June 22 2016, Walpole Weekly


June 22 2016, Walpole Weekly
Walpole Weekly
June 22, 2016
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The Sound to be launched in Walpole
Pictured author Sarah Drummond in a stunning photo by Nic Duncan.
There is a lot of excitement around
the release of Sarah Drummond’s
new book The Sound .
Sarah who has been residing in
Walpole since last year, describes
herself as a blogger, inlet dweller
and author.
Her new book, published by
Fremantle Press, is Sarah’s first
novel and it follows a disparate
mob of sealers, Aboriginal women,
children and dogs who travelled
from Bass Strait to Albany just
before the west was colonised.
Sarah said that her tale stays
pretty close to historical fact.
The novel is based on the true
story of the Aboriginal women and
sealing crews who sailed from Van
Diemen's Land to Western
Australia in the 1820s.
“The Sound depicts the small
sealing community’s arduous
journey through the seascapes and
landscapes of the Southern Ocean,
and their abducting or killing of
several people along the way,”
Sarah said.
The Sound is Sarah’s second
book, her first book Salt Story, had
tremendous success.
Salt Story, a memoir of deck(Continued on page 12)
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You are invited
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The Sound
To be held on Friday June 1,
5.30 – 7.30 pm
at 26 Nockolds Street
(next door to the Big Hair Shop).
There will be music, talk of the
book and some refreshments.
Please RSVP by leaving a message: 0406698463 or
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Walpole Weekly
June 22, 2016
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4 - June 22, 2016
Laura Grieve, passed away on the 12 June.
To all Laura’s friends and the community as a
whole we thank you.
We live in a magical place not only for its natural
beauty, but equally for the power and love of the
people within it.
Laura and I often talked about the wonderful
community in which we live and think ourselves as
being lucky to live here.
When Laura became sick the community went
from wonderful to extraordinary.
The love and prayers have helped us through this
time and enabled Laura to be herself and fight to the
end with exceptional bravery.
Thank you from myself, Jake and Ella.
Special thanks to:
Sophie Jacoumis and helpers (thanks girls),
Wonderful Dianne Pickersgill,
Dr Hector, Dr Florian, Dr Caiter,
Walpole Silver Chain and
Marg Newton - for a soup that was better than any
—Mark Harris
Signs made a statement
Reader Response to ‘Welcome to Walpole no longer
litter-free?’ WW June 8, p5.
Dear Editor,
I really thought the Weekly this week would be full of
indignant letters regarding the removal of the LitterFree Signs on the welcome entrance logs.
What’s wrong with you all? Gone to sleep? Or gone
north for the winter??
Councillor David Tapley and I are the only Walpole
folk privileged to have attended both the 2008 and
2014 National Tidy Towns Awards functions in
Hobart, Tasmania and Victor Harbor, South Australia,
In both instances, as stated in last week’s article
penned by Michael Filby, Walpole was presented with
national awards in relation to litter – prevention as well
as our litter-free status.
Never have I been so proud as I was on both those
occasions to be up there on the stage, representing
Walpole, and receiving an award that no other town in
Australia could lay claim to.
We were the envy of the hundreds of delegates
present at both functions, some six years apart.
I can recall the day back around 2003-ish when the
(Continued on page 5)
Walpole Weekly
(Continued from page 4)
litter-free signs were added to the Welcome to Walpole
entrance logs. Not a murmur from anyone. It was like
they had always been there and were meant to be there.
They made a statement. Walpole is litter-free.
The signs stand as not only proud positive
statements, but an invitation and encouragement to the
thousands of visitors who travel through our district
each year, to do their bit in helping to keep it that way.
To the person who thought it was smart or funny
(neither) to remove the signs, I say, do your homework
on the internet – and see just how Walpole has
benefitted from being acknowledged the first and only
town in Australia to be litter-free.
We stand apart as a testament to the rest of the
Shire, State, Country and the World, that with small
things, big things grow. We are an example that it can
be done. Why should we reduce ourselves to the same
disrespectful level as the rest of this putrid world and
dump our rubbish anywhere and everywhere.
Littering has to stop or we’ll all drown in it. Come
on Walpole, grow up – get on with the big picture (like
getting behind a concerted movement to declare the
area World Heritage listed) rather than attacking a sign
in the false belief that it relates negatively to “rubbish”.
Walpole is becoming insular.
We should be claiming all and any fame we can in
order to remain a popular destination to tourists. And a
clean and green environment is the best we have. And
it’s already ours. Let’s support it.
