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Fall 2012
Display until November 23, 2012
FALL 2012
In Style
Check out the latest Fall
Fashions in our new section called Rodeo Runway!
36 Planning Your
NFR Trip
What to wear, where to stay
and what to do while in Las
Vegas. Make the most of
your week!
The latest styles in denim
and your favorite brands.
Cover Model, Charmayne James with horse Scamper.
Photo by: Megan Parks
Below: Around the Barrel with Taci Shaffer
Photo by: Laura McClure
64 Cowgirl
Meet Cowgirl Tuff
founder Lisa Bollin.
64 Cowgirls
Horseback riding, camping and good times with
best friends
70 Around the Barrel
with former National High
School Rodeo Queen and
Model Taci Shaffer with
special photo shoot. u
Photo by: Laura McClure
6 | Cowgirls In Style | fall 2012
FALL 2012
In Style
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9 Cowgirls MailRoom
10 A Cowgirl’s Voice
11 Editor’s Picks
12 E-Cowgirl
16 Beauty Barn
Beauty for all ages
Cowgirl Up Manicure
18 Entertainment
19 Country Buzz
The New Series Nashville
Past American Idol Kristy Lee Cook
Alexandra Chavez
20 In fashion
Fall Fashion Forecast
Rodeo Runway
32 Spirit of a Cowgirl
44 Behind the Chutes
54 How ‘Bout them cowgirls
8 | Cowgirls In Style | fall 2012
Meet Our ‘Behind the
Chutes’ Cowboy, Casey
Colletti, NFR Bareback
Rider in this issue.
Coming in Winter 2013...
MRA Queen MacKenzie Carr on cover
Our Annual Miss Rodeo America Issue
Cowgirls Nostalgia
Cowgirls Christmas
Weight Loss and Fitness Ideas for the New Year
Meet Single Wranglers and Wranglerettes
And More...
Available the end of November 2012
56 HOrse training 1o1
58 Horse Bling
66 cowgirl entrepreneur
Cowgirl Tuff founder Lisa Bollin
60 rodeo queens corner
Royalty News
Meet Trisha Smeenk Miss Rodeo
Where Are They Now - MRA
Queen 2010
‘Kelli Jackson”
70 around the barrel
Taci Shaffer
74 The western wanderer
Bodie, CA
76 barn boutique
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Love everything about Cowgirls
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~Bodacious Boot Co.
Looking good! All the Gypsy
Soule sisters love you!
~Gypsy Soule
Love your cover girl Shea.. She’s
a winner! Cover looks oh so
~Kathleen Brannon
We had the pleasure of getting
to know Shea Fisher during our
project cowgirl competition in
Sacramento in June. She’s a delightful young woman! So glad
to see her on your cover!
~Jolinn Hoover
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~Barbara Propst
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I highly recommend it and you
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~Carmen Garcia
Love the Magazine, just got it
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~Ranch Style General Store
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FALL 2012
In Style
A Cowgirl’s Voice...
from the editor
t’s Fall and that means we’re getting close
to NFR week in Las Vegas! We have included information in this issue to get you
ready for the big week! Ideas on where to
stay, what to wear and what to do while in Vegas. We are excited to announce that Cowgirls
In Style magazine will have a booth in the Cowboy Marketplace, so stop by and see us!
This issue is the first time we are featuring a
cowboy in our magazine; bareback rider Casey Colletti is in the
We feel very honored to be featuring legendary barrel racer,
Charmayne James on our cover. She talks of the loss of her
horse ‘Scamper’, life and family. What an incredible woman! I don’t know if you have noticed, but we have been featuring
pink on all of our covers this year in honor of Breast Cancer. We
want you to know that we are aware of this disease and want to
do everything we can to bring awareness.
Susan Gentry
Jeannie Flynn
Assistant Editor
Robert Gentry
Assistant Editor
Cort Flynn
Jeannie Flynn
Devanie Gentry
Genevieve Spering
Dana Hokana
Photography Contributors
Tiffany Ringwood
Laura McClure
Country Productions
Quinton Charles
We’re introducing ‘RODEO RUNWAY’, a feature in each issue
that contains the latest in seasonal fashions. We are giving you
the opportunity of featuring your latest fashions with full page
color photos and spreads at a very affordable price. If you are
interested, please contact our advertising department.
For Advertising:
[email protected]
Last but not least, it’s our annual denim issue. We are focusing
on the latest denim styles and also your favorites in our demin
special. What would a cowgirl do without her favorite jeans?
Country Productions
P.O. Box 841
Washington, UT 84780
We love our readers! Thanks so much for letting our Cowgirl
voice be heard. I hope to see you on the trail! Until next time...
Keep Cowgirl Stylin’!
Susan Gentry
10 | Cowgirls In Style | Fall 2012
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[email protected]
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Style Magazine. Cowgirls In Style does not assume
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Editor’s Picks
Ok, these ponies are probably the cutest things I
have seen in years! You can personalize your own
pony and have a replica of your own horse made!
Great for anyone and they make the perfect Christmas gift!
I received this t-shirt in the mail by LOL Cowgirl and love
the concept. They describe themselves as “Show Clothes,
Rodeo Queen Attire, retro designing, colors, bling, and
new styles. Put them all together and you will find LOL
Cowgirl. “Laugh Out Loud, Cowgirl.” Check ‘em out!
FALl 2012 |
| 11
e -Cowgirl
Cowgirl Blogger |Devanie Gentry
KB Horse Camp
KB Horse Camp is riding for children’s
cancer awareness. When I found this on
Facebook, I couldn’t help but spread the
word. This is how they explain it on their
Facebook Page.
If you would like to help or be a part of this great event, go to :
12 | Cowgirls In Style | FALL 2012
Photo by: Patricia Gomez
From Cowgirls Historical
In Style
issue out
The Cole Family
Photo By: Nancy Wilkins
Spur of the Moment Photography
Photo By: Ruby Langley
Ruby Images
Cowgirls In Style
Winter Issue comes
out in November! 4
Summer 2012 |
| 13
Beauty Corral
For All
For Oily and Acne Prone Skin. Easily
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16 | Cowgirls In Style | Fall 2012
With the cold weather approaching, find the moisturizer that is
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Cowgirl UP
In Beauty
Don’t forget your Manicure
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Nail styles....
Cowgirl Up with these holstein nails with “Cowgirl
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Fall 2012 |
| 17
New Fall Series...
Wednesdays 10:00-11:00 p.m. ET on ABC
Premieres October 10, 2012
Getty Images
New Series Nashville lighting up the Behind the Scenes of Country Music,
Coming this Fall to ABC on Wednesday Nights
usic legend and entertainment icon Rayna Jaymes
has been one of the industry’s top female vocalists
for two decades. After working tirelessly to elevate
her game, Rayna suddenly discovers her passion for
the business is not enough to compete with the new generation
of talent lighting up the charts. She is reluctant to accept the
emerging trend in the business and refuses to be steamrolled
by her longtime label, which she helped build. When they give
her an offer she can’t refuse, Rayna is forced to accept the harsh
reality that she’ll have to start over and reinvent herself if she
plans on being relevant.
Offstage things aren’t much easier for Rayna, whose father, Lamar Wyatt, is Nashville’s most powerful businessman. Their distant relationship is strained by years of resentment and powerful
secrets that begin to boil over when Lamar and her sister, Tandy,
encourage Rayna’s husband, Teddy, to run for office. For Teddy
Conrad, this might be his time to share the spotlight instead
of being the man behind the woman. For years he’s competed
against Rayna’s greatest love… her music. He’s been haunted
by her romantic entanglements, which he thought were buried
in the past, but now his choice to align himself with her father
could send Rayna running back into the arms of her soul mate.
Juliette Barnes is sexy, sassy, and she’s got trouble written all
over her. She’s the hottest act in the business and she’s not about
to let anyone stand in the way of her success, much less Rayna
James. On her way to the top, an even bigger set of circumstances will cast a shadow on her girl-next-door image. But Juliette
is calculating, has an insatiable appetite for fame, and will do
whatever it takes to leave her hard knocks past behind. Everyone
in Nashville has a dream: Deacon Claybourne is the band leader
whose unrequited love is constantly played out in the lyrics of
familiar songs; Scarlett O’Connor is the beautiful undiscovered
songwriter; Avery Barkley is a young misguided musician; and
Gunnar Scott is an up and comer on a collision course with Scarlett.
“Nashville” stars Connie Britton (“Friday Night Lights,” “Ameri
18 | Cowgirls In Style | FALL 2012
Getty Images
can Horror Story”) as Rayna Jaymes, Hayden Panettiere (“Heroes”) as Juliette Barnes, Powers Boothe (“MacGruber,” “24”) as Lamar Wyatt, Charles Esten (“Enlightened,” “Big
Love”) as Deacon Claybourne, Eric Close (“Chaos,” “Without a
Trace”) as Teddy Conrad, Clare Bowen as Scarlett O’Connor, Jonathan Jackson (“General Hospital”) as Avery Barkley, Sam Palladio
as Gunnar Scott and Robert Wisdom as Coleman Carlisle.
Editor’s Note: Since we were unable to view this new series, we
are not promoting this series, but wanted you to be aware of it.
Hopefully it will be a series that will be worth watching.
More Information...
Beginning Wednesday night, October 10,
2012 at 10pm ET on ABC
Country Buzz
Kristy Lee Cook
Broken Bow Records’ Kristy Lee Cook first gained fame as a Top 10
finalist on Season 7 of FOX’s American Idol. Since Idol, Cook has
continued to stay in the spotlight by hosting her own television program on The Outdoor Channel titled “Outdoors 10 Best” as well as
starring in the Versus reality series, “Goin’ Country.”
Influenced at a young age by such vocal powerhouses as Whitney
Houston, Shania Twain and Garth Brooks, the
Selma, OR native began singing at gigs around
American Idol Finalist
and near her hometown when she was only 13
Kristy Lee Cook’s Single
years old. With an intense love for Country mu‘Airborne Ranger Infantry’ sic, horses and the outdoors, Cook’s energetic,
will be released on Brogirl-next-door approach to both her song writken Bow Records in
ing and music epitomizes the Country lifestyle.
Photo submitted
October 2012.
Cook is currently in the studio working with production team New Voice (Thompson Square)
and multi-platinum recording artist Jason Aldean,
who is serving as executive producer. Her upcoming single, “Airborne Ranger Infantry,” was cowritten by Cook and is based upon poems her father
wrote while serving in the Vietnam War.
The single is Cook’s debut on Broken Bow Records and will be released in October 2012.
