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Volume 1 Issue 8
August 2012
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President’s Message
here has this year gone?
It is hard to believe in
about seven weeks we
will be gathering in
Starkville for another MS Division
Convention. The ladies of District I
are hard at work to make it a great
convention and I look forward to
seeing all of you there. This is an
election year be sure that your
chapter is represented and gets to
vote on our new officers for 20122014.
We are going to have a
very special guest, President General
Martha Van Shiack, and possibly her
mother, will be joining us for the
Your reports have been arriving
and I will be getting them out to the MS
Division Chairmen so they can select
their top chapters and get the
information forwarded to the General
We have had an exciting
summer. The Mississippi Division
Children of the Confederacy had their
annual convention in Louisville at Lake
Tiak O’Khata. They had a great time
swimming and at the hotdog/
hamburger supper in the picnic area.
As always their business session was
impressive. Our heritage is in
good hands ladies as these
young people proved that
weekend. If you have never
been to a C of C convention
you need to go to one. They
are planning for the General
Convention to be held in
Mississippi next summer.
The newest Jefferson Davis
Highway Marker was placed just south
of the intersection of Highway 51 and
Mississippi Highway 8 in Grenada. A
rough estimate showed we had about
50 attend.
This marker is special since it is
made from two pieces of the original
MS Division UDC Arch that was
destroyed by Hurricane Katrina. The
dedication service was given by our
Jefferson Davis Highway Chairman Pam
(Continued on page 4)
Vice President
The 3A Membership pin with
Chain is not a new pin. For many years,
it was available as one of the Official
Membership pins. This
pin is once again
available and is found
on the Non Engraved
Insignia Order Form
(dated July 2012)for
T h e
3 A
Membership pin may be
worn on or off the Official UDC Ribbon.
If worn on the Ribbon, it will replace the
Membership pin presently on your
Ribbon. Only one Membership pin may
be worn on the Ribbon at one time.
Janice Strohm, Vice President
Mississippi Division, UDC
Division Officers
President Frances Woodruff
V President
Janice Strohm
2nd V P
Sally Roberts
3rd VP
Rebecca Fairchild
Rec. Secretary
Kay Henry
Susan Easter
Juanita Griffith
Historian Wylodean Edwards
Celeste Young
Appointed Officers
Vivian Dailey
Paula Harvey
Corr. Secy.
Judy Goodin
Peggy McCullough
Jefferson Davis
in side
page 7
Inside this issue:
Officer reports
Bedford Forrest Invitation
Bus to General
CofC Convention reports
116th Division Convention
Second Vice President’s Repor t
I would like to congratulate Kimberly Dawn
Goodin Robertson for receiving the Malcolm M.
Bergland General scholarship for the 2012-13 school
year to further her education in the field of nursing.
Also congratulations to our Division scholarship
recipients for their continued excellence in high grades
in their chosen fields. Both Rachel Summerlin and
Katlin Woodruff will be attending Mississippi State
University in the fall. GO BULLDOGS!!
I would like to thank all the Chapters who
sponsored scholarship applicants. I thank you for your
time, patience, and hard work it takes to work towards
sponsoring an applicant seeking to further their
education. It can be time consuming.
It is not too early to think about the next group
of graduating seniors. The school year has begun in
many areas. Scholarship hopefuls are out there. We
need to get started on helping them achieve their
college success.
Sallie L. Roberts, 2nd Vice President
Mississippi Division, UDC
3rd Vice President
I want to begin this last message as the
Mississippi Director of the Children of the Confederacy
by saying thank you for your support of the CofC. During
the past two years we have had two terrific Division
Conventions which were hosted by the Margaret Davis
Hayes Chapter 520 and the Beauregard Rifles Chapter
927. The conventions are always fun, and I love seeing
CofC members grow as they participate in the
organization. Planning and hosting a convention takes
time and energy, so thank you if you hosted, assisted
with the convention, or if you attended.
It has been a privilege to work with the Division
Presidents as well.
Miss Augusta Williams
demonstrated exceptional leadership as did Mr. Stewart
Inman. Congratulations to both of you. Mr. Nathan
Hemphill who was elected as Division President in June
is another outstanding CofC member, and the new
Division Director will be fortunate to work with him.
Thank you to the Chapter Directors who
processed new applications, planned meetings,
returned reports on time, and sent in the correct
amount of money with your reports! Thank you if you
assisted the Chapter with the end-of-year report, for
some of you went above and beyond your duty to make
sure that your CofC Chapter was still active.
Thank you to so many of you who assisted in
ways too numerous to count. The people behind the
scenes are often the least recognized, but the ones
doing the most work.
The 2012-2013 CofC year will be an exciting
one. Preliminary plans for hosting the 2013 General
Convention have been underway since March 2011. As
plans are being finalized and the convention call is
being prepared, go ahead and save the date, July 1820, 2013, for attending General CofC Convention in
Mississippi. If you have never attended a General CofC
Convention, this will be the perfect opportunity for you
to see why eighteen Mississippians were willing to drive
for two days to reach the destination of the 2012
Thank you, Mississippi Daughters, for allowing
me to serve as the Third Vice-President.