Try googling Walpole Western Australia and see
how many litter free articles come up.
How can you say that visitors don’t choose to come
here because we are clean? If we had rubbish
everywhere do you think we would get more tourists?
Has anyone ever done a survey? No. I for one would
rather have a holiday in a clean town than a rubbish
And to the Weekly – shame on you for printing the
attention grabbing statement that because the signs
have been removed Walpole is no longer litter-free.
Surely the ethos is indelibly etched on all Walpole
residents’ minds that WE ARE LITTER-FREE - signs
or no signs.
An outstanding thankyou to John Kolo and Michael
Filby who have set the standard for the rest of us to
follow. They don’t do all the “rubbishy” jobs because
they like doing them – they do them for Walpole!
So, put the signs back and let’s all be proud of the
statement they make.
—Jenny Willcox
The headline ‘Welcome to Walpole no longer litterfree?’ poses a question for open discussion.
It also refers to the ‘Welcome to Walpole’ entry sign
not the Walpole town as a whole.
The Weekly hopes all headlines are attention
grabbing. —Ed
Walpole Weekly
Our Heartfelt sympathy to Mark,
Jake and Ella on the sad loss of
Laura, a strong and beautiful woman
who we will always remember with
Those we love don't go away.
They walk beside us every day.
Unseen, unheard, but always near.
Still loved, still missed and very dear.
Rest in peace Laura.
From your Colleagues at the
Tree Top Walk and Walpole and
Manjimup Offices of the Department
of Parks and Wildlife
Rest peacefully Dear Laura,
You have taught us the true
meaning of strength.
Sophie, Nic & Family
June 22, 2016
We welcome your opinion Letters continued...
The Walpole Weekly values freedom of expression and
welcomes contributions and feedback from readers via
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1) All content submitted for publication must
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2) If the writer wishes to remain anonymous, the
words “Name withheld by request” will be used
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3) Any content published may be edited to enhance
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meaning—therefore the writer should carefully
check facts and consider their choice of words.
4) Should content be deemed by the Editor to be too
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a sensitive issue, then it will not be published.
5) In the case of content being rejected, the writer/s
will be notified of the decision by the Editor.
6) Should the writer dispute the Editor’s decision
they should take it up in writing with the
Management Committee of Walpole CRC.
7) The Management Committee will make the final
decision on whether or not to publish the content
in the next available edition of the Weekly.
Email [email protected].
Your weekly f
Men’s health day a good day
Friday last, the Silver Chain hosted Men’s Health Day,
at which several local chaps were given a ‘going-over’,
told about the good ways to keep healthy, and also told
about some facts that we would have preferred not to
hear! i.e. “Not too much of this and more of that.”
However, all in all, it was a good day, and thanks go
to various specialist ladies who were Vivienne,
Andrea, Heather, Sue, Louise, and our local doctor
They were all under the control of Daniel with Rae
having booked us all in making sure we attended.
Don’t alter a thing Daniel, for several short sessions
of intense scrutiny and ideas from females, will make
any man sit up and think!
Once again, thank you all.
—Peter Newton, Walpole Menshed
Walpole Quality Meats
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Old Kent River Winery and Marron House ‘Our specialty marron and champagne scones.’
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9840 8136
Philippine Magic Café ‘Asian Fusion Cuisine’
Open every day Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner 8.30am - 8pm, Nockolds Street Walpole
9840 1921
Peaceful Bay Seafood Café ‘Fresh line-caught fish directly from the continental shelf off Peaceful Bay’
Open every day Lunch 11am - 3pm, Takeaway 11am - 5pm Mon-Sat, 11am - 4pm Sun, Peaceful Bay
9840 8060
Thurlby herb farm ‘Try our new dish - Holy smoked duck with apple and walnut salad.’
Open Monday to Friday 9am - 5pm Lunch service until 3pm, 3 Gardiner Rd North Walpole
9840 1249
Top Deck Café ‘All our food is made fresh!’
Open Tuesday to Saturday 9am - 2pm Dinner 5.30 - 8pm, Nockolds Street Walpole
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Walpole Hotel/ Motel ‘Come in and try our new winter menu’
Open every day Lunch 12 - 2pm Dinner 6-8pm
9840 1023
6 - June 22, 2016
Walpole Weekly
Litter-free advertising on global scale
Reader Response to letters to the Editor WW June 15.
A letter to the editor celebrated the removal of the
“Welcome to Litter-Free Walpole” signs and asserted
that no one would google “litter-free holiday”.
The latter he may indeed be correct, but should you
google search “litter-free Walpole” there will be
89,300 references.