Alexandra Chavez
Wife of NY Yankee baseball star, Eric Chavez,
Alexandra Chavez is one of the top competitors in
the Equestrian World of Showmanship
Alexandra “Alex” Chavez is certainly an equestrian to keep your eye on. In just
one year she has accomplished more then ever expected with ten all arounds
with AQHA and three NSBA top ten world championships. This weekend she is
riding in the Reichert Celebration in Texas and will round out her 2012 novice
year on her pleasure mare, “Hocus Boston Flame”, with shows in the Scottsdale
Classic, Novice World in Tennessee and Congress in Ohio.
Alex is married to professional baseball star, Eric Chavez, of the New York Yankees
and are parents of three beautiful children, Diego, Dolce, and Cruz. She often
travels to her horse shows around the country with her children in tow. Eric attends many of her shows during the baseball off season--it really is a family affair.
Alex is also a philanthropist
uses her love of
horses to help others in need. She has volunteered at Flying Manes, in New York,
a non profit that pairs children with special needs and horses.
She helps Strikeouts For Troops, a non profit that helps injured
service members and military families and supports horse therapy programs that assist injured troops
uAlexandra, with husband Eric Chavez and children
Photos submitted
Fall 2012 |
| 19
In Fashion
Fashion Forecast
Fall 2012
Written By Devanie Gentry
Browns and brights are the colors for fall and don’t
forget the accessories to complete your fashionable
fall outfit!
s the season transitions from the heat of summer, Bright Chartreuse, a vital
yellow-green, pays homage to a typical spring shade and creates a bridge
into the cooling days of fall. Reminiscent of bright green foliage, it provides a perfect accent to every color in the palette. Like the name implies,
Pink Flambé is a delicious, vibrant pink with a bit of heat to it. Pair it
with vivacious and enticing Tangerine Tango for an ongoing retro feeling. Or, to bring a calming element to the mix, combine these vibrant
warm tones with Ultramarine Green, a deep, cooling blue-green. Ethereal Rhapsody is a grayed-down purple that also encourages comfort
and serenity with its quiet, muted tone.
Honey Gold, a mellow, burnished yellow, suggests the soft-muted
tones of sunlight to brighten a fall day. Pair it with sensible and strong
Olympian Blue, a patriotic blue that will surely make its way into fall
and winter athletic apparel. Rich and robust, French Roast is a tasty,
sophisticated hue that is a great alternative to the black and charcoal
basics typically worn in the fall. A glossy black leather offers a sleek
take on autumns new decadent air. Other staple neutrals include elegant and versatile Titanium, the quintessential cool gray, and Rose
Smoke, a veiled rose tone that pairs well with Rhapsody and Titanium.
All of these fall colors will end the color of fashions throughout the
2012 year, so be sure to dress to impress!
turquoise and
off white will
also be big this
fall season...
20 | Cowgirls In Style | FALL 2012
Fashion designer Kristine Sampson from Kristi Q Designs says, “Little denim jackets and the new colored wrangler jeans are going to
be fun bursts of color for fall. Add a Rockin pair of Cowboy Boots
tucked in and you’ve got Cowgirls in Style. Color blocking isn’t just
for Rodeo drive. Lose the jacket and add a Black western shirt with
bling or reverse your colored black jeans and a bright colored shirt.
Throw on Neon earrings and bracelets to pop your outfit. Fun little
frilly skirts with a leather jacket are adorable and gives you another
chance to show a pair of loud high shafted designer boots off. Have
fun with brighter jewelry and colored jeans. And yes big belts are in! “
Photo by: Tiffany Ringwood
Denim Jacket by Carhartt
‘Little denim
jackets and the
new colored
wrangler jeans
are going to be
fun bursts of
color for fall.’
-Kristine Sampson
Kristi Q Designs
fall 2012 |
| 21
Latest Cowgirl
In Fashion
From the BIGGEST Cowgirl Brands
Blue Victory
Jean | MSRP
Medium wash
with a Victory
cross embroidery, studs and
Cowgirl Tuff News...
Believe & It’s Possible Tan
Dark wash with multi-cross
embroidery in tan stitching.
For every “Believe & It’s Possible Tan” jean you purchase, $5
will be donated to the Western
Wishes Charity.
For each shirt you purchase
(style S00273) $2 will be donated to Western Wishes.
Since 1994, Western Wishes
has been making dreams come
true for kids with life-threatening illness who love the western way of life. To learn more
about Western Wishes and
how you can help give back,
H00217 | $70
Black allover
lace dress
with black
satin lining
Purchase “Believe
and it’s Possible”
Jean & $5 goes to
Western Wishes
Straight Icing
Jean | $85
Light wash
straight leg
with distressing, allover
shimmer and
white stitching
22 | Cowgirls In Style | Fall 2012
For more information:
Cowgirls In Style Pick
Our pick is the Blue vintage
pullover hood with black buckin’
horse print.
Hot Stuff
Jean | $92
Dark wash
with thick
and stud/
rivet embellishment.
This sweatshirt is the perfect light
jacket for fall. Pack it along for
your NFR trip!
In Fashion
Get Your Cowgirl On...
Wrangler News...
Wrangler® Western Wear apparel is available nationwide in
specialty stores, including work
apparel chains, farm & fleet,
and western stores, as well as
through on-line and catalog
retailers. To find a retailer or
for more information on the
Wrangler family of products
visit or call
Rock 47 by Wrangler
Low Rise
Button Flap Back
Pockets with
Tribal Print and Brass
Wrangler Premium
Patch Collection
with Booty Up
Low Rise
Flatters Curves
Boot Cut
MSRP: approx.
Find Wrangler Western on
Facebook at www.facebook.
com/wranglerwestern and Twitter at, and for more from
Wrangler, visit www.wrangler.
Rock 47 by Wrangler
Long Sleeve Denim
Jacket and Black Skirt
trimmed with lace.
For more information:
Cowgirls In Style Pick
Rock 47 by Wrangler
Long Sleeve Denim Jacket
Western Yokes
Contrast Leopard Trim
Decoration on Back
MRSP: approx. $72.00
Our pick is the Rock 47™
by Wrangler® Long Sleeve
with Lace Neckline TopBlack/White
Win a trip for two to the 10th and final
performance of the 2012 Wrangler NFR!
The asymmetrical hemline,
the lace inset at the neckline, the beautifully beautiful, delicate chiffon fabric.
Sweepstakes is open to Wrangler Western
Facebook fans who are 18 years of age or
Enter via Facebook:
Fall 2012 |
| 23
In Fashion
Cavender’s News...
• Check out the new arrivals at! with Fall here,
Cavender’s has a great assortment of dresses, jeans, shirts,
boots and more from the biggest cowgirl name brands.
Affliction® Ladies Jade Patriot
Crossroads Boot
Cut Jeans
Old Gringo®
Ladies Taka
Dark Brown w/
Turquoise &
Studs Snip Toe
• The Cavender’s website is
very easy to navigate and includes the latest fashions for
Fall. The website also includes
customer favorites so that you
can see what is the latest popular styles.
Take advantage of the FREE
SHIPPING on ALL footwear
and boots and on orders of
$50 or more!
R. Rouge®
Ladies Mustard Yellow,
Blue, & Red
w/ Crystals
3/4 Sleeve
For more information:
Cowgirls In Style Pick
Chiqle® Ladies
Denim Stonewash Blue Jean
Cropped Jacket
Our pick is the
Panhandle Slim® Ladies Grey
with Olive Green Rodeo Long
Sleeve Tee. Perfect shirt for
any rodeo. Pack it for your
NFR trip!
24 | Cowgirls In Style | Fall 2012
Rodeo Runway
Fall Fashion
Sneak Peek!
Photographed by: Tiffany Ringwood
Tiffany Jane Photography
26 | Cowgirls In Style | Fall 2012
Michon Jennings (left) is wearing Wrangler
#LJK752X Blk long sleeve knit top
Lane Boots: #LB0001A Margaret Gray and
Emily Mitchell (right) is wearing Wrangler
#WJX77UN Unsurpassable Jean
Brown Vest # LJK755E
Lane Boots #LB0063 Justice
Fall 2012 |
| 27
Kris Webster- Birkeland is wearing
Cowgirl Tuff.
Layering Cardigan: #F00050
Lace Tank: #F0001
Jeans: Don’t Fence Me In
Boots: Stetson
Necklace: Cowbooty Fashions
28 | Cowgirls In Style | Fall 2012
Michon Jennings is wearing Cowgirl
Dress: #F00053
Boots: Lane
Fall 2012 |
| 29
Michon Jennings
Grey Leather Jacket by Stetson
Emily Mitchell
Brown Leather Jacket by Stetson
30 | Cowgirls In Style | fall 2012
Kris Webster- Birkeland
Suede Leather Jacket by Stetson
Emily Mitchell
Vest and Shirt by Carhartt
Michon Jennings
Jean Jacket by Carhartt
Clothing Credits
Gray Leather Jacket, Brown/Turquoise suede, fringe jacket, Brown
Leather jacket (opposite page).
White Vest/Plaid Shirt, Denim Jacket, Fuchsia Vest (current page).
Boots by and
Jeans by and
Photos by: Tiffany Ringwood
Michon Jennings
Fuschia Vest by Carhartt
Fall 2012 |
| 31
By Genevieve Spering
Spirit of a
Genevieve Spering
takes us ‘Behind the
Scenes’ of the famous
Stages West, located
in Pigeon Forge, TN.
Cowgirls In Style contributing writer,
Genevieve Spering, travels the country
and brings to you the latest in Cowgirl
Fashion from across the U.S.A. Join Genevieve each issue as she brings to us the
‘Spirit of a Cowgirl.’
You’ll never do a whole lot unless you’re brave enough to try. –
Dolly Parton
riving through Pigeon Forge, TN I couldn’t help but feel
inspired. After all, Pigeon Forge is home to Dollywood
– the iconic amusement park of one of my biggest idols,
Miss Dolly Parton. I’ve always loved what Dolly Parton
exudes – confidence, charm, a positive attitude, and a style that’s
all her own. As I drove along, I thought about Dolly’s magnetic
energy and concluded that true beauty is all about rocking what
you’ve got and being proud to be yourself. That’s what distinguishes the cowgirls from the girls: self-empowerment from the
inside out.
With this in mind, I reached my destination – the only full service
premiere Western apparel store in Eastern Tennessee – the fabulous and famous Stages West. What exactly makes Stages West
so fabulous? Two words: Cowboy Couture. Cowboy Couture is
a self-described term used by the store. It’s when Western wear
dances on the edge and gets funky. It’s the latest and greatest
trending fashion with Western flavor. It ain’t your grandma’s
Western if you know what I mean. Cowboy Couture is all about
customizing your look to express your best and most beautiful
self. And that’s what we’re after, right ladies?
When I walked inside, I nearly had to pinch myself. Had I died
and gone to cowgirl heaven? I tried not to drool…boots galore,
smokin’ hot fashion, dazzling jewelry, blinged out belts, and hats,
hats, and more hats. A paradise for cowgirl style. Move over Carrie Underwood and Miranda Lambert. I could have easily spent
the rest of the day --- heck, the rest of the week shopping. But I
was a girl on a mission!