Rebecca Fairchild, 3rd VP
Mississippi Division, UDC
61st Annual Convention of the
Mississippi Division Children of the Confederacy®
The 61st Annual Convention of the Mississippi Division
Children of the Confederacy® was held June 1-2, 2012, in
Louisville, Mississippi at Lake Tiak O'Khata Hotel. Host
Chapters Beauregard Rifles 951 Children of the
Confederacy® and Winston Guards 2643 United Daughters
of the Confederacy® hosted a hotdog cookout and swimming
Page 2
at the Lake Tiak O'Khata Gazebo.
The Memorial Service was held at 9:15 a.m., June
2,2012, at the Masonic Cemetery in downtown Louisville.
Chaplain Arri Williams presided and read the memorial for
Tessa Sizemore, member of Jefferson Addison Hayes Davis
(Continued on page 10)
Volume 1 Issue 8
August 2012
Ladies, it has been a very rewarding year for
your ‘fill-in’ Historian. I attended all the District
Workshops and hopefully encouraged all to some of
the duties of your Chapter Historian and what the
Division Historian needs to complete her duties. Thank
you all for your co-operation in helping to make this a
memorable year.
As Division Historian, I chose as a history
project to undertake completing the General Minutes
Books, the Division Minutes Books and Our Heritage
newsletter which are kept in the UDC Room in
Jackson . It is important for future generations to have
records of what the UDC has accomplished through the
Thank you for the great response from the
members. A great number are still lacking. The
following are the years needed to complete the part of
this project.:
On the General level; 1900 thru 1927, 1941 thru
1948, 19 50 thru 1961, 1968, 1976.and 1986.
On the Division level; 1898,1899, 1901 thru
1929, 1932, 1933, 1935 thru 1949, 1952, 1953,
1956, 1969,1971,1972, 1973,1975, 1987.
Be on the look out for these years and bring to
convention with you. Unfortunately time has not
permitted me to check Our Heritage.
Don’t forget to send in your chapter activities
along with pictures, newspaper articles, year books,
etc.. And please do not wait until the last minute. Mail
NOW!! Looking forward to receiving some wonderful
chapter reports. Hope to see you all at convention.
Wylodean Edwards, Historian
Mississippi Division, UDC
Serving as editor of this publication during the
Woodruff Administration has been a wonderful
experience. Of course our long standing newsletter
would not be possible without you, the membership. It
is because you are providing the articles, pictures,
announcements and news.
I thank each and every one of you who helped in
anyway make “Our Heritage” a success.
remember this is YOUR newsletter.
That same attention is also needed for the
division website. Unfortunately, we are all so busy,
often times an event has passed before we realize it. It
does not do the division much good if it is out of date.
I challenge you, with the start of this next
administration, please do your part to make sure the
new webmaster has the information needed to keep the
website current.
If you are on the rootsweb email list you must
be sure that I have your correct email address, I know
some have changed your ISP and have a different
address, if you want to continue I need the new
address, after a certain number of undeliverable emails
to you, the list service will automatically remove you.
Also remember you CAN NOT send attachments using
this list nor can you send anything if you are not a
subscriber. Thanks for the opportunity to serve the MS
Paula T Harvey, editor/webmaster
Mississippi Division, UDC
Recorder of Military Service Awards
Being Division Recorder of Military Service
Awards has been an awesome experience. Knowing
that you are honoring our Veterans is a true blessing
because, as a Veteran myself, I know how receiving
recognition makes a Soldier feel. It is a most humbling
I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Chapter
Recorders and ask that you continue seeking out
deserving Veterans in your area. So many of our
Mississippi Guardsmen have been deployed to
Afghanistan and Iraq and are eligible for the new Global
War on Terror (GWOT) Cross. Let’s show them we
appreciate their service to our Nation by presenting
them with this prestigious UDC award!
Thank you for making the past two years an
unforgettable experience.
Celeste T Young, RMSA
Mississippi Division, UDC
Our Heritage
Page 3
In Memoriam: September 1, 2011—August 1, 2012
Barnes, Ruth Behr
Vicksburg 77, Vicksburg
Bryant, Alwilda
Stephen D. Lee 34, Columbus
Estes, Judy
Noxubee 2221, Macon
Felter, Moselle McCearley
Wilkinson County 1875, Woodville
Ferguson, Alma Estelle Eubanks
J Z George 228, Greenwood
Fleter, Moselle McCearley
Wilkinson County 1875, Woodville
Finch, Sarah Jane Hinton
Corinth 333, Corinth
Godbold, Hazel Cloy
Brent Rifles 2137, McComb
Hanna, Audrey Neal
Attala County 2592, Kosciusko
Hillen, Judith Lynn
Varina Howell Davis 2559, Horn Lake
Kelly, Virginia W
Mary Ann Randolph Custus Lee 2583, Purvis
Lott, Mae Winfield
Varina Howell Davis 2559, Horn Lake
Mattina, Elizabeth Eleuterius
Biloxi Beauvoir 623, Biloxi
Mauldin, Clydell Shrock
Attala County 2592, Kosciusko
Mitchell, Martha Nell McGill
Edward Cary Walthall 290, Holly Springs
Raiteri, Estella Virginia Lowe
Varina Howell Davis 2559, Horn Lake
Smith, Chesley Thorne
Edward Cary Walthall 290, Holly Springs
Vivian Dailey, Chaplain
Mississippi Division, UDC
Reminder: Chaplain’s Report is to be turned by August
31. If you need a copy of the report, please email
Vivian at [email protected] or call 228-238-6674.