This is an enormous amount of free advertising, on
a global scale, to the benefit of all businesses in
Walpole including those businesses that haven’t raised
a finger, soiled their hands nor donated $1 towards my
costs for cleaning 100 kilometres of this highway for
twelve years. These expenses have now exceeded
$45,000 based on a conservative estimate of 80cents
per km of road cleaning.
These same businesses have publicly stated their
approval and support for my continuing the cleaning of
the highway that bisects the Walpole Wilderness but
raised their objection to the use of the “litter-free”
entry statement, which was there to inform the
hundreds of thousands of visitors as to the
environmental standards of this town.
These businesses are certainly generous in spirit, if
nothing else.—Michael Filby
CR De Campo implores
Walpole ‘settle down’
Following the Ordinary Meeting of Council held in
Walpole last Thursday June 16, the Weekly spoke to
Shire President Cr Wade De Campo to discuss some of
the issues raised by the community.
With regard to the removal of the litter-free signs
from the Walpole entry Cr De Campo said that he was
disappointed the signs had been removed.
“I don’t understand why a community wouldn’t
want to be litter-free, we want to be litter-free
everywhere don’t we?,” he said.
Cr De Campo also said that the removal of the signs
was considered an act of vandalism.
When asked what the Shire’s position was with
regard to the signage and the request submitted to the
Council for the signs to be re-instated and registered as
iconic entry for Walpole, Cr De Campo said that the
litter-free signs were not Shire signs.
“The signs had been installed as a community
initiative and have also been trashed by the
community”, he said.
Cr De Campo explained that the Shire wants the
community to solve this issue rather than expect the
Shire to exert a heavy hand to resolve the matter.
(Continued on page 9)
Walpole Weekly
June 22, 2016
8 - June 22, 2016
Walpole Weekly
(Continued from page 7) Walpole ‘settle down’….
Cr De Campo also said that at this point there were
no plans for the Shire to undertake any public
consultation on the matter or to re-instate the signs.
Cr De Campo told the Weekly that there is a
segment of the Walpole community who believed they
could do whatever they liked without proper approvals
or approaching the issues through the right channels.
“With the illegal removal of trees in Pioneer Park,
the ongoing removal of trees from the Walpole
foreshore and now the removal of the litter-free signs
matters have gone too far.”
Cr De Campo implored people in Walpole to “settle
-down” and consider the repercussions of their actions.
“Residents need to consider that Walpole is in the
middle of a wilderness area and a marine park,” he
With regard to the clearing of the foreshore Cr De
Campo said that the removal of the trees would have an
adverse effect on the area promoting further weed
Cr De Campo said that he supports tree removal if
warranted and if the proper approval channels have
been followed. He said that to clear “just because” was
unjustified and illegal.
“The illegal clearing of the foreshore is a police
matter and we hope those responsible are brought to
Cr De Campo said that a solution on how to deal
with illegal clearing required broader discussions
within the council, and that some of the only tools the
Shire has is to hold back funds from Walpole projects.
“We don’t want to have to resort to that, but we
could decide to withhold funds,” he said.
To end, Cr De Campo spoke of the Council meeting
with the year six students from Walpole Primary
Cr De Campo said that they loved the opportunity to
meet the students, who displayed ownership of the
town and interest in the community.
He said that the students had fantastic ideas to
improve the town that could be developed easily and
“The students had fantastic ideas on how to improve
Walpole, like mural art, a maze, urban art for the skate
park and power pole art.
“These are not extravagant projects. We will
consider getting at least one of these projects off the
ground before the end of the year,” he said.
Cr De Campo concluded by saying that with a good
community turnout and the public behaving well, the
Ordinary Meeting of Council in Walpole had been a
success. He also said that no unexpected issues were
raised at the meeting.
“We have a good idea of the issues in Walpole and
we are on top of what’s going on. Cr Dave Tapley is a
great communicator for Walpole,” he said.
Walpole Weekly
June 22, 2016
Weekly social
On Saturday 18th June, 7 Walpole Auskick kids played
footy for the half time entertainment at the Fremantle
Dockers vs Port Adelaide game at Subiaco Oval.
What an amazing experience it was for the kids,
something they will remember for ever. Thank you to the
parents and helpers for making it all possible.
Michael Baldock, Tiannah and
Shanae Dixon, Jorja and Tristan Kirkwood, Keenan
Ninyette and Krystal Taylor.