The incredible folks at Stages West put together a photo-shoot
just for Cowgirls In Style to feature some red hot looks for the fall
season – specifically designed for you, our readers. Check out
the photos of models Heather Howard and Michaela Rowe (who
also happen to be on the staff of Stages West!).
Like what you see but won’t find yourself in Pigeon Forge, TN?
No problem. Check out The store’s website carries most everything offered in the store along with a fashion
blog to keep you updated on what’s hot.
If you do happen to find yourself in Pigeon Forge, then you won’t
want to miss a trip to Stages West. In addition to the mecca of
fashion, Stages West recently expanded the store to include a
fully loaded performance space called Backstage at Stages West.
Big things are planned for this new addition including fashion
shows, concerts, and potential album release parties from some
of your favorite country artists.
But like outer cowgirl beauty is a reflection of what’s on the
inside, so too does Stages West have a ton of heart as well as
amazing fashion. It’s a family business – spanning three generations. I couldn’t have met kinder, more generous people than
the folks operating and staffing Stages West. The amount of love
and detail that goes into every inch of Stages West --- all the way
down to their custom hangers --- reflects their pride.
And that’s what makes anything or anyone fabulous – taking
pride in who you are and putting your best face forward. Stages
West can no doubt give you the Western look you want. It’s up
to you to let your soul shine. Be proud, be brave, be beautiful
Would you like to promote
your company’s photo shoots?
Be a part of our
Feature your full page photo
shoot pages affordably in
Cowgirls In Style Magazine!
Use Code “InStyle” for 10% off!
34 | Cowgirls In Style | fall 2012
NFR Checklist
Where to Stay
in Las Vegas...
Written By: Devanie Gentry
Now is the time to book your rooms for NFR week! Check
out the deals of The MGM Grande and The Monte Carlo.
Very affordable rates with a great location. Close to the
rodeo, shopping and entertainment. Book now to reserve
your room and get the best location.
The MGM Grand
The MGM Grand includes five outdoor pools,
rivers, and waterfalls that cover 6.6 acres a
380,000 sq ft convention center, the MGM Grand
Garden Arena, and the Grand Spa. It also houses
numerous shops and night clubs, 19 restaurants,
and the largest casino in Clark County, which occupies 171,500 sq ft.
A great place to stay during NFR week! Check
out their NFR deals. Starting at only $60/night,
the MGM Grand is a great location to all of your
NFR events.
Book your room today!
and mention NFR2012
36 | Cowgirls In Style | fall 2012
Hotels Close to the
Thomas and Mack Center
Embassy Suites Las Vegas ........ 1-702-893-8000
Best Western Mccarran Inn ... 800-275-4743
Knight’s Inn Mccarran............ 1-800-477-0629
Hyatt Place Las Vegas ............. 1-888-492-8847
Terrible’s Hotel Casino ............ 1-800-640-9777
Grand Desert Resort .............. 1-888-527-8342
Holiday Inn Las Vegas ............ 1-702 982-6700
Key Largo Casino .................... 1-877-851-6763
Ramada Las Vegas .................. 1-800-854-9517
Motel 6 in Las Vegas ......... 702-798-0728
Hotels on the Strip
MGM Grand ........ 1-877-880-0880
The Monte Carlo ...... 1-888-529-4828
Circus Circus Hotel .... 1-800-634-3450
Treasure Island Hotel ...... 800-288-7206
New York - New York ... 1-866-815-4365
Stratosphere Hotel .... 1-800-998-6937
Flamingo Las Vegas .... 1-800-223-7277
Excalibur Hotel Casino ... 1-877-750-5464
Mandalay Bay Resort .... 1-877- 632-7800
Hard Rock Hotel and Casino 1-800-473-7625
Paris Las Vegas 1-877-796-2096
Ceasars Palace 1-800-223-7277
The Venetianl Hotel -866-659-9643
The Monte Carlo
Rooms at Monte Carlo Las Vegas Resort & Casino are extravagant without extravagant prices,
featuring unpretentious luxury from the moment
you walk through the door. At Monte Carlo,
you’ll get all this and more, whether you’re in our
luxurious AAA 4-Diamond rooms, poolside cabanas, tranquil spa or one of our many amazing
restaurants and lounges. And since we have the
best location on the Strip, you’ll be right in the
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amazing Las Vegas experience is right here.
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Fall 2012 |
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NFR Checklist
Things To Do...
Tim and Faith December 7,8,14 and 15th at the
Cowboy Marketplace
Go Western for 10 Big Days at Mandalay Bay for The Roper
Cowboy Marketplace presented by Ford Trucks in Bayside Exhibit Hall D during National Finals. If it’s western, you’ll find it
here! Hundreds of Western Lifestyle Exhibitors...all under one
roof. Boots, buckles, hats, jewelry, western wear and the list goes
on and on...just in time for Holiday Shopping. Entertainment
daily and the best part...It’s FREE and OPEN to the public.
More information...
Shania Twain December 1, 2, 5, 6, 8, 9, 11, 12, 14,
15th at Ceasers Palace.
Cowboy Christmas
Country Christmas
The Stetson Country Christmas Western Gift Expo presented
by Jeffery Scott Fine Magnetics is where the REAL cowboys and
cowgirls shop in Vegas during the National Finals. Covering
the entire ground floor of the Sands Expo you’ll find everything
you need for everyone on your Western Lifestyle Christmas
Shopping List. The National Finals last for 11 big days and is the
“Superbowl” of the rodeo world. The top names in Professional
Rodeo are all here aiming to win the World Championship in
their divisions and more.
More Information...
38 | Cowgirls In Style | fall 2012
Trace Adkins December 15th at The Riviera
R ls
In Style
Conveniently located in the North Halls of the Las Vegas Convention Center, at Paradise Road and Desert Inn, just one block
east of the famous Las Vegas Strip, this year’s show promises to
exceed expectations. Over 300,000 square feet of show floor
hosting 400 plus vendors from across the United States and
Canada will showcase their unique products which include:
customized jewelry, western wear, boots and spurs, furniture,
original art, handmade crafts and pottery, as well as providing
the best source for the Official Wrangler NFR and PRCA merchandise.
More information...
Come visit our booth during NFR Week!
Come visit the Cowgirls In Style booth during
NFR week! We will be at the Cowboy Marketplace in the Mandalay Bay. We will be
including fun giveaways and special guest autograph signings and more!
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NFR Checklist
Q-Baby Jean with Booty
Up® Technology
Wrangler® Cowgirl Cut™
Ultimate Riding Jeans.
Turquoise Star Necklace and
Turquoise Semi Precious Bracelet
Dawson in Turquoise
and Brown.
Brown Longhorn bag
Cowgirl Up Women’s Rhinestone
Women’s Brown Leather Jacket
Cowboy Christmas, Country Christmas,
Cowboy Marketplace
Cruel Girl
Georgia Slim Jeans
Roar Aquarius Pink Plais
Pink Bangel Bracelet
Cowbooty Fashions
Stetson Cowboy Boot Distressed Brown and Rose
Overlay Vamp and Shaft
12-021-6105-0578 BR
Pink Rhinestone Studded
Handbag Cowbooty Fashions
40 | Cowgirls In Style | fall 2012
NFR Checklist
on the
Rhinestone Studded
Star Necklace
Cowbooty Fashions
Black Lace Dress
Cowgirl Tuff
Silver Rhinestone
Studded Bracelet
Cowbooty Fashions
Black Rockstar Boots
Black Rhinestone
Studded Handbag
Cowbooty Fashions
Rock 47 Jeans by
Enough to
Margaret in Gray
and Black
Tough Enough to
Wear Pink Shirt by
Fuschia Chunky Bracelet
Cowbooty Fashions
Black Rhinestone
Studded Handbag
Cowbooty Fashions
Fall 2012 |
| 41
My NFR Memory 2011
By: Kristi Bevsek
Kristi Bevsek relates her family’s NFR experience as her brother, Casey Colletti
competes in the Bareback Riding event
was able to go to my first ever NFR this last year. It was very
special for my family and I because my brother Casey Colletti
was #10 in the bareback riding!! :) I always loved going to
Vegas, but to be able to support my brother was beyond anything I could have imagined. I wasn’t able to be there the whole
week. However, my parents were there from day one!! We kept in
touch every night before he rode and I made sure to keep updates on Facebook for
those who were unable to watch the rodeo on GAC. Friends and family were also there throughout
the week so he definitely had a cheering section the whole time. :)
When I was FINALLY able to get out to Vegas it was day 8 (thurs.) and my cousin Tara and I were
able to watch him on the big screen at our hotel (flight was delayed an hour & 1/2!) but we had
half the bar cheering for him :) When Day 9 rolled around I couldn’t contain my excitement!! I was
FINALLY able to go see my brother LIVE! Tara and I made sure we had our signs ready and I made
sure everyone in that building heard me cheer him on! And that night Casey WON his very first NFR
round!! After the rodeo, we met up with Casey at our hotel so we all could go “in style” in a limo to
the buckle presentation and it was all a whirlwind! After everything was said and done, Casey won
over $81,000 and we couldn’t be more proud of him!
Above: NFR Family pic: Starting left; Shelly Colletti (mom), Casey Colletti, Kristi Bevsek (sister), Chuck Colletti (father)
Below: Tara & I pic: Tara Colletti (cousin) & Kristi Bevsek holding signs
before Round 9 rodeo; we wanted to make sure our cousin, Taylor Robson
was there in spirit that night as she wasn’t able to come with us.
Good Luck photo: Starting left; Taylor Robson (cousin) & Kristi Bevsek;
we decorated Casey’s car at our
grandparents house the day he was
headed out to Las Vegas
Read our interview with Casey u
Behind the Chutes
Photo by: Jeff Rogers Photography
Bareback Rider and BTuff
Model Casey Colletti lets
us in on a little of his
personal life.
Q’s and A’s with NFR Bareback Rider and BTuff model,
Casey Colletti
Cowgirls In Style: Where are you from?
Casey Colletti: Pueblo, Colorado
CIS: When did you start a love for rodeo/When did you start
bareback riding?
CC: I grew up behind the bucking chutes going to rodeos with my
dad. I used to get paid $ .50 to pick up riggin’s and saddle bronc
saddles from the strippin chutes after the guys would ride. Rodeo has always been a part of my life, but I didn’t actually start
riding bareback horses until I was a junior in high school.
CIS: How did it feel to qualify/compete and do so well in the
CC: To Qualify -- it was a dream come true. It’s something every
cowboy shoots for, but I know not everybody accomplishes. It
took 10 years of a lot of hard work to get there.
