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Volume 14 Issue 3 (PP6303/9/2002)
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Sir,, I MUST giv
The joys of teaching
Uplifted to teach
Why I teach
My most memorable
moment as a teacher
Siow Hwa, the tiny Chinese
In Partnership
IN STEP Volume 14 Issue 3, 2002
These are just some of the happy things that happen in a
teacher’s life, and they only happen because we are
hing is God’s assignment eaching
let’s enjoy it
As teachers, we must be realistic. No job in this world is
a bed of roses. Teaching is enjoyable but it also has its
problems. There are times when we feel a little hurt, a
little unappreciated. This is normal. But we must look at
things as a whole.
It gives us influence –
let’s bless them
It’s not true to say that a teacher has no status. We have
tremendous influence over the children we teach. Those
of us who teach younger ones know how easy it is to
make them happy or sad. I’m sure you have seen pupils
taking back their exercise books, looking at them and
beaming just because they have spotted a ‘Good’. Some
can’t resist sharing their joy with their neighbour,
“Teacher, gave me ‘good’.” What a lot of happiness even
our simplest actions can give.
When you have a bad experience, you get over it, and
get on with your life. The same goes for teaching. When
we face problems, we can pray, learn any lessons God
has for us, and move on.
It’s just not true that parents look down on us and think
we know nothing. Parents are looking for teachers to
give their children tuition because they know they are
not able to do it themselves. They know we can do
something they can’t.
As Christians, God has a purpose for our lives. If He
places us in the classroom, He has a purpose for us
there. And if we see it that way, we will try to fulfill that
It gives us an eternal reward –
If God makes us a principal, it must be God’s purpose
for us to be there. Just being the principal of a school is
a position in itself. And to many people - to the children,
teachers and parents - it is a position of respect and
responsibility. When we run the school well, they say,
“That’s a good school. It’s run by so and so and that
person is a Christian.” That, in itself, is a good testimony.
Being a principal gives us the opportunity to run things
well, so that the students get a good education.
If God has placed us in a role where we can influence
policy, it’s our responsibility to express what we feel is
right and proper, fair and just.
We have an important God-given role to play in any
position we find ourselves in.
It gives us time –
let’s press on
There was a time when my wife and I looked back on all
the CF work we had been doing and felt so discouraged.
We didn’t seem to see many actually accepting Christ.
We began to wonder if all those years of labour had been
Then, out of the blue, a letter came from East Malaysia.
It began, “I wonder whether you still remember me? I
used to attend your CF.” He wanted us to know that he
had since become a Christian. He shared his ministry
with us, and mentioned the conversion of 26 people in
just one of the villages he had visited. How we rejoiced
to learn that he was both a teacher and a pastor!
We sowed the seed but didn’t see the harvest. We didn’t
realise it had grown. But just when we were feeling down,
God graciously allowed us this glimpse of what had been
achieved. Is it any wonder I believe that teaching really
is the most rewarding profession in the world?‰
let’s serve Him
A teacher has more time than those caught in the private
sector rat race. We should thank God for a good
profession where we not only earn a reasonable living
but also have time for God and ourselves. We can do
church work. We can serve at camps. In fact, when my
wife and I were in Cameron Highlands, many of the
teachers there were so involved in church work that
they almost seemed like full-time workers!
Mr Chin was a teacher, senior assistant, principal
and the former District Education Officer of
Bentong, Pahang. He is now an occasional
IN STEP Volume 14 Issue 3, 2002
Sunday Star, July 21 2002
IN STEP Volume 14 Issue 3, 2002
We’re contagious!
Because I’m a lecturer at a teachers’ training college,
I get to enter my trainees’ classrooms to watch them
teach. I always smile when I find my trainees acting,
talking and teaching like me! It means a bit of me has
rubbed off on them through our many hours together.
This drives home one simple universal point about
education: education is one life influencing another.
Ng Kee Chuan
We’re inspiring!
“Teacher, I have a poem for you and a well-wrapped
gift. It’s very, very useful… since you love hiking… and
you can use it for ages.”
Ng Kee Chuan and his teacher trainees of
Maktab Perguruan Gaya
I looked at the shape and thought, “I hope he’s not giving
me a walking stick.” Anyway I said, “Thank you” and
guess what? It was an umbrella and a very special poem
written from the bottom of his heart.
I had been so intent on teaching that I had been unaware
of my surroundings – a cardinal sin for a teacher. But
my girls had neither rushed out of the class nor become
restive or fidgety.
Cheam Cheng Sooi
God’s gift of that superb class confirmed me in my new
vocation. It gave me the best start to do my utmost for
His children.
Yin Kam Yoke
Petaling Jaya
We’re fascinating!
It happened on my very first day as a full-fledged teacher.
I had been given Form VA, the best class to teach. As I
was their form teacher as well as their subject teacher
for three subjects, I spent almost the whole day with
The girls were rapt, their sparkling eager eyes waiting
for every word which proceeded from my mouth as
though they were pearls of wisdom.
But at 1 p.m. the Headgirl put up her hand. “Cher, Cher,”
she said very politely, “The whole school has gone home!”
Yes, the school was quiet. Being the first day of school,
a messenger had been sent to inform the other classes
that they could go home early. Hidden in a corner, my
class had somehow been missed.
IN STEP Volume 14 Issue 3, 2002
We’re appreciated!
I take pains to organise my desk so I can retrieve things
quickly and easily, without disrupting the lesson. I even
organise my teaching time into various segments so I
can accomplish all I set out to do. This is a private
discipline I impose on myself.
What a delightful surprise it was on Teachers’ Day to
receive potpourri in a small teapot with a note that read,
“GTO – Great Teacher Ordered” from a 12-year-old boy.
It was a real joy to realise he had noticed.
Goh Siao Yen
In Partnership
Running two conferences and three
seminars in three months was indeed
a challenge! It is always rewarding
to hear of renewed passion for
teaching after each event. The worst
part for the organiser is of course the
uncertainty about the number of
participants. “Do we have the
minimum number to break even?” is
foremost on my mind when the
response is slow. Do read on and share
our joy in the feedback we received.
(1-3 JUNE, PENANG & 7-8 SEPT,
This year we had the same seminar
in two different towns to make the
conference more accessible to our
preschool teachers. Penang attracted
35 conferees and Seremban, 75.
Dr Low Guat Tin
The conferees appreciated both theme
talks by Mrs Hannah Tan and Mrs
Olivia Yeoh. They also found the
workshop on “Implementation of the
Preschool Curriculum in a Thematic
Approach” by Mrs. Eveleen Ling
most useful.
The 100 participants who attended Dr. Low Guat Tin’s
seminar found it extremely refreshing and entertaining.
We have never laughed so much at a TCF function!
ΠI now feel confident about using
the thematic approach next year.
ΠThe speaker was excellent, encouraging and affirming.
The time just flew with laughter and jokes.
ΠA real eye-opener.
ΠVery practical, encouraging and useful. It has given
me a new perspective on teaching.
ΠLots of ideas to put into practice.
ΠWell-prepared, detailed and full of
humour - there wasn’t a dull
ΠI am beginning to view students in the last two classes
ΠA long time since I had such a good laugh.
ΠRekindled my passion for teaching.
ΠMalam TCF was great fun!
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IN STEP Volume 14 Issue 3, 2002
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