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FSS Happenings - Fort Worth Housing Solutions
FSS Happenings
“Your direct guide to Self-Sufficiency”
Spring 2016
Candice Lemon’s
Family Self-Sufficiency
Maria Garcia
journey began long before she
enrolled in the Family Self-Sufficiency (FSS) Program with Fort Worth
Housing Solutions. Her story begins in Chicago, where she found herself living from couch to couch, as she followed the steps of her
child’s father. He had her sold on a dream and she was willing to
follow, until her dreams started slipping away. Candice found herself
wrapped in an abusive relationship with little hope of escaping.
(817) 333-3671
[email protected]
Markesha Thomas
(817) 333-3607
[email protected]
Candice started working for minimum wage washing dishes
at a nursing home. She felt good working; it gave her hope that she
could do more. When she came up on the waitlist for housing
assistance in Chicago, she knew this was her chance! She and her
daughter rented a 2 bedroom apartment, and Candice began seeing
a bright future for them both. However, she still couldn’t get away
from her child’s father. He moved in without permission and things
went downhill very quickly. The fact that he lived there was a direct violation of her housing
voucher, and Candice knew her future was in jeopardy. With support from friends and family she
found the courage to make him leave, for good this time. Now she was thriving, working at a job
she enjoyed and providing the best she could for her daughter. Eventually, Candice met someone
new who treated her and her daughter well. Candice was happy again, and soon found they were
expecting a child. She was excited, so many great things happening and her future looked bright.
However, after some time had passed, Candice’s abuser began calling and harassing her and her
family again. She tried to ignore him and enjoy her life but it didn’t help. Sadly he was able to
find her and tragedy ensued. Candice’s life was turned upside down after a fatal altercation
between her abuser and her boyfriend. Distraught, traumatized, and heartbroken Candice decided
to leave Chicago for good.
Nicole Rubio
(817) 333-3664
[email protected]
Homeownership &
FSS Manager
Deana Broussard
(817) 333-3653
[email protected]
FSS Fax # (817) 333-3689
E Fax # (817) 333-3676
Inside this issue:
Spring Break Activities
Family Crafts
Apps to Simplify Your Life
News You Can Use
Candice used her housing voucher to relocate to Fort Worth. It is here she would begin
healing and building a new life for her daughters. When she joined the FSS program, she was
working as a line cook. She found strength and motivation as she attended the FSS classes. Her
hard work paid off as she was promoted to the Interim Director
position where she worked. All she needed now was her Dietary
Manager certification and her position would be permanent.
Candice was able to use the funds from her FSS escrow account to
help pay for that certification. Now with her certification and new
job title, Candice found herself in a new position. Her income had
grown so much that she no longer qualified for housing assistance!
When she graduated the FSS program, she was excited about her
new life and her new career. She remembers her struggles and
heartaches and knows in her heart that God guided her to this
point in her life. She embraces her past and feels blessed that she
was able to grow beyond her circumstances and share her story
with others.
If you or a loved one has been a victim of domestic violence, there
is help! Contact One Safe Place at (817) 885-7774 or visit them at
1100 Hemphill Street, Fort Worth, Texas 76104.
If you are in immediate danger call 911.
FSS Happenings
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Spring Break Bucket List
Spring is around the corner and spring break is a perfect time for family bonding. This year be
creative and try something different. Below is a list of family friendly experiences you can enjoy
in the DFW area.
Amazing Scavenger Hunt Adventure
Experience an Urban Adventure Quest where the city is your game board. You get to solve clues and complete challenges. Learn
about your city history and enjoy the beautiful scenery. You can play at your own pace and it’s all guided from your smart phone.
817-805-5620 or
Grapevine Vintage Railroad
Take a step back in time and experience a ride on the Grapevine Vintage Railroad. Enjoy riding in the 1920’s and 1930’s Victorian-style
coaches. The train offers three excursions during most of the year. It travels along the historic Cotton Belt Route between Grapevine
and the Fort Worth Stockyards.
