Album Booklet - Mountain Home Music Company


Album Booklet - Mountain Home Music Company
Since forming the band 35 years ago, this will make the 36th
CD I have released. Open Carefully, Message Inside is the 20th
gospel recording reaffirming, if needed, my deep love for gospel
music and the messages found in songs. The idea for the title
came to me while driving from Bristol, Tennessee to Arden, North
Carolina for the CD cover photo shoot. I have always believed
that the songs must have a message (something to say and
not just rhyme) and I really feel that these eleven songs do just
that. More than anything, I hope they touch your heart in a way
that won’t ever leave you in your walk through life. May the Lord
bless you all now and forever. —Doyle Lawson
Coming Soon This was a very popular song a number of years ago. I believe
the message is as strong today as it was then. We don’t know
when He’s coming back, but He is because He ascended back to
the Father leaving us that promise.
It’s Done
Not only is Randy Swift an incredible vocalist, but here is a
testament to his composition abilities. This is one of my
favorites from Randy.
Thank You Dear God
(for Your gifts every day)
Too many times we rush through life without paying attention to
the little blessings given to us by God. The beauty of the world
awakening or a beautiful sunset. The bubbly laughter of a little
child. Even more than these, a prayer answered, a sinner saved,
or a good sermon preached on a Sunday morning. I could go on
and on, but my thanks would still be inadequate. Get On Board
This is an old, old spiritual that I wrote a last verse to. All the
fellows in the band can sing and I wanted to feature all six of us
on a song. This one fits the bill quite nicely.
HE Made The Tree
We’ve read of Jesus’ dying on a cross, but I, for one, never
thought of in in this context.
Lead Me To That Fountain
While I am not a Southern Gospel singer, I am a quartet man.
Growing up listening to my Dad and the a cappella quartet he
sang with is something I’ll never forget. I love this song
written by my friend Steve Watts and especially like the bass
vocal leading the chorus.
He’s In Control
This is another song written by Steve Watts. A new a cappella
that sounds old.
Will You Go?
Steve Watts graciously allowed me to write the second verse to
this up tempo, hard driving bluegrass gospel number with a
O Far Country
This song touched my heart immediately upon hearing it. We
read in the Bible of a place with many mansions that Jesus said
He would prepare for us. That far country we sing about here is
the place we call Heaven.
Climbing Upward
Another hard driving quartet song. In my opinion, the epitome of
a bluegrass gospel song. Thanks again, Steve Watts.
I Sailed Back
My dad passed away in 1994 and my mother in 2012, a day
after my birthday. Sometimes, I think of them and miss them
more than words can tell. I would love to be able to hear dad
sing just one more song and I would give just about all I have
if I could have mom bake me a big pan of cornbread. Or maybe
just sit at the kitchen table and talk with her about my
concerns. But, I know they have both made the crossing to that
good land. Just as this song says, in my memory, I’ve sailed
back and I still do.
Produced by: Doyle Lawson
Recording Engineer: Josh Swift
Mixed and Mastered by: Doyle Lawson & Josh Swift
Recorded at: Cowbell Fever Studios, Sparta, TN
Photography: Sandlin Gaither
Graphic Design: Lynn O’Hara, Art & Design Den
Musicians & Vocals:
Doyle Lawson: Mandolin, Lead, Baritone, and Low Tenor Vocals
Josh Swift: Dobro, Percussion, Guitar and Bass Vocals
Jason Barie: Fiddles and Lead Vocal on track 4
Joe Dean: Banjo, Guitar, Lead and Harmony Vocals on track 4
Dustin Pyrtle: Guitar, Lead and Tenor Vocals
Eli Johnston: Bass Guitar, Lead and Baritone Vocals
Label Coordinators:
A&R Executive: Mickey Gamble
Studio Services: Jeff Collins
Distribution Services: Scott Wagner
Radio Services: Jim Stover, Ty Gilpin
Layout & Publishing: Greg Bentley
Financial Services: Vickie Collins
Marketing Director: Ty Gilpin
Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver
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Doyle Lawson’s boots are custom made by
Caboots in EL Paso, Texas and his coats
are made by Manuel Clothier in Nashville,
Coming Soon
Gene Johnson, Val Johnson
Chestnut Mound Music/BMI
It’s Done
Randy Swift
Best Of Zion Music/BMI
Thank You Dear God
George S. Watts
Redbud Ridge Music/ASCAP
Get On Board
Arr. Doyle Lawson
Top O Holston Publishing/BMI
HE Made The Tree
Tom Botkin, Donnie Skaggs
Botkin Music/BMI
Sun Star Songs/BMI
Lead Me To That Fountain
George S. Watts
Redbud Ridge Music/ASCAP
Top O Holston Publishing/BMI
He’s In Control
George S. Watts
Red Bud Ridge Music/ASCAP
WDLQ Music Publishing/ASCAP
Will You Go?
Steve Watts, Doyle Lawson
Red Bud Ridge Music/ASCAP
Top O Holston Publishing/BMI
O Far Country
Tami Pockstaller
Blue View Publishing/BMI
Climbing Upward
George Steve Watts
Redbud Ridge Music/ASCAP
Top O Holston Publishing/BMI
I Sailed Back
Luther G. Presley
Bridge Building Music/BMI
1. Coming Soon 3:17
2. It’s Done 2:43
3. Thank You Dear God 2:50
4. Get On Board 2:58
5. HE Made The Tree 3:07
6. Lead Me To That Fountain 2:30
7. He’s In Control 3:19
8. Will You Go? 2:41
9. O Far Country 4:27
10. Climbing Upward 2:42
11. I Sailed Back 2:58
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