To Compete -- The idea of competing against the top 15 in the
Photo by: Fred McClanahan, Jr
world was just mind blowing. To be there in a bucking chute
getting ready to ride knowing this was actually happening was
Doing Well - I got lucky in that I drew really amazing horses. They
brought the best of the best horses and there were some topnotch match-ups between horse and rider. To come home with
some money in my pocket was the best feeling ever!
CIS: How does it feel to be the newest BTuff Jeans model?
CC: Weird - to see myself in a magazine is weird. That’s definitely not something I would have ever thought I’d be doing, but
it’s been fun.
CIS: What are your goals for this year and the future?
CC: Obviously I want to make it to the WNFR again this year; win
the average and be the WNFR champion. I’d like to qualify for as
many years as possible.
Fall 2012 |
| 45
46 | Cowgirls In Style | fall 2012
11 Time World Champion Barrel Racer...
Charmayne James
By: Susan Gentry
At the young age of 14, Charmayne James earned the title of
World Champion Barrel Racer. It was a title that she continued to hold for the next 10 years. Charmayne’s story begins
in Clayton, New Mexico with little more than open spaces,
practice barrels and a drive to succeed. Proving that with
grit and determination anything is possible, the young barrel racer began her lifelong career filled with success at every
Photo by: Megan Parks
Photo by: John Brasseaux
We are honored to feature an interview with the legendary
Charmayne James. She talks about life, family, goals and the
love for an unforgettable horse named Scamper.
Fall 2012 |
| 47
Cowgirls In Style: First of all, we would like to send our
condolences on the passing of your horse Scamper. You won
all of your major races with him. Could you tell us a little bit
about him?
Charmayne James: Scamper was the toughest horse in the
world, not many people would dispute that. He stayed at the
top of his game for 10 consecutive years in spite of injuries
and younger and more sound competitors. Scamper has been
compared to Secretariat. Scamper competed in a much different sport than Secretariat. Scamper was a rodeo horse traveling
many miles in a trailer the day before or the day of competition
from rodeo to rodeo. He competed sometimes on bad footing
and was smart enough to protect himself when the ground
wasn’t the best. In the peak rodeo months he might compete
5 days out of the week and sometimes two to three runs in a
day. He seemed to thrive on the amount of runs he made and
miles hauled, he ran faster with each race. If he ever needed a
break he got it, which wasn’t too often. The most amazing thing
is how he tried his hardest each and every run for me. He was a
gift and I was so lucky to have him.
“The riders who win the most,
have a positive attitude and
with a good attitude you can
make better decisions.” -Charmayne James
C.I.S.: You are an 11 time World Champion Barrel Racer, when
did you begin barrels and how did you get your start? How
many hours would be spent on practicing?
C.J.: I grew up in Clayton, NM a small town in north eastern
NM. I grew up at a feedlot and farm. My parents had me on a
horse before I could even walk. I was competing by the age of
six at local 4-H horse shows. By age nine I was competing at amateur rodeos on a horse I trained named Bardo. Two summers
on Bardo I won around $15k. Bardo broke his leg and tragically
had to be put down. During the summer months I would ride
from sun up until sun down. I was not always working on my
barrel racing when I rode, I helped the cowboys at the feedlot
and rode across the prairie looking for animals and old trails. All
I wanted to do as a kid was ride and those long hours helped me
with balance, timing and just knowing horses; very important
components to barrel racing.
Photo by: Jim Odom
C.J.: Put in many hours a day riding so you have the skill necessary to believe in yourself. Also, always try to make your horse
love his job. Learning to ride correct from the beginning is very
important; one of the worst habits I see is when a rider crosses
their hands over the horse’s neck. Your right hand should stay
on right side of your horses neck and your left hand on the left
side. This will allow you to guide effectively. The riders who win
the most have a positive attitude and with a good attitude you
can make better decisions. Thank your parents for the opportunity they have given you to own a horse.
“My time these days are dedicated to my family. I have two boys
Austin, 4 and Tyler, 8.” -Charmayne James
C.I.S.: Was there a favorite year in your barrel racing history,
or is each championship as good as the first?
C.I.S.: You always look put together and fashionable. What
are some of your favorite fashions and brands that you wear?
C.J.: The first title in 1984 (it was my first), my tenth title in
1993 (it was the tenth and would be retiring scamper after this
year) and my eleventh (I trained a second horse, Cruiser, to win
a championship). All of the championships were important and
stood for a lot of hard work and sacrifice.
C.J.: I think if you take the time to make your appearance look
better and current, it is a reflection of how you appear to yourself
and others. When you are trying to win, take every advantage
you can to feel good about yourself. Some of my favorite jeans
are Citizens of Humanity and 7 from Nordstrom’s. My boots are
Corral. I get so many complements about them. Boerne, Texas is
where I live and it has some great little shops. My favorites are
Ella Blue and Daisy Pearl.
C.I.S.: What words of advice would you give a young girl who
has dreams of becoming a world champion barrel racer?
48 | Cowgirls In Style | Fall 2012
C.I.S.: After a career of championship winnings, what are you
currently doing now?
A Tribute to Scamper...
C.J.: My time these days are dedicated to my family. I have two
boys Austin, 4 and Tyler, 8. Their education is a big priority for
Tony and I. Tony is the head coach of Tyler’s baseball team,
Boerne Athletics. We spend a lot of time playing baseball with
the boys. I put on around ten barrel racing clinics per year, work
with my sponsors to help develop new products. Cactus saddles, Professional Choice, Twister Trailers, TLC animal nutrition.
Now that Clayton’s (Scamper’s clone) offspring is old enough
to train I will be working with the young horses I have raised. I
try to manage my time between family and work just like every
other parent.
C.I.S.: Tell us about your clinics?
C.J.: At my schools I teach a very rounded program of correct
mechanics, timing, body control for horse and rider, proper position going to and around the barrels, drills, winning attitude,
and care of the horse. Horses are so willing to learn and if they
can feel a fly on them our movement should be just enough to
get the job done. Many hours of riding will help with balance
and security so a rider isn’t afraid and can focus on the placements of their weight in the saddle and proper motion of their
hands. It is a lot of work but the end result is so worth it. I love to
see my student’s improvement and the horses liking their job.
C.I.S.: What goals do you have for the future?
C.J.: My goals or plans are to make sure I have given Tyler and
Austin tools necessary to become productive citizens of our
great country. I have been so fortunate to make a living doing
what I love to do and I want to help my boys do the same. I’m
hoping to have one of my students go on to the NFR and win a
championship. I would like for Clayton’s offspring to do well and
carry on Scamper’s legacy.
More Information...
For more information on
Charmayne James, visit her website at:
Follow Charmayne on Facebook and
Photo by: Kenneth Springer
Taken from the Charmayne James Blog ...
JULY 4, 2012 (Boerne, Texas) – Gills Bay Boy, known the
world over as “Scamper,” passed away peacefully to greener
pastures on the morning of July 4, 2012. Perhaps appropriately, he chose the date of a joyous holiday to leave this
earth—a day of celebration fit for the life of a horse that
was, in and of himself, a gift. Foaled in 1977, Scamper was
one of the most iconic figures in the equine industry, dominating the barrel racing ranks from the early 1980s until his
retirement in 1993. The gelded son of Gills Sonny Boy out
of the mare Drapers Jay was in good health to the end, immaculately cared for by his constant companion, Charmayne
What a gift he was,” says James. “It’s sad that he is gone but
what a life he had. It’s something to be celebrated.”
Adjectives fall short to describe Scamper’s iconic career but
amazing, incredible and stoic all come to mind. Scamper is
easily defined by his performance record, which was perfect.
Achieving 10 world championships in the Women’s Professional Rodeo Association, he teamed with James to earn National Finals Rodeo average titles in 1984, 1986, 1987, 1989,
1990 and 1993.
The duo won an incredible ten Rodeo Houston titles and
countless circuit and major rodeo championships on their
way to earnings of well over $1 million.
Together Scamper and Charmayne defined an era in rodeo
and their famous round-winning bridleless ride perhaps best
epitomizes the relationship between horse and rider; a onein-a-million partnership that was loyal and true to the end.
Defying all odds, the unassuming bay raced his way into the
hearts of millions, taking a shy ranch girl from Clayton, N.M.
with him. From feedlot pony to equine legend, Scamper’s
conformation, attitude and mental and physical toughness
endeared him to the public. His smooth-as-glass style coupled with great speed made him a formidable horse for the
competition to face.
Fall 2012 |
| 49
The Latest in
Denim Styles
We uncover some of the
favorite jean styles and
the right fit for you!
Written By: Susan Gentry
elcome to our annual “Celebrating Denim issue. We know you love your favorite jeans and
we want to update you on the latest styles,
most comfortable fit and the jeans that make
you look your best. We will be featuring three of some of the best selling jeans for women, including Wrangler,
Cowgirl Tuff and Cruel Girl.
What are some of the latest fashions in denim this year you ask? Well, we’re looking at bold, solid color boot cut
and skinny jeans. Some great styles are from Wrangler. These bold colors have been popular this past summer
and will continue to be in the forefront of fashion throughout the fall and winter months. Also, look to wear denim
with denim. Denim shirts with jeans, denim jackets, vests all will look good on you, it’s a denim year universally in
Latest Denim Fashions....
Denim with Denim
Denim with denim is another
style that is back! Wear your
favorite denim shirt or vest with
your favorite jeans. Accessorize with a rhinestone belt
and you are set. Shirt and
vest by Wrangler.
50 | Cowgirls In Style | fall 2012
Jean Jackets
Jean Jackets are
back in style with a
vengeance. Dark
and faded denim
also solid colors. Watch for
little jean jackets to go with
cotton skirts
and of course
to match your
favorite jeans.
Jean Jacket by
We Asked YOU AND
Solid Color Skinny Jeans
We asked you what your
favorite jeans were and
these are some of the comments...
solid color
Up Jeans”
come in
an array of
Look for more
Wrangler styles
Rock 47 by Wrangler
Low Rise
Button Flap Back
Pockets with Tribal
Print and Brass Studs
Wrangler Booty Up’s for sure! They are the most
comfy jeans ever!
-Tiffany Scogin
Wrangler Jeans... you know them, you wear them and
you love them! Since 1943, Wrangler has been the genuine
source for comfortable jeans and western apparel.
uCowgirl Tuff
Western apparel that incorporates trendy fashion without
compromising comfort.
Cowgirl Tuff’s “Don’t
Fence Me In” jeans
are their most
Loveee my Rock 47 Jeans by Wrangler! Great
fit, affordable price and quality that you would
expect from Wrangler with styles that can take
you from hanging out at a Back Road Arena to
The Lights of Las Vegas! That’s where they have
taken me!!
