2014 SECUREX Opisy en zdj


2014 SECUREX Opisy en zdj
MTP SECUREX Gold Medal Winners 2014
NOVUS MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (NMS) - software for IP video surveillance
AAT Holding sp. z o.o. Warsaw
Hall 7A, stand 20
NMS is a software platform under the NOVUS® brand for the management
of video streams from IP cameras and recorders. The software is
recommended for facilities with the highest safety requirements. The
client/server structure and an unlimited number of recorded video channels
make it possible to adapt the system to the needs of a particular system.
Flexible configuration, complex scenarios of alarm events and intuitive
interface with own camera systems facilitate the work of operators.
Axxon Next Software
AxxonSoft, Russia
Submitted by: AxxonSoft Poland Sp. z o.o. Krakow
Hall 8A, stand 46
"Axxon Next – an open VMS platform with endless possibilities of
expansion, unprecedented performance and functionality. Axxon Next
provides extensive image analysis and support for over 1,500 models of
cameras and IP devices as well as remote access through Android, iOS
and web browsers. The software meets the security requirements of
different formats – from large scattered facilities to small individual
buildings. The free version of the software supports up to 16 video
Fore! – security management platform for small and medium-sized facilities
Keyprocessor BV, The Netherlands
Submitted by: C & C PARTNERS TELECOM Sp. z o.o., Leszno
Hall 7A, stand 1
Fore! is an extremely easy to use, innovative platform to manage
security in small and medium-sized facilities. It is a software-based
solution that allows an intuitive and flexible security management and
control of supervised facilities from your PC, tablet or smartphone.The
Fore! platform provides integration of 4 security systems: video
surveillance (CCTV), intruder alarm (control panel), access control (KD)
and intercom system.
DS-2DF7286x network speed dome cameras with intelligent tracking
Hangzhou Hikvision Digital Technology Co., Ltd, China
Submitted by: HIKVISION Europe b.v., Netherlands
Hall 7A, stand 2
Intelligent full HD network speed dome cameras integrated with an
adaptive infrared long-range emitter and lens with a 30-fold optical zoom.
- Full-HD resolution @ 25 frames/sec
- 3 independent video streams
- focal length of 4.3 - 129 mm
- intelligent IR illuminator
- built-in tracking
- face detection
- fog reduction function
- dynamic noise reduction (DNR), D-WDR, ROI, low-temp.
- 360° rotation without endpoint
- optional wiper
Asset Management System
KONSMETAL sp. z o.o., Warsaw
Hall 7, stand 28
Smart devices for the retail industry
The Asset Management System is designed to comprehensively manage
cash in retail outlets which handle cash payments, and to manage all cash
transactions from the front office to the back office. The system consists of
new-generation hardware and Retail Cash Manager (RCM) software for
cash management. The system is dedicated primarily to customers in the
Retail industry, and can be flexibly adapted to the profile of each
commercial network as well as to a variety of business segments.
Intelligent devices included in the Asset Management System can be
integrated with the IT system of the Bank. This allows to post cash
deposited in these devices in the customer's bank account. Deposited
funds are available in real time, which generally improves the liquidity of
the Organisation.
Kamera MOBOTIX S15D FlexMount
Submitted by: LINC Polska sp. z o.o., Poznan
Hall 7A, Stand 42
S15D FlexMount camera is a versatile, easy-to-install high-resolution
monitoring system - two image transducers with a resolution of 5 MEGA
each. The camera, which is completely resistant to harsh weather
conditions, has two miniature transducers connected to the main unit with
two 2-meter cables. With dual hemispheric optics two separate rooms can
be protected without any dead zones. In addition, each transducer has an
integrated microphone.
More information: www.mobotix.com.pl
CS-ZSP135 – control unit for fire protection equipment
MERAWEX sp. z o.o., Gliwice
Hall 7, stand 11
CS-ZSP135 control unit for fire protection equipment by MERAWEX is the
first device of its kind on the market. As the only known control unit it
meets new, stricter requirements of draft standard EN 12101-9. It has a
certificate of the Scientific and Research Centre for Fire Protection
(CNBOP) and is designed to control actuators used in the fire protection
industry, such as:
servo drives for aeration, shut off, or smoke vents,
electromagnetic actuators and holders for doors, gates, partitions
and curtains,
fire alarms.
