09, Jan-Feb 2008 - Multiple Moms Mingle


09, Jan-Feb 2008 - Multiple Moms Mingle
A newsletter for mothers and expectant mothers of multiples in the CNY area { 80+ members & GROWING }
As Multiple Moms, we have
a voice and we get heard!
Many simple tasks and
errands for those with
multiples are harder, and
any aid in those tasks can be a lifesaver. Many area
Wegman’s had offered carts in whic h you could fit two
infants. Then, as suddenly as the carts appeared, they were
A call to other moms in our group was made, and several of
us contacted Wegman’s through e-mail, their 800 number,
and in person. They responded very positively to us, and
they were brought back out of the warehouse and put in
stores. Even better, some stores which never had them in
the trial period were provided with them.
It is great to know that, if we speak up, we are heard!
Thanks to all of the moms who helped to bring them back,
and to Wegman’s for listening! M —Lindsey S., Mom to twin
girls; Emma & Gretchen
January/February 2008
Events Calendar
Happy New Year!
9th :
6:30p m , M M M D inn e r M e e ting &
1s t S lim D o w n W e ig h-I n S pag h ett i W a r e h o u s e
12th :
6-10 p m , M M M A d u lt H o lid ay P a rt y
G illf ilian ’s W e s t hill C ou nt r y C lu b , C a m illu s
17th :
7p m , M a r v e lo us M u lt iple s S e m in a r
B ab ie s ‘R U s
Martin Luther King Jr. Day
23 rd :
2nd S lim D o w n W e ig h-In ( O pt io na l)
K e lly ’s H o u s e
28th :
4:30p m , P la y dat e M y G y m , D e w it t
$8 f o r 2 k id s , $ 10 f o r 3 o r m o r e k id s
2nd :
G r o un dh o g D a y
6th :
6:30p m , M M M D inn e r M e e ting &
3r d S lim D o w n W e igh -In ( O pt ion a l)
Sp ag h ett i W a r e h ou s e
9th :
10a m , P la yd at e a t K idz C lu b , Ph o e nix
$6 p e r ch ild ( in clud e s T od d le r T ang o )
Valentine’s Day
President’s Day
20th :
4th S lim D o w n W e igh -In ( O pt ion a l)
K e lly ’s H o u s e
TWIN BOYS: Torrance William, 5lbs 10oz and Tiernan
Nathaniel, 5lbs 10oz born on November 29, 2007 to
Vickie McCullough and big sister Maya.
TWIN GIRLS: Maggie Eliza beth, 4lbs 7oz and Claire
Mary, 4lbs 10oz born on December 4, 2007 to Jaclyn
and Jeff Christenson.
TWIN GIRLS: Natalie Marie, 5lbs 3oz and Silene Marie,
4lbs 15oz born on December 11, 2007 to Monica and
Joseph Visconte.
TWIN GIRLS: Amie, 5lbs and Meghan, 5lbs 6oz born on
December 29, 2007 to Laura and Scott Snyder and big
sister Mary.
TWINS: Tyler, 8lbs and Sydney, 5lbs 5oz born on
December 11, 2007 to Elizabeth and Shaun Da vis.
“Your age when
having multiples?”
Stats f rom paid members only ,
as of January 2008.
17% in their 20’s
75% in their 30’s
7% in their 40’s
Famous Multiples
Executive Board
Kelly Carter
[email protected]
(315) 492-8453
From the earliest times, multiples have made a name for themselves.
Take a look at some of the famous people who are or have twins,
triplets or more.
Christine Coomes
Nikolas, Lorenzo, Zachary and Myrinda Brino, 9/03/1998, Quads
who play twins on the show, '7th Heaven'.
Leslie Petty
Leanna, Monica, and Joy Creel, 8/27/1970, starred in The Parent
Trap III and The Parent Trap IV: Hawaiian Honeymoon, two
Disney made-for-TV movies.
Jill and Jacqueline Hennessy, 11/25/1969, Jill is best known for
her roles in 'Law and Order' and ‘Crossing Jordan’.
Scarlett and Hunter Johansson, 11/ 22/1984, Scarlett Johansson
is an actress who first appeared in the movie, 'The Horse
Whisperer'. She is three minutes older than her brother.
Ashton and Michael Kutcher, 2/7/1978, Ashton is best known for
his role in the movie 'Dude, Where's My Car' and TV show 'That
70's Show'.
Jason and Jeremy London, 11/ 7/1972, Actors most well-known
for TV shows 'I'll Fly Away ' (Jason) and 'Party of Five' (Jeremy).
Tia and Tamera Mowry, 7/6/1978, most known for TV show,
'Sister, Sister'.
Daniel, Joseph & Michael Todd, 8/5/1967, Real-life triplets who
played the triplets on the TV show, 'My Three Sons'.
