes and New Jersey Sires
Stakes finalist Hollyrocker. Aside from being
pioneers of the Meadowlands Racetrack, the
Remmen brothers, Larry and Ray, are certainly
no strangers to top horses, and once again they
hit pay dirt in 2014 with Sandbetweenurtoes. The
three-year-old daughter of Somebeachsomewhere
captured the $212,150 Mistletoe Shalee in 1:49.3.
Larry Remmen has worked in partnership with his Hall of Fame brother, Ray, as
the all-time leaders in Meadowlands training wins with 1,630 and second on the
earnings list at $29,887,639.
The natives of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan are best known for two Meadowlands
firsts. They won the first pari-mutuel race at the Meadowlands on September 1,
1976 with Quick Baron, and also captured the first Hambletonian raced at the Big
M with Shiaway St Pat in 1981.
In 2013, they sent out Bolt Of Thunder to upset in a $150,000 NJSS Final for
two-year-old filly pacers in 1:53.1. The daughter of Rocknroll Hanover broke her
maiden in style with fellow Hall of Famer John Campbell in the sulky.
The Remmens sent out their first divisional champion, Two Year Old Filly Pacer
of the Year, Halcyon, in 1986. They enjoyed their greatest success with 1990
Horse of the Year, Beach Towel. The son of French Chef set a single-season
earnings record of $2,091,860 in 1990, and won 18 races, including the Meadowlands Pace, Little Brown Jug and Breeders Crown.
The Remmens won the 2010 William R. Haughton Memorial and Graduate with
the Open class pacer, Shark Gesture. Their other top horses include Keyser Lobell, Falcons Scooter and 2008 Two Year Old Filly Trotter of the Year, Honorable
Chris Ryder
Nov. 2014 - Aug. 2015 114
1910 19
Nov. 2013 - Aug. 2014
Birthdate: 1955-10-2
Birthplace: New Zealand
Residence: Allentown, NJ
Age: 59
In 2015, most of Chris Ryder’s power came from New
Jersey Sires Stakes champion The Show Returns, a
sister to Ryder’s former standout Put On A Show, and
New York Sires Stakes star National Seelster. These
two three-year-old pacers sent Ryder past the $1 million
mark for the 16th season. Ryder has more than 1,300
career wins and $33 million.
At one point in 2014, Chris Ryder had three Hambletonian eligibles going in the right direction, NJSS division
winners Well Built and Odds On Amethyst, and Southwind Poseidon. Among those three, Ryder’s best finish
on Hambletonian Day was a third with Well Built in a
Townsend Ackerman division. He was also third in the
New Jersey Classic with Bushwacker.
Ryder was also forced to retire his stellar pacing filly I
Luv The Nitelife in 2014 due to injury and health issues. The Dan Patch Award winning daughter of Rocknroll Hanover earned $1.9
million, set two world records, and no female pacer in history has made more at
ages two and three when she won back-to-back O’Brien Awards.
Following in the footsteps of Ryder’s world champion pacing mare Put On A
Show was the standout I Luv The Nitelife. The near flawless performer, who was
firmly in the 2013 Horse of the Year conversation, streaked through a sensational
sophomore campaign with major wins in the Breeders Crown at Pocono Downs,
a two-heat world record in the Jugette a Delaware, the Simcoe at Mohawk, the
James Lynch Memorial at Pocono, the Mistletoe Shalee and Miss New Jersey
at the Meadowlands and the Valley Forge in a world record of 1:48.4 at Pocono.
She won 13 of 15, with a second and a third, 12 in a row and $1,253,757 that season.
Chris Ryder has played at the top end of the game for many years, producing champions like Sealed N Delivered, Cathedra Dot Com, McArdle, two-time
Breeders Crown champion Mystical Sunshine and 2010 Crown winner Put On A
Show, who set a world record of 1:47.3 and banked $2.4 million.
The New Zealand native arrived in the US in 1989 when his wife Nicola was
transferred to a Manhattan accounting firm. Ryder worked as an agent Down
Under and also when he first came to America.