Under-desk cash deposit machine Class I
Metalkas sp. z o.o., Bydgoszcz
Hall 7, Stand 36
To meet the expectations of customers, and in particular banks and
entities with cash service – we developed a range of small cash deposit
appliances. The products offer proven technology as well as safe and
intuitive operation. Modern communication with the computer and IT
computer system of the bank, sensors supervising the status of the device
and controlling its security – provide safety and comfort of service. The
new design is adapted to the requirements of each bank branch. Elite
appearance, matched with the interior décor of the bank – the customer
service area. Individual selection of colours and accessories in line with the
corporate colours and design concept.
MM-RCP time recorder family with a colour touch screen and RFID transponder reader
MicoroMade Gałka i DroŜdŜ sp.j., Pila
Hall 7, Stand 7
MM-RCP is a family of modern, ergonomic work time recorders with a
colour touch screen and RFID reader. They can work with the ERP
software from different manufacturers running both on local computers and
in the cloud. Easy installation (Ethernet, PoE), simple, intuitive operation,
high security data encryption (AES256) and low price are just some of the
advantages of the devices offered by MicroMade.
Versatile USC 6000 control unit
Polon -Alfa sp. z o.o., sp.k., Bydgoszcz
Hall 8, Stand 22
The versatile UCS 6000 control unit is designed to operate fire equipment
used for smoke and mechanical venting. This allows detection of fire
(smoke), running automatic or manual fire-fighting equipment, control and
signalling the actuation of controlled fire-fighting equipment and actuation
devices of the smoke exhaust system, and communication of information
to the compatible fire alarm systems.
Samsung SNP -6200RH Camera
Samsung Techwin Europe Ltd, United Kingdom
Submitted by: PROFICCTV sp. z o.o., Poznan
Hall 7A, stand 41
SMS cash depositor
PROMET, Warsaw
Submitted by: PROMET SAFE sp. z o.o., Warsaw
Hall 7, Stand 33
SMS is a new generation of CDMs that allow both small and large
commercial companies to combine - FOR THE FIRST TIME IN SUCH A
WIDE SCOPE - safe storage of cash with its automated service. The
device allows not only to safely deposit cash, but also to calculate
payment, identify the user, check the authenticity of banknotes and
perform remote management. The advantages of the depositor are
reducing the risk of theft or human error as well as a reduction to 80% of
work associated with handling cash.
PSBEN10A12E/LCD – PSBEN 13,8V/10A/65Ah/EN/LCD pulse buffer power supply unit
PULSAR K. Bogusz sp. j., Siedlec
Hall 8A, stand 15
PSBEN is a family of power supply units designed in accordance with the
requirements of PN-EN 50131-6, Grade 1÷3. They are designed to ensure
uninterrupted power supply to alarm devices requiring stabilised voltage of
12VDC (± 15%). The PSUs also include interface connectivity options.
With their help and with the free "Power Security" program it is possible to
monitor the work of one or groups of power supply units on an ongoing
basis. Depending on the model, interfaces provide the opportunity to work
using LAN, WiFi, RS485 or USB networks.
RABAN sp. z o.o., sp.k., Poznan
Hall 7, stand 20
Omnitrax: a buried (hidden) sensor with an active field of detection. It is the
5th generation of devices by the reputable Senstar Corporation. The
unique design of the sensor and advanced signal processing technology
with patented I-Range technology provide the highest performance:
-invisible volumetric detection field above and below ground,
- detection efficiency above 99%,
- location of the intruder with an accuracy of 1m,
- resistance to most of the factors that cause unwanted alarms,
- securing up to 800 LM of land with a single set while retaining the ability
to divide into multiple zones,
- the ability to secure facilities of any size, shape and configuration
DINION starlight 7000 HD (NBN-71013) network camera
Robert Bosch sp. z o.o., Warsaw
Hall 8A, stand 49
NBN-71013 DINION Starlight 7000 HD dual network camera
Dinion straight HD 720p IP camera offers best-in-class performance. High
sensitivity in colour (0.017 lux) and monochrome (0.0057 lux) enables the
camera to work with minimal ambient light. Extremely high level of
sensitivity in combination with C-BIT technology provide clear and sharp
images with a high degree of detail in all lighting conditions. 720p HD
resolution ensures the refresh rate of up to 60 images/sec. Thanks to the
Dynamic Noise Reduction (IDNR) function it is possible to limit the
occupied bandwidth and the amount of mass storage needed.
Clay by Salto - wireless electronic access control system
SALTO Systems S.L., Spain
Hall 8A, stand 54
Clay by SALTO is a wireless, cloud-based electronic access control system
for small and medium-sized enterprises, which greatly increases the
flexibility of management. Real-time reporting to the Clay application
combines control and comfort thanks to the combination of an intuitive,
very easy to use software platform with very high quality, stylish devices
that can be installed very quickly.