-Teri Flow
Cowgirl Tuff’s Glamour Jeans. These
dark wash ladies’
jeansave thick contrast stitching and
crystal bling accents
on the
Look for more
Cowgirl Tuff
styles at:
Cowgirl Tuff... Western apparel that incorporates trendy fashion without compromising
Q-babies are the best! comfy & they wash &
starch really well! out on the town, cleaning
around the ranch or everyday wear, they’re the
all the time jeans!
-Taylor Papillion
I love my Cowgirl Tuff ‘Dn’t Fence Me In.’ The
dark, orange and the originals. They all fit great
and last a long. It’s a wonderful product.
-Stephanie Schmitz
I love Cowgirl Tuff Jeans! They are so comfy
and make you look like your on a Runway
while riding your horse in a rodeo, fun show,
etc. They make heads turn! I love the Victory
Jeans..I’d have to say they are my favorite!!
-Brianna Blanchard
I’ve worn Cinch Jeans for years. I’m not a huge
fan of low rise jeans while I’m riding and they
tend to not wear out as fast.
-Casey Berry
I have worn the Georgia style Cinch Jean for
many years. They are my favorite.!
Get More information on Facebook!
Fall 2012 |
| 51
uCruel Girl...
Cruel Girl denim is known as a high quality, rodeo-performance,
fashion-forward brand that meets the athletic demands of any
sassy cowgirl.
The Georgia
comes in Slim
& Relaxed, and
also Medium
Stonewash, Dark
Stonewash, and
New Fall Style is
the Cora with the
following features;
dark rinse, heavy
tint, hand sanding,
whiskers, tacking,
stretch, ultra low
rise, slim boot cut
Look for more
Cruel Girl styles
Georgia Dark-Slim: CB51253010
The Cora is: CB34354071
Jean Fitting Tips...
If you’re athletic: Straight cuts are
better on you than skinnies. Boyfriend
jeans volumize. Fading at the thighs adds
If you’re plus size: Boyfriends are
fine- if they’re not too baggy. Have a
tummy? Straight-Legs never fail! Stretch
fits you. Stretchy Jeans, Flared legs work
if you’ve got some height. Make sure that
your jeans have at least 2% lycra.
If you’re tall: Wide legs and a fitted
waist works great!
If you have narrow hips and
broad shoulders a lighter wash, boyfriend style adds volumes.
What’s Your Jean Style?
52 | Cowgirls In Style | fall 2012
20 Acre Lots Starting
at only $169,000!
armony Mountain Ranch represents a truly unique
opportunity to own a mountainside lot in one of the
most picturesque and desirable areas of the West.
With its superb location just 40 minutes north of St.
George, UT in the heart of “Color Country” the Ranch has
access to over 40 national and state parks and points of interest within a three-hour drive. Its clever layout gives every
lot a spectacular view while maintaining a private and cozy
atmosphere. Our superb amenity package and proximity to
services provides residents the perfect mountain getaway.
Location: Iron County, Utah (between St. George and Cedar City 2 hours north of Las Vegas) Water: Adequate water
rights available, property to be serviced by private water
system, no well needed. Utilities: Gas, electric, water, telephone, and high speed internet. Equestrian Facility, trail
system to federal land, picnic/family area and tennis courts.
20 Acre Lots Starting at
State of the art Equestrian
Center with Clubhouse and
Modern Barn.
Beautiful views in all
Own a piece of
Cowgirl heaven...
A unique opportunity to own a mountainside lot in one of the most picturesque and
desirable areas of the West.
Donna Christensen
ERA Realty Center
259 West 200 North
Cedar City, UT
(435) 559-2251 Cell
(435) 586-2777 Office
from Utah
Photo by:
Nichole Crowley
FrankieJo &
Mylie by:
Wendyjo Hance
Photo Submitted
Hailey & Cocoa
Photo by:
Grace & Faith Photography
Crazy Cowgirls
Chelsea & Bailee
Tanya Smith
This and That Photography
Photo by:
Photo by:
More Information...
We’re celebrating Cowgirls! “LIKE” us on Facebook to be a part of it all!
Email your photos and we might select you! [email protected]
54 | Cowgirls In Style | FALL 2012
Cowgirl’s Social
Some fun photos since our last issue...
Summer Cover Girl, Shea Fisher excited
to receives the Summer issue of Cowgirls
In Style magazine in the mail!
Cowgirls In Style magazine was at the
Little Texas concert, still an amazing
Behind the scenes of our Fall Photo Shoot
Editor-in-chief Susan and editor Devanie
relaxing this past Summer at an Oasis
retreat. A little sun and relaxation.
Horse Training 101
By Dana Hokana
How to Develop a Good Seat
a good
seat? When
you have a
you are able
your horse’s
rhythm. You
are able to
How do you
know if you
have a good
you just picture watching
riders who look
like they are
one with their
horse? They
make it look
effortless and
easy. I want to
help you to develop a strategy to improve your seat. When
your seat is improved you can get closer and closer to riding as one with your horse. Soon, you too will be able to
catch the rhythm and flow with your horse. All you need is
some knowledge, a “stick with it” mentality, and a little hard
work. You will soon be on your way to being a better rider.
Let’s start with increasing your knowledge of your
body and your horse’s rhythm and gaits. Your body is made
up of many movable parts and joints. It would be unrealistic
to expect that you could sit still on a horse and never move.
Some part of you has to move with the horse. So, my key
for you is to teach you what part of you needs to move.
Your hips or pelvis need to be flexible and move with your
horse. They will be your primary breaking or pivot point.
Not your waist or your upper body, but your hips. As you
learn to unlock your hips and relax your lower back, you can
sit down or back on your pockets and engage the first and
most important body part needed in having a good seat,
that is your seat! Through your seat you can learn to feel
your horse. Feel his rhythm, his motion, and the definite
beat to his gaits. I teach my riders to look for, listen for, and
56 | Cowgirls In Style | Fall 2012
feel for their horse’s rhythm. I teach them some tips and exercises to help make this easier. I will explain some of these
to you. To become a truly great rider you need to understand your body and your horse’s body. Your horse is also
made up of many movable parts and joints and to add to
that he has three separate distinguishable gaits, unless he
is a gaited horse. Each of those gaits has a separate beat. As
you learn about your horse’s gaits you can look for the feel
or beat through your body and unlock your body with his
and become “hooked up” or one with his gaits. The walk is
a four beat gait, the trot a two beat, and the lope or canter
is a three beat gait. Start with the trot, it is the easiest gait
to catch. It has a definite one, two, one, two beat. The better
trot your horse has the more definite the beat. If you have
trouble feeling the gait, speed him up a little to encourage him to engage in his gait. Look for that rhythm, as you
learn to feel it, allow your body to move with or catch the
rhythm remembering to unlock your hips and allow them
to catch the beat. The lope or canter is harder with some
horses to feel the exact one, two, three, one, two, three, but
it does have a moment of roll or lift that you can look for
and catch. It goes like this, one, two, hesitate or lift, then
three. That moment of hesitation is a moment of lift or suspension when your horse carries all of his body weight on
his outside hind leg and it gives that rocking chair feel, and
you can learn to catch it like a rocking chair. Relax your seat
enough to catch that beat. The walk is a one, two, three,
four, one, two, three, four. Practice feeling this rhythm while
you ride your horse at all three gaits.
Another key point to gaining a good seat is to learn to control your breathing. Breathing truly does relate to a good
seat and I’ll explain how. When you breathe correctly, taking a full deep breath; breathing through your diaphragm,
your seat aligns itself in the correct position on your horse.
Deep breathing expands your ribcage and positions your
seat correctly on your horse. A short shallow breath encourages an arch in your back and brings your tail bone up
off your horse. This can also encourage you to lift your seat
up off the horse and lean forward which then breaks that
communication between your seat and your horse. So remember, good correct deep breathing will greatly improve
your seat and your riding on your horse. It also relaxes you
and makes you more aware of your body, your horse’s body
and his gaits. You also send a confident message when you
are relaxed and in control of your horse and your body. As
your seat is centered where it belongs, your balance improves which allows your hand and leg cues to become
smoother and clearer and your timing becomes better.
I am not discounting the age old teaching that ideal position on your horse is a straight line from the ear through
the shoulders, then through the hip, knee and heel is important. I agree that proper alignment through your body
is important, but, it all starts with your seat and learning
where your seat is most effective on your horse. The key
is to first position your seat on your horse, then align the
rest of your body. A real good exercise to help you to align
your body position on your horse is to stand in your stirrups, make sure someone is holding you horse and that you
have a safe horse to use, you can hold onto the horn for
balance if you need to. When you stand, relax your knees
and ankles driving your heels to the ground, then tuck your
fanny and stretch your upper body up to the sky. Relax your
shoulders down and back. After you are comfortable holding this position for a moment, sit back down, but, this is
really important, don’t sit back down like you are sitting in
a chair, slowly fold down to the saddle landing first on your
crotch, then roll back until you are sitting on your pockets.
This exercise helps to keep your whole body in alignment
on the horse. When you feel yourself get out of balance or
out of position, stop your horse, stand and reposition and
try again. I often have my riders do this exercise as well as
a series of other exercises to encourage proper body position. If you would like more information on these exercises,
I have produced a DVD titled Take Control Vol. 1-How to be
a More Effective Rider, this DVD gives a lot more ideas and
exercises to help you develop into the best rider that you
can be.
Dana Hokana is one of the top female trainers in the Quarter Horse industry. Dana’s video
series, the Winning Strides Series, is designed to
educate horse owners and riders from the basics to competing at high levels in the show arena.
Fall 2012 |
| 57
Horses In Style
Cowgirls In Style talks
Horse Bling
Cowhorse Creations is a One-of-aKind Tack for your One-of-a-Kind
owhorse Creations owner,
Christine Cassidy makes
each pair of BLING stirrups. “If you can dream it, I
can make it, zebra, cheetah, animal
prints, xpistols, wings and crosses
and conchos, and many more custom designs,” says Christine. “I offer many styles of stirrups, they are
aluminum stirrups, traditional barrel racers, western stirrups, slanted
stirrups, kid stirrups and ropers. I
use Swarovski crystal’s and 100’s of
them go on each set of stirrups. I
will customize every pair with any
colors and designs. I do awards
stirrups in many styles, I also offer
custom color coated stirrups and I
can hand paint, logos or award initials, and custom artwork. I use top
of the line jewelers glue, and use a
diamond hard top coat.” To order
contact Christine at [email protected]
More Information:
Email us:
[email protected]
Find us on Facebook
58 | Cowgirls In Style | Fall 2012
The 2013 Miss Rodeo America Pageant
is December 6-12, 2012 at the MGM Grand
Hotel & Casino. A couple events you do not want
to miss include...
Cowgirl Kickoff Party-Thursday,
December 6, 2012 at 7:00p.m.