Ryder gained a reputation as a gifted developer of young talent. He first gained
national attention with 1997 Two Year Old Colt Pacer of the Year Sealed N Delivered. Ryder was back in the spotlight in 2001 with Cathedra Dot Com, who
carved out a $1 million season. His other top horses were Too Much Trouble,
Kiwi Scooter N, Go For Grins, Ideal Towne, Brioso Hanover and Metropolitan.
Bruce Saunders
Nov. 2014 - Aug. 201564
6 6 9
Meadowlands Career 6,209
673689 703
Birthdate: 1944-06-30
Birthplace: Neptune, NJ
Residence: Hamilton, NJ
Age: 71
Bruce Saunders maintained a nightly presence at the Meadowlands in 2015 with
names like Mister Truth, Coffee Addict,
Sweet Justic and Yankee Heaven.
Bruce Saunders jumped back into the
limelight in late 2013 and early 2014 with
a $25,000 bargain purchase named Sweet
Justice. The son of Justice Hall won his
first five starts for Saunders, including a
1:52 track record for three-year-old trotting
geldings and a FFA Handicap in 1:51.1.
Saunders has enjoyed a long, successful
career, and he struck gold with his best
horse to date, 2010 Horse of the Year Rock
N Roll Heaven, who finished second in the Meadowlands Pace, and went on to
win the Little Brown Jug and Breeders Crown. The Rocknroll Hanover colt won
16 of 21 starts and $2,156,192 in his award-winning season, and took a mark of
1:47.3 in a Meadowlands Pace elimination. The pacer propelled Saunders to a
personal best $4,118,950 campaign.
Saunders has won more than 1,200 races and $29 million and his stable earned
more than $1 million for 14 straight seasons from 2000 to 2013.
Saunders ranks among the Big M’s all-time leading trainers. Saunders did
not follow the typical path to a career training horses. Raised in Farmingdale,
New Jersey, Saunders spent two years in the army, including a year in Vietnam
(1969). He became a stockbroker and from 1972 to 1976 was the Director of Economics for the State of Delaware. For one day, he was even the acting Governor
of the State. Saunders earned a masters degree in finance from Temple University in 1980.
A licensed trainer since 1979, he campaigned two different Delaware Valley
Horses of the Year early in his career: Perky Fiddler and Chipper Frost.
Saunders has handled many other top pacers, including Misfit, Casimir Camotion, Mandretti, Indiana Sam, Master Barney, Die Lute, Armbro View and On
The Way Again.
A class act who always says the right thing at the right time to further a positive
image of the sport, Saunders has received numerous accolades, including Grand
Circuit Trainer of the Year and the W.R. Haughton Good Guy Award from the
United States Harness Writers. He was the keynote speaker at the 2012 USTA
Standardbred Driving School.
Trond Smedshammer
Nov. 2014 - Aug. 201555
3 9 7
Meadowlands Career 1,769
313248 198
Date: 1967-03-22
Birthplace: Gfovik, Norway
Residence: Allentown, NJ
Age: 49
Trond Smedshammer was back in the Hambeletonian picture in
2015 with the lightly raced Donatomite, who finished third in his
elimination and ninth from post nine in the $1 million final.
For well over a decade, Trond Smedshammer has consistently
produced champion trotters, and his stable earned more than $1
million for the 13th straight season in 2014. Smedshammer also
passed 1,000 career wins and $42 million. He sent out his eighth
Hambletonian finalist with Royal Ice, who set a Big M track record
of 1:51.3 prior to getting parked and finishing eighth.
Smedshammer’s legacy will be forever linked to his $4 million
trainee Arch Madness. In 2013, Smedshammer guided the nineyear-old Balanced Image gelding to some late-season heroics,
equaling his own world record of 1:50.2 at The Red Mile, then rallying to upset the sport’s top trotters in the $172,200 Allerage Farms Final in 1:51.3.
