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Sunny News
Thursday 23rd july 2009
3/2009, Vlora, Albania, Active summer camp
Message to the DJ - Change the music !
by Thor-Rune Hansen
The questionary is made from a representative selection of 55 people.
Mysterious and probably warm
Swede, 21: Ole Ivars – ”Nei saa
tjukk du er blitt”, and everyone
should join in and sing along.
5 on the street:
What music do you
want on the camp?
Stewie, 15: Our music, from the
iPod, wich the DJ can’t remix.
Julia, 16: Something that we could
dance to, not electronic house like
he plays which sucks.
Joakim, 24: We should have
some disco from the 80s and
Rasto, 22: Soundrack music! For
example from the movie Watchmen
or Equilibrium or Gladiator or Doctor Who of course!
Kristiina, 20+: He should
play some rock and pop music from the 80s and 90s.
A bumpy ride
By Thor-Rune Hansen
Eliina, 22 years old girl from Estonia, was one
of the many on the city trip to Vlora on Wednesday. Sunny News has interviewed her about her
What was the most interesting part of the
Bumper cars! (More then the albanian culture)
What was the most fun?
Bumper cars! I liked that asshole who crashed
us from behind, he was fun.
What was the most surprising?
The aforementioned asshole, because we didn’t
see him.
What did you eat?
Four-Cheese Penne, coke and jews.
Do you have any further comments?
I also liked to go to the Toi-Toi to do some TamTam.
Laying on the beach
Laying on the beach might seem like a simple task, but a good beach day still
demands some preparations. We went out and asked the participants on the beach
what their advices are.
Sanja from Macedonia is one of those feeling the pressures at the beach both from
sun and looks. Just up from the water, together with Emina, she says that to stay
more in the water than in the sun is a good advice, if not you get a headache. She
likes the sea here. She usually also read a book, mostly a relaxing story-telling
Going a bit further into lands we find Ingi from Estonia laying on a balcony. Since
some of us lives on the balcony we think that she maybe lives there, but she is
only taking a break from the beach. “Light skin”, she says. “Therefore I need a
break sometimes”
When she is at the beach she would like to see more drinks and food at the bar
– for example ice cream cocktails. She likes to read magazines and play cards
laying in the sun.
Mario from Albania is sitting in a workshop in the sun. He thinks that a good
beach day involves playing volleyball in the water, maybe some freesbie and
chess or domino. He wants to be active, laying in the sun is just wasting time.
He likes reading works of Shakespeare. And he thinks it`s a bit hot here.
Riina from Finland also thinks it`s hot, explaining this with the fact that she is
from Finland. Her advice on the beach is ice cream, which she is eating, and
lot`s of water. Contrary to all the others we talked to, she prefers stones to sand
as long as they are small as on this beach. “Sands ends up everywhere”, she
says. “After a day on the beach I can find sand in my ears”. I will never find
these stones in my ears”, she concludes. “At least I hope I won`t.”
By Jan Tore Evensen
Probably – Bouvet Island 2011!
By Jan Tore Evensen
Icy Bouvet Island, laying in Southern Atlantic and probably
the most deserted island in the world, welcomes you to the
camp in 2011! Therefore Probably being the motto of the
Are you being burned by the sun? Prefering snow-blindness instead? Tired of the DJ? We can offer Emina and her
prep team meeting
amazing penguin orchestra (only in the colder area of the
Too many people in the sea? Want to hack your own hole in the ice? Yes, the organizing committee is not giving up after around 11 people voting for the icy option at last congress. The Iceland has ice, mostly ice, which
gives plenty of possibilities to do things with ice.
There seems like there are one small area that is ice free though. We can therefore now, besides the ice caves/hotels/sauna/disco/cake you make on your own also give opportunities for tents. With the chances of you
being blown to sea being high, though.
Again – probably being the motto of the camp.
Kristina has promised to make delicious vegetarian food, consisting by krill and plankton. Mari will provide
competitions like rodeo with seals and “Pull the tail on the icebear”.
We promise one room for all – or as many as you are able to build yourselves. Remember the ice hack!
It will be a very compact congress. People will have to sit close so they not freeze to dead.
So - see you in Bouvet Island! If you are going to reach there in time you should probably begin to pack now.
If you want to come back, you might consider going somewhere else.
Sunny days drink
By Daeden Haeuserman - the leader of alcoholic free drinks
For four friends you need glasses, 2 dl of sprite, 2dl of orange juice, 2
dl of multivitamin juice and 2 dl of apple juice. Mix it as much as you
can, put into a glass filled with ice and serve with an orange slice at the
top with the sea view it has the best refreshing impact.
Clothes for all campaing
- higher than Hanna
Many of the camp participants took part in the campaign - Clothes for all
which aim is to give the clothes you don’t need anymore to people who can
still use them. Congratulation - the pile of the clothes we collected is higher
than the youngest participant - Hanna Klee. It is actually higher than Jan
Tore sitting behind the table.
Haven’t contributed yet? Do so!
By Per Jorgen Gram
- most sunburned : Jokkes (swe) forhead
- biggest flirt: The swiss-german mysterious
- hero: Tiina the techno-lover
- best meal: Melon
- most hungry: Thor-Rune
- least impressive: “the castle“
- most impressive: Albanian roads
- most fake: “the French“
- Most easily scared: The norwegian girls
on room 112 incl. Martin (an insect on the
- Most optimistic: The busdrivers
Hardest activity: hulahops - Nancy from Albania have the 3 second
Best idea: Pool for the
smalest children
Your tip of the day
for the camp
best how-to-spoil-a-nice-picture-guy
Hottest: kubb-players in the sun;
Jonathan (swe), Joel (swe), Rabiel
- Stay in the shadow and use
- Prepare the whole workshop, not just parts of it
- Bring us banana boat !
- Prepare enough sandwiches
This issue was made by Jan Tore Evensen, Per Jorrgen Gram,
Thor-Rune Hansen and Alexandra Pappova