The Mississippi Division CofC was saddened to lose one of its young members this year. Tessa Madison Sizemore was born on
September 25, 2005, and joined the Jefferson Addison Hayes-Davis Chapter 932 CofC of Southaven on March 15, 2006, on the record of
her Confederate Ancestor, Joel C. Phillips. She died February 16, 2012. Having lost her mother at a very young age, Tessa lived with her
father in Olive Branch, Mississippi. She was a Kindergarten student at Overpark Elementary at the time of her death.
(Continued from page 1)
Mauldin, the General Jefferson Davis Highway Chairman
DeeLois Lawrence of Pine Bluff, Arkansas and myself.
Ex-Division Presidents able to attend were Myra
Sandidge, Kathy Sewell and Ruth Allbritton. The
chapters of District II provide cookies and lemonade.
We have a new chapter in District II the Bedford
Forrest Chapter 448 in Hernando. They are excited and
are already busy as can be. They were chartered on
June 20. The paper work has been received and a
chartering meeting is planned for August 25. Welcome
ladies. The sad part of the story is that we have lost
two of our old chapters John M. Stone 380 in West
Point and Robert Henry Tubbs 2546 in Batesville. The
good news there is another chapter in the works it will
be known as Brice’s Crossroads. They are finishing up
their paper work and should come in shortly.
The report from the Beauvoir Board says that
the new Jefferson Davis Library building should be
finished by the end of August. I will keep you updated
on the events there as they unfold.
Franklin and I had the privilege to be invited to
the reception in Biloxi for the new director of Beauvoir
Bertram Hayes-Davis and his wife Carol. They will join
us for a while at the convention. They are working
together and have great ideas for the last home of
Jefferson Davis. They are now living in Gulfport.
I want to thank each of you for the wonderful
two years that you have let me serve as your president.
I have enjoyed every experience, traveling from one end
of our beautiful state to the other, and getting to know
more of you on a personal level. Mississippi Daughters
have truly been the best that they can be for the UDC
and you have proven that more than once.
See you in Starkville.
In UDC Love always,
Page 4
Volume 1 Issue 8
Mississippi Division District II
The Last newsletter was absent of news from District
II—therefore I am writing this article so everyone will be
informed about all the exciting things happening in our
Our District meeting, held last March, was a very
successful event!!! I appreciate our Division President, Mrs.
Frances Woodruff, who so graciously gave of her time and
talent to inform the ladies about how to fill out the
President’s package. Also, to the Division officers who were
present, I thank them for their part which made our district
meeting so successful.
Officers were elected as follows:
Saranne O.
Emerson, District Chairman, Bedford Forrest 448, Hernando,
MS; Bethellen Nicholson, Vice Chairman, Bedford Forrest
448, Hernando, MS; Annette McCluney, Treasurer, J Z
George 228 of Greenwood, MS; Shelly Wenner, Recording
Secretary, Bedford Forrest 448 , Hernando, MS.
Bedford Forrest 448 of Hernando, MS was re-organized with
Cynthia Blalock as the Charter Chapter President.
Congratulations, Ladies, you are to be proud of your
The Maurine Robinson Scholarship Fund has two
Micaela DeLashmit and Lacey Barnett—
Congratulations, you young ladies are the brilliant examples
of our future!!
Saranne O. Emerson,
District Chairman
By Law Committee
The 2010-12 Bylaws Committee thanks all the
Chapters and Districts who have sent their Bylaws for review!
But---we are not 100%. We really do need Bylaws from EACH
entity----if you have an EIN you MUST have Bylaws! And, they
should be sent to the Division Committee for review.
Some points to remember. Each set of Bylaws must
use the copyright symbol--the r in a circle. Each must include
the sentence (found in Division and General) "The United
Daughters of the Confederacy® is a charitable organization
pursuant to U.S.C.A. 501c)(3) and applicable federal
regulations." Each must contain a dissolution clause. Each
Chapter must use the September 1-August 31 year. And,
Chapter and Division Bylaws cannot conflict with Division and
General Bylaws---for example, a Chapter cannot have its own
definition for an Honorary Member.
