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Newsletter - EBS Solutions USA
Dallas Maverick’s Parade
EBS and Social Media
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A Monthly Insight into EBS Solutions- First Edition
August 2011
Keeping a clean exterior only prepares those for a tidy interior
Building community is the cornerstone to
social media-reconnecting with old
friends or colleagues is made easier
through the internet. EBS wants to build
that community online also, so we have
EBS Solutions could tell you
first hand the large turnout the
homecoming parade after their
win against the Miami Heat. An
estimated 250,000 Mavericks
fans showed up to greet the
NBA Champions home. It was
a reception fit for kings. The
team was extremely fired up
about their win. Unexpected
crowds listened as they were
serenated by Dirk Nowitzki to
“We are the Champions”-an
unexpected surprise to all
attendants. EBS’s team showed
up at the American Airlines
Arena at 8 am
ready to take the job on put before
them by these excited fans. It was
a hot day in Dallas as the crowds
gathered, leaving behind drinks,
paper and all kinds of Maverick’s
signage. EBS was fast to respond
and as mentioned on WFAA by
5pm Victory Park looked like it
did early that morning-as if
nobody had attended the parade.
Now that was a compliment EBS
was happy to hear.
joined the revolution.
Over 700 million people go to Facebook
daily; LinkedIn is quickly catching up with
100 million hits a day. The top contender
is with a total of 2.6 billion
hits daily. We want to be part of the
Get our updates at
exterior looks dilapidated,
overgrown, or unpleasant – be
it from grime or build up, or
even a nasty looking oil slick
on your parking lot, the
First impressions- business itself can suffer.
Clients want to walk up to a
Well maintained
building and into a facility
landscaping and feeling confident it is of a
clean parking lots higher standard. Giving the
individuals reason to want to
make lasting
do business with you and
your business establishment.
A clean office protects your professional
image. If you've got clients or business
partners who make regular visits to your
IAVM Phoenix Convention
New EBS Properties
Clean Appeal
On Location
office, the last thing you
want them noticing is a
workplace filled with full
trash cans or a break room
with a peculiar smell. A
clean office will project the
image of a tidy, productive,
and accomplished business which is exactly what you
want your clients or partners
to think of your business..
Referral Program Winner
A clean office will protect your
employees. Did you know that a clean
and hygienic office will also make your
employees more productive? Employees
are shown to thrive in an environment
that is clean and safe. In a current
survey clean work environment came up
third after great boss and compensation
Unfortunately, many business
owners fail to take action – or
delay cleaning until it’s too
because they simply get used to
the look and feel of the premises.
It is always good to keep your
clients impressed with your daily
work surrounding so they feel
confident in your business
practices. Don’t delay call us today
for an estimate on how to make
your building memorable.
coming soon >>>
International Association of Venue Managers will host its 86th Annual
Conference in Phoenix Arizona. Jay Billingsley, Roberto Ayala and Vivian
We at EBS would like to welcome Vivian Adams as the newest member of
the EBS team. Vivian brings an excellent reputation throughout the Event
Venues and years of expertise in the event industry to the EBS team. She is
excited about her new opportunity and is looking forward to her new role with
EBS. EBS’s goal is to maintain its superior quality of service within the
current marketplace representing event venues, buildings and educational
facilities nationwide. Vivian shares the EBS philosophy of “customer first
and the importance of a clean work and play environment”. I hope you will
welcome her to our team and if she can be of any assistance please let her
know how she can help.
Vivian Adams
[email protected]
Adams will be representing EBS this year.
The International Association of
Venue Managers (formerly
International Association of
Assembly Managers, IAAM) is the
world’s largest professional
organization dedicated to the
operations of sporting and
entertainment facilities:
• Amphitheaters
• Arenas
• Auditoriums
• Convention Centers
• Exhibit Halls
• Performing Arts Venues
• Racetracks
• Stadiums
• University Complexes
IAVM provides leadership
development, education and
research, life safety and security
training, networking and resources
for the industry.
EBS is excited about the
membership and looks forward to
learning new things and meeting
new people in Phoenix.
If you are using in-house employees to clean your facility, do they have the resources
available to do a truly professional cleaning job? It is possible that you could end up
spending less by using an EBS Solutions Professional Services versus your own employees.
It is easy to compare the cost per hour from an outside cleaning bid versus the wages
you pay your own cleaners. But have you considered the following other costs?
EBS Solutions sweeping the nation one
building at a time
EBS offers tailored services to your
building needs, one point of
contact per location, operational
expertise and competitive pricing.
For more information go to
Other Fringe Benefits
Management and Training Expenses
Equipment Costs
Maintenance of Equipment Costs
Cleaning Chemicals and Supply Costs
Is the current Facilities manager busy managing cleaning crew being
distracted from more productive tasks?
Vacation and Sick Pay
Questions to think about . . .
A few of our satisfied clients include:
Payroll Taxes
EBS has 14 years of cleaning experience in
the Dallas area.
Who is responsible for keeping up on new and improved trends in the
industry that could improve cleaning productivity?
EBS believes the slow and consistent growth to their business has been the reason for their
Who is responsible for managing the Quality Control and how much a day is
successes. EBS Solutions understands the importance of happy clients and that a credible
spent doing that task?
reference will assist them in their growth.
Are your unemployment and workman’s comp paperwork taking up your
EBS Solutions is a preferred vendor of
SMG. EBS will be attending a trade
show at the SMG annual meeting that
will directly target SMG operations
managers. EBS is proud to partner
with SMG Worldwide Entertainment.
EBS is offering current clients a
referral program. For every lead
you provide us we will add your
name to a monthly drawing.
Drawings will include restaurant
gift certificates, tickets to events at
AAC and some great selected gifts.
We appreciate your business and
the assistance in helping our
business grow.
Please forward your
referrals to :
[email protected]