—Shane Kirkwood
#mywalpoleweekly e: [email protected]
Walpole Auskick players at Subiaco Oval for the
Fremantle Dockers vs Port Adelaide Power on June 18.
Photos S. Kirkwood.
What’s on: Friday 1 July
Join us for our
End of Financial Year Sale!
Walpole Hotel/
‘Dig the Dust’ Motel
with local band
Restaurant Open Hours
Lunch 12-2pm, Dinner 6-8pm 7days
Op en 7 day s a w ee k
Phone: (08)9840 1023
10 - June 22, 2016
Walpole Weekly
Arts & Music
Celebration of voice among tree tops
Acting Assistant Manager Julie Ewing with the visiting
choirs. Photo J. Ross
Visitors at the Tree Top Walk enjoyed an impromptu
performance from two choirs who participated in the
annual Festival of Voice held in Denmark over the
WA Day long weekend.
Tree Top Walk Manager Julie Ross said that the
choirs were guests of the Tree Top Walk which
partnered with Denmark Arts to provide performers,
some of whom came from very different landscapes.
Ms Ross said that singers from Poco Tutti and the
Central Australian Aboriginal Women’s Choir
performed a song each and collaborated on a moving
rendition of ‘Kumbaya My Lord’ with the sound
filtering out across the Valley of The Giants into the
Tingle forest.
Poco Tutti is Australia’s first completely inclusive
choir and takes its name from the musical term ‘Tutti’
meaning everyone.
Ms Ross said that with its strong commitment to
access and inclusion, Tutti is passionate about
supporting talented disabled artists to develop high
quality work for international presentation.
The Central Australian Women’s Choir sing in six
languages including traditional Aboriginal languages,
English, German and Zulu. The performance at the
Tree Top Walk was the Choir’s last in the area.
Walpole Quality Meats
Supplying & supporting
Walpole for over 12 years
Open as normal this
week and next week.
Closed first week of
the school holidays
commencing Monday July 4.
Re-opening Monday July 11.
For bookings phone 9840 1777
Walpole Weekly
June 22, 2016
- 11
(Continued from page 1)
handing for a commercial estuarine fishing operation,
was the fastest selling new release for Fremantle Press
in 2013.
The book has also been critically acclaimed, being
shortlisted for the West Australian Premier's Book
Awards in 2014 and longlisted for the Dobbie
Literature Award in 2014.
Sarah said that compared to Salt Story, The Sound
tackles some difficult issues when it comes to our past.
“The subject matter is grittier, nastier. There aren’t
as many jokes. However it has been reviewed already
as beautifully written and unique in that it describes the
Australian landscape from the sea,” she said.
Sarah said that she has spent her whole life on the
south coast and only learned about the pirate sealers
who lived on Breaksea Island in Albany about ten
years ago.
“One of them was even called Hook! Once I started
researching, I realised that people from all over the
world lived and worked in King George Sound before
colonisation,” Sarah said.
Walpole Quality Meats
More Customers
Bigger Range
12 - June 22, 2016
Sarah explained that the sealers and their women,
children and dogs roamed between King George Sound
and the Swan River in small boats.
“I believe they are the same mob that the ‘Deep
River of the Sealers’ was named after.
“This history struck me as a ripping yarn, but it is
also a piece of history that hasn’t been properly
explored before.”
In her down to earth and friendly manner Sarah told
the Weekly that she moved to Walpole last year
because she loves the landscape but also because she
was “sucked into” another piece of history and story
that happened here.
“I want to live here and absorb that story and I think
I’m in the best place in the world to do that.”
The Great Big Book Club Tour will present the
official launch of The Sound at the Albany
Entertainment Centre on Friday June 24.
Sarah has also announced a book launch in Walpole
on Friday July 1, from 5.30 to 7.30 pm.
The event will be held at 26 Nockolds Street (right
next door to the Big Hair Shop).
Sarah said that there will be music, talk of the book
and some refreshments.
Please RSVP by leaving a message: 0406698463 or
[email protected]
Sarah’s blog can be found on her website
Walpole Weekly
Walpole litter-free case study
It was brought to the Weekly’s attention that the litterfree welcome sign in Walpole had been selected for
inclusion in an international study relating to how
attractions are part of creating destination identities.
The study yet to be completed is a topic of interest
of Professor Johan R Edelheim (PhD), Director of The
Multidimensional Tourism Institute in Finland.
With the topic currently up for discussion in town,
the Weekly sought comment from Dr Edelheim on the
removal of the litter-free entry signs.