Some common omissions/ errors that we found
include 1) use of the word "objectives" rather than objects 2)
not including the newer awards in the duties of the Vice
President or Historian and 3) not including Meritorious
Service Awards in the duties of the Recorder of Military
Service Awards (or assigning that award to a Committee) .
Chapter and District Bylaws can be as simple or as
complex/detailed as you wish to make them. Any one of us
on the Committee would be happy to help or advise you. We
hope to be sent ALL the other Bylaws quite soon!
The Standing Rules may be amended by a 2/3 vote
at any Annual Division Convention. Please send us any
changes to the Standing Rules that you would like
considered, and they will be presented at the Starkville
Ruth Murdock, Chairman; Ruth Allbritton, Mabel Clark
Bylaws Committee
Mississippi Division, UDC
Great Great Granddaughters Annual Meeting
The Mississippi Division GG Granddaughters annual
meeting will be held at the Division Convention in Starkville,
MS on September 28, Friday at 330 pm.
Election of new officers will be main business. Nominations
will be accepted from the floor.
I appreciate the opportunity to serve as the President
of the Great Great Granddaughters Club. It has been a great
experience. We have accomplished a lot. Our dues are being
paid on a timely basis. Thanks to Susan for all her hard work
to get our membership list and dues up to date.
Also I thank Connie Estes for doing a great job
serving as the Secretary and Frances DeLashmit as Vice
President who processed our GG Granddaughters' pin
Our Bylaws have been updated and are digitized for
Page 5
easier access. Each Chapter should have a current copy but if
you don't and need a copy of the Mississippi Division GG
Granddaughters Bylaws please let me know.
If you have not paid your GG Granddaughters dues
they are past due. Dues are due by June 1 per Bylaws change
approved last meeting in Gulfport. Dues are $3.00 per year
per member($1.00 MS Division fee, $2.00 fee goes to
General GG Granddaughters Club) Send dues to Susan
Easter, 1491 City Bridge Road, Wiggins, MS 39577-9514
Hope to see you at the Division Convention in Starkville.
In UDC Service,
Sandy Burt Gaddis, President
MS Division GG Granddaughters Club
Volume 1 Issue 8
August 2012
The United Daughters of the Confederacy
Mississippi Division
District II
District II is proud to announce the chartering of a new chapter:
Our Chartering Ceremony will be on Saturday. August 25, 2012
6:30 pm at the Hernando Library, located at 370 W. Commerce Street
Hernando, MS 38632
You are invited to attend. Please RSVP by August 20, 2012
Call Mrs. Frances DeLashmit 662-252-2185 or
e-mail at: [email protected]
Our UDC fiscal year is quickly coming to an end.
It has been another good year and I do appreciate all of
you chapter treasurers and the work that you do. Chapter and Club Treasurers, our year ends on August 31st,
please remember to get your 501(c)(3) Annual Financial
Chapter Report to me. As you know timely filing of
these documents assures that our organization retains
its tax exempt status. We do have a few “early bird”
chapters who have already closed their books for the
year and have submitted their reports. As your Division
Treasurer, I will begin filing the 990 e-postcards with the
IRS at the end of our fiscal year.
It has been a pleasure and a learning experience to serve as your Division Treasurer. Thank you for
your understanding and your assistance as I learned the
job. Together we got it done and done correctly.
I look forward to seeing you all in Starkville in
September at our Division Convention.
Susan Easter, Treasurer
Mississippi Division UDC
Page 6
Robert E Lee #2561
Frances Woodruff, MS Division President installing Robert E Lee
2561 officers (l), Adele Whitlock, President; Carolyn Jones, VP;
Sandy Gaddis, Recording Secretary/Treasurer; Ethel McHenry,
Not pictured Audrey Burt, Historian; Sue Crenshaw, Chaplain.
Volume 1 Issue 8
August 2012
Jefferson Davis Memorial Highway Marker
On June 16, 2012 members of the
Mississippi Division UDC gathered at Grenada to
dedicate the newest Jefferson Davis Memorial
Highway Marker at the intersection of Highway 51
and Highway 8.
It had been
the desire of the
Division for a long
time to erect a
Grenada. Highway 51
is officially recognized
by the state of
Mississippi as the
Memorial Highway
from the Tennessee
line to the Mississippi
Gulf Coast.
Marker front
President Frances
Division Jefferson
Highway Chairman
began in earnest to
get this marker
placed in March of
2012 when they
Back of marker
met with Tommy
McCain of the Mississippi Department of
Transportation to select a location on Highway 51
in Grenada.
After receiving the preliminary paper work
from MDOT in April, Frances and members of her
family met Susan Easter, MS Division Treasurer,
and her husband on the grounds of Beauvoir to
pick out two pieces of the old MS Division UDC
Arch that once stood as the entrance to Beauvoir
Page 7
for the marker.
When Hurricane
Katrina hit the Gulf Coast
in August of 2005 a
casino barge broke loose
and hit the white granite
arch destroying it but the
glancing blow knock the
barge away from the last
home of Jefferson Davis
saving it from being
completely demolished.
