CLICK-Info: Health and Safety


CLICK-Info: Health and Safety
CLICK-Info: Health and Safety
A few clicks on health
and safety!
At the gift factory!
Check recalls & safety alerts to make
sure your gifts are safe
by clicking here.
Can I eat the
Click here for information on
how long to keep leftovers.
More tips on safe food handling in the
home can be found by clicking here.
December 2015
How the Grinch stole
You can be contagious for up to 2 weeks
after getting norovirus.
Click here to learn more on causes,
symptoms, treatments and prevention.
When radon invites
itself in the house...
No area in Can
ada is completel
y radon
free. Find out ho
w to test and w
hy it’s
important by cl
icking here.
Click here for m
ore information
on radon.

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