Tavarua Island Resort - a majestic island of Fiji, home to the beautiful reefs of the Coral Coast and some of the best surfing reefs in the
world. Every now and then we have the opportunity to be involved in projects that allow us to release from the main stream, let go
of the numbers, forget about uniformity and push into an artistic, considered lighting approach to complement a beautifully designed
and constructed form.
The structure - solid hardwood trees from local islands - dense, heavy and hard to handle. The construction and mounting of the
structural cleats within the frame claimed 11 chainsaws, as the lengths were placed and manipulated to form the traditional pitch style
Bure that is the new restaurant.
The texture of columns are mesmerising during the day, and the only option for the lighting approach was to graze these surfaces to
reinforce this form with light and shadow.
By only up lighting the trunks, uplighting across the central supporting member with linear LED, narrow beam downlighting the
perimeter timber columns and selected task lighting to the work surfaces of the buffet and bar, the resultant lighting is perfect for dining
and night time function. No specific downlighting was considered at all in the space for the tables themselves.
The result is a comfortable and spectacular lighting experience, deserved of the Island’s reputation as one of the most beautiful places
in the world to visit.

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