album booklet (with publishing


album booklet (with publishing
Mercy: kind or forgiving treatment of someone who could be treated harshly.
God is “rich in mercy” (Ephesians 2:4); “delights in showing mercy” (Micah 7:18). We
have unlimited second chances because He loves us unconditionally. God extends mercy
to great sinners, to those in desperate need and to those in need of spiritual forgiveness.
When we are in crisis we cry out to God for mercy in our situation and He is always
there. God’s mercy should inspire us to also be merciful to others.
Mercy Lives when we give to those less fortunate.
Mercy Lives when we choose to forgive instead of getting even.
Mercy Lives when we choose to love instead of persecute.
Mercy Lives when we freely give joyful praise to our merciful God.
Love Like You Mean It
Ricky Free, Michael Fordinal
Six Hour Drive Music/BMI
Universal Brentwood Benson Songs/BMI
Updawg Music/BMI
Mercy Lives
Rebecca J. Peck, Twila LaBar
Thomas Peck Music/BMI
Bridge Building Music/BMI
Upright Grand Music/BMI
Example/At the Cross
Amber Eppinette, Isaac Watts
Old River Wood Music/BMI
Public Domain
Dianne Wilkinson
Christian Taylor Music/BMI
Only You/Rescue
Ricky Free, Joseph Habedank,
Jared Anderson
HabeHolt Music/BMI
Six Hour Drive Music/BMI
Universal Brentwood Benson Songs/BMI
Vertical Worship Songs/BMI
Grace for Tomorrow/
Rebecca J. Peck, Adam Ranney,
Israel Houghton
Thomas Peck Music/BMI
Integrity’s Praise Music/BMI
Sound Of The New Breed/BMI
Buddy Mullins, Wesley Willett
Thomas Peck Music/BMI
A Cross Became
My Saving Grace
Dianne Wilkinson, Joseph Habedank
Christian Taylor Music/BMI
HabeHolt Music/BMI
This Well
Rebecca J. Peck, Amy M. Unthank
Thomas Peck Music/BMI
Soul Searching
John M. Robinson
Thomas Peck Music/BMI
1. Love Like You Mean It 3:10
2. Mercy Lives 3:56
3. Example/At the Cross 3:09
4. Arise 3:03
5. Only You/Rescue 4:17
6. Grace for Tomorrow/
Speechless 5:03
7. Sing 3:57
8. A Cross Became
My Saving Grace 3:48
9. This Well 4:05
10. Soul Searching 3:21
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