Cultural Venues


Cultural Venues
Cultural Venues
The prominent role that lighting plays in the public realm,
animating parks, lending emphasis to civic monuments,
and setting the context for exhibitions and events, makes
the integration and coordination with architecture and
landscape vital. The public arena presents an opportunity
to reinforce building and planning concepts, strengthen
way finding and lend a coherence to an articulated night
image. Issues such as maintenance, public safety and
security, and resistance to the elements become pivotal.
Exhibition Lighting
From assisting galleries in planning fixture and lamp inventory to
focusing exhibitions following installation, our knowledge of museum
lighting norms and equipment allows flexible and precise responses to
innovative programming.
Daylight Modelling
Simulation of exposure to daylight and effects of new building upon
open space and existing structures.
Exterior Lighting
Careful detailing and integration of fixtures to shape a
complementary night time image of historic and prominent civic
Théatre Vieux Terrebonne | Terrebonne 2010
Molinari Gallery | Montreal 2009
Ross Perot Museum of Nature and Science | Dallas TX 2010
Buddhist Church | New York, 2009
Atelier TAG Architects | PMA Engineers
Nature Humaine
Morphosis Architects | Ralph Appelbaum Exhibition Designers
Project in collaboration with Clinard Studio Lighting Design
Smith and Thompson Architects | PMA Engineers
4846 Sherbrooke O. Suite 106
Westmount (QC) H3Z 1G8
(514) 839-2852 Tel
(514) 369-2411 Fax

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