The pieces of the arch
were moved and have
Actual location of marker
been lying on the ground
near the Confederate Veterans Cemetery at the
back of the property ever since. Members of the
Mississippi Division UDC thought that this granite
would make a meaningful highway marker.
After getting the final permit from MDOT the
marker was engraved by Mississippi Granite Works
in Louisville and erected on June 12.
L to R: Pam Mauldin, MS Division Jefferson Davis Memorial
Highway Chairman; Frances Woodruff, MS Division President;
DeeLois Lawrence, General Jefferson Davis Highway Marker
Chairman and Ruth Allbritton, Vice President General
Info from the Winston County Journal
Volume 1 Issue 8
August 2012
OCT 31ST – NOV 6TH 2012
Down payment of $200 due Sept 4th
Balance due Oct 10th (late payments penalty: $25)
Due to this special price, there will be no refunds given
(note: Olivia Futral is Saranne Emerson’s sister—who has given us this very special price)
payment :
send to:
make checks payable to “Big O Tours”
Olivia Futral
P O Box 158
Hickory Flat, MS 38633-0158
Olivia Futral 662-333-9352 (office) or 662-544-2718 (cell)
[email protected] or www.acrcoach.com (all lower case letters)
Saranne O Emerson 662-392-2164 or [email protected] (lower case)
Lodging in WYTHEVILLE, VIRGINIA (Oct 31st only) 2 or more to a room
(non-bus riders charge to tour cemetery is $20 per person-space permitting)
Any other meals, stops, tours are at your own expense
Motel is for Oct 31st; return trip—no overnight motel, driving straight thru
Please pack a tote bag with changing of clothes for return trip—will leave after “last gavel” on Monday
night, November 5th.
PILLOWS, BLANKET, PLAYING CARDS, snack foods, drinks, (room for a few coolers) ATTITUDE FOR
UDC Memorial Building
Page 8
Volume 1 Issue 8
August 2012
What a great way to preserve our Heritage
and honor that special Southern Woman
Page 9
Volume 1 Issue 8
August 2012
(Continued from page 2)
Chapter 932 Southaven. Special memorials were read by
Nathan Hemphill, Alexis Saucier, Andrew Lechner, and John
Hemphill. Division President Stewart Inman placed a wreath
at the Unknown Confederate Graves.
The Business Meeting of the 61st Annual
Convention of the Mississippi Division Children of the
Confederacy was called to order by President Stewart
Inman. Hanna Christopher extended Welcome from the
Beauregard Rifles 951 Children of the Confederacy. Mrs.
Connie Faye Estes, President, Winston Guards 2643 UDC,
extended Welcome from the United Daughters of the
The President presented Mrs. Frances
Woodruff, President of the Mississippi UDC Division, who
extended greetings. The President also presented Acting
Division Director Miss Margaret Murdock who introduced
Chapter Directors in attendance. The Division officers and
Chapters presented their reports.
Catechism quizzes were conducted by 2nd Vice
President Alexis Saucier. Winner of the Pre-Junior Category
was Sarah Grace Cummins. Winner of the Junior Category
was Isabella Cummins. Winners of the Senior Category were
1st Place, Andrew Lechner; 2nd Place, Arri Williams; Tied for
3rd, Bennett Williams and Stewart Inman.
Officers elected for 2012-2013 were Nathan
President; Alexis
Saucier, Vice
Andrew Lechner,
2nd Vice
President; Arri
Williams, 3rd
Vice President;
Recording Secretary; John
Hemphill, Treasurer; Laura
Katherine Inman, Historian;
Lauren Anderson, Chaplain;
and Isabella Cummins,
Custodian. The newly elected
officers were installed by Mrs.
Frances Woodruff. Outgoing
President Stewart Inman
To the right, MS Division President Frances Woodruff, and MS
Division CofC President Nathan
Hemphill. (Runs in the Family)
(Continued on page 15)
58th Annual General Children of the Confederacy®
Mississippians attended the 58th Annual General
Convention of the Children of the Confederacy and
participated in all of the activities July 18-20, 2012, at the
Courtyard by Marriott and Wyndham Hotels in Gettysburg,
Pennsylvania. Prior to the opening of the convention
Mississippi Division President Stewart Inman, Ex-President
General Richard Fairchild, Mississippi Division Director Mrs.