WNFR Luncheon-Friday, December 7,
2012 at 12:00p.m. Cowgirl Fashion Show
“True Glitz”-Saturday, December 8, 2012 at
12:30p.m. Lunch will be served prior to Fashion Show at 11:45a.m. Coronation-Wednesday, December 12, 2012 at
Tickets go on sale August 13, 2012 and can be purchased at Stay with us at the MGM Grand Hotel & Casino or
the Excalibur Hotel during the 2013 Miss Rodeo America Pageant and
use our booking codes for a cheaper rate!
Sunday-Thursday $70.00
Friday-Saturday $130.00
To make reservations visit THIS BOOKING LINK or call 1-877-880-0880
Booking Code: MRODEO12
Deadline: October 30, 2012
Room Rates Include: Resort Fee, Free Internet Access, Free Cardio
Room Access, Free Boarding Pass Printing, Bags to Go (to and from
McCarran) 1 Free Drink Coupon, 1 Free Nightclub Pass, 2 for 1 Buffet
Junior Suite: Sunday-Thursday $100.00; Friday-Saturday $150.00
1 Bedroom Suite: Sunday-Thursday $150.00; Friday-Saturday $195.00
To make reservations visit THIS BOOKING LINK or call 1-877-727-0007
Booking Code: SIGRODEO
Deadline: October 30, 2011
Room Rates Include: Resort Fee, Free Internet Access, Free Cardio
Room Access, Free Boarding Pass Printing, 1 Free Drink Coupon, 1 Free
Nightclub Pass, 2 Free Bottles of Water per Day.
Watch for the Winter issue of Cowgirls
In Style magazine coming out mid-November. It is our Miss Rodeo America
Special issue and we will be featuring
MRA Queen MacKenzie Carr on our
cover with a cover story and also including all things rodeo royalty! If you
haven’t subscribed yet, do it now as you
will not want to miss this issue.
Fall 2012 |
| 59
Meet Trisha Smeenk ...
Miss Rodeo U.S.A.
Trisha Smeenk reigns as Miss Rodeo USA for 2012.
She received the crown on January 15, 2012 in Oklahoma
City, Oklahoma in conjunction with the International
Finals Rodeo.
Trisha is the first South Dakotan to receive the honor as
the 48th official ambassador for the International
Professional Rodeo Association. “It has been my dream since I was a
little girl growing up on a ranch in western South Dakota. I have
been fascinated with rodeo since I was born,” Smeenk
Trisha also
spends time
“Continuing a family legacy, I competed in my first
serving her
rodeo at age 5 and the rest is history!”
country in the
Air National
Trisha believes in the importance of lifelong learning and
is taking time off from her studies at South Dakota State
University where she is pursuing her master’s degree in
Counseling and Human Resource Development. She grew
up on the back of a horse where she competed in 4-H, Little Britches
and High School Rodeo. She spent four years as a western rider for
South Dakota State University’s Equestrian Team.
The 114th Fighter Wing of Sioux Falls, South Dakota has a special
place in Trisha’s heart. Trisha is a staff sergeant and has served over
seven years as a proud member of the South Dakota Air National
Guard. She works in Public Affairs and is grateful of the support she
receives inside and out of the arena. With the desire and commitment I have, I can’t imagine a better way to spend 2012 than representing Miss Rodeo USA and the International Professional Rodeo Association. Go to to find out more about Trisha.
Queen University
Rodeo Queen University was founded by Stanley & Jamie Rauch of Moses Lake, Washington
in 2011 to help educate rodeo committee and queens the importance of mentoring, utlilizing,
directing, and educating in a successful rodeo queen program. This is a program where both the
committees and the queens can grow in knowledge, self esteem and confidence. Jamie Rauch
wrote her first book last year entitled, “Teach The Teachers - A Guide For Rodeo Queen Committees” and offered a clinic around the book. Rodeos throughout the Northwest were invited to
the clinic and for each rodeo committee represented the Rauch’s awarded their reigning queen
a $200 educational scholarship.
Rodeo Queen Bible Camp was Phenominal! The Rauch’s felt blessed and honored to have
some of the top RQU Camp Professors in the country
come share their talents with us. Twenty young women
including Kylie Kooistra, Miss Rodeo Washington 2012
and Riata Marchant, Little Miss Rodeo Washington 2012
learned valuable life skills and participated in character
building classes along with rodeo queen and rodeo education skills classes. A total
of 95 people came to celebrate the girls’ success during a mock pageant and taco
buffet. Food for the camp was provided in the cowgirl kitchen by Chef KayCee Torson
and the Rowdy Bunch Catering Company,” states Rauch.
You can find out more information about Rodeo Queen University by contacting
[email protected]
60 | Cowgirls In Style | Fall 2012
Kelli Jackson
Where Are They Now?
Miss Rodeo America 2010
After this issue went to press,
Kelli and her fiancé, David,got
married in Sturgis, Mississippi at
her home church. David and Kelli
met the August after her year as
Miss Rodeo America and were
engaged this past April. David is
currently pursuing his Ph.D. in
Agronomy (plant and soil sciences) at Mississippi State University.
While he never competed in rodeos, David was raised on a cattle
ranch and loves all things related
to agriculture. Following their
wedding, Kelli will change her
name to Kelli Russell. Professionally and socially (as well as in the
rodeo world) ) She will go by Kelli
Jackson Russell.
When I am asked how I began competing in rodeos, I enjoy answering that I
am a first generation cowgirl. I have
had a horse since I was born, but I did
not grow up riding competitively. That
all changed with an invitation from
family friends to attend a local rodeo.
As the old cliché goes, “the rest was
I entered my first rodeo—a Little
Britches Rodeo—at age ten, and never
looked back! I don’t think that either
of my parents could have ever imagined that we would go from entering
local shows near our home to traveling to the National Little Britches Finals
Rodeo [at that time held] in Colorado
Springs, Colorado in a matter of two
years. I competed in almost all
of the girl’s rodeo events: barrel racing, pole bending, goat
tying, and breakaway roping in
both the National Little Britches
Rodeo Association and the National
High School Rodeo Association. I was
blessed to win numerous awards including a NLBRA World Championship
title in Pole Bending, a regional yearend NLBRA all-around title, a four-year
NHSRA All-Star Team Member, and two
time National High School Finals Rodeo qualifier.
Without that simple invitation to the
local rodeo, I believe that my life would
be drastically different than it is now. I
would not have had the great memories, friendships, and life-lesson benefits of being a competitor in the National High School Rodeo and National
Little Britches Rodeo Associations; I
also probably wouldn’t have become
Miss Rodeo America.
That stark re-
alization—that one little invitation
changed the course of my youth
and young adulthood—inspired
me years ago and still inspires me
today to be a spokesperson for the
sport of rodeo.
My year as Miss Rodeo America
2010 was truly the ride of a lifetime. I treasure the friends that
I met throughout the year and
the beautiful places that I traveled while wearing the Miss Rodeo America Landstrom’s Original
Black Hills gold crown. From the
Wrangler National Finals Rodeo to
the Mt. Isa Rodeo, an Australian
Professional Rodeo (and the southern hemisphere’s richest rodeo), I was
blessed to ride at countless amazing
rodeos! I would be remiss if I tried to
recount my “favorite” rodeos as I cherish each rodeo for various reasons. I
will never forget the indescribable, incredible feeling of being able to represent my country, my sport, and my faith
as I wore the Miss Rodeo America ban-
ner—it is a feeling like no other.
At the encouragement of a former Miss
Rodeo America, I kept a running tally
of a few statistics: I took 106 flights as
Miss Rodeo America (checking 2,744
pounds of luggage). RAM Rodeo gave
me the keys to a brand new vehicle
eight times to use during my stay at
various rodeos. I pushed cattle at 30
rodeo performances and carried Old
Glory into the arena 35 times for our
national anthem. I had attempted to
count the number of autograph sheets
I signed, the cans of hair spray I used,
Fall 2012 |
| 61
could not have been more proud when
Stone Horses made a model horse out
of her image, commemorating “Miss
Rodeo America 2010’s horse—Tax Return 1989 (Tausha).” It seems only fair
that the little, fast, high-spirited mare
that I rode at so many rodeos received
some sort of credit for helping foster
my love of rodeo.
Kelli on Fashion
the number of mornings that I woke
up before 5:00am, but I completely
lost count. The numbers, while fun to
look back on, don’t do my year justice
as the people I met were what made it
such an incredible journey.
Throughout my time as Miss Rodeo
Mississippi and Miss Rodeo America, I
rode eighty-nine stock contractor horses at various PRCA rodeos. I developed
soft spots for several of them—namely
Harry Vold’s Spot. I rode Spot for all of
my introductions at the National Finals
Rodeo and for several fly bys at various rodeos throughout the year. He is
everything you’d want in a good rodeo
horse—solid as a rock, fast, and has a
quirky personality. Other notable favorites were PRCA pickup man Shawn
Calhoun’s Kemper and PRCA pickup
man Gary Rempel’s Quizno—both incredible horses owned by great horsemen. Additionally, I’d love to give a
shout-out to PRCA pickup man Paul
Peterson for allowing me to use his
NFR pickup horse, Perks Easy Charger,
for my Wrangler autograph sheet photograph. Personally, my barrel horse,
a little sorrel mare known as “Tausha”
around my barn, is my favorite horse.
My family bought her when she was
eight and I was ten at Martha and R.E.
Josey’s ranch. She’s retired now, but I
owe much of my rodeo success to her.
I won my first saddle riding her and
62 | Cowgirls In Style | Fall 2012
My everyday styles is the same as what
my style as Miss Rodeo America was—
clean tailing, classic basics, and several
statement pieces. While I traded my
Justin’s and Wrangler’s for business
suits and heels for my job as a Congressional staffer, my style and love of
western fashion hasn’t changed.
I have always loved the simplicity and
style of a crisp western button down
and a pair of Wrangler jeans. Like a
navy business suit, they ooze authenticity, professionalism, and dependability; all traits that I hope that I exhibit daily in my fashion choices. I have
enjoyed the pleasure of working with
so many different western designers
and retailers—Wrangler (love the sassy
Rock 47s!), Justin (who can’t adore the
comfort of the AQHA line of boots?),
Montana Silversmiths (incredible line
of statement jewelry!), Jan Faulkner
(such amazing tailoring!) and I could
go on for days!
The Impact of MRA
Miss Rodeo America has impacted my
life in profound ways--before, during,
and after my year as Miss Rodeo America 2010.
My first encounter with a Miss Rodeo
America was in the fall of 2000. I met
Brandy DeJongh Whitlow at the Dallas Market and I was instantly in awe
of her confidence, kindness, and grace.
I immediately hung her MRA poster
on my wall when I returned home. I
was fortunate to meet every Miss Rodeo America but one over the next ten
years. My love of the sport of rodeo
combined with their example—led me
to compete for Miss Rodeo Mississippi
and Miss Rodeo America.
