Album Booklet - Mountain Home Music Company


Album Booklet - Mountain Home Music Company
Produced by: The Boxcars
Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by:
Ron Stewart
Additional Post Engineering:
Van Atkins at Crossroads Studios, Arden, NC
Photography: Tina Wilson
Graphic Design: Lynn O’Hara, Art & Design Den
The Boxcars Are:
Adam Steffey n Mandolin/Vocals
Ron Stewart n Banjo/Vocals
Harold Nixon n Bass/Vocals
Keith Garrett n Guitar/Vocals
Gary Hultman n Dobro/Vocals
Artist Relations: Mickey Gamble
[email protected]
Radio Promotions: Ty Gilpin
[email protected]
General Information:
Booking/Management: Roe Entertainment
Jim Roe n 865-982-8885
[email protected] n
3412 Roy Ave. n Maryville, TN 37804
D’Addario Strings
Blue Chip Picks
Yates Banjo’s
Stewart’s Violin Repair
Nixon Audio Computers
Chippewa Boots
Northfields Mandolins
Dunlop Picks
Townes Van Zandt
Katie Bell Music/ASCAP
Will Van Zandt Publishing/ASCAP
Raised on Pain
Chris West
Arigusta Music/BMI
When the Bluegrass Is
Covered With Snow
Tip Sharp
Fayette Music/BMI
Familiar With the GroundWilliam
Keith Garrett
Settacoo Music/BMI
Hogan’s Goat
Adam Steffey
Adam Steffey Music/BMI
Branchville Line
Ronnie Stewart
Skillet Head Music/BMI
Cold Hard Truth
Jeremy Garrett, Tony Rackley,
Jon Weisberger
Obsidian Flow Publishing/BMI
Big Cedar Music/SESAC
Use Your Words Music/BMI
Let the Water Wash Over Me
William Keith Garrett
Settacoo Music/BMI
Eli Johnston, Kevin McKinnon
Top O Holston Publishing/BMI
I’m Dreaming of You
Chris West
Arigusta Music/BMI
Brown Hill
Allen H. Mills, Gene Andrew Parker
Poplar Camp Music/BMI
Gary Hultman
I would like to first thank God for the
continuous blessing that music has
been to me. I am so undeserving of your
constant love and mercy. Adam, Keith,
Ron, and Harold, thank you for making
my dream come true, you guys are my
heroes and you have no idea how much
I look up to you all. It is an honor and
privilege to be a part of this. Mom, Dad,
Carl, Grandpa Buzz and Grandma Evie,
Grandma Audrey, Soren and Judith, Jim
and Marie, Kathy, Pam, all of my cousins,
and Dale and Deedra, I am so grateful
for the undying love and support that you
all show me. I would never have had the
courage to chase my dream without you
all. I am also incredibly thankful for such
a supportive group of friends, to my bluegrass family, I love you guys! Rob Ickes,
Michael Witcher, Brandon Green, and
Sally Van Meter, thank you so much for
being so kind to me and giving me the
extra time when you certainly didn’t have
to. Lastly, I need to thank Darrell Fuhr,
Ernie Mrachek, and Ernie Jr. for your continuous encouragement over the years. I
certainly would not be here without you
guys. I will never forget the kindness you
have shown me. Keith Garrett
Keith would like to thank: Angie, Logan
and Emma for their love and understanding; William and Mary Garrett for their
support and encouragement; all my buddies and music friends (especially Chris
West, Tim Tipton, Justin Jenkins, Brandon
Bostic, Randall Massengill, Justin Moses,
and Jason Burleson); Jane Whitaker,
Aaron Ramsey, Rich Cataldi, and John
Arnold for all your help; all the staff at
Mountain Home for all your hard work; all
the guys in the band (Adam, Ron, Harold
and Gary) for being such great guys and
for letting me play music with you.
Harold Nixon
My thanks go out to my wife, Rebecca,
you are the heart of our home. Thank you
for being open to life with me and for
our children; Isidora, Colette, Victor and
Lucy. I love you. I’d like to dedicate this
album to the memory of Lucy Danielle
Nixon. To my mother, Norma, I love you.