Smedshammer came to the United States in 1987 after a mandatory year in the Norwegian army and was virtually penniless when he took a job in the barn of fellow Norwegian
Per Henriksen. Smedshammer stayed for six months before heading back to Norway
where he continued training. He returned a year later to work for Lindy Farms and was
part of their team when they won back-to-back Hambletonians in 1989 with Probe and
1990 with Harmonious.
In 1992, Smedshammer opened his own stable at White Birch
Farm in Allentown, New
Jersey, and he has proven himself as one
of the sport’s top trotting trainers. Some of his
unconventional methods included lunging horses in a sand pit and training on straightaways.
Smedshammer was named the Glen Garnsey Trainer of the Year in 2004 when his stable
banked a personal best of $5,311,104 and he campaigned three champions. Trotter of the
Year, Windsong’s Legacy, Three Year Old Filly Trotter of the Year, Housethatruthbuilt,
and Trotting Mare of the Year, Stroke Play. Windsong’s Legacy earned a single-season
record of $1.7 million. His victories in the Hambletonian, Yonkers Trot and Kentucky Futurity made him the first Trotting Triple Crown winner since Super Bowl in 1972.
Smedshammer has trained a record ten trotting millionaires, including Arch Madness,
Strong Yankee, Blur, HP Paque, Sand Vic, Break The Bank K and Dejarmbro.
His other stakes winners include Creamy Mimi, Bowlin For Dollars, Mr Pine Chip, Blue
Mac Lad and Here Comes Herbie.
Smedshammer co-owns (under the name American Viking Racing Stable) and drives
many of his trainees.
Ake Svanstedt
Nov. 2014 - Aug. 2015132
9 16 8
Nov. 2013 - Aug. 2014 86
147 4
Date: 1958-11-18
Birthplace: Sweden
Residence: Vero Beach, FL
Age: 57
Ake Svanstedt sent three colts into the eliminations for
the 2015 Hambletonian, Workout Wonder, Centurion
ATM and Southwind Mozart, and although he didn’t
make it to the final he did dominate the $75,000 Vincennes Trot from post ten with favorite Resolve in 1:50.4.
That four-year-old by Muscle Hill is looking to fill a sizable void left by Svanstedt’s world champion Sebastian
K, who retired in 2015 due to injury.
Ake Svanstedt was a dominant force in Swedish racing
before making a major move to the United States in the
Fall of 2013, and opened a training facility in Vero Beach,
Florida with the Bender Family/Palema Stable. In 2014,
Svanstedt purchased Legend Farms, relocated his training operation to Wrightstown, New Jersey, and hired
Bjorn “Bernie” Noren as his assistant trainer.
Svanstedt captured five Trainer of the Year titles and three Driver of the Year awards in Sweden, and has more than 5,000 wins as a trainer and 6,400 as a driver. In his first two seasons
in the US, his stable won more than 100 races and banked over $4 million.
Svanstedt immediately made a huge impact in America, spearheaded by his super trotter
Sebastian K.
On May 10, 2014, Sebastian K, the eight-year-old barefoot wonder was making his first start
in the U.S., his first start in eight months and was coming off a nondescript qualifier (finished
fourth timed in 1:56.2). However, with an awesome and effortless 1:50.1 clocking, Sweden’s
2012 Horse of the Year equaled the mile track world record.
Sebastian K followed up his smashing American debut with a stakes record of 1:50.2
in the $175,000 Arthur J. Cutler Memorial, and another easy win in 1:50.3 just one week
later. On June 28, under perfect conditions at Pocono Downs, Svanstedt siezed the moment, actually urged on Sebastian K, and set the fastest trotting mile in history, a dazzling
1:49. No trotter in history has strung together such speedy miles.
On Hambletonian Day, Sebastian K once again equaled the mile world record of 1:50 (set
a week earlier by Archangel), and dominated the $300,650 John Cashman, Jr. Memorial,
while making him a perfect five-for-five at the New Meadowlands.
