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RE: Bogman Palmjaguar - 'Yahoo! Mail'
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Thank you for your report in connection with Mr. Palmjaguar and in particular in relation to Dr. Welsh's
opinion. I think that there are several matters that I would wish to discuss with you in connection with that
report although I know that you have heard from Mr. Palmjaguar and indeed I have spoken to him and he is
very pleased with the report. I wonder if you might care to email my secretary as to when you might be
available to have a brief conversation. I am on annual leave until 30th July and may be available later that
week or in the following week to discuss matters.
Many thanks for your assistance.
Yours sincerely,
David E. McClements
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Scotland No: SO300789 and having its registered office at King's Court, High Street, Falkirk . 10/01/2011
RE: Bogman Palmjaguar - 'Yahoo! Mail'
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RE: Bogman Palmjaguar
Thursday, 19 July, 200? ii:i9
From: "Leon Redler" <[email protected],>
To: "'Ashley McGuckin'" <[email protected]>
Cc: "'bogman bluequartz palmjaguar'" <[email protected]>, "'Luke Fowler'"
<[email protected]>
Dear Ashley McGucking,
Thanks for your mail of 16 July.
I can be available later in the week of Mr. McCiements return.
I suggest we try each other on Tuesday 31 July to arrange the phone discussion either for sometime that
day or for Wednesday Aug. 1.
My telephone number at work is 0207 916 7917.
Can you give me the best number for me to call Mr. McCiements?
In addition, please bring the following to his attention...supplementing my report:
Re: inconsistencies in diagnosis, I quote form a book by Chris Harrop and Peter Trower (both on the staff
of Birmingham Uni):
"Diagnosing schizophrenia consistently is notoriously difficult, and different psychiatrists are not unlikely to
come up with different diagnoses for the same person (Abandoning the concept of 'schizophrenia'...
British Journal of Psychology 27, 303-324, Bentall, Jackson & Pilgrim, 1988); this has been a long-standing
issue for psychiatry (The measurement and classification of psychiatric syndromes, Cambridge Uni Press Wing, Cooper & Sartorious, 1974)."
From: Why does schizophrenia develop at late adolescence? P32
Prof Richard Bentall notes re psychosis/schizophrenia that "outcome is enormously variable between
individuals with the same diagnosis. For example, although Kraepelin held that schizophrenia patients
inevitably remain ill for the majority of their lives, the long-term studies of Luc Ciompi and Manfred Bleuler
both revealed that this was the case for only a minority of patients. About a third of patients completely
recovered over the long term, the remaining patients having intermediate outcomes". Maness Explained,
A further point - with the evolution of the DSM, maybe BP was originally diagnosed under slightly different
criteria (ie an earlier version of DSM). Prof Mary Boyle closely investigates the developments in the
DSMs. Furthermore, with reference to 'schizophrenia' she speaks of its "exceptionally weak theoretical and
empirical base".
Schizophrenia: A scientific delusion? p206
Yours sincerely,
Leon Redler
From: Ashley McGuckin [mailto:[email protected]]
Sent: 16 July 2007 15:16
To: [email protected]
Subject: Bogman Palmjaguar
Dear Dr. Redler, 10/01/2011

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