“While I traded my Justin’s and Wrangler’s
for business suits and
heels for my job as a
congressional staffer, my style and love
of western fashion
hasn’t changed.”
-Kelli Jackson
Below: Kelli and Miss Rodeo Colorado 2010, Kasie Pigg
Kelli on MRA Advice
Be yourself. Be confident. Have no regrets.
I enjoy asking young women if they
know why Miss Rodeo America chooses a different young woman each year
to hold the title. Most people answer
that it is because the schedule is so demanding that a young woman is too
worn out after one year to do another.
I disagree. I believe that the reason
we need a new Miss Rodeo America
each year is because each Miss Rodeo
America is unique and each unique
young woman brings something different to the year and to the title. All
too often I see young women aspire to
be someone else, all the while shedding their unique qualities, trying to
become a copy-cat version of someone else. Emulation is a wonderful
thing; imitation is not. I encourage
all aspiring rodeo queens to discover
what makes them unique—be it their
accent, their freckles, their fashion
style, etc.—and confidently embrace
those little oddities instead of trying to
cover them up.
Kellie and 2011 MRA Queen McKenzie Haley
I constantly reflected on three quotes
as I prepared for Miss Rodeo America:
“It is not the critic who counts; not the
man who points out how the strong
man stumbles, or where the doer of
deeds could have done them better.
The credit belongs to the man who
is actually in the arena, whose face is
marred by dust and sweat and blood;
who strives valiantly; who errs, who
comes short again and again, because there is no effort without error
and shortcoming; but who does actually strive to do the deeds; who knows
great enthusiasms, the great devotions; who spends himself in a worthy
cause; who at
the best knows
in the end the
triumph of high
and who at the
worst, if he fails,
at least fails
greatly, so that
his place shall
never be with
those cold and
timid souls who
victory nor defeat.”
–Theodore Roosevelt
CAFB Tour: With Congressman Alan Nunnelee (pictured lower right) on a visit to
The future belongs to those Columbus Air Force Base in Columbus, Mississippi. (Kelli second row, far right)
who believe in
the beauty of their dreams. –Eleanor
What are your goals?
The only thing you can’t recycle is I aspire to spend my life and career
working on behalf of my faith, family,
wasted time. –Anonymous
Those three quotes reminded me to be and my community. David and I look
myself, to believe in myself, and to pre- forward to hopefully one day raising a
family on a ranch as well as pursuing
pare for the pageant with no regrets.
careers in public service and agriculWhat are you currently doing? ture related fields. I will use my Miss
I currently serve as a Field Represen- Rodeo America scholarship to pursue
tative for United States Congressman a Master’s Degree in Political Science
Alan Nunnelee, who represents Mis- with the goal of continuing to work in
sissippi’s First Congressional District. government and public policy.
I serve as a spokesperson and liaison
for Congressman Nunnelee within the Two years following my journey as
congressional district, working with Miss Rodeo America, I am still inspired
economic development groups, busi- by the women who wore the crown
nesses, government officials on his before me, motivated by our western
behalf. I also handle all agriculture lifestyle and way of living, encouraged
and agriculture-related congressional by the people that became my rodeo
inquiries for Congressman Nunnelee, family, and humbled by the continued
allowing me to continue my passion of love and support of all the individuals I
working with and on behalf of Missis- met along the ride.
sippi’s farmers and producers.
Similar to my time as Miss Rodeo
America, no two days are ever the
same. For example, this week, I have
started the mornings working on agriculture related issues, attend lunch
meetings with the Congressman, and
in the afternoons toured various industrial businesses’ manufacturing
facilities to discuss the needs of Mississippi’s manufacturing communities. I am blessed to have the opportunity to (again) work on behalf of my
home state and to work with such a
great boss and wonderful team.
NFR Special Kids Rodeo with my partner, Juliana
Fall 2012 |
| 63
Th a
Lis in
B tory
Lisa Bollin,
Founder and
Owner of
Cowgirls In Style: How and when did you get into the fashion industry?
Lisa Bollin: As a little girl, I always loved clothes. I went to fashion
merchandising school and have been in fashion for 25 years.
employees did you start out with, how many do you have now) ?
L.B.: Started it with 3 family members myself, my husband Kirk
and my daughter Lexie. Right now, we have 32 employees and 10
national sales reps.
C.I.S.: When did you come up with the idea of Cowgirl Tuff clothing and how did you come up with the name?
L.B.: I got the idea in 1999 when I was at NFR and I couldn’t find
anything cool.
C.I.S.: Any fun info about Cowgirl Tuff that is coming up that you
would like to share?
L.B.: Really making people aware of B. Tuff-”B. Real, B. Strong, B.
Tuff” and the fit of the jean.
C.I.S.: Do you come up with the new fashions/styles, or is it a
group effort?
L.B.: I come up with the ideas, but it is a team effort to coordinate it to the final product.
C.I.S.: Tell a little bit about your life... any family info. ..., do you
live in the country, animals you own, rodeo events you have or
currently compete in...
L.B.: I Live on 80 acres w/5 horses, 12 cats, 2 dogs. I barrel race
when there is free time, cause I LOVE it! I also enjoy spending
time on the boat with my family.
C.I.S.: Do you have a favorite Cowgirl Tuff item of clothing?
L.B.: Dark Don’t Fence Me In for riding everyday.
Rockstar-Makes me feel creative!
C.I.S.: How has your company grown... example... (how many
64 | Cowgirls In Style | Fall 2012
C.I.S.: We get a lot of comments from girls wondering how they
can become a big name jean model. What is your advice?
L.B.: Be professional, develop a portfolio, get advice from photographers, use modeling agencies.
C.I.S.: What is your favorite movie?
L.B.: Secretariat – Because she believed in the colt
C.I.S: What do you hope to accomplish in your future or have you
accomplished it?
L.B.: I have accomplished a lot more than I ever planned.
But I would love to travel the world more and spend more time
with my family and horses.
C.I.S.: Favorite artist or band?
L.B.: I love wide varieties of music. Miranda Lambert and Pinkstrong, independent women. Chris LeDoux-Rocks out western,
relate to the lifestyle.
C.I.S: Any advice for those who want to get into fashion?
L.B.: Having a background in retail/sales, fashion merchandising,
management and any customer service. You really need to know
the needs of your customers, because they are who matters!
Fall 2012 |
| 65
[email protected]
Heather’s Wild Rags
Wild Wild Bleu
[email protected]
Find us on Facebook and
Heather’s Wild Rags started
when a friend asked me if I
could fix his ‘favorite’ Wild
Rag. He was so pleased that
he asked me if I could make
him a few more. Many request for Wild Rags, I decided to start a small business.
I pride myself on the fact
that my Wild Rags are 100%
hand-made by me in the
USA!!! I make Wild Rags
that are built for style.
I hand dye custom colors
for my customers. I can
also hand draw your personalized ‘Brand’ on my
Wild Rags for an
even more one-ofa-kind design.
can add “Bling” to
a Wild Rag for the
Ladies. We can add
a company name,
rodeo, school, what
ever you would like.
Also, contact us for
Western Weddings!
66 | Cowgirls In Style | Fall 2012
Wild Wild Bleu is a unique
c o l l e c t i o n , h a n d - p i c ke d
by the two of us - Tierney
& Leslie....sister friends
who saw something that
we loved, and hoped you
might love it too. We adore
unique, vintage inspired,
just plain lovely, or nods to
our western heritage. If you
find something to call your
own at Wild Bleu, we hope
it makes you feel beautiful. The name of our fun
little haven is a tribute to our babies,
Berkleigh Bleu and
Barron Bleu, whose
wild-hearted, barefooted, bleu-eyed,
milk and honey,
little lives are a constant reminder of
the chaos that inspires us.
Caroline Riepler
Velma Radloff
Little Journeys World
[email protected]
Caroline Riepler is a wife,
mother and entrepreneur.
She was raised in Colorado.
Before starting Little Journeys World, Caroline used
her talents to craft gifts and
treasures for friends and
family, but when she and her
infant son were hit head-on
by a drunk driver, her life
was nearly destroyed. It was
a long journey to recover,
physically and emotionally.
Hand crafting and designing products, particularly
with little people in mind,
was therapeutic for Caroline. This is how Little Journeys World company began.
Caroline’s brand called
most popular one.
be found on
and her Facebook
Western Border
or Little Journeys
Cowgirl Convertibles
Be casual one minute
and formal the next!
Cowgirl Convertibles, Inc
is a company based on an
innovative women’s clothing design. Our uniquely
fashioned convertible shirts
come in a variety of fabrics, trims, and accessories.
Our shirts are created to be
worn as a sleeveless shirt,
cool and casual. By adding the long
sleeved top, it
becomes a one
piece formal
long sleeved
shirt. The top
fastens securely under the
collar and ....
to formal in a “snap”!
Please visit our website at and
see all of our lovely, custom
made shirts.
Fall 2012 |
| 67
Tina Lambing
Goin’ Western
Phone: (417)546-1702.
Email: [email protected]
e are your online directory to find western businesses and services. Anything from rugged to luxurious. If you have a western business make sure
to get it listed with . And don’t forget to stop
by our booth at the National Finals Rodeo in Vegas. You
will be able to see samples from the businesses listed on and have a chance to win gift certificates for their businesses. And you can pick up their information too!
Check out these Fine Advertisers of Goin’ Western!
Western Fashion:
Western Jewelry:
Western Boutiques:
Western Art:
Western Furniture:
Rodeo Queen/Arena Attire:
Western Kids:
Western Stores:
Riding Vacations:
Advertise with Goin Western and get your business promoted in Print and Online!
68 | Cowgirls In Style | Fall 2012
Personalize your favorite horse into a
replica stuffed pony!
ucky Hare was formed when Andrea Schellenberg woke one morning wanting to make her young
boys a stuffed horse. Her youngest
son, who is a year old, had been given a stuffed horse by his
Grandmother for Christmas. Andrea carefully dismantled it for
the pattern, and it took her all day to recreate. Excited to show
her accomplishment, she posted it
on Facebook to show family and
friends. The response was overwhelmingly supportive, and to top
things off, as often happens with
social media, her creation went a
little “viral.”
Andrea has not always been sewing, though. She has a very busy
life. She manages the nearly 100acre family farm, takes care of
three very active country boys,
assists her husband with two businesses that he runs, and she raises
a few fine Quarter Horses, which
she considers her true labor of love. Andrea’s family is very mission-minded, and the five of them just recently returned from a
month-long trip to a Mission Academy in Guyana, South America, deep in the heart of the rain forest.
Many people have joined hands with Andrea to make Lucky Hare
possible. Andrea is fulfilling a dream she never knew she had.
