Basic Skills: Technology


Basic Skills: Technology
Basic Skills:
Franklin H. Coxwell III,
Coxwell & Associates
Bridge the Gap:
A Course in Practical Legal Skills and
Professionalism CLE Seminar
Wednesday, July 23, 2014
Basic Skills: Technology
Components for Lawyers
Frank H. Coxwell
Coxwell & Associates, PLLC
500 North State Street, Jackson, MS 39201
601 948-4450 voice
601 608-7858 fax
[email protected]
[email protected]
All Technology Should
Make Work Easier
The Old Office
“The New Office”
Voip Telephone System
A Scanner on Every Desk.
• Fujitsu ScanSnap iX500
• Fujitsu ScanSnap S1100
The Office Copy Machine
Virtual Receptionist
Virtual Assistant
Former Back Office Support
Cloud Back Office Support
Cloud Practice Management
Cloud Document Management
• Central location for files.
• Sharing and editing.
Back Up Your Data!
Make it automatic.
For All Devices:
Office Computers
Home Computers
iPad, Tablet
Legal Research
PDF Software
• Adobe Acrobat Pro $449 or $240 yr
• CutePDF Pro (Win) $49.95
• PDF Studio Pro (Win, Mac) $129
(Mac) $99
• Nuance Power PDF Advanced $200
Improve Your Typing
Wireless Headset
Plantronics CS50 Headset
For the Office Phone
Plantronics Voyager Pro
For the Office & Cellphone
Get Set Up For Plastic
Increase Computer Memory
• Use’s System Scanner.
• Installation how-to videos.
Multiple Service & Fee Options
Use Varied Options not the Same Old Options
What Do Customers Remember?
Relationships Are More
Important Than Technology
Full book contents are at
Available on
Amazon $23.75
Kindle $9.99
Don’t Re-type Discovery
No Laptops For Taking Notes.
• Magazine articles are available online.
• June 3, 2014
• May 1, 2014
• April 24, 2014
Turn Your Notes Into Photos.
Should You Get a Tablet?
Cornell Method of Note Taking
Listen Twice, Talk Once,
Multiple monitors for your
Desktop and Laptop.
Wide Screen Monitor
2 Wide Screen Monitors
Four programs open at once.
Comm Device
Web Browser
Text Messaging
Tape Recorder
Camera, Video
Books, Audiobooks
iPod, Music, Podcasts
Maps, Weather, Time
Copier, Scanner
Remote control
Research, Notes
Files & Documents
Wi-Fi & Cell access
Apps to do anything
Games, TV, Movies
Seminar CDs, MP3s, Podcasts
Questions for Interviews,
Discovery and Depositions
• MySpace, FaceBook or Twitter account?
• Website, Blog, YouTube, or Video sites?
• Have you talked, written, blogged, emailed
or complained about ___ on any web site,
BBB, blog, web page, or to a gov. agency?
• What email addresses do you use?
Be “The Guy” For What You Do
Useless Information Lawyers
Think Customers Want To Know
Where I went to college and law school.
Law Review articles I wrote in school.
The judge I clerked for.
Courts I am admitted to.
Professional groups I belong to.
Every type of case I have handled.
Martindale and Superlawyer ratings.
My community service.
What Customers Want To Know
Will you return my phone calls?
How are you going to treat me?
Are you a pompous jackass?
What do your other clients think of you?
Do you have experience in what I need?
Can you solve my problem?
How much is this going to cost?
What Makes You Profit?
Making Money
Making Profit
Software Cheap
„ Teacher, Student versions

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