Rebecca Fairchild, and Clayton Fairchild were guests at a
dinner honoring President General Callie Herold. The
convention began on Thursday afternoon with the Memorial
Service and tea at St. Francis Xavier Church which had been
a hospital where wounded and dying soldiers of both armies
were cared for by the Sisters of Charity following the battle
of Gettysburg. During the service Stewart Inman read the
special memorial for Tessa Madison Sizemore. Laura
Catherine Inman served as special page for the President
General for the entire convention. Mississippi and other
Divisions had participated in the President General’s special
project, Bucks for Books, and it was exciting to see Stewart
Inman, Chairman, and Chris Hoppe, member of the special
Bucks for Books Committee present the check representing
nearly $4,000 as a donation to the Jefferson Davis Library at
Page 10
Beauvoir from the General Organization. Other exciting
convention was the
election of Stewart
Inman as Recording
Secretary General,
winning third place
Catechism Quiz, and
Harris “Arri” Williams
election to the 2013 nominating committee. Fun activities
were the games following Welcome and Historical Evening,
touring the battlefield, and having dinner at Pickett’s
Charge. Mississippians attending were Stewart Inman,
Laura Catherine Inman, Daniel Inman, Arri Williams, Bennett
Williams, Chris Hoppe, Andrew Lechner, Clayton Fairchild,
CofC members; Mrs. Ruth Murdock, Miss Margaret Murdock,
Mrs. Rebecca Fairchild, Mrs. Nancy Stewart, Mrs. Sallie Ann
Inman, Mrs. Melissa Cospelich, UDC; Mr. Richard Fairchild,
MOS&B; and Mr. Will Inman, Mr. Anthony "Bubba"Cospelich,
Volume 1 Issue 8
August 2012
Mary Ann Randolph Custis Lee #2583
reads the very moving poem I Am Their Flag at the 16 May 2012 meeting of
Mary Ann Randolph Custis Lee 2583.
Her husband and our Camp Follower holds the flag under which our
ancestors served. Other poems read during the meeting were Bonnie Blue
Flag, Jeff Davis Forever, Jim of Biloxi, I’m a Good Old Rebel, Stonewall
Jackson’s Way, and The Hand of a Confederate Soldier, written by chapter
member Celeste Young.
The chapter’s dulcimer group composed of Lisa Cooper, Beth Johnson,
Myrna Lazenby, Barbara Lott, and Karen Mims demonstrated the musical side
of poetry when they played the Louisiana State Song You Are My Sunshine and,
by request, chapter favorite Goober Peas. After singing our own state song Go
Mississippi, hostess Yolanda Walters treated members and guests to
refreshments featuring Southern picnic delicacies.
General M. P. Lowrey #1608
On Saturday June 23 the General M.P. Lowrey, 1608
UDC held their annual Military Service Awards/Memorial
Service at Lowrey
Baptist Church in Blue
Mountain. This year’s
recipients were Mike
Bennett, husband of
Gloria, who received
the Vietnam Cross of
Military Service, Bill
Baker, husband of Pictured L to R: Pam Mauldin Mike Bennett,
Ryan McCommon, Bill Baker, Bobby
McCommon and RMSA Sarah Baker.
Sarah, who received
the National Defense
Medal for service during the Vietnam Conflict. Also receiving
the National Defense
Medals were Father and
Son Bobby McCommon
and son Ryan, for
service during the
Vietnam Conflict and The
Global War on Terror.
Memorials were given to
Confederate Soldiers
and UDC Sisters by
Chapter members. All
Members of the Sara Holmes Lowrey #32
Veterans and all wearers
CofC members served as pages. Pictured
of UDC Crosses and
front LtoR: Isabella Cummins, Sarah Grace
Medals in attendance
Cummins and Laura Leigh Ketchum. Back
Von Coombs and Eliana Cummins, Directors w e r e
President Pam Mauldin
Page 11
was assisted by Chapter Recorder of Military Service Awards
Sarah Baker. The service was held at beautiful historic Lowrey
Church which was founded by
chapter namesake, General M.P.
Lowrey, with a reception following.
President Pam Mauldin,
Gen, M.P. Lowrey, with Chapter
scholarship winner Ryan Reed,
student of Blue Mountain College.
President Pam Mauldin
and 2nd VP Paula Hancock
present a check to the winner
of the Chapter Essay Contest
Megan Mauney.
Pam Mauldin, Pres.
Gen. M.P. Lowrey, of Blue
Mountain, Chapter Member Eliana Cummins and Sarah
Holmes Lowrey Children of the Confederacy Pres. Isabella
Cummins and members Sarah Grace Cummins along with Ella
Nelson deliver 139 lbs.’ of food to the Tippah County Food
Bank, donated by chapter members.
Lowrey 1608 members
and Sarah Holmes
Lowrey Children of the
Confederacy members
delivered change and
baby bottles collected by
chapter members to “MY
P regnancy
Clinic” in Ripley, Ms.
Volume 1 Issue 8
August 2012
Mississippi Division
United Daughters of the Confederacy®
Thursday, September 27 - Saturday September 29, 2012
Hilton Garden Inn – Starkville, Mississippi
Frances K. Woodruff, Division President
“Up and Down the Rails”
HEADQUARTERS for the 116th Annual Mississippi Division UDC Convention will be at the Hilton Garden Inn in
Starkville, Mississippi. Convention Chairman is Carole Gospodnetich. For additional information, please contact
her by e-mail: [email protected], or telephone 662-323-5021.