Every single day she meets new people, and establishes positive
Owner and founder Andrea Schellenberg
Photo by: Horton Studios
relationships through her joyous, kind-hearted spirit.
Andrea’s ponies come in various sizes and every color imaginable. According to Andrea, every pony is a joy to create. Some
customers, although she prefers to call them friends instead
of customers, ask her to create custom ponies in specific color
patterns, and some prefer to be surprised, much like the birth
of a new foal. The most popular of the
two is the custom pony, of course. The
customers send photos of their favorite horse, and Andrea artistically recreates their pony in precious, stuffed
The sizes vary. The smallest pony, the
one she affectionately calls the “foal,”
is approximately 7” tall and 8” long.
The medium pony, which is the most
popular of the three sizes is 13” tall
and 14” long. The largest of the three,
which is nearly three feet tall, is proving to be a very sought-after creation.
Lucky Hare may have evolved by accident, but each month
proves it to grow stronger and stronger. Andrea’s pride shows in
each pony, and customers can’t wait to get their hands on one of
their own. You cannot mistake the joy it brings to Andrea when
a customer sends in a happy picture of their pony in its new
home. Andrea is working hard to bring new variations
of this fun pony to Lucky Hare in time for Christmas.
These Ponies make the Perfect
Christmas Gifts. You can also get
them personalized! Order Now!
Fall 2012 |
| 69
Around the Barrel
A Special
Photo Shoot
Taci Shaffer
Photos by: Laura McClure
All clothing and accessories Taci is wearing
available at: Cowgirl Kim
Denim Jacket: D D Ranch
Top: Love Couture
Jeans: Premiere
Boots: Corral Boots
Tack: Heritage Brand
70 | Cowgirls In Style | Fall 2012
Cowgirls In Style: Where are you from?
Taci Shaffer: Hyde Park, Utah
C.I.S.: Tell a little bit about yourself?
T.S: I am a lover of life and I live life to the fullest everyday. I am
very enthusiastic and I have a wide interest in many different
things. I always say, “life is what you make of it.” I believe that
if you can dream it, you can truly become it. One of my favorite
quotes is, “Our greatest fear is not that we are inadequate, our
greatest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our
light not our darkness that most frightens us.”
C.I.S.: How did you get started in barrel racing?
T.S.: Honestly, it’s funny because I never really planned on being a barrel racer. I barrel raced when I was young in junior rodeo, and then I barrel raced my first two years of high school
rodeo. At that point all I wanted to do was focus my time on
rodeo queening. When I needed a break from rodeo queening and reining shows, I went
back to barrel racing. I wanted
to continue competing on my
horse Diva, who has been my
reining horse. I knew she had
speed and she is extremely
caddy; all it would take is a
little bit of heart and desire. I
am a very lucky girl to have the
horse I do. She is more than I
ever imagined my dream horse
to be. She is talented, athletic,
a sweetheart, the list goes on
and on. I feel very lucky and I
know we are going to go places
C.I.S.: Is your family involved
in any of the rodeo lifestyle?
T.S.: My Grandpa Alder was the cowboy in my life. He raised race
horses all his life. So my mom grew up around the lifestyle. She
barrel raced until she had my big sister. I have some cousins and
family that rodeo as well. I am very blessed. My parents have
given me and my sisters the opportunity, but I am the only one
that threw everything I had into it.
C.I.S.: How did you get into rodeo royalty?
T.S.: All my life I have grown up emulating and admiring rodeo
queens. I remember as a little girl going to the county fair each
year. One special year when I was about five years old, I was sitting in the stands with my family. I tugged on my Mom’s arm and
said, “Look Mom, that rodeo queen’s name is Taci just like mine.”
Her name was Taci Pitcher. Her family was sitting right next to
mine, so I got to sit next to her the entire rodeo. From that moment on, my Mom never heard the end of it. I was going to be
Miss Rodeo America, and that’s all there was to it. I entered my
first rodeo queen pageant at eight years old, but didn’t win my
first pageant until I was thirteen years old.
C.I.S.: What pageants have you won?
T.S.: I have won several local Pro Rodeo titles. I was a rodeo
queen all three years of high school rodeo and won many qualifying rodeos. I went on and was crowned Miss Utah High School
Rodeo in 2008, and was one of the lucky girls to be crowned the
National High School Rodeo Queen in 08-09. Since then, I have
not put my boots back on the rodeo queen dirt, but I don’t believe I have hung up my hat just yet. I was Miss Teen Cache Valley
2007. Last spring I competed in Miss Arizona United States and
finished 2nd runner up.
C.I.S.: What are your hobbies?
T.S.: I love to work with my Babydoll, my buckskin mare. I enjoy
spending time with family and friends, going on any adventure
including road trips, camping and boating. I love to go snow skiing, dancing, hiking, running and any other form of exercise. I
also enjoy cooking, reading, and writing.
C.I.S.: What type of fashions/
brands do you like/wear?
T.S.: I honestly love to mix and
match a little bit of everything.
Everyone seems to always make
the comment, “What are you so
dressed up for?“ All dressed up
with nowhere to go is my style. It’s
either high heels, cowgirl boots or
running shoes. I love to stand out
and I always like to look classy. I
love the 1920’s style.
C.I.S.:What are you currently doing
in your life?
T.S.:There are a lot of exciting
things going on in my life right now.
I just got a new job and I am going
to be traveling as a rep for Forever
Cowgirl. I also run a small business
called, Shimmer Me Sexy Spa. I am
an esthetician and cosmetologist, so I stay fairly busy with that
and am also a fitness instructor at the local gym. On top of all
that I try and take all of the modeling jobs I can get my hands
on. But, above all, I LOVE working with my horses and just simply
being a cowgirl.
C.I.S.: What are your goals?
T.S.: For anyone that knows me, I am a very goal oriented person.
Sometimes at my young age of 21, I have to take a step back and
make the goal of living in the moment. I have big plans for myself,
but I am also going to let my life fall in the direction it’s meant to
go. I can see myself trying out for the Miss Rodeo America title.
I want to model for a major clothing line and be the face of a
major makeup line. I would also like to eventually have my own
clothing line. At some point I hope to get married and become a
great mom. Someday, I would love to breed my horse. As well as
own my own ranch and raise and train horses. I have high hopes
of opening a riding facility for people with disabilities and give
them a greater opportunity to be around horses. I love helping
people and working with special needs.
Photo Shoot of Taci on following pages... u
Fall 2012 |
| 71
All clothing and accessories Taci is
wearing available at Cowgirl Kim
Vest: Patricia Wolf Design
Skirt: Vintage Collection
Necklace: Love Tokens
72 | Cowgirls In Style | Fall 2012
Photo by: Laura McClure
All clothing and accessories Taci is wearing
available at: Cowgirl Kim
Denim Jacket: D D Ranch
Shirt: DD Ranch
Jeans: Premiere
Boots: Corral Boots
Necklace: Dan Dodson
Guitar: Rockin Vintage
Photo by: Laura McClure
The Western Wanderer
Wandering into
Bodie, CA
Written By: Cort Flynn
Photos: Cort Flynn
Bodie gained a reputation as one of the roughest, toughest towns
in the west with bank and stagecoach robberies and almost daily
shoot-outs, usually happening near one of the town’s 65 saloons.
e really struck gold this time! It was the
mother lode... the mother lode of ghost
towns! Right in the heart of the California
gold country is the biggest and maybe the
badest of all the ghost towns dotting the West.
We wandered onto the old mining town of Bodie. It
still has around 150 buildings standing (only about five
percent of the original town) and many artifacts lying here and there and all about the town that you will
enjoy meandering through. Once boasting around
10,000 residents, now only the California State Park employees are found in the area full time. Bodie is open
all year round, but you may want to check the weather
conditions in the winter months, as you travel up highway 270 (Bodie Road) for about 13 miles, the last three
miles being gravel, to an altitude of around 8300 feet.
74 | Cowgirls In Style | Fall 2012
Bodie was named after a miner named William S. Bodie
(real name was Waterman S. Body) who discovered
gold there in 1859. However, he did not live to see
the fruits of his discovery. While bringing supplies to
the area that same winter he was caught in a blizzard
and froze to death. His body was recovered the next
Bodie gained a reputation as one of the roughest,
toughest towns in the west with bank and stagecoach
robberies and almost daily shoot-outs, usually happening near one of the town’s 65 saloons. The church
bells would ring out the age of each of the slain and it
was said that it seemed to constantly be ringing. A
phrase made famous penned by a little girl in her diary
as she was about to move to Bodie with her parents
wrote, “Goodby God, I’m going to Bodie”.
Bodie still has around 150 buildings
standing (only about five percent
of the original town) and many
artifacts lying here and there
and all about the town
Bodie is about 75 miles south east of Lake Tahoe following highway 395. You can make your base in the
quaint little town of Bridgeport (about 7 miles north
of the Bodie Road turnoff) or if you are camping, stay
at Willow Springs RV Campground, as we did. It not
only has RV sites, but cabins too and is very close to
the Bodie turnoff. The owners are friendly and helpful.
They even jump-started my vehicle that had a dead
battery in the morning.
You might not want to miss the other wonderful attractions in the area including Lake Tahoe, Yosemite
and Sequoia National Parks as well as many other
lakes, rivers and canyons in the area.
Happy wandering and keep your eyes along the skyline!
Fall 2012 |
| 75
Barn Boutique
Barn Boutique
Welcome to
where you can advertise your business at a very affordable price. Contact
us today for pricing!
[email protected]
76 | Cowgirls In Style | Fall 2012
•The Cowgirls
Fall 2012 |
| 77
Cowgirl Getaway
The Cowgirls
Cowgirls Getaway
Location: Waha, outside of Lewiston, ID
The Getaway: Horseback riding and camping with good friends.
What We Learned: We laughed, shared
stories and realized the importance of close
friendships. It was a well deserved escape.
The Cowgirls: Jody Baker, Nichole Mulligan, Tazia Baldwin,
Lisa Hawkins, Jennifer Baker, Steph Black, Susie Q Jones,
Kimberlee Demery Ouart and Kathy Branson.
Photo at right: Nichole Mulligan who spear headed the trip
What We Did...
Our Cowgirl Getaway was about an hour out of
Lewiston, Idaho - up in the hills where they call
Waha Recreational Forest.
The getaway was for women only, to get away from
our daily hectic lives. We all met up in Waha with
our horses and took about a 5 hr ride up in the
mountains, crossing creeks, seeing all the relaxing scenery. We worked with our horses on creek
crossings, crossing rough terrain, and going into
some new areas where we had to really use our
heads and sense of direction to get back to camp.
We made camp that afternoon, hobbling training
some of the horses. We all relaxed that evening
and cooked some great bbq food and told jokes
and just forgot every day life. We worked on horse
management, and lots of laughing. It was a great
time with great friends.
78 | Cowgirls In Style | Fall 2012
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