This is a breakthrough product offering SMEs wireless electronic access
control, providing incomparably better functionality and security than
traditional mechanical solutions, including a flexible management system
that requires no software installation or incurring the cost of a traditional
wired system.
INT-TSI keypad with 7" touch screen
SATEL sp. z o.o., Gdansk
Hall 8A, stand 3
INT-TSI keypad is a true control centre for intelligent alarm systems. With
the ability to match the interface individually for each user, it is a perfect
solution for someone who wants simple operation as well as advanced
users making use of the extensive functionality of the system. The 7-inch
touchscreen provides ease of use previously reserved only for
smartphones and tablets. Interactive widgets enable to control the alarm
system, lighting, heating, blinds or even watering the greenery with a
single touch.
AirSCREEN ASD 535 for freezers
Submitted by: SCHRACK SECONET POLSKA sp. z o.o., Warsaw
Hall 8, Stand 7
Excellent fire detection also in areas with freezing temperatures and harsh
environments. The active system eliminates icing and provides dedicated
piping with suction holes equipped with heaters, the operation of which is
controlled by the CPU. The defrost (heating) system of suction holes is
activated in case of detection reduced air flow in the pipes below the
standard value and remains on until the restoration of the proper condition
– defrosting of the system.
Sinorix Compact 67/120 ASD System
Siemens Switzerland Ltd. Building Technologies Division, Switzerland
Submitted by: Siemens sp. z o.o., Warsaw
Hall 8, Stand 32
Sinorix™ Compact - a compact gas extinguishing system.
A complete and cost-effective fire protection system for data centres,
server rooms or electrical switching stations, which includes:
• aspirating smoke detectors for rapid and reliable detection of fire
silent Sinorix nozzle for quiet and safe fire extinguishing
environmentally friendly Novec™ 3M 1230 extinguishing agent
control and monitoring panel
light and sound signalling devices
MAGIC Motion detectors – PDM Family
(PDM -112, PDM -112T, PDM- 118, PDM-118T)
Siemens Schweiz AG, Building Technology Division, Switzerland
Submitted by: Siemens sp. z o.o., Security Products Department, Warsaw
Hall 8A, stand 45
The new models are extremely energy efficient. Power consumption by the
detector (both in standby and alarm mode) is four times smaller than in the
case of other solutions of this type available on the market.
Siemens detectors with MAGIC mirror received the prestigious Red Dot
Design Award, which honours innovation and aesthetic appearance.
According to Norbert Pelz, Marketing Manager at Siemens Security
Products: "This prize awarded since 1955 is an internationally recognised
mark of quality. The granting of the award to the new detectors based on
the MAGIC mirror even before their official introduction to the market is a
real honour and confirmation that they are indeed revolutionary products."
Xaris® System
SIGNAL GROUP sp. z o.o., sp. k., Poznan
Hall 7A, stand 19
Xaris® is a modern tool that allows for the collection, correlation and
analysis of various types of data in trade.
An intuitive and clear interface makes the system an effective and easy-touse tool.
The flexible structure makes it possible to standardise processes and meter
key indicators even in networks with different retail formats.
Xaris® ensures independence from various types of equipment and
technology, automation of processes as well as effective management of
potential, resources and energy.
SNC-WR632 speed dome camera (Outdoor)
Hall 8A, stand 58
SNC-WR632 outdoor speed dome camera is a device well proven in the
most demanding and difficult conditions.
The device as the only one available on the market combines a wide range
of dynamics of 130dB in FullHD resolution with the work mode of up to 60
frames/sec. Another distinguishing parameter is high sensitivity of the
transducer of 1.0lux in colour and of 0.1 lux in black and white. A very
important feature is also gyroscopic image stabilisation. The rotational
speed of SNC-WR632 is 700 degrees/sec.
SA K7N Optical/acoustic signalling device
W2 Włodzimierz Wyrzykowski, Białe Błota
Hall 8, stand 9
SA K7N Optical/acoustic signalling device is a POLISH PRODUCT
signalling risks in SAP systems inside the building. It is available in three
versions SA-K7N/3m/6m/9m. It has 16 patterns of sound as well as
adjustable and automatic sound level. It has the ability to synchronise
acoustics and optics (network). It has O category, works with any CSP
panel providing 16-32,5 V DC voltage. It meets the requirements of PN-EN
54-3 and PN-EN 54-23, and has documents prepared by the Scientific and
Research Centre for Fire Protection - National Research Institute (CNBOPPIB).
All awarded MTP Gold Medals are equivalent.
List arranged alphabetically by submitting company.