ROOM RESERVATIONS must be made directly with the Hilton Garden Inn 975 Highway 12 East, Starkville,
Mississippi 39759, telephone 662-615-9664. When making reservations, ask for the block reserved for
“Daughters of Confederacy” to receive the convention rate. Room rates are $109.00 plus tax. You will be charged
for any room reservation not canceled 24 hours in advance (3:00 pm). Rooms must be reserved by Thursday,
September 6, 2012, to assure rate and availability. Each person is responsible for making her own reservation. It
is recommended that you make your reservations as soon as possible. The first business session will be on Friday
morning, September 28, at 9:00 am with registration beginning at 8:00. The Finance and Executive Committee
meetings will be on Thursday, September 27.
REGISTRATION AND TICKET RESERVATION FORM should be completed and sent to Convention Registration
Chairman, Kay Henry, 10923 MS State Hwy. 12, West, Starkville, MS 39759-7926; phone 662-324-1251, e-mail
[email protected] postmarked by Thursday, September 6, 2012. All attending must pay the $10.00
registration fee. Advance reservations must be made for all meal events. Checks should be made to Putnam
Darden 2242. Any dietary restrictions must be noted on the Ticket Reservation Form. Menu choices for Saturday
Luncheon and Presidents Banquet must be noted on the Ticket Reservation Form.
REPORTS of Chapter Presidents, officers and committee chairmen must be sent to the Division President by August
1, 2012. (Report forms and instructions are included in the President’s Packet.)
sent by the Chapter President to the Credentials Committee Chairman, Judy Goodin, 4748 Enon Road, Louisville,
Mississippi 39339-8663, e-mail [email protected] by Monday, September 17, 2012.
MEMBERS OF THE CONVENTION, per Division By Laws, shall be the elected and appointed Division Officers, ex
Division Presidents, Honorary Division Presidents, Chairmen of Division Standing and Special Committees, District
Chairmen, Chapter Presidents, and duly elected Delegates. For voting in Business Sessions on any and all
business, Personal votes and Chapter Delegate votes are cast only by those present; no person may cast more
than one vote. Each Chapter shall be entitled to one Delegate for the first seven members and one for each
additional ten members; a Chapter may name as many Alternates as it desires.
NAME OF DECEASED MEMBERS must be sent to the Division Chaplain, Vivian Dailey, 2135 Kingslea Drive,
Gautier, MS 39553, telephone 228-238-6674, e-mail [email protected], BY September 1, 2012. Memorials at
the Convention will include any deaths that occurred between September 1, 2011 and August 31, 2012.
NAMES OF PAGES AND AIDES must be sent to Chairman of Pages, Von Coombs, PO Box 67, Blue Mountain, MS
38610-0067, telephone 662-685-4246, e-mail [email protected], by September 1, 2012. Pages must
wear white attire, including shoes and gloves.
SALE ITEMS, SILENT AUCTION ITEMS, RAFFLE ITEMS: Chapters/groups/individuals that need a table will be
required to pay a $15.00 fee payable to Putnam Darden 2242. Request for table and check must be sent by
September 6, 2012, to Registration Chairman,
Page 12
Volume 1 Issue 8
August 2012
Mississippi Division
United Daughters of the Confederacy®
Thursday, September 27 – September 29, 2012
Hilton Garden Inn, Starkville, MS
Frances K. Woodruff, Division President
“Up and Down the Tracks”
3:00 – 4:30 PM………………………………………………………………………………………….………………..,Registration
8:00 PM…………………………………………………………………………………………………………....Finance Committee
9:30 PM………………………………………………………………………………………………………....Executive Committee
8:00 – 9:00 AM……………………………………………………………………………………………………..……...Registration
9:00 – 11:00 AM…………………………………………………………………………………………....First Business Session
Lunch on your own
1:30 PM……………………………………………………………...Memorial Service First United Methodist Church
Placement of Memorial Wreath at Confederate Monument downtown Starkville
3:00 PM…………………………………………………………………………………….…………………Great Granddaughters
3:30 PM…………………………………………………………………………………………..…Great Great Granddaughters
4:00 PM…………………………………………………………………………………....Great Great Great Granddaughters
Dinner on your own
7:00 PM……………………………………………………………………………………………………………….Historical Evening
8:00 – 9:00 AM……………………………………………………………………………………….…………………….Registration
9:00 – 11:00 AM……………………………………………………………………………...……….Second Business Session
12:00 Noon…………………………………………………………………………………………………...…Friendship Luncheon
1:30 – 4:00 PM………………………………………………………………………………..…………….Third Business Session
6:00 PM……………………………………………………………………………………………………………..Presidents Banquet
8:00 PM…………………………………………………………………………………………………………...…Presidents Evening
ROOM RESERVATIONS must be made directly with the Hilton Inn, 975 Highway 12 East, Starkville, MS 39759, telephone 662-6159664. When making reservations, ask for the block reserved for “Daughters of the Confederacy” to obtain the convention rate.