Dawn Dowd
Tracy Blumer
Sharon Bush
Famous Multiples:
Mary Wood
Donna Refici
Mary Wood
Leslie Petty
Cyndi Rizzo
Support Systems
Kathleen Abbott
Leslie Petty
Lindsey Stoppacher
Kathleen Abbott
Tracy Blumer
Suzanne Calkins
Dawn Dowd
Tracie Griffin
Cathy Keating
Mary Martin
Gail Quaco
Kristen Pearce
Cyndi Rizzo
Margaret Sheen
Lindsey Stoppacher
Lisa Vona
Lindsey Stoppacher
Mary Wood
Famous Parents of Multiples:
Patrick Dempsey, known as McDreamy on ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ is
dad to twin boys, Darby and Sullivan, born on 2/1/2007.
Robert DeNiro, actor and producer, is dad to twin boys, Julian
and Aaron, born in 1995.
Michael J Fox and Tracy Pollan are parents to identical twin girls,
Aquinnah and Schuyler, born on 2/15/1995.
Dennis Quaid is dad to boy-girl twins, Thomas and Zoe, born on
Julia Roberts is mom to boy-girl twins, Phinnaeus and Hazel,
born on 11/28/2004.
Jane Seymour, known best for her role as Dr Quinn, Medicine
Woman, is mom to twin boys, Johnny and Kris, born in 1995.
Cynthia Watros, actress from “Drew Carey Show’ and ‘Lost’ is
mom to twin daughters, Emma and Sadie, born on 7/ 14/2001.
For more lists of famous multiples check out the following sitesL
Liz Formoza
Leslie Petty
January/February 2008, MULTITUDES
Committee Information
Contact: Cyndi Rizzo, Liz Formoza, Gina McMahon
& Margaret Sheen
This w ill be our 2nd Annual Holiday Party! It’s a fun filled festive
night for the moms, dads/partners of Multiple Moms Mingle. This
year's celebration is scheduled for Saturday, January 12th from
6-10pm at Gillfilian's Westhill Country Club in Camillus. The cost is
$26 per person.
Contact: Lindsey Stoppacher
We offer a "Big Sister" to paid MMM members that are pregnant
and/or are new moms of multiples during the fir st 3 months after
giving birth. We pair you up with a member that has multiples like
you have (or will have). The idea is for the big sis ter to check in
with her little sister often— to offer support, advice, help, etc. as
needed. Then she reports to the group at each meeting on how her
"little sister" is doing. The little sister can als o contact her big sister
as needed. Please contact Lindsey to get you hooked up with a
"big sister" today! If your multiples are over a year old and are
interested in becoming a “big sister” contact Lindsey today!
Contact: Heather Hayes, Krista Selig & Kristen Stoffregen
Despite being rescheduled due to some bad weather the children’s
holiday party was a success complete w ith a visit from Santa and a
MMM group photo.
Contact: Mary Wood, Heather Hayes, Leslie Petty, Christine
Coomes, Lori McIntyre & Donna Refici
We are doing a club fundraiser by putting a cookbook together with
our own recipes. We met our goal and have 150 yummy recipes,
have sold many pages of ads and are now in the process of putting
the finishing touches on everything. Details on when you can
purchase this delectable book will be available soon.
Contact: Leslie Petty
Leslie is gathering photos for the clubs scrapbook. If you have a
photo to share, please giv e it to Leslie. Any "old" club photos or
group photos would be great. Please bring your family photos to
the February meeting to create your family’s page in the MMM
scrapbook. Let’s get scrapping!
Contact: Sharon Bush
Please contact Sharon if you are interested in donating or checking
out any books, videos or magazines from our library. We have
many things to choose from that may be helpful to you. Also, if you
have any children's books, we are trying to build a children's library
as well.
Contact: Lisa Vona & Maureen Bennett
January’s guest speaker w ill be Dr Gardener, Chiropractor on the
necessary principles for leading a healthy lif estyle. In February, we
will be scrapbooking and learning techniques from our own Creative memories consultant.
Contact: Mary Wood
If you are a new member, please download and complete a registration form under the files section of the member’s only site or
under membership on our official website multiplemomsmingle.com. You can send Mary a photo of your kids or family if you'd
like one included in the MMM directory that gets updated every
other month.
(continued on page 4)
MULTITUDES, January/February 2008
Sheila Brown O'Neil
expecting triplets Feb '08!
Caitlin Graff
expecting twins Feb ‘08!
Tricia Jones
expecting twins Apr '08!
Susan Hayes
expecting twins May ‘08!
….with more
Multiple Moms To Be
coming soon!!!!
Multiple Mommies Expecting One More!
Gina McMahon, e xpecting a singleton Feb ‘08!
Elva Greene, e xpecting a singleton Feb ‘08!
Liz Formoza, expecting a singleton March ‘08!
Jacqueline Davison, expecting a singleton March ‘08!
Margaret Sheen, expecting a singleton March ‘08!
Meghan Leonardis, expecting a singleton March ‘08!
