February 2015 Beginner`s Bible (pages 413



February 2015 Beginner`s Bible (pages 413
February 2015
Beginner’s Bible (pages 413-417)
This is a recommended schedule. You
can adjust, but do make time for the
lesson and the activity!
15 minutes
5 minutes
10 minutes
5 minutes
10 minutes
5 minutes
10 minutes
Check in and play time
Clean up toys
Lesson/story time
Lesson activity/craft
Song time
Play and clean up time
As you check in kids, be sure to ask
parents if their kids are potty-trained or
are working on it. And so you know - if
there is an "accident" we've got some
clothes available to send them home in.
Jesus Loves Everybody!
On Jan. 31-Feb. 1 (Super Bowl
Weekend!), all age groups will be
learning the story of Zaccheaus. Twoyear-olds will spend all month hearing
about it!
*Remember, on Super Bowl Weekend,
the adult service is 80 minutes. See if
you can do all the activities provided in
the lesson!
In February, we're going to learn about
Zacchaeus. This is an exciting story
because Zacchaeus was mean to
everyone and disliked by everyone…yet
Jesus wanted to be his friend! That’s
because Jesus loves everyone!
No Connect Time for Twos.
Goal: Engage kids in God’s Story.
Why? We believe they can engage, even at age two. The things they learn now will be
foundational for the future.
Tip: Hold up the Bible and refer to it as “God’s story” to help two-year-olds get familiar with
that language.
- Jan. 30-Feb. 1 and Feb. 7-8
*On Super Bowl Weekend, so you’ll have extra time! Do both activities, if you can!
Today we learned about Zacchaeus. Let’s practice reenacting the story together:
• Choose an object or person to be a “tree” (it might just be another adult in the room).
• Stand away from the tree and pretend to be short, mean and friendless.
• Then stand by the tree, pretend to climb it and look for Jesus
• SAY: Remember, Jesus LOVED Zacchaeus! He went to the tree and said,
“Zacchaeus, come down! I’m coming to your house!”
o Let’s do that together, “Zacchaeus, come down! I’m going to your house!”
• Zacchaeus came down and guess what? He was friends with Jesus!
o Give somebody a high five and a smile.
Have kids sit down. Give each of them a piece of mirror board. Have them practice saying
“Jesus loves me!” Then give them a heart sticker to put on their mirror board.
Supplies needed: 1 small piece of mirror board, 1 heart sticker
- Feb. 14-15, Feb. 21-22
Today we learned about how Zacchaeus wanted to see Jesus, so he climbed a tree to find
him. Jesus loved Zacchaeus and wanted to be friends with him. Can you guys say, “Jesus
love me!” (Have the kids repeat it back.) Then color a picture of Zacchaeus together.
Supplies needed: Zacchaeus coloring page, crayons
We're using "The Beginner's Bible" for all
of our stories.
If you'd like to read another kid version of
the story of Zacchaeus, read “The Man
Who Didn’t Have Any Friends (None)”
from the Jesus Storybook Bible on pages
Feel free to pause, use voice inflections
or voices - remember being animated
helps them listen!
You can ask questions during the story
Hold up the Bible and ask, "Does anyone know what this is?" That's right! It's a Bible. And the
Bible is a very special book because God gave it to us. It tells us God’s story—and how WE
can be a part of God’s story. And the best part? It's all true!
Part of God’s story is about how he sent his son Jesus to rescue us, and we’re going to learn
even more about Jesus today! We all remember Jesus as a baby - but Jesus grew up - just like
you are growing up. And as He grew up, He became a great teacher!
Read: "A Short Man" (pages 413-417).
Wow - isn't that great? Jesus wanted to be friends with Zacchaeus! He wanted to go to
Zacchaeus’ house!
QUESTIONS - have the kids repeat the answers with you
Did people like Zacchaeus? (No)
Did Jesus love Zacchaeus? (Yes)
Does Jesus love YOU? (YES!)
Let's say thank you to God. "Dear God, we're so happy that you sent Jesus and that you love
each of us SO much. We love you, too! Amen."
No Connect Time in Twos
- Jan. 30-Feb. 1 and Feb. 7-8
The Beginner's Bible (pg. 413-417)
1 piece of mirror board
1 heart sticker (any style)
coloring page
- Feb. 14-15 and Feb. 21-22
The Beginner's Bible (pg. 413-417)
Zacchaeus coloring page
The Beginner's Bible (pg. 413-417)
Working CD player and any Kids’ Club CD
Tell me about Zacchaeus?
Who does Jesus love?
Daily Talk Starts – separate doc

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