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Invitation to join
Yahoo Groups
If you are an Employer or a
Job-Seeker Participating in one
or more of our Local Meetings,
our Volunteers have probably
invited you to join our
Yahoo Groups.
Why do you need a Yahoo
Profile (Account)?
• 1) You will be able to view the archive of
messages (job leads, job fairs, articles).
• 2) You will be able to specify an alternate
Email Address that you monitor regularly.
• 3) You will be able to control Message
Delivery (Individual - Digest - No Email)
• 4) You may be able to specify Message
At first some of the information seemed invasive,
but my name, gender, birthdate and postal code
information is not displayed any where that I have
The process of creating a profile does create an
email account; BUT, like me, you do not have to
use it, ever.
Note:# When first creating your Yahoo account 'Profile', you can experiment
with minimizing the information you give.
Years ago I did specify Birthdate, Gender, Industry, Title, Specialization, Time
For my email address, I do have a yahoo address that I have never used and
my primary email address.
For contact information: My first and last name is required (* marks required
fields) I also gave a name prefix.
For Home Information: City, State, Zip(* required) and Country.
For Work/School Information: Country.
At the bottom of the form, I see the note:
Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required for most Yahoo! services.
I did not complete some of those because I am not buying any Yahoo services.
1) Signing up seems to require:
a) a First Name and a Last Name
b) Gender
c) a Birthdate: Month, Day, Year
d) a Postal Code
2) Select a unique Yahoo_ID
(Alternatives will be suggested if not unique.)
3) Specify a password.
4) You may also specify an
alternative email address.
(I have never used theirs)
(provide one that you will monitor regularly)
5) You will also be asked to select 2
Security Questions and give
their answers.
6) The code assures them that you
are a person and not an
electronic robot.
7) Agree to their terms.
[Create My Account]
This newer form
may be simpler?
or it leads to more
Questions? …
Already have
a YahooID?
Just Sign In:
At some point,
You will want
To Sign Out:
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