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Paşabahçe - Superbrands
Şişecam is an international group with business
branches focused on production of float glass,
glassware, glass packaging and chemicals. With
21.000 employees in 13 countries, the Şişecam
Group makes half of its sales abroad, exporting its
products to 150 countries.
Şişecam’s glassware company, Paşabahçe, is the
market leader in Turkey, the second largest in
Europe and the third largest in the world thanks
to its strong distribution channels, wide range
of products, exemplary production skills and
customer-oriented strategic approaches.
Paşabahçe manufactures, designs and markets
for three business segments: Households, the
Hospitality Sector and the Industrial segment. In
order to create a strong “Paşabahçe” perception
in high-potential regions, the company aims to
become a global leading glassware company with
its products increasing the quality of life.
Despite contraction of the global market,
Paşabahçe increased its share to 12%, becoming
one of the world’s leading glassware companies.
With a heritage of 80 years, and deep roots
in Turkish history and culture, Paşabahçe is a
“love mark,” connected to the customer with
an emotional bond, representing quality and
dependability in glass.
Brand Finance’s report on Turkey’s most
valuable brands lists Paşabahçe among the top
100 brands.
In the 13th annual “Stars of the Year” awards
held in 2014, Ekovitrin readers rewarded
Paşabahçe with the “Brand of the Year” Award.
Paşabahçe Stores became “the brand most liked
by consumers” two years in a row, in 2013 and
2014, in the “Number One Brands Chosen by
Consumers in Shopping Centres” study ran by the
Shopping Center Investors’ Association (AYD) and
the GFK research agency .
In the 8th Felis awards, the “Paşabahçe Reflects
You” advertising campaign received the Creativity
Category-Corporate Image, Strategy and Success
in Communication Award, based on a study by
Ipsos and ThinkNeuro in 2013.
Paşabahçe began its operations in 1935 in its first
facility located in the village of Paşabahçe, Istanbul,
producing traditional hand-made soda ash glass
items. The company took its first steps towards
today’s modern automated machine production
in 1955. The product range expanded soon with
the addition of heat-resistant ovenware. Paşabahçe
has been exporting since 1961. Between 1980
and 2000, it adopted an export-oriented growth
strategy in addition to meeting domestic needs.
The Company used this new capacity and
facilities to increase its manufacturing output, and
expanded its product lines.
Technological advancement has always been a
key element behind this outstanding success. In
order to increase productivity and compete in a
developing market, Paşabahçe made its first foreign
investment in the 2000’s. Today, Paşabahçe has six
production facilities, located in Kırklareli, Mersin,
Eskişehir, Denizli, Bulgaria and Russia, and exports
to 150 countries.
not only entertained the
brand’s social media followers
but also rewarded the lucky
Paşabahçe’s “Ben Yaptım!
(I made it!) porcelain cups,
accompanied by videos with
step-by-step instructions
and suggestions for gifts
that consumers could
make themselves, gained
an overwhelmingly positive
response on social media. In
its highly competitive porcelain
category, Paşabahçe created a
difference and made a splash
with its high added value
Brand Values
Tumblers, stemware, containers, ovenware, jugs,
jars and countless other items are just a fraction
of Paşabahçe’s product line of about 20.000 items.
Paşabahçe proudly makes the world’s most brilliant
With the philosophy of “design that adds value
to live”, Paşabahçe employs the market’s best
design team and works together with famous
freelance designers, continually increasing the
variety and functionality of its products.
R&D operations, integrated with the Şişecam
Science and Technology Centre, continuously
excel in the production and development of
sustainable, energy efficient new-generation
furnaces and machinery.
All kinds of glassware items made from either
soda ash or crystal reach homes, kitchens and
offices of end-consumers around the globe under
the Pasabahçe brand.
Borcam is another love mark owned by Paşabahçe
company, offering a wide range of heat resistant
borosilicate cookware.
Professional collections are specially designed,
produced and packed to withstand the harsh
conditions of the hospitality sector.
Paşabahçe’s porcelain products, in high demand
for professional use due to their durability and
unique designs, are appealing for home use as well.
Paşabahçe meets its consumers worldwide
through every channel from luxury shops to
malls, national and local markets to neighborhood
bazaars and glassware shops.
With its original designs, categories and
variety, Paşabahçe is a leading and trendsetting brand in Turkey.
Recent Developments
Paşabahçe Stores opened its first
international store in Milan in April 2015,
attracting famous European designers and
press to the grand opening.
The “Glass Globe Design Competition”
was held between March and May 2015 in
order to allow young designers to express
their creativity in glass.
Social responsibility is another key area
that Paşabahçe focuses on. Important
projects in 2014 included collaborations with
MEVA on women’s health and ÇEKÜL on
environmental consciousness.
Paşabahçe’s “Paşabahçe Reflects You”
campaign included TV, radio, magazines,
internet and outdoor media. The campaign
received positive feedback as well as the
Strategy and Communications Award in the
Creativity Category-Success in Corporate
Image, at the 8th Annual Felis Awards.
That same year, Paşabahçe’s heat resistant
ovenware brand Borcam’s TV, internet
and magazine advertising campaign
“Convenience in the Kitchen, Elegance at the
Table” began.
The “Borcam Roadshow” campaign in
Ramadan of 2014 carried out 360 degree
brand communication activities through
special outdoor events, competitions
and direct product promotions, with the
additional support of digital and traditional
advertisement channels.
Digital campaigns #cayiminyaninda
(#alongwithmytea), Bak+Cam Bul+Cam,
Mothers’ Day and Valentine’s Day campaigns
Paşabahçe’s successful brand
perception stems from its
unchanging dedication to its
brand values.
Paşabahçe offers products
that add value to its
consumers’ living spaces,
offering environmentally
conscious solutions based on
continual innovation in homes
and offices at all times, it brings
beauty and comfort to its
customers’ lives, and reflects
Paşabahçe focuses on
people, doing ethical business
in compliance with the law, with the goal of
consumer happiness.
iconic “narrow waist” tea glasses ›
were first designed and produced by Paşabahçe.
›Continuing to shape the way tea is served in Turkey, Paşabahçe has more than 500 different tea glass designs in its archives.
›Offerıng solutions for every area of life with products ranging from goblets to plates, storage containers, vases and more, Paşabahçe develops one new product every three days.
›With its nearly 6000 employees in in Kırklareli, Mersin, Eskişehir and Denizli as well as Bulgaria and the Russian Federation,
Paşabahçe works 24 hours a day, 365 days
a year to produce a vast range of products.
This broad portfolio includes over 300 products produced in one day with machines developed in Paşabahçe’s own technology center as well as entirely hand blown products produced one per day by masters with over 15 years of training.
›In Turkey, approximately 50 Paşabahçe products find new owners every second.
›The Finnish Glass Museum in the town of Riihimaki hosted a show of over 250 glass pieces by Paşabahçe.