Svandstedt also captured the $355,500 Peter Haughton Memorial with Centurion ATM in a
track record of 1:53.2, and won a $50,000 Townsend Ackerman division with DD’s Hitman.
Svandstedt’s other major wins at the Big M in 2014 came with Your So Vain in the
$484,850 Hambletonian Maturity in a world record of 2:05.3 for a mile and an eighth, and
with Heaven’s Door in a $100,000 NJSS Final in a stakes record of 1:52.
Jimmy Takter
Nov. 2014 - Aug. 2015 217
4532 32
Meadowlands Career 3,315
588448 429
Birthdate: 1960-09-29
Birthplace: Mantorp, Sweden
Residence: East Windsor, NJ Age: 55
After another blockbuster Hambletonian Day in 2015, Jimmy Takter
became the richest trainer in Meadowlands history, flying past the $31
million mark at the Big M. The Hall of Famer sent out five entries in
the Hambletonian eliminations, four advanced to the $1 million final,
and the steady gelding Pinkman gave Takter his second straight
Revere Bowl with back-to-back world records of 1:51.2 and 1:51. With
Yannick Gingras opting to drive Mission Brief, who won her elimination in 1:51.3, Pinkman picked up Brian Sears, and the pair held off
Gingras with the gallant filly. Takter trainees were also third and fourth
with Uncle Lasse and The Bank respectively. It was Takter’s fourth
Hambletonian, and he also captured the $500,000 Hambletonian Oaks
again with Wild Honey and Yannick Gingras, Takter’s fifth win in that
In 2015, Takter passed 1,600 career training wins and $96 million.
Takter was voted Trainer of the Year for the fourth time in 2014 when
his stable earned a personal best $13,360,290. The leading trainer
in Breeders Crown history scored his third straight Crown triple with
Shake It Cerry, Pinkman and Father Patrick. Shake It Cerry also gave Takter a record sixth Trotter of the Year.
Takter campaigned the sport’s top five money winning trotters in 2014 and won all three legs of the Trotting
Triple Crown.
Takter was going for his third Hambletonian in 2014 with not one, but with the top three rated sophomore trotting colts: world champion Father Patrick, Trixton and Nuncio. In the $1 million final, Father Patrick drew post
ten and made a rare break, Nuncio was pressured on the lead throughout, and that allowed Takter himself to
guide Trixton to victory in 1:50.3. Takter also became only the second trainer to also win the Hambletonian
Oaks on the same day when Lifetime Pursuit set a world record of 1:50.4.
In 2013, Takter’s two-year-old stars were shining brightly on Hambletonian Day as Shake it Cerry set a stakes
and track record of 1:53.3 in the Merrie Annabelle and Father Patrick romped in the Peter Haughton Memorial
in 1:54.1. Both won Breeders Crowns, and with Uffizi Hanover also winning the Two Year Old Filly Pace, Takter
had his second straight Crown triple. Takter broke a tie with Bob McIntosh and became the leading trainer in
Breeders Crown history with 18 trophies.
In 2012, Jimmy Takter reached a pinnacle in his career by being inducted into the Harness Racing Hall of
Fame. The 55-year-old from Sweden rightly entered the pantheon of honorees at the height of his brilliant,
exemplary career and fittingly during his first $9 million season.
Nicknamed “Trotting Master,” Takter made a smooth transition onto the pacing side, producing a steady
stream of champions. Yet it was Takter’s trotters who made a strong impression on the Big M in 2012, most
notably To Dream On. The two-year-old filly by Credit Winner won her first five starts, including a stakes record
of 1:54 in the Merrie Annabelle. Takter won two divisions of the Stanley Dancer Memorial with Little Brown
Fox and Uncle Peter. The latter scored a Hambletonian elimination win, yet was the beaten favorite in the final
with Takter drove his own trainee Guccio to a second place finish. He also won a pair of NJSS Finals with Time
To Roll and Corky. Time To Roll was a close second in the $1.5 million North America Cup.