Room rate is $109.00 plus tax. Rooms must be reserved by September 6, 2012. You will be charged for any room not cancelled
24 hours in advance (3:00 pm). Each person is responsible for making her own reservation. It is recommended that you make
your reservations as soon as possible.
REGISTRATION AND TICKET RESERVATION FORM should be completed and sent to Convention Registration Chairman Kay Henry,
10923 MS State Hwy. 12 West, Starkville, MS 39759-7926, phone 662-324-1251, email [email protected], postmarked by September 6, 2012. All attending must pay the $10.00 registration fee. Advance reservations must be made for all meal events.
Checks should be made to Putnam Darden 2242. Any dietary restrictions must be noted on the Ticket Reservation Form. Menu
choices for Saturday Luncheon and Presidents Banquet must be noted on Ticket Reservation Form.
Page 13
Volume 1 Issue 8
August 2012
The CONVENTION REGISTRATION and TICKET RESERVATION FORM should be completed and postmarked by
September 6, 2012, and sent to the Registration/Reservation Chairman Kay Henry, 10923 MS State Hwy. 12
West, Starkville, MS 39759-7926. Please complete a separate form for each person attending. Room
reservations are made directly with the hotel. Please refer to Convention Call and Condensed Program for
additional information.
Home Telephone_______________________________ Cell phone_____________________________
UDC Chapter name, number, location _____________________________________________________
Current Chapter office__________________________________________________________________
Current Division office or Committee Chairmanship___________________________________________
Current General office or Committee Chairmanship___________________________________________
If ex Mississippi Division President, state year________________________________________________
If current or ex General Officer state office and year___________________________________________
Mark all the following boxes that apply: □ Delegate □ Alternate □ UDC member □ District Chairman □ SCV
Member □ CofC Member □ Guest □ Other
TICKET RESERVATION FORM (separate form per person)
Make check payable to Putnam Darden 2242. Insert cost to indicate meal preference. Any dietary restrictions
(allergies, vegetarian, etc.), must be noted on this form. Choose one Saturday Luncheon entrée and one Saturday
Banquet entrée (choice must be indicated on this form). Vegetarian plates available at same prices.
Saturday: Luncheon (Choose One)
Baked Chicken
Fried Pork Chops
Saturday: Presidents Banquet
Roast Beef
Baked Fish
$ 10.00_____
Completed form and $15.00 fee payable to Putnam Darden 2242 must be sent by September 6, 2012, to
Registration Chairman Kay Henry, 10923 MS State Hwy. 12 West, Starkville, MS 39759-7926
Description of item and sale/auction/raffle; group it will benefit ___________________________________________
Page 14
Volume 1 Issue 8
August 2012
Mississippi Division
United Daughters of the Confederacy®
UDC or CofC CHAPTER__________________________________________________
CITY___________________________________CHAPTER #_____________________
Von Coombs, Chairman of Pages
Email: [email protected]
3100 Highway 2
Phone: 662-837-0667
Blue Mountain, MS 38610
Reminder: For everyone going to Division or General Convention. . .this is an election year.
If you are going as a delegate, it is your duty to vote!! (Chapter Presidents make sure your
delegates know procedures (check your minute book or bylaws for rules).
These elections are very important to our organization.
Vote , Vote , Vote .
(Continued from page 10)
adjourned the meeting.
CofC : Biloxi: Fayth Michelle Hodge, Alexis Saucier, Gabby
Blue Mountain: Isabella Cummins, Sarah Grace Cummins,
Charles Cummins
Canton: Stewart Inman, Laura Catherine Inman, Daniel
Gulfport: Chris Hoppe, Andrew Lechner, Arri Williams,
Bennett Williams, Knox Williams
Louisville: Hanna Christopher, Nathan Hemphill, John
Page 15
Submitted by Saranne Emerson
UDC: Biloxi: Hilda Wade, Courtney Hodge
Blue Mountain: Ruth Allbritton, Eliana Cummins
Canton: Nancy Stewart, Sallie Ann Inman, Pauline Watkins
Gulfport: Juanita Griffith, Joan Mangum, Margaret Murdock,
Ruth Murdock
Hattiesburg: Rebecca Fairchild
Louisville: Frances Woodruff, Beth Hemphill, Ginger
SCV: Dr. Christopher Cummins, Franklin Woodruff
MOS&B: Dr. Christopher Cummins, Richard Fairchild, Charles
GUESTS: Robert Mangum, Will Inman, JoAnna Williams,
Harris Williams, Sr.
Volume 1 Issue 8
August 2012
United Daughters
of the Confederacy®
Mississippi Division
bâÜ [xÜ|àtzx
Paula Harvey, Editor
1015 Lake Estates Drive
Hattiesburg, MS 39402-3603
The name United Daughters of the
Confederacy® is a registered trademark,
registered with the US Patent and Trade Mark
Office. In all references to the Official Name in
Our Heritage, the ® symbol shall be understood
Emblem and Motto
The emblem of the UDC is a cotton boll superimposed on a
five-pointed star . At the tips of the points are the words of