Cowtown Cattlepen Maze
Experience a human size maze with more than 5,400-square-feet of frequently changed wooden pathways resembling the cattle pens of
the Wild West. Maze runners can compete against the clock or each other for prizes. There is also a second-story observation deck
which provides a view to watch maze runners.
817-624-6666 or http://cowtowncattlepenmaze.com/ The Escape Room
The escape room is a unique, interactive form of entertainment. You are locked in a room filled with hidden clues and puzzles. Can you
and your team use your creativity and team building skills to escape in 60 minutes?
1-888- 669-9998 or
Forest Park Miniature Railroad
This has been a family attraction since 1959. The Forest Park Miniature Railroad offers a five-mile round-trip train ride around Fort
Worth's Trinity Park and TCU/Zoo area.
817- 336-3328 or http://www.fpmt.us/
DIY Affirmation Stones
Check out this easy craft idea to inspire the whole family!
What you’ll need: Smooth Stones, Spray Adhesive, Book Pages, Acrylic Paint, Puff Paint, Small Paint Brushes, Printed Affirmations, Glossy Decoupage Spray For a step-by step instruction guide, as well as other family crafts you
can do at home, go to: http://funfamilycrafts.com/affirmation-stones
FSS Happenings
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Best Apps to Simplify Your Life
Mint is one of the best budgeting apps available. It takes the hassle out of
making a budget. You connect the Mint app to your bank and the app can use
your details to help create a personalized budget. Mint can help you reduce the
money you spend on frivolous items, as well as help you cut down on banking
fees. Visualizing your budget will help you save more and spend less.
Cozi makes it easy to manage your family's busy schedule. Through the
calendar feature, you can input everyone's appointments on your family's shared
Cozi account. Set reminders so no one misses a game or doctor's visit. The app
also helps you create grocery shopping and to-do lists to keep you superorganized.
BigOven wants to take the effort out of cooking, and offers a database of
200,000 delicious recipes to help you do so. Planning meals for the week? Dragand-drop recipes onto a calendar for a day, a week, or a month. You can also
share recipes via email, Facebook or Twitter and scan in written recipes that the
app converts to digital text. Bye-bye, cookbooks!
RedLaser takes the hassle out of comparison-shopping. RedLaser lets you
scan the barcodes of items you like to see how much they would cost from
competitors. The app pulls up comparative prices from almost anywhere online,
including Best Buy, Wal-Mart, Amazon, as well as local stores. You will also have
access to product reviews and nutritional information to help you make informed
Way of Life the Ultimate Habit Maker & Breaker. Simply add items to
your “journal” and every day the app will ask you “yes” or “no.” Keep track of
your goals such as “Exercise” or “Read with Kids 20 Minutes Daily”. Some
items like “Late Night Snacks” are bad habits and for those it is better to mark
no. By creating this journal you can really focus on creating new positive habits
and breaking old ones.
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FSS Happenings
News You Can Use
What’s Your Email
Check out the new face of housing!
Fort Worth Housing Solutions, formerly Fort
Worth Housing Authority, may have a new
name and a new logo, but we still have the
same passion and dedication to our local
www.fwhs.org to see what amazing things
are happening in the world of affordable
housing. You can also follow us on
Facebook and Twitter.
FSS Specialists send out
periodic emails containing
valuable information about
upcoming job fairs, job postings,
and class announcements.
Contact Nicole Rubio at
817-333-3664 or
[email protected] to place
your name on the email list.
CNA Classes Available!!!
If you’re interested in the Certified Nurse’s Aide class
offered by FWHS call (817) 333-3524.
You can complete the application on the 1st floor of our
Administrative Offices. Bring your ID, social security card and proof of
citizenship, i.e. birth certificate or voter’s registration card.
G.E.D. Classes at FWHS
You CAN obtain your G.E.D.
You CAN make your dreams come true...
If you are interested in obtaining your G.E.D.,
please call our Resident and Community
Program’s Department at (817) 333-3524.
Presented by Wells Fargo & Phi-Beta Sigma
March 22, 2016
Fort Worth Housing Solutions
Michael Hanratty Auditorium
1201 E. 13th St., Fort Worth, TX 76102
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