Takter campaigned 2012 Dan Patch Award honoree American Jewel, a career winner of more than $1.5 million,
who set a world record of 1:48.2 in the Fan Hanover at Mohawk.
In 1997, Takter was voted the Stanley Dancer Media Award by USHWA-NJ for his exemplary relationship with
the media. He also won his third Glen Garnsey Trainer of the Year Award in 2010. His native country, Sweden,
bestowed on him the coveted Gold Horse Award, voted on by the Swedish Harness Writers Association, for his
outstanding global accomplishments.
Takter’s name has become synonymous with trotting talent and his roster of world champions includes Tom
Ridge, Pampered Princess, Passionate Glide and Kadabra. He has trained two Horse of the Year honorees,
Moni Maker [1998 and 1999], and 1997 Hambletonian winner Malabar Man. Takter won his second Hambletonian in 2010 with Muscle Massive.
Takter’s other top horses include, Vintage Master, Simply Business, See You At Peelers, Ken Warkentin, Pastor
Stephen, Armbro Prowess, Mr Lavec, Kramer Boy, Solveig, Cabrini Hanover, Gleam and Lantern Kronos.
Linda Toscano
Nov. 2014 - Aug. 2015 174
2727 26
Nov. 2013 - Aug. 2014 130
1915 20
Birthdate: 1955-06-26
Birthplace: Brooklyn, NY
Residence: Freehold, NJ
Age: 60
Linda Toscano continued to play at the high end of
the spectrum in 2015 with Open pacer and millionaire Doctor Butch and with her $3.7 million winning
trotter Market Share. By hitting the $1 million mark
in 13 of the last 14 seasons, Toscano also passed
1,700 career wins and $42 million.
Toscano won more than $2 million for the eighth
straight season in 2014. On Hambletonian Day she
won a $40,000 A-2/A-1/FFA Handicap with Heston
Blue Chip in 1:48.1 and finished second in the John
Cashman, Jr. Memorial with her triple millionaire
Market Share.
Late in 2013, Market Share captured the $500,000
TVG FFA Final in 1:51 at the New Meadowlands
and was the unanimous choice for Older Trotter of
the Year, his second straight Dan Patch Award.
Linda Toscano maintained her upper echelon profile with another strong season in 2013,
winning more than 100 races for the fifth straight year, and her stable earned over $3 million for the fifth time in six seasons.
Toscano enjoyed a dream season in 2012 when she was voted Trainer of the Year, campaigned Horse of the Year Chapter Seven, became the first female trainer to win the $1.5
million Hambletonian with Market Share and banked $6 million for the first time. The millionaire four-year-old trotter Chapter Seven blazed a world record of 1:50.1 winning the Nat
Ray. Toscano also won a New Jersey Sires Stakes final for two- year-old trotting fillies with
Southwind Cocoa. She sent out a pair of top flight three-year-old pacers in Heston Blue
Chip and Bettors Edge, plus freshman pacing star Doctor Butch.
Toscano is by far the most successful female trainer in Meadowlands history.
The 60-year-old breast cancer survivor started attending the races some 40 years ago
when her father would take her to Roosevelt and Yonkers Raceways. She got her start with
Buddy Regan in New York, and also worked with John Campbell when he had a stable.
She went out on her own in 1984 and was the leading trainer in her home state before moving full-time to the Meadowlands in 1988.
The Rutgers Equine Science Center named Toscano the 2013 recipient of their annual
‘Spirit of the Horse’ award, which recognizes individuals whose lives have been profoundly changed because of their involvement with horses and who have acknowledged
the impact by giving back to the horse industry.
Among Toscano’s other top horses was the rugged pacer Jet Laag, who earned more than
$1 million and set a world record of 1:49 on the half-mile track at Delaware, Ohio in 1999.
Other standouts for Toscano include 1995 Older Trotting Mare of the Year Giant Mermaid,
Kenneth J, Share The Delight, Athena Blue Chip, Mean And Green, Comeatross, Molly
Can Do It and Funny Malentine.

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