Symbol: CAPA Top 10 Reasons to Buy CAPA


Symbol: CAPA Top 10 Reasons to Buy CAPA
Capital Art Inc
Symbol: CAPA
Top 10 Reasons to Buy CAPA
1. Major accumulation play with a tight float that has the
potential to see some big gains. Full size chart:
2. Acquired the assets of Movie Star News, LLC
3. One of the largest and most comprehensive collections of
original Hollywood photography and contains more than 100,000
negatives and over 1 million original studio photos, including photos of Marilyn Monroe,
Audrey Hepburn, Cary Grant and other iconic Hollywood legends.
4. The assets consist of the Irving Klaw
archive of over 9,000 original camera
negatives featuring Bettie Page. Bettie
Page is considered by many to be the first
pin-up model in history.
5. Irving Klaw is credited for creating the
world of pin-up photography. He
extensively photographed Bettie Page,
who came to be known as the "Queen of
Pin-Ups." The Bettie Page Collection includes over 5,000 negatives, photographs,
clothing and other invaluable props.
6. Photographers:
Bert Stern
Bob Willoughby
Frank Worth
Gered Mankowitz
Richard E. Aaron
Stephen Verona
Terry O’Neill
7. Christie’s of London, a leading art auction house, heralded the Frank Worth Collection
as “the most extra-ordinary discovery of its kind in the last 50 years”.
8. The company maintains a flagship gallery/show-room in Los Angeles. Other business
ventures that are planned include:
Wholesale of prints, post cards,
calendars, etc.
iPhone applications
Photography Contest “My Best
Michael Jackson Museum Show
Touring Exhibitions
Gallery Shows
Internet Sales
9. Float under 250,000 as per CEO communication
10. Returning to reporting requirements near term
The Company
Capital Art, Inc. is a public company that was established to acquire, edition and manage
some of the most valuable iconic photographic images.
As a leading global photography marketing and distribution company we own some of
the most sought after collectible photographs. Images of major stars and celebrities taken
by the worlds most famous photographers.
Investment in iconic photographic images is increasingly becoming an important
component for a growing number of art collectors and investors. As photography is
becoming an asset class in its own right, and with a rapidly growing middle class, the
demand for iconic images will continue to increase with little new material coming to the
We believe that this will continue to drive prices higher and make collecting iconic
images both a pleasurable and profitable experience.
Through our long-term relationships we have the ability to acquire rare, signed, limited
edition photographs directly from photographers and are making these available to
collectors, galleries and interior decorators worldwide.
We are happy to advise collectors on purchases that should substantially increase in value
over time.
At the same time we also offer less expensive prints for pure decorating purposes for
hotels, restaurants, offices or private homes. We look forward to serving your needs and
becoming your trusted partner!
Pictures copyright Capital Art, Inc. used by permission