Dr Edelheim kindly provided the following
“What I analyse is councils and municipalities
webpages (how tourism is portrayed, and what is
emphasized); printed material from the same entities;
slogans that councils are using to distinguish
themselves from others (both in printed material and in
town-entry statements), and physical information signs/
maps in councils that driving-tourists come across”.
Dr Edelheim said that he is looking at responsible
tourism from five different directions: economic,
ecologic, social, cultural, and political responsibility
with special interest in how policy makers,
entrepreneurs and other people with power in society
are creating messages that underlay a destination.
Dr Edelheim said: “Walpole’s town entry statement
on litter-free is in my mind a strong and valuable
statement, that reminds me of forward looking places
that are forbidding plastic bags, producing all energy
with renewable sources, have eco-villages with joint
city-farming options, to mention some examples.
“Examples like these stand out from crowds, and
interestingly produce satisfied local residents, higher
income for local businesses overall, and satisfied
visitors (who are more likely to recommend and return
to the place.)”
Dr Edelheim further explained, “To therefore
remove the statement sounds in my mind rather
backward and poses the question of values that the
people behind the campaign really want to highlight,
progressiveness it isn’t.”
Send comments to the editor [email protected].
Fire hazard reduction works
We are a fully-insured company with very
experienced & qualified staff to handle your job
professionally. Any size Tree Removal or Lopping,
Pruning, Mulching. Stump Grinding, Bobcat
Clearing, Fire Breaks or Parkland Clearing
Please call Paul for a free quote
Mobile 0428 481 280
Office 08 9848 1113
We offer our sincere
condolences to
Mark, Jake and Ella on the
passing of Laura.
Emma, Denise, Rynea and
Walpole Pharmacy
Walpole Weekly
June 22, 2016
- 13
Weekly sport
Walpole Gymnastics champions again
Walpole gymnastics took part in the Great Southern
Gymnastics Competition held in Denmark over the
The competition against Mount Barker and Denmark
tests competitors’ skill in the Australian Women's Levels
Coach Maree Pickett said, “A group of the clubs girls
competed from Level 1 to 4 and Walpole won the overall
championship Club shield.
“It is the fourth year the competition has been held and
Walpole Gymnastics Club brought home the Club Shield
for the second time, so a big congratulations to our hard
training gymnasts."
Jaqueline Bachmann won the Level 2 Trophy and
Bindi Robertson, Level 4, came 2nd in the overall results.
Maree was thankful to Denmark Gymnastics Club for
hosting the event and providing the opportunity for
Walpole gymnasts to compete locally.
Maree also said that the club will be sending
competitors to the Country States competition in Perth
later in the year.
Coaches Lisa Teague Robertson (left) and Maree Pickett
with proud Walpole gymnasts.
Walpole Pharmacy Trophy Stroke 18/6/16
K Anderson 71
R Up
M Lumb 71 C/B
Long Putt #9 T Ireland
Least Putts
N Burton 22
Best Gross
C Burton 83
G Becker 1,10,16; W Dumbrell 10;
K Anderson 8
Next week: PAR Modern Mouldings Trophy.
Walpole gymnasts showcase their ribbons. Photo Maree
Sunday 19/06/2016 Bowls Scroungers.
Winner Graham Becker
Runner up Bob Eddington. Congratulations to you
both. Scroungers is on again next Sunday 9.30 a.m.
—Trish, Colin Anning
Mob: 0428 927 158
Ph/Fx: 08 9848 3191
Email: g.s.concreting
14 - June 22, 2016
Brick paving
PO Box 434
Denmark wa 6333
Walpole Weekly
Come and support our local kids this Saturday as the
Denmark - Walpole Magpies put their skills to the test
against Albany’s best.
It’s great to watch our young kids “have a go” and
you know you could be watching some AFL stars of
the future!
The action kicks off at 9am with the u/11s, the u/13s
clash at 10.30 followed by the 15s at noon.
Of course there will be a sausage sizzle and
morning tea available, so do yourself a favour and
come on down for some Aussie Rule action!
Pre-mix concrete
Sand, gravel carting
Site works, house & shed pads, driveways
Back hoe, bobcat, loader and grader hire
Blue metal and metal dust available.
Contact Nigel Fry
Phone 9840 1626 - Mobile 0419 948 072
22T Excavator & D6 LGP Dozer
Back Hoe & Tip Truck with Hiab
ABN: 56 925 355 168
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AWD 2005 Subaru Forrester, midnight blue,
reliable, good cond., tow ball, roof racks, rego to
Dec 16, reduced to sell $6,500 0431 284 925.
Car poolers wanted
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