Lynne DiGennaro, expecting a singleton June ‘08!
Committee Information
(continued f rom page 3)
Contact: Your Name Here
Help w anted! If you are interested in being the MMM National
Representative please contact Kelly Carter. Our membership papers have been submitted and we are now awaiting our offic ial notfor-profit status.
Contact: Leslie Petty
Playgroups are being formed throughout the year. Please contact
Leslie if you'd like to schedule a play date at your home or even a
park. You may choose the day and time. It can be either a weekday or weekend. This is a great chance for moms to mingle and for
the kids to play. Schedule a play date today!
Contact: Cyndi Rizzo
We need to get the MMM name out there! Cyndi sends copies of
our newsletter and brochure to various pediatric ians and OB/GYN
offices. We have ads for our meetings in the Pennysaver and in the
Family Times. She w ill also be arranging for other special events to
be advertised. The Fall Sale was advertised in several papers,
websites and television stations. Any suggestions on publicity for
the group or if you'd like to join this committee, please contact
Cyndi Rizzo.
Annual membership dues ($20) are due at
the Wednesday, March 5, 2008 meeting.
Welcome NEW moms
to Multiple Moms Mingle!
• Caitlin Graff
• Susan Hayes
• Elizabeth Davis
• Your Name Here!
81 paid
members &
Contact: Kelly Carter
Mark your calendars for the New York State Mothers of Tw ins Club
convention, April 10-13, 2008 at the Holiday Inn, Saratoga Springs.
The theme is "Out of the States in 2008".
Volunteers Needed:
● Preemie Closet
● Spring '08 Clothing & Equipment Sale
● National Representative
● Big Sisters
● Summer '08 Family Picnic
● Mommy’s Vendor Night
Please email Kelly Carter to volunteer. Consider your own talents
and interests, as well as how much time you w ill be able to invest.
Need a break from the
Mommy Madness?
Play this:
How to play: Enter a number from 1 through
9 in each blank of the Sudoku grid. Be careful!
Every row, every column and every square must
contain only one instance of each number.
solution can be found at:
January/February 2008, MULTITUDES
MMM Children’s Holiday Party
KidzClub | December 2007
MMM Mom Recommendation!
Now that winter has arrived in CNY here is a
MMM recommended book for great ideas on how
to keep your little ones occupied inside.
Unplugged Play By Bobbi Conner
MULTITUDES, January/February 2008
Happy Birthday To You ...
Nicole, Joanna, & Michael Meskos' Birthday (2005)
Alexi, Blake & Colden Sheen's Birthday (2007)
Connor & Kaylee Pearce's Birthday (2006)
Kate Francis & Clair Lynn Hayes's Birthday (2006)
Sawyer McAloon's Birthday (2005)
Madison, Connor & Mckenzie Romocki's Birthday(2007)
Joshua Robert & Heather Ashlee Sorts' Birthday (2006)
Genevieve & Isabella Formoza's Birthday (2006)
Richard, Kevin & Leah Dowd's Birthday (2006)
Alexis & Jessica Price's Birthday (2004)
Brenna Stoffregen's Birthday (2004)
Dathan Bennett's Birthday (2002)
Claire Elizabeth & Lauren Grace Petty's Birthday (2006)
Tighe John & Jake Marshall McMahon 's Birthday (2007)
Jai Walton-Benson's Birthday (1999)
Ryan Chiaramonte's Birthday (2000)
Ricky Buza's Birthday (2004)
Ashley & Emily Bennett's Birthday (2006)
Liz Formoza's Birthday
Kristen Duggleby's Birthday
Maureen Bennett's Birthday
Deidre Prince's Birthday
Jennifer Harte's Birthday
Cassandra Sheets' Birthday
Cathy Keating's Birthday
Gail Quaco's Birthday
Karen LaVancha's Birthday
Patti Trabucco's Birthday
Did You Know?
Some medical research indicates
that post partum depression
(PPD) can be even more severe
following the births of multiples.
"Joining a multiples support
group was helpful to 70% of the
mothers. Networking with other
mothers in a similar situation
helps women of newborn
multiples realize they are not
alone and the feelings they
experience are not unique to
-Excerpt taken from “Postpartum depression: A very real
syndrome—especially among
women who’ve delivered
twinfants!” by Lisa Stukel; Twins
Magazine Sept/Oct 2007
Multitudes, M ultiple Moms Mingle newsletter, is actively seeking suggest ions, t ips, a rticles and information for publication
from YOU , the members of MMM (...a lthough we do hold edit orial rights ;). We do ou r best to get a ll of the information
correct and up-to-date. If you notice something that is incorrect or was left out, please let us know.
A spec ial thank you to Dr. Robert Kiltz, CNYFC, f or his kindness and generosity with the printing of the Mult itudes
newsletter and much more.
Please submit information and materia ls to Donna Refici or Mary Wood by the 10th of the month prior to publication.
January/February 2008, MULTITUDES