To Rick Wasson & family, you’ve been a
good friend to me and The Boxcars for
many years. You’re like family to me. To
Jan Erickson for giving me the opportunity
to own such a wonderful bass and John
Cosby, for giving me a shot way back
when (about 17 years ago) and sharing
your musical wisdom. To John Bowman, I
appreciate the opportunity I had to travel
and play with you. You are irreplaceable and missed. To Gary Hultman, your
phenomenal talent and personality have
been a blessing to this band; and the rest
of The Boxcars, you are all incredibly talented. I am thankful to be able to share
the stage with you. Glory be to the Father,
and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit. As
it was in the beginning, is now, and ever
shall be, world without end. Amen.
Ron Stewart
I would like to thank ALL of my family for
always supporting me and being patient
with me with the long hours and time
away from you. Without you and your
understanding, I couldn’t and wouldn’t
want to do what I do. All of the other
Boxcars who are the finest musicians
and guys you could ever work with. Every
one of you are my heroes. Stewart’s Violin
Repair. The Hultman family. Tina Steffey
for all of the help managing our books.
Yates banjos, Class Act Entertainment,
All of the DJs who play our music. The
promoters who continue to have us, the
fans who support us, without you all, we
couldn’t do this! All of the great folks at
Mountain Home. Rick Wasson and all of
his family. Every band and person who
has used me on their recordings and on
live shows. All of the unspoken people
who have a hand in what we do. We
appreciate each one of you. And most of
all, God for His grace.
Adam Steffey
I thank my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ
for everything I have—from my every
breath to the gift of music, it’s all of Him
and through Him. “Therefore having been
justified by faith, we have peace with God
through our Lord Jesus Christ”–Romans
5:1. I want to thank my wife Tina and
our two sons A.P. and Riley for their love
and support. Without them, I could not
do this and I love you more than I could
ever say. I would also like to thank my
father Ted Steffey for always being there
and showing me what a father should
be. Thanks also to my brother Howard
Steffey, his wife Anita, daughter Lindsey,
and son Noah; my sister Tiffany Glover,
her husband Scott and sons Caleb and
Ethan; Paul Trianosky; Susan Trianosky;
Jerry Smith; Linda Phipps; Stephanie and
Katie Blevins; Jackie and Mike Johnson;
Ryan Smith and family; Lesa and Dan
Watson and family; Barry, Aliceson, and
Marshall Bales; James Alan and Greta
Shelton; Greg Hodge and family; Rhoda
Kemp; Barry Kemp; Dee Carter; Fun Karen;
Tom and Beverly Horton; Kevin, Kendra,
Mason, and Maddie McKinnon; Keith and
Whitney McKinnon; Jason Davis; Grace
Wilson; Ashley Nale; Tyler Collins; Mitch
Walker; Mitchell and Lacy Cannon; Eric
Hardin and family; Heath Roop and family; Austin Mikeal and family; Phillip
Jones and family; Randy Cook and family;
Mike and Susan Drudge; Ron Block; Dan
Tyminski; Alison Krauss; Leigh and Eric
Gibson; Ricky Wasson and family, Tim
and Debbie Austin; Donica Christensen;
Dr. John Hayes; George Kidd; Dr. Michael
Jewett and Kari Jewett; Dr. Scott Gentry;
Blue Highway; Balsam Range; Aaron
Ramsey; Mike Ramsey; Sherry Boyd;
John Bowman; The Isaacs; everyone at
Mountain Home Records for your patient
support; the faculty, staff, and students
that I am fortunate enough to work with
in the East Tennessee State University
Bluegrass Program; everyone in bluegrass
radio that help keep this music going;
Adrian Bagale and the entire staff with
Northfield Mandolins; Collings Mandolins;
Lynn Dudenbostel; Scott Tichenor; Skip
Kelley Mandolins; D’Addario Strings; Kevin
Douglas at Mando Mutt; Frank Aresti and
Dunlop Picks.
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