STAND UP FOR PASSION - Dec 17 - Press Release


STAND UP FOR PASSION - Dec 17 - Press Release
10 Liberty St – New York, NY 10005
Wednesday December 17th 6:30pm – AXA Center - New York City
Join us at our next event on Wednesday, December 17th at the AXA Center, 787 7th
Ave (between 51st and 52nd), New York, NY. This is our biggest, most beautiful venue
yet! Thanks to the generous support of AXA and AXA Event & Production Center. Aftershow networking cocktail and food included!
Stand Up For Passion (#standupforpassion) monthly events gather 7 speakers who
speak for 7 minutes about their passion and pivotal moment in life. #standupforpassion is
formatted as a stand up show, and empowers seekers and doers to get inspired. The first
event was held at We Work Soho West on April 4th, 2014. Since then the
#standupforpassion community has grown exponentially and more than 350 people are
expected for the next event. #standupforpassion was co-created by Arnaud Collery,
passionate French Entrepreneur and comedian based in NYC. The selected speakers
are coached by using acting, directing and pitch techniques.
Feedback or experiences from speakers
- Gail T., who is a cancer survivor, said : « Standup For Passion fills a much needed void
in our time: geniune connection, truth and conversation. »
- Goldin M. said that speaking at #standupforpassion and training for it changed his life.
He had a very hard start in life and is now on his way to make a name for himself as a
social entrepreneur and personal trainer.
The speakers
Carrie Severson – My Personal Journey to Happiness
CEO/President of Severson Sisters, Severson Sisters empowers girls in the world
through programs and services. Through the program girls learn self-esteem enhancing
tools, how to develop and strengthen healthy relationships with their peers and a bullying
solution method which helps them handle bullying scenarios in life.
Dmitry Koltunov – My Life as an Alien
An inventive engineer, driven entrepreneur, avid musician, passionate writer, and lover of
learning and community. Co-Founder and CTO of Alice, a mobile hospitality platform
that is fundamentally changing the way that staff and guests interact.
Gesche Waiyi Haas - My Passion is a Monster
Gesche is a lifelong dreamer, and a doer. Her dreams are marked by her uniquely
diverse background: She is half German, half Chinese-Malaysian and was born in the
Kingdom of Swaziland in Africa. She is now following her calling as an entrepreneur,
with several significant roles at startups under her belt and having
founded Dreamers // Doers, an action-driven female-focused entrepreneurial community
with more than 500 members.
Goldin Martinez - The first time I heard 'I love you'
Goldin Martinez is the visionary founder of Get Focused, a no cost educational youth
program. He designed Get Focused to teach children that "being active" is more than just
physical sprints and squats. Since 2009, his organization has impacted over 45,000
young people on the importance of being healthy, earning a quality education, and
performing community service.
Silvia Christmann - Not All That Wander Are Lost
Silvia is an executive growth coach and advisor to organizations.
She aligns people’s potential with passion, purpose, and productivity. Silvia specializes
in creating frameworks for growth and behavioral change to maximize personal growth
and professional aspirations. She works wherever innovators, entrepreneurs, executives
and individuals are ready to invest in a new thought paradigm to expedite their growth.
... and 2 Mystery Speakers!
More info about Stand Up For Passion:
Photos of past events
Videos of some of our past speakers
For further inquiries, set up of interviews, images & videos, please contact
Arnaud: [email protected]